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 Last night, I was trying to get the revelation for verses, starting with Verse 6 onward in Chapter 16, of the Book of Judges. This is the account of Samson and Delilah. This was not the first time that I have looked at these verses. Usually, I just pray for the revelation as I translate the verse, but I am finding the Samson translations and the translation concerning Delilah so difficult that I have been scanning the Interlinear Text almost to the end of Chapter 16 trying to find the spiritual understanding of who Delilah was and what this experience was that Samson had with her, because I believe that the translation in the King James is a surface level translation.


We are looking for spiritual depth here. I was having a hard time so I had to scan maybe 10....I think I was up to Verse 16 or 17, almost to the end of the chapter and, apparently, I had to go very deep into the spirit to get this revelation. I have found that the translations that the Lord is giving us now are much more difficult. I do not really know how you feel about understanding it, but from my point of view of digging it out, the translations that He is giving me now are much more difficult.


Frequently, they are not obvious...some translations, the symbols are known to me. I can just look at them, even in the King James, and get the spiritual depth of it, because we have unlocked so many symbols, but I had to go very deep to get this understanding of who Delilah is and what was going on in Chapter 16 of the Book of Judges, and I became aware of what I call Halloween characters.


I believe the Lord is showing me that there is such a thing as spiritual peripheral vision. Our physical peripheral vision is vision that lets us see things that we are not focusing on. Anybody can practice this. Look at a tree, look at your husband, look at your wife, look at your daughter, look at a cup on the table, I am staring at that cup on the table right now, completely focusing on that cup, and I see June's foot, I see a camera, I see Rosie's shoes, I see Mary, I see Ceilie's knees, I see a breakfront, I see something laying on that couch, I guess it is a book, I was not sure it was a book, but I saw that it was an object, and I see the chalkboard. I see a lot of things that I am not concentrating on, and these things that I am not concentrating on that I still see are what is called peripheral vision.


Last night I experienced spiritual peripheral vision as I was meditating deeply on these Scriptures. The way I bring forth these translations is basically this. I scan over the Interlinear Text, and I look for a witness to the spirit of revelation in my heart as to the general context of the message, and when I have an idea in my heart of what the Scripture is saying, I then go in word-by-word looking for a legitimate translation of each word that will support the revelation that I received in my heart, and that is usually the way it happens.


On the rare occasion that I do not find the witness in the selection of potential, legitimate translations I have to ask the Lord what to do. Either I have made a mistake, and I misunderstood what He was telling me, or I have to pursue another course of study. I have to look at a particular word and go back into its root, or I have to go into an English dictionary or an encyclopedia, and if I cannot find a witness either in the Hebrew lexicons or the English dictionary or encyclopedia, if I cannot get the witness I have to give it up. I will give it up.


I will not bring forth a translation that I know I cannot support unless....not when I am working with a particular verse of Scripture. Sometimes I get a revelation from the Lord apart from Scripture. It is just a word that He drops in my heart, and at the moment I have no Scripture for it, and I will preach that, if He tells me that something is true. Usually within 6 months to a year I find a Scripture to support it.


That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about working on a particular verse of the Hebrew Scripture. If I cannot get a revelation in my heart that can be supported by potential Alternate Translations of the individual words I leave it. I let it go and, frequently, I am saying to the Lord, "I am letting this go, I do not have it, I cannot preach it if I do not have it," and in that instant He will give it to me, but if He does not give it to me, I let it go. I cannot preach what I do not believe. I have to believe it at the moment anyway.


As I have told you many times there are very few revelations here that I have changed or the revelation has matured. I have found out that I have been using the wrong name, or my understanding of it was a little off, but the basic principles have been consistent from the beginning of this ministry, with one exception. For about 6 months I did preach ultimate reconciliation as it is preached in the church, that all men will be saved, and now I have found out that the truth is that the spiritual root of the creation will be saved, but every temporary formation of personality and every physical body ever born will not be saved.


I want to talk a little about spiritual peripheral vision. As I was in this very deep place trying to find out the truth about Samson and Delilah my spiritual peripheral vision kicked into a degree that, to the best of my memory, it has never kicked in before. I have had spiritual peripheral vision for a long time, but I did not know that is what it was, because the Lord just gave me this understanding now.


I have seen things in the spirit when I am working, when I am in this depth of meditation into the spirit of God. I get words of knowledge, I see images, and sometimes, it must be really funny if anybody would ever tape me. I think it would be very funny to watch me, because I could be fully intent on a translation, and all of a sudden I look up from my desk, and I will start talking, and knowledge will come out of me as if there was someone else in the room. Sometimes I am even aware that I have my window by my desk open and that people walking by must surely think there is someone else in the house with me.


As the Lord brings it forth, I will even stop working on the translation. What is happening is that Christ Jesus is speaking through me. He is not really me. He is speaking through me, and I yield to that. I leave the translation, and I yield to that. Sometimes I have to pray for somebody, sometimes I have to call the person, sometimes I have to write something down. It is not something that you would see in this world. It is very unusual, and the most amazing part of the whole thing is that it does not break my concentration.


If one of you would come in when I was in a deep concentration, it would grieve the spirit on me, and I have asked you to help me out in that way in certain areas. It grieves the spirit in me when I am that deep, and you come at me with another issue and, in particular, a question that would require me to completely change my mode of thought to another mode of thought. It is grievous to me, it causes me pain, but the Spirit of Christ can do it, and He just bounces me back and forth from one issue to another. It is amazing, and I do not lose my concentration, because it is all in His spirit, and He can bounce me around like that.


Sometimes I get a revelation on a totally different study than what I am doing now, and I am just all over the place like that. My spiritual peripheral vision has been working for a long time, but I did not know what it was. I just thought that I got words of knowledge while I was this deep in the spirit.


Last night it was different. The best way I can describe it to you is that it was almost like being either on the ocean or in a desert at night, and all that you see is the stars in the dark sky, and in some locations you just feel that you are in the midst of all the stars. Have you ever experienced that, being out on a mountain top? I know it is more like that in the Middle East than it is here, but in certain parts of the world, and possibly on some occasions here if you are out in a lonely place, a mountain range or a desert or the beach you just feel....because the sky arcs, and you just feel that you are in the middle of this sea of stars. Did you experience that in New York? In New Jersey? That is close enough.


I know I experienced that in Israel when I was in Israel. The sky is very different in another part of the world, and the stars seem....I do not know if it has to do with the seasons or not, but I felt I was just in the midst of the sky, and the stars were so bright. That is what I felt like, that I was in the midst of a sea of stars, but the stars were not stars as we know them.


The stars were all Halloween characters, and I cannot even tell you what they were, but they were all grotesque characters, and I have been seeing a lot of grotesque characters in the spirit but not so many at once. Over this past couple of weeks, I have seen a werewolf. I have seen witches. When I close my eyes to go to sleep I have been seeing things, but I just rebuke them and go on because I cannot be letting them stop me. I just assume that they are curses coming at me but, today, for the first time I am starting to think they may not be curses coming at me, that I may be penetrating into the astral plane, and I am just seeing the characters that abide in the astral plane.


There were so many last night that I know that I put a strong castle around myself before I went to sleep, and I do not do that as a matter of course any more. Something has to lead me to do it, but there were so many of them everywhere, and I had seen a couple of werewolves during the week. This morning as I prayed about it, the thought came to me that to get this...I am going deep, in general, and that is why I have been seeing these characters recently, but last night I went so deep to get this revelation that I...I cannot say fully penetrated, but I have nothing to compare it to, but that I was very penetrated into the astral plane. You may recall from our study in Jonah that the astral plane is Satan's world, and it is likened to the sea. It is a sea of energy.


I have told you that we live in a sea of energy here, and we do. We live in a sea of energy that is invisible to a human, but there is an invisible side to this world. The physical world has two sides to it. The solid side or the earthen side and the waters side. I think it was Peter or John who said, "and the earth stood up," part of it in the water, and part of it out of the water. The earth is in the water, and out of the water. That is one of our earliest messages.


It would be interesting if I had the time to take a look at it and see what I preached all those years ago, because when I do that, frequently I am amazed to find out the depth of my revelation, but I did not understand it like I understand it now. I understand that in our natural world there is earth under the sea, and that there is earth standing up out of the sea, the solid portion of the world. The astral plane is the liquid portion of the world.


Everything is energy, the solid and the liquid is energy, everything is energy. There is energy that is solid, and there is energy that is liquid, and the energy that is liquid is energy that is vibrating at a more rapid rate of speed. The more rapid the energy vibrates the more powerful it is. The liquid part of the creation known as Satan is the unconscious or the invisible part of this world.


I know that I have spoken to you about the etheric plane. I am sorry, I think I just made a mistake. It is the etheric plane that is the invisible part of the physical world, and the astral plane is another whole world. I am sorry if I confused you. This world that we live in is solid, and it is liquid, and the liquid part of this world is the etheric plane. That is all the physical world, and there are many worlds here, and then the astral plane where Satan is, is another whole world.


I have drawn these worlds on the board for you. I have shown you the energy centers as being one above the other, but the truth is that they are one within the other. The physical part of the creation is where we are. It is called outer darkness, and every world or every level other than this is less and less solid. You have to pierce through every level to get to the next one.


Do you remember, some of you may remember, how years ago the apartments were made in apartment buildings? You all seem to have houses here, but I grew up in the city where they had apartment buildings, and they used to call them railroad flats. There was no hallway. You would enter into one room, and to get to the next room you had to walk through the first room, and to get to the third room you had to walk through the first and the second room, and to get to the fifth room you had to walk through the first four rooms, so if somebody was sleeping or doing something private in one of the first four rooms it was tough on them.


I guess you did not have much privacy in those days. This is what the spiritual worlds are like. They are not separate from one another. They are within one another, they are like a spiritual railroad flat. To get to the mental plane where Christ Jesus is we have to pass through the astral plane. To get to the highest plane of consciousness we must pierce through, pass through, and pierce through all of the other planes.


We see this type in the Scripture. I cannot give you any names, because that is not my thing. History and names is not my thing. I am a principle man, but in the Old Testament in the first five books where you find the history of the Hebrew children, especially in Exodus and in Joshua, you find the account of the Hebrew children trying to get to the promised land, and they come up against leaders of foreign lands, and they say to them, "We do not want to fight with you, we just want to pass through, we will not take anything from you, we will not spoil your land, we will even pay you, just let us pass through," and the leaders of the land said, "No, we will not let you pass through." The Hebrew children had to fight to get through.


Anyone familiar with the Scriptures that I am talking about? This is just a type of our journey from our present position which is in outer darkness. This world is outer darkness, and we have to pierce through and pass through all of the other planes of consciousness to find the place and to abide in the place where we will cease from dying. We have to pass through the etheric plane, and the astral plane, and the mental plane is where Christ Jesus is right now, and then whatever else is there.


I have given you some outlines pretty much which I have taken from Occult books which I do as the Lord leads me, and He has not changed anything yet, but who knows? Our minds are finite. We have weak, piddling minds. We can only learn a little bit at a time. The Lord has a plan for us, and He has a program for us, and He has an order of what He wants us to learn first. Everything that we learn builds our foundation which enables us to understand other spiritual principles.


I know that the Lord has not really spoken personally to me about all these different worlds that I have gotten out of the Occult books, but I know they are okay enough for Him to let me teach them to you. I know that they are not harming you, but there may be some adjustments coming up as we continue on.


Just like when I wrote the book "Sick of the Palsy," I had to re-do two whole pages of that book, because when I talked about the creation of the powers in the individual I perceived it from the Serpent's point of view. I perceived her creating them as she descended, and then after the first 50 copies of the book went out the Lord said to me, "No, Sheila, that is from the Serpent's point of view. From My point of view, the Serpent creates the powers of this world as she ascends. Either she descends or she ascends." I had to rewrite almost two pages of the book. This is how He is doing it, brethren. It is an imperfect message, and you have to roll with the punches just as I do, and just keep on going.


As we learned from our study in the Book of Jonah, this great whale that Jonah was in was not an evil entity, and neither was it a judgment or a punishment upon him, but the great fish was Christ Jesus who was acting as Jonah's diving suit. We know that Leviathan is the principle fish of Satan's waters, but in this particular account Christ Jesus, and in this aspect of our deliverance...what aspect of our deliverance? That we must pass through the astral plane, Christ Jesus compasses us about. We have found that in the Scripture that He compasses us about. What that means is He seals us in so that as we pass through the astral plane we are not harmed, and the way this is expressed in the Scripture is that Jonah was swallowed up by a whale.


When we looked up every word, we found out that the whale was not Leviathan. The whale was Christ Jesus who got him safely back to shore. We are not to ascend unless we are joined to Christ Jesus, because if we ascend without being joined to Christ Jesus we can be apprehended by the entities in the astral plane. Again, I am talking in general spiritual principles. The Lord has brought this message forth spontaneously tonight.


I do not have a full understanding of what these entities are, or why the way they appear as they do to me, or whether or not that is actually the way they appear or whether their appearance is an illusion. I do not know, but I do know this that I believe that the Lord wants us to have full disclosure of the world that we live in, and that includes the invisible world. He wants us to have full disclosure as rapidly as we can bear it and understand it. That is my belief. He wants us to have it. It is not a secret. It is not a secret. He wants us to have it, full disclosure, but this knowledge is not for people that have a frivolous walk. I do not condemn you if you have a frivolous walk.


Everybody is in their own place of spiritual growth, but if you are not ready for whatever your reason, if you are not ready spiritually, if you are not ready emotionally to spend hours and hours and hours of your week communing with the Lord, however you do it, attending meetings, listening to tapes, transcribing tapes, however you do it, if you are not prepared to spend hours and hours each week you should not be ascending. It is dangerous for you because...why is it dangerous for you? Because the great fish that Christ Jesus becomes to you as you enter into the waters of the astral plane is formed around you as you commune with Him.


Brethren, do you know that when we eat a steak or any kind of food that we eat, that is the food for the physical body. We eat a steak from a cow, and it puts...that steak, that flesh from that cow goes through a process that manifests as this human flesh on our body. Can anybody not see that? It is just a conversion of the cow's flesh to our human flesh.


Brethren, spiritually speaking, when you have your spirit and the Mind of Christ operating in you for hours and hours and hours every week, this is the true communion, and you are eating Christ Jesus, and He is eating you, and His flesh is being built on you just like the flesh of the cow becomes your physical body. Do you know that the cells of our physical body are dying continuously, and that every 7 years we really have a whole new body?


If we want to keep Christ Jesus compassing us about, we must continue to consume Him. That is how you get your armor on, that is how you get your diving suit on, by consuming Him and Him consuming you. This is the true communion. This is not a religious command. I am not telling anybody what they must do, where ever these tapes are going. What I am telling you is if you are not prepared to do that, and you are still pursuing a lifestyle where you desire spiritual experiences, you just may be ascending in Leviathan's timeline, because to ascend in Christ Jesus you must have Christ Jesus built on you.


The allegory is that He is this big whale or this big fish, and then you pass through the astral plane unchanged. You pass through the astral plane intact with your body which is made of Christ Jesus, but if you pass through the astral plane, and you are not inside of the Body of Christ Jesus, the entities in the astral plane, I honestly do not know if they are individual entities or whether it is Satan herself. I know that Satan from our present studies is the one that has the spiritual sexual intercourse with the personality when she can. It is Satan who does it. Maybe it is Leviathan too.


A lot of these little details I do not really have worked out yet, but the basic principle is if you pass through the astral plane, and Christ Jesus is not firmly built about you to the point that He in impenetrable, you will be penetrated by Satan, and she will have spiritual sexual intercourse with you, and the results of having spiritual sexual intercourse with Satan is that this kills the resurrected Adam in you. It kills Christ Jesus in you, and then she possesses you completely.


I am not trying to put you in any religious bondage. What I am telling you is what you need to know, that to ascend spiritually in Christ Jesus a large part of your life must be given over to Him, and I am not talking about giving out tracts or praying as you do the dishes or driving people to the hospital. No matter how important and wonderful these works are, this does not build Christ Jesus in you. What builds Christ Jesus in you and around you is the Doctrine of Christ. Your communion must be with the Doctrine of Christ, and the one who teaches the Doctrine of Christ, who is Christ Jesus Himself, does not speak in tongues. Is there something wrong with speaking in tongues? No, I speak in tongues on occasion.


Why did I just tell you this? I told you this to help you to distinguish between the activities that you engage in which are in the Holy Ghost as compared to the activities that you engage in which are in Christ Jesus, because if you are engaging in activities of the Holy Ghost, and you think that these activities are building your defenses against the astral plane on you, you will surely be hurt. The truth will set us free on every level.


Christ Jesus communes with us through the Doctrine of Christ. The Holy Spirit communes with us through tongues. Communion with Christ Jesus is only through the Doctrine of Christ. There are several layers of the Doctrine of Christ. The wisdom that comes forth here, the wisdom and knowledge about manipulation and relationships and submission and the perception of sin, this is part of the Doctrine of Christ too.


