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{small}516 - Part 2{/small} {br} CAIN AND ABEL {br}THE GERM SEED OF OUR WORLD

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           Praise the Lord. I have Drawing #1 on the board, and this message will be partially a review and after the review, we will be partially going deeper into the understanding of who and what Adam is, and who and what Cain & Abel are, in accordance with the latest understanding that the Lord has given me. Now on the board, I am showing Elohim's light waves, passing through the dust cloud. Now this is nothing new; this is a review to you; I have talked to you going all the way back to Message #38, that Elohim's light waves pass through the dust cloud and Adam was formed. But the Lord never ceases to amaze me. As I stood up there to do this drawing, and the Spirit of Christ moved upon me, I just felt led to show Adam, the spiritual view. And as you can see, I have drawn a parallelogram and I have drawn a series of what are supposed to be spiritual atoms because, as you can read down at the bottom of the board, Adam is the collective, righteous consciousness of all of the sperm of Elohim's waters, which is Jehovah's seminal fluid. Well, I have to stop there; where it says, Adam, the spiritual view. What that is, is the collective body of spiritual atoms. And each one of us is a spiritual atom. Adam is the multi-dimensional holographic image of Jehovah's nature.

So, what we might say is, after Elohim's light waves pass through the dust cloud; what was formed was the equivalent of one giant ovary in a human woman. And Adam literally is a sack filled with all of the collective atoms, which are all of the sperm of Elohim's seminal fluid, each of spiritual Adam having the potential to develop into, what we know to be, an individual, but with a collective consciousness. That means, that everybody is under the mind of Christ Jesus. Now, to a mortal man this sounds frightening. It sounds like total control. I do not have the full revelation of it, but I just know that a collective humanity; many people as we are, all under the authority of the Mind of Christ, which means, the Mind of Christ thinking through all of us. Which means, Christ Jesus thinking through all of us, is not the kind of control that the carnal mind thinks it to be. The carnal mind translates that into making us all slaves, being forced to think the same thing, because that is what control is, down here in this fallen world.

But when Christ Jesus is thinking through all of the cells of the spiritual body, every individual cell is raised up to its fullest creative potential. So, the truth of a collective consciousness in Christ Jesus is the exact opposite of the truth of the collective consciousness of the carnal mind. The carnal mind wants to make everybody like itself. It wants everybody to conform to the rules, to the regulations, and this is all subconscious and unconscious. Look at this aside you; that is what style is. Everybody wants to look alike, all of the women are wearing the same dress, all of the women are wearing the same kind of makeup. It is not the same exact dress, not the same style; and even then, you know, that is what style is, that everybody should fit into the same mold. This is the type of control that crushes our creativity. But in Christ Jesus, it is a control that controls our negative potential and completely expands and utilizes every aspect of our creative potential.

So, Adam is the collective consciousness of all of the cells that existed before time began. Elohim came forth into being, He being Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, spiritual seminal fluid, having two sides to it; water and seed. The water is Elohim's energy and the seed is Elohim's nature. And, of course, Elohim is in the nature of Jehovah. And these seeds or cells or atoms, or eggs, are the fishes of the sea that we read about in Genesis Chapter 1; the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. And the Scripture tells us that there were many; maybe uncountable numbers. The amount really does not apply to this study right now. And each one of these eggs; we can call them eggs because they each had a potential to develop into a cell of the body of Christ Jesus. Now, I have to tell you honestly that I do not know in what way we will be individual, after we are delivered out of these bodies. These bodies are prison houses. Right now we are separated physically by these physical jails that we live in. We will be delivered out of these physical bodies and I do not know how, in what manner we will be individual in the regeneration. But I do know, and I have full confidence that my God will manifest through us and in that manifestation unlock every measure of our spiritual and creative potential that we have.

We will be all that we could be in Christ Jesus. I just do not know how we will appear; not really sure, how we will appear after we come out of these bodies. What I am trying to get across to you right now, is that after Elohim's light waves pass through the dust, the next thing that came into existence, were an ordered pattern of all of the sperm of Elohim, Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. And each individual sperm that was in Elohim's light waves, passed through the dust. Each individual sperm became mixed with the dust. So we see that we have particles of Elohim's light waves and we know that the particles of light are called photons; at least down here in this fallen world they are called photons. So we have particles of Elohim's light photons, passing through the dust cloud; the surface particles of the earth and each individual cell or each individual sperm became an Adam. You see, Adam is a many-membered man. That is why the word, Elohim is always in the plural. Some people teach; that Elohim, meaning the body of Christ. Well, that is true. I have done a lot of teaching, if you can recall, where the Scripture talks about that man as being an Adam. Does that mean, if that man is an Adam, it means that Adam or in this dispensation, Christ is regenerated in him. If you are not an Adam, you see Adam is the only true man. If you are not an Adam, well you are just this one or that one or that person; you are not a whole man. If you are a human being; as we know human beings today, and Christ is not regenerated in you, scripturally speaking, you are not a whole man.

Now I mentioned this recently, you are like a spiritual zombie. To bring it down to where you can understand it, you could be likened to a human body, walking around without any organs, without a heart or lungs or a liver. And you are still walking around. That is why I call you a spiritual zombie. Listen, do not get mad at me; that is the Scriptural definition of man. Adam is the only true man. And if he is not in you, you are not a spiritual man. You are less than a man. And the Scripture does not even call you, less than a man, the Scripture just says, that one. In the Greek anyway it says, that one. In the Hebrew; calls you mortal man; ish.

So, I am going to say this again. Elohim's light wave and all waves and light are made of many particles. And the name of the particles; at least in this world that are in a light wave, are called photons. And pure light can be likened to pure Spirit. So the pure Spirit of the atoms of Elohim's light wave pass through the dust cloud and each particle; each atom; all of these words apply; each particle each sperm of Elohim's seminal fluid, became permeated with the dust. Now the dust was not just on the outside of the sperm; the Spirit or the light particles of each of the sperm mixed fully with the dust. Well, Sheila, I just heard you say, that the sperm were the atoms of Elohim's light wave, and now you just said, that the particles of each photon mixed with the dust. What are you talking about? Well, brethren, there are sub-atomic particles. Each one of Elohim's photons can be likened to a sperm, but each sperm within itself, was made up of many particles. Just as if we all appear to be an individual, but we are made up of many organs. And each one of our organs has many cells in it. And we just keep on going down and down; it just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

So, what we have when I show you this spiritual view of Adam; we have a parallelogram that can be likened to a human female ovary; a sack filled with all of the eggs of creation; all of the potential beings of Elohim's collective man; each one a cell of the body of Elohim's collective man; which has Jehovah's nature. And we know the Scripture talks about the body of Christ. There is a spiritual man; there is a supernatural spiritual man that each one of us is a part of. We all have our own lives; we have our own body; well, we think we have our own minds, but on some level we do, but we are really part of a greater mind. And even though we are divided and separate in the physical; if you are truly a part of the body of Christ; although you have your individual existence here; you really are a cell in the body of a very large supernatural man; that is so large that you cannot see him. And this can be likened to saying that, the cells of our body; the liver cells and the heart cells and the lung cells; each have an individual existence apart. I will talk about my body; that the cells of my heart, for example, have an existence apart from what I know to be; Sheila. That they are living there inside of my body and they are getting married and they are having children and going to church. Now that is probably an exaggeration, but that is what you need to hear to understand what I am suggesting to you.

Each one of us can be likened to a heart cell or a cell of some part of the body of the Glorified Spiritual Man. We are just a cell in his body. So, as I was drawing this drawing to pursue this teaching, and I looked at what my hand was drawing, and I looked at that parallelogram. Well, let me stop here. Does anybody not understand what I am talking about. That Adam is really one giant ovary. He is the sack that hold the seed for all of the members of the many-membered spiritual civilized man; that Elohim is bringing to pass on behalf of Jehovah. Does anybody not understand that or have a question along those lines? Okay.

Well, when I was led to draw, and I looked at that parallelogram with all of those eggs in there, all that I could think about, brethren is that, that is what I saw in that film, "The Matrix". And I have to tell you that when I saw an image that looked very much like what I have on the board there, in "The Matrix", I did not understand it. I watched that movie several times, three or four or maybe five times and that was one aspect of it that I did not understand. Now I do not know whether the people making these films have this intense spiritual knowledge or whether their knowledge is coming out of a scientific background. I am not sure, but it really does not matter. I just know that they are way ahead of me in a lot of areas, but I am hot on their heels. I know at the time, I asked the Lord to explain to me what those images were, but they appeared to me at the time, were just strings. Strings that were just vibrating. And now I realize what they were. I hope to explain it to you. Please bear with me, I have no notes and I am just preaching off the hoof, and I am even surprised that this came forth. So we see that there is just one more step to produce what we have thought Adam to be, Adam the hologram. Now when we think of Adam, we do not know what Adam looked like, before time began. But I do not think he looked like a parallelogram with all of those little circles in him.

