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Jehovah is the God of Israel. What does that mean? It means that Israel has been granted salvation and, therefore, God is given unto them.

In order to extend this great salvation to the whole of humanity, however, Jehovah has expanded Himself and is appearing, today, to the whole world in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is Jehovah raised to a higher power.

This whole creation belongs to Jehovah. Jehovah’s Name is in the part of the Scripture that we call the Old Testament. The Jews call it the Scripture. Jehovah is the Name of God that breathed the breath of life into mankind.


Jehovah’s breath imparts more than animation to mankind. It imparts consciousness. Animation means, our body moves and engages in physical activities. Consciousness means, intellectual and spiritual awareness. We receive consciousness from Jehovah in the form of a mind, which is our an ability to think and reason. It is His breath that animates the creation. That is why we are His. If it were not for His breath, if He were to take back His breath, we would just collapse like empty sacks, and the whole universe would cease to exist.

We belong to Jehovah, but were stolen, kidnaped in our infancy. Who are we? We are the children of the Kingdom who were kidnaped.

The story of our creation and kidnaping is better than any science fiction or adventure story that I have ever heard.

The members of humanity were kidnaped while we were still sperm. This is very interesting, because fifty or a hundred years ago, that would sound ridiculous. How could you steal sperm?

However, today, there are sperm banks everywhere. It is very possible to steal sperm, and it is possible to steal fertilized eggs that are being held for in vitro fertilization.

Spiritual truth exists beyond our present consciousness.

The most important thing that I am encouraging you all to do, is to have a revelation that truth exists beyond our ability to comprehend it. If we try everything that we hear by our present knowledge, we will never grow. If we hear Truth that initially sounds bizarre or unreasonable, but are willing to commit it to the Lord Jesus, saying, Lord, if that is true, expand my mind, I want to understand it, we will receive understanding from on high.

Anyone who is willing to do this, will potentially grow into the promises of the Scripture. The concept that we stay the way we are, die, go to heaven, and then change, is a Santa Claus-type fable. It just does not work like that.

We grow here in the flesh by looking towards someone whose mind and knowledge is greater than ours. That does not mean another man. It means the Lord Jesus. He is our potential to become everything that He was in the days of His flesh, if we are willing to go beyond our present mind.

I heard a very well-meaning preacher on the radio the other day, making the point that the world was created in six twenty-four hour days. The carnality of his reasoning made me feel like crying.

One of the issues that I am preaching on today is, The age of the universe. I have not believed that the world was created in six twenty-four hour days for years. Today, the Lord has made that belief even more real for me through the message I mentioned previously.

One of the things we do here at LEM is attempt to expand your consciousness. It would not be unusual for somebody here to have a negative reaction to something that I said. Maybe you were offended, or maybe it frightened you. Such a reaction means that I am stimulating your potential to expand your consciousness.

If you are having these reactions, do not run from them. Resist fear, and submit your concerns to the Lord Jesus, by admitting that I have told you something that has frightened, or distressed you in some way. Who knows why we get frightened? We all have all kinds of reactions. Just pray, saying, Lord, if it is true, I want to believe it, and I am trusting you to calm my fears and deal with my anxieties.

The people who study with me, not only here in New York, but where ever they are across the world, are not your average Christian. We are very tough people. We are the forerunners, the soldiers, the advance guard, the spiritual Green Berets. We are the spiritual spies who are sent to check out the promised land (Num. 13:17).

The Church is the modern day manifestation of the Hebrew children in the wilderness, except that the Church is still in Egypt. We are the spies who have been called to see if it is possible for the Church to exercise its God-given authority over the spiritual worlds within us. I declare to you today, that in Christ Jesus, we are full well able to take the land.

Who did the spies that went into the promised land see there? They saw evil giants who threatened to kill them, and ten out of the twelve spies fled for their lives. Two out of each tribe that went in. There were twelve tribes, so twenty-four spies went in, and twenty-two of them ran for their lives, crying like babies. However, two, Caleb and Joshua, came out, saying, We can do it, we can take the land. In Christ Jesus, we, too, can defeat Leviathan in our own mind and in the minds of the children of Israel (1 Kings 19:10).

Does this mean that we are better than everybody else? Does it mean that we have special privileges? Absolutely not!. It means that the Lord fully intends to repossess His creation and His people. If you have a nation of people who are captured, you do not go to the five year olds to lead them out. You go to the mature people, you go to the adults. Do you go to the adults that are crippled? Do you go to the adults who cannot talk? Do you go to the adults who are cowards? (Judges 7:3) No, you go to the soldiers of the adult community, you tell them what the situation is, and draft them.

If you are in this ministry, you would not be here if God did not put you here, because you would not last if God did not put you here.

That is who we are. The big problem is that we do not know who we are, because we look at our identity that is given to us from our existence in this world, and we say, What is she talking about? She must really be crazy. No, I am not.

We have two identities. We have the identity from this world, your mother, father, sister, brother, secretary, book keeper, preacher, whatever. Then we have the identity that we are given by God, who we are in His Kingdom and what our role is in His plan to repossess His creation.

If you are here, if you are in these meetings, your spiritual identity is Christ. You have been chosen to go in and spy out the land and, with one or two exceptions, everybody that has come here, has said, Yes, we can take the land. That is what this is all about.

When I tell you that it was a very hard night last night, what I am saying to you is that the Lord never ceases in the spirit, it never ceases. There is a continuous war going on between Christ in me, and if Christ is in you. Even if Christ is not formed in you yet, if you sit under me, He is formed in you when you are sitting here.

When you are at a service where the anointing is truly flowing, the anointing flows onto the preacher, and then it flows from the preacher into the hearts of the people. We are one collective group at this time. The reason we are a collective group is, the spirit that is penetrating me, through me, is penetrating you and is taking up residence in each of us. At some point, if you submit yourself to these meetings long enough, a permanent manifestation of His presence will reside in you.

If you are brand new here, Christ is being formed in you because you are a part of this meeting. The Lord is doing something now. The Lord Jesus is here right now joining to Christ Jesus in me and imparting Christ Jesus to you. Depending on where you are in your maturity, when this meeting breaks up, either He will withdraw from you completely, or He will remain in you. Each time you submit yourself to this, whatever you have of Christ, even if it is just the seed, will grow and get stronger. This is called, the watering.

The Scripture says, one man plants. I plant the seed of Christ in you when I preach to you, because that is how the seed is imparted to you. Through the foolishness of preaching, Paul said, and then another man waters.

What is the watering? This is the watering when the wisdom of the word, when the glorified Jesus Christ comes down and joins to us in a pregnant situation. This is a pregnant situation, this is an intense communication. It is called communion. The communion is not eating a little cracker or drinking a little cup of grape juice. Communion is spiritual sexual intercourse with the Lord. He is penetrating all of us at this moment, it is an active session right now.

When the session is over and He withdraws, what remains in you is a residue. At the very least, seeds remain in you, and each time you participate in a group like this, you get more seeds. The seeds sprout, the sprouted seeds are nourished, and at some point, you will have your own fully mature manifestation of Christ Jesus, I hope in the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am hoping for that myself. Every time He visits us like this, the Christ Jesus in me is nourished, and increased, and matured also.

That is why it is so important to be in a church, and this is a church. I do not know if you know it or not, the Church is not a building. The Greek word for the church is, ekklesia. It is talking about the gathering together of the spiritual life of Christ Jesus, the church is Christ Jesus.

Actually, the physical bodies of the people sitting here are the building. We have a lot of physical buildings that are very attractive, empty, and dead. There is no manifestation of the anointing in them. We have a lot of people that call themselves Christians and there is no manifestation of the anointing in them. The ekklesia is a spiritual entity, it is not a building. This is why it is essential, if you hope to go on with God, that you are a part of a church that the Lord Jesus Christ visits. It is His visitation and His communion with you, in that visitation, that is building His life in you. That is the reality of the Church.

I mentioned to you earlier that it was a very hard night last night. The warfare that was raging very intense. I do not believe that we experience the fullness of the warfare. I do not think that our bodies or our minds could survive it at this time. I am talking about myself, I am much too mortal, it would destroy me.

Everybody has their own little battle that they are a part of on behalf of the Lord Jesus, and what I believe is happening right now is the Lord is moving to increase the number of people that are capable of and are willing to listen to this message, so there is always a warfare with their carnal minds.

Up until now, the Lord has added to this ministry one or two people at a time. Why? The carnal mind fights, the carnal minds fights coming closer to Christ Jesus, and I am the vessel that He is drawing them through right now.

Over the years, as most of you know, I was very, very ill. I am healthier now but, aside from being healthier, there has to be a spiritual capacity to deal with the warfare of the unconscious part of the carnal mind of the people that are being called. Those people that are submissive as can be, their carnal mind is trying to kill me as the Lord draws them closer. Why? It is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and Leviathan, and Cain in their carnal mind.

We know that their days are numbered. They are fighting for their life. That is what I believe is going on right now, that it is more than one or two people that the Lord is drawing. It is the largest number of people that He has ever drawn at one time to this message, and the warfare is raging.

You need to know that the weaker, or the people that have weaknesses in this fellowship will get hurt, so we are only missing one today. I am really sorry she got sick in the middle of the night, but I talked to her and I will have to talk to her more. She has to find out what the hole in the hedge is, because everybody is very important, everybody that is here is very important. Each one of you contribute a measure to the collective Christ Jesus consciousness here today. Just my preaching is a part of the warfare, so Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, wants to take everybody away that she can, because our numbers are diminished.

