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Cain And The Red String


Congregation: Discussing Scientology before the meeting. They feel that they are from a planet of aliens. The root of it is that there was an alien being and then it came down to earth and broke up into pieces, and the pieces are scattered around. Then they clung to the beings of this world. What was the rest of it? It is very similar in some aspects to what we have learned. 

Pastor Vitale: All of these doctrines come from either a demon or a member of another species or from Cain within. Cain’s memory of what happened is perverted. 

Congregation: I think it started out as a fiction book by Ron Hubbard and it developed into this religion. Several Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are involved in it. In a book it is claimed that Tom Cruise wanted his wife at the time, Nicole Kidman, to be inseminated with Ron Hubbard’s DNA. He is dead, but he had sperm saved in a sperm bank. She refused and now his second wife just had a baby. Some writer wrote a book about it and Tom Cruise is suing him. The women are not allowed to express any pain while going through labor. I am wondering if these women carrying celestial babies have labor pains. (Laughter)

Pastor Vitale: It is just so interesting because all of these cults, if you know the doctrine of Christ, you see the perversion of the truth. The American Indian women gave birth without one word. American Indians were trained that way. I am no expert on it, but this is what I have heard. When the different Indian tribes warred with each other and took captives, they would be tortured without making a sound. That was the proof of their being a warrior or their manhood, as we would say. They could be skinned alive and they would never make a sound. The women did not make any sound when they gave birth. I guess they were trained as babies to never show their emotions, never cry, no matter how intense the pain was. That is incredible. 

I really have been praying for awhile now for a photographic memory. I would like to be able to study all these religions and cultures, and remember everything that I read because it is so fascinating. It would make such a fascinating book bouncing all of this stuff off the doctrine of Christ. What this says to me, that in the deepest depths of the psyche of man, we have a memory of where we came from, and of what happened, since everybody is Cain, until Christ is grafted to you. Christ is the resurrected Abel, so everybody is Cain. Cain is spiritually retarded, so Cain has this corrupted perverted memory of what happened. It may not even be demons out there. It could just be a corrupted memory of the truth coming from the root of our fallen nature. 

It is quite incredible. I think it is almost like a primal scream. Back in the 50's or the 60's there was a lot of talk about the primal scream in each of us. We have a root of primordial man, which is true, Cain and Abel, the fiery serpent. An aspect of primordial man is screaming. Screaming for what? Screaming for resurrection, screaming for redemption. It is in there. Not every human being is experiencing it because the average person lives 
in outer darkness, as Jesus said. They live out of their flesh. The Kabbalists say there are seven layers of earth. Someday I may have time to study that, but I do know there are different levels of consciousness. At the very least, we know about the conscious, unconscious and the subconscious levels. We know about that. 

We have an aspect of primal man inside of us. That is why the whole earth is writhing. This country has arisen to the greatest degree of material comfort that is known to man. Now look what is happening. We have thousands of alcoholics, if not millions. There are thousands of drug addicts, if not millions, in the human race. Americans in this great prosperity are just writhing, looking, reaching for something, and they do not even know what is bothering them. The family is broken down. Some people are addicted to sex. Some people are work alcoholics. Everybody is out there because we are not whole. We are not whole. 

We were created to be joined to God, so that primal scream is coming forth in all of us. What is the primal scream? Help ! ! It is manifesting in different people’s psyche in different ways. What is happening now, as I see it, is that each of us grows or matures individually. Also, the collective humanity is growing and maturing because all of the peoples of the earth are cells in the body of Cain, that man of sin. The Scripture talks about it. It is the body of Cain. We are all cells in a spiritual body or a body of some superior being who is the fallen Adam. Cain is the name of the residue of the Adam, who fell. We really are all one. We have a collective psyche. We are the baby that died in the womb. I believe that humanity is going from age to age maturing as a whole. 

This is what the New Age is teaching. They say mankind has matured physically, as far as he is going to mature, and now from here on in the maturation is going to be spiritual. That is analogous to human beings. You already mature from childhood to adulthood. We age into adulthood. We are basically all adults. The only opportunity left for maturity is in our mind and in our intellect. Nobody wants to mature to the point where your body starts getting weak. Right? We mature from infancy to physical maturity, and from that point we start to mature intellectually. 

Now mankind, who we are collectively one being, is now growing up to the point that he is getting ready to mature spiritually. That is what the New Age teaches you, but it is not true. What the truth is, humanity was very more spiritual in the past than they are now. We had Greek mythology and Roman mythology. What about mystery Babylon religion and mystery Egyptian religion? Humanity was spiritually mature centuries ago. What happened? Christianity came in and crushed the spirituality of Cain in preparation of humanity rising in the spirituality of Christ Jesus. This is exactly what the doctrine of Christ teaches about what happened to the Hebrews coming out of Egypt. At least, this is the doctrine of Christ the way I teach it. 