I do not know what he looked like, I have no idea. But the principle here is, that the whole idea of this creation is that Jehovah is projecting an image of Himself. So even if Adam did look like that, there was another layer on top of him. That spiritual view of Adam produced another layer called a hologram. And I printed out some definitions from our electronic dictionary to help us all understand what a hologram is. A hologram is the pattern produced on a photosensitive medium that has been exposed by holography and photographically developed. Okay, well that does not say very much, but it is a pattern. Now, that is a Scriptural word. Did not Jehovah say to Moses, "Make it as the pattern in the mount." So, we see that this hologram, this Adam, this spiritual view; you know it also looks like pictures that I have seen of human genes. Has anybody seen a picture of human genes on the TV. How do they show human genes? They show them in a square form; it is like a box with either zeros or ones, and they just show columns of zeros or ones. Now, I am not talking about what the actual gene looks like, I am talking about how the scientists work with it when they are trying to analyze a gene or the genes of a human. That is what it looks like, it is just lines up and down of ones and zeros, which is the Binary Code, and it is the combination of these ones and zeros that produce a particular gene that creates the brown eye, for example.

So I now realize that what I saw in "The Matrix" what now looks like Adam, the spiritual view on the board, what I saw was the director's and the producer's attempt to show the spiritual skeleton behind the image. In other words, the plot behind "The Matrix" is that the whole world; that we would know to be our world, was just an image. A projection of something that looked completely different than this world. Brethren, this world is an image of something that looks completely different than this world. Is everybody okay? This world is an image. This world is produced by a spiritual Serpent. To our eyes we do not look like serpents. This world is an image produced by something that we cannot see, something that is behind the scenes; that we cannot see. And what is behind the scenes is a series of energized spiritual atoms that are vibrating at a high rate of speed and projecting an image of themselves that does not look like what they are. The truth is that they are a series of spiritual atoms and the image that is produced is the hologram, Adam. Let us read about this. Holography - a method of producing a three-dimensional image. So we see that the atoms of the spiritual eggs or the sperm are producing a three-dimensional image of them self.

You see, brethren, when a human woman has a baby, the baby has eyes and ears and legs and arms, but if you came from the planet, Mars, and you put that baby up against a full grown adult, you may not be able to recognize that it was the same species. The only thing that the baby and the parents have in common, is that the baby has two legs, which he cannot stand on, two arms and hands, which he cannot use, and a head and two eyes, which he does not know what to do with, and all that the baby does is scream and holler all day long.

So we see that Elohim's light wave and particles pass through the dust cloud and the sperm that passed through the dust cloud, became the eggs which are the foundation for the cells of the many-membered man, which is designed to be in Jehovah's image, but is presently in the Serpent's image, because of foul play on the part of the Primordial Serpent. So Adam, the spiritual view, is a view of the spiritual eggs that came forth after the sperm mixed with the dust and then Adam, the hologram is the image produced by the eggs. Brethren, if you could see a woman's ovum; I guess I should not even have used a new born baby as an example. Does a woman's ovum look like a mature adult? No. But what that woman's ovum has in common with the mature adult, is that the nature that will be visible in the mature adult, is present in the ovum. The nature is there, the Spirit is there, but the image is completely different in the form of an ovum and in the form of even a new born baby or an adult person. So, I am going to be repeating myself a lot, I am hoping to get through to you.

The particles of Elohim's light wave, the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid pass through the dust cloud and each sperm became an egg or a cell or an atom, which has the potential to develop into a fully functioning member of a spiritual man, with a collective consciousness that was to be impressed with a righteous nature of Jehovah. And Adam, the spiritual view is the sack of the spiritual eggs, which are vibrating; because everything in the creation vibrates; are vibrating in such a manner as to produce an image of itself. And the image called a hologram; it looks different on the surface than the egg, but the nature is the same. So we see that the hologram is a three-dimensional image of an object; a method of producing a three-dimensional image of an object by recording on a photographic plate or film. The pattern of; well, I am not going to go on; I am not going to put that on; that is all scientific; but we will just glean whatever we can out of all of these definitions. Let us go to the next page.

A holograph - a document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears. Now that is interesting, because the scripture has a lot to say about writing. The Scripture talks about writing with the finger of God and writing on the fleshly tablets of our heart. It is talking about nature. So we see that Adam, the hologram, appears differently than the Adam, the spiritual view, but Adam is written in the handwriting of; I guess it is Elohim's handwriting. Elohim, who is doing this on behalf of Jehovah and therefore, even though the hologram appears different than the spiritual view, the nature is the same all the way through, from the sperm of Elohim's waters, which are manifesting as a light wave, the nature is the same. Okay, from the light wave to the spiritual eggs to Adam, the hologram.

And I hear a question in mind. Sheila how can you talk about Elohim's waters when you are talking about His light wave? You are surely confusing me. Well, brethren, as Elohim departed from Jehovah and went forward to bring forth the creation, He had to descend, because nothing is higher than Jehovah and Jehovah is in the invisible plane. So as Elohim descended, He changes form. As He descends, He changes form. He comes from the invisible plane, which is sound, where Jehovah is; is the realm of spiritual sound. The creation came into existence with sound. Jehovah spoke the creation into existence. Now Jehovah did not speak on the level that we are speaking, that I am speaking. Jehovah did not speak through a physical body with vocal cord. Spiritual sound is thought. Jehovah had an imagination. He had a creative idea. That is what an imagination is. He thought of something that never existed before. And He said, "Let us make man in our image." Let us make Adam. That word, man, in the Hebrew is Adam. Let us make Adam and let him be in the image or in the nature of Jehovah and Elohim. And that thought sounded in the high realms of the Spirit. Then Elohim went forth to bring it to pass. Elohim had to descend from the realm of sound, to bring the creation to pass. And Elohim descended into light. Light is the next step down from sound. Elohim's light wave and the particles of His light wave passed through the dust cloud and became the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid. So each step is a step downward. I feel like I am losing you all, but I think I have got this together.

The creation was sounded from the high realm of the Spirit. The next step down was Elohim, who went forth as a light wave and the next step down, was the photons of Elohim's light wave mixing with the dust and becoming the sperm of the waters of the beginning of the creation. And the sperm of Elohim's waters projected an image. Now, brethren this is really not all that different from what I taught you back when we did, Creation. I am just saying it in a different way. And the sperm of Elohim's waters produced an image on the waters. Right now I have a memory of doing that drawing for you; that Adam is the image that was projected on the waters. So what was projecting the image? The collective consciousness of the sperm in the waters who were all engraved with Jehovah's nature. And what does that mean? They were all engraved with Jehovah's nature. That means they were all of one mind and one accord and that mind and that one accord was determined to bring forth Jehovah's thought into practical reality. Let us make Adam, and let there be a man and let him be in the nature of Jehovah.

And all of the sperm of Elohim's seminal fluid were in agreement with that thought. And because they were all in agreement with that thought, the same vibrations came forth from all of them. You see, thought is a vibration. When we think, a vibration goes forth. That is how you hear in the Spirit. If you are tuned to recognize vibrations in the Mental Plane or in the Plane of Sound, believe me, I do not have this all together yet, I do not have all of the answers. But, considering where we are in all our fallen condition, whatever Plane we have to enter into to hear the vibrations of other people's mind, if we can do that, if we can ascend to that place, I can tell what you are thinking, because what you are thinking, is really what you are saying. So you say it before it comes out of your mouth. As soon as the thought comes into your mind, you have said it. And anyone who can hear in that realm where that thought first originated, we will hear it, we will know what you are thinking before you ever say it. Is there not a scripture like that, where Jehovah says, "I knew the thoughts of your mind before you ever said it? I think there is some Scripture like that, I will have to pursue that.

People who can hear in the Spirit do not have to hear what you have to say verbally. And it becomes a problem when the thoughts of your mind, for the people who can hear the thoughts of your mind, and can also hear the words of your mouth and they do not agree. That is a real problem. People who have this ability to hear the thoughts of your mind, and to recognize what your mouth is saying is not accurate, must learn to survive in this world. A lot of children are born with this ability. They do not understand it, but they are born with this ability and that is really hard to have that ability without understanding. It is just like a gut level knowledge. And they grow up mentally unstable, because the members of their family do not speak what they are really thinking or do not speak what they really mean. And the children grow up mentally unstable because they are never taught to deal with their condition.

So, let us go on and try to understand this hologram, which Adam is, a document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signature bears it. So, we know that, from previous studies, that Adam is the perfect and accurate expression of Jehovah's handwriting. But what does that mean? It means Jehovah's nature. The writing of your hand, signifies your nature. Now, in this world, in this fallen world, we have people who claim to be handwriting experts. I have never really spoken to one, but they claim that they can get a fix on your whole personality through your handwriting. I honestly do not know whether this is some psychic ability or not. A little bit that I know about it, they have written up books and say that, if your stroke goes this way, it means this and if it goes that way it means that. I personally believe it is a form of witchcraft. But spiritually speaking, we should know this for future studies in the scripture. The writing of your hand or a person's handwriting signifies their nature. Signifies who they are.

