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          COMMENT:   I was at my daughter's pastor's meeting this past Friday, where this visiting minister was bringing in the gold dust anointing. My daughter still has gold dust, or this sparkling substance, on her hands and her clothing from the Friday night meeting that I attended, and it is now Sunday morning, I also found a speck of gold on my hands, and some particles on my clothing, even though I am not wearing the same clothing that I was wearing Friday night.

          COMMENT:   How can it be that gold dust could be on clothes that you weren't wearing last Friday night?

          PASTOR VITALE:   I'm going to answer that question. The gold dust is a physical manifestation that arises from within the individual. Everything that's spiritual arises from within. The gold dust phenomenon, then, is a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality which is  transmitted from a spiritual plane.

          Brethren, when someone has the Holy Ghost on them, and they pray healing for you and you're healed, that anointing arises from within the person that's praying, and it emanates from them.  Healing virtue emanates from the person who prays.

          So if you stop to think about it, it's nothing new to you that the anointing arises from within, and is given out.  The only difference here is that this is something physical, something that can be seen that is arising from within, and appearing on a person's exterior, on their clothing, or on their hands or possibly on the carpet where the person with this anointing is standing. It takes greater spiritual power to manifest something physical from within.

          You're looking at me with big eyes, do you know what I'm talking about? Okay, does everybody know what I'm talking about?

          So what we're seeing here is an intense manifestation of spiritual power, which is manifesting physical sparkles.  Apparently it's not real gold. If it was real gold, people would be gathering it up and trying to sell it. Or maybe if it was analyzed it would be real gold, I really don't know that anyone has had it analyzed.

          But the bottom line is that there is spiritual power being exercised to manifest something physical on the clothing and on the person and on the surroundings of the person that has this anointing. In other words, the person that has the anointing, the anointing is inside of them just like the Holy Spirit is inside of you, the anointing, the false anointing is inside of you, and this false anointing is powerful enough to manifest visible physical substance. It's rising from within you.

          So if it's happening to this sister, that means she's got the counterfeit spirit, and I'm hoping, and I think we're all hoping that this sister has this as, or that I'm going to hope that the Lord has permitted this anointing to enter her, so that she can stand in proxy, and get deliverance on behalf of her daughter, because it didn't happen to me.  Does anybody gold on me? I don't see anything on me, and I haven't seen anything on this other sister or her daughter, but just this one sister.

          Now remember it's this sister's daughter who invited us to see this performance, because that's what it was, it was a demonstration, okay, it was a demonstration.  It was a meeting held by this visiting evangelist, and this sister's daughter has apparently bought this whole thing. She received a prophecy from the man.

          When I spoke to her, I encouraged her to break the curses, and I told her if you don't, if it's not a curse, breaking the curse cannot hurt you. But of course to say, "I break the curse," those are just words.  If you don't believe that you're really breaking a curse, if you don't really believe that it's a curse, the curse is not going to break.

          You have to believe that it really may be a curse, which I don't think she believed. And we all prayed for this sister's daughter at the end of the service. I prayed for her several times, and then two days later, this sister is here with this anointing, with this false counterfeit anointing.  It's a satanic anointing manifesting on this sister, the only one out of the three of us.

          Okay, so this sister has the soul tie with her daughter. Now the question is, did the Lord let this happen so that this sister could stand in proxy and get deliverance for her daughter, or did the Lord have nothing to do with this, and it's their soul tie causing this to manifest? 

          Now, if it is the soul tie alone that's causing this anointing to manifest on this sister, this sister must fight with all her strength to be, well no matter what the cause is, this sister must fight with all her strength and not cease from attacking it until this anointing departs from her. And I would like to believe when it departs from her, it will depart from her daughter also.

          So unless the Lord tells me, I won't know whether the Lord took His hand off of this sister so that this anointing could touch her for the daughter's sake, or whether the anointing just came through the soul tie. But this is very interesting.

          So we see that the counterfeit anointing is contagious. We see that it's contagious. It's catching. If you have any question in your mind whatsoever, if you think that this could possibly be God, you have opened a door to letting it come in.

          I would expect that everybody in that room last night received this false anointing, except possibly the few pastors who were there, who seem to be very seriously considering it, and very aware of their responsibility to their congregations, and to the body of Christ, and I don't think they were convinced, so they may not have received it. I don't know, I'm not in touch with them.

