486 - 1 Part
(Two Examples)


{small}486 - 1 Part{/small} {br} THE SUPERNATURAL MIND OF CHRIST JESUS {br} {small}(Two Examples){/small}

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What the Lord has asked me to do is speak to you, okay, the first thing I'm going to do is speak to you about an expression of pride, a manifestation of pride that manifested in you that I really just haven't gotten around to talking to you about. So I would just like to expose it to you, and assuming that you're going to repent, which I know you will, this is, if this exposure of sin is the cleansing before this deep message that the Lord has to deliver to you, I'm sure that you could understand it if this expression of pride was not exposed, but we want more than understanding. Every message that comes forth, which is the word of the Lord, we want it to interweave itself with every cell of our spiritual being, and we want ministry. We want this word to swallow up the word of death that is in our very cellular structure. And this is why the exposure of any sin is necessary, and of course, we're all in sin, we sin everyday, but the sin that needs to be confessed before ministry is the sin that has been recognized by Christ Jesus through a son, something that we manifested recently that the Lord has made a judgment has to be recognized for us to get the very best benefit out of the ministry that he's giving to us today.


So I will be exposing, it's a manifestation that is common to the whole body of Christ, I'll be exposing that, and then I'm going to give an explanation or a testimony of, well I'm going to give a testimony of how the Lord explained to me a spiritual experience that I recently had which was yesterday, and then the third aspect of this message that I have for you will be to show you how something very similar happened to you yesterday, and we can go over your dream, which you will have to repeat for me, because I don't really remember all the aspects of it.


So this, number one, this is the manifestation of pride. I was talking on line to a couple of you one day, and I said something, it had to do with a revelation, which on the surface appeared to be the exact opposite of a revelation that I had had a couple of years ago, and I know that in my spirit I understand that sometimes that can happen. It's possible that I misunderstood the Lord, it's possible that I made a mistake, but even more likely than that, the most likely thing is that the two revelations that appear to be exactly the opposite, are reconcilable through another piece of information that the Lord could give me, they both can be right, if you're just looking at it with the mind of God, with all of the necessary information. Does that make any sense to you? Yes, okay, I know you people on the tape you cannot hear the person I'm speaking to on the telephone, but she just said yes.


Okay, so we were on line in sort of a little group conversation, and this was the situation that arose, and you remembered something that I had said a couple of years ago, and on the surface it looked I was saying the exact opposite, which maybe I was saying the exact opposite, and the pride that manifested was that you sort of pressed me to say, which is something that you do a lot, you say, "Well that's what you said four years ago, this is what you said four years ago", and you didn't want to let go of it, because what I said four years ago, it had blessed you and you had received it, and it was an important word in your heart.


So your pride rose up to try to hold on to that thing that you received four years ago, and your pride closed your ears, and so I talked to you about it, okay, but your pride closed your ears to what I was trying to say, that let's see what the Lord has to say about this, it's possible that I could be completely wrong, but it's rare that I'm completely wrong, usually the Lord just has to explain it to me, show it to me from a different point of view, and everything works together, because when the Lord gives me revelation, and I think this is true of everybody, frequently this revelation comes forth in pieces.


We're so carnal, you know, and it's so difficult for us to understand spiritual things, that he'll spoon feed us the revelation, and then at some particular moment, we have to put all of the pieces together, and understand the whole, and sometimes a revelation that comes forth in it's piece form, looks radically different when it's fitted together with all of the other pieces of that revelation, are you following me? Yes, so therefore, if you trust the teacher, which I know that you trust me, and of course this message is for whoever is going to hear it, if you trust the teacher, if you trust the prophet, if you believe that they are in Christ, although they are imperfect, and it looks like there's a contradiction manifesting, what the Lord requires of us is to restrain our pride and our fear.


You see, there's always fear at the bottom of manifestations of pride, restrain our fear that this word that we received four years ago that was a blessing to us, and something that we really did not, it would have been, we would not have liked to hear that this was not true, okay, to just restrain our fear, and give the Lord a chance to put this revelation together with all of the pieces of the whole, so that what was said four years ago can be reconciled with what is being said today, even though the two revelations, when you hold them up against one another, they seem to be contradicting one another when they form the whole picture, they're not contradicting one another.


So our challenge in Christ is to not go into fear and to not let our pride rise up and try to pressure the prophet to say, "Well what I said four years ago had to be true", which is what you did.


Did you understand what I said? Yes, and you know that we've been talking about this for a long time. So, it was just one more time that this manifested, and I guess you repent, do you repent? Yes, okay, so that makes you eligible for the ministry that the Lord has for you now. Oh, okay, well we talk about the exact incident off the tape if you would like to, but I think it's good enough for now, okay. You comprehended what I said to you?


Yes, okay. Okay we'll talk about that.


I'm sure you will do it again, because we sin remember, sister, that the people on this tape cannot hear you, I'm the only one who can hear you, so I don't want any long blank spaces on the telephone, okay. I'm sure you will do it again, because we do our sins over and over and over again, and each time we do them, they get weaker and it becomes easier for us to repent, and eventually they pass out of our everyday life, but the potential for them to rise up like a recessive gene will always be there until our sin nature is completely consumed in the lake of fire.


So to say, well it's good that you want to know the specific incident, but to think that you really can prevent it from ever happening again, is another manifestation of pride, you see, because as long as you see, all thoughts originate in the unconscious mind, and Satan is the unconscious part of our carnal mind, and all thought originates with her, so who's talking to me now is the personality, you see that's not Christ talking to me, Christ would have never said that. So that part of you who is talking to me is the personality, who is saying I am strong enough to stop Satan from thinking sinful thoughts through me, and that's a lie, because the personality is not strong enough to do that, you see. Did you understand what I said?


Yes, and that is the reason, this is the exact reason that we need a savior, and we're not strong enough to stop Satan, but we are strong enough to confess this activity as sin, and to ask the Lord Jesus to help us, and Christ Jesus is strong enough to stop Satan. So that's the process, did I make that clear? Okay.


Is there anything that you wanted to say before we go on to stage two? Yes, okay, stage two, this is my testimony. I have been under, well, it was not an oppression, but there was a conflict, there has been a conflict in my mind, or there had been a conflict in my mind for two or three days, over a particular issue, which I would rather not describe, it had to do with me and the body of Christ, and initially I think it lasted for about, yes, it had to do with me and members of the body of Christ, and certain behavior okay. And you see, once, thoughts come into my mind continuously, a large percentage of them are Christ, and Christ Jesus, sometimes it's the Lord Jesus Christ, it's really hard to tell the difference, they all flow together. I do have ungodly thoughts of my carnal mind, and those thoughts are usually very obvious to me, thoughts that are the thoughts of Satan and Leviathan are usually very obvious to me. But every once in while, something comes into my mind and it's a conflict that I have in the spirit, and I don't know initially whether the conflict is between me, between Christ in me and someone else's mind, or whether the conflict is between my carnal mind and my Christ mind.


So in this issue that I really don't want to go into the issue, but I felt that something was being done by other people was not right, yet I felt that they were in ignorance, that nobody was doing me any harm deliberately, yet the thought was in my mind. You see, as soon as the thought comes into our mind, we have to deal with it, because this is how the sons of God operate. The thoughts of Christ come into our mind, and we have to make a judgment as to where the righteousness is and where the unrighteousness is, and when the personality, when the sons agreed with Christ Jesus that unrighteousness is taking place, then the Spirit of Christ goes forth to bring a correction. So most of the work of being a son, or at least 50-75% of the work of being a son, is not, it's solitary, it's between you and the Lord, it's not even with other sons. It's the thought process of the Christ mind that manifests through the individual son, and it's from this point, you see, that's what the Scripture means when it says, "The government shall be on his shoulders", see, if we are the son of God, and the only thing that makes anyone a son of God, is that Christ Jesus is reigning in righteousness through the mind of that person, that's what makes you a son, there is nothing that you could do that would make you a son, there is nothing that you could say that would make you a son, there is nothing that you could wear or own that would make you a son, it's either true or not true that Christ Jesus is sitting in righteous judgment through communion with the glorified Lord Jesus Christ and your personality, and that this is manifesting in at least in your neck energy center, and this is the meaning of the Scripture, "...and the government shall be sitting on his shoulders." Well what sits on your shoulders? The neck sits on your shoulders.


So if your spiritual being is in this condition that Christ Jesus is ascended into your neck center, and he's communing with the Lord Jesus, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, and your personality is in agreement with the two of them, the government of God is manifesting through you. Now, the government of God could be manifesting through you five minutes a month. It doesn't have to be continuous, but at the moment that the government of God is manifesting through you, at the moment you are the son of God, you see.


So, I have this judgment, I have this righteous judgment flowing through my mind continuously, that's it's Christ Jesus in agreement with the glorified Jesus Christ flows through my mind frequently, frequently, but for the righteous judgment to go forth, my personality has to be drawn into the body of government, and of course, my personality is the weak link in this government that sits on these shoulders. Why? Because my personality is mortal, and my personality is continuously being influenced by the carnal mind.


So when Christ Jesus can draw my personality into agreement with the righteous judgment with Christ Jesus, at that point, the spirit of judgment goes forth, you see. So, for this to happen, a factor that's essential, is that my personality understands what's happening, you see. I or you, I'm talking about me, because this is my testimony, but this is the testimony for the whole son of God, you see. Anybody that's going to be a son of God, this is your testimony, this is the experience that you are called to.