When they cried out in the wilderness for meat and had disdain for the manna was because they followed Moses away from the Egyptian mystery religion. Moses was saying to them, now you have to give all of that stuff up and come back. It may not have played out exactly this way. I am just trying to make a point. It is like the people that came here out of Pentecost. You all struggled when I was teaching that you have to give that up. You have to give up going out and giving out tracts. You have to give up getting your spiritual satisfaction from giving out tracts, from praying for the sick, and for casting out demons. Is that bad? No ! ! !

As you all want to mature in Christ, you have to leave that behind you. Then you go through a period, which could be a period of many years where there is really nothing exciting happening in your life. You are studying the doctrine of Christ. You are having your sin nature exposed. You are warring against your carnal mind. It is not easy. I am not completely out of it yet, but it is a very difficult time. It is a time of introspection, a time of learning how to function in the spirit, which is what I was talking about earlier. Eventually, you come out of that training period and you receive ministry, and you see miracles. I have been seeing miracles in the lives of the people here, but not Pentecostal type miracles. 

I have seen lives turned around. I have received some healing as I told you earlier that I was delivered from death. I see spiritual growth in people. I see a change in the way people look at life or this existence, which is not life. I see people maturing. I see lives being healed. Those are the kinds of miracles that I am seeing now. I am fully convinced that as Christ Jesus, or when Christ Jesus matures to the necessary level, whatever that might be, we will start seeing miracles of healing again. These miracles of healing, as opposed to the miracles of healing in Pentecost, will carry with them the seed of Christ.

Those of you who have been through this in Pentecost, know that as many as fifty percent of the people who had miraculous healings either got sick again or got another disease. Do you all know that that is true? A lot of people lost their healing or they got another disease. In any event, they died. They died. The healing that is going to come out of Christ Jesus will carry with it the seed of life. Not only will they be healed from their physical infirmities, but they will also receive the seed of Christ, which will bring them into this program of having their sin nature exposed, which is going to end or enable them to enter into longevity and eventually eternal life. 

The healings of Pentecost made this present existence more tolerable or extended this present existence for people who are needed, mothers, fathers, but they died anyway. It was just a preview of the real thing, which is the healing of this life that will then extend to longevity and eternal life. We are promised the resurrection of the dead, that is prophesied in the Scripture. It is not to go to heaven. The promise of the Scripture is the resurrection of the dead. The promise of the Scripture is immortality. 

The collective psyche is Cain, which is this whole of humanity, and the Church, whoever is a member of the true Church. What makes you a member of the true Church is that Christ is grafted to you, which is the resurrected Abel. I believe this was my point. I was correcting the New Age doctrine. The New Age says that humanity has matured physically as far as they can, and now we are going to mature spiritually. I am disagreeing. I am saying, oh no, humanity was incredibly spiritual in the days of ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon. The truth of the matter is that New Age teaching and just about all of the doctrines arising up all over this nation and all over Europe, it is ancient doctrine. It is the doctrine of ancient Egypt. It is the doctrine of ancient Babylon. It is Astraeaism. It is Hinduism. It is all of these ancient occult spiritual religiosity that Christianity crushed. 

I got off the track. Let me just bring us all up to date here. I was saying we saw an example of this, according to the doctrine of Christ, when the Hebrews came out of Egypt, Moses said to them you have got to give up that stuff that you came out of. There is going to be a period of time where you may not experience high spiritual experiences because you have to learn the word of God. Remember, Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. I have to instruct you in the ways of Jehovah, the One you just made a covenant with. If you just stick in there, and give up your lust for spiritual experiences, in due season you are going to have, not only similar, but greater experiences out of this side of God. 

That is what is happening in this ministry for years. People have come in here, and I have struggled with several of you over the years. You have to give up that Pentecostal way. Why? Because it is opposing what God is doing now. If your mind set is focused on who you are going to witness to, who you are going to give out a tract to, who you are going to teach, who is the person out there that you are going to influence, you are not functioning or focusing on the maturation of the Christ within you. The Lord is saying, you have to give that stuff up, and the truth is that that stuff makes you feel good. Does that mean if someone walks up to you on the street and says pray for me, that you say no. Of course not. 

If the Lord sends someone into your life, you minister to them, but when the day comes that you say I have nothing to do now. What should I do? If you have not gotten to this place yet, you will get to it eventually. Now what should I do, Lord? I have nothing to do tonight. There is no meeting at LEM. I know there is a meeting in another church. Maybe I will go. You could also stay home and listen to a LEM tape. You could stay home and study. I am not here to make you feel guilty. I am telling you that I went through this. It was a tremendous conflict to me to decide whether to go out to a spiritual happening out there or to stay at home and engage in an activity that would result in a personal communication between Christ Jesus and myself.

It went on for years, and then I would fail. I would go to the happening out there, and I was disappointed over and over again. Either I was disappointed or somebody in the Pentecostal realm tried to take authority over me and tell me what I was believing or doing was wrong. It just flopped and flopped or I just was not satisfied. It just flopped and flopped, but when I would stay home and try to get into an evening with the Lord, Satan would interfere in all kinds of ways. My refrigerator would break or something, all kinds of hindrances. The phone would ring, family crises. I did not want to stay home. I was lonely. Everything in the world that could manifest came into my life to stop me from communing with my God in true communion. 

