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{small}607 - 1 Part{/small} {br} SPIRITUALITY IN CHRIST JESUS

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 We read in the Scripture that the king of Babylon looked into the liver. That is witchcraft. He did not look into his physical liver. He looked into a level of the spiritual world that is associated with liver. What world is that? The world associated with the liver is the realm of the carnal mind. In the King James it says the world associated with the liver is called the reins. That is the highest spiritual level. I do not have these details down pat. I just know that I live my life in the spirit, and when you start living your life in the spirit, the tendency is to be upsetting. More often than not, what you perceive in the spirit does not line up at all with what you see in the natural. You have to decide when you start functioning in the spirit, that He is our eyes in the spirit world. This should be happening to you now if Christ is being formed in you.

When Christ starts to manifest in any maturity in you at all, you now have two sets of eyes. That makes you doubleminded. That was what James was talking about. It is not just doubleminded in your opinion, but also double sighted. You are double sighted. What do you see? If I am looking at Susan right now, and I saw a second head growing out of you that looked like Margie, I would have to decide whether you were Susan or Margie, or I would have to decide whether you were Margie or Susan. This is what we are up against. We start to get perceptions of what is going on inside of somebody’s head or heart. We look at them and they are giving absolutely no indication, whatsoever, that what we are perceiving in the spirit is what is going on in their heart. 

Sometimes they know what is going on in their hearts and they are in denial. Sometimes they know what is going on in their hearts and they do not want you to know what is going on inside their heart. Sometimes, people just do not recognize what is going on inside their hearts. What do I mean when I say your heart? I mean your motives. Most people do not even know what they really think. What we really truly think arises out of the unconscious realm and it passes into the subconscious realm. When that thought passes into the subconscious realm, our consciousness also on a subconscious level, sometimes on a conscious level, either accepts it or rejects it.

Now when our conscious mind rejects what is in our subconscious mind, it still exists in our subconscious mind and we become doubleminded. We become doubleminded because our subconscious says one thing and our conscious mind says something else, and our mouth speaks what our consciousness says. We are a divided world. We become a divided world. Now that could happen on multiple levels. We have to make a decision whether we are going to follow after our carnal mind or our Christ mind. Everybody here says, oh I am following after my Christ mind. The whole problem is you cannot do that until you learn to recognize the thoughts of your Christ mind, and distinguish them from your carnal mind. 

It is just like we are commanded in the Scripture to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, our mind, and our soul. Everybody says amen, I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart, my mind, and my soul. How do you love the Lord with all of your heart? How do you know that you are doing it? That means you love the Lord with your emotions. That means every emotion that comes from Satan is boiled unto distillation. Are you doing that one hundred percent? I am not. Are you? I am not. Maybe you are better than I am. I am not. I could not sit here and tell you one hundred percent that I recognize every thought that comes out of Satan in my mind and I boil it to nothingness. 

Maybe I am ninety percent successful at boiling the thoughts of Satan that I recognize. Even if I could tell you every thought of Satan, that ever arises in my mind I boil it to nothingness, I could not sit here and assure you that I recognize every thought that comes from Satan. I can only tell you about the thoughts that I recognize. That is how we love the Lord with our heart. How do we love the Lord with our mind? We love the Lord according to His truth. Do I believe every truth of the Lord Jesus? I cannot say yes. 

Now this is for those of you who have e-mail. You should have gotten a copy of a question and answer page. Recently, a whole teaching has come forth here about the truth of the Virgin Birth. The physical body of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was conceived by natural means, via Joseph. The virgin birth does not mean what we thought it meant. There definitely was a virgin birth, but it was our interpretation of the virgin birth. Anyway, the truth that came forth was preached here, and I believe it was received by everybody. It certainly was received by the majority of us. The Lord probably gave me that revelation because a member of this ministry asked a question that I answered incorrectly. My mind was so controlled that the thought of Jesus of Nazareth actually being conceived by the physical seed of Joseph was an impossibility to me. 

In about three months after I answered the woman’s question incorrectly, the Lord gave me the correct answer. I sent an e-mail out just a week or two ago. You heard that I preached the message. I have to re-preach Part 1 because we did not get it on the tape. I wrote an e-mail to this woman, which will be posted to the web page, and you will get a copy in your e-mail when it is posted to the web page if I have not sent you a copy of it already. 