          But pretty much, everyone else in the room got up for the prayer. And once again, can anybody tell us what the purpose of this counterfeit anointing is? Is Satan penetrating the church just to thumb her nose at the Lord, what is her ultimate purpose in imparting this counterfeit anointing to God's people?  Can anybody tell us?

          COMMENT:   Like you said before, to bring in, to receive her seed.

          PASTOR VITALE:   Okay, this counterfeit anointing is imparting the Serpent's seed to God's people. The bottom line is that there is going to be, you could either call it a resurrection, or you can call it a birth.

          Humanity, at large, has been approaching puberty for all of these thousands of years that man, as we know him, has existed. He has been working towards the condition of spiritual maturity where, well actually humanity is a she. She has been progressing towards a condition of spiritual maturity where she can mate with a spiritual husband and bring forth a spiritual child within her.

          I'm talking now about each member of humanity individually and humanity as one whole spiritual woman. Its happening on all levels.

          The Scripture says it is the time for love. It is the time for love. It is the time for this mating of the spiritual woman, which humanity is, with a male spirit, and when she mates she will become pregnant with and bear the child of that male spirit. And this child is a spiritual child, that will never depart from the spiritual woman which we are.

          All of the personalities of humanity, and collectively, individually and collectively, we are the spiritual woman. We will bear a child and that child will not depart from us, but will remain within us as a spiritual organ.

          Just as we need a heart and lungs and a liver to physically survive in this body to enter into our true calling, which is spiritual maturity, which is also deliverance from the prison house of this body, into a life of mind, as opposed to a life of labor, where we labor with our hands to provide for food, and all of the needs of this world, and to mature out of that into a life of spirit and mind, where we think and what we need is manifested unto us, in order to ascend into that height, we must bear a spiritual child, which will remain with us, and become our spiritual organ, or the organ by which we live a spiritual as opposed to a physical life. And that child within us will be forever woven together with the entity that fathered it.

          And the mother, mortal humanity, and the father, and the child, will be one in each individual human being and in humanity as a whole.

          And you may recall that the definition that the Lord recently brought forth of wormwood judgment, is a weaving together with Satan so completely that it can take an undeterminable amount of time to untangle us.

          It's not that the Lord doesn't want to deliver us, it's not that the Lord is punishing us, but because we are so woven together, or that time we'll be so woven together with the Serpent, or with Christ Jesus, that it will take an undetermined amount of time to untangle us, and this is wormwood judgment.

          No matter how you cry, no matter how much you cry and how much you repent, you will be in the condition, in the uncomfortable condition, that can be viewed as punishment for as long as takes to disentangle you from Satan's bands.

          So we see that the false revival in the church is very, very serious, because it is imparting an anointing or a spirit that is the seed of the Serpent, and the Serpent fully intends to mature her female seed to term, and to have that spiritual child be born into the higher planes of consciousness.

          Now the spiritual child that we carry, whether it be Christ or the female child of the Serpent, will be born again into the higher planes of consciousness, and that spiritual child is what can be called our higher mind.     

          What is the lower mind? The lower mind is the mind of the personality, the conscious mind, which is carnal and dull, and it's designed, and really can only function in this physical world, it's the mind of this physical world.

          The higher mind is the spiritual mind that is capable of functioning in higher planes of consciousness. The conscious mind cannot function in spiritual planes of consciousness. It simply cannot believe, it simply cannot understand.

          So if every time someone says something spiritual to you, or if ever there is an opportunity to have a spiritual application to something that happens with you, and your gut reaction is to see it in the flesh, which happens here a lot. And you need to know that it is your conscious mind that you are living out of, and your conscious mind that you're thinking out of, and your conscious mind that you just tried to understand this spiritual principle with, and you utterly killed the spiritual principle.

          The spiritual person tries to have a spiritual conversation with you, and your reaction comes from your conscious mind. If it's carnal, if it's the exact opposite of the spirit, then you need to know that your conscious mind is hindering you from a spiritual life, because the spiritual life arises out of spiritual thoughts.

          It's nothing to be depressed about.  Just confess your condition if this is true of you, and tell the Lord that you would like it to change. Nothing to be upset about, or depressed about.  Nothing you ever hear here, it is never necessary to be upset or depressed over it.

          If it is your condition, you just confess it and tell the Lord that you prefer the opposite condition. Stay cool, there's nothing to be upset over, there's nothing to feel insecure or inadequate over. The Lord Jesus is full well able to give you everything that you need to complete you by giving you everything that you don't have, if you're just willing to admit that you don't have it or that you cannot do it.