I struggled with it for years. Finally somewhere along the line, and I cannot tell you exactly how it happened, but most likely it was the result of the fact that the Lord was drawing me to this place where I am now. I stay home and I get into this study and I have communion, brethren. I have the most wonderful communion with my God. Even today all kinds of events occur to try to stop me from having it. What I am trying to tell you is that I struggled, but it was the will of the Lord that it was my time in life to come into a closer relationship with the Lord. Whenever I went out to another happening, it was at the very best unsatisfying. At the very worst, it turned out to be problematic. Eventually, I overcame in that area. 

I have not been to a service in another church, although we did go to see a particular minister on occasion. I used to go frequently to see what was happening in other churches, but today I really have to be sent. My heart’s desire is to commune with my God. I can just hear you saying, well when I am in an anointed church service I perceive the Lord and we have a relationship. Yes, everything is in degrees, but for me there is nothing that can be compared to what happens when I am alone with Him. The most incredible things happen when I am alone with Him. Not only do I study, prayers come out for other people, and knowledge comes forth. It is just incredible, so that is my heart’s desire today, to find time to be alone with the Lord. An hour will not do it. For the place where I am, I need a day. It goes on all day. It can go on for hours. 

Let me get back to my point. I am trying to draw an analogy here between the Hebrew children coming out of Egypt and despising the manna, and crying out for meat, and people coming from Pentecost into a Christ driven ministry like this. I am trying to compare these two to a third situation of all of humanity, collectively called Cain, the residue of Adam who died. If you are not following me, wave at me and I will say it again.

All of humanity, the collective humanity on the earth today, is the residue of Adam who died. He broke into pieces. We are the residue of Adam who died, who are in the form of Cain, becoming Egypt mystery religion, Babylon. That aspect of humanity, Cain, was covered over, was pressed down, by the Spirit of Christianity that appeared in the earth two thousand years ago. It rose up out of Judaism, of course, by the Spirit of the Living God that appeared in the earth two thousand years ago.

As Christianity spread, the spirituality of humanity was crushed and buried because it was a manifestation of spirituality that was coming out of the wrong side. It was a spirituality that was arising out of Cain, and it was a spirituality that would never produce eternal life in the kingdom of God. It was a spirituality that could produce the eternal life of this age. This age will go on, I think indefinitely until the Lord interferes with it. I am not really sure about that. Most likely, it will just roll on. It would be very bad for humanity. The only reason we are doing so well today is that the Lord intervened with Cain’s world. This country and the whole western world is the result of the rise of Christianity. 

I did not quite make my point, so just bear with me. I am comparing three situations now of coming out of Egypt, a desert experience, where there is not much of the move of the Pentecostal spirit anyway. It is not the spirit that sets your feet dancing. The Lord told me at one point that I was addicted to it. I was really offended when that was told to me, that I was addicted to that spirit in the Church. Then the Lord told me it was true, and I had to repent. I am comparing coming out of Pentecost, to coming out of Egypt, to the whole occult world, which is the body of Cain, that was raised to such a high place in spirituality that they probably built the pyramids with mind power. 

Then the Lord pulled the world out in preparation for ascension on the side of God, which leads to eternal life, resurrection and rectification. This spirituality that you see rising today, via New Age philosophy, is a lie telling you that humanity has now matured to the place where we can only go on spiritually. We were there already. It is Nimrod’s religion, that old religion rising again, and it is going to die again. How do I know it is going to die again? It is because the Living God, whom we belong to, the Creator, the One who started this whole thing out of His own will and desire to see us exist, will have humanity formed in His image. It can be no other way. 

Cain is rising again, but Cain will fall again. Cain is rising again, and in the full depth of the primordial scream of this degree of humanity that we have today. He is rising up with a hatchet in his hand, and he is looking for Abel, and he is ready to massacre him. What is happening is that Cain is resurrecting before Abel stands up in full power. Can you all see this? Is anybody not following me? 

Do you know where I see this in the Scripture? I read this in the Scripture, if you can see it as an archetype. The Scripture says, and there were twins in her womb. The first baby put his hand out and the midwife put a red string on it, and then lo and behold, the second baby pulled the first one back in and was born first. Abel was born again. His born again name is Christ, and the red string is on His wrist. It is the blood of Jesus. Right now, Cain is pulling him back into the womb, and doing his best to shoot out first. 

I recently explained to you the difference between prophesy and the word of knowledge. Prophesy is the word of God. It cannot fail. Abel will be fully born again in the form of Christ Jesus. He will sit in the throne of humanity, forever making intercession for us with the Living God. It is impossible for this word to fail; prophesy. Word of knowledge, it will happen today, it will happen tomorrow, it will happen to you, it will happen to me in this physical lifetime. I hope that is true, but it may not be true. It may not happen in this generation. Maybe we all are going to physically die and it will happen in the next generation. I do not think so. I am just making a point. 