If you are seeking the Lord or having a conversation with another son about trying to understand the operation of envy, and this is not gossip, and this is not cutting people apart, if you are in a right spirit, and you feel that you have been manipulated, but you cannot understand it, and you are trying to figure out where the sin was, that is a part of the Doctrine of Christ. The Spirit of Truth is in the Doctrine of Christ. Tongues are a wonderful thing, but that is not the Spirit of Truth.


What are they telling you? Tongues have a place, they have a function, they are good, I am not against them, but if you want to have spiritual experiences the only spiritual experiences that are legal in the Holy Ghost are the gifts of the spirit. Tongues, interpretation of tongues, the gift of prophecy, the laying on of hands, praying healing, praying Old Order deliverance, and that is a good thing. Old order deliverance saved my life, but it did not prepare me to pass through the astral plane safely. You choose. Whoever is hearing this tape, you choose.


First of all, you must diagnose who you are and where you are in the Lord, and if you cannot do it from this message ask the Lord to help you, and either He will help you, or He will send you to someone who can help you. Everyone is not the same, there is a lie going around in the church saying everybody is the same. "There is only one Holy Ghost, everybody is the same." It is true there is only one Holy Ghost, but His ministry is definitely modified by the personality that He is indwelling, and everybody is not the same.


Everybody is not as faithful, everybody is not as intelligent, everybody does not have the same level of fear, and everybody does not have the same drive or willingness. That is a false doctrine in the church, brethren. There is only one Holy Ghost, but there is no one else like you or me. We are individuals, and when the Holy Ghost or Christ Jesus manifests through any individual, that is a unique manifestation of the Holy Ghost or a unique manifestation of Christ Jesus. He never changes, but as He flows through you, the ministry that comes forth is unique because you are unique, and there are no two people who are exactly alike.


What I just said to you, this wisdom that just came forth, this is the Doctrine of Christ. You do not find this wisdom and understanding in the Holy Ghost. You have to be into this kind of wisdom. What is this kind of wisdom? It means thinking the thoughts of Christ Jesus. Thinking the thoughts of Christ Jesus is part of the Doctrine of Christ, because all Christ Jesus thinks is wisdom. Everything that comes out of His mind and that comes out of the mouth of the personality that His mind is in, is wisdom. That personality just drips with wisdom.


That is what the honey is. Just drips with wisdom. The personality is the honeycomb, the wisdom that just drips down as Christ Jesus. The more you abide, the more your mind abides in the wisdom of God as well as the esoteric doctrine, the more thoroughly Christ Jesus in His function as a space suit is built around you when you pass through the astral plane. Why would you be passing through the astral plane? Does anybody know why you would be passing through the astral plane?
COMMENT: To get into the mental plane.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, to enter into the mental plane. Christ Jesus is the mental plane and, of course, any points beyond the mental plane. At this moment I do not know how to relate the mental plane to the fifth or the sixth energy center. I do not know how to do it yet. The Lord has to show me how to do that. I know that the fifth energy center and the sixth energy center, those terms are talking about levels of power.


To say that you are in the mental plane is talking, not about power, but about wisdom. At this moment, I do not know how to relate the two. The levels of power have to do with the Spirit of Christ. Levels of power have to do with spirit. Doctrine or the Word has to do with mind. Usually when an issue like this comes up it does not take too long for the Lord to show me how to relate the mental plane to the energy centers. Right now, I do not know how to do it, but I am sure He will teach me as soon as my brain can absorb it. Praise the Lord.


I just have been very deep into the astral plane last night, and I feel that I would like to do a drawing to try and show you this penetration. We are looking at drawing #1, and I have tried my best to depict the journey that we all have as we begin to ascend in consciousness. As I told you before I started drawing, the worlds or the levels of consciousness are all within one another, and please remember I have drawn these worlds as simple lines, but each level has a world attached to it that if we were able to do it we could actually experience that world and the inhabitants of it.


The best natural example that I can give you is going to another country. When I first went to Africa it was a radical experience for me. It was so completely different than everything I had experienced in my entire life. I felt that I was displaced into another world, and then when I came back to the United States I had an adjustment to make. That did not happen the second and third times that I went. It just happened the first time that I went, and when I came back to the United States I was in shock for a couple of weeks. I would wake up in the middle of the night to go the rest room, and I would not know where I was.


That is the best example I could give you of what it would be like if we have the ability to manifest in one of the worlds that is represented by the words simply "astral plane." It is a whole world, it is another place, it has...I do not know if it has terrain like our world does, but it has inhabitants. Each world has inhabitants, and I do not believe that any of them are of Christ Jesus. They are all inhabitants that are in existence because the Serpent has brought forth this creation, and she has brought forth this creation in layers.


We see that, first of all, the Serpent's timeline is circular, and it is stagnant. It is a black hole as we have been taught in other studies. Leviathan's timeline is a black hole, it lets no air in, and it lets no air out. The people who are in it are trapped and hostile. The inhabitants are hostile. We see that the Serpent's time line is circular, but Christ Jesus's time line is a linear energy string as depicted by the phrases "Jacob's ladder, stairway, or highway to heaven."


In Christ Jesus's time line we have the opportunity to ascend eternally in consciousness. I have to tell you, I do not know what that means. All I can tell you is that I have had a few measly experiences of a very strong outpouring of the Spirit of Christ which has let me experience an intense peace and sense of well-being, and safety. As far as I am concerned, I would be grateful for that. What the Lord has for us beyond that, Paul says that eye has not seen and ear has not heard.


We really do not know what is waiting for us beyond that, but I know that, personally for myself, if I could just have the opportunity to abide day and night bringing forth this wonderful doctrine....I get so excited when I get the revelations, it is an absolute joy to me, and if I could have that opportunity without the problems of pain in my body or any of the other problems of this world that I only have because I am still in my carnal mind.


Any problem that we have is just because we are still living out of our carnal mind at some level. I am not even hoping for more than that. Obviously, I will take whatever Jesus gives me, but right now that is my hope, to be able to continue on with this wonderful work, to grow spiritually, and grow intellectually in Christ Jesus, to grow emotionally, to grow out of a mentality which I just police continuously so that it does not sin, and to come into a place where I know that I can only do righteousness because my mind is righteous, and where I am delivered from pain in my body and physical needs.


I will take that for the time being, but there is an eternally ascending consciousness available to us in Christ Jesus. I do not know what it means. I just know that eventually there is an ascension beyond the physical body. I do not have any more information about it right now, and, personally, I do not even think it is practical, I think the reason I do not have more information about it is because it is not practical to talk about.


The next thing that Jesus is doing is what we are talking about. We have to prepare the church and prepare ourselves for this journey that Abel or Christ in us is about to embark upon, and we see that the levels, the layers, other worlds within the Serpent's timeline are one. The most outer layer is called ignorance, that is Cain, and that is what the church calls our flesh. It is our conscious mind.


Jesus called it outer darkness. Outer darkness is a state of mind, and it is called ignorance. It is a state of mind where the individual that is in that condition has no spiritual knowledge. They live totally in the needs of their flesh, their emotions, and their physical needs. They do not think about spiritual things, they are not interested in spiritual things, and I do not mean to mock anybody, I am just describing a life style.


They are content to work all week, to lay with their mate at night, to love their kids, to watch the ball game and to eat popcorn. I am not knocking you, but the majority of the people of the world are in this state of mind. They are happy, they can pay their bills. Am I not right, they can pay their bills, they are happy, is that not all they want? If they can get that, with health, they are very happy. That is all they want, but spiritually speaking this is a condition of ignorance because you do not know the great things out there that are so much better than what you have, and the very fact that you are not even curious means that you are in spiritual darkness. That is why Jesus said that this is outer darkness. You cannot even imagine that there could be something better.


I want to tell you that there are people in this world who accept illness, they accept the death of loved ones, they accept all kinds of the horrors of the world as acceptable to them, and they believe that God gave it to them. The only hope they have of something better, if they have a hope of something better, is after death which is not what the Scripture teaches.


What God is doing is in the flesh. Life is in the flesh, death is in the flesh. Death is a state of consciousness. Life is in the flesh, death is in the flesh, judgment is in the flesh, correction is in the flesh, glory is in the flesh, healing is in the flesh, deliverance is in the flesh, communication is in the flesh, the Doctrine of Christ is in the flesh. It is in the flesh!


The question is, which flesh? Because there are different kinds of flesh, the flesh of man, the flesh of beasts, the fish of fishes, and there is the flesh of birds, there is Adam's flesh, there is Cain's flesh, there is Leviathan's flesh. She is the fish, and Christ Jesus is the fish too depending on the context of your subject, and then there are the spiritual beings. There is Satan and the Spirit of Christ. Different kinds of flesh.


Brethren, if you want to function in these high planes in Christ Jesus at some point you are going to have to reject your physical flesh. Our natural example is a comparison, for example, between horseback riding and swimming. You do not go swimming in a 9 foot pool with heavy boots, and a riding whip. You may drown. You cannot take this body with you into the high realms of the spirit.


It is not even reasonable or practical and only, and again I do not know where these tapes are going, I am not seeking to insult anyone, I am just telling you the truth as I see it. I have flesh also, I have a carnal mind also. Only the ignorance of Cain could think that you could take this physical body and the activities of the body into the high spiritual planes because you cannot. You cannot.


These spiritual bodies, again I do not have all that much information about them, but I know this that they all co-exist within us, and our best natural example is a bird who does not use his feet when his wings are flapping, and when a pigeon is walking or a sparrow is walking on the ground or any kind of bird, their wings are not working. We have spiritual bodies which are built on to us.


Can anybody guess how our spiritual bodies are built on to us? What must we do to have them built on to us? I was talking about it but not in these terms a little while ago. Brethren, when we engage in the activities of a particular spiritual plane the body for that plane is built on us. This is the same thing I was telling you about Christ Jesus. If you want to be spiritual, I do not know about you, but spiritual things excite me something awful, they always have, all my life, I just love the thought of it, whatever spiritual experiences Christ Jesus has let me have to this date have been very exciting to me.


Of course, I have a spiritual experience every day with the Doctrine of Christ, but I am talking about spiritual experiences of the spirit. They are of a different nature. The Doctrine of Christ is intellectual. I am talking about ministry and healing and deliverance. I have not traveled in the spirit yet, but spiritual experiences of the spirit, just the thought of it really excites me, but I do not want anything outside of Christ Jesus so I wait.


The spiritual experiences in doctrine are mine. I could wake up at 2 a.m. in the morning and receive revelation. That is the point to which I have pierced through, but the spiritual experiences of the spirit are still limited, and I do not have control over them, but as you engage in the activities of a particular spiritual plane, the body for that plane is built into you. Apparently, I pressed so hard into doctrine by my willingness....it was not even a willingness, I cannot even take credit for it, it had to be the Lord. I had such a drive and still have such a drive to study. A lot of people have told me they could never do what I do. To me, it is sheer joy to nitpick every little word. It is sheer joy so it has to be the call on my life.


I had such a drive to pursue this doctrine that the body that I need to function on this plane is very strong in me. I will call it the mental body. Brethren, we are all pioneers. I will call it the mental body, I do not know what else to call it. The mental body in Christ Jesus has been so developed in me to such a strength, I tell you I could wake up at 2, 3, 4 a.m. in the morning and if I had to I could start teaching, and this is not a gift. I did not get it by the laying on of hands. I labored in doctrine, and the fruit of my labor is that I now have a mental body that I, pastor Vitale, can access at will.


I remember a couple of months ago, if it was that long ago, that I had some difficulties before the on-line meeting that caused me some frustration, and after the problems were resolved I said to the Lord, "I do not know how I am going to teach." I try to avoid it, I am just all aggravated, I just do not know how I am going to teach. I said, "I do not even have a subject, I cannot hear from you, I do not even have a subject to pursue." The Lord said to me, "Pick a Scripture." I just sat there, and He said, "Pick any Scripture." I pulled out my King James Bible, and I opened it up, and I picked a Scripture, and He gave me a message on that Scripture that lasted for two meetings. The hindrances to my mental body's functioning seem to me to be almost non-existent at least at the level at which I am.


My mental body is the fruit of my labor in Christ. I not only studied, but I fought the warfare, I fought Leviathan. I sought the Lord Jesus, I did not do it in my own strength, I sought for His direction, I followed His direction, and His Body was built in me. You see people in the Church today or outside of the Church who are ignorant as to spiritual things that are pursuing the spiritual life, but they are not following the Lord Jesus' lead. They are doing it themselves, and a body is being built into them. Maybe it is the mental body, but if it is, it is not the mental body of Christ.


Everything that Christ does, Satan counterfeits it. Some of them are building a mental body, and some of them are having spiritual experiences on Satan's level which would be the Spirit of Christ in the true timeline. Once this body is built in you, I am not saying there is no deliverance because who am I to say there is no deliverance? I do not know, but I do know this. This is what I do know, that I come from a very, very cursed family line, and that when the Lord called me, when He had mercy on me, I was about to die. My life was a total disaster physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and it has taken me one long time to overcome those negative bodies that were possessing me at the time.


There was a lot of place in me, a lot of legal ground for Satan to damage me in all these areas, and I did not get delivered because I answered one prayer line and had someone lay hands on me and break the curse. It took years, and the curses are still breaking on me, but my life is very good. I am very happy with my life, but for years my life was still terrible after the Lord received me.


Draw your own conclusions. My counsel to you is to be very careful about building spiritual bodies in the wrong timeline. They do not tear down all that easily, and when you build spiritual bodies they are woven together with your personality, so when you do tear them down, you the individual, experience the pain. Use a little wisdom.


To get back to our main subject, the way we build a spiritual body is to pursue the activity which characterizes that spiritual body. It is the same thing as in the world. You want to become a lawyer, you have a dream to become a lawyer. You know what you must do. You must graduate high school, you must graduate college, you must graduate law school, and then the hardest part is that you must submit yourself to an accomplished lawyer who may very well treat you like you are a moron. This is very common until you learn everything that he has to teach you, and then you go off and become a great lawyer.


It is no different than this world if you can think of it in these terms. You need to know that if you are pursuing these studies that you are in the process of building a mental body. You cannot compare yourself to the next person, because the next person is a different personality than you are. Each person has their own obstacles to overcome, but if you are doing it, if you are lending yourself to the activity, the body is being built in you, and you should know that because it is true. It seems to me at this point that the Lord Jesus builds the mental body before He builds the spiritual body.


I just told you, I just lust to have spiritual experiences but only in Christ Jesus. They are exciting, and they are wonderful, and any spiritual experience that I have had so far I have not had to work for. The Lord just puts these spiritual experiences on me always for a reason to help somebody or to pray for somebody. I do not really know if there will be any activity that I will have to really press into to build my spiritual body in Christ Jesus. If there is I am not aware of it.


I am thinking right now that the spiritual body where you have spiritual experiences at will or on a regular basis, they are not nearly as often as I would like them to be, is just an outgrowth of the pursuit of the mental. When your mental body reaches a certain point of maturity you start having these spiritual experiences. As I told you at the beginning of this message, I was piercing through into the astral plane last night, and I do not recall ever having an experience like. I was in the midst of a sea of ghoulish characters.


That is not the kind of experience I am looking for, but I am thinking that as you pursue your studies that the Doctrine of Christ and even the King James translation, the Interlinear Text, and the King James translation which we work with, they are the point of contact that the Lord Jesus Christ is using to develop and use our spiritual bodies in us. The method that He is using is study and intellect.


I read in a Hindu book once that there are several ways that you can ascend spiritually according to the Hindu philosophy, and one of those methods was an intense study of Scripture. Do you know that the Hindus have Scripture? Do you know that the Christians are not the only people who have Scripture? Do you know that the newest Scripture around is the Judeo-Christian Scripture? There is Indian scripture, and Egyptian scripture, and Tibetan scripture, and Buddhist scripture that have been around for thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and that the Judeo-Christian Scripture is the new guy on the block.


The Scripture says that they studied so much that they became so wise that they became ignorant, and I have always interpreted that to mean that the men and women of the Western world that have gone to college and gotten degrees and locked God and spirituality out of their life, but more and more recently I am coming to the conclusion that it might mean that, but that it also could mean that all of these very sophisticated spiritual philosophies that are in the world today that have such a knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism and I could not hold my own with them. I know, at this point, I could not hold my own with them unless I had a special anointing from the Lord. I am just talking about me, where I am now in my knowledge.


There are people that have great amounts of knowledge more than I do. I have only been in these deep studies, not deep studies of the Scripture, but I have only been in the study of spiritual philosophy for a couple of years now. I do not think it is any more than 3 years.


The Hindu Scripture says one of the ways to become spiritual is to engage in an intense study in the scripture. They are talking about the Hindu scripture, but another way, according to the Hindus, is to practice yoga and another way is to practice deep breathing. Another way is Tantra, to use temple prostitutes. This is all in the Hindu books. There are different ways to ascend spiritually, but to the best of my knowledge we as Christians only have one choice...we do not have a choice.


I do not know of any way to ascend in Christ Jesus other than deep, intensely concentrated studies in the Scripture which catapult you into a spiritual plane in Christ Jesus. The Scripture is the point of contact that Jesus Christ uses to raise up His Sons. Study and discipline. Also, in Hinduism, celibacy is one of the choices. Celibacy, the exact opposite of the Tantra which uses the temple prostitutes, both methods can cause spiritual ascension, but not so in Christianity. I would assume in Judaism too, but I have never studied this from the point of view of Judaism.