          If you go around telling yourself, and acting like you have it, and you don't need it, you'll never get it, because you're all filled up with self. You've done it yourself, you've given yourself a counterfeit completion that locks out the true completion of Christ.

          And what is completion? It's His mind joined to you, joined to your personality, that's the completion.

          So if you will not let go of your conscious mind, of the conscious part of your carnal mind, because you will not admit that you don't have, that you're not spiritual, if you will not let go of that conscious part of your carnal mind, there's no place to move in the spiritual mind in Christ Jesus.

          Actually the truth is, of Satan's kingdom also. Do you know that the people who are discipling in Satan are going through very similar experiences that we are going through?

          They're learning spiritual philosophy, they're having trials and tribulations, and the subconscious or the spiritual part of the carnal mind is fighting with the conscious part of the carnal mind to be the default mind in that person.

          And if you look at two lives, one person going on in Christ and the other person going on in Satan, their lives can look very, very similar. They're both under discipleship, they're both under initiation, learning how to function with a spiritual mind, and in the spiritual world.

          You have to discern the spirit, and how do you discern the spirit? What's the difference between these two people, they're both going on to spiritual maturity, how do you tell which time line they're ascending in? Does anybody know?

          COMMENT: Whether or not they are looking into their own hearts, confessing their own sins, and repenting.

          PASTOR VITALE: Exactly.  But what you said first, looking into their own heart, because this message that we heard, at the gold dust anointing, or the gold dust revival, whatever they want to call it, that preacher talked about sin. He talked about the lusts of the things of the world, and he talked about sexual sin, I think he talked about pornography, if I'm not mistaken, he talked about all of the behavioral sins.

          So you have to be very careful when you say to people, you have to confess your sins and repent, are you doing that? And they say, "Oh yes, my eye caught that sexy woman walking down the street, I confess that that's lust." But brethren, that's just the very, very, very, very surface of sin.

          The witness that you're ascending in the true time line of Christ Jesus, is that you're looking at the hidden sins of your heart, that you're looking at the many manifestations of pride that you never, in a million years, would have thought were pride, let alone sin of any kind. You're looking at the subtle manifestations of envy that you never would have believed were envy.

          It's not the behavioral sin. A lot of people have confessed behavioral sin and died, and you don't go to heaven when you die. Heaven and hell are in the flesh.

          I can't preach that whole message again, but the only part of you that doesn't die is your worm. Jesus said it. That's the only part of you that doesn't die. Your personality dies, it dissolves. It ceases to exist.

          So we're talking about the gold dust revival, which I am convinced is a counterfeit spirit.  Her name is Satan.

          If you look, if you read the occult literature, you won't have any trouble finding statements that indicate the writer knows there is a female Holy Spirit in the earth. She is the god of forces, that we read about in the book of Daniel. She is a counterfeit Holy Spirit. And she is here to plant the Serpent's seed in you to the end that the Serpent's female offspring will be formed in you, and born into the higher planes of consciousness in you, and will live through you.

           You see, the spiritual child that we have will live through us. That's what the Scripture means when it says Jesus is the life. When Christ Jesus is born in you into the higher planes of consciousness, He will be your true life, the life of the spirit. He is the life. The existence that we have through our conscious mind is not life, it's death.

          So all of humanity is about to be born into the higher planes of consciousness, either into the time line of Christ Jesus or the time line of Leviathan.

          And this is what the apostle John was talking about when he said there will be two resurrections, one of righteousness and one of damnation. And the one who is being resurrected, that which is being resurrected, is Christ Jesus, the true male, and the true husband of this creation, and His wife is being resurrected. And she will either be resurrected in submission to Christ Jesus, or resurrected divided from Him, in full-blown rebellion, in her own spiritual strength which is witchcraft. Those are the two resurrections.
          So this is what the false revival is all about.  It's no simple thing that if you're snared, well, so God will help you, or God will fix it. Brethren, when you pick up that anointing, when you let someone lay hands on you, when you sit in a service, when you believe their message, their spirit gets on you, and spirit is seed.

          And all of humanity is now at the age of love, ready to be fertilized and to bring forth a spiritual child which is capable of ascending into the higher planes of consciousness and becoming the new you.

          Isn't that what the Scripture teaches, that you have a new man, that you're going to be a new man with a new nature? Well, Satan is doing the same thing. And the hard-to-believe part of this whole thing is that her eyes are fixed on the church, she wants the church.