I believe that the door is going to open while all of us are still in this world. I could be wrong; word of knowledge. However prophesy is the will of God, the indisputable, irrefutable will of God. It is impossible for God to lie. That irrefutable word is Christ Jesus will appear in humanity, and Cain will be forced down into her place, and she will never kill Abel again. It is the irrefutable word of God. Just how it is going to play out down here is a word of knowledge. I have a word of knowledge that the door to longevity is opening. Before we enter into eternal life, we are going to enter into a period of longevity where we will still be mortal, but we will just live to a hundred, two hundred, three hundred years, or a thousand years. I do not know. That is a word of knowledge. That is my understanding or the understanding of Christ, in me, as to how the prophesy, the word, the will, and the desire of God is going to manifest in humanity.

That is so exciting. Christ was born and got the red string on His hand, on his wrist, and Cain just pulled Him back into the womb, but He is not all the way back in the womb yet. Cain is on the warpath. This is so interesting that we are studying Mormonism, and as I preach this to you, I hope you know it is under the anointing. I am seeing Cain as an American Indian with a hatchet, and he is after Abel, determined to scalp him. The significance of scalping would be to separate him from his head, who is the Lord Jesus. 

From other messages we know that Mormonism is a manifestation of Cain. I think there is a statue in Utah of Cain and Abel kneeling down, offering the fruits of the land rather than the lamb. Mormonism is the uprising, the resurrection of Cain in a good way. Cain is the child that humanity is capable of bearing that stands opposite of the child that will save us in childbearing. Just like Christ has an older brother, Christ Jesus, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who today is one with God, and is God to us, Cain has an older sister, the female. Cain has an older sister, Leviathan. Leviathan is Satan of the household of the Serpent in the spiritual plane. Cain is a manifestation of the Serpent in the flesh. Abel or Christ is the manifestation of the Lord Jesus in the flesh. Then we have the older generations, Leviathan, Christ Jesus, Satan, the Spirit of Christ, the Serpent, Almighty God, although they are not equal. I am just trying to get this spiritual concept to you. 

The human being can just be likened to the flower of the plant. The root goes very deep. We are all one. We are one with Jesus. We are one with the Lord. We are one with each other in Christ. We are not alone. Nobody is alone. To me this is so exciting. It gives me hope. This country will stand. I do not know what we are going to go through. We could go through some very hard times, but I am convinced we will stand. This is a word of knowledge. I am convinced we will stand. Why? Because Christ Jesus will not die. The Lord Jesus Christ ascended to heaven and He can never die again. He is the Head of the body of Christ, which is the resurrected Abel. Abel cannot die again.

I want to tell you that if Cain rises up and scalps Abel like he would like to do, and I have been preaching this for awhile, the world would go plummeting back into the dark ages. That cannot happen because Jesus Christ is risen and He can never die again. If you can see, if your spiritual eyes are functioning, and you can relate that word about the Lord Jesus Christ to the body of Christ, to the nations that represent Christianity, if you can see the connection between all of those levels, you should be able to draw a conclusion that no matter how bad it looks, this country is not going down. This country and also Great Britain has to be resurrected. Christianity is really bad over there, really far gone. They are making motels out of the churches, and the Archbishop of Canterbury is having a problem. 

We cannot go back into another Dark Age. If that were to happen, it would mean that Cain rose up, killed Abel, and buried him under the earth again. It cannot happen. He can never die again. The Lord Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, who ascended, can never die again. The inner man ascended. His inner man ascended. He can never die again. He can never be buried under the earth again. He is now a spiritual man. What does it mean that He can never die again? Everything that is truly alive in the heavenlies has its counterpart in the earth. Everything, every entity that is truly alive in the heavenlies has a counterpart in the earth. 

When Cain killed Abel and buried him under the earth, until Jehovah approached Abraham and made His covenant with him, there was no manifestation of Jehovah God in this earth. I think I just contradicted myself. I do not know what the answer to that is. I am just going to go from here. Maybe the answer will come. If not, I leave you with an unresolved issue. What was the contradiction? First I said to you, every living thing in the heavenlies has its counterpart in the earth. Then I said, before Jehovah approached Abraham, there was no reflection of the Living God in the earth. I do not know what the answer to that is, but I know what I am going to tell you now is true. Remember, there are no contradictions. Sometimes spiritual things just need a third reconciling truth. 

I know what I am telling you now is true. Before Jehovah made His covenant with Abraham, there was no manifestation in the form of people that represented the nature of Jehovah in the earth. The covenant that Jehovah made with Abraham was the resurrection of Abel, who was killed by Cain. Abraham received the promised seed. Paul says it in the Book of Galatians, the Scripture did not say seeds, it said seed. The seed is Christ. Jehovah’s seed in the earth is Christ. 

Christ appeared in a human being. That seed saved the human being that He existed in. That seed can never die again. What does it mean for a seed to never die again? It is always going to have a flower, a plant, a fruit in the earth. You chop down that vine and it is going to pop up over there. You chop down that vine and it is going to pop up over there. Chop down that vine and it is going to pop up over there. He will never be completely buried again. There will be no more Dark Ages. It is impossible ! ! !