The Lord is still going to do what He is going to do. I do not want anybody to get this wrong. If you cannot make it one day, you cannot make it one day but, generally speaking, this is the reality. The Lord is adding the number of people that can agree with this message as He is preaching it. The stronger we get, the further along in the warfare that we will repossess His possessions.

Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is trying to keep everybody she can away. For the individual - the individuals that do fall ill or are kept away. It is holding back their personal progress, because the Lord Jesus is going to repossess the creation, He is going to do it. If one person falls away, or if a thousand people fall away, He is still going to do it.

One of the things that I try to teach you is a balance, to understand that you are very important because of Christ in you, but as far as your humanity goes, you are of significance, so we want to find that balance. We need to understand that we are very important in Christ Jesus, but we are very, very expendable. I am always concerned that I am going to raise up your pride. I am trying to keep your pride down, and tell you that you are very expendable, but as long as your pride is down and you are in submission to the Lord Jesus, you are very important and very essential. I hope that you can understand that.

That means we each have a role. We need to find out what the Lord requires of us and do it. As soon as we think that we are more important than the Lord says we are, we become very expendable. As soon as our pride gets raised up, and we think we should be promoted, or we think we should have this, or we think we should do that, or we think we should be acknowledged, now there is an imbalance in the spiritual calm of the group. We become very expendable, because this move functioning of what Christ Jesus is doing here is more important than anyone thinking that they should be more important, or that they should be more acknowledged than they are.

As long as we know where we are, we are very important, and the Lord will do exploits to help you with any problem that you are having in your life. As soon as one of us becomes a problem, we become very expendable. Everybody got it?

We are two people. As far as our humanity goes, there is a couple of trillion others out there, but as far as us being faithful to what He has called us to do, very few are faithful. As long as we stay faithful, we are great.

There was a little stress here this morning. I am sorry, one person was ill, but everything got straightened out. As I have said, This happens all of the time. I have three messages for you, and there is no way I am going to preach all three of them, so it looks like we are going to start with a recent message from Pastor Manning.

I would like you to see this on the TV. I will play the whole thing for you. These are the end times. The battle is really coming to a head. The next event, as I understand it, is that one person, followed quickly thereafter by others, is about to arise into spiritual power. It may not be the fullness of the power that Jesus had in the days of His flesh, but it will be a lot more power than we see today. This event is called, The Opening of the Matrix. The Lord is likening this event to the birth of a child. Actually, Jesus opened the matrix of the female mortal humanity, but that was 2000 years ago. I am likening it to a second opening of the matrix of mortal humanity.

We are told in the Old Testament that a woman’s first child, when a woman bears her first child, it is the opening of the matrix. That child that comes out, if it be a male, it is to be dedicated to the Lord. The matrix has already opened. The Lord Jesus Christ was the first one to be born again in the image of the Father. Now we are waiting for the body to come out. We are waiting for the offspring of the Lord Jesus to come out. The matrix is opening, and we are waiting to see believers, faithful servants of the Lord Jesus, stand up with some spiritual power.

My position is that I do not care who it is, just that somebody stand up and then they can get me up too. The issue is we are waiting for the opening of the matrix. We are waiting for the first one, for the first of the litter to fall out, if you want to look at it that way. The battle is raging, and part of the battle is the spirit called, anti-Christ, which is sent to deceive the believers.

The way the King James translation is written, it says, If it were possible the very elect would be deceived. It sounds like it is not possible, but it is possible. It is not only possible, thousands of Christians are being deceived today, thousands in the leadership are being deceived today.

One of the biggest anti-Christs available has a million dollar or billion dollar ministry. People go out to see him wherever he goes, and almost every minister that I know, with one or two exceptions, thinks he is the unofficial leader of the Church. The man has a spirit guide, does not even have an anointing, and this is happening because of the ignorance of not only the Church, but the ignorance of the leadership.

As I said that to you, the Scripture in Revelation came to me where John was saying, Who could open the seals? There is nobody that can open the seals. What are the seals? The seals are the seals that are holding back the spiritual power of the Church. Woe is me, John said, Who can open the seals? Then a voice said to him, Fear not, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, He can open the seals. He can release spiritual power in you, He can release wisdom in you, He has the power to make you everything that you are called to be, that you have the potential to be in Christ Jesus. He can do it, and He will do it, and He is doing it.

Just as an aside, because it is not our message today, but the opening of the seals, brethren, is an individual experience, just like reconciliation to the Lord Jesus is an individual experience. If you receive the Holy Spirit, it is an individual experience. The seals are the judgment of the Church, not the judgment of the world. Do not believe that. It is the judgment of the Church, it is an individual experience.

It is the exposure and the judgment of your carnal mind, so that Christ can defeat it, because our carnal mind is our fifth column. Our carnal mind is the enemy within that is determined to keep us as slaves and in bondage. The Lord Jesus has come to set us free, and the deliverance is not a physical rapture. Deliverance is a spiritual, intellectual, and mental experience.

We cannot be rescued unless we understand that we are captured. Jesus said to the Pharisees, I came to give you sight, but you told me that you already see, I came to give sight to the blind, but you think you are among the sighted, there is nothing I can do for you.

My job is to educate the people who will listen to me in this hour. I am telling you that we have a fifth column in us, we have a mind that we are born with that serves the Serpent and does not serve the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus has come to give us His mind. If you have had that experience, James tells us that we are now a double- minded man. You have two minds, and the two minds are at war with one another.

This is one of the first things that we read in the book of Genesis. I was working on that translation the other day, but I cannot preach sixteen messages at once, anyway. It is the Scripture that says, And I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. This Scripture is talking about the mind of Christ and the carnal mind.

Christ Jesus must step on your carnal mind. He has to step on your carnal mind, and crush it, dominate it, and control it. That is how we get out of here. That is how we get out from under the bondage of the Serpent.


We have to be educated to the point that we can participate in the process which will impart Christ to us and equip Christ to step on our carnal mind. That is what we do here. It is not only intellectual. After you learn about it, it has to happen to you, so it starts out as an intellectual instruction, but then it becomes an experience. It has to happen to you, it is an ongoing process. As we engage in this process, our needs are met, if we are sick we get healed, if we have emotional problems, we get healed. If we have family problems, they get better as we grow, as Christ grows in us and steps on our carnal mind.

This has been going on, this process has been available for two thousand years now, but the signs of the times are here. There is something happening in the spirit that is causing all of these upheavals in the natural world. Everything that happens in the natural world is just a reflection of what is happening in the spiritual world.

What is happening in the spiritual world in a very high realm, in the spirit, is there are two entities at war with one another, and it is a man and His wife. It is Christ Jesus and His wife. His earthen side is His wife, and when His earthen side started to think independently of her husband, that earthen side took on. . . . Eve is the Serpent, that is who the Serpent is.

What we are going to deal with today is the spirit of anti-Christ. I am trying to pull this together for you. In order to experience this process of having Christ Jesus raised up in us and stepping on our carnal mind, we need to understand false doctrine. We need to understand that there is false doctrine in the Church, and I am not talking about Hinduism or Buddhism, I am not even talking about the Jehovah’s witnesses.

I am talking about someone that stands up and says, Jesus Christ is Lord, Jesus Christ is God. What he is teaching you will prevent you from moving forward in the program that God has for you. That is what we are concerned with. A Hindu says, I am Hindu, I do not believe in Jesus Christ, a Buddhist says, I am Buddhist, I do not believe in Jesus Christ. A Jehovah’s witness says, I do not believe Jesus is God. What you see is what you get. They tell you who they are, and you can decide whether or not you want to agree with them.

The man that stands up and says, Jesus Christ, He is God, and then denies Christ Jesus in you, the hope of your glorification, is dangerous to you. This is how you can tell the spirit of anti-Christ. Anti-Christ denies that Christ Jesus has come in the flesh, in your flesh, and in my flesh. Jesus Christ is Lord out there in heaven somewhere, but who is the God in the midst of me?

We all have a God in the midst of us. Our humanity is the animal side of the creature. The creature or the creation is an integration of spirit and earth. Spiritual earth, our body is made out of spiritual earth. The creature is an integration of spirit and earth, sons of God, and daughters of the flesh, and we are integrated, but each has a mind.

The spirit in us has a mind, a consciousness, an earthen part or the animal part has a consciousness, and in God’s plan the spiritual mind is to rule over the earthen consciousness, but in the present day, the reverse has happened.

That is why we have animal bodies. The fact that we have mammalian bodies is the proof that the animal mind or animal consciousness is ruling over the spiritual consciousness. The mind that rules through us forms the body that it lives in. That is the truth. Animals do not have emotions like we do, fear and anger and all that. We have emotions like the animals do. That is not to put you down or insult you.

There is no way we are going to be returned to our first estate unless we recognize who we are today. Our first estate is that which we fell from. What did we fall from? A state of being where we were an integrated being just like we are now, spirit and earth, and the earth has an animal nature, but the spirit man was ruling over the earthen consciousness, that is our first estate. Every human being, most people in the Church with very few exceptions, have to have our world turned upside down.

Your human nature, which is the animal, the nature, the consciousness of the earth, which is the animal nature is ruling over your spirit man. Who am I? I am half and half. My world has been turned upside down. My spiritual consciousness is on top, but I am at war with my human nature. There were areas in which my human nature that prevailed. One day I say, I am going to diet and lose weight, and as soon as I say it, I go out and eat what I should not eat. What happened? My animal consciousness overtook the will of my spiritual man in that area.

As preacher, it is very hard to overturn me. I would not say it is impossible, but because of what the Lord Jesus has done in me, it is very, very hard to bring me into carnality in doctrine, because this is what I am called to do. I was born for this reason, but in other areas of my life, my human nature prevails over my spiritual wealth, so I am in a war, and the war is within me.

