An Example Of Godly Corrective Judgment


An Example Of Godly Corrective Judgment



The term “revival” has to do with the degree of the outpouring of the Spirit of God. It does not define the length of time that the outpouring will continue, or the degree of its intensity (Type of miracles - some take more power than others).


I did, indeed, perceive the spirit of revival in church last Sunday and, indeed, something unusual happened: The pastor started moving in the Word of Knowledge. It did not happen again on Wednesday, and we do not know if it will continue this Sunday. In any event, that out pouring, which was the mercy of God for the people who received, does that negate, or diminish in any way, the great revival that we are all waiting for, which, according to prophecy that came forth at LEM/CCK, will, indeed, include judgment.


In addition, we do not know that judgment did not accompany that outpouring. What comes to mind is that the pastor looked at his watch at the height of the outpouring, and had to decide whether or not to go on with the move of the Spirit, or cut it off because it was time for the second service.


The pastor took the victory and continued, but his hesitation was significant. That was a potential for judgment right there, and the lesson that he surely must have learned when the Lord reviewed the experience with him, must surely have been priceless.


You may remember that I was prophesying the week before that the two services should be incorporated in that church, and within a couple of days, lo and behold, the Pastor had to make a crisis decision based upon the very fact that, recognizing that the time for the second service was at hand, in his mind, hindered the move of the Spirit.


This is a very important correction for you because it reveals the sin that manifested in you when I said there was revival in that church. What you said bothered me for several days, but I did not know what was wrong with it so I let it ride. But a Godly spirit of correction for you is all over me this morning.


What you said to me when I told you that there was a spirit or revival in that service, was the spirit of antichrist that shut down what I said and criticized my discernment. It is also possible that there was a spirit of jealousy present that this was happening on Long Island, and you are not here. A personal jealousy for me is also a possibility, which is not a new thing.


That spirit of antichrist in you sought to crush the creative spirit of Christ in me, which is trying to speak into existence a change in the church, i.e., the ending of the second service and the material reconstruction of the interior of the church to provide for one greater single service.


This is a very serious indictment, that something in your heart sought to hinder the work on the Lord.  I don’t know what more judgment it’s going to take, but you simply have to start seeing these evils within your own heart and resist speaking them out. You have to start your own warfare. Your own self-judgment has to start. You are out of time.


So to synopsize, you are dealing with a major antichrist spirit that has been attacking me for many years, but this is not about me. It is about something deep inside of you working against the work of the Lord in me. It Has to be manifesting itself elsewhere also, wherever the anointing is appearing. That means in you, yourself, in your wife and adult children, and the brethren, as well.


You have to start fighting, and the beginning of your warfare is to start to see this monster first in my words as I reveal it to you, and secondarily within your own heart and mind before it speaks through.


Please call me after you have read this email to discuss these issues further.


Love Pastor


PS I have copies xxx on this email because the two of us were trying to figure out why I would be concerned about the operation of Pastor xxxx‘s church. We now know that a creative spirit in Christ Jesus was operating in the Spirit, witnessing that it is time to consolidate the services. The pastor spoke it from the pulpit the very next Sunday, that he was praying that 2020 would be the year that the Lord would provide the funds.


This response to xxx’s Dream vindicates me of a possible wrong spirit. It also reveals a degree of ministry that I’ve never seen materialize in me before or ever heard about happening in any other person of God. My opinion of this new phenomenon (new to me) is that Christ Jesus in me appears to have been operating as Pastor xxx‘s higher mind, or, rather, in tandem with his higher mind.


I was not speaking to him, but speaking “as if I were him”. Assuming this was the spirit of God, which I believe it was, this would be legitimate, because Christ cannot be divided. It also would indicate a powerful soul tie with him, which I am certainly not aware on any personal level. All I know is that I cannot wait to get to that church and intend to be attending at least three times a week.


What I am saying is that even though I have no personal soul tie with him that I’m aware of other than, unfortunately, a negative one because of the difficult prophecy that I gave him about ten years ago (which came to pass, by the way.) Apparently Christ Jesus within me has an intense relationship with Christ within him. I have never experienced anything like this before. It is very exciting to see what comes out of this

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I just read this (Jan 1) and, in light of the recent message about the dream you had and the reunion of Christ in the pastor to Christ in you, this is just an amazing work of God. Thank you for this blog post!

  Rose Herczeg
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