Now, for the spirit of judgment to go forth, my personality, my mortal personality must understand the righteous principle that's being violated in Christ Jesus and must fall into agreement, and it cannot be a fake agreement, it has to be an agreement that arises out of understanding okay, my personality has to understand the issue, and has to understand and be able, after I'm educated by Christ Jesus, my personality has to be able to recognize the righteous conclusion of this conflict, you see.


And in that event the spirit of judgment goes forth, not to punish or destroy, but to rectify every error that is existing, especially and in particular, when the error is in the thinking of the mind of someone who is in training to be the son of God, you see. The sons of God are not judging the world, we are judging the church.


So most is not all of the judgments, to be honest with you, I cannot tell you all of the judgment, because I don't even remember everything that Christ Jesus does through me, But most of the judgment that's executed through me is towards believers who are in training to be sons, for their benefit to help them to recognize and cover over their carnal mind that Christ Jesus might ascend into the neck energy center within them, so that they might have the privilege of judging other things unto their perfection, not unto their condemnation, and not unto their destruction. This honor hath the saints, to bind the kings of the carnal mind with chains and judgment, that that personality, the personality of our brother and sister in Christ might join with Christ Jesus, through agreement, you see. Our personality is not going to be apprehended like some mindless piece of metal would be picked up with a magnet. We will be joined to Christ Jesus through understanding of righteousness.


And the Scripture says that we will learn righteousness through the judgment of our own sin nature. Did you understand what I just said to you? Yes, okay. So, I was in this conflict in my mind you see and when I get these controversies in my mind, the Scripture talks about a controversy, it's the Lord that stirs up, well it's either the Lord or the carnal mind that stirs up controversy. I could not get it out of my mind, so I had to put it before the Lord and I said, "Lord, if this is sin in me, you know, if I'm thinking wrong about my brother, I confess it, I really want this thing to go out of my mind, but it's so strong in my mind that what is happening is wrong, you know." So I went through the whole process of confession and repentance, and I came to the conclusion that it was not me, that this was the work of Christ Jesus, that he felt that one or some of his sons were thinking incorrectly.


Now what is really important for the people listening to this tape to understand is that when a son goes through this, when Christ Jesus is thinking through me, and thinking what that other person did is wrong and I could test myself completely, put myself before the Lord and come to the conclusion that I am not condemning this person, that I am not angry at this person, that I'm not retaliating towards this person, but that a spirit of righteousness has risen up to make a judgment to form an opinion that what they're doing is really wrong and that I have not formed this opinion for my own benefit, I am not trying to force this person to do what's right, there's nothing in it for me, I forgive them, I accept them with their weaknesses, because all of us are imperfect, God only knows how many times I let people down, and there's nothing in it for me. This is just the spirit of righteousness flowing saying, "This is really wrong." Okay, at that point we need to know that Christ Jesus wants a correction to the mind that's thinking incorrectly.


Now, at the time over these last few days, I wasn't feeling well, I had come to the conclusion that it was nothing ungodly in me, but I cannot move until Christ Jesus, I cannot move in the natural or even in the spiritual until Christ Jesus moves in me. So I prayed several times, and the controversy, the subject matter of the controversy continued to abide in my mind. And then on the third day, well, actually it started a whole week ago, and then it stopped and then it started again, so on the third or fourth day of this continuous controversy, a depression descended upon me, a depression.


When I first came to the Lord I had a serious problem with oppression and depression, but I have been delivered, I am very happy with my life, and I'm happy from day to day. So when a depression descends me I know that it's not typical, and that something unusual is going on, and I also felt that it had something to do with this controversy, but I couldn't connect the depression to the controversy.


This is what happened, the depression overshadowed me for several hours, it caused me to lose a measure of my disciplined and not work as I would have liked to work.


But after several hours I rallied and Christ stood very tall in me and said that despite everything I am feeling, despite this oppression in my mind and in my emotions, I know that this is not me. I know that I am happy, I am so happy with my life, actually I didn't have a choice, I was drafted into the Lord's army, I really was not given a choice, but if I had a choice, I would not choose any other life. This is what's best for me, and I know that. So, I know that I'm not unhappy, I know these thoughts in my mind are a lie, and I know that something is covering me, something is lying on me that has the power to influence my emotions, and my thoughts, but despite that Christ is standing tall, and I know it's not true, and I'm just, and I rebuked it, I broke the ungodly soul ties with the person who I thought was involved, I stripped them off of me, and however else I prayed along those lines. And the next thing I did was to call them, I felt the Lord told me to call them.


Now, when I spoke to the person on the telephone, their attitude was very godly, they claimed that they knew nothing about what I was saying, which is very possible, I tap into the subconscious and the unconscious mind, it is very possible that the person didn't know what was going on in their own subconscious and unconscious mind, that is part of the ministry here, to help the saints get in touch with their subconscious and their unconscious mind. So this person responded with a godly attitude, admitted that it could possibly be true, what I was saying, and we prayed together, and by the time I got off the phone, the oppression lifted off of me.


Now, but I still didn't understand it, I still didn't understand it, and I even said to this person that I called, there are other people that are involved, but for some reason you're the one, you're the one where the problem is coming from, but I don't understand it. Well the next morning I woke up and the Lord gave me an explanation as to what happened to me, and this is leading into your situation, it's going to be a similar experience for you. This is what the Lord told me happened, as the controversy raised up mind, as Christ Jesus, as the controversy that Christ Jesus had raised up concerning the behavior of this person, as it was considered in my mind, as I thought about it, as I discussed it with the Lord, as I talked about it, as I confessed my own sins, as I dealt with that controversy in my mind in a godly manner, this speech went out into the spirit.


You see, even though I was here in my own home speaking to the Lord about it, speech is spiritual. What we hear with our physical ears is the final expression of that speech. Speech sounds on the etheric plane, it sounds in the spirit. And this speech that came out of me, because I was verbalizing it, my speech was in the physical and my speech was also in the spirit. The believer who it was intended for heard it in the spirit on some subconscious level. I believe her, that she wasn't aware of it in the natural, I have no reason but to believe her. But Christ Jesus in this sister heard everything that was discussed between Christ Jesus and myself. She heard the whole issue in her subconscious mind. But for whatever reason, well I know what reason, but her conscious, the information did not pierce through her conscious mind because of a spirit of rebellion, and this is what the Lord told me, because of a spirit of rebellion.


But the bottom line is that her carnal mind succeeded in blocking this spiritual speech from entering into her consciousness. And the particular aspect of her carnal mind that stood against her comprehending what Christ Jesus was telling her. You see, the spiritual speech said, "Look, what you're doing is wrong, and this is the right behavior, do the right behavior. Christ Jesus manifesting through me, was speaking in the realm of the spirit to Christ Jesus in this other believer, do the right thing, do the right thing, do the right thing, but because, you see, we all have character flaws brethren, we're all terribly imperfect. So when I say character flaws, don't anybody get insulted, I have character flaws, God only knows, I have many characters flaws see. So a character flaw in this person that formed her personality in this area to reject the right behavior, stood up against the spiritual speech of Christ Jesus and said, "No, I don't do things like that." Now this is all on a subconscious level, and that is a spirit of rebellion, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. So an aspect of the carnal mind, and of course the personality has to be in agreement, rose up in this believer who is living for Christ, okay, but has character flaw in this particular area, a spirit of rebellion, and the associate of witchcraft, rose up in that believer and stopped the message of Christ Jesus from penetrating into the believer's conscious mind. And the warfare took place in the subconscious plane. Do you understand what I'm saying? Okay.


So, this warfare took place in the subconscious plane. Now, who actually was waging this warfare? Okay, it was a combination of the fiery serpent, and as the Lord has recently revealed to us, Cain is woven together with the fiery serpent, Cain is in there, Cain, it's we've recently discovered, it's called the foliage of the ground. The fiery serpent is the ground, and the foliage means plant, that which rises up above the ground. So Cain is a spiritual foliage, just as several years ago in a study it was revealed that Leviathan is the weed in the garden, and Christ Jesus is the cultivated plant. Cain is the foliage, she is our personality that rises up above the ground, the fiery serpent is underneath, and the personality, well, I'm not saying that Cain is the personality, she's interwoven, I don't want to get into that right now. Cain is the ground, and the ground is the fiery serpent, and for rebellion and witchcraft to manifest, the fiery serpent has to rise up and make a league with Leviathan.


So it was the three of them, the fiery serpent, Leviathan, and Cain operating in this spirit of rebellion that stood up against the speech of Christ in the subconscious plane, and blocked it from going into conscious understanding of the believer. And Cain rose up by the strength of the fiery serpent and Leviathan, and that witchcraft that was generated through that union, Cain rose up and covered Abel in me, you see. He didn't kill Abel in me, Abel didn't die, because Abel was alive and well under the ground saying, "this isn't me, I'm happy and I love Jesus, and I'm not going to let my behavior manifest this depression, I am going to do and act like I would do and act if I was in my normal state of joy at the privilege of bringing forth this word of God, you see.