It is a spiritual war, because it is a war within mind. It is a war within will, and it is the same war that is going on in a very high spiritual level where it is just one man fighting with His wife in this very high spiritual level. Then, as you get into the lower levels where we are, it is the conflict in each of us between the flesh and the spirit.

The way this victory is going to be taken, brethren, I am convinced the way this victory is going to be taken, is that Jesus Christ is going to overtake the spiritual aspect of the creation that has run away. The victory is going to be taken on a very high spiritual realm, and those who struggle everyday will suddenly find strength.

Therefore, our job is to preach the Word and to exercise the spiritual aspect of our being as the Lord Jesus fights for us. As we see in the book of Revelation, the Lord Jesus appears as Michael the angel. As He fights in the high realm of the spirit, and we fight down here in the earth, and at some moment, there is some time, I believe in the very near future, people are going to start to ascend. They are going to start ascend above their human nature.

The reason it is so hard, let us take overeating because that seems to be one of the most harmless, the obvious things that we all struggle with, and the reason that we struggle so hard is that we are on the same level, and this particular level, the Christ mind in us. . . . now remember the Christ mind in us is growing, He is being trained up, growing, and maturing. He started from a seed.

If you are still struggling with your weight. . .maybe you are not, but I am. If you are still struggling with your weight, the Christ in you is probably on a very similar level to the carnal mind in you, or not even as strong as the carnal mind in you in that area, because we do not get strong in every area across the board, you see. The day is going to come that Christ in you is going to be caught up and, suddenly, one day you are going to wake up, and He is going to be stronger than that aspect of your carnal mind. You will have no problem with your weight anymore.

We have to go through this in every area that we struggle with in our humanity, whatever it is that we do. Let us say that you know in your mind that you are called to read the Bible or study more, and every time you go to pick up that Bible you wind up cooking, or going for a walk, or going to a garage sale, or whatever it is and you cannot explain why. It just happens. It means in that area, your carnality is stronger. Christ in you has not matured enough in that area to overcome that aspect of your humanity. It is an aspect at a time as Christ matures that He is overtaking us.

What we deal with in this ministry mostly is spiritual understanding because it is the spiritual understanding that will mature Christ in you. When He is powerful enough, He will overcome every other problem that you have. We must develop Christ in us. That is the answer - strengthen Him, mature Him, and all our other problems will eventually come in right order.

Anti-Christ is major problem for the Christian, because Christ cannot grow in you if He is being denied the food that He needs, or He is getting poisonous food. It could actually kill Him.

What we see with Pastor Manning, we have a whole series on him, and I was just so offended by what I heard him preach the other day that I was amazed. Apparently, the Lord wants you to see it too. This is the bottom line, Brethren, Christ in you, the hope of glory. Christ in you is the Savior, we shall be saved when we bear the Christ child. Paul says, They shall be saved in childbearing. We have to bear the Christ child. We have to become impregnated with Christ, and He has to be born in us.

If you think you are born again, I am really sorry if I am shocking you, but you are not. It is not even you that is being born again. It is the Adam who died that is being born again in us.

When Adam who died is born again in us and returns to the fullness of His powers, we who are His earthen side will return to the higher realms with Him. Most of us have been reconciled to the Lord Jesus. The reality is that Christ in us is in the process of being born again, and when He is born again, we, His wife, are going wherever He goes. When Jesus said, You must be born again, what He was saying, of course that is the translation, but what He was saying is, Adam must be born again in you.

When Adam is born again in you, we are calling Him Christ, if you want any hope of salvation. There is no hope of salvation unless Adam is born again in you. That means Christ in you, the hope of glory, is your only hope of salvation. Yes, Jesus died for you, He died for the whole world, and Jesus is in heaven, wherever that is. That is not today’s message, and He is sprinkling His life, He is sprinkling His sperma on all of humanity.

The way He is saving you is by impregnating you with His son. When you bear that male child that we read about in Revelation 12, and that male child is fully born again and returns to his full power, you shall be saved. Salvation is a process which begins with reconciliation, a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are listening to a man who is deceiving you by saying, Jesus Christ is Lord, but there is no Christ in the midst of you, the hero of humanity, he is saying, my father Ham, or as he says in this message, if Peter did not found the church in Rome, there would be no church at all.

As far as I listen to him over the weeks and months, he has given the power of your salvation to Ham, which means you are only saved if you are descendant of Ham. That leaves out all of the Caucasian world. You will hear what he was saying, he did not say anything about, at least in this message, he did not say anything about Christians, but he said that if you are a Jew, you can only come back to the Lord Jesus if you are judged by one of the judges in heaven, and of course those are the descendants of Ham.

I do not want to get into the outrageous things that he says, I want to focus on communicating to you that there is no salvation apart from Christ being planted in you. Christ has to be planted in you. For you to be saved, Christ, representing the Tree of Life, has to be grafted to you and grow up into a full tree which is the regenerated Adam. You are not saved because the physical blood of the man Jesus poured out at Calvary. You need to understand that something has to happen to you.

The reason Jesus was crucified was so that the whole world would know that His human life was given up. The reason He was resurrected, and the reason He ascended was so that He could go into a high place from which He can pour out His sperma (that is the Greek word for seed), upon your heart and plant His Son in you. You are being saved by His connection, being connected to you. He is the vine, you are the branches. You have to be grafted into His mind.

You cannot just be a person floating around in the streets saying, I am saved because Jesus died for me, and answered an altar call. That is like saying, I am drowning out here, SOS, SOS, and you get a message on your radio saying, We heard you, we are on the way, but you still drowning until they get there. You are still drowning until the lifeline is thrown out to you, and you grab hold and you are pulled in.

We are all still drowning, we are all still dying because we are not pulled in yet. How do I know that? Right now I am having a problem with my eyes, and I am looking at you through all kinds of seaweed, and I have floaters in my eyes. That does not happen to somebody who has been saved, but I am in the process of being saved.

First, my spirit is saved, then my soul is saved, and then health comes to my body. The ultimate salvation is deliverance from the whole body. I believe that we will be in this body for quite a while after my spirit and my soul are saved. For those years that I remain, or that we remain in this body that we are ministering to other people, I believe we will be free of disease and death, so that we will have the strength to minister to other peoples of the world.

Eventually, we will be delivered from these bodies, which is a big issue in the Church. You need to know that, that there are people out there in the Church that will fight you to the death saying that we are keeping these bodies. That is an idolatry for the body, but it is not the message for today.

The message for today is, there is no salvation by saying, Jesus Christ is Lord, but my father Ham is the one I turn to, or Peter is the foundation of the church. There is no talk out of this man at all about, Christ in you. Christ in you, Christ in you, that is the only thing that counts. Are there any questions about what I said?

We are going to listen to this message. I cannot put the message on this recording. What I should put on the recording is the date of the message in case anyone hears it and wants to go into his website to listen to it. I will give you the date. The message we are going to watch now was preached on Tuesday, October 3, 2006 by Pastor Manning and his website is, www.atlah.org. As of today, you can listen to, or download it.

Just for those who did not understand that, Pastor Manning is preaching very. . . . I mean if I were not listening to his words, I would say the man is anointed. The man has an anointing, but it is not the anointing of the Lord Jesus. You have to listen to every word that you hear, and he is saying that if Peter did not return, there would be no Church because the Church is founded on Peter, not upon Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, but upon Peter.

I stopped the recording to advise those that do not know this, that the Church is founded upon Christ Jesus. What is the difference between Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus? The Lord Jesus is glorified in a very high spiritual realm, Christ Jesus is the son or the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ in you and in me, but we are not born with Him as a part of our being. He has to be born in us, we have to have the seed of the Lord Jesus planted in us, and that seed has to sprout and produce Christ. I am not going to go into the whole process now, but Christ has to mature in us.

The Church is the people of God, not a building. We could be meeting in a cave, and right now this is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We could be meeting out on the grass, in a cave, or on Mars. The Church is not a physical building. What makes us a Church? What does it mean that the Church is founded on Christ Jesus? Here is the question, What makes us a Church, Sheila?

What makes us a Church is that Christ Jesus is here right now speaking through me ministering to you individually. Either you are witnessing to what I am saying, or you are not. That is what makes us a Church. The foundation, the founder of the Church is here, and where ever Christ Jesus appears, that is where the Church is appearing, because He is the foundation.

Peter says that we are living stones, building up a holy temple, a spiritual temple made without hands. That means you are a temple, and you are a stone in the temple, and everybody here is a stone in the temple. Everybody that has Christ in them, Christ Jesus grafted to them, is a stone in the spiritual temple, made without hands.

Christ Jesus is the foundation. If Ham is your foundation, or if it is possible, a spirit of Peter is your foundation, you are not a part of the ekklesia. You are not a part of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will die like every other man. Blasting across this TV screen, Jesus Christ is Lord, is not doing you any good if what you are praying for is about your father, Ham, or that Peter is the foundation of the Church.

If you are believing this, I have to qualify that. I do not want people being afraid of acquiring false doctrine. Your original experience with the Lord Jesus when you are reconciled unto Him is a relationship of faith. If your faith is towards the Lord Jesus, and you have to believe that if you do acquire a false doctrine at some point, that if you are truly following after Him, He is going to get you out. He is going to get you into the truth. You have to believe that, you have to trust Him.