I told her what I just told you, how she had posed her question, and the question was valid. The way she reasoned it out in her mind was wrong. I did not look at the valid point that she raised. That valid point was that two genealogies in Matthew and Luke declared Joseph to be the father of Jesus and that Jesus had no genealogy from Mary. Aside from the fact, that throughout the whole Old Testament, every patriarch or every ancestor who carried that seed from a male ancestor, the seed always comes down through the man. 

It is undeniable that Joseph is the physical father of the physical man Jesus of Nazareth. We all have been so completely mind controlled. Anyway, my point is that this young lady noticed an inconsistency, and then because she too was so mind controlled that she could not believe that there was no virgin birth, drew a wrong conclusion. She recognized a valid inconsistency and drew a wrong conclusion. When I responded to her, I did not respond to the valid inconsistency. I responded to her wrong conclusion. I said no, that is wrong, and I never dealt with the valid point that she recognized. Is anybody not following me? Do you need me to say that again?

I dealt with her error, but I never dealt with the really valid point that she raised. Then about three months later, the Lord who I serve, who I am under, corrected me. Sometimes I think people here have a problem believing this. I am not the head of this ministry. I am under the Lord Jesus Christ. He came to me about three months later and corrected me. I preached the virgin birth, and then it took me all of this time to write her the e-mail acknowledging that it really was a response to her question. I failed and the Lord Jesus answered her question. 

I must have sent that out to everybody because I got an e-mail from another woman who reminded me that in 1999 she had raised that very question. In 1999 I completely ignored her and did not even want to deal with the question. I had to apology to her. You might ask yourself, why did the Lord not correct me in 1999. Because in 1999 I was not ready to receive or teach this revelation. Eight years later, and all the other revelations that came in between, prepared me for this revelation. How did I get into all this? I am trying to tell you that one of the conflicts that we have is when the Christ mind tells us something and the carnal mind shuts it down. I know that there is a whole world of Christians out there that if I told them that the virgin birth is real, but not the way the carnal mind of the Church is understanding it today, they would throw me out of their church. 

The carnal mind shuts down because any measure of Christ in them would be telling them what I am telling you is the truth. The carnal mind shuts down. It is a form of denial or a form of non recognition. I do not really know what the right word is. Then we have the same situation within our humanity. Sometimes, the Lord talks to us about our life, and about our relationships. Someone is struggling right now with her relationship with her mother. The Scripture says you are suppose to take care of your parents, but the mother is abusing her. The sick mother is abusing her. Does that mean you have to be abused? Absolutely not, but a conflict arises in a human situation. That is what I am trying to tell you.

The average person deals with it by shutting down. They speak with a forked tongue. Do they know they are speaking with a forked tongue? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Brethren, one of the major most outstanding characteristics of the spiritual life is that when the language of a person’s mouth does not line up with the spiritual speech of their heart, 
you follow after, you believe, you respond to the speech of the person’s heart. 

After you believe, that is what the spiritual life is. That is not the whole spiritual life, but that is a major foundational characteristic of the spiritual life. There is no way you can be spiritual if you are believing language of the mouth over speech of the heart. If you do that, you are not a spiritual person. Do I condemn you? I condemn you not. No, I do not. If you think you are spiritual, and you are living your life believing the language of people’s mouth instead of the speech of their heart, then you are deceived. Then you are not spiritual.

What am I talking to you about? Why am I saying this to you? It is so that you might test yourself and go before the Lord and say, am I spiritual, Lord? All of the doctrine in the world will get you nowhere. Everything that we learn, everything that you do, every day you read the Bible, everything you do to seek God, is designed to make you into a spiritual person. It is so you can follow after Christ Jesus because He is in the Spirit. A lot of you when you first came here, and maybe you still are very troubled, that in certain areas the Lord does not talk to you directly. He will talk to you through me. It is not His desire for it to always be that way. 