          She's not looking for the Hindus, she's not looking for the Buddhists. I don't, I may not be aware of it, but I haven't heard anything at all about her heading for the Moslems.  It's all in Christian circles. This new anointing is in Christian circles.  Do you hear anything about it in Islam? I mean it's possible  that it's happening and I haven't heard about it, but I haven't heard anything at all about any kind of a revival or spiritual move. Why? Because there is no spiritual move in Islam.  It's all a religious work.

          You see, the church is moving in kindergarten spirituality with the gifts of the Holy Ghost, but there are spiritual people in the world, there are spiritual people in many spiritual disciplines. The counterfeit anointing is not over there.  She's already got them. 

          She wants the Christians, brethren, and she wants the additional anointing that we have received through the Holy Spirit.  That's why she's going after the Christians, and she's going after the Christians in a way that is very hard to discern.

          The Scripture clearly says that Satan comes as an angel of light, but how many people would believe that she will manifest through a preacher of high stature, someone who is recognized and respected in the church, an evangelist for twenty eight years?  And now all of a sudden with no perceptible signs, this man is given over to a counterfeit spirit.

          You see, the average Christian cannot even consider that this might happen.  Why? Because if it could happen to an evangelist that's been preaching faithfully for twenty eight years, well my goodness, then it might happen to me, and that is too frightening to deal with. Because if a man of that stature can be deceived, what chance does the average person in the church have?

          And the answer is, outside of being joined to a fellowship where the truth is being preached, they have almost no chance at all.  Probably a zero chance of avoiding this false anointing, maybe 1% chance, if you're in charismatic circles.

          Now if you're a Baptist, and you don't believe in the gifts of the Holy Ghost or the manifestations of the Holy Ghost, you're not likely to be tricked into this one.

          But Satan is flowing in the circles of charismatic believers, people who speak in tongues, people who believe in the manifestations of the Holy Ghost and believe in the power of the Holy Ghost. Why? Because she wants that power that the Holy Ghost, that they originally received, has given them.

          And she is boldly coming right into the church, and overshadowing established respected preachers, why? Why? How can she do this? Well we know why? She wants the fleece of the church.

          Jesus clearly said we are sheep, and the fleece that we have is the anointing. The fleece is something that can be sheered from you without killing you. The sheep are not killed when the fleece grows back.

          Satan wants the anointing on you.  That's how come she lets you have two spirits, you see. It's not her intention, at least at the beginning, to take all that you have of the Holy Ghost.  She wants you to not realize that there's two spirits. You can continue to manifest the Holy Ghost, and she'll feed off of you.

          So how can this be? How can this be? What is the loophole, what is the hole in the hedge that an evangelist of twenty eight years, that has done great works for God, and founded many physical churches, what is the hole that would open him to this malicious seduction? Does anybody remember?  I was talking about it the other night. Remember?

          COMMENT:   I remembered you saying a long time ago, if a pastor or anybody falls, it's the pride of their own heart.

          PASTOR VITALE:   Yes, but, sister, we need an answer that's going to teach people. I mean that doesn't, in other words, if somebody hears that it's the pride of their own heart, well how do I defend against that? You tell me it's the pride of my own heart, that I could fall because of the pride of my own heart, well what does that mean? Okay, let's be practical.

          COMMENT:   Just one more word.  I would say, it's the lust, he's lusting for it.

          PASTOR VITALE:   No.  You have to be able to tell people what they can do to protect themselves, what they have to watch out for to protect themselves. The whole church is into this, and we want to try and get out of it, in these meetings, and I've rebuked this sister from time to time in the on line meetings.  You all do it, but I rebuked the one that was doing it most of all, but you all do it, okay. You give these pat answers that don't help anybody. So I really want you to restrain yourself, even on line, from doing this kind of thing. Do you have an answer?

          COMMENT:   I thought that he didn't look at his own sins within his own heart, his own shortcomings, that he could fall at some time if he didn't check himself.

          PASTOR VITALE:   Okay, that's the closest, the closest answer.

          He wasn't looking at the hidden sins of his heart, and he probably didn't think that it was possible that he could fall, because of this relationship that he has with the Holy Ghost, and that's all true.  But even more than that, and of course it is pride, but we need to explain to people more than saying that word.

          The bottom line is that these men, and it's mostly men, mostly male preachers, physically male preachers, that these preachers who have been overtaken and who will be overtaken in the coming months, think that they are so, and they are so confident, that they know the voice of the Lord, that it never enters their mind to say, "Lord was it you who told me that?"