Here, Pastor Manning is saying, If you trust Jesus, if you trust Jesus. It is true if you trust Him, but your heart has to be. . . .and this is such a hard thing to preach, and you are all looking at me. It is such a hard thing to preach. This man, what has happened to him is that pride has risen up in him to such a degree that right now he is possessed by a spirit guide, so he is not your average person.

The Lord struggled with him for years, and years, and years, and his envy and competition against other preachers - that is all that I know about. I do not know anything else that is there towards other preachers. He yielded to that envy and competition, he was overtaken by his human side and was given over to a reprobate mind, which we are told about in the Scripture, but he is not your average person.

Your average person, if you are truly seeking Jesus, and you are praying about everything, you have to believe that He is going to bring you into all truth because that is what He has promised to do. He has promised to bring you into all truth, but you also have to know that there is the possibility that if you. . . . the Scripture says that we can receive a strong delusion. What is difference between delusion and illusion? Illusion is a fantasy, something that you make up, but that at some level you really know that it is not true. If you believe it long enough, it becomes a delusion and you really believe that it is true.

Why would people make something up? They do not want to face the truth. Just like a woman whose husband is committing adultery, and she thinks he is a perfectly innocent lamb. It is that harlot, scarlet woman that seduced her husband. How many women go through that? They claim their husband. Why? They are preserving their marriage. They cannot deal with the truth that their husband cheated on them. That means they have to face their truth. That means, hopefully, he will apologize and say he is not going to do it again, then she has to forgive him, and live with that. No, too hard, so it was not his fault, he was seduced by the harlot, that it is all her fault, that is what the human mind does.

That is what has happened to Pastor Manning. He has believed his own lies. I know a lot more, but I really do not want to go into it on this message. He has believed his own lie about whatever he has believed about. That means, Brethren, for us as individuals, as the Lord comes to us with the truth about ourselves, our job is to say, Lord, please help me.

If you hear something from me, or if He tells you directly, and it sounds way out to you, we really need to say, Lord, if it is true, you have to help me to believe this, because if it is true and I do not believe it, I have taken the first step away from you. You cannot build truth upon the lies if there is one thing about yourself that He shows you. It does not even have to be me telling it to you.

I had the Lord talk to me from a total stranger on a line at the airport. I listen for His voice in everything that everybody tells me, and I make a judgment, Is it true or is it not true? I will put it before the Lord, because that one thing that we deny that is really true, you cannot build truth on that. You cannot go forward until you face that one thing. Do you have a question?

COMMENT: Is he afraid to face the truth about himself because of his pride, or is he afraid to face the truth about Jesus?

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, no, well that is a very interesting question, which means that I really have to tell you more about what happened as far as I know it. Then we will see what comes out. Maybe both are true, I do not know.

This man served the Lord for twenty years. He lived in Harlem. I believe he had a decent place to live, but in the neighborhood that he lived in was a slum. He served God, he pulled drunks and addicts in off of the street, and his wife fed them. They had soup kitchens, he led a sacrificial life for twenty years. How do I say this? I do not want it to sound that he did anything unusual. His humanity thought, Well, now it was time for the promise. The Lord promised him this Atlah, the renewal of the black people, which I believe was a true word from the Lord, the renewal of Harlem, and it did not come.


The Bible says that some people say, Where is the promise of our fathers? They go backwards, because they do not see the promises fulfilled. It is very hard in the ministry, very hard, I am sure. I do not even know the half of the hardship that he went through, and he did not see the promise come to pass. Not only did he not see the promise come to pass, he saw two other prosperous ministries headed up by black ministers move into New York (what he perceived to be his area). They came from California and from Georgia, and they expanded their international ministries into the New York area. I think he could not deal with it.


The carnal mind will break at some point. It is called a breakdown. There was sort of a breakdown. He could not cope with being still in his little area with the small amount of people in his church, not having enough money and whatever other problems he was having that I do not know about, and seeing these other black ministers prosper by the Lord to the point that their ministries were expanding into another state.

It most likely broke his heart. The way he dealt with his broken heart was to believe a lie, and that opened the door to this spirit guide and all of this fantasy. He has made himself into this great one, and I do not know, am I saying enough to you? I really do not want to take an hour on the recording to explain this. Let me just capsulize this one. He failed to deal with the disappointment.

Being in the ministry is very disappointing, and the higher the call on your life, the harder it is and the more disappointing it is. However, Paul tells us, We need to be content with our condition whatever it is. We need to know that Jesus is righteous. No matter what happens, He is righteous. If all we have for the rest of our lives is that small little area while the Lord is prospering other ministries. . . . the Lord is smarter than I am, and He knows what He is doing.

That is the way you live with it, but this man, his humanity, his pride, as a human being, he is a college graduate, he is a business man, he is a this, he is a that, and he has this little church with these few people who are busting his chops every day of his life. These other men are being prospered. God could not possibly have done that to him, because it is not fair, and it is not right, and then he went off.


COMMENT: That would be like a Sara mentality, that there was a promise, and it was not coming at the time that he thought it should?


PASTOR VITALE: I would not call it a Sara mentality, because Sara did not believe the promise when it was first offered. She said, No, God could not do that. He believed it, he said, Yes, God could do that.


Also, what the Lord just reminded me of is that. . . . So the Lord promised him greatness, the Lord promised him to be the leader of a renewal of Harlem, and a renewal of the black man. He was given a great promise, but when it came to a certain day, and it had not happened yet, he started to bring it to pass himself. Do you hear that? That is very important, because this is one of the foundational flaws of mortal man - one of the foundational flaws that caused Adam to fall. We are all the descendants of Adam.


How did that manifest in Adam? When Adam agreed with the Serpent. . . . what that was all about was that Adam had heard from Jehovah that he was going to be the progenitor of many nations, and nothing was happening, and the Serpent said, Well, you know, I am going to give you knowledge here, here is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and you will become wise. The Serpent offered him everything that Jehovah had promised him, only it had not happened yet.

Look at Jesus on the day of His temptation, what did Satan offer Him? Satan said, I will give you all of the kingdoms of the earth, but did not the Father promise Jesus all of the kingdoms of the earth? What was Satan offering Him the same thing for? Satan said, Well, it has not happened yet, or I will give it to you now, or I will give it to you in a way that is more palatable to you.

Satan is the counterfeit. She offers the same thing that the Lord offers, Satan offers immortality, just like the Lord Jesus offers immortality. Satan offers immortality without holiness, but it is the immortality of this world. What she does not tell you or what she does not believe, is that this world is going to cease to exist when the true Kingdom of God arises. She always offers the counterfeit.

That is what has happened to him, my heart is very sad that the Lord told me last night that he was not going to make it. I have been hoping all of this time that the Lord would grant him repentance, but apparently he is too far gone to back down. He, in his mind, is bringing to pass in his own humanity, in his carnal mind, and in his own strength, the promises that God truly gave him. The Lord is going to take him down.

I do not know what is going to happen or what form it is going to take, but it is very sad. To me, it is very sad, because I think he has a tremendous anointing, and he is really called to help his people. He says things, and he even said this himself, You can say things to your own people that other people cannot say. He is saying things to the black man that they need to hear. He is a great leader, and this is a tremendous tragedy, but the Lord will raise up someone in his place. Any other questions? The Lord will bring to pass His plan.

I really do not want to put the name on the message right now, but years ago before I was in the ministry, I was a very young Christian myself. There was a teacher that I had a great respect for, and when I saw that he was falling, I cried out to God, and I said, Please stop it, you cannot let this happen, because we all need him. Of course, the Lord ignored me, and it turned out that I was his replacement.

You cannot even say there is a delay because He is never late. Everything is just falling together, everything is just going to fall together in its right place.

We will go on. I just stopped the recording at a point where Pastor Manning was saying that he was in a church in Italy where they were displaying, supposedly, the chains that held Peter. He knelt down and prayed at those chains, and he knew that he had received the keys.

It is a review for all of you on the recording, or all of you who would like to hear this again. Pastor Manning, throughout this message, is saying #1, Peter is the foundation of the church, Peter received the keys of the Kingdom from Jesus, which is an unhappy translation. It sounds like Peter received the keys to the Kingdom. The Kingdom is spiritual now, so the chains are physical, but the keys to the Kingdom are spiritual.

This anti-Christ spirit is saying, Peter received the keys, I am looking at the chains that held the physical Peter, and I know that as I prayed, in prayer I have received the spiritual keys to the Kingdom, and this means (I guess I should put this on the board for you), that now I am the foundation of the Church.

I will answer your question, and then I will put this on the board. I will spell it out for you. Do you have a question, or do you want to wait for me to put it on the board for you?

COMMENT: Why would he think that he would receive the keys out of all of the other pastors that are higher than him, or why would he think that he would receive the keys? That is my question.

PASTOR VITALE: He is under a delusion. When he could not, (in my opinion, which may be true or not) deal with the disappointment of not seeing the promises of God manifest in his life, he started to bring the promises to pass in his own life.

His pride became inflated. I believe he has a spirit guide who has told him that he is the Christ of this age. He has been saying that all along. He has not been saying those words, but he has been alluding to it for months now that he is the Christ of this age. Now he is saying, I knew it all along, and as I prayed, I got the keys and the conformation was here, I am the Christ of this age. That is what he is saying.

If your mind is not trained to listen to every word and to analyze it, I am not just teaching you, I am training you to think like this. If you do not understand all of this, but you are listening to the man, and you are submitted to him. . . .I listen to him but I am not submitted to him.

If you believe and follow him, his spirit is going into you, and you may not understand any of this. However, you are going to believe that he is the Christ of this age. Who knows what is coming next week, or next month, or next year? How is he going to make it that much more plain? Maybe he will say, I am the Christ of this age, and all of the people that have his spirit in them, will say, Amen, because they have been set up by submitting to him all of this time.