Okay. I see one of the associated definitions was, Pattern. So I printed that out for you. A model or an original used as an archetype. A plan a diagram, a representative sample. Adam is a representative sample, a specimen of Jehovah's nature. Down on #5 now; a consistent, characteristic form, style or method. A composite of traits or features characteristic of Jehovah, who is appearing to us today as Christ Jesus, you see. So we have thousands of people that call themselves Christians, who claim to be in the image of Jesus Christ, who is the exact expression of Jehovah's nature. And the words of their mouth and the thoughts of their heart declare them to be a liar. Because Jesus Christ does not express envy and Jesus Christ does not express pride and Jesus Christ does not lie and Jesus Christ does not withhold information which is a form of lie. Jesus Christ is not deceptive, Jesus Christ is not selfish, Jesus Christ is not fearful, Jesus Christ is not needy in any way. So, large parts of the world laugh at the immature church, who with no fear whatsoever, declare themselves to be in the image of the Glorious Jesus Christ, and believe it. Praise the Lord.

I guess that is the last one; O, I see we have one more. Holographic - Of or relating to holography or holograms - Of or being a document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears. I think I read that already. So, you see we are all called to being holograph. The Scripture says, we are living epistles. That is the name of this ministry. But does anybody really know what that means; living epistles; it sounds very poetic, it sounds very nice. Brethren, we are called to be living, walking, speaking, teaching, representations of Jesus Christ, who is the living, perfectly accurate expression of Jehovah's nature and Jehovah's will. And that is what we are called to be. Therefore everything in us, who is not in agreement with the nature or the will or the intention of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the representative of Jehovah, must go, must leave our mind and if it leaves our mind, it will leave our behavior, because brethren, we are lukewarm. One minute we are representing Jesus Christ and the next minute we are representing the Serpent. One minute we are praying for somebody and giving them life and the next minute, we are jealous of them or hating them or resentful of them and giving them death. Brethren, we are double minded. Woe is us, who will deliver us from this body of death. We do not even know who we even are. One minute we are one man and the next minute we are someone else. We have multiple personalities, brethren. We are a multiple personality, that is what we are. Okay. Does anybody have any questions about what I just said?

I just would like to talk about the "Matrix" a little bit longer. That movie so fascinated me, and there were things that I did not understand. The Lord is amazing, if He does not answer you on the minute, He never forgets the question that you are asking. And as your understanding increases, it could be a year or two or three years later, He answers the question that you asked Him. So, I now understand that in the movie, "The Matrix" when Nero, the hero, found his power; he came into spiritual power, and he was overcoming the agents of the Matrix. You may recall, at the very end, all of a sudden, the images of the agents of the Matrix disappeared and all that Nero saw was these strands, these vibrating glistening vertical strands. And I now understand that, what that means, was that Nero was no longer dealing with the hologram, he was no longer dealing with the image. All blockages to full understanding had been removed from him and he was looking at the spiritual root that had generated the image, which means he had the power to defeat it right where it began.

All sight is promised to us. Brethren, we must see the enemy to defeat her and drive her down under Christ Jesus. We are promised all sight, not just in revelation. Oh, this message is so exciting. It just excites me so much, but this is only part of it. We must see the enemy. O, you have an enemy Sheila? Yes, the Scripture says, we have an enemy. Brethren, we are not suppose to die, we are not suppose to have arthritis, we are not suppose to feel bad, we are not suppose to have any of these problems. We are suppose to be glorious expressions of righteousness. And when we feel bad and are sick or are limited for any kind of physical problems, it is a bill post message to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see that we are not the full expression of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ.

We are still being influenced by the Primordial Serpent, who brought us into existence. We are a corrupt image. We are a corrupt hologram. And the reason we are a corrupt hologram is that the mixture of male and female, egg and sperm, that brought us into existence, is imperfect. We are supposed to be brought into existence as a combination of the sperm of Elohim's waters, which are engraved with Elohim's image. That means, the whole seminal fluid, Elohim's energy and Elohim's righteousness, was supposed to bring us up into the image of a civilized man. But we will see; that will be the next drawing, that the earth got in-between the waters and the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid. The earth captured the sperm and separated them from the energy or the waters of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid and formed us into a corrupt hologram. Any questions before we go to the next drawing? Drawing #2, I have tried, very inadequately to show you that Adam is the end product of Jehovah's thought, which is sound, which produced Elohim's light, which is filled with the particles, that when they went down to the next level, became Elohim's waters filled with the light particles that have now become sperm or fishes, as the scripture says. And that is coming down from above.

Now, from underneath, we have the ground, which is the ocean bed and the dust, which is the loose particles of the ocean bed, floating on the surface. And all of those elements, mixed together produce an image on the waters of creation and that image is called Adam. And Adam is a spiritual supernatural ovary, which image appeared because all of the eggs or all of the sperm of Elohim's waters are all saying the same thing. Now, we have scriptures like that in the Book of Revelation, and they all say the same thing, Glory be to God and honor and wisdom. What those Scriptures mean, is that all of the sperm of Elohim's waters are saying the same thing, Jesus Christ is Lord. And blessings, and honor and mercy and truth, there is no envy, there is no hatred, there is no resentment, there is no pride; every one of the sperm of Elohim's waters are fully written in the nature of the Glorified Jesus Christ. And they are all speaking out or sounding out His nature. That is what those Scriptures mean in the book of Revelation. And with all of the fishes of the sea, all of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid are written in the nature of the Glorified Jesus Christ; Adam will appear visibly in a visible world.

Brethren, this world that we live in and the collective nature of humanity is an expression of Satan and Leviathan. I do not care how good you are, I do not care how many times you go to church, or what you have done, the nature, the very nature written on your heart is a nature of cursing. The Serpent is the one who curses all the day long. Well, you might say, I never curse, I have never said an evil word in my life. That is just because you have been socialized and taught that this is wrong. And, therefore, now listen to me, the human being who is "good" in this world, who according to the mind of man, has never done a thing wrong in their entire life, is not an accurate hologram of their nature. What does that mean? Listen, brethren, if left to our own devices, if we are not educated to follow the laws of God, if we are not told to be kind to one another, to be fair to one another, to not steal, to not cheat, to not lie, to not commit adultery, to not bear false witness, if we are not taught this, our very nature would bring forth this activity within us, both mental activity and behavioral activity. The root of our nature would have us to do these things. That is why we are under the law. Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness against thy brother, thou shalt not commit adultery, why do you have to be told not to do it? Because if you are not told not to do it, your very nature will incline you to do it. And the reason for that is because the very nature that has written you, the nature that has brought forth the hologram which we all are, is the cursed nature of the Serpent. And, we, as Christians are taught to resist our own inherent nature, therefore, those of us who do not steal, who do not lie, who do not cheat, who do not bear false witness, we are an inaccurate hologram of the nature that brought us forth. And here is the very reason for being of the spiritual gravity that was found in humanity that is forever pulling man downward into a lower and more degrading life style. What are talking about Sheila? Brethren, there is a nature that formed us. We are a hologram. We are an image. Nature means spirit. There is a spirit that formed the image of this world and that brought each of us into existence. And that spirit engraved her nature on us, even as we were ovum or sperm in our parent’s bodies. And that spirit that brought us into existence, she brought us into existence with the specific intention of reproducing her nature in us.

She does not want us to be good, she wants us to cheat and lie and steal and kill and murder. Why? Because she is negative and her nature is evil. She did not bring us into existence to be good. She brought us into existence to be like her. So when we oppose her nature, we are opposing the one who has incarnated us and it is a battle for our entire life, to live a holy life and resist doing evil. Because the one who incarnated us is continuously without rest, ceasing to influence us to be like her. Why? Because she is programmed to bring forth a hologram in her own image. She wants us to be like her. She wants the thoughts of our unconscious mind to be fully expressed in our conscious mind and in our behavior. This is why, brethren, our only hope for rest from the spiritual labor of this world, of treading sin under our feet, of saying, No, I will not steal, I will go to jail if I steal and my life will be ruined. No, I will not murder, I could be executed or sent to jail for life. Who will take care of my family? No, I will not do that. The only hope to rest from this spiritual labor of saying, No, Satan, I will not be in your image, is to get a new mind, the Mind of Christ Jesus, and agree with Him to utterly force Satan and her whole unholy crew down into the lower Energy Centers and become impotent.