          Their pride manifest in two major areas.  The first major area is when God talks to them, they never double check it and say, "Lord is that you?" because they are so sure they could recognize the enemy's voice.  And the second answer is what you said, that they're not looking at their own sins, because if they were looking at their own sins, they would know that Satan speaks to us.

          If you know that Satan is your unconscious mind, if you know that all thought in your mind is either generated by Satan or the Spirit of Christ, then you're looking inside of yourself to see whether this is Christ or whether this is Satan, and you're testing every spirit and asking the Lord every step of the way. 

          That's the only way you could know that you're being deceived, or that you're even under a seduction. But the Pentecostal church, the charismatic church, I don't even think they would consider the possibility that Satan could even speak to them. But if Satan were to speak to them, surely they would recognize her voice. Or even more so, surely the Lord would intervene and protect them.

          So many times I hear people saying, "Well I told the Lord that I only want what he wants." You know, that's what I was saying to your daughter Friday night.  Sister, I said, "That's not how you pray, that's the wrong way to pray."

          That kind of a prayer is a direct denial of the power of Satan. That prayer is saying, "Lord, I only want what you want, therefore if Satan is after me, you take care of it." Not chance of a snowball in hell, except that hell is cold, but that was just a saying. Not a chance, brethren, we have to fight, and we have to learn how to fight, and a positive prayer like that will never do you.

          You have to pray negatively, you have to pray against the activities of Satan in your life, if they are not there, nothing will happen to you. You cannot say, "Lord, only what you want."   You have to say, "Lord, if this is not of you, I curse it at it's roots, let it be stripped from me, let it be ripped from me, let it be destroyed in my life."

          You have to do it, you can't be a child and say, "Only what you want Lord," and go off playing at life, at this existence, and forget about it, thinking that the Lord is going to do all the protection.  You have to pray. You have to pray the warfare, you have to assume that Satan is out there.

          I went into that meeting, and I cursed every spirit that was not of God. Who walked into that meeting and cursed every spirit that was not of God? Not many.  The church is naive, very childish, and many will be hurt before this issue is resolved.

          What is this issue? Can anybody tell us what the issue at hand is? The issue at hand, brethren, is who will marry humanity, and which child will humanity bear, and what nature will humanity appear in.  That's what is at issue, and it's a very powerful issue.

          And this issue does not come under the heading of, leave it alone, if it's not of God, it will fall away. Now if you're in a Methodist church, or if you're in a Lutheran church, or if you're in a Baptist church that doesn't believe in the gifts of the spirit, you might say that, well if it's not of God, it will fall away, because that's true. The Lord will rise up in a company of men, and defeat this false anointing.

          But if you're one of those people who is susceptible to go around to charismatic meetings, and let yourself let someone lay hands on you, and drink in that anointing, for you that Scripture doesn't apply, if it's not of God it will fall away.

          For you, its touch not the unclean thing!

          So although many would laugh at what I'm about to say, the truth is, that the future of the church and the future of all humanity, is at stake. Brethren, the church of Jesus Christ is the defender of the widow and the orphan, and the whole world is widowed and orphaned.

          God is spirit.  We must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  In the Spirit of truth, we must worship him. The truth is that the personalities of humanity are the collective spiritual woman, and we are widowed, we are cut off from our husband, except in the few cases where people, where a personality truly has a relationship with Christ Jesus, not with the Holy Spirit. 

          The Holy Spirit is not your husband. How can I say the Holy Spirit is not your husband? The Holy Spirit cannot impregnate you. Christ cannot impregnate you, only Christ Jesus can give you a child. The Holy Spirit is not your husband.

          So the whole world is widowed, and most of the church is widowed. Brethren, what does a husband do?  He gives you a child, and what else does he do for you? He's your protector, he's your provider, and all of his wisdom and wealth to meet your needs are suppose to be yours.

          Spiritually speaking that commitment and that obligation on the part of a husband is given to us through the impartation of His mind. His mind in us, the mind of Jehovah in the form of Christ Jesus in this generation, married to the personality which we are, is the true marriage.

          When Jesus said, "Let not man put asunder what God has put together,"  brethren, that's what he was talking about. Now it's okay to take spiritual laws, and to take spiritual things that Jesus has said, and apply them to your present life level.  It's good to say that if a physical man and a physical woman have married, that someone should not interfere with that marriage and break it apart, that's healthy, but that's not what Jesus was talking about.