So Abel was under the ground in me, and that is the reason that this oppression was on me, and that is the reason that the thoughts of my mind did not agree with the thoughts of what was covering my mind. Cain covered me, but did not succeed in killing me. And when Abel, or Abel, you might want to call it Christ in the New Testament, I'm not going to get into that teaching right now, rose up and thought a different thought than Cain.


Now let me stop that sentence for a minute, years ago when this would happen to me, maybe even only as recently as two years ago, Abel in me would be so confused because of the covering that was thrown on him that Abel would fall into agreement with Cain, and that is the death of Abel, you see. And this happened to me many times, the Lord Jesus had to raise me from the dead, because Abel in me would fall into agreement with the thoughts of my carnal mind and the emotions of pain. But because Abel did not die this time, he was a second voice, he was a second thought, he was a second mind, and I broke the ungodly soul ties, and fought the only way I knew how, and the Lord said to me, "call this sister", and when I called this sister and we talked about it, and her response was godly, and we prayed, I got off the telephone and the whole oppression was gone. But the Lord did tell me, you see, when that happened, at the moment I didn't understand why that telephone call caused the oppression to dissolved, neither did I understand, or could I explain to that sister, why, although other people were engaging in the same error, or wrong thinking, why she was the one that I felt that I had to talk to. And the answer to that question is, that the reason she was the one, it was because out of all of them, it was her mind that stood up in the strength, in the witchcraft strength to cover over Abel in me. The others were wrong in their thinking, but the others simply didn't either, didn't hear the spiritual speech or were rejecting the spiritual speech, but in this sister, although it was I grant it, her subconscious mind, the rebellion and witchcraft in her carnal mind rose up and waged a warfare against Christ Jesus who was speaking the truth to her. Do you understand what I just said? Yes, okay.


And that was why I had to direct my ministry and my phone call to this one person out of several people that were involved in this wrong thinking. So when I woke up this morning and I got this revelation, I was just very excited at the understanding, and I felt this morning that I should call you and share this with you, and then I decided not to, for whatever reason I decided not to. And then you called me, and I guess the reason that I didn't call you was that I had to get more information from you. Because at the time that I thought of calling you, I had no idea that this experience, that you too were having this experience in a different area, which is going to be the third stage of this message.


So I guess I was suppose to wait for you to call me, in time to get enough information or just to get enough information or to get the word from the Lord that you too are experiencing something similar. Praise the Lord, we're going on to the third stage now, we're going to talk of how you had a similar experience that you were not even aware that you were having, okay.


When we talked on the phone last night, well actually when you called me last night, you said that you woke up somewhat oppressed or depressed, and you felt that it had to do with what we talked about..."


We lost about one minute due to technical difficulties, so please hold on, the next thing that you will hear is the resumption of my conversation concerning the experience of this sister who had called me. She called with an oppression this morning. It will be about another 30 seconds of silence.


Yes, and we talked about several things that she had told you, some of which I agree with you were very spiritually powerful, and things that I didn't even know at the time, because I had met this other woman just before you broke up, and apparently she was talking about things that I didn't know anything about at the time, yet there was a instability in her personality and from some of the things that you told me, I felt that there was some witchcraft, which is not unusual. We come to the Lord and he joins to our spirit, and he starts teaching us through our spirit, and we're just all dirty, you know, we just have to live with that. And if we're, anyone hearing this tape, if you're having a problem with what I'm saying, it's your pride. All of humanity is spiritually filthy, and those of us in the church are just as filthy as the rest of humanity, even those of us who have received some cleansing. I've received a lot of cleansing.


Of course it depends on how spiritually dirty you are when you come to the Lord. The way it's described in the Scripture is that we are being born into the Spirit of God and we're covered with afterbirth, see. There's no condemnation in it, it's just the truth, we're covered with afterbirth. We're forming in the, although we're not fully born yet, we're being formed in the womb of the earth, which is the carnal mind, and the slime and the spiritual filth of the carnal mind just covers us. So it's just something that's to be expected, it is our condition, it is the way we are without condemnation, and we are to go forward in our training, looking forward to the day that we will be fully purified, and without sin, at which time we shall have entered into eternal life.


But when I talk about spiritual filth, I am not condemning anybody, I'm as dirty or dirtier than anybody else, and that's the truth. So we talked about this woman who I had met several times, and I told you that I believe that the Lord was with her, because I even had some ministry for her, I had a word of knowledge for her. I had a word of knowledge for her once or twice, and I felt that the Lord was really with her, but I also thought that I had seen insanity in her eyes. And then you told me that there were other people in the church that you were attending that had a similar opinion.


So we see what is a very common occurrence in the church. The woman really has connected with the Spirit of God, but her personality was damaged. This is so common, and this is the reason for the judgment. The judgment seat of Christ corrects our personality to the point that our personality reflects the Spirit of God that's in the midst of us. You see, many of us in the church, we do have, whether it's the Holy Ghost or the Spirit of Christ, whatever manifestation of God it is that we have, that image or that reflection of Christ that we have is being blunted and hindered because it cannot, it is not strong enough to form the personality in its image.


You see, the spirit in us is likened unto the engraving tool, and the personality is clay, and the spirit in us is suppose to carve or engrave or form the clay personality, so that the clay personality is an authentic accurate reproduction of the spirit that rules in us. So what happens when we receive the Spirit of Christ is that the Spirit of Christ is just not strong enough to change the image that the carnal mind has formed her personality into, and this is why we need the judgment seat of Christ. We need the strength of Christ Jesus in another, or other individuals, working from the outside so that Christ on the inside can change our personality into the image of the Father, that's what it's all about. And the more accurate our personality reflects the mind of Christ Jesus, the greater our experiences in Christ Jesus will be.


Because the brethren, the Lord is limited, now it's not that he's limited, he is invincible, but Christ under the personality of the human being is limited as the greatness of his expression, and that limitation is directly correlated to his ability to express himself through the personality, you see.


I know that in the church we see, we have seen miracles of healing through the Holy Ghost, but that was just for a season, that was just an announcement that the Lord is here, you see. Once Christ starts coming forth in us, the miracles that he does for the individual and through us for other individuals, is limited specifically to his ability to manifest the righteousness of Christ Jesus through the personality, and the more that personality gives up its sinful thoughts and its sinful ways, and what is sinful? The ways and thoughts of the carnal mind, the more personality is willing to sacrifice these thoughts and ways of thinking and give them up, and to start to think with the mind of Christ, the greater the exploits, that personality will have the privilege of being a party to. Because of all of the exploits come from Christ Jesus within.


So as the personality falls into agreement with Christ Jesus, that personality will experience the glory of almighty God, but the only way that this is going to happen is by having our wrong thoughts exposed, and our willingness to lay down those wrong thoughts, which is no easy thing, because you see, pride doesn't want to lay them down, and to take up the way Christ Jesus thinks, and the way Christ Jesus thinks is sacrifice of our pride, sacrifice of self interest, sacrifice of everything that opposes the kingdom of God.


And when the most important thing in our life is that Christ Jesus should be glorified and everything else in us should die, self interest, pride, concern, embarrassment, when all of that dies so that Christ Jesus should be glorified, we no matter how painful it is, we are being, our personality, is being re-engraved, reformed into the image of Christ, and we will experience more and more greatness of his Spirit as we fall into agreement with him, and the ultimate greatness of course is eternal life.


So, we're talking about this other woman, who you tell me was a great blessing in your life, and she taught you many things, and I admit that you told me a few things years ago, that I had never heard before, and today I'm teaching those things. So apparently she had a knowledge of especially of mind to mind communication that I did not have at the time. So I'm witness that she taught you some great things, but that she also had witchcraft, she also taught you some wrong things, and that there was also some ungodly soul ties in that relationship.


Well this is what the Lord told me this morning after you called, this is what the Lord told me, that this conversation that we had last night about this woman stirred up Christ Jesus, and he wants that woman. He wants that friend of yours, that relationship that you have, that you haven't seen in all of these years, that you went on without her, that you've joined in this ministry, and you've really grown and matured and you've come to the place where you are today where I consider you a teacher in Christ Jesus, and you've just got a lot of wisdom and knowledge, and now what began to happen on the phone last night, was that in the spirit, in the subconscious planes, he turned towards this woman. He wants her, and he wants to bring her in, and it's going to require a war, because I don't know where she is today, but we know that there was a lot of witchcraft and instability in the personality, and he's not reaching for her in the natural, he's reaching for her in the spirit, and the conversation that we had last night touched her, and that's why you were depressed this morning.


The conversation that we had last night touched her, she heard the trumpet, she heard the call. Is that exciting? The sister on the phone just said, "that's very exciting." Okay, well, I want to tell that I do have some experience with God, believe me I'm last person to tell you that I know how he thinks, but I will tell you that I have some knowledge of how he thinks, and I'll tell you this, he never lets go of anybody. He never lets go of anybody, and the reason it looks like he lets go, the reason it looks like people are straying so far from him and he's doing nothing about it, is because he is in the process of setting the stage to help that person, and the Lord Jesus Christ works through men.


And it's taken this long, how many years has it been since you've seen her, it's at least ten years, eleven years is it not? So it's eleven years, okay, you went from her to this ministry, as soon as this ministry raised up, the Lord transferred you from her to this ministry. Why? Because, am I saying this ministry is great and she wasn't?