And then when our mind is Christ Jesus, who is writing a new name on our stone; He is writing His nature on our stone, on our genetic heritage, on our egg, on the sperm that brought us forth, the stone - genetic heritage. And then when Jesus Christ writes His nature on our genetic heritage, we will be liberated from the labor of saying, No, to our own nature. Adam is the image that comes forth when every sperm of the sea - or at least the majority of the sperm - I do not have these details at this point, are in agreement with the nature of the Glorified Jesus Christ, Adam appears. Now, it happens on an individual level and I told you earlier, each one of us is a spiritual atom or a spiritual egg. Well, there are some atomic particles. I am one spiritual atom and there are many, many, particles in the midst of me. And this war that I just described is going on inside of me. Will I be an image of the Lord Jesus Christ or will I be the hologram of Satan, and I have been both. I look forward to the day when the handwriting or the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ completely engraves every spiritual gene of my mind. And Satan is forced down into the bottomless pit in every cell or gene or whatever the right word is, of my mind, so that I do not have to say to that other side of me, will you please shut up, I will not think this. When I receive the new handwriting, on my genetic nature, I will be liberated from this spiritual labor of treading sin under my feet. And on the contrary, brethren, Leviathan is the hologram of the collective consciousness of all of the sperm of the fishes of the sea who are in agreement with Satan's nature.

Now, like I started to say; I got off the track there, this happens in the individual and we find one individual who is either primarily in the Serpent's nature or primarily in the nature of the Lord Jesus. Everybody is a mixture in this hour, but what are you primarily? Not in your behavior, brethren, because your behavior can lie. Now, if you are running around beating people up and stealing, and taking drugs, well, I know you are not in the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. But if you are going to church all the time and you are doing good works and helping people and doing all kinds of things, I do not know who you are. You could be doing that out of the good side of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or it could be Christ in you, coming forth, only the Lord knows. If you are doing this out of the good side of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and you are not changing inside, if you are still engraved with the nature of the Serpent; in the hour of the great conflict, which will determine what we will mature into; a son of God, or a daughter of Babylon. We will not be able to keep up the show any longer. We must be changed in our nature. It is the same principle of saying, the gifts are being withdrawn. Even if you are living a good life by the power of the Holy Ghost, what you are doing is, you are repressing your sin nature. And the hour is coming where everything will be revealed and what you are inside, is the only thing that will survive. So you have got to be changing inside; your nature must be changing for you to stay as a part of the body of Christ. So, we see this war going on the individual level. We see this war going on on the family level, on many group levels.

Every family has a nature. Every family has an identity. Are you an expression of Satan or are you an expression of the Lord Jesus. And you could be an expression of the good side of Satan or the evil side of Satan. What kind of condition is your family in? Take a look and evaluate, and you will know which image is being projected through your family. What does it mean if your family is scattered, what does that mean? It means that every member of your family is not thinking the same root thoughts. That is all that it means. I am not condemning anybody. Does your family hardly ever see each other? What that means is, the members of your family are not all in agreement that family is a good thing and that family should gather together, and that family should spend time together and support one another. If it is not happening, the members of your family are not thinking these thoughts. And Satan is moving already to divide your family. Jesus does not divide your family. So you see that Satan's image is coming through your family. So, the nature or the image or the hologram of the invisible spirit is visible in the individual and in many groups, family, work groups, businesses, churches, all kinds of organizations. Every group has a group identity. Every marriage has a marriageable identity within the family. The marriage itself, the marital couple themselves have an identity. Do you fight all the time? Do you respect one another? Do you talk behind each other's back? Do you really hate each other? And are you nice to each other on the surface? Every marriage has an identity, which will be known to any spiritual person that meets you. Every relationship has an identity, relationship between friends, relationship between mother and son, relationship between two sisters.

What is the nature of your identity? And all of this conflict, all of this warfare is going on. Satan wants to bring every relationship known to man into her wicked image on every level. The Lord Jesus Christ wants to bring His nature into every relationship known to man. And the struggle that we read about in the scripture, between Jacob and the Angel, is going on, on a multiplicity of levels, throughout the whole world. This is how Adam can die, this is how Adam died. The woman that he was drawn to; who was the woman? The woman was formed from the dust. The dust particles of Adam is the woman. And the woman had the opinion of the ground that she was taken from. She was supposed to be influenced by Jehovah's nature through Adam or through Elohim, who was engraving His nature upon the collective sperm which formed Adam. And Adam had a consciousness, just like I have a consciousness. I have trillions of cells in my body that have their own consciousness, but I am Sheila. Adam had a real consciousness and he did not see it happening, when the dust part of himself turned away from Elohim's nature, which Adam was engraved with, and started thinking with the thoughts of the earth, which she came out of. And Adam, who was so use to his wife, saying, Amen, to everything that he said, Adam had Elohim's thoughts and Adam was engraving the earth of his wife with Elohim's thoughts, Adam did not see that his wife started changing her mind, and agreeing with the Serpent's nature. And one day, his wife said to him, well, honey, do you not think we should mature these children with experience, rather than putting them under Jehovah's law?

But I do not even think she said that, not to change my mind. I think one day Adam's wife said to him, yes, Elohim said; Gen. 3, Elohim said that we should mature these children; that these individual sperm; these individual eggs should be matured through experience. And Adam said, Hmm, I thought Elohim said, we had to be under the law, until we were completed. And the wife said, "O, no, Elohim said, "experience" and Adam said, "O, I guess I made a mistake," let us mature the children through experience, guess I did not hear Elohim correctly. I want to tell you brethren, that I make this mistake much too often for my own comfort, that I know that something is true and someone under my authority will tell me, "No, it is another way," and I will back down. I am not doing it nearly as much as I use to, because I am very aware of this problem that exists in every aspect of life, on every level; in families, in marriages, in Ministries, at work. When you have authority, you do not accept suggestions from other people, unless you process it yourself and find out that you really agree with it, if you can hear what I am saying. You take suggestions from other people if it is in an area where they have something to offer you, and they say, well we have a suggestion box; do you think we can do it this way? But, if ever, someone that is under your authority contradicts what is in your heart, you better go with what is in your heart, because this is how Adam died.

He was caught between two opinions. He was caught between the opinion of Elohim and the opinion of the earth. And he trusted his wife, who was under him, than Elohim, who was over him. I hope I made that clear. I am always interested in what anybody thinks or what they have to say. But there is a difference between coming to an authority and telling them you have an idea and that person asking you a question, saying, "do you think we could do it this way, or this would really help me, if we could make this change. That is a whole different ball game than going to an authority who has made a decision, and saying, "we should do it another way." If you cannot hear it, pray about it. But that is what killed Adam. And that image on the waters of Adam, that righteous nature, the hologram with the righteous nature of Adam, converted. And if you need to hear this, to understand it, that image of a man just turned into an image of a snake, if that is how you need to hear it to understand it. And he was good, he was righteous and he did the good works out of righteousness and he became evil. And so, we are told in the book of Job, that the sons of God became evil.

What are you talking about, Sheila? The sons of God on the other side of the flesh; Seth's descendants. Seth was righteous, but they turned to their evil side. They chose to agree with the thoughts of the Serpent, rather than the thoughts of Elohim. And their nature changed. We see, in this world a person that migrates from good to evil or from evil to good, usually you can see it in their expression. You could see it on their face, where they spiritually are. People do not change as radically as from a human being into a snake; it is not that obvious. You have to be able to look in a person's eyes and hear their tone of voice and see the change in them. So, it is very hard to tell in this world that we live in, when a person has changed. And some people are outright phonies.

So, you have to look beneath the surface, or you will be stumbling all through your life. Are there any questions about Adam and how Adam changed into Leviathan from this point of view; that all of the sperm or all of the eggs of creation, or at least enough of the eggs of creation, agreed with the thoughts of the Serpent, rather than the thoughts of Elohim, for the image on the waters of creation, the hologram, to change its form from righteous Adam to Leviathan. If you want a good example of this; if you have a computer, well with some computers, you could call up an image on your computer and then when you change the image, you just see it changing before your eyes. I guess that is not a good example. I cannot remember exactly how I did that, but I know I have experienced it. I have seen an image and you just program it to change right in the same exact place. The different segments of the image change and you just have a whole different picture. Sometimes you can get a hold of one of these; I do not know what you call them; but you look into them and when you hold it one way, you see one image and if you hold it another way you see another image. It is just the particles, you have dark and light particles. And as the particles re-arrange themselves, you see a different image.

That is what happened to the creation. And the change and the fall came through thought. You see, we have no original thought. We either agree with the righteousness of Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, or we agree with the unrighteous nature of the Serpent. We are the personality, we are the wife; we are the woman who was joined to the mind. And the mind can be programmed, by the Spirit that is writing on it. I have lost you all, so I think that we will stop for dinner and perhaps this evening I would like to show you, Cain and Abel in a similar format. Praise the Lord. This is Drawing #3, and I have attempted to demonstrate what I was saying just before we went out to dinner. Now, of course, this is a very carnal example. This is not the reality. The reality is that each and every one of these spiritual molecules is engraved in the nature of the Spirit. But I have tried to show you each spiritual atom, forming Adam and over here, each spiritual atom, forming Leviathan. But this is just a very carnal way of doing it to help you to understand. The truth is that each and every one of these atoms is engraved with a nature, nothing that you could put on a board like this, but a nature that is identified by characteristics; mercy, gentleness, rage, anger, cruelty. It is a nature; a Spirit writes on us with a nature. Are there any questions about this at all?