           We can take the things that Jesus said, and the spiritual law, and apply them on many levels and benefit from that application.

          But technically speaking, the foundational truth of the Scripture, the original purpose and meaning of that word, is what the Scripture really means.  And Jesus was talking to the Jews of his day, saying to them, "If your mind is in such a condition that you could  actually be saying to me, the Son of God, it is not a good thing to get married if divorce is not available, it's not a good thing to marry a human woman, if divorce is not available to me, for you to talk like that to a prophet of the stature of Jesus, you have been exposed as speaking out of your carnal mind.

          Therefore Jesus said to them, only a reprobate mind would think like that, only a reprobate mind would say, "It's not good to get married if divorce is not available," therefore your problem is, not that you need divorce available to you, but your problem is that you have been separated from the mind of God, which has put you into this reprobate condition."

          Let what God put together, let man not put it asunder.  You shouldn't be separated from the mind of Christ. And of course I haven't looked at that in the Greek.  Probably what Jesus was saying to them, in response to this reprobate question was, "Let the mind of God be restored to you, because you're not thinking right."

          You marry a woman, you marry her for better or for worse, to even think in your mind before the marriage, or while contemplated marriage, well I better have a way of escape, shows you up to be a person of poor character. And isn't it interesting that this is what we hear today in this country? If it doesn't work out, we'll get a divorce, no problem.

          So we see that the counterfeit anointing is designed to seduce the church into a relationship with Satan, so that the members of the church will bear Satan's offspring in the form of a mind.

          Now the whole world has a carnal mind, but they are living out of, the majority of the world is living out of the conscious part of their carnal mind. The birth and the maturity, or the maturity and the birth of the spiritual child in an individual will make that person, a person living out of the high planes of the spiritual consciousness, with great spiritual power.

          The world is changing before our very eyes, and Satan wants the people in the church.

          She already has many of the people in the other parts of the world who worship her unashamedly, practice witchcraft, black magic, and voodoo openly. But the witchcraft, the black magic, and voodoo we've seen in the world, to whatever degree we've seen it here in the West, has been the best that Satan can do, and she's only manifested it in a few people.

          I was telling you this off the message, I asked this question years ago, with all this high spiritual philosophy in India, how come it's just a yogi here and there that ascends into these high spiritual places? And Africa, I don't know of any spiritual philosophy in Africa, but there's a lot of magic and witchcraft in Africa. 

          How come it's just the witch doctors, just one here and one there? Why is it not the masses of humanity, in general, ascending into a high place of spiritual power? Because it hasn't happened yet.

          There's a spiritual age of the spiritual woman. Some members of humanity mature more quickly than others, but there is a season, there is a season of fertility for the spiritual woman, where everybody, everybody will have the potential to enter into the high planes of spiritual consciousness, and the spiritual power that is associated with those planes.

          We are approaching that time. It probably has already begun. Ages seep in, they roll in, they flow in very slowly. Are we not spiritually ascending here? We are in this fellowship, we are spiritually ascending, all of us including me. We grow every day. And this growth can only take place because Christ Jesus is in us.

          We don't really, I mean I really don't know what's happening with Satan's crowd. I really don't meet those people, but, and actually I've met one or two on line, there's been no hostility or aggression. I honestly don't have the full witness of what is going to happen, of how this war is going to play out.

          All that I know is that personalities are female, and there has to be an agreement with the mind that's indwelling them, and that there is an all out war for the members of humanity.

          This is what the temptation was all about.  Satan said to Jesus, "I'll give you all of the kingdoms of this world." He was talking about the people.

Satan was saying, "I'll give you control over all of the peoples of the world."

           I only have abstract concepts that the masses of the people will be enslaved.  Now, I have a better concept of how it will play out with the sons of God, but how it will play out with Satan's children, I just know they will be cruel, and that this change of consciousness may take thousands of years to touch all of humanity, and the human beings that are not yet ascended will be victimized by the ascended human beings who are ascended in Satan's mind.

          I know that there is a war going on, over the peoples of humanity, who will control them. Well you say, "No one controls me, I'm a free man," and because of that prideful statement, you can be snared.  You are vulnerable to being snared, you are controlled, you're controlled by the immature carnal mind.

          Even if you have the Holy Ghost, does he really control you when you leave church? I don't think so. Why? Because only a mind can control you. It's takes a mind to control you. A mind has to give you thoughts, ideas. Mind is conscience.