The war is on between the two twins. Which baby is going to appear through the many members of humanity? One baby is representing the nature of the Serpent, and the adultery of the woman, which resulted in the Fall. The other baby represents the nature of Jehovah, who is now appearing to the world as the Lord Jesus Christ. The priest that Jehovah, Himself, appointed is Abel. Abel is the appointed priest. That is it at its square root. I have just described the condition of humanity today to you. The whole reason for being is that we are in a spiritual womb. Cain and Abel, we are a spiritual womb. 

The actual two babies were the incestuous offspring of Judah and his own daughter-in-law. Judah had the promised seed to pass on to the next generation. That is the account in the Bible. Am I saying that did not happen? No! It happened. Everything happens on multiple levels. The same thing is happening here today. The two babies are in the womb, the body of Christ and the rest of the world. Cain is running after Abel with a hatchet to scalp him, but he will not be able to kill him again. Our hope based on that kind of knowledge produces faith. A hope that is not based on any knowledge is just a hope, and it has no roots in it. 

I am hoping everything is going to be okay. I am hoping that if this country goes down, that the Lord will take care of me. If there is a flood or if I die, I am hoping it will not be painful, all kinds of crazy things. What I just told you, it exists on every level. Cain and Abel are inside of you, in some body, somewhere, in your relationship with Jesus yourself. I do not know. Somebody is capable of evaluating your walk. Has the baby put his hand out? Is the red string tied on his wrist? Who is showing in you? Cain or Abel? Which baby is coming out?

It is happening in your individual life. It is happening in this ministry. It is happening in this location. It is happening in this country. It is happening in the world. It is happening on every level. It is happening in people’s bodies. If there is a cancer in your body, and you are in the Lord, it is Cain and Abel struggling. That cancer is Cain trying to knock you out. Who is going to prevail in your body? It is happening on every level and the whole world is writhing in labor for the childbirth of the spiritual child that will establish humanity in Christ Jesus forever.

Revelation, Chapter 12 says the dragon stood by the woman, seeking to devour the child as soon as it was born. The dragon is in you. The dragon is in the ministry. The dragon is in your family. The dragon is in the country. The dragon is in the world. It is happening on every level. This is an interesting message. Before I ask you for comments or questions, I want to say this one more time. I want to make sure that you are understanding me. The New Age doctrine is a lie that says that humanity is now beginning to mature spiritually. This is specifically a New Age doctrine and it is a lie. This is a resurrection of ancient occult doctrine. It is the Hebrew children feasting on the quail. The Hebrew children were complaining about the manna. They despised that light meat. They wanted flesh, so the Lord sent quail. While the flesh was in their teeth, they were destroyed. 

I am speaking to Cain. I am speaking right now to the consciousness of Cain, which is on a subconscious or unconscious level, the collective consciousness of Cain. You think that you have risen again, and you think that you have gotten the flesh that you want, and you think that you have overcome Moses, who is appearing today as the body of Christ. We think that you have put your teacher down, the Christian Church, which is failing at the moment, but they are still Christ. Saul was hunting David and David would not touch Saul. The Church in its condition is still Christ, an imputed temporary manifestation, very imperfect, but Christ. You respect the office. 
Now hear this Cain. You think that you are about to go in for the kill with Abel again, but you are mistaken. As you feast on the quail in your homes, in your heavenly places, but while the flesh is still in your mouth, destruction is about to fall on you because the Lord Jesus Christ is risen and He can never die again. You will therefore come into submission to Christ Jesus. You will accept your place in the creation, and we will all experience the writhing and the pain of the labor of the manchild that is being born. The will and the desire of the Living God will come into existence. Mankind will be formed in the righteous image of the Lord Jesus Christ and all of this labor will be like a distant dream. All of you ladies who have had babies it will be like a distant dream. I just prophesied to you, Cain, in Jesus name. 

Any questions or comments?

Congregation: When you spoke about the red thread, it brought to my mind this Monday night. I went to the library where there was a class on Kabbalah by a rabbi. At the end of the class he gave out these red threads that he put on the hands of some of the women who had infirmities. One woman asked how long do I have to keep it on. He goes to all these hospitals where people are dying of cancer. He said one woman had this cancerous growth and she kept the thread on for a whole year. When the cancer fell off the thread fell off. 