And as I was telling you about "Matrix," I do not even know if I made it clear, what I was saying about the "Matrix," but at the end of the movie, when the image of the Agents disappeared, all that Neo sees are these vertical strings of these atoms. What it means is, that the image is stripped away and he can actually deal with the reality. We are exposing our sin nature, so that we can deal with the reality. Any questions or comments? Okay we will do Cain and Abel next. Drawing #4 - I have tried to show you the transition of Adam into Cain and the dust particles into the emotional animal called Cain. You see, Adam's wife has no personal name. She is the conscious earth that is joined to Adam. Adam is Elohim's breath mixed with particles of conscious earth. In each of Adam's atom, Adam is made up of a multiplicity of spiritual atoms. And each atom consists of Elohim's breath and particles of dust. The particles of dust have no personal name. They do have the Primordial Serpent's nature and the reason they have no personal name is that the dust is a part of the spiritual man, Adam. The dust is not supposed to have a personal name. It is not supposed to have a separate identity from Adam, although the dust is conscious, conscious with a negative aspect of the creature with the Primordial Serpent's thoughts, because the Primordial Serpent is the earth and the dust comes from the earth. So it is negative, has the Primordial Serpent's nature and has no personal name when it is joined to Adam.

And as you can see in the form sections along the lower half of the board, when Adam is in right standing with the Godhead, each of his atoms has the dust within. The dust is within and the whole atom is positive. The dust is where the emotions arise out of and, brethren, I have been preaching this for a while, that humanity is an emotional animal. If all mammals are emotional, if you ever had a dog; well, some types of mammals more than others, but I believe any warm blooded creature has emotions, especially dogs. And some animals have more than others, but animals have emotions. The emotion is in the animal nature and our emotions are supposed to be covered. We are not supposed to be led by our emotions. Our emotions must be under the dominion of our rational mind all the time. Because if we follow after our emotions, we go into destruction. You have to make decisions based on righteousness and decisions based on law and decisions based on what is best for you and the people that are a part of your spiritual or your physical family. You cannot do whatever you feel like doing. The end of such a life style is death.

So, we see that the emotional aspect of the creature was inside the atom and under the dominion of Elohim's righteous Spirit. Now, you see there were two opinions there. Adam was connected to Elohim, who is connected to Jehovah and Adam was thinking Elohim's thoughts. And Adam was impressing Elohim's thoughts on his wife, the nameless dust particles. Okay. And the reason the Scripture differentiates between Adam and his wife, is because they had two completely opposite natures. That is the way the Scripture says. There was an aspect of Adam that was in opposition to the nature that he received from Elohim. But that opposition was under Adam's dominion and the two, the Spirit of Elohim and the dust were operating as one spiritual man, so the Scripture does not give the woman a personal name. And this drawing that I have here; this is the condition of every atom of the man, Adam. The condition that we are in, in this fallen condition, every single cell of our being is in the end condition. Abel is under the earth in every single cell of our being.

So going on to the 2nd Section, we see that what happened, although it is not really clear on the board, is that the nature of the Primordial Serpent, the opinion of the Primordial Serpent started to manifest in the dust particles of the man, Adam. And there was a separation between Adam and his wife in their thoughts. But the Primordial Serpent used witchcraft to blind Adam to the fact that his wife was now no longer in agreement with him, but was thinking in the thoughts of the Primordial Serpent. You know, I have seen this happen in human beings, in husbands and wives, in mothers and daughters. For years your daughter or your wife has been in agreement with everything that you do, and you just assume that they are in agreement with you. And you come in one day, and you are just assuming that they are thinking like you are thinking, and then one day, your wife or your sister or your daughter, or whoever it is, says to you, "no, we did not decide to do that, we decided to do it another way."

We did not decide to raise the children under the law, we decided to raise them with experience. And Adam scratched his head and said, "Wow, I thought Elohim said we were going to raise the children under the law." And the woman said, no, we are going to raise them with experience. That is the Serpentine side of the woman, saying that. And Adam says; instead of going back to Elohim, instead of going back to the authority and checking it out, says, "Well, I guess my wife knows what she is talking about." And he agreed her with her in thought to raise the spiritual children; each atom is a spiritual child, as an ovum in a human woman; is a potential spiritual child, and fell into agreement with his wife's thoughts. And the next thing that we see is - in Section 2, along the bottom, the dust permeates the border of Elohim's Spirit and moves outside of that protective border. We now see Adam on the inside and the dust on the outside. And if you look at that 2nd Section there, you can see that is the prototype of the atoms of this world and of the planets and of the universes of this world. There is a nucleus and there are electrons orbiting around the nucleus. So, we see that every aspect of this world is reflecting the fall. Every aspect of this world is reflecting the fall, because the condition that it was supposed to be in, is the 1st Section with the Spirit on the outside and the emotions under the authority of the Spirit, with the emotions covered. So, in the 2nd Section, Adam agrees with his wife, and goes under her authority. See, when the Scripture says that Abel was buried under the ground, it means that he was buried under the authority of the ground.

In the 3rd Section, we see that the dust particles are absorbing Adam's energy. Elohim's Spirit is energy and the dust becomes thick clay; that no light can get through. In the book of Job, it talks about the clods; I do not know whether it says clay or not, but the clods of dirt or the clods of clay. And Adam is still positive, but he is covered over and remember that each of these drawings typifies; it just show one atom, but this is what is happening to every atom or every cell or every egg or every potential aspect of the spiritual man, Adam. So, now the dust after it got outside of him; after it forced Adam underneath it, is now sucking out Adam's energy and becoming thick clay and hardening around Adam, the civilized man. And the ultimate destruction in the 4th Section, is that the clay becomes so thick that Spirit cannot penetrate it. Adam is cut off from Elohim and Jehovah because the earthen woman gets between Adam and Elohim and Jehovah, cutting Adam off from Jehovah's life through Elohim, the mediator. Adam dies, Abel is Adam's mortal remains and the clay that now possesses all of the breath of life that was in Adam becomes personal, she becomes Cain, the emotional animal and she has a name.

This has happened on the cellular level of the whole creation. And we now see, when we look at atoms or if we look at the universes, there is a solid globe in the middle and the electrons orbiting around it. We have been turned inside out. So Abel is Adam's mortal remains, he is also Adam's root system. Abel can grow up again out of Adam's root, if energy is applied to him. The energy is the Holy Spirit today, but as I have told you on other messages, Abel has been dead, buried under the earth for so many eons, that he is dead and cannot be regenerated in the large part of humanity. Jehovah came to Israel several thousands years ago and energized Abel in Israel and raised that whole Tree of Life. Adam is the Tree of Life. Jehovah raised the whole Tree of Life from the dead in Israel and even though that Tree of Life died again, even though that was just a few thousand years ago, there is still so much energy left in the root of Abel, in the Jew that it is possible for Abel to be regenerated when he comes in contact with the Holy Spirit. But for the rest of humanity, Abel is so dead that he cannot revive; the Holy Spirit is not enough to revive him. He needs the seed of Christ grafted to him, which is the seed of Christ is the sperm of the Glorified Jesus Christ and that seed cleaves or grafts to Abel, who is under the ground. And if Abel is dead, Christ stands in the gap for him, and Christ does everything that Abel would do. And in the Jew, Christ grafts to Abel and revives him.

Okay, this is a little complicated. I am going to do a drawing for you, but this is what happens. Christ, the living seed of the Glorified Jesus Christ' life grafts to Abel in mortal man, whether Abel is dead; so dead that he cannot be revived or that Abel is capable of being revived, Christ grafts to Abel and Christ ascends. Christ fights with Satan and Leviathan and ascends into the higher Energy Centers for the specific purpose of establishing himself in a relationship with the Glorified Jesus Christ, which union between the grafted Christ; who matures into Christ Jesus and the Glorified Jesus Christ imparts power to that individual to revive Abel and bring him out from under the Primordial Serpent's nature. And then eventually Abel is absorbed into Christ Jesus. Okay, I know I am not making this clear, but I am going to do another drawing for you.