No, not at all, you got whatever the Lord ordained for you to get from her and held you over until this ministry was ready, because now you had to learn some things from this ministry, and now that you've been strengthened and you're capable of helping her, you see, before now you wouldn't be strong enough to help her, today is the day, see.


How do I know? I don't know, the Lord Jesus made a judgment, today is the day, it's happening today. So he reached for her in the spirit last night and she on some level perceived the communication, and her carnal mind rose up to oppose it.


The next morning you were with torment, this sister on the phone said, and the next morning you were depressed and you received a dream that was unsettling for you. You are now engaged in a warfare for this woman's soul. I don't know where she is, I don't know what she's doing, I don't know what her condition is, but I know that this is her hour to go higher in Christ Jesus, and you as a son of God, and apparently I've been drawn into this, apparently it's the strength of the two of us here that is calling her. It's Christ Jesus in the two of us operating as one man, Christ Jesus, okay calling to her, and he wants to deal with whatever is operating in her right now that would oppose her from coming closer.


Now my guess would be, okay, and I do have some knowledge okay, I think my opinion does have some value, my guess would be that he has spoken to her and told her to contact you, and she has refused to do it, because it is my personal experience that the Lord only operates undercover when it is impossible to reach the person face to face in the human language. So my guess is that he has been talking to her for years, telling her to contact you and attempting to acquaint her with the materials that are coming forth from this ministry, and that she has not been able to hear it, or if she has heard it, she does not believe that it was the Lord telling her to do so.


So now after all of these years, you see, it takes much less spiritual strength to minister to somebody when their conscious mind is in agreement with it, if she could have heard the call, and recognized it was Christ, which you know she may have heard it and she may have recognized it was Christ, but her pride might have blocked her from doing it. So the result is all the same, whether she didn't hear the call, or whether she heard the call and wanted to respond and her pride blocked her, or whether she heard the call, and made a conscious decision not to contact you, none of it matters, because all of those three situations say one thing; in her conscious mind, she refused or she either could not, either she was not able or she could not cooperate with the Lord and she could not bring herself to make the phone call to you, okay. Either that or she couldn't find you, but I don't think so, I think if it was possible, I think that if she was willing to communicate with you in the natural, the Lord would made a way for her to find you somehow. So my educated guess is that she either could not overcome her pride, or didn't even try to overcome her pride, and just made a decision to not contact you, and therefore deprived herself of the materials coming forth from this ministry, which would have helped her to overcome the character flaws in her personality that are preventing her from going on in Christ Jesus.


So the next step is for the Lord to wage the warfare in the subconscious planes, and it takes much more energy, much more power in Christ Jesus to bring a person into a warfare in the subconscious planes then it would have taken for her to call you and for the two of you to enter into a relationship. And of course there's always a warfare in a relationship, the subconscious and the unconscious mind is always fighting against Christ in the teacher, but it's that way.


Although, it's more painful to the teacher, because you have strive with the student until that student conscious mind recognizes the opposition of their own subconscious and unconscious mind and start fighting their own inner principles, until that happens, the teacher has to fight with the inner principles of the student. As difficult as that is, it takes much more energy to wage a warfare on the subconscious plane, where there's no physical contact at all.


Today is the day that the Lord has said you're strong enough or whatever other factors are involved, this is the day that the Lord has put out the call for this woman to come higher, this is the day that he is ready to reward her for all of the good that she has done, all of the faithfulness that she has done in his Spirit, and his reward to her is the healing of her personality and deliverance from the witchcraft that's hanging on to her spiritual ability, and who knows what kind of condition she's in. She could be in any kind of condition, she could be sick, you know, she could be crying out to Jesus, I'm not wishing anything on her, or praying anything on her, but I know it's a possibility she could be ill, crying everyday, Jesus help me, Jesus help me, Jesus help me, and she doesn't even know that she's cut herself off from the spiritual ministry that was designed and offered to her to strengthen her and raise her up in Christ Jesus. We always our own worst enemy through our own ignorance, that is the condition that we are all in.


So for whatever reason, today is the day that the Lord Jesus has reached for her, and we don't know what will happen in the spirit, we don't know how long it will take. I fully expect that a contact will manifest, but I don't know how long it will take. What has happened here is that the channels have opened, and now I'm preaching this, this is on a tape, and the Lord has been telling me for years that when I put a message on a tape, it has much more power than if I just deliver the message to the person, that's why I'm talking to you on the telephone, but the Lord told me to make a message out of this, because there is much more power that goes into the spiritual plane to work towards this sister, who really did a good work toward you.


And you, I've known you for eleven years now, and you're a very spiritual person, and you were being hurt, you were being hurt on the spiritual plane, because you didn't have any understanding, or you had very little understanding of your own spirituality, and how sensitive you were, and how you could be overshadowed by other people's minds, you were being hurt by that. And this woman, from what you tell me, she was the first person that the Lord put in your life to help you to understand what was happening to you. Because deliverance for someone in your condition, which I'm in a very similar condition, deliverance for a person in that condition who's life is being wrecked because or who's life is under destruction because their so spiritually sensitive that they're being affected by other minds and they have absolutely no idea what's wrong with them or what's happening to them.


The Lord's solution is not his Spirit alone, but understanding is absolutely necessary. The understanding of how to use his power to protect yourself and deliver yourself from negative consequences of being spiritually sensitive, and not only how to protect yourself and deliver yourself by the power of Christ, but to turn around and use that spiritual sensitivity to the glory of God. That is the answer of the Lord to a spiritually sensitive person who's being afflicted. And I want to tell you brethren, in my humble opinion, this is true of almost mentally ill person in the world, this is the foundation of their problem, that they're living at least partially in the spiritual planes, and those spiritual planes are penetrating into this physical plane, and they don't know what's wrong with them. It's like a spiritual hernia, being penetrated.


Well, anyway back on with this message. So, well I guess that's the end of this message, I don't know what's going to happen next, but I know that the message has been broadcast, and I believe that on some level she has heard it, and I would imagine from time to time you will be called to speak to her in the spirit, but to engage in some level of spiritual warfare on her behalf, and I fully expect that she will come back into your life. I don't know how or when, or where, but the Lord wants, oh, I know, I missed my point; so she is the first one according to what you told me, that the Lord put in your life to help you to understand that it is possible to be influenced by other people's minds and to think that it's your own mind. Well that's from what you told me. I know that you had another teacher that taught you about deliverance, but this is not about old order deliverance, this is, from what you told me, this is the first one that taught you that you could be influenced by other people's minds, and the truth of it is that at the time that I met you, exactly at the moment that the Lord was splitting you up, he brought me into your life, I had never heard of that, but I guess I helped you on other levels, and now I'm teaching the same thing and from what you tell me on a higher level than she was teaching it. So the Lord wants her to reap what she has sown. She gave freely to you of her knowledge that helped you, and now he wants her to reap what she has sown. He wants her to partake of the higher knowledge with regard to what she already knows. So it's time for her reward, isn't that exciting?


I think that's very exciting. I thought that was very exciting what the Lord said about mental illness being a spiritual hernia, that the other planes of consciousness are just penetrating into the conscious mind, and that the individual that does not have, of course you need the Spirit of God, you need well, I really think you need the Spirit of Christ beyond the Holy Spirit. Those who do not have the Spirit of Christ and the understanding, the Spirit of Christ is not enough alone, really have not much hope, well there is not much hope in this world of recovering from mental illness, you know, it is a spiritual hernia that can be healed through the power of Christ, and the understanding of your condition, and the righteous lifestyle. The personality must be willing to enter into and live the righteous lifestyle of Christ Jesus, and there is healing from all forms of mental illness that cannot be healed by the world, spiritual hernias, isn't that something?


Praise the Lord, this is the third segment of this message, and our sister is going to relate a dream that she had this morning, which apparently seems to me at least on the surface is associated with this great work that Christ Jesus initiated last night with regard to these two believers. Okay, are you with us?




SHEILA: Okay we're listening to your dream. Praise the Lord, we're going to hear a dream from this sister. Okay please tell us your dream.


COMMENT: Okay, I was in this big old house, with a big upstairs and downstairs, and big basement, and it was an old house with old wood doors and wood floors. I saw this man who was after me at the front door. He was a street man in old stinky grubby clothes, and he smelled terrible. He was trying to break in and I didn't want him to know that I was right at the door, and I was trying to lock it without him hearing that I was there. I had it almost locked totally, had it turned, but before it was fully locked he got the door open. He came in and starting stomping through the house, and speaking rough and ordering me around to do things for him. He was threatening to me. He ordered me to go the refrigerator and get him some orange juice.


I went to the kitchen and I found a door to the basement, and the basement was old too, and I thought I could go through the basement and escape possibly. On the west side of the basement there was a newer modern look with these vines with green leaves on them that were sort a curtain before you go in the room, just hanging down. I don't know if they were fake or real, but they were there, and it was before you go into that room.


And as I was headed over there to that side, on the right side of me, this black mouse or small rat or something flew by in the air on my right. I went towards the modern room and I tried to find a way to escape the house and this man. I found some doors and tried to get them open, and I couldn't get the doors open.