The Lord Jesus does not give us any choice. Deep, intense study which develops your concentration and at least limited, if not total, celibacy. The orthodox Jews are apart from their wives for two weeks out of the month. Discipline, submission to authority was not what the Lord Jesus gives us. If you want to ascend and be convinced that you are in Christ Jesus and, of course, the exposure of your sins, and the revelation of the man of sin within you.


We all have a man of sin within us. We have got to meet him. You met him last week. You met her. We have got to meet her. She is in there, and she is hiding, making us think that her thoughts are our thoughts. We must meet her face to face and defeat her. She is in there. She is in everybody. Nobody is free from this. She is in there. Spiritual experiences in Christ Jesus come through discipline and deep study and the sacrificial life.


I got off of this drawing. Let us get back on this drawing here. I think I pointed out to you that the Serpent's timeline is circular, and we see that Christ Jesus' timeline is linear. It is straight. I do not know how accurate this is, but I have drawn it as a ladder ascending out of the center of the circle. The first layer is ignorance. That is Cain, flesh, our conscious mind. Jesus called it outer darkness. The second layer is the spiritual power of the earth. That is the Fiery Serpent. She is our subconscious mind.


The reason I do not say Leviathan is because Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind of all of humanity, and Leviathan's tentacle or Leviathan's aspect in us, in the individual, is called the Fiery Serpent. She is his daughter. The Fiery Serpent is Leviathan's daughter. You have heard of the farmer's daughter? She is Leviathan's daughter. It is nice to be able to laugh every once in a while.
The second layer that we have to pierce through is the spiritual power of the earth or subconscious mind. That is the power of nature. There is power in nature, brethren. There are people who serve Satan, whether it be white witchcraft or black witchcraft, people who have spiritual power through nature, I should not have said Satan, but through nature.


I am told there are tribes in Africa that control the wild beasts with their mind. Lions and tigers and dangerous animals, they walk into the forest with no weapon, and they control the wild beasts with their mind. This is not Christ Jesus, brethren. This is the power of the Fiery Serpent in them. The beasts do not have a Fiery Serpent.


Technically speaking, human beings, spiritually speaking, I know physically this is true, we are of a higher order than the animals. We all know that because we make guns, and we go out and we shoot them, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about mind. Spiritually speaking, we are of a higher order than the animals, and we should be able to do that. We should be able to make them obey us with our word, but in accordance with all the other studies that have been coming forth here, does anybody know why we cannot do that?


Why do we not have the power to do that? Because here in the Western world, and also I guess in other parts of the world too...I have to say this in two ways. Those of us who are Christian, Judeo-Christian, we are not moving in the power of the first born.


These tribes that have that kind of power over the animals can be likened...just to give you an example, this is probably not exact, they can be likened to Esau. They inherited the inheritance of the first born. They inherited, they were born with, excuse me...the energy of this world. They were born with the...I do not think they practiced it.


How do you think I got to teach like this? I am telling you, I did not do anything. I listened to my first message, and I sound very much like I do now. I guess I have mellowed a little because I have been practicing all these years. I never trained to preach. The day I preached my first message I had never preached in my life. I inherited this, something I was born with, even my ability to study. Yes, Sheila, the personality, pursued it, yes, I can take credit for following my inclinations, because a lot of people do not follow their inclinations. I had the inclination to study, and I did it. I had an inclination to preach and I did it, but the inclination and the ability that allowed me to do it, I was born with. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Everyone has to discover what gift they have and pursue it to the uttermost, because if you are pursuing that which is not the gift that you were born with, you are not only spinning your wheels, and you are not likely to move into excellence, but you are neglecting the gift that you were born with. You have to find out what you were born to do in Christ. You have to find out what He wants you to do.


These men in Africa control these animals with their mind. They were born with this stuff. Maybe their fathers gave them a little trick here or there. I say all the time, "I could have piano lessons for the next 600 years, and I could not play the piano the way I would like to pray it." I just do not have talent in that area, and I am told that there are music teachers and art teachers that will refuse students. They will tell them, "Look, you just do not have it." Dance teachers refuse students. They will say, "I could work with you for 20-30 years, you just do not have it."


Maybe the young men of that tribe are not as accomplished as their fathers when they come of age, and they need a little instruction, but the gift has to be there. The gift has to be there. They are born with the inheritance, with the first fruits of the earth. They are born with the rights of primogenitor.


The Scripture says it was not what Cain had, but the King James translation makes it sound like he had the authority over Abel, because he was the first born, but that was not what it means if you look at it in the Interlinear Text. If you have a revelation of what the Scripture is really saying, that was not what it means.


It means that Cain was born with the rights of the first born, and the first born was the carnal mind. Cain was born with the power, not the authority. The reason Jehovah chose Abel over Cain was that Abel was born with the righteous seed, and Jehovah does not give special place to power. Jehovah gives special place to the right moral order, and the righteous seed rules over the power.


I want to tell you, when the Lord raises up ministry, very frequently the person was not raised up in authority, and is weaker than the people they are sent to teach, and the people they are sent to teach try and kill them. Was that not what is in this message that I am now preaching today?


I think I found it in Verse 9 of Judges, Chapter 16. That was what happened to Samson, but I do not want to get into Samson now.


Brethren, this is the way it is. The people that you are sent to teach are filled with pride, and rebellion, and arrogance. They think they are right, and the truth of the matter is that on a spiritual level they try to kill the man who is sent to teach them, who probably has something to teach them knowledge-wise but cannot match their spiritual strength, cannot match the spiritual strength of their witchcraft, and their pride, and their Jezebel, and their arrogance. This is one of the tests that you have to go through to become a Son.


You better expect to experience this if you are going to be a Son. You have to expect people who you know more than, telling you what to do, and you have to learn how to deal with it without sinning against them. It is part of becoming a Son, it is one of the over comings. This is the way of our world. This is the way it is. This world honors brute strength, but Jesus does not honor brute strength. Jesus honors righteousness, and then He adds His strength to the righteous but weak seed. He is completely opposite than this world.


I got off the drawing. Let me try again. Let us go back to our board here. I was talking about the Fiery Serpent, the power that is in nature, the power of the subconscious mind. There is power in the subconscious mind.


Brethren, there is a lot of talk in our nation today about hypnosis, and some people stop smoking with hypnosis. They are playing with fire, because when you minister to your subconscious mind even if it is to stop smoking or for some positive reason, what you are doing is stimulating your subconscious mind. You are stirring up that sleeping Serpent, and if you are doing it outside of Christ Jesus you are building the body of her power in you. Anybody not understand what I just said?


You are building the body that will enable you to function in her world, and her world is the illegal spiritual power in the world of nature, the nature spirit. She is the queen of the nature spirit. Did you notice how many insects have queens? Bees have queens, ants have queens, lots of insects have queens. There is a queen of the nature spirit. She is the Fiery Serpent, and when you start to call upon her, and is that not what you are doing if you are using hypnosis or any such method? What you are doing is conjuring up the queen of the nature spirit to help you to overcome the lusts of your own flesh which are under her domain.


She is not helping you without a price. Once you invite her into your life, even if you are doing it in ignorance, once you invite her into your life, you try and get her out. You try. The worst part of the whole thing is that after she helps you to stop smoking, you think it is the hypnotism, but she will suddenly start influencing your life, and you will not even know it. You will think it is you, and there are curses associated with this behavior. If you do not have problems in your life, you are leaving a legacy of curses for your children, and grandchildren, and your great grandchildren.


The next layer in is the sea, the astral plane, the spiritual power of the sea, Satan's astral plane, the third level in. It is another world. Satan's sea and the world where her sea is, that is the place where seances reach to, where medium's reach to looking for the souls of the departed dead. They think that they are reaching the personalities who existed in this plane, but they are not. They are reaching beings of the astral plane that are very evil. The astral plane is an evil place, and it is a place of high spiritual power.


If it happens in this country it is not obvious, but I know in Africa where witchcraft is very acceptable, and all kinds of religion is very acceptable, they are very spiritual people, there are large groups and large cults that worship at the ocean. They go to the ocean and hold their services at the ocean, because they are worshiping the powers that abide in the physical ocean. What they are really doing is worshiping Satan.


The Wiccas do not like to call themselves witches. They say they are not witches, but the name of their religion is Wicca, and we know them as witches. They hold their services in the woods. They are worshiping nature spirits, the queen of witches, the Fiery Serpent, and they claim, I do not know how true it is, all of their magic is for good, but the people who go to the ocean to worship, the people that seek out Satan, that is a higher level of spiritual power, and it is frequently evil. I really do not know enough about it to tell you that it is always evil, but it is frequently evil.


Then there is one more layer to my knowledge at this time that we must pass through on our journey to the mental plane of Christ Jesus, and that is the compound spiritual power of Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, sometimes known as the vampire bat. That compound energy is called the vampire bat. It is a very high level of spiritual energy, and the person who manifests this kind of power has the spiritual strength to steal energy from other people.


This concept first came out in our studies of Esau and Jacob, at which time I told you, I could not even imagine what that would mean, and this past Friday night we had a message which revealed to us, at least one way, that a person who knows how to travel in this high plane of spiritual power...I am just calling it compound spiritual power, I do not know what else to call it right now. Unless it is just another level of the astral plane, I am really not sure.


The Occultist say that each of these planes of consciousness have seven sub-levels. If that is true, I do not have the names of the seven sub-levels, but I think the Lord told me that this plane of compound spiritual power is just another level of the astral plane. That is what the Lord told me just now.


We found out last Friday that the people who have developed spiritual bodies that can operate on that plane are engaging in activities or at least engaging in one activity where, as far as I know, they are men. I do not know if the women are doing this or not when they astral project. That means their mind goes forth in the astral plane, and they engage in an act of physical...they are in the spirit, but they engage a physical woman in an act of sexual intercourse on the astral level.


I do not know what the astral projecting person experiences, but the woman in the physical body who is experiencing it, it has been reported to me that it is just like an act with men. They experience the whole thing.


This is one of the activities of the vampire bat which engages in activities on the astral plane designed to steal another person's energy. Why do they want another person's energy? Because they need energy to ascend into the higher timeline. Christians obtain...and Jews who are truly in the Spirit of Elijah, if that is available to them today, I really do not know, but the Jews that were in covenant with Jehovah where they ascended to this high spiritual place, they get their excess energy from the Lord.


Satan cannot come to a person and give them extra energy because Satan is the spiritual blood of this world. The only extra energy that Satan can give you is from another person; therefore, with Satan's authority you ascend into a high level of the astral plane, and she gives you permission to steal energy from other people. With Christ Jesus, He gives you His energy so you not only do not have to hurt other people to ascend, but when you ascend you have an excess which heals and delivers other people.


Energy must be replenished. We must eat food every day to replenish the energy of this physical body, we must engage in communion with Christ Jesus every day to maintain our level of spiritual energy in Christ Jesus, and if you are healing, or delivering, or engaging in any spiritual activities you must be replenished, and the only source of replenishment from the people who serve Satan is other people. That is pretty heavy, brethren. If you really stop to think about it, it is pretty heavy.


I have talked about the four levels, and we see...here is Cain, Abel down here, Abel or Christ piercing through the first level. This is a journey of consciousness. Your body does not change. It is not a physical rapture. It is a journey of consciousness, it is an ascension of consciousness. If you must call it a rapture, it is a rapture of your consciousness, but even in that context to call it a rapture is really not accurate, because my concept of rapture as I was taught it in the church is an instant catching up. This is not an instant catching up.


Nobody ascends instantly, neither in Christ Jesus nor in the Serpent. Ascension is a slow process. It is stressful. Ascension is very stressful, because you are pressing into these other planes, and there are powers and principalities that come to meet you even if you are in Satan. I saw a drawing, an ancient Hindu drawing, I have it in one of my books here, that depicts the negative principle, this is their term, the negative principles of this world that came to meet some Hindu god that was trying to penetrate into the physical world.


When you try to change your position, you come up against opposition, spiritual warfare, stress, problems in your life. If you are spiritual enough, you will recognize the warfare on the spiritual plane, but sometimes even if you recognize it, it breaks through, makes your body sick, gives you financial problems, sends some wonderful person that you have been getting along with for years to start some totally irrational fight with you and knocks you right off of your path.


Spiritual ascension in either spirit requires a calm, determined, and consistent push forward. Stress, strife, worry, or physical pain can turn you off the path. That is why even if you are ill, you must work to the fullest degree that you can work in your illness, because if Satan sees that she can push back with illness she will use it against you time, and time, and time again.


I am having a little problem now. She slowed me down somewhat, but I put in the effort, and the fruit coming out of my efforts is awesome. The revelation that has come forth in these last few days since I have been in pain is mind-boggling to me. All I wanted to do was go to sleep at 9:30 last night which, for me, is very early, and the Lord would not let me do it. I was up until 2:30 so I stayed there. I cried the whole time, but I stayed there. I ask, "Lord, I really want to go to sleep," and if He says, "No," I stay there.


On rare occasion He has said okay, but He knows what we can do more than we know what we can do, because I did not think I could make it until even 10:00 o'clock last night, and I made it until 2:30. He knows what we can do. That is why everything must be submitted to the Lord, and yet if He is releasing you, and you are staying anyway because of a martyr spirit, there is no glory in that either. He is supposed to be in control of your life. Is that not what He is supposed to be?


Here we see Abel or Christ. Can anyone tell us the difference between Abel and Christ? I see we are at the end of the tape, and I do not know that I am going to go to another tape. Abel or Christ has to penetrate, He has to pass Cain, He has to pass the Fiery Serpent, He has to pass Satan, and He has to pass the ascended immortals which I am calling the vampire bat, and each level is a different war. Each level promotes different problems, but we grow and mature spiritually until we finally pierce through into the mental plane of Christ Jesus which is in the heart center. As we pierce through all these levels, if our spiritual eyes are open, we can see the inhabitants of the land. (End of Tape 1)




When I say that I see the inhabitants of the land in the astral plane, I am not talking about personalities who have passed on. It is my firm belief that both the physical body and the personality disintegrates after the death of the physical body. These entities in the astral plane, I am not really sure who they are. I do believe that there are two beings incarnating these days.


I believe that Christ Jesus is incarnating in many men. If you have the Holy Spirit, if you have Christ Jesus, you are an incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is incarnating. I do not say reincarnating; although, the term would not really be wrong. I do not use that term because it sounds too much like the Hindu and Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation which preaches salvation by works, and that is not what I am talking about.


We believe that we are saved through union with the Spirit of Christ, and the reason for Jesus' many incarnations is that He is having a war, He is engaged in a warfare with Satan and Leviathan to join to our human spirit so that we should be saved. Did I make that clear? The reason Jesus is incarnating many times is because Satan and Leviathan are possessing the creation and resisting Christ Jesus from joining His spirit to us which will save us.


This is the reason for Jesus' many incarnations. He is not incarnating to perfect Himself, He is already perfect. Neither is He incarnating to perfect us. He is incarnating to lay hold of us and join us to Himself and bring us to where He is, and this is a battle because Satan and Leviathan presently possess the creation, and it is not that Jesus is not strong enough. This is just the way it is. If He did it any faster, it would probably kill us.


We see that Jesus is incarnating. He is reincarnating but not in accordance with the Eastern doctrine of reincarnation. Jesus clearly said, "If you can receive it, here is the Spirit of Elijah," if you can receive it. The personality is not reincarnating. The Spirit of Christ is reincarnating but there is, at this time, another reincarnation taking place in our world, and this is the many incarnations of the spiritual sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid which was deposited into the earth for the specific purpose of building a civilized spiritual man in Jehovah's image.


When the primordial Serpent killed Adam, she stole the sperm and engraved them with her nature. We have, only the Lord knows, how many millions and trillions of spiritual sperm who became evil. The Lord gave me that translation years ago. It is in Job. The King James translation says that the sons of God sang with joy, but I looked it up in the Interlinear Text, and I knew the spirit of revelation was telling me, "No, it means they became evil."


Of course, both translations could be legitimately extracted from those Hebrew words, but I did not really know what it meant that they became evil, the sons of God became evil. How do you become evil, brethren? Your nature changes. How do you become righteous? Your nature must change. We are the clay. The spirit that engraves us imparts their nature to us, and Adam was the guardian of Jehovah's spiritual sperm which came forth in Elohim. When Adam died, the primordial Serpent captured all of the sperm and engraved them with her nature and, brethren, these are who the immortals are.


We found out in another study that one of the major points in this transference of nature, one of the major points in the conflict that resulted in the initiation of this timeline was that the primordial Serpent said to Adam, "I know you have children." Adam was the zygote, he had all of the seed within him, and the primordial Serpent said, "Let us mature them with experience." Who was the primordial Serpent? She is the mother of all living. She is the earth, the womb of the earth. She said, "Let us mature them with experience," but what did Jehovah say? Does anybody remember what Jehovah said? How were they to be matured?