The problem is He is not getting through to you in the way He wants to get through to you. This is just for a season. He wants to speak to you directly. He wants to control your whole life, but Leviathan is in the way. Pharaoh is in the way. Your carnal mind is in the way, so He sends you a mediator. Until Christ Jesus becomes mature enough in you, but you know Christ Jesus can be very mature in you, and you can still be listening to Leviathan. You have to become spiritual to obtain the promises, to get what God has for you. You have to become spiritual. Christ Jesus has to be formed in you. Then you have to hear Him and obey Him. 

The Hebrew children died in the wilderness because of disobedience. We are not told that they died because Christ was never formed in them. We are not told that they died because they did not know the doctrine of Christ. There was no law of ordinances in those days, to do what the orthodox Jews do today. The reason they died in the wilderness was because of disobedience. What does that mean? What did they do that could have been so bad that they died in the wilderness? The Lord said go right and they went left. Does that mean you should die in the wilderness? No! 

They could not tell the difference between Christ and pharaoh in their own heart, and they followed after pharaoh. They could not recognize the internal Christ. They did not understand what I am trying to teach you, and have been teaching for a long time now, that we human beings, fallen humanity, we are the wineskin that Jesus talks about. In and of ourselves, the Lord said, you can do nothing. We can do nothing without the inner man. What people do not know, or are resisting recognizing, or have resisted believing, that everybody has an inner man that is separate from us, the personality, the wineskin.

That inner man is the child, the offspring of the female Adam and the Serpent. That child has a name. Anybody know the name of that child that every human being born of a woman carries? It is Cain. Yes, we are Cain. Now Cain is not always a serial killer. We will recognize him when we start to compare ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and not to the son of Sam, who was a serial killer. When we compare ourselves to the son of Sam, we figure we are doing pretty good. You have to compare yourselves to Jesus. Then you find out we are not doing so good. Why? Because He has entered into eternal life and we all here anticipate death, unless the Lord intervenes. 

We get dizzy, have a pulled muscle, and we have this problem and that problem. Jesus does not have those problems, brethren. He is in a world that is above all of these problems that we have. When we compare ourselves to Him, we know something is wrong. That is good. That is the beginning of life to know that something is wrong. 

The Hebrew children died because they could not tell the difference between the two inner men that were formed in them. The reason they could not tell the difference was, to the best of my ability to understand it right now, I do not believe they had a revelation of the inner man. They just thought it was them. For years as the Lord was training me up, I believed that the Lord was fixing me. He was going to turn a screw or something. I needed a lot of screws turned. (Laughter) He was going to fix me. He was going to solve all my problems, and I was going to start doing everything right. I never really believed in the Rapture. I would be a son of God or whatever that meant. I was not even sure what that meant over the years. 

He was going to fix me. We are un-fixable. The present condition of fallen mankind is un-fixable. Why is it un-fixable? There are three Hebrew words. I do not know about them being Hebrew. Let me say there are multiple words that are translated evil. I believe they are in the Hebrew and the Greek as well, multiple words translated evil. There are different kinds of evil. There is a particular kind of evil that is unredeemable. I believe the word is poneros, and it means inherently evil in every cell of its being. It is evil and it can never be made good. 

It is like saying this wood over here can never be made into a precious metal, unless you are an alchemist. I am not talking about that. This is wood and it will never be gold. Stop trying, stop praying, stop casting your spells, stop begging; it is wood and it is not going to change. That is who Cain is. Cain is inherently evil and can never be made good. Here is the error in the rationale of the carnal mind. We were good before the Fall. We had an imputed righteousness. God gave us righteousness. We never earned it, but He gave it to us, and we were experiencing all the benefits of righteousness, and we changed. We changed.

Let me give you an example here. I will take this eraser. This is what we looked like, the handle side of the eraser, and we changed. We turned to the other side of the eraser. This is the error in the thinking here. Therefore, if that is all that happened to us, then we should be able to turn back. Would you not think? The Lord should be able to take a screw driver and turn a screw and turn us back to the hand side of the eraser. Right? What is the error with that reasoning? That was not what happened. We did not turn from one side to the other. That was not what happened. We were spiritually female and we were destined to produce the child which would be our inner man. We had sex with the wrong man, so the child that was born was born evil. 