Something was pulling on me and trying to keep me from entering into that side of the room where there were windows and it looked like there was an open window and a way I could get out. I hung on to the vines and I pulled myself in towards the room saying, Help me Jesus, help me Jesus. I got in there and got up to the window and I pulled myself up and out of the window. But I found when I got outside and around the front towards the porch on the house, he was out there in the yard, and he just looked at me and was standing there and said, "Boy you sure are taking a long time to get my orange juice."


So I acted like I wasn't escaping, and I said something to him in a child like personality, and it wasn't even in English what I said to him, and I was asking him a question if he would like something in another language, and I said some kind of, this thing I was going to give him was some kind of steel cone, or some kind of tool that I had in my hand that I walked out of the basement with, and I held it up to him and acted like I wanted to give it to him to keep him calm, so that he wouldn't manifest his criminal side to me. That's basically the dream.


And then also in another part, I don't know if it has anything to do with this, this dream or not, or if it was another one, it may have been connected somehow, I don't know, but in another part of the dream, I was in a hospital, and I was told I had some deadly disease in my liver, and that I was going to die.


SHEILA: I don't remember you telling me that before, you may have told me, but it didn't stick with me.


COMMENT: Yes, the part about in the hospital?


SHEILA: Right.


COMMENT: No, I didn't because I recalled that after I told you about it.


SHEILA: Well, that's very significant because the liver is mentioned in the King James translation, are you aware of that? There is a Scripture, I believe it's in Jeremiah that says the king of Babylon, he looks in the liver, and it's talking of course about Satan and Leviathan, and their high levels of witchcraft, just like some people look at tea leaves, and they get spiritual discernment. Here on Long Island, there was woman called the egg lady, she use to scramble eggs, and read your eggs, you know. So we had this woman called the egg lady, and she was known all over Long Island for scrambling eggs and then she would read your eggs. People read palms, they read tea leaves. It really doesn't matter, it's all the psychic ability in the person. Can you hear me?




SHEILA: Okay, so this is very significant that this person in the hospital had a deadly disease of the liver. What that says to me is that the person is dying from witchcraft, and what I find very interesting, actually this really ties this in to your long lost friend, I mentioned earlier on this message, you know, why now? Why has the Lord chosen this time? And I said that it's really possible, I hope that she's not sick, but it's really possible that she's in a hospital somewhere, sick, and crying out Jesus, Jesus help me.


And we're all so self destructive, we, whoever this is, this could apply to anybody, we're in the hospital dying, and we have no idea that fifteen years ago, ten years ago, we passed up the opportunity to pursue a lifestyle that would have avoided this illness.


Because the way spiritual things work, is that the Lord does not come to us and say, "now sister or brother, fifteen years down the road, I see you having a very serious illness, and if you pursue this course of study, if you submit yourself to the doctrine of Christ and the cleansing of your personality, you will avoid this experience. The Lord does not do that. The Lord comes to us and he doesn't even speak in an audible voice, he sends his prophet, he sends his son, he sends me, and the person meets me or you, you know, anyone who has this message in their spirit, and they become introduced to what Jesus Christ is doing in this ministry, and I have to keep repeating this because the carnal mind is going to lay hold of my words and say that I'm trying to make myself a great one, I am not, Christ Jesus is the great one, and he is doing great things in this ministry today, that to the best of my knowledge he is not doing anywhere else at this time, and that is why I talk about this ministry.


So this person who is lying sick in the hospital possibly dying was approached ten fifteen twenty years earlier by someone who had this message in their spirit, someone who handed them a book, someone who handed them a tape, and this was the Lord's indication for that person to avoid whatever unhappy experience they are now experiencing, whether it be physical illness, or mental illness, or any other tragedy in their life. And we, I include myself, we are all so self destructive, that when that book was offered to the person or that tape, or perhaps it was something that the person said, okay, we really think that we have the, when we're in this ignorance, I try to avoid it at this time, but the average person actually thinks that they could say, "Oh, that's not for me", or "I don't feel like doing that right now", or "Well I don't think it's of God", or "I do think it's of God, but I'm really not interested in leading such a restricted lifestyle", and we really think that we have the choice, and the Lord doesn't say a word to us. We go off on our own path, or the path of our own choosing, and ten fifteen or twenty years later, trouble manifest in our life. We're sick, I know a couple of, actually I know two women who the Lord offered this ministry to, and with his offer, he offered ascension and sonship and safety from the dangers of this world, and I know two women who went ahead and had illegitimate children, and I know one woman who died, and you have try the spirit on me, I am not threatening anybody.


What I'm telling you is that destruction is upon all of humanity, and those of us who call on the name of Jesus Christ have his attention. So he who know all things, and looks out from the highest of high places, sees that five ten fifteen or twenty years down the road some unhappy circumstances waiting for us, that unless we change the path that we're walking on, we will fall into an illegitimate pregnancy, we will fall into fornication or adultery, or possibly get sick, or possibly die. The Lord looks down from his high place and sees this, and he comes to the person and he says, "Look, if you change your path now, here's the doctrine of Christ. Here is a ministry that if you want to get on this boat, actually it's the ark, you know, if you want to board this ark, and you want to pursue the program that's being offered to you here, you will avoid what's waiting for you five ten fifteen years down the road on the other path.


But because of our carnality and our pride and our rebellion and our ignorance, just about everybody with very very few exceptions, either hears the word, looks at the book, looks at the tape and walks away, and they think that they have the choice. Well they do have the choice, but they don't really realize what the choice is, you see. Now I've been going through this for years. I have to fight thinking that this is unfair, because my carnal mind wants me to believe that this is unfair, that these people did not have full disclosure of what they're choices were, but that's the carnal mind, you see, God is fair, the Lord Jesus Christ is fair, he is absolutely righteous, there is no sin in him, he is perfect, and we are suppose to be in obedience to him, and if we cannot recognize his prophet, if we cannot recognize him telling us, this way, this is the path, it's only for one reason, and that reason is, that we have not prayed consistently, "Lord Jesus let your will guide my life." Either we have not prayed or we have prayed, but our heart has not meant our prayers, because everyone who prays with all of their heart, "Lord Jesus be in control of my life would recognize the offer when he sees it, and if he doesn't recognize the offer, if he doesn't recognize the tape or the book or the word that the Lord is saying, "come walk in this direction", the person that prays about it faithfully saying, "Lord, I don't know, this message it sounds real different than anything that's in the church world today, but I do not follow the church world, I follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and I know that your ways are not the ways of the world, and all I want Lord is to walk in step with you." The person who prays like that is going to recognize the Lord's offer in this message and in what he is doing in this ministry and walk this way.


So there fore, the people who walk away from the Lord's offer of the materials of this ministry, they do it because they choose to cleave to their carnal minds, they prefer the thoughts of their carnal mind over the thoughts of Christ, their filled with pride and rebellion, and they have walked on their own path. But it's not too late, you see. When they walked on their own path and they've come to that place where they're sick or they're dying or they've got trouble in their life, it's not easy having an illegitimate child, life is hard being a single mother and especially if the circumstance are difficult, if at that time they cry out to the Lord, and say, "Lord Jesus, how could this have happened to me?" And if they really are willing to hear the truth, he will tell them and they will have another chance to turn this way.


But some people turn, but most people walk after their own spirit, but it seems to me that according to this dream that this friend of yours, she may be in a physical hospital, or she may be in a spiritual place, or in a place of spiritual demise, where she's close to spiritual death, it could be either one, I don't know, but she has a deadly disease of the liver, and if you look that word up in the Hebrew, the Hebrew word that's translated liver, actually the Lexicons say that it's really talking about the kidneys, but the intention is the innermost part. It's talking about the spiritual part of the person.


Now those of us who are diseased spiritually, we die spiritually and eventually we die physically, that's why everybody on this planet dies because we're all diseased spiritually in our carnal mind, but a person who has had the seed of Christ grafted to them, or the person who has a relationship with the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit, they have the resurrected life of Jesus Christ within them, and that life can be dying.


When that resurrected life of Jesus Christ dies, then we become like other men, and we live for however long we live on this earth and we die, you see. That's why the Scripture says in the Old Testament, it's in the Psalms, talking about the Hebrews, it says, "Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men." What does that mean? It means that they had within them the life of God and if they would have turned in their personality towards that life, and done whatever was necessary to cleave unto it, they would have joined with it and they would have been gods, because the personality that marries the god within him becomes God. Now that's shocking to a lot of Pharisees, but it's the truth and you have to understand it. The reason the personality becomes God, is because the personality is one hundred percent under the control of the indwelling Christ Jesus, who is God.


And that is what happened to Jesus the Christ, Jesus the human being born of the woman Mary. He had Christ Jesus within him and the two joined and the man Jesus who came completely under the control of the spirit of holiness, that's Romans 1:4, I believe, he came completely under the control of the spirit of holiness, and the man Jesus became Jesus the Christ. And the Scripture clearly says that we cannot become greater than our master, but we can become as our master. That means, we have the opportunity in Christ Jesus for our personality to become fully under submission of the spirit of holiness, and when that happens, we shall be God, because for all intents and purposes we shall cease to exist.


"And Enoch walked with God and Enoch was not." The only thing that was seen through that man, was God. We become invisible and Christ Jesus shines through us, all that people see are the shells of the physical body, and the personality that speaks in a human language, but it's Christ Jesus completely controlling the whole vessel, that's what happened to Jesus. And that's the indication that we have from the glorified Lord Jesus Christ to come into that same place of having God live his life through us on the earth, God in the flesh.