This is Drawing #5, bring forth the latest revelation in this Ministry that is really a very, very important revelation and it may be shocking to some. That the Fiery Serpent that we have been preaching about here for years, she is the Beast of the Book of Revelation. I have on our Web Page, a notice that says, "Kundalini is the Beast." Okay, of course, Kundalini is the Sanscrit name for the spiritual Serpent that indwells every human being born of a woman. The Scripture calls that same Serpent either the Fiery Serpent or the Seraphim or the Seraph which is single, Seraphim is plural. And the Lord has now revealed that the Fiery Serpent is what Abel became after the Primordial Serpent engraved him with her nature. And we see that we have two Scriptures that clearly say that Abel is righteous, Abel is Adam's mortal remains, but he is still righteous. We read that in Matthew 23:35 and Hebrews 11:14; Jesus Himself said it in Matthew 23 and it was Paul who said it in Hebrews 11; Abel was righteous.

In the previous Drawing we saw that Abel was completely buried under the ground. And that ground that Abel was buried under is the emotional animal, Cain. Now this is the condition of mortal humanity. Our Spirit man or our Spirit is not only buried under the earth, but buried under the authority of the emotional earth. And the biggest enemy of any human being trying to lead the most productive life possible, is his own emotions. And most mature people know that; that you have to keep your emotions in check. So, Abel fell under the authority of the emotional animal, but he was still Abel and he was still righteous, until the Primordial Serpent came and engraved Abel with her own nature. And Abel then became the earth worm that Jesus talks about in Mark 9:44, the worm that dieth not. Abel buried in the earth, Abel is spiritual seed, Adam's mortal remains wrapped in the earth, engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature, became a whole new creature. And brethren, this is just the reverse of what is happening to us today. Jesus says, "You are a new creature in Christ Jesus." We are raised up out from being an earth worm and at least we have the beginnings in us of the potential to become the son of God and be restored to the upper windows. So, we have to die to everything that we are, to become a son of God. Well, the exact reverse happened to Abel, he was righteous. Why was he righteous? Because he was still engraved with Jehovah's nature. Even though he was buried under Cain's earth, Abel was still righteous, because he was still engraved with Jehovah's nature. But it was just a matter of time until the Primordial Serpent, who was Cain's mother and father; I do not want to get into that right now, whether it is mother or father; I guess the Primordial Serpent was both mother and father to Cain; became one with Cain and got very close to Abel through becoming one with Cain, and engraved Abel, who was captive under Cain's ground with her own nature.

The Primordial Serpent, who was of the same stock as Cain; they both of the earth, the Primordial Serpent got very close to Abel, who was still engraved with Jehovah's nature, but buried under the ground, and he could not escape from the Primordial Serpent coming through Cain and engraving righteous Abel with the Primordial Serpent's unrighteous nature. And, brethren, as soon as your nature changes, you become a whole different person. We are on the way back up; we are becoming a whole new positive creature in Christ Jesus. Abel is righteous and he became the unrighteous Fiery Serpent. So, we see the end of the story is not Abel, Adam's mortal remains; that is not the end of the story. Abel, Adam's mortal remains became a member of the Primordial Serpent's household. On the one hand this is shocking, but on the other hand it is a wonderful truth. Now, I have been preaching here for a while now, that the Fiery Serpent must be subdued; that she is a wild ravenous beast; that Christ Jesus first has to fight Satan and Leviathan to get even get close enough to the Fiery Serpent to cover her. And when Satan and Leviathan are overcome to the point that Christ Jesus can approach the Fiery Serpent, she bites and is a dangerous foe to Christ Jesus, who is trying to penetrate her with His life. What does that mean, to penetrate her with His life? What does that mean? It means that Christ Jesus is coming to engrave the wild beast, the Fiery Serpent, with the nature of Jesus Christ. That is what it means to penetrate her. Christ Jesus wants to join the Fiery Serpent unto Himself and re-engrave her back into the righteous nature of the Glorified Jesus Christ. And when the Fiery Serpent is engraved with the righteous nature, the Lord Jesus Christ; that Fiery Serpent becomes Abel again. And Abel is Adam's root system, so Adam is regenerated in that individual.

Now, at the bottom of the board, okay, I did not say this. The Fiery Serpent is our immortal soul. Now that term is only used once, I believe it is in the Book of Romans. Before you take that picture, I want to put in that Scripture about immortal soul. Okay. The Fiery Serpent is our immortal soul. You see, we have one soul and it has two parts to it. One part is mortal and the other part is immortal. And what is soul? Soul is personality. There are two parts to our personality. There is an immortal part to our personality that survives our physical death and there is a mortal part of our personality which does not survive our physical death. Our physical body does not survive physical death, our Etheric body does not survive physical death. And the qualities or the characteristics by which we know each other; that smile, the way you smile, the way you joke, the way you respond to trouble, the way you respond to joy, the qualities that are recognizable, that make me know who you are, that is the mortal part of our personality. And those qualities do not survive physical death. This is a hard word to many, but you will not see your dear, departed love ones in the by and by. The immortal soul, the part of us that survives physical death is the part of us that is the Fiery Serpent. And who is the Fiery Serpent? The Fiery Serpent is Adam's mortal remains engraved with the evil nature of the Primordial Serpent. And who is Adam? Adam is the collective name of all of the sperm of Elohim's seminal fluid. So what does that make the Fiery Serpent? It makes the Fiery Serpent one of the sperm of Elohim, Jehovah's seminal fluid. The Fiery Serpent is one of the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid, that was captured by the earth.

What I had on the board, the drawing before this, where I showed you how each molecule was reversed, how the Spirit went to the inside and the dust went to the outside; that happened to every single sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid. And the end of that process is that, that atom of Adam became a Fiery Serpent, who is now a member of the Primordial Serpent's Household, who is lusting for Leviathan. Do you remember me teaching that? That the Fiery Serpent in the 3rd Energy Center lusts for Leviathan. And she does all that she can, like a salmon going up-stream to get into the right side of the Heart Energy Center, where if she gets there, she marries Leviathan. And then the energy of the two of them; the energy of Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent join. And that the power discharged by that union, energizes this unholy couple to shoot up into the Crown Energy Center, where Leviathan is now known as Pharaoh, and the Fiery Serpent is now known as the Swine, the Fiery Serpent lusts for Leviathan.

So, let me remind you of the pronouncement that Jehovah made upon Adam and the woman. Now, as I have told you many times, this was not Jehovah cursing them. This was merely Jehovah instructing Adam and the woman, as to what to expect as to the fruit they could expect to reap in view as to what they had sown. And Jehovah said to the woman, "And your desire shall be unto your husband." The woman - you know we discovered years ago, there was no Eve. That is just a fantasy that was constructed by the King James Translators. There was a spiritual woman, as I told you, even in this message, the spiritual woman was formed from the dust that was a part of Adam. Adam's wife was a part of him; it was the earthen side. Adam's earthen side was the woman. And that woman, that earthen side is now covering Abel. That earthen side is now Cain, the female, emotional animal. And she is covering Abel and for all intense and purposes, Abel does not even exist anymore, because his righteous nature is gone. The only part of him that is left, is the energy that he has, because he is one of the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. But his nature is completely gone over to the Primordial Serpent, which means, Abel now has the nature of the earth. And the earth is the spiritual woman. And the spiritual woman is going to be lusting for her husband. And her husband is Leviathan.

The Primordial Serpent is appearing in this generation as Satan and Leviathan. And that Scripture is in Revelation, Chapter 20, I believe. That old Serpent appearing as Satan and the; I think it is Satan and the Devil. So the Fiery Serpent is the one who is lusting for Leviathan. She is the spiritual woman that is filled with greedy passion for her illegal husband. Adam is the only true husband. So that Fiery Serpent has incarnated us. That Fiery Serpent, the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid that is now engraved with the evil nature of the Primordial Serpent and wrapped in earth, the emotions of a female animal, is the part of the creation that reincarnates. There is a reality to reincarnation. It is the Fiery Serpent, who is incarnating over and over and over again. And every time she reincarnates, she reforms Cain's clay. Now, remember the Fiery Serpent is a seed. She is Adam's mortal remains with an evil nature and she is wrapped in earth. She is buried under the earth. And every time the Fiery Serpent reincarnates, she uses her spiritual authority to mold that earth that is on her surface, into a personality and an Etheric and a Physical body, which we are.