COMMENT: Only through union with Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, through union with Jehovah. When the union is complete we will have all knowledge, and it will be a knee-jerk reflex reaction. Does the New Testament not say that when Jesus appeared after His resurrection, I believe it was when He was on the road to Emmaus, and the Scripture says, "And He expounded on all of the Scriptures that had to do with Him." He did not do that in His flesh. Jesus had become so completely intertwined with the very Godhead that He was the Godhead, and that was how Adam was to gain his wisdom and his ability to deal with the Serpent.


Adam was under the law, "Thou shalt not join with the primordial Serpent in an ungodly relationship, and thou shalt not train up your children by experience."


I was talking about the inhabitants of the land...I should not even say the inhabitants of the land. I should be saying the inhabitants of the sea. We were talking about the astral plane. I believe that I was penetrated very deeply into the astral plane last night. The question might arise in your mind, if I was only penetrated as deeply as the astral plane where am I getting all this revelation from if you have to be in the mental plane to get this revelation?


This is the answer. For me to have this revelation Christ Jesus in me has penetrated into the mental plane a long time ago, but my personality was penetrating into the astral plane last night. When the spiritual part of yourself, apart from your personality, penetrates into spiritual planes you have no memory of it. All memory requires the involvement of your brain. Christ Jesus bypasses your brain. Again, I am just telling you very honestly, I do not have all the information on this so I am speaking in generalities. If you have any questions there is a good possibility I will not be able to answer them. I pretty much tell you everything that I have. Christ Jesus goes before us, or if you are in the Serpent's timeline the Fiery Serpent goes before the personality. For me to be doing what I am doing here, Christ Jesus in me has to be fully established in the mental plane, which I believe is the heart center, and I think that He is higher. I think that He is in the neck center, the 5th energy center. That is my opinion.


I have touched on this briefly, but not a lot so you may not remember it. Just as when the Hebrew children crossed the Jordan the priests went first, and the people followed, and there was a significant separation of time between the time that the priests crossed over and the rest of the people crossed over. Christ Jesus is our High Priest, He does go before us, and Christ Jesus is the Warrior in the heart center.


Christ Jesus has penetrated into my heart center. He has, and probably still is, fighting in an on-going warfare with Satan and Leviathan, and when the land, the land is the heart center, when the land becomes clear enough or safe enough for the personality to enter in...remember, the personality is symbolized by an ox. We are the animal that can be slaughtered by the negative principles of the creation.


When Christ Jesus, the High Priest, has made the land safe for habitation He starts to bring the personality after Him. Memory is in the personality. The personality is attached to the physical body. Memory is in the personality, and a brain is required for memory.


When Christ Jesus in you pierces through to any level it is highly unlikely, I cannot speak with the authority that would say you would never experience it, I really just do not have enough information, but to the best of my information this is why we frequently do not remember our dreams, or if we have any memory of our dreams at all they are garbled and not clear. It is because it has something to do with the involvement of the brain in the experience.


Most spiritual experiences that we have, we do not remember when we wake up because it is the spiritual element in us having the experience, not our personality. For me to have had the experience that I had last night the answer was not coming to me, and I believe that this is Christ, is that He has begun to bring my personality into the heart center. If I am understanding this accurately, I penetrated last night into the astral plane unless I was in the etheric plane, but I do not think so, because it is my understanding that the etheric plane is insects, and these entities did not look like insects.


They were ghoulish characters, and the word in my heart, I am just giving you what is in my heart, I have to believe Christ Jesus is preaching this, the word in my heart is that it was the astral plane, that I penetrated deeply into the astral plane. Of course, it is a penetration and a withdrawal, a penetration and a withdrawal. I only got as far as I got into the astral plane, because I was so concentrating on these Scriptures to try to understand or to try to hear from the Lord as to the spiritual meaning of them that my whole person was in it.


The way you put your whole person in it is with concentration, and this is why I encourage all of you to go with your computers, no matter what you are doing, even if you are just looking up how to download windows, develop your concentration because concentration pulls all of you together. We are in parts. We are really in parts, and it is possible for someone to be scattered all over the place. Even in our society, we have the word "scatterbrain." It is possible to have our minds scattered all over the place, and mind is energy. To penetrate into these other planes and to ascend, we have to pull ourselves together. We have to pull ourselves together because we need the energy of the whole to pierce through.


We need the energy, we need all of our energy focused together to pierce through these planes. We must be trained in concentration and mental discipline if we hope to ascend. The Lord has shown me that learning to use a computer is His choice of training you all, and you all have computers. Is that not great!!


That is the answer. Christ Jesus in me, I believe, is in the neck energy center, and He is starting to bring my personality in. As soon as I came out of that....it is really a form of a trance that I go into, the concentration is so intense that sometimes I have been in a situation like that, and I do not even hear people talking to me. I am just in another world. I penetrated that far because my concentration was that intense, and when I gave up the study, when I stopped the study, my personality which is also an energy stream...the only thing solid is this body, the personality must have flowed back out. I do not know when it will happen again.


I had an experience a year or two ago, I had a spiritual experience that was wild when I was in a deep study, and I have never had it again since. I do not even remember it completely, but I seemed to be perceiving the two windows of creation. In my mind's eye or where ever I was spiritually, just like I saw these entities last night, I saw what looked to me like the two windows of creation. I did not write up any notes, I really do not remember exactly what it was that I saw. It would be as if, to give you an example, I was looking at two rooms at the same time, as if I could see through that wall, and I was looking at two rooms at the same time. It only happened once. It was at least a year ago if not more.


Whether or not I will have the experience that I had last night again, I do not know, and I never did get an answer as to what that was, but as I talk to you about it I am wondering if it was not the etheric plane. I do know as we press forward with our studies, and confessing our sins and repenting, which is a part of our personal relationship with Jesus, talking to Him about everything, making Him our best Friend, talking to Him about everything that we think and feel and desire, talking to Him about our sins, talking to Him about everything as we pursue this lifestyle, we will enter in.


We will penetrate into these higher planes of consciousness encompassed
about by Christ Jesus in safety and we, the personality, will make it to the heart center as well as Christ Jesus.


I am not really sure what the signs of the personality being in the heart center are, but the signs of Christ Jesus being in the mental plane is that you are having some understanding of this Doctrine of Christ, some aspect of Christ Jesus in you must be in the mental plane. He does not have to be all in the mental plane. He is an energy stream, but there has to be some part of Him in the mental plane for you to have any understanding at all.


If you are hearing this tape, and you say, "I listen to your tapes, and I cannot understand a word you are saying," this is what I have to say to you. If you desire this spiritual path, if you will listen to these tapes and read these books even when you do not understand them, Christ Jesus will begin to penetrate into the mental plane. Your concentration, your focus, your effort on pursuing the materials here will bring Him into the mental plane, and then once He gets in He brings your personality. As He brings your personality in, your life begins to heal. That is the way it works.


I have one more point to make. I know it is very late, but I did mention the difference between Abel and Christ. We will just take this question before that.


COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, I am looking at the drawing on the board, and I see where it says the mental plane is Christ Jesus, but I am looking at that, and the heart is on that. That, to me, would be the 5th level of consciousness, and I would think that the heart was the 4th.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is a very good question. Try to remember that we are dealing with two timelines here, and you may recall that I did preach it as the left and right side of the heart center, but there is really two heart centers. I know on one message it did come up that, from the point of view of the righteous timeline, the heart center is the 5th center, because the 4th center as the heart center was not in the Serpent's timeline.


What is very interesting that you should even bring that question up right now is that when I was praying about Verse 9 of Judges Chapter 16, the King James translation said, "And Samson told Delilah all of his heart." I am not going to get into Samson now, but I am sure you have got an inkling that this King James translation is just an allegory and a parable, and it is not true at all.


I just did not get it, I was just walking around as I was getting ready for bed just saying, "Lord, all of his heart, all of his heart, what does that mean?" The answer was that he told her all about the doctrine of the heart center, and then I said, "Lord, what is the secret of the heart center? I am going around saying, "I cannot even go to sleep Lord, what is the secret of the heart center? The answer that He gave me was that there are two parts of the heart center, and the King James translation says, "He told her all about the whole heart center." I thought your question was very interesting. Do you understand what I said. Yes.


There is a secret or a doctrine of the whole heart center, and the Lord just told me that the mystery that Delilah wanted explained to her was how Samson was holding the two heart centers together. What we are talking about here is the kingdom of the two heavens. I preached on that years and years ago. There are two minds. We have the carnal mind, and we have the Christ mind, but there is not supposed to be two minds. We are supposed to be single-minded, and the way we become single-minded is to lace or strap one mind to the other, and they are wrapped together piggy-back.


The relationship of the two minds...in other words, which mind is underneath and which mind is on top determines the nature of the whole man. Christ Jesus must be on top of the female carnal mind, and when Christ Jesus is on top of the female carnal mind, and the Scriptural example is that He puts a saddle on her and sits on her, and that is the spiritual marriage. He saddles her, and He sits on her. That is the spiritual marriage. Then the two minds function as one mind, and the whole man, the person including the personality, has the nature of Jehovah, because Christ Jesus has the nature of Jehovah.


As I looked ahead on all of those verses in Samson and Delilah, Delilah is trying to find out the secret of his great strength. Brethren, not his great strength to tie foxes tails together and burn them. She is seeking to find the secret of Samson's great strength to hold his carnal mind captive under the authority of the resurrected Adam because, brethren, we have the same opportunity.


When Christ Jesus in us ascends above the carnal mind, and covers the carnal mind, and binds the carnal mind, puts a saddle on it, binds it up, and rides the carnal mind like a horse we become single-minded in Christ Jesus, and this is ascension into the brow energy center. We become a supernatural spiritual, civilized man, and we cease from dying.


What Delilah wanted to know was, "Samson, where do you get the strength to saddle the carnal mind?" Actually, I am crossing over here. I gave you the example of the carnal mind, but in our studies today we are really talking about saddling the Fiery Serpent. That was the way I preached it a couple of years ago, the two minds. At the moment I am not even sure if that is the same thing as saddling the Fiery Serpent or if it is a different aspect, I do not know. You are just going to have to flow with me today, but I gave you this principle of the kingdom of the two heavens so that you can understand what is happening with Samson and Delilah.


Delilah is the Fiery Serpent in the mortal men of Israel, and they, the personalities of the mortal men of Israel, are so completely in agreement with their subconscious mind, with the Fiery Serpent, that for all intents and purposes the Fiery Serpent is the mortal man of Judah, and they are physically speaking into this physical world words that express the thoughts of the Fiery Serpent.


This is Samson having an interaction with a group of men that he is sent to, to raise Christ from the dead in, and to deliver into the high realms of the spirit, and this whole group or this congregation is female to Samson. Brethren, if you want to believe...I tell you this all the time, I will never argue with you if you want to believe the King James translation, but one of the things that I am here to do is to raise your consciousness to at least get you to get to a place where you read something, and your mind functions and you say, "This really does not make sense."


This is not an issue of faith. Brethren, if you choose to think that this super hero, Samson, this supernatural, super powered, supernatural, macho man who was undefeatable because of his relationship with Jehovah and Elohim, if you think that a man like that can fall asleep and leave his safety to some little female to awaken him and tell him that the Philistines are at hand, if you choose to believe that, I will not argue with you.


I hope after you hear this tape that I have, at least, put a question in your mind, and if you need a natural example I just give you all the movies that you have seen over the years about great soldiers, how they sleep with their gun under their pillow, how as soon as a foot step sounds outside their tent they are awake, because they are a soldier through and through.


You think this supernatural giant who, as a part of his supernatural power, surely he has discernment, and if not even that, this man has Adam resurrected in him, and Adam has a relationship to Elohim. This man, Samson, is completely connected to the Godhead, and you think Adam did not warn him that the Philistines were coming, and Michael did not warn him that the Philistines were coming, that there was no discernment operating, that there was no protection from the Godhead which was supposed to be defending him, that he had to take this little woman that he just had illicit sex with to warn him that the Philistines were coming, and that when he heard her voice it never occurred to him how strange Adam did not warn me, Michael did not warn me, how strange?


Brethren, I think that is very strange, and I do not believe that it happened. I can still be your friend if you want to stay with the King James, you can still be friends with me. I will tell you, until very recently I believed it myself so we will all be fools together, but the only thing that matters is that we come out of our foolishness. We are all in darkness, we are all in ignorance. You can only go as far as you have light. I am a very enlightened person in Christ Jesus, but I get to that border, and I come up against something that the Lord has not shed light on, and I am just as ignorant as the most ignorant person out on the street in that area.


As we pursue these studies, as the Lord brings my focus, as the Lord brings my attention to a particular Scripture I look at it and I say, "That just really cannot be true." This is not an issue of faith. It is not that I read in the Scripture that Jehovah delivered the Hebrews by smiting a whole army, I could believe that. This is not the same thing. I hope you can hear the difference. This is not the same thing, because what I am doing is that I am comparing the story in the King James to what I know about the household of God.


Who is the defender of the personality that serves the household of God? Christ Jesus within us. In the Old Testament it is the resurrected Adam. He defends us. We just had this in an on-line meeting. Adam, Jehovah's watch tower in the individual, he ascends to the brow energy center where his symbol is a great eagle that flies out over the ocean. He flies out over the astral plane, and he sees all the dangers, and when he sees it he drops fire on it, but Adam never spoke to Samson? This little woman who just fornicated, she was the one who warned him?


No, brethren, no. You cannot tell me that, but you take a person who has faithfully read the Bible for 50 years, but they have read the King James translation for 50 years, and you cannot tell them, or they will not hear what I am saying, and the reason they will not hear what I am saying is, because they do not have the foundation that we have here in the Doctrine of Christ, that we know that Adam is Jehovah's watch tower.


Something must be wrong with the translation that even if you do not believe that Delilah is the Fiery Serpent, even if you do not believe that, if you choose to believe that she is a human woman, then you still have to ask yourself how a female delivers the mighty man of God? Brethren, this is against every spiritual principle that I have ever come across.


I hear somebody saying, "But she did not deliver him, it was phoney." I know she did not deliver him, but his response to her, if it really happened according to the King James translation, Samson's response to Delilah was that he believed that this fornicating woman could be his deliverance. No, brethren, no. Samson did not believe that. Samson had a face-to-face relationship with Adam. It is in the translations, "and Adam said to Samson, and Adam said to Samson, an Adam said to Samson."


I do not believe I am where Samson was. I believe he was fully ascended, but I know that the Lord has me at a place right now where some well-meaning person who is not in Christ comes to me with a suggestion, and the Lord has me in a place right now where I am so strong in that area. I am not 100%, I hope I do not get tested because of the statement. I am not 100%, but I am so strong in this area that when they tell me something that does not click with the whole foundation and body of wisdom that was being built into me, I can look right at them and say, "Thank you very much, but I really do not believe that was Christ, I will pray about it, but I am telling you right now that I think it was your carnal mind." There was a time I could not do that.


What am I telling you? Samson, I believe, was more ascended than I am. Surely he should say to his fornication partner, "Where do you get this information from, are you sure? Maybe you just heard a rabbit outside the tent." No man of God lets a woman stand watch for him, brethren, because if you are a spiritual male, and you let a spiritual female, whether it is in a physical male body or a physical female body, if you let a spiritual female stand watch for you, you will not be a spiritual male very long because every spiritual female, now hear this, I am telling you the truth, we are a fallen people.


I do not care how nice you are, I do not care how good you are, I do not care how well you prophesy, I do not care if you fast and pray, and I do not care if you are doing the absolute best you can to deal with your own sin, you are fallen, you are fallen, we are all fallen, and everyone of us has a principle, a negative principle within us, which is programmed to bring down Christ.


You have to know it, she is in there. You can deny it, you can blind yourself to her, but when you do that you are giving her free license. You are supposed to be seeking her out, you are supposed to be looking for her, you are supposed to be saying, "Lord show her to me that I might put a saddle on her and stop her up for good."


This is why the Scriptures say, "Husbands love your wife, and wives respect your husband." Love is not enough for a spiritual male from a spiritual female. Whether we are talking in the physical or we are talking in the spiritual, when the relationship goes from female to male, love is not enough. You must honor the office. I mean, assuming you have a Godly man in the physical, and if it is in the spiritual you should know who is a spiritual male around you or not.


You are supposed to know that they are on a level in spiritual matters that you have not yet ascended to. It is not enough to love them, you have to respect their office, and how do you respect the office? You do not try to put them under you, and I have been preaching it here for years. It is real simple. If you think that you have really got something that they really need to know, you give it to Jesus. There are legitimate circumstances to give information to the man of God, but if you respect that man of God you will give it to Jesus first. You will put it through the filter, and the chances are the spiritual male will come asking for that information.


Most likely that is the way it will work. You will say, "Lord I have this information, I really think the pastor could use it, but I do not want to be a Jezebel, I am just putting this in your hands, if you want him to have it you are going to have to open that door," and the next week you come into church, and I am asking for that kind of information. That is the way it works.


You were transcribing tapes for us for a long time, but you are only doing a little bit here and a little bit there. The way the transcript ministry really got a big thrust forward was that someone new came into the ministry that had a computer and had a drive to transcribe tapes, and all she did was pray and the Lord approved.