          Brethren, we have to be instructed in restraint, and righteousness and wisdom, so as to not hurt anybody with the power that we have.

          Look at your life.  Do you have any authority in your life, do you have people under you at work? Do you have people under you at home? Do you have a wife, if you're a wife, do you have children? Do you ever lose it, and deal unfairly with the people under you? Or how do you think that would manifest when you're having a bad day, and your mind is a sword?

          There is a whole new world emerging.  It is truly a new age, and the war that is raging right now, is to determine the nature of humanity in this new age.

          Gold dust on someone's coat means nothing, God is spirit, physical signs mean nothing. God doesn't manifest physical signs.

          Jesus said to the Pharisees, to the Jews, they're always looking for a sign, but the only sign you shall receive is Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. And what he meant by that was, after the third day and the third night, Jonah was, the whale spat him out, now that's the King James translation. The whale spat him out, he rose from the dead!

          Jesus said, "The only sign that you are going to have is that I will rise from the dead!" Brethren, the only sign that Christ Jesus has risen in mortal men, the only sign that Christ Jesus has made his public appearance is that we will see a man who is indestructible.

          You see, the raising of the dead, so that they live another twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty years and die again, is not the miracle of the Scripture.  That is an interim, temporary miracle, which is a sign to help you along the way, you who need signs, but the true resurrection of the dead, is the resurrection of the Christ child in you, and when the Christ child lives in you, you shall never die.

          That is the only sign that Christ is risen, indestructibility, that death has no power over you. Of course the sign is that you are incapable of sin, but who can see such a sign. If I tell you that I am incapable of sin in my motives, who can see such a sign?  You cannot see such a sign, but we can see the fruit of that sign, and when it is true that we are incapable of sin in our motives, this physical body is indestructible.

          No man can take our life. Sinlessness is the only true sign of a resurrected Savior, and all of you people who think that you're going to church every Sunday or casting out demons, or whatever you're doing, preaching, or whatever you're doing, and that your eternal life is after the physical death of your body, you are absolutely deceived, and that is you're just in denial, because you cannot face the truth. 

          It is too painful for the church to face the truth that the promises of the Lord Jesus have not yet been manifested in the earth. They don't understand it, and rather than believe that it's a lie, which it's not, they've made up this fantasy that the promises are fulfilled after physical death.

          No brethren, there is only one sign that the promises have been fulfilled in you and that you shall never die, and that is eternal life in this flesh, which arises out of sinlessness. Your nature has to be changed to receive the promise of the Scripture.

          Personalities married to their carnal mind do not live forever.  They dissolve. But we shall be saved in childbearing, brethren.

          So what more can I say about this false revival except that the seduction is so subtle that it's very disconcerting.

          What we saw was a man who did what every other evangelist has ever done that I've ever seen, except that he had gold sparkles on him. The gold sparkles, I don't believe that he put them on himself.  I believe that they arose from under his skin.

          Brethren, Jesus said I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. Brethren, these physical bodies and the personality are houses for spiritual life. There is spiritual life of great proportions within us, that has no time or space. It doesn't take up any space.

          There are probably millions, if not billions and trillions, of entities living and feeding off of mortal humanity from the inside, invisible and without mass, they take up no space. If enough spiritual power is present, anything can be manifested on the skin and on the clothing.

          What do you think illusion is brethren. The spirit wells up within you and manipulates, well illusion probably comes from the mind, comes directly from the manipulation of the brain. So it's not exactly the same thing.

          All spiritual activity is from within you. It is only we who dwell in outer darkness that manipulate the exterior materials of this world. Spirits, the more powerful they are, rise from within and project the desired objects on the outside.

          Isn't that what a poltergeist is? Well a poltergeist moves the existing, the prior objects around. Everything is from within. Disease on the physical body is a disease that begins within. I don't care what touches you on the outside, if you don't have the potential for it within, it cannot cleave unto you.

          There are invisible planes within this body, and there are all kinds of activity in these planes that affect us out here in outer darkness.

          Is there anything else I can say about this false revival, I don't know what else to say, except that it is so subtle, that many, many, many will go after the beast.

          If Satan seduces evangelists that have preaching in a respected condition for twenty eight years, the average member of the church will never be able to see the difference. And the only thing that I can put my hand on, there are three or four things I can put my hands on, for you to look for, this evangelist said, an angel just threw a fire ball at him, and now the gold dust is falling everywhere.