Pastor Vitale: Did you bring that literature I looked at? That is New Age Kabbalah. That is not good Christ centered Kabbalah that we teach here. There are four different kinds of Kabbalah. That is not Kosher Kabbalah. It is very dangerous to just pursue after Kabbalah. You have to know what you are doing. It is New Age Kabbalah. I do not recommend that you stay with that. This particular rabbi is teaching from a book, which is collectively condemned by the entire Kabbalistic and Jewish community across the board. You should really stay away from that. You received it in your heart and that means that you have received a bad seed that is going to grow up and war against the seed of Christ in you. You should rip up that literature and not take it in your house because it is bad stuff. It is another spirit and that woman was not healed by the Spirit of Christ. It is a New Age doctrine. 
It is not a false Kabbalah. It is practical Kabbalah. It is magic. Who cured that woman? Does Jesus Christ cure with tying red strings on your wrist? Of course, there is a red string when the spies went into Jericho. Rahab helped them. They said when the Israelite armies invade Jericho, tie a red string on your hand and you will be saved. The red string is typifying Jesus Christ. You do not get healed by having red strings tied on your hand, anymore than you get healed by some televangelist that sends you an anointed cloth in an envelope or a little drop of oil. 

What is coming to my mind right now is years ago when we traveled together to Conn. I do not remember the name of the preacher, but it was another spirit. The four of us were there and I gave a whole teaching on how it was another spirit before we went into the meeting. We went into the meeting and you were going up to get hands laid on you. That meant the whole teaching did not sink in. The reason I am frustrated is that I care about you. I have seen you getting seduced along these lines for years. The truth is that I am your protection because, spiritually speaking, you just cannot tell the difference.

I am so glad that you brought that in here for me to see. I do not know if you all knew what happened, but I could not get the heat to go on. It was cold in here. The reason I was standing there was that the heat would not go on. Then I saw the literature laying there. The Lord wanted me to see it. You should not be dabbling in spiritual stuff without talking to your pastor. I am glad that you brought it in for me to look at. Do you understand that it is another spirit? This kind of Kabbalah has no requirement for a relationship with God. There is no requirement for holiness. It is Madonna’s Kabbalah. It is not what they call a Kosher Kabbalah. Kabbalah is dangerous. If you are not doing it the right way, it raises up Cain in you. It is dangerous stuff. There is no requirement for holiness in this Kabbalah. There is no requirement for repentance. There is no requirement for confession of sin. There is no requirement for a knowledge of the Scripture. Just come and learn the magic. That is what it is. 

Congregation: This concerns the disc we heard. When we were listening to the disc, the man, the bishop, said he knows that everything is wrong. Also, he is afraid that it will affect the whole family. I am wondering what percentage of all those people that have a feeling they should get out, but because of fear, they cannot. Bet it is a good percentage.

Pastor Vitale: There are millions of people there. I am sure that there are some people that feel like that. I also think that there are probably a lot of people that are just there for the dancing and the partying. They feel safe because they are involved in some religious ritual. I had somebody tell me that once. They go to some church every Sunday and they take communion and they feel so clean and safe. The whole world is deceived by Satan. The only safety is in a relationship with the Living God who is not in a red string, a cracker, or a cup of juice. Neither is He in a church. He is in here. He is inside of you. At least, the potential for your relationship is within. He is not in ritual. He is not in anything that you do out here in this world. 

Now if that is all you know how to do, it is better to do it than nothing. As long as you are reading the Bible, and engaging in some activity, it will hopefully draw you to a more spiritual life. God is Spirit, and He must be worshiped in spirit and in truth. You have to worship Him with your spirit and through the truth of His doctrine. When we preach the truth here, you are worshiping God. If you want to do the other stuff, I hope you are not running around with red strings on your wrist. If you want to go to church or another service somewhere, or go to a Christian concert, I am not telling you not to do it, but you need to know that is not it. That is not where the safety is. 

Your safety is not me. Your safety is not in this fellowship. Your safety is in Christ Jesus. I am just here hoping to help you to increase your relationship with Him, and to increase Him in you. All of these things, except red strings, reading a book about an aspect of the Lord, or anything you do to increase your relationship with Christ Jesus is okay. Eventually, you get to a point where you do not want to read any books. We read the Bible. This is Living Epistles. When I do get into the Christ Centered Kabbalah, the books that I read are direct expositions of the Scripture on a higher level. I do not read books about things that fill the Christian stores. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? I am not trying to make you feel bad if you do not do that. I am just telling you that whatever you do along the way is fine as long as it is leading you to that place where you get closer and closer to Him. 
I think this is the last message that we will do on Mormonism. All kinds of interesting stuff came out. I want you all to recognize how faithful the Lord is. He wanted me to see that literature so that it could come out in the group. That was the way He did it. Everything He does, He does out in the open. I think He really wanted you to be chastised. I suggest you tear up that literature and break the curses on it. That is my recommendation to you. 

Anyone who wants to read this other article of prophesy can do so. I believe it is of the Lord. The whole prophesy is destruction. The first few sentences are the tornado warning has been sounded says the Lord. I will now come upon the entire body of Christ and shake it as never before. I will use the whirlwind of my shaking glory to touch down on the soil of your soul. I will uproot every single tree that is planted within a dark seed. I will cause the ground of the soil of your soul to tremble and quake on the approaching of my whirlwind. It goes on and on. The last couple of sentences are, when they see the tree of darkness they were eating from no longer exists, then I shall bring forth my seeds of healing. I did not see that. That is good. 