It was not that we turned from one side to the other. It is as if for a season we existed without a heart. When that heart was born in us, it was completely deformed. It was not even a heart. It was a stomach. In place of a heart, we have a stomach. I know that in this world babies are sometimes born with their stomach outside, and all kinds of bizarre perversions in their physical bodies, and the child dies. They cannot live. There is no operation. There is no surgery. The child cannot live. They are not fixable. That is what happened to us. We are not fixable. 

Back to the eraser. We look like the backside of the eraser. We did not turn to the other side of the eraser. The other side of the eraser was broken up into a million pieces. Our only hope is to get another eraser. Let us say this eraser is our heart, and our heart was birth as our stomach. It is un-fixable, so we need a transplant. A transplant can save us. That transplant is the grafting of the seed of Christ. This error that we are fixable is believed by the Jews and the Kabbalists.

I know this teaching or this belief is through the Church. I believe it is throughout the whole world. There are a lot of religions that understand that we fell and are certainly in a low spiritual place, and have to go on to something better. As far as I know, even Christianity, they all think that we are fixable. Actually the doctrine of Christ is the only philosophy that teaches us that we are not fixable. We have to have a new organ called Life grafted to us. We are the wineskin. We are the external. We are the outer world and our insides are corrupted. They are poneros, which means evil. They are inherently evil, incapable of redemption. 

We need a new inner man. That is why Paul said they shall be saved in childbearing, when we bear the Christ child, if they continue on serving God, and whatever the rest of the scripture is. You can have Christ grafted to you. You can birth Christ, and if you continue to follow after Cain, you still will not get fixed. Paul said, they will be saved in childbearing, if they follow after the Christ child and not his brother Cain. Now this is so interesting, because we are doing a series on Mormonism. Mormonism teaches that the devil and Jesus are brothers. Well they are. (Laughter) 

I would not agree with the way Mormonism teaches it, but they are. Why are they brothers? They have the same mother, but a different father. Jesus said to the pharisees, your father is the devil. Now I was not planning on teaching on Mormon doctrine in this exhortation, but hopefully we will get to it today. I really had hoped to go over Mormon doctrine with you and show you the truth of it. Every false doctrine is based on some truth. There is no creativity apart from the truth. That is why you can watch science fiction movies, or you can explore all kinds of religion, and you find that there is agreement. People that hear me teach one thing, they say, oh you must be a Jehovah Witness. Then they hear me teach something else. Now they are going to be saying I am a Mormon because I said the devil is Jesus’ brother. 

Is Jesus not our brother? Is that not what the Scripture says? It says He is our brother. Well guess who we are? We are the devil. It is just the truth. Every time we agree with the mind of the Serpent in us, we are the devil. If we have Christ in us, but I guess you do not even have to have Christ in you. To agree with Christ Jesus, you really have to have Him grafted to you or you would never agree with Him. The devil and Christ are in us. Cain and Abel are inside of us, and we must choose who we will serve. No problem, you say. Yes, it is a problem. You cannot tell the difference. That is your problem. You cannot tell the difference. It is my problem. That is why the Jews died in the wilderness.

They could not tell the difference. I want to tell you that there is an escape, a way of escape, from every problem known to man, and from every problem that you have or I have. There is a way of escape in this world, here and now, if we can just touch God and find out how to deal with it. I am telling you, He is the miracle worker. He does miracles today. Lately, I have not really seen Him getting people up out of wheelchairs. He is doing spiritual miracles today. He is healing lives. He is healing souls, and He is bringing forth His Son in people. 

He is bringing forth that child that will save us when the child is fully born. If you could just lay hold of Him, and find out His solution to your problem, and believe it, because you can find out the solution and not believe it. The Lord could send someone to you, saying this is the answer to your problem, and you may not believe it. If you could somehow just touch God, and get through to Him, communicate with Him, and hear the answer to our problem. First of all, He will identify the problem to you. If you are willing to hear it and believe it, and then you say okay Lord, what must I do now? Then do it ! ! ! 

