Subj: Re: New Birth

Date: 98-10-21

From: xxxx


Pastor Vitale,

As of yesterday I was at the hospital. Today at 2:45 pm, my wife delivered a healthy beautiful girl, 8lbs, 2oz, 20-1/2 inches. Her name is xxxxxxx. Prior, to learning about this ministry, I helped out during the other two births, and stood by her side and watched. Well, today this was different. I was looking at this natural birth spiritually. A thought entered into my mind, this too happens in the Spirit. The birth of the mind of Christ within us.

I was perceiving a thought of some kind that Christ Jesus, was telling me something, but I haven't clearly received it as of now. My attention was focused on the baby coming out of a world of darkness, into a world of spiritual darkness. I heard her screams, as to where am I. My wife yelled, and pushed, until she (the child ) broke through into this world. When it was all over, my wife's face was filled with joy, and she had forgotten about the pain. As I think on these thoughts, and others, I feel that God must feel good when the mind of Christ is birthed within us. We must teach our children the things of the world, etc. We who have given birth to the mind of Christ, must also be aware of the things that can affect their Christ spiritual growth.

My wife was yelling, screaming and feeling the pain. We too will experience the same when Christ is forming within us, and also when the spiritual birth is about to enter into a spiritual world of light and darkness. It is there where the upbringing of the Christ mind begins. It is there were the serpent will seek to kill, steal, and destroy the infant mind of Christ. Like a natural parent that seeks to protect their child from harmful things, Christ Jesus is there to join to the newly formed infant mind of Christ within our spirit, so that that mind can mature and be expressed outward, as a natural child is birthed into this world. It is there that the people will see if it's a boy (Christ Jesus) or a girl (the Carnal Mind).

Comment.. Maybe Christ has just given me the understanding

God Bless


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