So, I believe that this dream is telling you that your friend is in a place, at the very least of spiritual demise, you see.


COMMENT: What's that word "demise"?


SHEILA: Demise, she's dying spiritually, she's dying spiritually, because when someone has something of God in them, that whether it's the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ, I don't know what she has, does she have the engrafted seed, I don't know what she has, but whatever manifestation of God we have, we can keep it only as long as we follow its lead, only as long as we submit to it, and this is just another way of saying, we can keep what we have of God, only as long as we worship the Lord.


So, if the Holy Spirit is sent to us to point us to Jesus, the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. The Holy Spirit is given to relate to the carnal mind and to direct that carnal minded man to the spirit of truth. But if at some point our carnal mind, and our pride and rebellion blocks us from following the direction that the Holy Spirit is pointing in, at some point we begin to languish and die. And this is the explanation for so many fellowships being electrified with the glory of the Holy Spirit and you come back to that church five years later and it's gone. Also many churches are very powerful in old order deliverance, casting out demons, you come back five years later, ten years later at the most, and it's gone, the anointing is gone. Well, what happened to the anointing?


Is Jesus Christ unfaithful, is Jesus Christ frivolous? Does he give his Spirit for a few years and if the pastor isn't perfect, does he take back what he's given? No, the answer is in the Scripture. If you don't use the talent that's give to you, it will be removed from you, and given to another. Well everybody says, "I thought I was doing everything that I was suppose to do. The Holy Ghost was there, we sang and we prayed and we laid hands on people, and then one day I have no idea why he went away."


Well the answer brother and sister is that the Holy Ghost pointed you to the spirit of truth, and you didn't follow. Whatever manifestation it was to you. Someone directed you to Bill Britton's book, someone showed you towards sonship, someone told you the rapture was a lie. Someone told you that Christmas is a pagan holiday.


Let's get down to the real simple stages brethren, someone told you that Christmas and Easter is a pagan holiday, and you said, "I don't care, I like to celebrate those holidays", and you kept on walking on your path. Now the Lord doesn't punish you, he's not taking the anointing away because he's punishing you. It's just the reality of our existence. You have to follow Jesus Christ with all of your heart and your mind and your soul, and you can celebrate Christmas and Easter until such time as the Lord Jesus Christ tells you it's time to give it up.


Now if you are hearing this tape, you are now responsible to actively pray, and ask the Lord what he wants you to do about these two holidays, and I'm telling you right on this tape, that I know someone who's going to be listening to this tape that celebrates Christmas and Easter, and I want to tell you my dear friend, that the Lord did this, that I did not do this. I did not plan on putting this on this tape, but you are now challenged to get your face before the Lord just as you got your face before the Lord when you first saw these books, and your own word to me is that, you weren't sure at first, but the Lord has witnessed to this ministry. Well now you've heard the word and you've really got before him with Christmas and Easter and find out what he requires of you. And he did this, I didn't do this, okay, so I will go on with this message.


So, it sounds to me like your friend is lisping spiritually, she's starting to die spiritually, why? Because somewhere along the line, she has to offered, she had to be directed towards the pathway, most likely of this ministry, which would have enabled her to continue to live in Christ Jesus. Now I can just make a guess, but most likely at some point, the Lord told her to call you, you see, and if she would have called you, she would have been introduced to this ministry. But she made a decision not to call you, for whatever reason she made that decision, I don't want to put that on this tape, for whatever reason she made that decision. But I would make an educated guess that she never went before the Lord and said, "Lord, I don't want to make that phone call, but if you really want me to make it I will." I have to come to the conclusion, it's circumstantial evidence, but I have to come to the conclusion that she never did that, and now she has a disease of the liver, her spirituality is leprous, is spiritually leprous, and the Lord has taken emergency efforts to rescue her, you see.


No matter how many things we do wrong, the Lord is always seeking to restore us, he is never seeking to punish us, he is always seeking to restore us, to increase us, to prosper us, and to bring us closer to himself, he's always seeking to do good unto us. Sometimes the truth causes pain, or difficult circumstances, but he is always seeking to do good unto us. God is good, he is not a punishing God. So, she must be crying out to him.


I could just hear her words, "Lord, I don't know what's wrong with my life, I feel like I'm spiritually dying, I can't find a church to go to, everything's dead everywhere, I feel dissatisfied, I feel empty, I can't hear your voice Lord, I pray and I pray, I use to hear your voice all the time, but I cannot hear your voice Lord." She must be praying like that and she touched him, and he's doing everything he can to bring her to repentance, and everything that he can at least begins with what's happening today.


It started last night and it's happening today, and all of this talking and all of this preaching, it's going forth in the spirit and we're going to pray for her at the time that the tape ends, and I'm just believing that there is going to be a break through, and at some point, the scales will fall off of her eyes, and she will realize that she made her decision to stay away out of her carnal mind, and that her carnal mind, that the Lord is not in agreement with her carnal mind.


So I think that's the basic message of the whole dream, but just basically to look at a few of the other things that you said, this dream is probably all about her, you see, and she's in wood house, and of course wood signifies flesh, she's in her carnal mind, and a man came into the house...


Oh, I just got an interesting revelation, when you first told me about the man, the man demanding orange juice, I said to myself, "Well that seems rather strange, because orange juice is a very healthy food", so why would this criminal be demanding orange juice. Well the Lord just told me sister that you are the one who is invading her house in the spirit, or the two of us together. Christ Jesus through the two of us is invading her wooden carnal house, and we are commanding her to open her store of food, her refrigerator and bring forth orange juice, bring forth good food, or good fruit. Isn't that interesting?


COMMENT: Yes. But he stunk, he was in grubby clothes and he stunk like he hadn't had a bath for a long long time.


SHEILA: Okay, well I could say two things about that, okay. I could say first of all, the carnal mind always perceives Christ Jesus to be criminal, and I remember you coming to me, I remember you calling me with a dream seven or eight years ago, you were absolutely frantic, and the dream had something to do with a scorpion stripping your skin off of you, you were really close to hysteria, and you just couldn't receive it at the moment when I told you that this was Christ Jesus attacking your carnal mind and the reaction that you were having was the hysteria of your carnal mind at Christ Jesus raiding her city. Do you remember that?




SHEILA: As a matter of fact, I made a tape out of the dream. So, I could say that number one, and I know in our Alternate Translation of Dan.7, I don't remember what part it was, but in that Alternate Translation, I think it's verse 4 or 5, it says that Christ Jesus looks so than the carnal mind that when a carnally minded person sees him, he appears to be perverse to them. Christ Jesus appears to be perverse to the carnal mind. So this man stinking, it could simply be the way Christ Jesus is appearing to this woman. But that word "he stinketh" is a Scriptural word, okay. Who is it that stinketh, do you remember?




SHEILA: Well, it's Lazarus that stinketh when he was raised from the dead, and Christ Jesus is appearing apparently collectively in you and me, and we both stinketh, we still stinketh sister, as Christ Jesus rises in us, and as we are raised from the dead with him, we stinketh, and our grave clothes have not been removed from us yet. How do you like that one? (Both laughing) You have to interpret these dreams with the mind of Christ or you will never get it.


So I am convinced at this point that the invading man is Christ Jesus appearing through the two of us, and perhaps the whole ministry, because we really are a body, he came in, I don't remember exactly what word that you used, but in my notes I wrote down that he came in dominating you, but I now realize that he came into her life with authority, and the carnal mind perceives authority as ungodly dominion. And yes, Christ Jesus is coming into her life commanding that she open her heart, the refrigerator, the place where doctrine is stored, and that she bring forth fruit, orange juice, and trying to get away from him she fled into the basement, but in the basement, and what is the basement? Do you have any idea what the basement is?


COMMENT: The unconscious mind?


SHEILA: Well, I think, no I think more than that, she fled into the lower centers, you know, I think she fled below the heart center, if she was there, she fled into the lower centers, signifying she fled somehow towards witchcraft in her mind. Everybody does that. Christ Jesus comes looking for them, well most people, they think it's not God, and they choose the voice of the witch within themselves, which is Satan and Leviathan, and I believe that this is signified by her fleeing to the basement. But in the basement there were...


COMMENT: The centers in Leviathan, it's Leviathan.


SHEILA: Yes, and in the basement, there was, well at the very least the lower centers of the fiery serpent, who's down there in the lower centers at least, and Leviathan might be in there too, I don't know what her condition is. And in the basement she found a vine with green leaves on it.


COMMENT: What about the black mouse flying by on the right, the black rat?


SHEILA: Okay, I'm going to get to that next, what I have on my list here.


COMMENT: That's what she saw first then, before I went over to the other side of the room.


SHEILA: Okay, so she saw the mouse or the rat flying, now we know that mice and rats don't fly, but we do know that Satan, that when Satan ascends to a certain height of witchcraft, she becomes a vampire bat. So what I would say about this is that she's manifesting in a high level of witchcraft, you see, and we sort of determined that we talked about that on the beginning of the tape that she has, at least the last time that you saw her, she had a lot of witchcraft. So what this says to me is that witchcraft freely through her on a very high and spiritual level, and we identify the vampire bat with the level of witchcraft that manifest in the brow energy center of the serpent's time line. So that means she pretty high in witchcraft, and that means we've got a spiritual battle on our hands, and that means that we may take a few lumps, which is already happening to you, but the only things that matters is that nobody is hurt...