What happened, the idea came into my mind, "Wow, so-and-so has a computer, I wonder if she would want to give us a hand," and when I called her and asked her she said she was waiting for three weeks, praying for three weeks, waiting for me to call her and ask her. That is right order, and that is being spiritual. That is being spiritual, because if you have a suggestion for the man of God, and you bring it in your carnal mind you are out of order, and you are not respecting him.


When you go from male to female, I am talking about spiritually speaking, of course, a husband has to respect his wife and treat her decently and, of course, today things are different. We have a lot of very educated, intelligent women around. If you are in the physical now, and your wife has something intelligent to contribute you should listen to her, you should respect her, but we are talking about the scriptural type right now.


The housewife who from years gone by is not educated or who is not sophisticated, the husband is the one that has all the knowledge, that studies, and goes out into the world, you do not respect your wife in that sense, but you are the one that has the bulk of the knowledge and the wisdom. You love your wife. How do you love her? You do not make her feel that she is stupid if she does not know what you know, if she does not know something you teach her, if she does something wrong you explain it to her and help her to do it right. That is how you love your wife, but that is not how a wife treats a husband. The wife respects the fact that the husband has the wisdom and the knowledge in the marriage.


If you have a marriage, and the husband is not fulfilling his role you have got a problem, but that is another whole story. That is not the subject of this message. My whole purpose of even telling you this was just to give you a physical example of a spiritual type.


The spiritual male teaches and explains to the spiritual female everything she needs to know without destroying her self-esteem, and that is the love of God. The spiritual female respects the fact that the spiritual male, in most instances, when it comes to spiritual matters of wisdom or counseling, that in most instances the spiritual male will be, at the very least, hearing from God.


If you have an article or a newspaper article or something that you want to share, then you pray and ask if you should give it to the man or God, but when it comes to a decision-making situation or revelation, of course, you can get a revelation that I do not have, of course you can, but you have to go through channels if you want to be respecting the office of spiritual male. You have got to go through the Lord. He may tell you to speak it out, but I am telling you that if you have a revelation, and it comes forth in the carnal mind you are out of order, and the chances of your bringing it forth in the Christ mind without first filtering it through God are slim. Everything has to be in right order. I will go out on a limb and tell you that I know that no man of God in Samson's position would have ever jumped up and grabbed his weapons and took a battle stance because a woman he just fornicated with told him that the Philistines were upon him. He probably would have put his arm around her and said, "Oh, you are just jittery honey."


When I first started reading this Bible I did not realize that the characters in the Bible were real life characters. I did not realize it until the Lord showed it to me a while later, a year or so later which is very fast, that these are real people in this Bible, and that you have to look past the surface of the words to understand what is going on in their lives and in their hearts. Of course, the only way you can look past the surface of the word is through a combination of your own personal experience and what the spirit of revelation shows you. Of course, that includes your knowledge,


I have mentioned this once before that this body of wisdom that is being built in us, maybe that is just another word for the mental body in Christ Jesus. I know the Lord gave me that term. We have a body of wisdom in us. I know where the judgment comes from. It comes from the Spirit of Christ, or the Spirit of Elijah, or it comes from Michael. I know where righteous judgment comes from, and I know that its purpose is to purify and restore, and you cannot tell me otherwise. No one could tell me otherwise.


This translation, this body of wisdom in me, is standing so tall that a translation that I read must line up with it. If the translation does not line up with it, I have to start praying and digging because something is wrong, and the problem with most of the Christians today is that they do not have the body of wisdom. What most of the Christians today are using as a body of wisdom is the King James translation. They are making the King James translation the touchstone, and when they hear the Doctrine of Christ they say, "No you must be wrong because I am judging everything by the King James translation." Disaster, disaster!


Every translation must be judged by the body of Christ which has been built in me through an intense relationship and overcoming experiences with Christ Jesus. You have to get past Him in me, the Watch Tower, Jehovah's Watch Tower. He lives in me, He is my guardian, He is my defender, He shows me false doctrine. This is shocking to people in the church, if they are touched by....


You have made the translation brought forth by the carnal mind your touchstone. A translation brought forth by the carnal mind is what you judge everything that you experience in the church by. How can you live? It is like trying to take in food through your arm. How can you live? How can you possibly make a right judgment? Praise the Lord. This is happening a lot today, I do not know how I got into that exhortation. This is happening a lot today. Did I answer your question? I started with the heart center, was that not how I got into that?


There are two sides to the heart center, and the secret of the whole heart center that Delilah wants to find out about, that she wants explained to her is how do you keep them bound together with Adam on top? How do you keep the two heart centers together? The whole heart center, how do you keep the two of them together, bound tight enough to one heart center with Christ Jesus on top? Because, the Fiery Serpent is in the heart center of the serpentine time line, she does not want to be on the bottom.


I guess it will not be until next week, but when we do get into these next verses in Chapter 16 of the Book of Judges, it is very clear if your spiritual eyes are open that what Delilah wants from Samson is to overturn him. She wants to free up the Fiery Serpent in Samson who is bound under Adam. Adam has the Fiery Serpent harnessed and is sitting in that saddle, and the Fiery Serpent in the mortal men of Judah are seeking to free their sister so that she can overturn Adam, and Samson and kill him and make Samson just like them. Then when they bring Samson down, and he is just like the mortal men that he is trying to help, then these mortal men are not even satisfied with that, but they put the descended or the disgraced man of God under their feet, and they abuse him, and that very language is in the Scripture.


As soon as they kill Adam and put the personality...when they kill Adam, Abel is the residue, and they put Abel under the Fiery Serpent, the Scripture says, I think it is in Verse 9, "And the Fiery Serpent humiliated him and abused him." What does that mean? How do you humiliate and abuse Abel? Does anybody know? How do you humiliate and abuse Abel? Abel's correct position is on top of Cain. Abel is the male, Cain is the female.


Cain, in case you are wondering how I switched words like this, Cain is interwoven with the Fiery Serpent. When the Fiery Serpent or Cain in the Fiery Serpent puts Abel under her, what we are talking about is an act of spiritual sexual intercourse. The female made the male into a woman, the female used the male like a woman, and that was how you humiliate Abel. You use him like a woman, and is that not what the account of Samson and Delilah is all about?


Delilah wants to know the secret of how Adam within Samson manages to keep the Fiery Serpent captive because it is the capturing and the harnessing of the Fiery Serpent that produces spiritual power in the man's life, and you become a Samson, a supernatural giant.


The Fiery Serpent in the mortal men of Judah wanted to know how he did it so that they could separate Adam from the Fiery Serpent, kill Adam, overturn Abel, and bring Samson down to even lower a place than he was before Adam was regenerated in him. You say, "I would never do such a thing." I want to tell you that you do not know what you would do. None of us know what we would do. None of us know, none of us have ever been oppressed by Satan to the point that we could not say "no," or maybe we have. Have you ever fought an ice cream soda and finally it just gave in? That is just a small thing. I have experienced that. There was something I decided I did not want to do, and the pressure was so great I said, "Oh, I am just going to do it." You say, "It was just an ice cream soda."


I am telling you, you nor I know how severe Satan's pressure can be when the stakes are as high as us becoming the spiritual giant that can be likened to Samson. The stakes are very high. You do not know what you will do, and if you think that you could overcome anything you are in trouble right now, right now you are in trouble, because the only way you or I are going to make it as the stakes get higher and higher is to recognize the severe pressure and cry out to Jesus, "I recognize the pressure Lord, it is my dark side trying to bring me into agreement to think or do evil, and if you do not help me I am a cooked goose." That is your only hope.


I am telling you, that is your only hope. It is coming. That situation is coming. It is happening today in a few people that are considered mentally ill or troubled people, but it is coming upon the whole earth, that strength of satanic power that people will not be able to say no to.


You may recall that this is exactly Elisha's experience. This is what happened to Elisha. He knew that Elijah was about to be glorified, and he knew that all of the time that he, Elisha, was walking in perfection that he could only do it because Elijah was helping him to keep his Fiery Serpent saddled, and when Elijah was glorified Elisha no longer had Elijah's help. He had to hold down the Fiery Serpent himself, and she got loose, and she would have killed his spiritual life, but that Elisha cried out to the glorified Spirit of Elijah who swooped down and delivered him from his strong enemy, Satan and Leviathan.


We are in the same situation today. If you think you can handle yourself and help yourself, you are in trouble right now because these negative principles are too strong for us. That is why we need a Savior. They are too strong for us.


Delilah wanted to know the secret of the whole heart center. She wanted to know the secret of how Samson kept it one heart center. Apparently, the Serpent's household knows that there are two heart centers. The secret is, how do you make them one? How are you single in Christ?


There are two more points that I have in my mind that I want to make on this tape. This is a very unusual tape, very unusual message. About ½ hour back I was talking about the two who are incarnating, and I said that the Spirit of Christ is incarnating, and I explained why, and then I told you the others who are incarnating....there are many, but they are under one umbrella. The many sperm, the many spiritual sperm of Jehovah who are engraved with the Serpent's image are incarnating. They are reincarnating, they are having many experiences, and they are experiencing many personalities.


When we die, the physical body and the personality dissolves, but the worm was in us that Jesus talked about, that Fiery Serpent, goes on and will have future incarnations. Not the personality, and these are the immortals. They are Jehovah's spiritual seed which was engraved with the Serpent's image. What I did not mention that the Lord wanted me to put on this message, include in this message, is why all these Fiery Serpents are reincarnating? Why are they doing this? Does anybody know the answer.


I told you that the reason Christ Jesus incarnates again and again is that He is trying to join us to Himself, to get us away from Satan and Leviathan and join us to Himself that we might be saved. It is something that He cannot do in one of our lifetimes. It would kill us. We are not strong enough. Christ Jesus is incarnating in many people over many generations. His purpose is to save us from this endless cycle of birth and death. The Fiery Serpents are incarnating over and over and over again, who knows how long it has been since time begin, billions, trillions of years, I do not know?


Does anybody know why the Fiery Serpents or the immortals are reincarnating? The Eastern philosophy is that they are doing this because they are going to be saved or perfected by experience. I just gave you the answer. Remember what I told you earlier on this message? The primordial Serpent said to Adam, "Let us raise these children and let them be perfected through experience," and Jehovah said to Adam, "Your children will not be perfected through experience. They shall be perfected through union with Me which will impart everything they need."


Union with the Spirit of Jehovah would impart total knowledge and the equivalent of experience. I do not even understand how we would receive that, but we would be fully furnished through union with Jehovah as if we had, had the experience our self. Adam turned his children over to the primordial Serpent, she seduced him, she used delusion and witchcraft, and the primordial Serpent captured Jehovah's spiritual sperm, engraved them with her nature, and is raising Jehovah's children unto perfection by giving them evil experiences. I should say good and evil experiences.


We see that all of the immortals are the Fiery Serpents, Jehovah's spiritual sperm engraved with the primordial Serpent's nature, and they are engaging over billions and trillions of years many births and deaths, many different personalities and different experiences, and they are having good experiences, and they are having evil experiences, but there is only one catch. There is no perfection through experience. It is a lie. There is no perfection through experience.


As I have told you many times I do not have all the answers, I do not know how far one of these immortal Fiery Serpents can develop through experience. I know that the being that calls himself Maitreya, he calls himself the Christ of the New Age of Aquarius, he claims to be fully manifested, he claims to have had experiences to the point of being perfected. That is what he claims. He claims that he is the sum total of all of the Holy men that have ever appeared in the earth.


Do you recall the spiritual genealogy that I have given you that Michael incarnates first as Moses, then as Elijah, then as the Lord Jesus Christ, and today Michael, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is incarnating in everyone where he is appearing. Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the sum total of all of Michael's experiences in Moses and Elijah and in the man Jesus. The glorified Jesus Christ is the sum total of Michael's experiences in those three personalities.


Maitreya is claiming to be the sum total of all of the Holy men. I do not have the details on it, but he is claiming something similar to be the sum total of all of the Holy men up until that point. He claims the powers that the Lord Jesus Christ has, that he does not have to be born of a woman, that he can take on a flesh body by the power of his mind. I honestly do not know whether this is true or not, but it may be. That is what he claims.


We see that all of the Fiery Serpents, all of Jehovah's sperm, are not at the same level of incarnation. I do not know how it works. I know that we have physical examples in this world. I know that a woman ovulates one egg every month, I do not know how it works, but I believe from what information I do have that all of these spiritual sperm, Fiery Serpents, are not all at the same level of development. Maitreya claims to have made it all the way to the top, and in case you did not know it that name Maitreya is a name that can be likened to Christ, and what I mean by that is that it is not really a personal name.


Maitreya, the name Maitreya, appears in Occult philosophy going all the way back. Just like the Christians were waiting for THE Christ to manifest, the followers of many Eastern philosophies or Occult philosophies are waiting for THE Maitreya to manifest. I thought that was very interesting when I found that out.


Once again, I have a hard word for you. I have told you this before, and I will tell it to you again. I do not know where this tape is going. The Fiery Serpents that reach the perfection that Maitreya claims to possess, the literature that I have read, I have gone into his web page, the literature that I have read claims that he can manifest a body for himself by the power of his mind, and maybe it was not true, but I want to tell you that it takes energy to manifest a physical body, and there is a limited amount of energy in the creation.


I say "the creation," because it is beyond this planet, it is beyond this universe, and that was why I said the creation. There is a limited amount of energy in the creation, and it would take enormous amounts of energy to keep that physical body in existence by the power of the mind. If you can hear this, does anyone know where I am going? Maitreya or anyone of the immortals do not have an unlimited source of energy. Their source of energy is limited. Where is the energy that they need to remain manifested? Where is the energy?


COMMENT: Mostly in Christians.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. The general answer is that the energy that these supposed super beings, and he may be, he may be a supernatural man in the Serpent's image. The energy that they need to continue to exist in the visible world is in mortal man and, in particular, in Christians because we have an over abundance because of our relationship with either the Holy Spirit or Christ Jesus.


How many of these immortals have reached this level where they can manifest a body for themselves, where they do not have to incarnate and be born of a woman and spend years growing up? It is my understanding that many who incarnate and have to go through the whole process of growing up, it could be years before they find themselves, that they are incarnated immortals, and they find their way into a spiritual discipline, and some of them never make it.


They are trying to avoid being born of a woman to experience the flesh life. They want to manifest a mature physical body without being born of a woman and growing up into it, and to do this they need enormous amounts of energy. The only place they can get this energy from is people and, in particular, Christians. It is a form of vampirism.


I have had an image in my mind for the last couple of minutes of something that I had seen in a movie, actually, about World War II, that Hitler's armies would come into a small town, and they would take all of the children, all of the teen aged children, and they would put IV's in their arms and just drain their blood out of them until there was nothing left, and the children died because the soldiers needed the blood.


This is what we are up against, brethren. You think there is a rapture? You think you are up against anti-Christ human armies? You do not even know the beginning of what you are up against and neither do I. I know the beginning of it. God only knows what is waiting for us out there. They are coming to feed off of mankind. Glory to God.


Are there any questions or comments with regard to this segment before I change the subject? Is there anything anyone would like to say or ask me? I am about to attempt to explain the difference to you between Christ and Abel. In the past, I have given you an explanation which sounds pretty good, but it seems that I missed the real depth of it. What I told you was not wrong, but as frequently happens I just had a surface revelation, and the Lord has revealed the depth of the revelation. I am going to try to impart it to you tonight.


What I have told you in the past is that it is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, that is the scent of water which is raising Abel from the dead, and because it is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ who raises Abel from the dead in this generation He takes the name of the one who raised Him from the dead, Christ. That was okay, it is not wrong, but the whole guts of it is left out. I will attempt to give you the guts of it.


First of all, Christ, does anybody know what Christ means?


COMMENT: The anointed one?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ means the anointed one, and this is very sticky. I am going to try and break it down for you. The anointed one is the one who has the spirit of God. Jesus, the Christ, is the anointed one because the personality of the man Jesus married the anointed one. The personality of the mortal man, Jesus, was born of a woman, married the anointed one, the Savior in the midst of Him, and they became one. A man and his wife, they are one flesh. They became one spiritual flesh, the flesh of birds but, Jesus, the man was a mortal human being. The anointed one was within Him.


Today, in Jesus' glorified state He is the anointed one. There is no separation from the personality and the resurrected Christ, but who was the resurrected Christ that was in Jesus? Does anybody remember that? What is the Old Testament name for...who was resurrected in Jesus?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Adam was resurrected in Jesus. Brethren, Adam is the anointed one, Adam is the anointed one, and Christ, of course, is Greek. In the New Testament, He is called Christ, but Adam is the anointed one, and every personality, every mortal man that Adam is raised in to the degree, to the point that Adam dominates and controls that personality and physical man, that man too is the Christ.


People get all out of whack over this, and they get all upset and fearful and think that it is pride but, brethren, this is the truth. Every word that you say that comes out of your Christ mind, at the second that you are saying it, you are the Christ. Every prayer that you pray for however long it lasts that Christ Jesus is praying this prayer through you, you are the Christ.


When you bring forth the true word of the Lord, not the gift of prophecy, but when it is Christ Jesus in you speaking through you, for so long as He speaks you are the Christ, and I really exhort you to ask the Lord to help you to find that middle path. Do not deny who you are, because when you deny who you are, you deny Him. If people think you are filled with pride it is their problem, but on the other hand you have to ask the Lord to help you to not be deceived and think that you are the Christ when you are not the Christ.


