Black Lives Matter - Ch 1


Black Lives Matter - Ch 1



     There arrives a time when we are required to question what has been told to us.  For that reason, I want to share about my experiences as an ex-police officer. It is my hope that you consider everything that you hear or read today to help you understand from the eyes of a former cop. I had a lot of trainings and one in particular has received lots of attention lately.   



     “The pig”, “Five 0”, “Po-po”, and “the man”. You need to know why we conduct ourselves in a specific manner. Every police officer is governed by state and federal laws, as it pertains to writing tickets, arresting people, responding to calls, warrants, searches, to name a few.


      Let me begin with the truth, there are some police officers that should not be an officer. It has nothing to do with a gun. I have trained a college graduate that did not have the ability to be a police officer. I wrote that in my report, it was followed up with other evaluations and he was eventually released. Something always happens that reveal a bad cop or the ones who just cannot do the job that they were hired for and sadly, some are involved in criminal behavior or a shooting that put a bad spotlight on the good cops.


[Taken from Anthony Milton's book, "From the Eyes of a Cop:  Black Lives Matter"]

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  1. LivesMatter

I'm so glad you were so honest in your report. The blue brotherhood has to police itself to keep its integrity and high standards.

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