So, we see that, people as we know people; I have been preaching for a long time that we are only temporary formations of the clay, and we now find out that each one of us is a temporary formation of Cain, the clay that is covering the Fiery Serpent, who reincarnates. And in Adam, she will reincarnate until Jesus Christ brings an end to this abomination. Reincarnation is an abomination, because there is no salvation by works. This is eternal torment for the Fiery Serpent, for the mortal remains of Adam. This is eternal torment for as long as this age lasts. So, I do not know, I think I lost a couple of you there. But I think that is all I have to say right now on that issue. And as you look at the drawing, I have shown you that Christ, who comes into a mortal man through the foolishness of preaching, enters into the 3rd Energy Center, where the Fiery Serpent is, in the average man. And that is where Christ enters in. He grafts to the Fiery Serpent and Christ begins to ascend. Now, He has to wage a warfare against Satan and Leviathan to ascend, but Christ does ascend into the 6th Energy Center and the Glorified Jesus, who is in the 7th Energy Center descends into the 6th Energy Center and completes Christ Jesus in the 6th Energy Center. And the next step of Christ Jesus' assignment is to get the Fiery Serpent up there with Him and not only the Fiery Serpent but the whole personality, the Fiery Serpent plus Cain. We are Cain. These people that we know each other to be, we are Cain. We are a temporary formation of the spiritual clay that is layering over the immortal seed of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. After Christ ascends into the Brow Energy Center, which is the 6th Energy Center, and the Glorified Jesus Christ from the 7th Energy Center anchors him there, so that he cannot fall down, the next step of the assignment of Christ Jesus is to start raising the personality, that is in the 3rd Energy Center, up into the Brow Energy Center, where he is.

And I do have one more drawing, by which I hope to indicate the difference in the processes between the raising up of the Jew and the raising up of the Fiery Serpent in the Gentile. Because the Fiery Serpent in the Jew received a dose of energy from Jehovah several thousand years ago, when Jehovah regenerated the Tree of Life in Israel. That Tree did die. So what does that mean, Jehovah regenerated the Tree of Life in Israel? Well, Jehovah did exactly what I am talking about now. He laid hold of that Fiery Serpent. He re-engraved her with His own righteous nature. The Fiery Serpent became Abel again. Abel is Adam's root system. And Elohim went in and joined with Abel and regenerated Adam, the Tree of Life in Israel. But that Tree of Life died, so the whole process reversed. Adam died, Abel, Adam's mortal remains appeared in the earth again, because Abel did not have the support of Elohim. The earth covered him, the emotional animal covered him, Cain covered Abel and buried him again. And righteous Abel was once again engraved with the nature of the Primordial Serpent.

So, we see both in the Jew and the Gentile, there is a Fiery Serpent that is engraved with the nature of the Primordial Serpent. But the potential for that Fiery Serpent to be re-engraved with the righteous nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, is my understanding at this time, is non-existent in the Gentile. That, that Fiery Serpent has just been engraved with the Serpent's nature for too long. That Fiery Serpent needs a special processing to be restored to Abel, Adam's root system. The Holy Spirit is not strong enough to revive the Fiery Serpent in the Gentile. To revive that Fiery Serpent and convert that Fiery Serpent back into Abel, the Holy Spirit is not strong enough. But because, Adam, the Tree of Life was raised from the dead in Israel only several thousand years ago, the Fiery Serpent in the Jew has still enough energy in, and of itself, to respond to the Holy Spirit. Abel in the Jew can be revived by the Holy Spirit. Abel in the Gentile is too dead to be revived by the Holy Spirit. Abel in the Gentile must have Christ grafted to him and that Christ seed, to stand in the place of Abel. So, I am going to draw you one more drawing, I hope it is one more. And I hope to show you that difference.

These are Drawings, 6 and 7, and I am attempting to show you the Serpent's Time-line, which is circular. And the Time-line of Christ Jesus, which is linear. We see that the Serpent's Time-line goes in circles, that even when you ascend in the Serpent's Time-line, you are really descending, because you are just going downward. And the Scriptural expression is, that the Serpent or Satan desires to curve you downward. She desires to trick you into thinking that you are ascending in Christ Jesus, when you are really just going even further down in her own Time-line. But Christ Jesus ascends directly upward in a vertical line. First of all, Christ grafts to the Fiery Serpent; and this is in the Jew, this is Drawing #6. Christ Jesus in the Jew grafts to the Fiery Serpent in the 3rd Energy Center. And when He has securely fastened Himself to her, Christ Jesus starts to ascend. Now the trick here is that Christ Jesus is not a particle, He is an Energy Stream and He has the ability to stretch out, as water spills and flows in many directions. Christ Jesus is fastened to the Fiery Serpent in the 3rd Energy Center, and He stays fastened to her as He begins His ascent into the Brow Energy Center. So that line that I have drawn from the 3rd Energy Center up to the 6th Energy Center, it is a line that you can think of as a rubber band. He is stretching upward but He has not let go of the 3rd Energy Center and He is going straight up to the 6th Energy Center and the Christ matures into Christ Jesus. By the time Christ arrives at the Brow Energy Center, he is the man Christ Jesus. And in that Brow Energy Center he communes with the Glorified Jesus Christ. The Glorified Jesus Christ enters into this man who is having this experience, through the 7th Energy Center, and descends into the 6th or the Brow Energy Center, where Christ Jesus in the individual is fortified or made strong, or we can say, receives the double portion.

Christ Jesus in the individual receives the additional power of the Glorified Jesus Christ. So, he has the power of the Son of God, Christ Jesus in the individual plus the Father, the Glorified Jesus Christ. And as soon as he is equipped with that double portion, he begins his descent. Now, remember the whole time he is still connected to the Fiery Serpent in the belly of the 3rd Energy Center. So, we see that Christ Jesus is making; well, it is not quite a circle yet, because his ascent was straight up and I guess it is not a circle, but it is a return trip, and Christ Jesus returns. Now, the Glorified Jesus is our anchor, He anchors Christ Jesus in the Brow Energy Center; in that 6th Energy Center. So, we know that no matter what kind of a warfare Christ Jesus gets into, because remember Satan and Leviathan are bombing him all the way through his whole ascent. And through his descent, Satan and Leviathan are attacking him. Not only Satan and Leviathan in this man that is having this experience, but Satan and Leviathan in many other men, who are in the life of the man who is having this experience.

So, the fortified Christ Jesus, with the double portion, who has ascended into the Brow Energy Center now begins his descent, back into the 3rd Energy Center. And he goes back to the 3rd Energy Center to cut Abel away from Cain. Now, you may note that I am no longer calling the Fiery Serpent, the Fiery Serpent; I am calling her Cain. Why is that? Because as soon as Christ Jesus begins the process of separating the dead Abel from the earth that is covering him, we no longer call this entity the Fiery Serpent. Let me say that again. Remember, Abel, Adam's mortal remains is fully encapsulated with earth and Abel is so overcome that the whole dual being, Cain and Abel is called by the singular name of the Fiery Serpent, because Abel is not functioning at all. He is not functioning, he is not manifesting. It is just that Cain has laid hold of his energy and is completely using him, you see. So for all intents and purposes, Abel is dead and he is completely doing whatever Cain does and Cain is doing whatever the Primordial Serpent is doing. The dual being, Cain and Abel is completely given over to the nature of the Primordial Serpent. And the name of the dual being is a singular name, the Fiery Serpent. Christ gets in there and he strengthens Abel and revives Abel and starts to break those clods of earth off of Abel. Christ grafts to the part of the Fiery Serpent that is Abel to the inner part, to the inner man, you see.

This is what is happening to us. Christ is coming in and grafting to our inner man, is the Abel part of the Fiery Serpent and says, "Wake up, wake up, and stop agreeing with the nature of Cain in you, and now you start agreeing with me, Christ, wake up, wake up, separate from the thoughts of your carnal mind, stop agreeing with your carnal mind." That is what I am doing to you. I am knocking you and knocking you, saying, "Stop agreeing with your carnal mind, I know Abel is in there, wake up, wake up, wake up, agree with me, agree with Christ in me." Okay? Christ ascends, becomes Christ Jesus, gets the double portion, and comes back down now with the double portion, with the power to separate Abel from Cain. Now, I have told you that Cain and Abel are a dual being and they are inseparable. I have told you that. So, what is happening here, in what I say, separation, I do not mean that they are pulling apart from one another, but that their position of authority; their moral order is being reversed. Cain is on top of Abel, if you remember the earlier Drawings. She has buried him under the ground and he has died to his righteous nature.

But Christ is now joined to Abel, giving him strength saying, "You put that earth under you, you put that woman under you, you put the nature of the earth under you." Brethren; that is what we are doing here. You have to put the nature of the Serpent under Christ in you. You have to fall out of agreement with the nature of the earth. In Christ in you and Christ in me, we are joining to that part of you that is Abel and saying, "Come on, get up on top of that earth, put that earthen nature underneath of you." And when Christ Jesus comes back with that double portion, He has the power to turn this person's world upside down. He says in the Book of Acts; these are the men who turn their world upside down. All that it means is Cain and Abel are reversed and now the Spirit man is on top. And Abel, the inner man was strengthened. We are to be strengthened in our inner man. That is the reviving of Abel, so that he puts the earthen woman under him. And then when Cain and Abel are returned to the right moral order, which is signified in Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation, with the sun clad woman, when it is no longer Cain and Abel, but it is Abel and Cain, when Abel is rightly ruling over Cain, Christ Jesus who is strengthening Abel takes the whole personality, Able and Cain, up into the Brow Energy Center with him under the cover of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus raises the whole emotional animal; that is the aspect of us that is a spiritual animal in a particular or an emotional potential, gets raised up. To be honest with you, I am not sure if the personality goes up to the Brow Energy Center or not. But the whole personality is definitely lifted out of the belly, at least into the left side of the Heart Center. I just really not sure how far up the personality goes. But Christ Jesus is in the Brow Energy Center, I know that.