Every problem in your life today will be helped. I do not know that every problem would be solved, but you will be victorious over it, simply because other people are involved. I cannot tell you that the problem will go away, but you will be victorious in that problem. He is here today, the miracle worker, doing exploits today, if you can discern Him. Paul says, my people, the body of Christ, they are sick, and dying, and getting divorced, and tormented in their personal lives. Why? You are sick and you are not getting healed. Why? Because you cannot what? You cannot discern the body of Christ. That is quoted in the King James. You cannot discern the body of Christ.

You cannot recognize Christ in yourself. Do not tell me I recognized Him yesterday. Paul said, if you are sick and you are not healed, it is because you do not recognize the body of Christ. You did not recognize what He said to you, or He sent somebody to tell you, and you did not recognize it, or you did recognize it. You said yes, I hear you, but you never said what must I do about it, or you said what must I do about it and then you never did it, or you did not hear it. Something like that. Paul said, if you are sick and you are not healed, it is because you cannot discern the body of Christ. 
That could mean so many things. It could either be talking about your daily lifestyle, that when you wake up in the morning, you are following your carnal mind and not Christ. It could mean He told you what to do and like I just said, you did not do it, or He diagnosed you and you did not believe your diagnosis, or He sent somebody to tell you something, and you did not believe it, or you believed it, then you did not follow up on it, whatever. You are sick because you cannot discern the body of Christ, when He comes to you, in word, in information, in truth, with instruction. That was what he said. Now you have to be very careful because if the Lord comes to you with the word, and you do everything perfectly, and the next day you are not completely healed, you do not want to be thinking that you failed or that He failed you because you do not always get healed right away.

I waited thirty years to get into this condition, and I rebuke fear in me right now, but I am going to say it. I rebuke fear and I rebuke Satan in advance. I was face to face, someone breathing in my face, with a serious bronchitis. I did not get it. Me. Those of you who know me for all of these years preaching sick for years. Listen to my old messages. You can hear me coughing and hacking on a lot of my old messages. I did not catch it. Then a week later, you came in with a terrible cold and breathed in my face. It is not that you did anything wrong. There just were germs in the air. I did not get it. For me, that is an absolute miracle. I used to walk into the room with somebody that had a cold like you had, and within twenty four hours I was flat on my back. There was no question about it. I was going to get it. I did not get healed overnight. We see this is an act of faith.

If you are sick, you need to be saying to the Lord, am I doing it all right? Do I just have to wait for the healing? Did you talk to me and I did not hear it? Did I get it? Did I hear you tell me what the source of my sickness was? Did I get it straight from you, whether you told me directly or you told me through someone else? Is my understanding correct? Do I understand the legal ground that Satan had to make me sick like this? Did I understand what you wanted me to do about it? Have I confessed everything I am suppose to confess? Have I broken every curse that I am suppose to break? Have I done everything I am suppose to do? Then if you do not hear anything, you live in peace by faith. It is a walk of faith, but the faith only works when you do everything that you are suppose to do. 

Now what are you suppose to do when you do not know everything that you are supposed to do? In this ministry, as far as I know, I am telling you everything you need to do. I think that I can say that boldly because here I sit before you, someone who should have been dead forty or fifty years ago. I am well for someone who was walking around dead. I waited thirteen years for the healing that began after I had surgery. Thirteen years I walked in faith believing the Lord was going to heal me. I waited a long time. It is a walk of faith. I sit before you telling you this, so now you know what you need to do. You can believe that I am giving you the whole message because it worked for me. At the very least, you say is there something that I need that Sheila did not need? At least, I am telling you how to pray or what to do. 

For awhile there you all know that I preached ultimate reconciliation for the first six months of this ministry. I learned it from the pastor in whose church the Lord began to heal me. I was healed from death and received deliverance in that church. I had about three curses of death broken on me. I was not fully healed, but I was delivered from a lot, all kinds of stuff that was killing me, a lot of witchcraft in my soul. I read tarot cards, but I really would not call myself a practitioner of the occult. A lot of what I had was inherited. The church in which the Lord moved through to do so much for me, the preacher which taught me deliverance and then he taught me Bill Britton’s sonship, which were all Godly doctrines. Then he went into ultimate reconciliation as taught by Ray Prinzing, who I believe has died. I am sorry, but I do not believe that doctrine is of God. I believe that it hurt people then, and it is hurting people who practice it now. I did believe it because I followed my pastor. 