When you submit to a teacher, you receive the spirit of the teacher. My spirit is inside of you but, of course, you always have your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, and it would not bother me if you prayed every hour on the hour, Lord, if Sheila is not the teacher you put me under, get me out of here. I would not care if you prayed every minute, I am not afraid. If He did not put you here, you should not be here, but my spirit is inside of you, and it is either planting the seed of Christ in you or nourishing the seed that is already there and prospering it. That is the relationship of the teacher to the student.

COMMENT: He is actually putting all the black people that are following him into this delusion also, mainly the black people because he is a leader.

PASTOR VITALE: That is a good one, I am glad that you said that, because that was what came to me last night when I was watching it. This is a tragedy, because there are many black people that are called to this end time. I do not even want to say warfare, but this end time manifestation of the Sons of God, because each man is saved in his own order. Every human being is not being saved in the same generation. In each generation it will be more and more. That is how the plan goes. There are many black people who are called to come into spiritual power and be a part of the true Church, which is the spiritual Church in this hour. This is very interesting, because anyone who is following this teaching is following a man and not the Lord Jesus.

Any black man that is truly following the Lord Jesus is going to know that he is an anti-Christ, but any black person, who for whatever reason, has a low self esteem. . . . I am told it is very hard to be a black person in this country and in the world today, and I could see that; although, I have not experienced it. If their pride is being built up by what he is teaching, and it is sowing into their pride more than into the Lord Jesus, they will follow him.

We are told in the Scripture that the Lord is going to separate His people, the goats from the sheep. How is this separation coming to pass? This is one way that the separation is coming to pass, everyone who follows after the Lord Jesus is His sheep, and those who follow after their pride are the goats. This is one way that He is separating us.

We all think that He is coming around and saying, Yes you, no you, yes you, no you. No, no, no, we ourselves determine whether or not we are chosen. Yes, we are the chosen ones, because we have done what is necessary to be chosen.

Jesus clearly said, Let whosoever will come unto me. The invitation is to the whole world today, but the whole world has not come, and the Scripture says, No man can come unto Me, unless the Father draws him.

How do you know the Father is not drawing the whole world right now? It gets very complicated, we have to do something. The invitation went to the whole world, and we have to do something. How do you know? This is getting very complicated, but I cannot leave you like this. I believe the Lord is drawing everybody, but each man in his own order, if you can hear that.

Maybe it is not your time. If you are out there, and it looks like you are not drawn, maybe it is not your time yet. The Lord loves everybody, He is not a respecter of person. He, how do I say this, there has to be a better way to say this.

The bottom line is, the Lord loves everybody. He is not a respecter of persons, No man can come unto Me, Jesus said, unless the Father draws him. How do I say this Lord? The Father is drawing everybody, but we are not all equal. The Lord is equal, His ministry to everybody is equal, but we are not equal. We have to be prepared, human beings have to be prepared to receive the Lord.

Maybe the majority of the world right now is not prepared. They are not ready for Him, so maybe the earth has to go through a few more cycles. There has to be a few more incarnations until we are prepared for Him and, yes, He is the one that is preparing us. He is the one that is drawing us. However, it is each man in his own order, and in each generation will be more and more people.

Did I make it clear, do you understand what I am saying? He is not a respecter of persons, but it takes a little longer to prepare some people than other people.

Of course, the bottom line that is so difficult for the Church to receive is that there is no loss, because reincarnation is real. We are not saved by works. The Hindus and Buddhists of the new ages that preach incarnation say, Well, you keep reincarnating until you get it right. No, that is the not true at all, but the truth is that if we are not fully saved to the point that our bodies are preserved so that we do not die anymore, then our body dies. Jesus clearly said, There is a worm that dieth not, there is a part of us that is immortal, that is eternal, will continue to reincarnate until the. . . . I do not know exactly how it works, but until the Lord prepares that person to what? To respond to the drawing of the Father, so the Lord will keep. . . .

We are told in Isaiah that He smashes the clay, and He reforms the person. The Lord will keep on reforming us until He gets us to the point that we can respond to Him. He is drawing us, He is the one that is helping us to respond, He is forming us, He is in control of everything.

The reason that the Lord did not stop Adam from falling was because Adam had free will, and the Lord is not making a robot. He is making a Son. He is making a Son, and we are of the many-membered Son of God. He is building His Life in us, His consciousness in us, His will in us, His rational in us, His ability to think and reason, to make decisions, to learn, to grow, and to be individual in Him. He is not building a robot.

Therefore, yes, He knew that Adam would fall, but He did everything. Jehovah did everything necessary to avoid Adam falling, but Adam fell, and here we are, but He is going to fix us up. He is going to make us into the original imagination that Almighty God had.

One day, Almighty God had an imagination. We do not say He had a thought, because God does not have a mind. God on that high level does not have a mind. Who knows what He is? We do not ever know what He is, but we know we cannot apply attributes to Him, so we say He had an imagination, something that we could liken to a thought, but we do not really know what it was, and what did He imagine? A man, a visible creature that God Almighty could inhabit. Why would He want that? God is good. He is merciful, He has all of these, attributes. He is kind, and He is loving.

Who is going to know that if there is not somebody to receive all of His attributes, so He created a visible entity upon whom He could be bestow His kindness, grace, mercy, life, and love.

In order for us to receive all of this, we cannot be evil. We have to be good. God is righteous. We are either good or evil, and He is not going to pour it out on the evil. The creation process is still being done. We are still being created, and we are being prepared to receive His Life and be His Son.

It is hard for our carnal mind to believe that, because we know we have at least six thousand years of history of people suffering and all kinds of things happening. My point, I missed my point, let me get back to my point, thanks for reminding me. The Lord is not concerned that, in this hour, millions of people do not know Him. He is not concerned, because when people die to the physical body, the Lord knows it is not the death of their eternal or immortal soul. It is just the death of the house that they lived in.

It is the same principle as the emergency room in a hospital. Somebody comes in, and they are bleeding, or their arm is hanging off, but there is somebody over there having a heart attack. They have to go to the person who is dying first.

That person who is bleeding over there, the doctor knows, They are in pain, but they will be okay until I get to them. The guy that is having a heart attack, is not going to be okay if I do not get to him now. It is the same principle. Is the Lord happy that people suffer? Of course not, but Adam (by his free will) brought this world into existence. He was responsible for this world coming into existence, and the Lord Jesus Christ is moving inexorably a step at a time towards the deliverance of this whole creation, taking care of the most important situations first. He is not worried about the other people, because He knows they are not going to really die.

They just die to this world, they die to this body, but they are not really dead. He knows He is going to get to them as fast as He can, and everything is going to be okay. If you can hear that, that is very hard for the human mind to hear, but I just told you the truth. Personally I would much rather believe that than what some people believe, that God is a bad God, because He kills babies, and He lets people be tortured, and lets people be raped, and He is a bad God. There is no way you can get me to believe that.

This is the reality. We are in the condition that we are in because Adam disobeyed God. It was disobedience, his pride lifted up and he was going to bring to pass the completion of the creation without waiting for Jehovah, so we fell into this condition. We are in the emergency room in the hospital, and all those people who are suffering are suffering because the Lord is dealing with the element of His plan of salvation that is crucial. Everyone else who is in pain has to wait, but they are not really going to die. They are just going to die to this body, and He knows they will be back again, and He will fix them up then.

Can you hear that? Whether you believe it or not, can you hear that? I am telling you the truth. That is the reality, and you cannot let anything convince you that Jesus and Jehovah are not a righteous God, because then you just cut yourself off from the only one that can save you.

If ever you get mad, I have gotten mad at God, you know, you have to rebuke yourself, because it is just your human side that is mad or frustrated. Christ in you needs to rise and say, I rebuke you, stop that. He is the only source of Life, you have to repent of that.

It just happened to me the other night, I had that thought in my mind, was it my thought or someone else’s thought, who knows? When you start getting spiritual in Christ, all kinds of thoughts go through your mind. It does not matter whose thought it is, if it is a wrong thought, you have to rebuke it. It does not matter whether it comes from you, or your next door neighbor, or someone in the ministry, if you have a wrong thought in your mind, you have to rebuke it. As soon as I rebuked it, the Lord said something that gave me understanding.

We must declare Him righteous. He is righteous, and if something looks wrong to us, it is because we do not understand. So if you get mad at Him and you cut Him off, you are just shooting yourself in the foot. It does not make any sense.

We are going to take a break now, but there was something I was going to put on the board. This thing with Peter, I was going to put down the reasoning of how Pastor Manning is thinking that he is the Christ of this age.

On the board we have Drawing #1. I have entitled it, False Reasoning Leads to Erroneous Conclusions, so we have a series of statements here, beginning with, There is a Christ of Every Age. Pastor Manning has been flashing this on his TV program for months now. I personally have never heard him say it, he just flashes it, There is one Christ per age, and that is true.

What does Christ mean? Christ means, the anointed one. Moses was the Christ of his age, Adam was the Christ of his age, Elijah was a Christ, an anointed one, the anointed one of God. Obviously, Jesus was the Christ of His age, and a new age began after Jesus was taken from the earth. The Christ of this age is Christ Jesus, and He is a spiritual Christ, or a spiritual judge. He is a spiritual judge. I even have a message called, Christ Jesus the Final Judge or Christ Jesus the Judge of This World.