          God doesn't do anything frivolously. God doesn't throw fire balls at you, and there are not angels out there throwing fire balls at you, there are spiritual entities in the astral plane that do things like that, but they are of Satan, they are not of God.

          So the talk of angels in that context, brethren, angels are messengers, they don't throw fire balls at you. Talk of angels, worship God, brethren, worship God. The gold dust, God doesn't drop gold dust on you brethren, He's spirit, and His signs are spiritual.

          That's what Jesus said, His signs are spiritual.  The only sign you're going to see is the resurrection of the dead, and spiritual signs must be discerned.

          So if you're walking around in the conscious part of your carnal mind, you will never even see the sign. You have to become spiritual before you can see the sign, and to become spiritual you have to submit yourself to study in Christ Jesus and spiritual ministry, to become spiritual.

          Angels, gold dust, also brethren, we're waiting for God to do a new thing, and this gold dust revival looks exactly like Pentecost as it was, as Pentecost came forth in the western world, in the 1900s.

          God is doing a new thing brethren.  He's not doing the same thing all over again, this time with gold dust. And the new thing that He's doing is that He's changing the nature of people, and the next outpouring of power that we see, will pour out of the righteous nature of Christ Jesus manifesting through a man, and it will not look like Pentecost.

          What will it look like? I don't know, but it will not look like Pentecost, it will look different. I don't know what it will look like. I don't know if it will look like what the apostles did, they just walked in the street. I don't know if it will look like what Elijah did, you had to go to his house, and he told you to go jump in the water to get healed. I don't know, maybe it will be something completely different, I don't know.

          But I don't think that it's going to be in large rooms with, and I don't mean to knock Pentecost, I got my start in Pentecost, and there's a place for Pentecost. Pentecost is for carnal people, brethren. Pentecost is for carnal people that cannot see spiritual signs. It's like being an actor, you're up there on the stage being an actor.

          Well it's good, where God is doing that, it's good, it's for the carnal people that cannot see anything else, but you're not suppose to stay carnal. You're suppose to become spiritual, and then go on to see the spiritual signs.

           So God is doing a new thing, and it's not suppose to look like Pentecost. God doesn't sprinkle gold dust, His signs are spiritual, and there are no angels throwing fire balls, and appearing just to let you see them as a sign.  Angels are not a sign. Christ Jesus is the only sign, and He manifests in righteous power.

          And the other sign is preaching, preaching that directs us to look at the inner sins of our heart, the hidden sins of our heart, so that we can begin the change of nature.

          So I just pray for the church, because most will not receive this message.

          I just pray that God have mercy on the church, I pray that the Savior that the Lord Jesus has promised to raise up to judge Israel in this hour, should manifest quickly. I pray that the perfect plan of the Lord Jesus to counteract this event that is happening, should be fully manifested and put into play with the Lord's perfect timing, and we thank you Lord in advance, because we know that you are not slumbering or sleeping, but that you have everything under control.  We thank you for your faithfulness to those of us who acknowledge you, and we pray for the strength and the wisdom to do our part, whatever that part might be.

          We ask you, Lord, to continue to show us our sins Lord, and to help us to walk carefully behind you, and to right any wrong that we do Lord, that we should be as blameless as possible when you come, Father, that we might experience the fulfillment of the promises, Christ Jesus being born in us, into the higher planes of consciousness, in your time line, and the righteous spiritual power that is associated with it.

          I pray Lord for the opportunity and the privilege of doing good to other men. I don't think anything would make me happier than seeing people healed and set free, and taught the truth, and delivered from the hands of evil, in your timing Lord. We thank you for the opportunity to be vessels that you'll manifest your great works through. 

          But in this hour, it cannot be healing alone, healing must be accompanied by a change of nature. Righteousness must swallow up unrighteousness, that this whole root of humanity might be delivered out from the world under the ocean bed, back into the upper window where we will fellowship freely with the whole household of God.

          And we thank you Lord, that you're real, that a positive God is the reality here, that you love men, that you've never left us, you've never forsaken us, that it's we who have departed from you in sinfulness of the thoughts of our mind. We thank you Lord for not giving up on us, and we pray that your nature should be manifested in us.

          Lord help us to not give up on anybody, yet to not pursue them in our carnal mind, but to be faithful, Lord, and to manifest Christ to the world.  In the name of Jesus, I pray that.  Amen.

2/17/2000rs- Transcribed


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