I am going to start again. I did not see this positive part of the prophesy. During this time my body will be in a state of confusion and much pain. The confusion will come forth as the dark tree begins to be uprooted. The dark tree that they were eating from will be uprooted. The trees will be swirling around and around within them, blocking the view of all that is going on around them. The winds will settle and when they do, they will see destruction all over the soil of their souls. It is when the winds have settled that I will restore the clarity within the vision of their hearts. This will cause them to see clearly. The trees of darkness thrown to the ground and my whirlwind came through. When they see the trees of darkness they were eating from no longer exists, then I shall bring forth my seeds of healing and saints from my kingdom that shall come forth in place of the old, says the Lord. The darkness planted in the soil of your soul hears the law, the high whirlwind coming forth. 

The only thing I have to say about this kind of prophesy is that it is definitely of the Lord. It is the kind of prophesy that you read in the prophets of the Scripture. It is very scriptural because it is all destruction. I did not read you the whole thing. It is all destruction with the last few sentences that give hope. He will come with His seeds of righteousness and the trees of darkness will no longer exist. It ends with hope, so it is very scriptural. The only thing I have to say about it is how does this help anybody? If this is all that you have, there has to be an anointing on it because it is from God, but it is sort of upsetting to read all of this judgment is coming. Even at the end, it says things are going to get better. What we have here, and what the Lord wants to give to everybody is the explanation of all this. That is what the doctrine of Christ is. 

We are told in the New Testament that even the prophets that brought forth prophesies like this, that they did not know what it meant. The prophets, themselves, did not know what it meant. Whoever brought this forth does not know what it means. I wonder what she thinks. Does she believe in the Rapture? Is she afraid? What does this mean to her? She just has blind faith in Jesus Christ. Anyway, for those who are willing to hear it, for those who have ears to hear, what I just preached is the same thing. It is the same thing. I just told you that Cain is trying to scalp Abel. I do not know how bad things are going to get before everything straightens out, but Abel will not be killed again because Jesus Christ is risen and ascended into heaven. 

What am I telling you? What am I saying to you? If you want to read this stuff, that is fine. It is very scriptural. For me, I need the doctrine of Christ because having abided in the doctrine of Christ as long as I have been abiding, to me this means nothing. Please understand me. I am not putting it down at all. It is of the Lord, but who wants to read this when you have the understanding of it? Did anybody not understand what I am saying? If you want to read it, that is fine. It is like reading the Old Testament. 

Congregation: Sheila, I never heard you prophesy to Cain before.

I mentioned this a couple of times recently. I get my two meetings mixed up, so I forget what I said at which meeting. The Lord has been telling me for a long time, that a lot of what I attribute to Satan is really Cain. It has taken me a long time to get this revelation about the body of Cain that is coming forth now. The Lord has been coming back to me time and time again for a few years now. When He first told me that somebody in Romans 7 or 8 where the Lord is so angry, but does not name the person that he is angry at. I was saying for awhile, fallen Adam. Fallen Adam is Cain. It is not completely accurate to say fallen Adam because this goes back to what I was saying earlier.

The world thinks that Adam turned to the other side, and now you just have to turn him back. He did not just turn to his other side. He broke into pieces and he became a new creature, and Cain is what fell out. Cain is the residue of him, so you cannot just turn Cain to his other side. If you turn Cain to his other side, you just have Abel, who cannot stand against Cain. You need the seed of the risen Christ to not turn Cain to his other side, but to put him underneath. It is not good enough to just turn Cain to his other side. He will turn back again. That is what happened to the descendants of Seth on the other side of the Flood. They were very powerful spiritual beings that were resurrected. Abel was resurrected very powerful on the other side of the Flood. Then when nobody was looking, Cain got in there and turned Abel to the other side. 

That is what happened to Noah. Noah survived the Flood, after preaching for many years, with eight souls, whatever that means because they did not look like us. He survived the Flood. As soon as he survived, what happened? He planted a vineyard and drank the wine. Do you really think he just got drunk? He was the only survivor and he turned to his other side. He turned. He was Abel and he turned to Cain, and Cain thinks it is going to happen again. Cain does not understand that the body of Christ that is rising today is not just a turning to Abel. It is the resurrection of righteous Adam through the grafting of the seed of the resurrected Christ who can never die again. Cain does not get it. The Church does not get it. Do you get it? I do not know if you all get it. (Laughter) It has taken me years.

The Lord has been telling me this for years. Then it kept going out of my mind. That man of sin that we read about in the Book of Thessalonians is Cain. He is inhabiting your temple. We are all the temple of God. Cain has to get thrown out. The Bible says that he is going to get thrown out how? What is going to throw him out? Does anybody read the Bible around here? What is going to throw that man of sin out? It is by the brightness of the coming of Christ. Christ joined to Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus, and the whole family of God in heaven, we are told, is coming to put Cain in her place. This prophesy is accurate enough. I do not want to touch it. You can only prophesy in accordance with your knowledge. Darkness is not going to be destroyed. Darkness is not going to be destroyed. It is just going to be forced into its place.