Christ Jesus is the last judge to appear, because He is an eternal judge, and He will be with humanity from now on. We see in the Old Testament, in the Book of Judges, every time Israel was defeated, and they cried out to the Lord and repented, the Lord raised up a judge to fight the physical enemy that was afflicting them.

That is what the Book of Judges is about, all of the physical judges, leaders, and there have always been military leaders that have delivered Israel from their enemies. That is why, when Jesus appeared, the Pharisees were looking for a military leader, because they knew that every time Israel was in trouble and repented, and cried out.

Previously Jehovah had sent a military leader to deliver them, so they expected a military leader to defeat physical Rome. However, this was the beginning of a new age and the Jew could not accept that.

That, yes, first of all, the judge of Israel, Christ Jesus, is a military leader, but He is coming in two stages. The first stage that the Christ came in ( the Christ of the new age) it was a new age in Christ Jesus. The first stage Christ came as a man of peace, because He was, He came with amnesty.

The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was the first appearance of the Christ of the new age, and He came with amnesty. He came with grace, He came with the power to prepare people to receive the one true and ultimate judge of Israel, the spiritual military warrior, Christ Jesus.

There is a battle that the book of Daniel talks about, The Great Nations. At the back of the book of Daniel, there is a very cryptic chapter, and maybe it goes on for more than one chapter about the king of the north and the king of the south. . . . and this battle, and there are no personal names. When there are no personal names named, it means we are talking about spiritual events.

The ultimate battle, brethren, is the spiritual battle between the military warrior of the Lord, Jehovah’s military warrior, Christ Jesus, and the run away female aspect of the creation. This final war will reintegrate the creation into one, under the authority of Christ Jesus.

The Jews were not really wrong when they were looking for a military commander. They just did not understand that it would be a spiritual military commander, and they did not understand that He was coming in two stages - one initially with amnesty, and secondarily to defeat the spiritual enemy of Jehovah.

There is a Christ of every age. The Christ of this age is called Christ Jesus, the offspring, the spiritual offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ who is appearing in men. He is the manchild, or that is a poor translation. He is the male offspring of humanity. He is a many-membered spiritual man, a mighty military warrior, full well able to put down the run-away female aspect of the creation.

That is true, there is a Christ of every age, probably every Christian would disagree with that, but it is the truth. The question is, who is the Christ of this age? Apparently, Pastor Manning does not understand that Christ Jesus is the Christ of this age. He thinks, more or less, like the Jew did, because it is. An anti-Christ spirit is a Jehovah-only spirit and denies Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Pastor Manning, as the Jews think, is thinking that the Christ of this age is going to be one physical man, but that is not true. It is a spiritual Christ who is appearing in many human members.

The second statement, Peter inherited the keys to the Kingdom, is absolutely false. This is an unfortunate translation in the New Testament, that it is easily interpreted that way, but it definitely does not that mean that at all. First of all, the Kingdom is spiritual, the Kingdom of God is spiritual. Jesus said, Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.

How do we access the Kingdom of God within ourselves? We have to get the new man Christ Jesus. We access the Kingdom of God within us, through the Christ within us. Peter did not inherit the keys to the Kingdom, that is false. Peter is the foundation of the Church, that is absolutely false, a false Catholic doctrine.

The foundation of the Church, as I explained earlier, is Christ in you, the hope of glory. The Church is not a building. The Church is a spiritual temple made without hands. The building blocks of the temple are human beings, and Christ Jesus in you makes you a Living Stone in the temple of God. The foundation of this temple is Christ Jesus, the spiritual military champion that Jehovah has sent forth through the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is false that Pastor Manning is the Christ of this age. I have never heard him say it, but he has alluded to it. We have to learn to listen critically. I think I have a message called Critical Listening. You have to really listen to what is being said, because frequently people do not really say what they mean, they expect you to draw conclusions.

That is false that Pastor Manning is the Christ of this age. Next, Pastor Manning goes to Italy and prays at the display of Peter’s physical chains. That is true he went there. Pastor Manning claims that while in prayer, he spiritually receives the keys to the Kingdom. I claim that is impossible. Why? The keys to the Kingdom are Christ Jesus, and Pastor Manning does not even believe in Christ Jesus.

He is preaching his father, Ham, who was taken down because of witchcraft. I do not believe he received the keys to the Kingdom of God. He may have received keys to Satan’s kingdom, he very well may have, but he did not receive the keys to the Kingdom of God. In any event, the keys to the Kingdom are available to everybody. If Christ Jesus is in you, you have the keys to the Kingdom, it is not a single key. It is a spiritual key that is in Christ. Christ is the key, Christ in you is the key.

The next statement is, The keys to the Kingdom mean power, keys mean power. That is true, the keys to the Kingdom mean power. That is a true statement.

The next statement, Pastor Manning has received power with God, is false. He has not received the Kingdom, because the keys to the Kingdom (which mean power) are Christ Jesus, and Pastor Manning does not believe in Christ in you. He believes in his father, Ham. That is a false statement that Pastor Manning has received power with God.

The next statement is, Pastor Manning has received power with Satan. I personally believe that is true. I believe Pastor Manning received keys, and I believe he received power, but not with God. One of the statements that Pastor Manning made was that one of the teachers that traveled with him, said, What happened to you in there? There must have been some spiritual manifestation, and I do not doubt that Pastor Manning received keys, power, an increased anointing, whatever else, I do not doubt it for a second.

Here is the question at the end of the board. What will Pastor Manning do with this power? What will he do with this power? I can only guess. My guess is the first thing that he is going to do if the power has not manifested in him ye. You know we can have a spiritual experience, and it can take a while for the power to actually come into a condition that it can flow from us. I do not know exactly what happened, but I do not doubt that he received power.

My guess is the first thing that he will do is take that building away from Dr. Price if he can do it. The second thing, or the simultaneous thing that he will do, is to bring down these black preachers that have received the confidence of so many black people, so that he can bring these black people into his fold. I believe that is his intentions.

What does someone who is manifesting Christ Jesus do when they receive power? Anybody? What is the will of God concerning a human being that has the power of God? What is the will of God?

COMMENT: To impart Christ in you into someone else.

PASTOR VITALE: That is true, but more practically, more practically what does He do? What did Jesus do?

COMMENT: Minister His word?

PASTOR VITALE: He preached, yes, Jesus preached, but what else? What did He do that all of the hurting people of the world are waiting for? People that are starving and sick and dying, it does not really help them to hear that He is preaching or that He is imparting Christ, what did He do for all of the starving people?

COMMENT: Deliverance and healing?

PASTOR VITALE: He healed them, He delivered them from demons and He fed them. He fed the hungry, He healed the sick, and He delivered the oppressed. He taught them, He did teach them also, but by and large the answer is, Christ Jesus ministers to the needy, and does not bring down ministries. Christ Jesus ministers to the desperate of the world.

It is going to be very interesting to see what Pastor Manning succeeds in doing, it is going to be very interested to see what does transpire in this world.

Christ Jesus ministers to the oppressed, to the starving, and to the sick and desperate of the world. That is His primary ministry - to meet the immediate needs of the people. Then it is true He teaches them and then it is true He imparts His seed to them so that Christ Jesus can be formed in them, and then their needs will be met from Christ within them.

The question is, what will Pastor Manning do with his power? My guess is that he will try to bring down the black ministries that, in his estimation, have received confidence of so many black people so that he can usher these black people that have confidence in at least three major black ministries into his fold. That is not what Christ Jesus does. He does not bring down ministries to take the people away from them.

If, in fact, the Lord Jesus wants to move on people to move from one ministry to another ministry. Christ Jesus convicts the individual person. He does not bring down the leader. He convicts the individual person or convinces the individual person that He is moving them into another church. You do not have to destroy the leader to get the people into your church.

I also said, that to whatever degree Pastor Manning can bring this to pass, the ministries that are brought down have to have a hole in their hedge. There has to be an opening, and that opening, well, it is always sin.

Remember, sin is not always overt sin. It can be the passive sin of not responding to what the Lord has told them to do. We know that at least one of those ministries (the ministry of Dr. Fred Price) that the Lord went to him clearly and specifically and very strongly with the doctrine of Christ. As far as I know it was rejected, and that is the ministry that Pastor Manning is targeting more than the other three. The other two are Creflo Dollar Ministries and T.D. Jakes’ Ministries.

I just want to remind you that Pastor Manning is an apostle on the other side. He has levels of power with his small following that these other ministries do not have, even though they have many more people following them than Pastor Manning has. Pastor Manning has ascended into a very high spiritual place, and now he received more power than he has had.

Unless the Lord intervenes, which I do not know if He will, it is going to be very interesting to see what happens. Why would the Lord not intervene with regard to Dr. Price anyway? He already has intervened, and Dr. Price could not recognize the Lord’s intervention.

I know something about the way the Lord works, I know a little bit about how He deals with people, and I know from personal experience, that He gives you the answer to your problems, and you cry out to Him and He tells you again, and you cry out to Him again. He says, This is the answer to your problem and if you cannot believe it is the answer to your problem, you have got a problem.

He could tell you three or four times, He could tell you through a dream, He will tell you through a person, He will tell you, He will tell you, He will tell you, and if you do not pick up the weapon that He is giving you, the Lord is going to watch you get creamed, and I am telling you that He will. He gives you a weapon and He says, Now pick it up, if you pick up that weapon, you will be victorious.

If you do not pick up the weapon, He is going to let you get creamed. It is grow up time, brethren. It is grow up time in the Church, and then when you get creamed, if you have the wherewithal to say, Lord, how did that happen? If you are humble enough to say, Lord, what did I do wrong? Maybe this time you will hear the answer.