COMMENT: You mean physically, we could have been attacked?


SHEILA: Well, wasn't your father in a car accident today?


COMMENT: So it could have been this witchcraft.


SHEILA: Right, Satan and Leviathan own this woman, they are not about to give her up without a fight. But as I told you when you let me know that your father was in an accident, he walked away with just a bump on his nose, nobody was hurt, nobody in the other car was hurt, and we are in a war, and we have to look at this positively, praise God that no one was hurt, and just keep on going.




SHEILA: You have to know that we're up against, you're not alone, you know, we're in it together, the whole ministry is in it with us, and the Lord is rescuing this woman, and Satan and Leviathan, who own her are not about to give her up without a fight. But we're in a war for her very life.


COMMENT: Oh my goodness.


SHEILA: And the Lord Jesus, he will rescue her.




This is very exciting. This is the ministry of the sons. We are sent to deliver the widow and the orphans from Satan and Leviathan, and who is the widow and orphan, the person who does not have Christ Jesus grafted to their personality. They're widows because their husband isn't grafted to them, and their orphans because they're not married to the Lord Jesus. First Christ Jesus grafts to you, and then Christ Jesus marries the glorified Jesus Christ, and you're no longer a widow or an orphan.


So, we are delivering the widow and the orphan. Praise the Lord. So we see that this woman is in a high level of witchcraft, and when she fled to the basement, she fled to the lower centers, all that means is that on some level she perceives Christ Jesus coming to get her, and the personality of this woman has fled to Satan and Leviathan for safety. And this principle is in the Scriptures, at the moment I can't think of a Scripture, but I believe it's in the book of Revelation. I know there are several Scriptures that say that this will happen. When Christ Jesus invades, and he's invading her world, you see, just like in the book of Joel, he is climbing up the walls, he's going in the windows, he's going to get this woman, who's probably been praying day and night, Lord Jesus help me, and her pride and rebellion is so thick, that she just did not hear him saying, "Call this sister."


So he's going to deliver her despite herself, and it's an all out war, and her fleeing to the basement signifies her fleeing to Satan and Leviathan as she perceives this spiritual attack that is designed to set her free, and as she misunderstands it, she is fleeing to the protection of Satan and Leviathan. But we see that in the lower centers, there is a green vine, and who is the vine?




SHEILA: Jesus is the vine, and the green leaves on the vine is the people.


Tape 2


I was saying that the leaves on the vine are the people, the personalities, the human beings that Christ Jesus is manifesting through, that is the symbology of the tree, the leaves signify the human being that the life of the root is manifesting through. And of course the root of the tree is Christ and Christ Jesus is the trunk and branches of the tree. So let's see what else I was saying about that? So she was hanging on to the vine and the leaves, yet at the same time, she was fleeing from this man. And this is so common in human beings, it's called a conflict, it's called an emotional conflict. On some spiritual level, as she cries out to Jesus Christ to help her, she is hanging on to the people who are praying her through. That's you and me and after this tape goes out, it's going to be, everyone who hears this tape is going to praying for this woman, and she's going to be clinging to Christ Jesus in us, in the spirit, and at the same time resisting Christ Jesus who is trying to capture her who is already captured.


You know the Scripture, "He leads captivity captive", well she is presently the captive of Satan and Leviathan, and Christ Jesus is trying to capture her or rescue her, he's trying to capture the one who's captured, and she is seeking refuge from her captors. So she's divided in her heart, and she doesn't understand that, well she doesn't even understand that she's clinging to us for help. She's praying to the Lord Jesus Christ and she doesn't understand that the sons of God are hearing her prayers, and strengthening her.


So we see that she is conflicted in her mind and in her spirit. The next note on my list is that she was trying to get through an open window. And windows signify the, well in this account, I believe the windows are signifying the two channels of ascension, which are the two time lines, I heard you say, I don't think you said it before, but you said it to me off the tape, that there were two windows, one was closed and one was opened, and that she was entering into the window on the left is that what you told me?


COMMENT: The one on the right.


SHEILA: The one on the right, yes.


COMMENT: She tried to go through some doors that were closed.


SHEILA: Okay, the doors were closed, and only one of the two windows were open. Now we all have two channels of ascension within us, one is true time line, which is in Christ Jesus, and the other is the time line, which is in Leviathan, and only one channel can be open at a time. So, if we are ascended, spiritually ascended in Leviathan, which many of us are, many of us are born spiritually active, if we want to ascend in Christ Jesus we must descend all the way down, give up our spirituality in the serpent, although we may not understand it's in the serpent, and I can't go into this whole thing, but envy and anger and there a lot of behaviors and attitudes and sins of the heart that can only be manifesting through us if we are spiritually ascended, and most people don't know that, that envy and anger and rage is a Satanic activity, is a sign of ascended spirituality in the serpent's time line.


So, we must descend, we must give up our rage, we must give up our envy, we must give up the spiritual activities of ascension in the serpent's time line, and then we can close that door to the serpent's time line, and the door to ascension in Christ Jesus will open.


So she's trying to climb through this window that's open, and in view of everything else that's been said so far, I would think that she's trying to ascend in the serpent's time line, and she must be aware that Christ Jesus, that this man coming to her is spiritual enemy, and she's trying to get strength through her own captors, the serpent, Satan and Leviathan, to fight off Christ Jesus. But you said that when she got through the window, Christ Jesus was still there waiting for her, and that is the Scripture in our Alternate Translation in the book of Amos, I think it's chapter 3, that says, once he starts going for you, when you're time comes and he starts looking for you, there is no place that you can run.


If you're in heaven, he'll marry you there, and if you're in hell, he will go into hell and marry you there. So wherever she goes Christ Jesus is waiting for her, and the reason for this is that Christ Jesus has heard the cry of her heart, Jesus help me. She has touched his Spirit, yet in her conscious mind, in her conscious understanding and in her personality, she is opposing everything that Christ Jesus is doing to rescue her, because the mind that is possessing her personality is the carnal mind.


And the last item on my list is a steel tool, you said she had a steel tool that was shaped like a cone, and that she was using this tool against the man who we know to be Christ Jesus, and the only tool that we have is our mind. So either it's our carnal mind or it's our Christ mind, and since Christ Jesus is the man who's trying to rescue her, I think it's safe to say that her steel tool was her carnal mind, besides I would expect the mind of Christ to be a gold tool, in any event. And you also said that she was speaking in tongues to him.


What this says to me is that she was praying against this man, who she perceives to be her enemy, and she was using the only weapon she has, which is the Holy Ghost. So, when the Lord told me this, it struck me as very humorous. She is fighting Christ Jesus with the Holy Ghost.


COMMENT: And it was a child like personality.


SHEILA: Yes, well if you're hearing this tape, don't be offended, I'm telling you the truth...


COMMENT: To keep him from getting mad at her, she acted like a child.


SHEILA: It kept him from getting mad at her.


COMMENT: No, she thought she would keep him calm and offer him that and act like a child, like she's innocent and like a child, so he wouldn't hurt her.


SHEILA: Well, all that this says to me is that, somehow in her spirit you know, according to what you tell me, what she's doing is a conscious deception to keep him away from her, the only thing that I have, I'm not going to talk out of my carnal mind, the only thing that's on my heart is that she is a spiritual child, and anyone hearing this tape, I don't mean to offend you, I'm telling you the truth, if the level of ministry that you're at is that you deal with spiritual problems in the Holy Ghost, you are a spiritual child, that's who you are.


The Holy Ghost is given to carnally minded people. The Holy Ghost is the power of God that is given to people who are still living out of their carnal minds, because they don't have the mind of Christ yet. The Holy Spirit is given to lead us into all truth, to lead us into the spirit of truth, and the spirit is truth is in the mind of Christ.


So, the Holy Ghost is given to us to direct our activities and our studies and our life in a direction which will cause the mind of Christ to be formed in us. So to be praying in tongues against Christ Jesus is very humorous, and the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't get mad because it's just childish ignorant behavior, and all of us go through this, everyone is childish and ignorant in our relationship to Christ Jesus, even me, I have a lot of wisdom and knowledge right now, but everything has a threshold. I could just tomorrow, I could end this tape, and be faced with a situation in for which I have no knowledge and understanding at all, and I will be just as childish and ignorant as anybody else who doesn't know what I know, everything's relative, okay. And until we're in perfection and completed with Christ Jesus, we will all be childish and ignorant in some area. So she is fighting what's happening to her with her childish ignorance.


COMMENT: And he just looked back at her and said, "Boy you sure are taking a long time getting my orange juice.


SHEILA: Well I guess he's saying it's taking her a long time to produce the fruit, and the fruit is Christ, and the fruit is Christ Jesus. So here she is fighting against him with her carnal mind and all that he has to say to her is when are you going to give this up and manifest Christ Jesus. You see, he's not angry, he's not punishing her, he's just coming for her anyway. Did you want to say something?


COMMENT: Well, yes, it seemed like in the dream when he first came in it was a mixture of that he stir me up sexually. Or it was as if, well he's all stinky and grubby but I kind of want him anyway, but I'm scared of him so I'm going to run.