And this is the experience that the Jew has in Christ, when Christ grafts to the Fiery Serpent in the Jew, Abel is revived. And in some cases, not in all cases, Abel can be revived by the Holy Spirit. Abel in me was revived by the Holy Spirit. But, apparently this is not happening in many Jews, because I do not know anybody that has had my experience. So, in most cases, in the case of most Jews, it is not that the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough, it is that Abel is in too much of a stupor to be revived by the Holy Spirit alone. Christ is the Holy Spirit plus the nature of Jesus Christ. He is the whole seed. And in Drawing #7, is the experience that the Gentile has, which is very similar, except that not only is Abel too dead to be revived by the Holy Spirit, Abel is too dead to be revived by Christ alone. It takes the double portion to revive Abel, he is so dead, because it has been so many years since the Gentiles have been close or near to Jehovah. So, in Drawing #7, we see that when Christ grafts to the Fiery Serpent in the Gentile, and Abel does not revive, Christ engages in cell division and He divides Himself and yet He stands in the gap for Abel. He divides Himself in two and he becomes two whole seeds. He does not become two half seeds, He becomes two whole seeds. And the one seed stands in the gap for Abel and the other seed is in the role of Christ and ascends in the Brow Energy Center, is strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ and then comes back with the double portion to raise up that Abel.

Abel is still in a stupor, so Christ really comes back for himself to take the other seed of himself back up to the higher centers. But of course, that seed that is standing in the gap for Abel is grafted to Abel. Now, at this point, I am really not sure if Abel; we are talking about the Gentile now, and I not really sure if Abel is ultimately revived by the double portion or if Christ, who engages in cell division just replaces that sperm, which is; remember that Abel is one of the sperms of Elohim's seminal fluid, so I will have to see if I can hear what the Lord has to say about that. Whether Christ completely replaces that sperm or the sperm is; I really do not know, I am going to stop right here. Okay, I will wait and see if I can hear from the Lord on that. But I know that the Lord has told me that in the case of the Gentiles, in the event that Abel cannot be revived, which is the case of most Gentiles, Christ will engage in cell division and part of Himself will stand in the gap for Abel and then the other part of Himself will be in the Christ role; and beyond that the procedure is the same.

Now, I do not know if I made this clear or not. That the name of this message is Cain and Able, The Germ Seed of our World and I do not know if I made it clear that Cain and Abel are our mortal foundation. You see, in the spiritual man; well, let me review Germ Seed for you. Germ seed can be likened to the zygote. I preached a lot about zygote in the early years of this Ministry. In human reproduction there is a female ovum and a male sperm, and the two joined together in fertilization, and they so completely co-mingle that they become one cell and that is called a germ cell, which is the first cell of the new baby. And in a spiritual man, we have a spiritually male and a spiritually female cell, who co-mingle so completely that they become a germ cell or a foundation of the spiritual man. In the case of the spiritual man in Christ Jesus, the germ cell is Abel and the Glorified Jesus Christ. Before the fall, the germ cell was Adam and Elohim, but in this mortal foundation the germ cell is Abel, who you may recall is Adam's mortal remains. Abel is Jehovah's sperm or the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid and the name of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid is Elohim. And Abel is one of those sperms who has been disconnected from Elohim and Jehovah. Therefore we call him Adam's mortal remains. Adam is immortal to the extent that Elohim will always raise him from the dead. Adam can die but he will forever be raised from the dead.

Actually at this point, in Jehovah's program, Adam can never die again. Well, I should not even say that, Adam will always be raised from the dead. I guess Adam has died many times since he died; if you could hear that. Let me explain that. Adam was walking in immortality with Elohim and Jehovah, and he fell down and he died. And since he died, he has been raised from the dead and died again many times. But the scripture looks at this many-membered death, for lack of a better word, or this multiple death experience, as one death experience. Adam fell from immortality when he was sinless and as many times as he has been raised from the dead by Elohim, and died again, the Scripture calls this one death. Because the Scripture says, "It is given unto a man or it is given unto Adam once to die and then the judgment." Which judgment?

The judgment of the sin nature that has possessed Adam's remains, which judgment results in the re-generation of Adam. Now this promise has already been accomplished in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The mortal man, Jesus, He was born of a human woman. He was a mortal man, but He was born with the Spirit of Elijah already in Him. But He was a mortal man and Adam was re-generated in the man Jesus. And the sin nature that the man, Jesus inherited from His human mother, was judged by the Spirit of Elijah. And Jesus brought that sin nature into the submission to the Spirit of Holiness within Him and Jesus was glorified, and He lives forever more. So, Adam was permanently regenerated in the man, Jesus and therefore as far as the Scripture goes, he can never die again. You see, Adam has many members. And when the first member in the Lord Jesus Christ; let me say this, when Adam was regenerated and glorified in the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter how many times the regenerated Adam dies in us, who are stumbling all over ourselves, as we try to climb the mountain into spiritual perfection, which is eternal life. No matter how many times the regenerated Adam, which is called Christ Jesus in this generation, no matter how many times he dies, because we, the personality fail, as far as Jehovah is concerned, there was only one death when Adam fell out of heaven and there was only one resurrection, when Adam was born again into heaven in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the same principle as the Scripture saying, there is only one baptism. But there are many parts to the baptism, many stages to baptism, there is baptism in water, there is baptism in fire, there is baptism into suffering, there is baptism into the Spirit, but these are all different stages of the one baptism.

So, there was only one death. Adam died only once and there was only one resurrection. Adam was resurrected only once. But Adam has many, many parts to him. It is the same thing as; I mentioned this in the On Line Meeting last week. It is the same thing as climbing a fence. If you are climbing a fence, you put your first leg over the fence, briefly you straddle the fence, you put one foot firmly on the other side, and when you feel comfortable that your foot is firmly planted, you bring your other leg over. But Scripturally speaking, as soon as you have got that one foot firmly planted on the other side, you are over the fence. Another way to put it; I have heard this example for years, concerning the birth of a baby. Once the head is out, it is just another matter of time until the body follows. The head of the baby is the most massive part of the baby. Once the head is out, the body just slips out with not too much trouble. Well, the head of the man-child has already been born. The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of the body. And believe it or not, as tough a time as we are having, going through this White Throne Judgment, and trying to overcome our sin nature, the hardest part is over, as far as Jehovah is concerned. The head has been born.

Now, I was talking to you about germ seeds. The germ seed of the spiritual man is the Glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. Before the fall, the germ seed of the spiritual man was Adam and Elohim. After the fall, the germ seed is now Abel and Cain. And Cain is the emotional animal that has formed from the earth. So, we see that before the fall, the germ seed was made from two different aspects of the Godhead, from Elohim and from Adam. Both were members of the Household of God. Now, after the fall the germ seed is between Abel, Adam's mortal remains, and Cain, the emotional animal. So, Cain and Abel are the germ seed that has produced this mortal world. And another way of saying that, is that Cain and Abel are our mortal foundation. The Scripture clearly speaks about a mortal foundation and then we are told that there is a glorious foundation, our new foundation that leads to eternal life, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, the Lord Jesus Christ has sent His own Son, He has sent His own spiritual seed into mortal humanity. That is how Christ is in us. Christ in you the hope of glory.

That is the spiritual sperm of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ, you see, grows up into Christ Jesus and then rejoins with the Glorified Jesus Christ for the double portion. Christ Jesus growing in your earth, joined together with the Glorified Jesus Christ, who is beyond this world, and they join together in the Brow Energy Center to create the double portion. And the double portion is just another way of saying, the germ seed or the immortal foundation, which is your new man. The immortal foundation of you and of me, of the female aspect of the creation. Because the personality, which we are; we are the emotional animal, what we know to be the personality, the qualities by which we know ourselves, we are the emotional animal, we are the personality that is being saved. We are the soul that is being saved. And the way we are being saved is that we are being given a new foundation. We now have a mortal foundation, Cain and Abel, whereby the earth is one of the two cells, that is so completely joined with the second cell that it becomes the first cell of the new person. But wherever earth is present, there is instability, because earth signifies mortality. So, the germ seed of this fallen creation is made from an emotional earthen animal and Abel, one of the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid; that has died. This world is created on a foundation of a dead sperm and the conscious earth. And the new foundation or the new germ seed that we are being given, is Christ in us, we are drawn into Christ Jesus and rejoined to His father in heaven, the Glorified Jesus Christ. And that is the incorruptible foundation, by which we shall enter into eternal life. Praise the Lord. God bless you.

10/2/00 je

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