If you are not humble enough to say, What did I do wrong? You will blame the Lord for not standing by you or defending you, just like all of the people that wanted to know why the Lord did not defend us on 9-11.

It is because we are pushing Him out of our country, we are pushing Him out of our laws, we are pushing Him out of our government, and then people want to know why He did not defend us. The ignorance of mortal man that cannot tell his left hand from his right. Are there any questions or comments on what we just talked about?

COMMENT: I wondered if you could just go over the second item, Peter inherited the keys to the kingdom, you had as false. Did Peter inherit Christ, and Christ is the key, would that be true?

PASTOR VITALE: No, that is referring to a Scripture that is poorly translated in the New Testament. I could take it out, but we are running out of time, and there are people that need to leave, so what I will do, I want to finish listening to the message, and then if you can stay after 2:00pm, I will get the Scripture out and go over it with you. Anybody else before we watch the end of this?

We watched the second half of this message, and my comments on it will have to be on a Part 2, because it is going to take too much time. I would like to make this comment today, that, what amazes me is the allusion from Pastor Manning that he is beyond the authority of the pope.

You have to read between the lines. He is claiming to be Catholic, that it is the only true Church. Where is his submission to the pope, where is his submission to the Catholic hierarchy, the bishops, the cardinals, where does he fit in? He has never verbally commented on his position in the Catholic Church.

Again, we have allusion. He is alluding to something that either you pick it up intellectually, or it is being said into your spirit subliminally. He is upholding the Catholic Church, and he is saying the Protestant Church is a bastard Church. Probably most people would receive the allusion that he is Catholic, but who and how many are asking the question: Where, Pastor Manning, do you fit into the hierarchy of the Catholic Church? You are wearing the clerical garments, what is your office?

The answer is in the form of allusion. His answer is that he is the Christ of this age, and that he is higher than the pope. That is what he is alluding to. Quite amazing.

I am sure that the Catholic Church is just laughing at him, because if they were taking him seriously, I think he would have a problem. Some of us that went to that church over there, Mount Sinai. Remember how members (I think it was the Knights of Columbus) came to the pastor of that church and demanded he remove certain literature (which was legitimate literature exposing some of the events of the Catholic Church) that was in that book store attached to that church.

We all know it is no secret that the Catholic Church was the author of the inquisition and other evil deeds, and we all say, Well, that is that past, and it is the past, but why can we not have books about it? Not that the books were about the inquisition.

The books were the truth about Christmas and Easter, and things like that. Members of the Knights of Columbus approached the pastor and threatened him that if he did not remove those books from his book store, and also there was a Christian book store in Patchogue at the time that carried these books. That owner told me personally that he had been threatened, and he did not comply. He lost his lease, so that book store closed down.

Based upon that, I say to you, I am wondering what would happen if the Knights of Columbus took him seriously. Nobody is taking him seriously at this time, or I am sorry to say it this way, but it is how it is appearing to me. The Knights of Columbus are basically white, the white Catholic community may not even know about him at this time. This is very interesting.

We are going to close today’s message with a commentary and little mini study on the Scripture upon which Pastor Manning is basing his teaching about Peter and the keys to the Kingdom and all that. It comes from Matthew 16:18-19, which reads, Jesus speaking,

Matthew 16:18-19, And I say also unto you that thou art Peter and upon this rock, I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, and I will give unto you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on the earth shall be loosed in heaven. (KJV)

As long as I have been in the Church anyway, I have been taught that the Catholic Church bases its spiritual authority on these Scriptures, and that the Catholic Church claims that Peter is the founder of the Church at Rome (which maybe he is, maybe he is not). Maybe he was and maybe he was not, I do not know, but I do know this, that the Lord Jesus never sent Peter to build the Catholic Church. I do know that.

This is the translation, And I say unto you, you are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my Church. Based on that English translation of the Greek, which was translated from the Latin, which was translated from the Aramaic, we have a whole institution built claiming that they are the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is not even clear, You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church. It does not even say, And you Peter are the rock that I will build my Church upon. It does not even say that.

It says, You are Peter, and upon this Rock, meaning Himself. Jesus is speaking about Himself, Jesus is the Rock. Anyone that is a student of the Bible knows that Jesus is the Rock, so Jesus was saying, You are Peter, and the name Peter means, little stone, so Peter you are the stone, I am the Rock, the Church is going to be build upon me. It is a complete mistranslation, but I did print out the Interlinear Text here, which reads, And also I say unto thee, you are Peter, Petros, meaning little rock, and upon this rock.

It is the same thing in the Interlinear Text, upon this Rock, Me, I will build my Church. My Church is going to built upon Me, Jesus was saying. That is what it says in the English, and that gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

What are the gates of hell? What is hell? Hell is the carnal mind. I am going to build this Church upon Me, I am going to build this Church upon my offspring, and the carnal mind will not prevail against it.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Catholic Church, And I will give unto you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven. This whole concept of binding and loosing is a foundational teaching in the Church, interpreted in many ways. Many preachers will tell you, You bind sin in yourself and loose the corresponding Godly factor. I bind fornication, I used it that way when I was in Old Order deliverance. I bind anger, and I loose peace, things like that.

What is the true binding and loosing? I have not studied it in a while, but I think it is much more than that. It basically says, Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. I am not going to comment on it when I have not studied it in a while (the whole binding and loosing) well I could go take a look at it.

The first glance in the Interlinear Text says, Whatsoever you knit together with, that could be a relationship, it could be a love of an activity. Whatsoever you knit your soul together with, will also be bound in heaven and heaven is, from this context anyway, your mind.

Whatever you do in the natural, the soul tie that you form, you will be bound in your mind. Whatever you put off or whatever you untie in your mind will be untied in our life down here. I am just surprised to read it that way after not studying it for a long time, because it seems to me that what we do in the spirit should prevail over what we do in the flesh, but like I said, I have not studied it in a while, so as I am reading it now, it is saying, whatever kind of, whatever you cleave to, whatever it is that you like to do, it can become an obsession, and you are going to be bound to it in your mind.

Whatever it is that you are physically engaged in, you will be bound to in your mind. That is going to be your god. That is what he is saying, that is going to be your god.

If you knit together with Jesus, if you are drawn to study the Scripture, if you are drawn to have spiritual conversations, then the god behind what you are pursuing, you will be tied to in your mind. Everything can be done to a fault. If the passion of your life is to go to garage sales, you are going to be married to garage sales, the spirit behind the garage sale.

In other words, if you want to be son of God, you have to pursue Jesus to the point that you marry Him, that you knit together with Him, and whatever you pursue with all of your strength in this life, that is who you will be bound to in your mind. If you pursue Jesus with all of your strength, He says, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all of these things will be added unto you, then the Kingdom of God will be formed in your mind. You will have a soul tie, you will have a spirit tie with Jesus.

Whatever your treasure is, that is where you heart is going to be, and that is the same principle. If you have an idolatry for something, especially if it is an idolatry for something that is not good for you, you should know that whatever you pursue in this life, you are going to have it, it is going to be integrated within your mind.

What He is saying to you is, I just said it, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all of these things will be added unto you, where your treasure is, that is where your heart is going to be.

You need to know that you cannot be living your life and just going to Church on Sundays, and really believe that you are so bound to Jesus that when you pass out of this body you are going to continue to be with Him. For a while, when I first got the revelation that salvation was a process, and that we are not fully saved until we come out of the body, I was saying, Nobody is really saved. Then, eventually, I asked the Lord the question, What does happen after the death of the physical body? Is it true that somebody that has pursued Jesus all of their life, are we going to be in the same condition or in the same place as the person that does not really know Jesus? I started to pursue that question.

Today, this is what I believe. I believe that reincarnation is true, not the way that Hindus and Buddhists believe it. I do not believe that we are saved or perfected through reincarnation, but that we are recycled unto that last day when the Lord will deal with us and perfect our souls.

Today, I think that the person who binds themselves to Jesus through earthly activities to a certain point, and I do not know what that point is. If you pursue Jesus to the point that your spirit integrates with Him, the word is interpenetrates, weaves together with, braids together with. When you pass out of this body, you go to a place called Abraham’s bosom, and when you are in Abraham’s bosom, Jesus, the Lord Jesus is the only one who can command you to reincarnate, and then you reincarnate under His auspices.

He chooses who and what you will be and where you will be. If your spirit has not woven together sufficiently with the Lord Jesus through activities of pursuing Him through Bible studies and the spiritual life, then when your spirit departs from this body, you are subject to the angel who controls reincarnation just like everyone else in the world.

I really think that, that is what Jesus was talking about, and I am saying this off of the top of my head. Like I said, I have not looked at it in a long time, but I think that is what He is saying. He is saying, You are Peter the little stone, I am the Rock, and I am going to build my Church. Remember, you are the Church, the people are the Church, the ekklesia, the called out ones.

That is what it means, the called out ones, and you are all built upon Christ Jesus in you, the Rock in you, and the gates of hell (your carnal mind) will not prevail against Christ Jesus in you.

Look here at the next verse, And I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, and these are the keys. It does not sound like it here, but He is saying, Look, I am giving you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and these are the keys, it is a secret, it is a mystery, if you bind together with Me in the earth, if you pursue Me with all of your strength, if you study, if you pray.

I am not talking about giving out tracts. I do not mean to be unkind, but I am not talking about giving out tracts, I am not talking about particularly song services. I am talking about your heart. If you are pursuing Me with your heart, if you desire Me, not the gifts I can give you, not a healing, not because you are afraid of going to hell, but if you are attracted to Me, Jesus was saying.