Of course, that is one of the things that we do here. I am here to try the spirit on you. That is part of my job. That is one of the benefits that you have in our relationship. You had a word of knowledge a couple of months ago about the cock crowing with Peter. I told you that was Christ speaking through you. At that moment, you were the Christ. You have to walk that line and beware of pride, but to deny that you could be the Christ at a moment in time is to deny the Christ in you, if you can hear it. Not many people can understand this. They prefer to idolize the Lord Jesus.


We are supposed to love Him and revere Him, but He never told us to idolize Him. To idolize someone is to make them something that they are not. The Scripture clearly says that we can be as the master, we cannot be greater than the master, but we can be as the master.


For the carnal mind to come along and say, "Oh no, I could never ever be Christ," you are opposing the word of God because your pride is afraid probably that you will get all carried away with yourself, but it is your responsibility if you want to move in this vein, it is your responsibility to cry out to the Lord Jesus to help you to police your pride so that you can be the Christ if it is for one nana-second in your entire life if that is your lot, but I am sure it is much more than that, personally.


I believe the Lord wants you to be the Christ 100% of the time. It is just that your carnal mind is in the way. He wants to be speaking through every word that you say. The problem is you, not Him. He is not holding back.


The anointed one regenerated in us is the Christ. I go into this in The Christ series where I talk about 1 Corinthians 15, but it may be 2 Corinthians. I think it is 1 Corinthians 15 where it talks about Christ being raised on the third day, and that whole account which I go over pretty thoroughly in the Christ series is not talking about the physical resurrection of the man, Jesus. It is talking about the physical resurrection of the Christ within the man, Jesus. We are in parts.


Do you know that in one of the big meetings of all the dignitaries of the Catholic Church they declared it to be heresy to say that we are in parts, but we are in parts. You look at us, and we appear to be one whole, but even physically we are not one whole. We have all kinds of organs inside of us and trillions of cells inside of us. Spiritually speaking, we are in parts. We are the personality, we are made of the earth, but there is an anointed one who desires to marry us, and when He is regenerated in us and marries us, we become as He is. He said, "As I am, so are you."


Of course, I do not know what that says in the Greek. A lot of people preach it that it is true now, but it is not true now. It means something like that, that we can be as He is through marriage to Him, through union with Him but, in and of ourselves, we are just the earth. He is the anointed one, with us or without us. That was my introduction.


Does anybody remember who Abel is? Does anybody have an idea at all? Want to try?


COMMENT: He is the root of the Tree of Life.


PASTOR VITALE: Where is the Tree of Life, where was it before Jesus?


COMMENT: In Israel?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, in Israel. Yes, the Tree of Life or the seed for the Tree of Life was imparted to Israel through whom, who was the mortal man who received the promise?


COMMENT: Abraham.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Abraham received the promise that the Tree of Life would come forth in his descendants. Does anybody know who received the seed? Who of Abraham's descendants received the seed of the Tree of Life?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Isaac received the seed. "And your wife, Sarah, she shall bear a son, and his name shall be Isaac." The spiritual seed manifested...when Jehovah said to Abraham that He was going to bring forth the Tree of Life in Abraham, and I cannot give you the exact Scripture, I do not remember exactly how it was phrased, the seed was delivered to Abraham in the spirit. Everything that happens is initiated in the spirit, but it took a whole generation, however many years that was. Abraham lived a long time, Isaac lived a long time. I think Abraham was a 100 years old when Sarah bore Isaac. Does anybody know if that is correct or not? I think he was about 100 years old.


It took all of those years for the word of Jehovah to manifest as a physical seed in the genetic makeup, that came forth in the genetic makeup of the child, Isaac. This seed that Jehovah delivered physically into Isaac is now the same seed that we hear about in the book of Galatians where Paul says, in so many words, that the Lord Jesus Christ is the seed. It is now the same seed. I am going to get to it, I am just telling you right now that it is now the same seed.


The physical example would be this, you have a seed from an apple that can grow a whole apple tree. It can take years and years and years, and I understand that it is very, very hard to grow a fruit tree from a seed. Most fruit trees are grafted. Is that not true? I think most fruit trees are grown from grafts, and very few fruit trees are grown from apple seed or peach seed. I hear it is very hard to grow a tree from a seed. Most of them are grown from cuttings. Do you know if that is true or not?


COMMENT: I grew a peach tree from a peach pit.


PASTOR VITALE: A full grown tree?




PASTOR VITALE: I did not say it could not be done. I am talking about the commercial farmers that have orchards and everything. It is my understanding that they rarely do that. If nothing else, it takes much too long so they take a cutting from an existing tree. To say that the seed from a peach pit or an apple seed that does have the potential to grow into a whole tree is not the same thing as a graft of the full grown tree. When you take a graft of the full grown tree you get a new tree much more quickly, so this seed that was delivered to Isaac, just for understanding purposes we will say it was liken to that apple seed or that peach seed, it was the seed of the whole tree that was going to take a long time to bring forth in the earth.


Jesus Christ is the one of whom cuttings are being taken. He is the full mature fruit. Cuttings are being taken from Him and given in the form of the Holy Spirit to people all over the world. Anybody not understand this?


The seed that was given to Abraham and Isaac stayed within the genetic stream of Isaac. It did not manifest. Does anybody know when the Tree of Life actually manifested in Israel? We have Abraham, Isaac...where did it manifest?


COMMENT: Jacob and then the 12 tribes?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it did not manifest in Jacob. Which of the 12 tribes and who in particular?




PASTOR VITALE: Who in Judah manifested the Tree of Life?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, King David. King David manifested the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life manifested in an imperfect man, in a murderer and an adulterer. The Tree of Life manifested in a murderer and an adulterer, and today the Tree of Life is manifesting in imperfect men, and if you are looking at that man with your carnal mind, you are rejecting him because all you are seeing is his carnal mind, but if you are looking at him with your Christ mind you are cleaving to everything of that Tree of Life in that man, and you are not letting go of it, and you are praying for him in his weaknesses.


The Tree of Life lived in the earth of Judah and, in particular, in King David, but the Tree of Life was cut down. The Tree of Life was cut down. Does anybody know when it was cut down? Pretty much so when Judah was given over, or when Jehovah gave Judah over to Nebuchadnezzar. He killed all the seed royal except for a few, and those that he did not kill, he castrated. The Tree of Life, the living, the blossoming, the manifesting Tree of Life was cut off in Judah, but it still existed, apparently, in the gene pool of Judah.


The way this Scriptures describes the Tree of Life being cut down is by telling us that the root of the Tree remained in the ground. The root of the Tree remained in the ground, and the name of the root of the Tree of Life? Anybody? What is the name of the Tree of Life?


COMMENT: Jesus Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus Christ did not live 5,000 years ago. The Tree of Life was in Jesus Christ. Who was the Tree of Life?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Adam is the Tree of Life. It was Adam who was resurrected in the man Jesus. The Tree of Life was resurrected in the man Jesus, and that spiritual tree married that mortal man, and that mortal man received of all the fullness of the root of the Tree. He became the Tree of Life, Jesus of Nazareth became the Tree of Life because He married the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Life gained a personality.


He is no longer an abstract Tree of Life. His name is Jesus The Christ, glorified, and the personality, Jesus, became a supernatural civilized man through their marriage. We see that the Tree of Life is Adam, but he died, he was cut down. Does anybody know the name of the root of the Tree of Life that was left in the ground?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Abel is the name of the root of the Tree of Life, and Abel...we will go back to the fall of Adam when the primordial Serpent used witchcraft and illusion to trap Adam and he died. Adam died to his immortality. He did not cease to exist, he died to his immortality, and he became a whole new dual creature. The principles of Adam, the spirit that was in him, and the dust that he was made of became a whole new creature, but for all intents and purposes Adam, the Adam that was the glorious immortal man, ceased to exist. The substance that he was made of was formed into something else. What was he formed into? Does anybody know? Cain and Abel.


The breath of life that was in Adam, and Jehovah breathed Elohim, the breath of life into the man, that immortal breath of life. It actually was Elohim. That breath is immortal. When Adam died, who absorbed the breath?




PASTOR VITALE: No, Abel was not born yet. Right after Adam died, the Serpent killed him, and who absorbed his life, the breath of life?


COMMENT: The Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: The one who killed him, yes. She absorbed the breath of life and found within herself the strength to bring forth offspring, and the offspring that the Serpent brought forth, because she now possessed the breath of life, were one dual being. Cain and Abel were not two people. Cain and Abel were one dual being. One good and one evil. We are all good and evil people, one being, Cain and Abel. One being, two sides. One side good, manifesting a very high percentage of the breath of life of the anointing, and the other side Cain, manifesting very, very small amounts of the breath of life. We are told that Cain was a female animal, and that Abel was the righteous mind of that female animal. Spirit always prevails over flesh. They were one being. Cain was the...(End of Tape 2)




Cain was the spiritual animal, the ox, and Abel was the righteous mind of the ox, but they were both mortal. They were one mortal being. Does anybody know what happened next? I do not think you do so I will just tell you. Abel, the one with the preponderance of the breath, the one with the spirit, the one with the righteousness, He was righteous because he had the spirit, He smeared together with Michael. That is what the Scripture says, "They smeared together." Smearing signifying spirit, oil, joining.


The spirit, oil that was in Abel joined or mixed together with the spirit, oil of Michael, and the altar was restored. The connection between Jehovah and the entire Godhead and the now existing mortal world was established, and Abel, through that union with Michael, became immortal. He was the guardian of Cain, the spiritual animal, or the flesh nature, or the beast nature. For all intents and purposes, the Tree of Life was raised from the dead. When the root of the Tree joins to the branch, the Tree is regenerated. Michael is the branch.


I will review this for this message. The branch is what part of the tree? Is it righteousness or is it energy?


COMMENT: Energy.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the branch of the Tree is energy, and the root of the Tree is righteousness without power. The only power that the righteousness has is to be joined to the branch which is the energy. we find the humble seed, the righteous seed with no power, separated from its power. for Abel, Michael was his power. Michael above was his power. Maybe it is Elohim. I have been preaching it was Michael for a long time, but you just have to flow with me on this whether it is Elohim or Michael that Abel smeared together with. That union of righteous seed and energy was the regeneration of the Tree of Life. the personality, David, was not the Tree of Life. Neither did Jesus Christ exist at that time. The Tree of Life is Adam, and the part of the Tree that is planted in the earth is the root of the Tree.


As the story goes, Cain rose up. Rose up from where? Abel had Cain saddled. They were one creature, and Abel had full authority over Cain, had her saddled, completely ruled and dominated her, but as the story goes Cain rose up and killed Abel and buried him under the ground. The Scripture says, your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground. What in the world does that mean? It means that Cain discovered the secret of the whole heart center. He discovered the secret of the two minds, he discovered the secret of the Kingdom of Heaven, he discovered how to separate the two principles that were joined together in one.


Cain broke the bands on her, and she did not just want to escape from Abel. She wanted to put Abel under her. Cain and Abel are one being. The only difference that we experience is which one is in authority, which one is on top? And Cain and Abel are engaged in an eternal struggle as to who will be on top. Elohim, on behalf of Jehovah, is continuously raising Abel from the dead. Actually, the correct word is revived. Abel is revived, and Adam is regenerated. I will touch on that later in more depth.


Elohim is continuously reviving Abel, and when Abel revives he rises up and puts Cain under him, and then Cain is strengthened by Satan, and Cain rises up and kills Abel. It is going on for only God knows how long, and it is still going on today, right in human beings today.


Cain rose up from underneath the ground, Abel was on top of him, Cain rose up and slew him. During a series of reconstructions, Jehovah reconstructed the altar, revived Abel, gave him a new name, and in the next generation, Seth, it was just another manifestation of the Tree of Life, and finally we all know what happened. I will not review the whole story of the Sons of God, and the flood, and Noah and the whole story. The Tree of Life was regenerated in Noah.


I just had the most interesting thought. The Tree of Life was regenerated in Noah, and I believe that Noah passed that seed of the Tree of Life on to his offspring, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and we know that the Tree of Life was cut down in Noah, and we know that the Tree of Life was cut down in Shem, Ham, and Japheth. How do we know that? The whole creation fell.


For years I have wondered why Jehovah went to a descendant of Shem to offer His covenant to. Abraham is a descendant of Shem, and the thought just occurred to me that the reason Jehovah picked Abraham was that Abraham must have had the root. Abraham, a descendant of Noah through Shem, Jehovah must have gone to a human being who had the root, because you cannot raise the Tree of Life from the dead, you cannot regenerate the Tree of Life in a mortal man unless the root of the Tree is there.


What is happening in the church today is the church is filled with the branch, the Holy Spirit. The church is filled with the branch, but it is very hard to find someone with a root, the root of the Tree of Life, in the church today. How do I know that? Look at the condition of the church. This is the most satisfying reason that has ever come to me as to why Jehovah chose Abraham, but I still do not know why He chose a descendant of Shem rather than a descendant of Ham, but I am sure that answer is coming soon.


We see that Jehovah made His covenant with Abraham. I guess I have to change this a little then. If this is coming out under the anointing, if I have got it straight, the seed that manifested in Isaac, what I told you earlier on this tape was not even accurate. I said Jehovah made the promise of the seed or the root of the Tree of Life to Abraham, and it manifested in the physical in Isaac. That is what I told you, but I guess the Lord is correcting me. Abraham must have had the root of the Tree of Life in his genes as a descendant of Noah through Shem, and the promise was given to Abraham, and the promise manifested in Isaac.


That dead root of the Tree of Life that was in Abraham was revived through the covenant that Jehovah made with Abraham and manifested in Isaac. It was not the whole Tree. If you remember, Isaac just had the root. Who had the branch of the Tree of Life in Isaac's world?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Esau had the energy. The reason I never finished that series is I stopped, because the revelation was not flowing. That means that I was not equipped to go on with that series. I do not know if the Lord will ever take me back to it or not, but I did not have the revelation that I needed to go on with those translations. That is why I stopped.


That root of the Tree of Life which was lying dormant in Abraham manifested or revived. It revived in Isaac, but just the root. Just the root revived. Isaac did not have the whole Tree, and that was Isaac's ungodly soul tie with his own son, Esau. Isaac had a relationship with his own son, Esau, root and branch, but somehow the righteousness was not there. Who had the righteousness?




PASTOR VITALE: Jacob had the righteousness. At this moment I cannot tell you why Isaac did not have the righteousness. I really do not want to get back into that study again. There is a strong spirit of revelation coming forth, but it is not complete so I am going to try and follow His lead, and if there is something I do not understand I am just going to go past it.


We see that the righteous seed or that the righteousness...I just may have an answer. Is this not an interesting message the way it is coming forth? What just came into my mind was that the root of the Tree was in Abraham, it was dead, but it was flowing in his genetic code, and that dead root was transferred to Isaac, but it was still dead in Isaac. That is why there was no righteousness there. Yet, in Isaac's offspring, in Jacob, at that point the root was revived and righteousness appeared in Jacob. Does anyone not know what I just said?


Then the revived root was passed into Jacob and from Jacob into the tribe of Judah, and from the tribe of Judah it manifested in King David. The full Tree of Life manifested in King David. All of Israel together were the tree of life. I even recall at the moment doing a study on Jacob's prophecy over all of his 12 sons, and there is one of the sons that he says, "You are a bow." He calls him a righteous bow. I do not remember which one it is, but it is coming to me now. It must means that son had a lot of the energy.


The whole Tree was dispersed throughout Israel. The root, the righteous root, was in Judah, and the energy was spread through the other tribes, but largely I believe in Ephraim and Manassah, but it was spread through all of the tribes. When they function as one nation, when the tribes submit to the King of Judah, to King David and whoever else was on the throne, they were as one...that was Adam resurrected in a many-membered body, and the Tree of Life was functioning in Israel, and they were undefeatible.


The same thing is true about a fellowship that God puts together. That is why division in the church is to be absolutely destroyed if it just shows its head. We are one spiritual body. Any fellowship really raised up in Christ is a spiritual body. There is a head, there is a root, there is a righteous root, and there is a branch. You all bring energy to the fellowship but, by and large, the righteous seed is manifesting here. It could manifest in you here but, by and large, it is manifesting in me right now.


We are all together, we are one....the Tree of Life is resurrected here. Did you know that? The Tree of Life is resurrected in this fellowship. Where do you think all this teaching is coming from? Where do you think it is pouring out of me from? I have told you many times that when you sit here listening to me Christ Jesus in you is lending His energy to me. I am preaching by revelation tonight to a degree that I really have not done in a long time. I am not doing this by myself.


Let us go on. The Tree of Life manifested in Israel and was cut down in Israel. Once again, the Tree of Life was cut down, and the root of the Tree, Abel, is left in the ground. Adam dies, the Tree of Life is Adam. Adam can be cut down, he dies, but his root system, the righteous seed, remains in the ground dormant. We are told in the Book of Job that if just the scent of water touches the root, the Tree can live again and bring forth great bows, and that touch of water that revives Abel is the Holy Spirit. That touch of water which revives Abel is the Holy Spirit.
It has already happened in Jesus Christ. What happened in Jesus Christ, in the man Jesus, was that He had the righteous seed. He was from the line of David, He had the righteous seed, and when He was baptized by John He received the branch. John was a Holy man. John had an imputed anointing. It was a gift, and he did not receive it by overcoming. He was a Holy man. He lived a consecrated life, and Adam was resurrected in him, but it was an imputed anointing.