We need darkness to produce the image of creation. Darkness is out of its place. It is like an ox that needs to be harnessed and used to plow the field. She is going back under. Cain and the whole family of the Serpent and hell are going back down under. They are being forced there by Abel and Christ Jesus and the whole family of God in heaven. This is such a simple message, trivialized, and it has taken me years. There are only two revelations that I am aware of, that the Lord had to come back to me time and time again until I finally got it. This is the second time it happened. The first revelation that just would not stick in there was that you are not saved merely by receiving Christ. The full maturation of Christ Jesus in you is not enough to end the process of your salvation.

We have to be circumcised, cut away, from the unholy line. We have to be cut away from Cain’s influence, and the whole household of the Serpent and hell that has been dominating us. Cain, Leviathan, Satan, and whoever else is there in our carnal mind. That is our carnal mind. Christ Jesus can mature to the fullest and it is not enough. When He matures to the fullest, He has to circumcise us, cut us away from that carnal mind and from its influence completely. When we are circumcised away from that unholy influence, we will never sin again because all sin comes through that unholy unclean mind. 

The Lord had to come back time and time again to say, Sheila, getting Christ Jesus formed in you is not enough. You have to cut away that sin nature. The way that sin nature is cut away is a sin at a time. There is no way it is going to be cut away until it is first revealed, confessed, and repented of. As far as I know, basically speaking, and there are always exceptions, but the whole Church world in one form or another believes that because Jesus is risen, that they are saved. 

Now it is not even accurate to believe that because the man, Jesus of Nazareth is risen, we are saved. It really was not him who rose again. You all know it was Christ Jesus in him that rose. I hope you all know that. 
The man, Jesus of Nazareth, no longer exists. It was His inner man who rose and ascended and is now one with God. I lost my train of thought. What was I saying? 

It is a fact that Christ is risen, not Jesus. Christ is risen. The inner man rose. Even that fact does not save anybody. That does not save anybody. What saves us is that the risen Christ imparts His living seed to us. That living seed, when grafted to you, will become the child that will save you in childbearing. Even though Christ is risen, if you do not get the seed, and if the seed does not come to maturity in you, you are not saved. You are not saved by virtue of the risen Christ alone. He gives us the potential to be saved. Then there is a process that has to play out in us. I know I had another point, but I do not remember what it was. 

Okay, I was telling you about the two doctrines that the Lord had to keep coming back to me and back to me and back to me. Sheila, the circumcision. Sheila, the circumcision. Sheila, the circumcision. You have to be circumcised on the eighth day. The seventh day is the day that Christ Jesus, in you, puts Cain and the whole household of hell underfoot. As long as they are still conscious, the possibility of hell rising up in you exists. On the seventh day, the day of rest, is the day that we rest from fighting with our sin nature. The day that our sin nature is fully under the feet of Christ Jesus is the day before the eighth day, and all male children are circumcised on the eighth day. After the day of rest comes the circumcision. Our carnal mind has to be cut away and thrown in the trash in order to be fully saved. If nobody else has anything to say, I guess we will call it quits. There was a beautiful anointing here today. 

This Kabbalah book is called The Tree Of Life, the sefirotic tree, and it is also used in ceremonial magic. There are four different kinds of Kabbalah. The same symbols and the same words are used in Kosher Kabbalah and ceremonial magic. That is something that is in the middle. The point is this. It is raising up Cain. That other stuff will raise up Cain in you. That should not be dispensed to just anybody that is not under a ministry like this where your sins are being dealt with. If it is introduced to people and even being given out in a library, it is raising up Cain in whoever is reading it. At some point it becomes ceremonial magic. It is dangerous. 

You know what I forgot to tell you. I want you all to hear this before you leave. Do you know that there was a program on the History Channel the other night about what the earth would look like when man is gone. There is this mentality in the whole world today that is manifesting as global warming. Not only are they moving to make the animals more important than man, now they are showing a two hour film that must have cost a million dollars to make, to show what the earth will be like when man is gone. The point of it is that Satan, that Cain, is rising and is trying to wipe out Adam, God’s creation, and leave the planet just for the animals. There is a problem here. Do you know that even the scientists have found out that the earth, as a whole, has a single consciousness. The whole planet is an entity. We are the cells in the body of the earth, and mankind is destroying nature, which is the Serpent’s world. God did not put squirrels here. Cain’s plan is moving along. I saw a teenage girl walking down the street with tights and a tee shirt the other day. As she walked by she had a fake animal tail attached behind her. 

All of you need to know that you have been under a heavy anointing. I want to pray for you all before you leave. Just drive carefully. Satan is mad. I do not want to frighten you. You should not be afraid, but you need to know that 
we are under a very heavy anointing, and you should just be aware of it. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just cover everyone with the blood of Jesus. I cancel Satan’s plans and I rebuke the enemy. I cover you all with the blood of Jesus and warrior angels. May the Lord protect us all as we go forward in His Spirit, in Jesus name. Amen !


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