If you want Me, and you pursue Me with all of your strength, in this natural life, you will bind together with Me, your spirit will bind together with My Spirit in heaven, and then if you are not perfected by the time Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has the legal right to take your body, that spirit which was braided together to Me because of your activities in this life is going to stay with Me after it leaves the body, and that angel that controls reincarnation who would love to put you in Alaska somewhere, or in Iceland somewhere, or somewhere where you never heard of Jesus where you have to start all over again, will not be able to touch you. I will control your next incarnation, and I will incarnate you into a country, and a family, and a situation where your spiritual preparation to be drawn by Me and perfected by Me will continue.

Then He also says, Whatever you loose in the earth will be loosed in heaven. So if you have lived a lifetime or years of pursuing Me and your spirit has interpenetrated or braided together with my Spirit, and you decide to not do it anymore, and you reject Me for whatever, you are not punished for rejecting Jesus, but if you draw back. . . ., Jesus said, If you draw back you have no place with Me.

Why would someone draw back? It is not easy serving the Lord Jesus. It is not easy, I am telling you, anyone who does not have trouble in their life is not truly pursuing the Lord Jesus. There has to be conflict, either it is your daughter, or your husband, or your wife, or your uncle, your employer, or somebody has to be telling you not to do this, or whatever the trouble in your life is. There are all different kinds of trouble.

Do not draw back, Jesus said, If you draw back, then you do not really have what it takes to be at least at this. . . .The people that are going forward today are the advanced guard.

The Lord is not putting you down, maybe you are not ready to be a part of the advanced guard. When the Hebrew children crossed the Jordan, the priests went first. Jordan typifies death, the river Jordan typifies death. The priests went first, they took the Ark of God, and they crossed over first, and they supposedly dried up the river, but that is another whole message.

Then the people did not follow them immediately thereafter. There was a space of time from when the priests went over, and then the people followed. Maybe you do not belong in the Priestly Company, maybe you are among the other people. If that is true of you, there is no shame in it. We just have to know who we are.

Jesus said, Do not draw back, because if you draw back, what that means is that you were not supposed to be here, you have to part with Me at least in this incarnation.

Remember, Jehovah said to Moses, Moses you messed up, you are not going into the promised land, but you will get another chance. If it turns out that you thought you were in the advanced company, and it is too much for you, and you draw back, the Lord is saying to you, You did not make it this time, but do not worry you will get another chance.

The Lord is never condemning you, but this is a tough walk, it is not for the faint-hearted. In this hour, we are the Priestly Company that is crossing the Jordan ahead of the masses of people. We are a small company.

Remember, in Bible days there were twelve tribes of Israel, and the Levite priests were one of the twelve tribes. Not only were the Levite priests one of the twelve tribes, but every Levite was not a priest, so it was a very small company of people that crossed over death. In other words, they went into the type that went into immortality.

First Jesus, one man. The next event that is coming is a small company of people are ascending into immortality. Then, people will come, each man in his own order. That is the plan. We just have to find out where we are.

If we are truly called to be members of the Priestly Company, that is the next group of people to cross over into immortality. Then you will make it. Just do not draw back. No matter how tough it gets. Do not draw back. If you have to crawl, crawl. Do whatever you have to do. Do not go back, and you will make it through. If you are not called, you can crawl, you can do anything you want, and you are not going to make it.

The fact that you are called means that you have the potential to do it, but that does not mean it is going to be easy. Do not turn back, because if you turn back, you will lose this opportunity, but it is not the end of the world. You are not going to hell forever. It is not true.

That is the reality of the binding and loosing, I want to do it again, because I do not even know if I ever preached this myself. The Lord just gave it to me now, because it seems to be appropriate to say it now.

The Interlinear Text, the translation is very accurate. Jesus saying, and I also say this unto you, you are Peter, you are the small stone. The Rock supposedly is made up of many small stones. And upon this Rock, you are the stone, I am the Rock, Jesus speaking, the Church is not going to be built upon you, Peter, it is going to be built upon Me in people, and the gates of hell, the carnal mind will not prevail against your New Man, Christ Jesus, if, (it is not clear in the translation).

If, next verse, now that I have given you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. . . . What are the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? Christ in you, the hope of glory! If now that I have given you the keys to the Kingdom, whatever you bind on earth, if it is with Me, if you bind together with the Christ mind within you, you are going to bind together with My Spirit in the higher spiritual realm.

The carnal mind, the gates of hell, will not prevail against Christ in you if you bind together with Christ, but what a man soweth, so he shall reap. A man who sows unto the flesh, reaps the flesh. Is that not what Paul says?
You sow unto the flesh, you reap the flesh, you sow unto the spirit, you reap the spirit. You sow your time, your energy, your love, your devotion, your mind into the Kingdom of God, you will bind together with Me in the spirit, and the gates of hell will not prevail against you.

A righteous man, the Scripture says, can be cast down seven times, but he will get up again every time. You cannot destroy the man that has bound together with Jesus up here in his mind.

You can destroy the man who is bound together with the singing and dancing in the Church. I do not mean to be cruel, I am telling you the truth. You can bring down and destroy a man who is bound together with giving out tracts. You can bring down a man who is bound together with the particular church that he belongs to, or the particular teacher that he has. You are not supposed to be bound together with me more than you are bound together with Jesus.

Living Epistles is not supposed to be the most important thing in your life. Jesus is supposed to be the most important thing in your life. You are not supposed to be trying to get everybody to come here, right? Right. I am telling you the truth.

That is what this Scripture means. Some carnal person interpreted it that Peter has the keys to the Kingdom and started the Catholic Church. What this is to me, if nothing else, and actually I have been thinking this for a long time, and again I never mean to be unkind, but Pastor Manning is not very educated in the Scripture, and I have been thinking this for years. It is one thing to know what the letter of the Word says, and I think that Pastor Manning knows what the letter of the Word says, word for word, but as soon as you start interpreting, he is not very educated. I do not mean to insult you, but he believes things and teaches things that I was taught were not true in the first year that I was in the Church.

Do you understand the difference of what I am saying here? He studied the letter of the Word, but he is not schooled in correct doctrine, and I was thinking that way back years ago, but now his lack of schooling in correct doctrine has become a monster in his life.

That is the story and the great issue. I call it the great issue. I am waiting, I am waiting to hear from him, or to hear somebody challenge him, or to hear him address the issue of where he fits into the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. We are waiting to see that, and we are waiting to see, very interestingly, just how much power this man is really going to receive, because Satan loves him. He is out to take all of the black people out of the Protestant Church.

Do you know how many black Baptists there are? This man has a very important job in Satan’s kingdom. I am sorry to tell you, but it is the truth.

This is something to be watched, and not only to be watched, I think it would not be reasonable to not believe that we will have a part in whatever happens. We know that we preached a four-part message on him, and I did not think we would be preaching again on him, but here we are.

The messages are posted to the website. I am editing the second message, and I am amazed at how long it is taking me to do it. We have not gotten the printed messages to him yet, but I know that something happened in the spirit when we preached it. Whether he is on our website or not, I do not know. I am doing the best that I can. The Lord is in control of what I do everyday, and I am still working on Part 2.

Apparently something is taking place in the spirit, because the judgment was passed on him. I was made aware last night that he has gone beyond the point of no return, and the Lord has raised up someone to take his place. Do not think that this means that is the end of him. It is not the end of him, because this is what was said in the spirit. Now it has to play out, and when the Lord says He is going to take him down, it does not mean He is going to remove him from what he is doing. What it means is He is going to break his power.

We see people who have had their power broken. Churches have had their power broken, and still exist today. There is no anointing in that Church, but it still stands there. That Church has been taken down, and what you see standing is a ghost. Do not draw any conclusions that the Lord is going to hurt Pastor Manning, or take his Church away from him. Taking Pastor Manning down does not mean that.

It means Pastor Manning’s spiritual authority to seduce the people is going to be broken. That means God has to raise up a physical army or at least one physical man to break his power. It has to filter down into the natural, so there is going to be some kind of confrontation, most likely, and maybe just with words. I do not know.

Most likely we are it. It has already started, so it would not be unusual to believe that it is us. Whatever is coming in the future, whatever has to be said to the man, we already have a message for him that I have not delivered yet. Unless the Lord brought him to our website, it is most likely going to come through this ministry, because that is what it looks like.

We will see, we are going to watch this with interest. He is probably going to become more and more Catholic, which does not bother me at all. What I am watching is how much power he has really acquired. That is what I am watching. I am watching to see how much damage he can do to these other ministers whose flock he is after.

He wants these people that give their money to these other three black ministries. He wants their money, and he wants their tithe, and he wants the power that comes when people follow you. You become more powerful, because people add their energy to you.

This is going to be very interesting as we know that the Lord Jesus must be the victor, and that everything works for the good. This black community that is being violated. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is trying to capture them before they can be confronted by the Lord Jesus with the opportunity to be restored through the Doctrine of Christ.

It is going to be very interesting how this plays out, and nobody is to do anything unless the Lord specifically instructs them to do it, because we would be as guilty as he is. He tried to bring the prophecy in his life to pass in his own power and look at what happened to him.

Aside from that, timing is very important, so we are soldiers in the army of the Lord, and that means we do not move without an instruction from our commanding officer. If you are not sure it is the instructions of your commanding officer, you do not move. You have to be very careful that you are not being instructed by your carnal mind.

Nobody should really be doing anything without conferring with me anyway. I do not think anybody here would do that, and I certainly am not looking for a fight. I am not going anywhere unless the Lord is telling me. I learned that lesson. Anybody have any questions or comments? We will finish this up, Lord willing, next week.

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