He had a very high measure of energy. John had a very high measure of energy, and Adam was resurrected, but it was imputed. What does imputed mean? It means that he was not rooted in his ground. Adam was present in great power. The Tree was there with great power, but there was no root, and a tree can only last so long without a root. When the Scripture says that Jesus was baptized by John, and He came up out of the water, and He heard, "My beloved Son, well done," I want to suggest to you that Scripture is really saying that Jesus was baptized at the same time that He want under the physical water with the spirit that was upon John, and that spirit touched the revived Abel in Jesus, and the whole Tree of Life was resurrected in the man, Jesus. Today, brethren, Jesus, the Christ, is a glorified man.


The plan is that the Tree of Life should grow in all of the peoples of the earth, not just the Jews, but what we have is some Jews out there that have the dead root of the Tree and probably do not even know it. It is in their genetic code, and we have got a church that has quite a few people filled with the Holy Spirit who the energy, but the two have to get together. The two have to get together, and once the two get together...I believe it is happening here.


I am Jewish, I believe the Lord has told me that the reason all of this is coming through me is that I have that inherited righteous seed. I also have received the Holy Spirit, and I believe that the whole Tree of Life is raised from the dead or regenerated in me.


Abel was revived when the Holy Spirit touched Him, and the Holy Spirit joined with the root and the whole Tree of Life. It is not fully grown up, but it is resurrected in me. Here is the catch. If the righteous seed is only in the Jew, how will the Tree of Life be generated in the Gentiles? We are to be Trees of Righteousness. Everyone of us is to have a Tree of Life growing in us. Christ Jesus is the resurrected Adam. He is the Tree of Life. How is this going to happen? In this hour, I do not know how many other people this is happening to, maybe a million, I do not know, maybe there is a million out there, I do not know.


The Lord, at least initially, was looking for a Jewish person that has the dormant root, someone who would receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and receive the Holy Spirit so that the Tree of Life would be generated in them. There is a spirit in the Tree of Life that is greater than the Holy Spirit. The Tree of Life is the Holy Spirit with the revived root of the Tree, but 1+1 does not equal 2. The spirit of the regenerated Tree of Life is greater than the Holy Spirit. It is not addition, it is multiplication.


When you take the Holy Spirit, and you add it to the revived root of the Tree of Life you do not have a root and a branch. You have a whole Tree. You have more than 1 and 1. You have multiplication, you have a whole Tree that rises up, and that spiritual Tree has a spirit in it. It is called the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ has within it the seeds of the whole Tree of Life.


The Holy Spirit is just the branch so once this is accomplished, once the Lord Jesus Christ finds a Jew with the dormant root of Abel in him, and that Jew receives Jesus Christ and receives the Holy Spirit and the whole Tree of Life is revived in that Jew, from that time forward the Spirit of Christ can be grafted to anybody of any nation of any race, and this is the whole Tree of Life.


I have to say it another way. I am not satisfied here so I have to keep on going. What has been in the church today is the Holy Spirit, the branch of the Tree. What is lacking in the church is the root of the Tree, but the only way to get the root, up until recently, is in a Jew because the Tree of Life was planted in Israel, but once the Lord finds that Jew or several Jews, I do not know, thousands of Jews, I do not know, I do not see it happening all around me, a Jew who is born who has inherited the genetic righteous seed root, Abel, when that Jew receives Jesus Christ or is received by or is reconciled to Jehovah through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and receives the Holy Spirit, the whole Tree of Life is raised in that Jew.


Then that whole Tree of Life has a spirit in it called the Spirit of Christ, and that Spirit of Christ is greater than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is just the branch, just the energy. The Spirit of Christ is the seed of the whole Tree which can be grafted to any human being of any nation, race, color, or creed.


Whether or not I am the first Jew that He is doing it with, I do not know. You sit here under this teaching, you come in, you sit here, you listen to me, you sit under this anointing, you are pelted with this Doctrine of Christ, with the seed of the regenerated Tree of Life in me, the whole Tree of Life is being grafted to you.


You came in here, and all that you had was the branch. I cannot tell you that the whole Tree of Life is regenerated in you now. Personally, I think it is, but I cannot make that a final word, but as you sit here under this teaching, under this anointing, under my authority, you are getting everything that I have, and that is true of any preacher. You get what ever that teacher has, and what I have is the whole Tree of Life, and it is being grafted to you as you submit to this spiritual ministry here. It is being built into you.


We see that because of Jesus Christ's Holy Spirit which is reviving the dead Abel in the ground, because the Holy Spirit revives or is reviving how ever many Jews the Lord is going to, what do I know, I just work here, what do I know, right? Because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice the Holy Spirit was available to be that scent of water which revived Abel in a Jew who was reconciled to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ.


The whole Tree of Life is raised from the dead, and now through the preaching of the Doctrine of Christ which is the word that comes forth from the whole Tree of Life, the seed of the whole Tree, no longer just the root, no longer just the branch, but the seed of the whole Tree can be sown through the preaching of the word by someone who has the whole Tree of Life in them. Once that seed of the whole Tree of Life is grafted and starts to manifest in another person, a non-Jew, that person has the whole Tree just as much as if the root of the Tree were inherited at birth.


Everyone that receives the Spirit of Christ receives the seed of the whole Tree of Life, and now the whole Tree of Life is in the process of being sown into the hearts of all of humanity in the form of a graft, because you do not have the root in the ground, but have a seed, and when that seed lands on your heart it is going to put down deep roots, and you are going to have the same experience as the one who inherited the dormant seed. Was that not a story?


Why is the church in the condition that it is in after 2,000 years? We have energy with no righteousness, but today the seed of the whole Tree is being dispersed. It is a very great day. It is a very great day.


I would like to take a few minutes to talk about the Holy Spirit. Getting back to our basic premise here, I am trying to show you the difference between Abel and Christ. The Lord just reminded me that I did not make my point. This is the difference between Abel and Christ. Abel is the root of the Tree of Life that was planted in Israel. Christ is the root of the Tree of Life which was planted by the Spirit of Christ. I am going to say it again. Abel is the root of the Tree of Life that was planted in Israel, but now as I just explained to you the Tree of Life is being planted in the Gentiles today, because a seed which contains the potential to land on someone's heart and grow roots that were never there before is being sown.


Christ is the root that is growing, because that person has received the Spirit of Christ which is the grafted seed. We know that James talks about the grafted seed. Abel is the inherited root, and Christ is the grafted root. Of course the Spirit of Christ is going forth in this hour, and it will also be reviving Abel in the Jew. It is time for the Jew to come into the church. It could happen, the Holy Spirit can touch the root of Abel in a Jew, but it is not as powerful as the Spirit of Christ touching the dead Abel in a Jew.


The Holy Spirit does not have the Doctrine of Christ. It is virtually impossible to bring a Jew to Christ, a practicing Jew who really knows the Scripture, to try to bring them to Christ with the doctrine in the church today. It is virtually impossible. The Jews in the church today are the kind of Jews that I was. I did not know very much about my religion. I was not raised in a home that practiced the Jewish religion. I was, for all intents and purposes, a Gentile except for my genetic heritage.


Those of the Jews that are in the church today, and every once in a while you hear about a rabbi being converted, I do not know what to tell you about that. I would ask you if the man was an orthodox rabbi, but even if there is an orthodox rabbi that was converted, I do not have an answer for that. By and large, the Jews who know their God, the Jews who know the Scripture, are not buying what is going on in the church today. They are not buying it. For that reason, the Holy Spirit is not likely to revive Abel in a practicing Jew, but the Spirit of Christ comes with the Doctrine of Christ.


I know that I had a two-year dialogue with a ultra orthodox rabbi, and that man never leaves my mind. I do not know what happened to him, but I believe, I really believe that he got this seed. He thought he was talking to me, that he was bringing me back to Judaism. I just agreed to have dialogue with him, and we talked a little bit about doctrine. I believe he received the seed of Christ. Why do I say that? Because it appears that he went under a form of judgment. Is that not terrible? He started having hard times, but that is a sign that you are under judgment.


You are supposed to turn to God, you are supposed to turn to God for help and find out the truth. I do not know what ever happened to him. It sounds terrible to put it on a tape.


Brethren, when the Lord brings you in contact with someone that is a representative of Him, if you speak the Doctrine of Christ, you are moving in the Spirit of Truth, and it really is Christ in you, you are an ambassador to the person that you are sent to, and if the person does not recognize you which they almost never do, and they reject what you come with, it is not that God punishes them, but when you turn away from the door that Jesus has opened for you Satan jumps all over you. God does not punish you. Satan jumps all over you because your safety is to walk through every door that Jesus opens for you.


The man was a very nice man, he was very nice to me. He thought he was bringing me back to orthodox Judaism so we had this dialogue. We met once a week for a year or two, and he thought he was teaching me, but he got the seed of Christ. Because his pride would not let him see it, because he continued to believe because of his pride that he was in that relationship to teach me and refused to even consider the possibility that I had something to give him, by that attitude he turned away from the door that Jesus Christ presented to him, and Satan dumped all over him. I do not know where he is, but I am hoping that this man who had an intense relationship with the Spirit of Elijah, I believe, I pray that he has come into a deeper walk.


I do not know exactly how the Lord is going to do it. I believe that they have to come to the point where they acknowledge that Jesus is Messiah, but I do not know exactly how the Lord is going to wean them away. The ultra orthodox Jews live in communities. To receive Jesus as your Savior you lose your whole life. You are put out of the community, the only life that you know. I do not know how the Lord is going to do it, but He is going to do it.


Does anyone not understand the difference between Christ and Abel now? I will say it one more time. Abel is the root of the Tree of Life that is found in the Jew. It is the root of the Tree that was planted in Israel. Christ in a man is the root of the Tree of Life that has been grafted to that man because the Holy Spirit revived Abel in some Jew, and the whole Tree of Life is now producing seed in a graftable form.


In Israel the Tree of Life could not be transferred to the Gentiles, but the Tree of Life that is in the church today, the Tree of Life which is Abel which has been revived by the Holy Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ, the seed of that tree is graftable to human beings of all nations, races, and creeds.


This is the difference between Abel and Christ. Also, of course, Abel is the anointed of God.. Abel, going all the way back to when Adam fell, Abel was the anointed one, and in that early manifestation of the mortal creation Abel was the anointed one. Abel is Adam's root system. As soon as Abel is rejoined to the energy of the Tree then the anointed one is Adam but when Adam died, Abel is the anointed one. As long as he is alive, Abel is the anointed one. It is the spirit.


I think I have read Scriptures where it talks about the fat of the root of the Tree. Fat, talking about spirit. Where ever the spirit is, that is where the anointing is. The only way a personality or a physical man can be anointed is because some manifestation of the Spirit of God is flowing through him. We are not anointed. We are earth. The anointing is light. Are there any questions or comments on this issue?


COMMENT: I wanted to know how Cain discovered how to separate from Abel?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question. At the moment I cannot think of any Scripture that explains that, but based on everything coming forth in the Doctrine of Christ I would have to tell you that Cain had to find a hole in Abel's hedge. Abel is not immortal in his own right. For Abel to be powerful and to keep Cain under, Abel must be married to the branch of the Tree. Abel is the root alone. He will never be able to dominate Cain. Cain will always rise up and kill him. For Cain to bring Abel down, she had to find some opportunity, some kind of sin in him, and that is the only answer that I have right now.


This is going on in our life today. We have a manifestation of the righteous seed trying to root in our ground and grow in us. Cain rises up, and Cain is woven together with the Fiery Serpent. Cain rises up and puts a thought in our mind, and if we agree with that thought, which is a part of the carnal mind, we sacrifice whether it is Abel in us or whether Adam is resurrected in us. Whatever we have got, we sacrifice it. Every time we prefer the thoughts of our carnal mind over the thoughts of Christ, we kill Adam a little bit, and when Adam dies then we kill Abel in the same way by preferring the thoughts and the lifestyle of the Serpent.


Exactly what happened with Cain and Abel, I do not know because they were not any kind of being that I could relate to. I do not know what they looked like. They were some kind of spiritual being. I do not know what they looked like in that day. At the moment, I do not have any information about how Cain loosened Abel's bands.


Although we do have some information about what happened before the flood. This has been happening over and over and over again, and we know that before the flood, we are told that the Sons of God became evil. I guess the answer is coming as I talk. Cain did the same thing to Abel that the primordial Serpent did to Adam. He seduced him, he used some kind of witchcraft to get Abel to agree with the Serpent's mind, and was that not what happened in the days before the flood? All the Sons of God, I do not know if they were Fiery Serpent's then, but they were Jehovah's sperm that had been engraved with the image of the Serpent, and then Jehovah raised up Seth.


What does that mean? They were re-engraved with Jehovah's nature, and they were Sons of God before the flood, but they went the way of Cain. They were seduced in their thoughts to agree with the Serpent's mind, and Abel is a mind. Abel and Cain are a mind.


It is malleable clay, the mind is malleable clay. Whatever you believe, that is what you become. Whatever you believe, that is what you become so when we think, when we agree with or prefer the thoughts of the carnal mind, we become the Serpent. We become an expression of the Serpent, and that part of us which is Christ or Abel dies.


We are talking about a two-sided coin. When the Scripture says that Cain killed Abel it means that we have a coin, one side is heads, and the other side is tails. This coin existed in the spirit with the heads up. Abel was ruling over the tail side. You could not see the tail side of the coin because Abel had it heads up, and then what happened was that Cain spoke to Abel from under the underside of the coin, and when Abel fell into agreement with whatever Cain was saying.


What was Cain saying? Probably the same thing that the Serpent said to Adam. As soon as Abel fell into agreement with the female mind the coin turned over. The same coin, it just turned over, and now the tail side is up. That is all that it is. Does that make any sense to you at all?


Cain and Abel are flip sides of the same being. They could never be separated.


That is why at the end of the second chapter that is what we did with regard to Samson. I believe it was Chapter 15. One of the last verses in that chapter indicated that Adam was permanently raised from the dead in Samson, and that Adam was strong enough to keep Cain under control.


Abel was not strong enough to keep Cain on the flip side of the coin. Cain kept coming up, kept coming up, kept coming up and flipping Abel over, but when Abel, the root of the Tree joined to the branch of the Tree and Adam was regenerated, the whole Tree of Life was regenerated.


Adam was strong enough to keep Cain in her place. As long as all that we have is the righteous seed, our other side will continue to slay our righteousness. We cannot just be luke warm. It is not enough to have the righteous seed, you have got to go on and marry the energy of the creation. Of course, to do that you have to lead a consecrated life like we are doing here. Submit to studies and exposure of sin, and you have to walk heavily with the Lord to have the whole Tree of Life raised in you. Some people stop half way. All they have is the righteous root, and then you look them up 10 years later, and you find out that they have completely backsliden.


How does that happen? They were highly anointed, and 10 years later they will not even speak the name of Jesus Christ. I have seen this happen. One of two things happen. Either they had the branch without the root, or they have the root without the branch. If they have the righteous root without the branch, Cain rose up and killed Abel. If they have the branch without the root, Satan rose up and swallowed up the Tree. A tree that does not have a root cannot continue.


For a long time, I preached that the Holy Spirit was given so that you could conceive Christ which, again, is not wrong. It is just another way of looking at it from another point of view which is not quite as complete as what I have told you today. That was what I preached, that the Holy Spirit was given so that you could conceive Christ, and there was a certain limited time, and if you did not conceive Christ by that limited time the Holy Spirit was being withdrawn.


I did not see it as a punishment, I did not preach it as a punishment. I saw it as in human reproduction, the sperm enters into the female channel, and it is only alive for a certain period of time. If the egg is not fertilized within that period of time the sperm dies. That was how I saw it, but now I see it...it is similar to say that the branch of the Tree cannot exist without the root, but I also see another aspect of it today that, that energy which is in the Holy Spirit is not just dissolving. It is being absorbed by Satan.


The energy of the Holy Spirit in you, in people, if it has not connected with the root of the Tree the chances...if you are a non-Jew, it has to connect with the seed of the Spirit of Christ, and there is not that much of it going around today.


The seed of the Spirit of Christ is available in the Doctrine of Christ, in the tapes and the books but, by and large, large numbers of people are rejecting the teaching. That is where the Tree of Life is, but they do not get it. They are still blinded.


Back to my point. If you have the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit does not connect with the Spirit of Christ and bring the root of the Tree to your person the chances of that Holy Spirit drying up are very great. It happens in churches all over the country and the world. It is very rare to find a church with a powerful anointing of the Holy Ghost.


What we have here is the Spirit of Christ. This is teaching, this is the unfolding revelation, something new every time you walk in here, but I am talking about the anointing of the Holy Ghost where people talk in tongues and prophesy. There is nothing wrong with it, but they do the same thing for 20-30 years. They come in, they play music, they speak in tongues, they prophesy, someone interprets the tongues, and they teach their false doctrine.