SHEILA: Well, it's very important that we understand that sexuality and sexual feelings in the dream indicate spiritual sexuality. Christ Jesus wants to have spiritual sex with us, and Christ Jesus has sex of the mind, and he lust for us as a human man lust for his wife, but it is an interaction, a communion of mind, and this reality of the relationship between Christ Jesus and his sons through the mind is signified in dreams by human sexuality, because that's what we need, we're so carnal, that's what we need to understand.


So something in her was responding to him at the beginning. We're told in the Song of Solomon chapter 5, that she said, "My beloved knocked at the door and bowels moved for him." So just as a human woman, now of course in that Scripture she was talking about the serpent, but the point that I'm trying to make is, just as a human woman or human man can be sexually attractive or sexually stirred by the presence or appearance of someone, of another human being of the opposite sex, in the same manner, it's possible for us to be spiritually stimulated without us even understanding what's happening to us, or wanting or desiring it. It's just an effect of the presence of the Lord as he reaches for us, we can have stirrings.


And frequently, when people come in contact with this highly spiritual message, they are sexually stimulated, and a lot of people go into condemnation over it, because they do not understand that they're carnal mind is misinterpreting the signals, you see. There are signals given out vibrations given out by Christ Jesus that is a sexual call, it is a spiritual sexual call, come and marry me. You know the whole church knows that there's a marriage coming and that the church is the bride of Christ, well there's a spiritual sexuality, and as the vibrations go forth to stimulate the response of the person who's being called to Christ Jesus, our carnal mind which is owned by Satan lays hold of those stimulating vibrations, and translates them into physical sexual feelings. And a lot of people go into condemnation because they become sexually aroused when they're hearing a highly spiritual message or some people I've been told are sexually aroused when just start reading the King James translation, depending on how spiritually active you are at the time that you even start reading the Bible. So apparently from what you are telling me in the dream, there was some response in her to Christ Jesus, but she must have been confused by the feelings or the thoughts or the emotions. You see, understanding is absolutely essential, absolutely essential, or we reject what's happening to us, or we fight what's happening to us, and this is why the ministry of the sons of God is not single fold.


We have to fight the warfare against Satan and Leviathan, and then we also have to educate the people to work with Christ Jesus to deliver themselves from the hands of their oppressor, which oppressor is manifesting as their very own mind. It's just a miracle that anyone could be delivered from the grasps of Satan and Leviathan. So I think I have covered everything here, is there anything else you would like to say?


COMMENT: Oh, I think that's it, that pretty much covers it, I can't think of anything else right now, just the part that she became a child, that she acted like a child.


SHEILA: Oh, she acted like a child, yes.


COMMENT: Yes, so then you know, it was all fear, totally afraid that he would hurt her and completely acting like a child and the sexual feelings were gone, there was no ability for any sexual relationship at that point.


SHEILA: Well, the only thing that's in my mind with regard to that is that it's a form of submission because, you don't act like a child when you're wielding your sword and trying to destroy the person who's coming to you. So, that's what's in my heart, that there was some measure of submission that caused her to act like a child, or recognition that this man was greater than she is.


COMMENT: Only because he was there, I mean she was planning on escaping and when he was there, she did it so that he wouldn't hurt her.


SHEILA: Okay, well the only thing that I have to say about that there was some recognition that he is stronger than she is, and that's all the information that we have right now, so we really don't want to go on with our carnal minds.




SHEILA: This whole account brings to mind our recent studies in the book of Judges about Samson, and in particular our study in Judges chapter 15, and the name of the series is "Samson's Riddle". In this account, we see Samson being raised up as a savior of the mortal men of Judah, who's spiritual life has died. Adam in them has died, and Samson is raised up by the spirit of Elijah and the resurrected Adam or the regenerated Adam within Samson to be a savior to these men. And as the Alternate Translation was worked up, I found the Scripture revealing to us that Samson, or at least the regenerated Adam within Samson, penetrated into the spiritual being of the mortal men of Judah, and waged a warfare against Satan and Leviathan, Satan and Leviathan's mad dog.


So when we're seeking to deliver somebody from Satan's grasp, the first stage of the warfare is with Satan. When Satan is overcome, the second stage of the warfare is with Leviathan, and it is Leviathan who is in an illegal spiritual marital union with the fiery serpent, and this is what Satan, it is this marital union that Satan is defending. The marital union between Leviathan and the fiery serpent, the fiery serpent in the individual, the fiery serpent is the spiritual potential of the individual, and the Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind of the all of mortal humanity.


So we see the collective subconscious mind of the serpent's time line having an illegal and spiritually incestuous union with the spiritual potential of the individual. And this union could be likened to atomic fusions. There is tremendous energy given off as a result of it, and this emission of energy, or this generation of energy, manifests in the individual as spiritual power. The fiery serpent in the individual must ascend at least into the third energy center to make such a contact with Leviathan, and it is engaging in spiritually illegal activities, which is associated with this fiery serpent's ascension, and these spiritually illegal activities are sin, such as envy, rage, anger, pride, that causes an innocent person to look guilty or to appear to have done something wrong, so that the person manipulating can appear to be righteous. All of these hidden sins of the heart are the activity of sin, and for the individual who yields to these inclinations, in that person most likely their spiritual virginity known as the fiery serpent is ascended, and if the situation becomes pronounced enough, the fiery serpent will make contact with Leviathan.


So, we see our study of Samson, that says regenerated Adam in Samson is piercing into the spiritual being of the mortal men of Judah, to fight with Satan and defeat her, and to then fight with Leviathan and defeat her, and to regenerate Adam in the mortal men of Judah. When this study came forth, I could not perceive how the regenerated Adam in Samson would penetrate these mortal men in Judah, I couldn't see it, but as a result of this study today, I see that this has happened through prayer, through the activity or the operation of Christ Jesus in the individual. And sometimes the Lord puts two sons together to discuss a spiritual situation, as we have done today. And it is by the discussion between the two sons, and by the preaching of this word, and everybody that listens to this message will be adding their strength in Christ Jesus to this spiritual penetration, which is the rescue of this woman.


So I don't know if I made that clear, let me say it again. When we worked up the Alternate Translation on the 15th chapter of the book of Judges, and we saw that Samson, that the regenerated Adam within Samson was penetrating the mortal men of Judah, to deliver them from Satan and Leviathan, and to regenerate Adam in those mortal men, because the men were so completely overtaken by Satan and Leviathan, that there was no way that Adam would ever rise from the dead in them. I could not comprehend how the regenerated Adam and the spirit of Elijah in Samson would penetrate these mortal men in Judah.


I now know that the way the regenerated Adam and the spirit of Elijah will penetrate the spiritual beings of mortal men, who are not strong enough to overcome Satan and Leviathan within their own beings, it's through the exact experience that we have recorded today, for every potential son to witness and to partake of. The penetration is by mind through prayer manifested through the personality of the son who is in complete submission to Christ Jesus and the spirit of righteousness. Praise the Lord, this is the penetration. It's done by speech, it's not just audible language, but speech, what you're hearing coming out of my vocal chords is manifesting in the spiritual planes as spiritual power. Amen, that's the truth.


It seems as I go on and as I learn from the Lord, spiritual warfare is by word of mouth, it's all with thoughts of the mind, and well, it's all with speech, whether that speech is verbalized or not, whether that speech is shared with another son or whether it's spoken directly with Christ Jesus. The warfare from person to person will not involve any kind of physical contact. Spiritual warfare is a warfare of mind and it is a warfare of speech, it is a warfare of words, whether those words are audible or not.


Every time the Lord answers my questions, I find it very exciting, and I find it very exciting to just see the operation of Christ Jesus, and how he is moving to deliver people who are not strong enough to deliver themselves through the sons of God, and sons of God are mortal men in whom Christ Jesus is regenerated, which mortal men, and I'm talking their personality now, which mortal men are committed to overcoming Satan and Leviathan, their carnal mind and yielding to Christ Jesus.


These men, which we are, okay, we are imperfect, we are imperfect men, but Christ Jesus is regenerated in us, and when Christ Jesus takes the lead and calls us into a warfare such as this, the person will surely be delivered. It's very exciting and it's a great honor to be in the service of the Lord and to follow his program, but the price, there is price to pay, there is a price to pay, and the price is a willingness to have our own sin nature exposed and destroyed, and to partake in that destruction of Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind and Leviathan, the subconscious part of our carnal mind. Praise the Lord, this has been a very exciting ministry today. We will pray for this young lady.


PRAYER: Father in the name of Jesus, we just bless her Lord, and we forgive her sins oh God, and we pray that you do great things in her life, Father, and we just send the strength of the Spirit of Christ, and the love of God, and we send death to her carnal mind, to Satan and Leviathan, we boil you away Satan and cook you Leviathan, and command that you should be destroyed in her life, and we pray that the seed of Christ should be grafted to her Lord, and that Christ Jesus should arise in her, and that the whole tree of life should be regenerated in her, and that you should be glorified in this woman, and that her soul, her personality should be saved, as a testimony and a witness to the greatness of God, as he manifest to humanity despite the fact that this world was formed by the serpent, in the name of Jesus, Lord, we bless her, and pray for her swift deliverance. Amen and amen.


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