Then this ministry started up and I preached what I was taught until the Lord came to me again approving what I teach you here. If your focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ, you need to trust your teacher, and if the teacher goes off, the Lord will save you. It may take six months, but you cannot be testing the teacher every day. You cannot. It will make you crazy. It will stop you from learning. You have to believe God, that if He put you here, or wherever He puts you, you have to trust God that you are going to deal with the teaching here, that you are going to believe it, that you are going to pray about it. If it is wrong, let the Lord show it to you. You are going to be at peace. The Lord came to me and He corrected my understanding a few months later. I do not remember what I was getting at.

The bottom line is your relationship with Jesus Christ. You need to keep thinking about the ministry that the Lord has placed you in as a schoolroom. Learn everything that you need. I am here to help you the best that I can. The fact that the Lord is teaching you things through me does not mean that you stop your relationship with Him. He is your focal point. I am just here for a season. He is forever. It is just like your parents. They raise you up when you are a young child. Then you become an adult, and of course you have a relationship with your parents, but you are pretty much functioning in the world. 

I had a point, but I do not remember what it was. I guess this was just an exhortation, so I guess I am going to stop unless somebody has a question. Let me just reiterate. The way this whole thing started was to tell you to hear from God in the way I just described, you need to be spiritual, because God is spiritual. God is Spirit. You need to be able to hear Him in the Spirit, and you need to be able to recognize a spiritual communication when it comes from someone like me. Sometimes I tell people things and they do not act on it, and I just back off and a year later they come to me and I tell them I told you that a year ago. They say, Oh I did not know that was the Lord, or I did not know I was suppose to do something, or I did not get it. 

Now do not feel bad because I do the same thing. The Lord comes to me and tells me things, and it goes in one ear and out the other. I hear it and I know that He said it to me, but it just does not click. Of course, my famous testimony is He told me to drink water, and I said Lord, I do not like water. Two months later I wound up in the hospital with a kidney stone. He did not say, Sheila, if you do not drink water, you are going to get a kidney stone. He just said drink water. I said I do not like water. He said tough, and I wound up in the hospital at four o’clock in the morning in terrible pain. 

That is the kind of disobedience that at least is conscious. I knew it was the Lord talking to me, but because of my immaturity at the time, I did not understand that when the Lord tells you something, you do not have any choice. Either you do what He tells you or you experience the consequences. He is never mad at you. This concept of an angry God is really not accurate. He is angry at sin. The Lord is angry at sin, but He is not angry like a man is angry. 

The anger of God is the sowing and reaping judgment. If you do not do what He tells you, and you experience the consequences of it, that is the anger of God. Let us say you steal something. You go before a judge in this world, and he says the law says you have to go to jail because you stole something. I have nothing personal against you. I have no desire to hurt you, but you broke the law, and it is written in the book that this is the consequence of breaking the law, so you have to go to jail. I do not believe God is angry at us in a human way. 

Well, look at all the upheavals in nature, Sheila. There are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. I want to tell you something. It is the sowing and reaping judgment. That means we had to do something as a whole, as a fallen race, to be reaping something that violent. It is the sowing and reaping judgment. It gets very complicated and it is not today’s message, so I think I am going to stop here. I have some really good messages on the love of God and the fear of God. I am not going to go any further today.

The message is that we have to continuously, including me, check in with the Lord. I consider myself a spiritual person, and I am continuously before the Lord, saying Lord, did I hear you correctly? Did I understand you correctly? Did you talk to me and I did not hear you? Did I hear you and was I disobedient? Please critique me. Tell me, am I doing something that you told me not to do, or that I should not be doing, or am I not doing what you told me to do? Did I mess up today, Lord? Did I mess up yesterday? Please show me where I am messing up before the sowing and reaping judgment comes in. 

I know what I started to tell you before I got into that whole reconciliation thing. Where I was going, was to tell you that there was a time, especially when I was into that reconciliation period, where I would read the Scripture where it says the gate is wide, but the way is narrow and very few enter therein. I did not believe it. I looked up the Hebrew words, and I tried in every way I could, to try and see if that was a wrong translation. For a short period of time, I just did not accept it, but the Lord was faithful with me. He showed me that I was wrong, and that translation was accurate. 