They have been doing the same thing for 20 and 30 or more years. In situations like that, it is very rare to find a church that has stood in that kind of an anointing for 30 years with the Holy Spirit as powerful as it was 30 years ago. It is very unusual to find that, and the reason that it is very unusual is that anointing of the Holy Ghost is not made to endure by itself forever. It is made to join with the root, with the seed of Christ so that the whole Tree can rise up, and when the whole Tree rises up you mature from speaking in tongues, and prophesying, and interpreting. You mature into a deep study of the Doctrine of Christ.


If you do not go forward with the Holy Spirit, the chances of you losing it are almost 100%. Jesus said, "If you do not use what I give you, it is going to be taken away and given to another." No one in the church would ever imagine that Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit. If you do not use it for the purpose that it is given, you are going to lose it. No one would even imagine that. Why? Because they do not know that it is given to raise the whole Tree of Life in you. They do not even know what they have it for.


We see that emergency measures are necessary to save the church. They are in desperate straits. It is like starving to death and having a credit card with a $1,000,000 allowance on it that your father is going to pay, and you do not know what to do with the credit card. You try to eat it.
They have the Holy Spirit. He makes them feel good. There is healing and deliverance in the Holy Spirit, there is ministry to this life in the Holy Spirit, the problems and needs that you have in this life are met in the Holy Spirit, but eternal life is not in the Holy Spirit. Eternal life is in the Spirit of Christ. Praise the Lord.


There is one more aspect that I would like to put on this message, and that is a review of what the Holy Spirit does that prepares the individual to have the seed of Christ or the root of the Tree of Life grafted to them, but we are going to take a 5 minute break. You had a question, did you not?


COMMENT: When Jesus said that if you do not use it that it will be given to another, did he mean the vampire bat would take it or would it go to another believer?


PASTOR VITALE: I think He meant the vampire bat. That is what I think He meant, and I will tell you why, because what we are going to review now which is, I hope, the last thing in this message we are going to review tonight, is what the Holy Spirit does in the individual to prepare that individual to receive the root of the Tree.


This is the story. Our human spirit, the Holy Spirit deals with our human spirit. The human spirit is giving consciousness to the individual, and...I am preaching a lot of this message on revelation, and a conflict just came into my mind. When you see me hesitate like this, a conflict just came into my mind. I know the Lord has told me that the root of the Tree is the breath of life. The root of the Tree is the breath of life that was breathed into the creature, so that means that the human spirit cannot be the breath of life.


My mind just recognized the conflict, and I think I am going to pass over it right now, but it is late and I am tired, and I do not even have the answer at this moment. I will have to pray about it but Abel, the root of the Tree, is Adam's breath. Abel is that breath that Jehovah breathed into the man in this mortal condition. Exactly what the human spirit is, I am going to have to get an answer.


We know that everybody does not have Abel. I just spent over an hour explaining that to you, that Abel is the root of the Tree of Life that was resurrected in Israel, so we have to have something that gives consciousness to the individual that does not have the root of the Tree. I think the answer is coming to me.


The human spirit is consciousness, but it is not what the Scripture calls the breath of life. It is not true life. If we do not have the Life of the Son of God we are experiencing death. It is the human spirit that gives us consciousness, but it is the root of the Tree of Life, it is Abel. Either under his condition of Abel in the Jew or under his name of Christ in the Gentile, it is Abel who is the breath of true life.


We can have consciousness without having true life. The human spirit is our consciousness, and the root of the Tree of Life is the true life. We can be conscious and dead. Is everybody okay with that? Death does not mean that you cease to exist, scripturally speaking. Death in the Scripture is the absence of the life of God.


The human spirit is our consciousness and, in this hour, talking about the unregenerate man, the human spirit is flowing with Satan. The human spirit, our consciousness, flows with the waters of creation, and that makes a lot of sense when you stop to think who our consciousness is.


You may recall that the earth received consciousness when Elohim's waters, Elohim is the name of Jehovah's whole spiritual seminal fluid, and that seminal fluid is water and seed, flowed over the earth, and the earth received consciousness. Those of us who have...I am talking about consciousness now, I am not differentiating between the people that are reconciled to the Lord, but I am just talking about mortal humanity. We are all conscious, and that consciousness is in the water of the creation. The breath of life is in the virile seed. The consciousness is in the water of the creation.


To say that Abel is the breath of life, brethren, that is just another way of saying that one of the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid was not engraved with the primordial Serpent's image. Where ever you find the root of the Tree of Life, it is Jehovah's virile seed that is dried up. It is the seed apart from the water of the semen. That is what the root of the Tree is. It is just another way of saying virile seed.


Our consciousness is in the water. We, the personality, are the earth, and when the water flowed over us we received consciousness. Everyone of us has a drop of consciousness in us. We must have a drop of the water of Elohim to have consciousness. Our human spirit is that consciousness, and our human spirit flows with the waters of creation. In this hour, Satan is the name of the polluted waters of creation. The waters of creation are polluted with the earth in this hour, and Satan is the spiritual blood of this mortal creation. She is the polluted waters of the creation.


The waters have fallen down into the lower window, and they are polluted with the earth. Our consciousness is in Satan. Not only is she our unconscious mind, but without Satan we would have no consciousness, and without consciousness there is no existence. Satan is our foundation. She is a part of our mortal foundation. Satan and Leviathan are our mortal foundation and, of course, the Fiery Serpent is an aspect of Leviathan in the individual.


Let us talk about who the Holy Spirit is. The Holy Spirit, brethren, is the branch of the Tree of Life which Jesus is. The Holy Spirit is not the root of the Tree of Life. The glorified Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life. He has root and branch, but what Jesus has sent to us is not the whole Tree of Life. The aspect of Himself that He sent to the earth on the day of Pentecost was the branch of the Tree. How do I know that? There is virtually...righteousness in the church is virtually nonexistent. All we have is the branch of the Tree.


The church at large, all that it has is the branch of the Tree. The Holy Spirit is the branch of the Tree of Life which is the glorified Jesus Christ, and that branch, now the branch is energy, the branch is the waters of the creation. Water is just another way of saying energy. The waters in the glorified Jesus Christ are purified. They are not polluted by the earth, so the Lord Jesus Christ has sent of His purified waters into the earth because the polluted waters of Satan cannot revive Abel. The polluted waters of Satan cannot revive Abel, they kill Abel if he rises.


The Lord Jesus Christ has sent His purified waters as a gift to humanity, and the assignment of that Holy Spirit is two-fold. To touch Satan in the individual and start some purification process of that person's spiritual blood, a drawing out of the human spirit from Satan's spiritual blood. We know that the Holy Spirit does engage in healing and deliverance from demons and the breaking of curses. The Holy Spirit deals in the purification of our consciousness, of our mind as well as our physical body. Amen.


The Holy Spirit comes to start to draw away from Satan some of the waters and, actually, the Holy Spirit is sent to draw away as much of Satan's waters as He can, because the less waters that Satan has, the weaker she gets, and eventually she must be boiled away completely. It takes the Spirit of Christ to boil her away completely, but the Holy Spirit starts the job.


The job of the purification of our consciousness is in preparation to have the root of the Tree of Life grafted to us so that the whole Tree of Life can grow in you and in me. We shall be trees of righteousness. You have to have a Tree growing in you. You heard about a tree growing in Brooklyn, there has to be a Tree growing in you. The Holy Spirit comes to purify and to prepare you for the grafting of the root of the Tree of Life.


The second function of the Holy Spirit is not true in every individual, but as in my case, if the Holy Spirit does find someone, a Jew that has Abel, the root of the Tree of Life that was in Israel, the Holy Spirit revives Abel.


I think the Lord just told me that even for the non-Jew who receives the grafted word, who receives the grafted seed that has the ability to produce the whole Tree of Life, the Holy Spirit has to revive that seed. I think that is what the Lord just said to me.


I do not know if revive is the right word, but when the seed of the Tree of Life is grafted to a non-Jew the Holy Spirit must make contact with it to produce the whole Tree of Life.


The Holy Spirit has two major functions, the purification of our consciousness and the joining to the seed of the whole Tree of Life, to bring forth that whole Tree of Life and root it down. That Tree has to root down, it has to put down deep roots so that it will stand against Satan and Leviathan. That is the function of the Holy Spirit. If He helps you with your finances, if he gets you a husband, if he heals the ringing in your ear, that is wonderful, brethren, but that is not His job.


He is just very merciful to you, and what He is saying is, "I am here." He is saying, "I am here, and I have the power to do it for you so I will do it for you," but that does not mean why He is here, to get you the house with the 6% mortgage, or the second car, or the new job. He is being nice to you, but it was not why He is here.


The Holy Spirit is here to raise the Tree of Life from the dead. The Holy Spirit is given to purify the vessel and to regenerate Adam, the Tree of Life, because if the vessel is not purified the Tree will rot. The Holy Spirit is given to raise Adam from the dead. That is what He is here for, and because Jehovah desires a visible creation with Adam as the watch tower in the midst of us, we receive the benefits of healing and eternal life.


It is all about Him, brethren, it is not about us. It is all about Him. He is it, and when we fall in line with Him and flow with Him we become it too. The second we separate from Him in our mind we are nothing, and He is still it. It is not about us, but if we want to latch on to that bandwagon we can get all of the benefits from just hanging out with the Lord.


To get back to your question, when Jesus said, "If you do not use it, someone else will get it," I believe that if you have the Holy Spirit, and even if He succeeds in purifying you, if He does not succeed in rooting down or grafting the whole Tree of Life to you, then He is just a branch. He is just a source of energy not tied to a root and, eventually, Satan is going to rise up and take back the consciousness that the Holy Spirit has extracted from her.


Remember what I told you? The Holy Spirit comes, and He starts purifying Satan's polluted waters, He starts drawing some of those waters unto Himself. It is a purification process. If all of that energy is not joined to the root of the Tree, Satan is going to rise up and hit back. Satan rises up and hits back, and carnally minded people are thrown off guard, because they do not understand that Satan can wait 50 years before she hits back. Satan can wait until the next generation until she hits back.


I want to tell you that Egyptian mystery religion which was shut down by Moses is hitting back in our generation. The Egyptian mystery religion that Moses put out of business is swinging back at the God of Moses who is appearing in the church today all these thousands of years later. The next punch is coming. You have to have a spiritual mind. If you do not have one, Jesus will build a spiritual mind in you if you are willing to admit that you do not have one.


I heard someone preaching the other day, a lovely, lovely person, but I heard them preaching that they actually believe that we are going to be delivered in the blink of a physical eye, like that, barely a second. They are actually preaching that in that nana-second we are going to be delivered.


Brethren, the blink of a spiritual eye is a whole lifetime as we know lifetimes. The eye opens, and we are born, and we live this whole life, and the eye closes, and we die.


Brethren, unless we humble ourselves and admit, for most people in the church, that they know absolutely nothing. They have really got a big problem, but my faith is not in the people in the church. My faith is in Jesus Christ that He will not abandon these spiritual little ones.


I do not care how sophisticated they think they are, I do not care how many degrees they have, I do not care what, I am telling you the people that I meet in the church are not even in preschool. They have not even learned to read and write yet, and they are still dirtying their diapers, and the problem is they think they are dignitaries. My faith is in Jesus Christ that He will have mercy on these people who love Him as much as they are able and are just in darkness. It is our job to teach them, brethren, when He brings them to us.


Remember from the beginning of this message, they will surely try to kill you. Everyone that you are sent to, that you are truly sent to as a Son to teach the Doctrine of Christ to, they will try to kill Christ in you. If you try to explain it to them they will think you are crazy, but you have got to know this yourself. You have to keep it between you and the Lord. If you need someone to talk to about it, you have always got me, but you have got to know that this is true, that the nicest loving person has a principle in them, the most nice person you have ever met in your life, you know them for 60 years, but when Christ starts to manifest in you that negative principle in that wonderful person is likely, most likely, to rise up and swat you, and they will not even know why they did it.


It is really important that you know this. You are not supposed to walk around in fear, but you are supposed to walk around in knowledge that everybody is capable of everything, and that the most trusted friend is the Lord Jesus Christ. After Him, your most trusted friend is somebody who is walking very closely with the Lord Jesus Christ. That is a hard word, because for your whole life you were brought up to believe that the members of your physical family are your most trusted friends.


Our most trusted friends are the people who have identified the enemy within their own mind and are killing her all the day long; therefore, that person manifests Christ to you, not all the time, but most of the time. Jesus never said it would be easy. Did I answer your question? Yes. Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: About 15 minutes ago I got the very strong impression that the woman at the well was not drawing physical water from a well at all.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think there was any physical well either. As a matter of fact, I have believed for quite a while that Jesus met her in the spirit. Do you remember a recent teaching, it may have been an on-line meeting, I am not really sure, but I know it was very recent where I talked about Ananias and Paul after Paul was smitten with blindness, and I do not know who it was that spoke to Ananias. Maybe it just says the Lord, but it said that Ananias is praying, and our Alternate Translation was, "And Ananias ascended in the spirit and spoke to Paul in the spirit," because he is waiting for direction to the person who is going to lay hands on him and give him his sight.


Do you remember that? It was an on-line meeting. I think that Jesus met this woman in the spirit. I think that she was ascended probably in Leviathan, I am sure in Leviathan's timeline, and she was seeking to draw energy. Maybe she was a spiritual criminal, vampire bat, whatever you want to call her, she was at the well. Do you know there is a Scripture that says we are wells of righteousness, we are the wells?


The personality is the well, and the energy that indwells us which is Christ Jesus is the righteousness that is in the well, the righteous water that is in the well. If she was drawing at the well, we do not know if she was drawing at her well or someone else's well. I think it is really possible that the Lord just went out in the spirit, and He went to this highly spiritual woman who was illegally taking energy from another well, from another personality, and Jesus said to her, "All you have to do is ask, you do not have to be doing this, you do not have to be stealing energy from other people. If you knew who you were talking to you would ask for wells of Living Water that would flow up out of your belly. You do not have to go to another well and steal their energy." I believe it was something like that.


That Bible is a very spiritual book. The book is a miracle that it is in a series of parables and allegories that little children can be blessed by and make contact with that spirit that is on it. I am telling you, I read Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and that is hard reading, brethren. The average person could not read what I read, and I am not exalting myself. I am just telling you that it really hard reading. It has to be the Lord helping me to even understand it, but this Bible is a series of stories that can stir the hearts of children.


David and Goliath, killing the giant, how wonderful, but underneath that surface is the same depth of spirituality that we find in Occult philosophy that the average person if you do not have a college degree, the words the authors use are so big that I have to sit there with a dictionary, and I do not have a small vocabulary. I have to sit there with a dictionary to understand this book just on an English level.


Forget about understanding the spiritual principles. Who is going to understand this book? That is the Occult philosophy, so the Bible is an absolute miracle that you could spend years reading your Bible, reading the parables, reading the allegories, even how much of the history is true, I do not know, reading it and establishing your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Through the point of contact, this miraculous book and this miraculous King James translation, you have heard of the seven wonders of the world, I think that the Bible and the King James translation is the #1 wonder of the world that it even exists so that the simplest, simplest youngest person can make contact with the Living God and receive some measure of His spirit through that contact.


Then in the fullness of time, if it is the Lord's will, you can go deeper, but there are great blessings in the surface message. If that is the only place the Lord has brought you to, there are great blessings in the surface message, and the reason there are great blessings is because the blessings are in His spirit, but the deep philosophy is there also. It is there, it is there, but it is all in code. Praise the Lord.
I was doing the research on the next couple of verses of Samson, and I found a spiritual principle that I discussed within the last year or so. We found out what the word "braid" means, and Paul is not really telling to not braid their hair. He talking about the spiritual braid when the Fiery Serpent ascends in us.


Remember, she is an energy stream, she breaks down into three different channels, she ascends in three different channels, and when her energy gets to the brow energy center, the energy that comes through the three channels intertwine in a braid, and I read this in an Occult book.


The Lord told me it was true. The three sources of energy braid together and sort of just lay there in the brow energy center. It is just like if you want to run a thread, when you run that threat where ever you are running it you have to knot it or it will fall right back down again.


Was that not what the braid does? It holds you up there in the brow energy center. Paul was not telling women not to braid their hair. He was telling them not to let their Fiery Serpent ascend. He was telling them not to practice witchcraft. Was that not what he was telling them? The thought came to me today, is this not interesting that in some cultures the men braid their hair. The Chinese, for example, you will see them frequently and they will just have one little patch of hair at the back of their head and a long braid coming out of it, and everything else shaved. The thought just occurred to me that I do not know if they know what they are doing, but I think that their ancestors...if they do not know what it means, going all the way back when their ancestors first started this pattern for men wearing their hair like that someone, somewhere along the line knew that there was a braid in the top part of the head.


Either they were trying to bring that braid forth in themselves or it was a sign that they were spiritually ascended, that they had the braid. Is that not


I think we have all had enough for tonight. Does anybody have anything to say before we go? It has been a good day. Hope I do not have to go into pain more often to get days like this. I hope there is a better way to get good days. God bless you. (End of Tape 3)



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