The gate that people walk through to enter into this world, because it is really talking about reincarnation, is very wide. It is very easy to get here, but to get into the kingdom of God, which is a spiritual place, the way is very narrow, and it is deep inside of your heart. The door to the kingdom of God, to the lifestyle that I am trying to describe to you, is deep inside your heart, and very few find it. It is narrow, but if you are hearing this message, you have every reason to hope that you are going to find it. The kingdom of God, and Christ in the midst of you, is a very small voice inside of the Serpent’s kingdom. Our whole mind, this whole world, the physical body of us and all of the organs within us, all of our parts, spiritual and physical, we are a world, we are a kingdom. 

When Satan said to Jesus, I will give you all the kingdoms of the world, He meant I will give you control of all the people of the world. We are a kingdom in the world, and we are in the Serpent’s image. We are the offspring of the female aspect of Adam and the Serpent, and Christ is in there in the innermost part of our being. He is saying, if you want to find me, if you want to lay hold of this lifestyle which is the only way out of here, it is to get into that inner place. I just gave you a blueprint of how to do it, because you will never get in there following what these eyes see. Once you become spiritual, you are going to find that sometimes you think you are losing your mind, especially when someone is looking you right in the eye and telling you one thing and you know it is not true.

Now they may not be deliberately lying to you to deceive you. Maybe they are talking about their feelings. Maybe they are talking about something that they cannot face. As Christ Jesus grows in you, you start to understand the speech of the hearts of people. For years I fought with people and accused them of lying to me until the Lord taught me this. They really did not know what I was talking about. I was seeing deep into their heart and they did not even know what I was talking about. 

I read this in a book recently. It was about a very anointed man of God who lived a couple of thousand years ago. One of the manifestations of the anointing on him was that he knew what people were thinking before the thought ever got to their conscious mind. He knew what people were thinking before they knew it. That is me. For years I fought with people, telling them they were being dishonest with me or deceiving me. I just thank God that He has made my life liveable, because to be a spiritual person, and not understand who you are, and how different you are from other people, is a manifestation of hell. Is anybody not following me?

I had to learn how to live knowing that someone is talking to me, and I know that they are not in full touch with their feelings, or with what is going on in their life, or whether they are not being honest with me. The Lord had to instruct me on how to deal with it in a Godly manner, and how to use it to help the person to see God glorified in it, instead of it turning into a big fight. It has taken me years. Maybe someday I will write a book. In the meantime, you have everything that I am preaching. The same thing is going to be in you as Christ Jesus matures in you. When that happens, and the day that you realize that there is a conflict in your mind, where my sister just said something, my friend just said something to me, and I just know it is not true. How do I deal with this? Do I call them a liar? No, you do not call them a liar, but you go before the Lord and say what do you want me to do with this information.

When you first enter into this, you really should come and talk to me about it. I remember it was quite a few years ago, and a woman that is no longer in this ministry called me on the phone and said, I had this interaction with another person in the ministry. The Lord told me that they were lying to me, and I do not know what to do about it. This really happened. It just so happened that I knew about the incident because I had witnessed it, and I knew first hand what had happened. The woman who called me, as a part of her life, offered a particular service that she did for money. Someone in the ministry here had made an appointment with her. I witnessed that second person breaking the appointment. I knew that the person breaking the appointment was not telling the truth about why they were breaking the appointment. Now they had every right to break the appointment, but in the world we tell lies about why we break appointments. We make up excuses. 
Why do we do that? It is because telling the truth and confrontation is painful for us, but that is not acceptable to God. It is not acceptable to God. The first woman who did the service was a highly spiritual woman. She knew that the second woman was lying to her, but she did not understand what I just explained to you. All that she heard in her spirit was sister number two lied to me. Then her carnal mind picked it up, and made some big untrue thing out of it that would have been a problem between the two of them, and a problem in the ministry. Because I witnessed what had happened, I was able to say to woman number one, who gave the service, no, that is not what the Lord meant. It is true that sister number two lied to you, but it was not about that. Your carnal mind just interpreted the truth that was told to you incorrectly. I was there and I know the whole story.

She just wanted to cancel the appointment, and she could not tell you, so she made up some story that was easy for her, but look at what she did to you. Sister number two had an inability or a refusal to confront the truth and just say the truth, and caused a spiritual crisis to sister number one. Is anybody not following me? The truth the Lord told sister number two was that sister number one was lying, but because she did not have any facts or she did not have this kind of understanding that I have, her carnal mind jumped in and blew the whole thing out of proportion. Initially sister number one did not want to believe what I told her. By the end of the conversation, I said, I am asking you to believe me, because I know all about it, even that sister number two came and told me she wanted to break the appointment. I knew she was going to do it. I witnessed it when she did it. I know that the Lord was just telling you that she was dishonest with you, but it is not this other stuff that Satan brought into your mind. None of that is true at all.

This is what the spiritual life is like. You all have the opportunity to enter into what I learned with much pain, trouble and heartache, and damaged relationships. I have learned what I am trying to teach you, and what I can help you with. When you start to recognize that you are getting spiritual communications, I encourage you to come and talk to me about it. Just let me know how you are interpreting it, and avail yourself of my input. When you first begin to move on this level, your carnal mind is going to try to lay hold of it. Satan in your mind, is going to try to lay hold of it, and wreck your life as you start to become spiritual. Satan is going to try to use it to wreck your life. 

When you get through that training period, I am here to assist you. Then you can use it, not only for your good, but you can help other people in all kinds of ways. When we see in the spirit, when we function in the spirit, we can interfere with tragedy that is trying to happen down here in the natural. It is very exciting to be a spiritual person, but do not let anyone tell you it is an easy walk. It is not an easy walk. Satan will seek to slay you, so the way we defeat Satan is to confess our sins before the Lord. It is not that the Lord will not use us if we have sin, but the sins have to be confessed. You cannot be in denial about your sin and move in the spirit because Satan will be after you to bring the sowing and reaping judgment into your life in every area. Truth and honesty about ourselves are essential for the spiritual lifestyle in Christ Jesus. 

That is what listening to this message and being under this anointing is doing to you. It is raising up Christ in you, which you all know and you all want, but do you all know what you are asking for? I am telling you what the result is of what you are asking for. You have to walk in it. Whoever that is for today, I do not know. Any questions or comments before we go on? 

Congregation: It is funny that you brought that up. My brother is not saved. I went to the doctor’s office with him the other day. He had another back to back appointment. The first doctor took much longer than he thought it would, like an hour and a half. It ran into the other appointment that he was suppose to have. There was no way he could make it, but he said to me, I think I will tell the doctor I had a flat tire. Why would you do that? Just tell him you had another appointment, and it ran so long that you could not make it on time. He said, yeah I guess I could do that. I think people get into the habit of lying and they cannot stop. 

Pastor Vitale: Yes, they cannot stop and it becomes a way of life. Something else that you have heard me say here to someone right in this room. I do not even remember what the incident was, but they actually said to me, now I wonder what I should tell that person. I said, how about the truth? It was not even an option in their mind. That lifestyle, to someone in the world, it seems harmless, but it is things like that that will interfere with your spiritual life in Christ Jesus. They are not petty and they are not picky, and they are not unimportant, because it is a warfare. 

When you move in the spirit, to prevent conflict of any kind here in the natural, it is a warfare because of Satan. It is the Serpent’s household, trying to cause whatever is happening in this material world that is wrong. Satan is trying to make somebody sick, or you see it as a spirit of adultery operating, or someone is going to get into trouble. However the Lord raises you up to move in the spirit, to stop it from materializing down here, it is a warfare because it is Satan that is bringing it into manifestation down here.

You are warring with Satan in the spirit. We see that very principle in Revelation Chapter 12 where we are told Michael wars against the dragon and his angels. That is the spiritual warfare in the heavenlies to prevent the trouble before it materializes. It is always easier to deal with it in the spirit before it materializes. That is just true. It is easier to not take drugs than to take drugs and then try to get delivered. It is easier to never smoke than to smoke and then try to get delivered. It is true. 


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