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{small}460 - Part 1{/small} {br} JACOB AND ESAU'S BLESSING

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The message, the one just before this is entitled Jacob and Esau's Birthright. So I will start out this message by defining the difference between Jacob's birthright and Jacob's blessing. The word, I talked a lot about his birthright in the prior message and I told you that the birthright that Esau had was the inheritance that comes to the natural man; that Satan had absorbed the waters of Jehovah's semen, actually it was not Satan, it was the earth absorbed the waters of Jehovah's semen making a clay out of the earth and out of that clay she formed this fallen world, and Satan is the spirit of that world, she is the spiritual blood that flows through our veins. So Esau's birthright was that he had spiritual authority. He had the spiritual authority over the earth, and it manifest as witchcraft power.


There are people in this world, physical men and physical women that are born into this world with witchcraft authority. They do not have to go out and practice and spend years trying to develop witchcraft power in themselves, they are born with the authority. So there is a difference between the authority, and the witchcraft power and the difference can be likened to the relationship between the righteous seed and the waters, the righteous seed and the waters. They are two parts the Jehovah's semen, the righteous seed and the waters, and when the whole semen comes into play, there is tremendous power in that man. But because the seed was separated from the waters, the Serpent raised up her own seed. She raised up a pseudo-male seed, and the people of this world who have spiritual authority move in the authority of that spiritual seed.


The spiritual principalities of this world are homosexual and masturbatory at their roots. It is the Serpent broken into male and female joined with herself to produce this inferior creation, and that is why we have all of this suffering that we have in this creation. There is a pseudo-male seed. A part of the Serpent is acting as the male and another part of herself is acting as the female, the spiritual male and female which has brought forth this creation. And the spiritual male seed which is of the Serpent, is the authority, and then the waters are the witchcraft, if you can hear what I am saying.


I will say it one more time, I think someone is not understanding me. Every physical creation, this physical creation is the product of the spiritual sexual union. There has to be a male and female to produce a visible world. The Serpent stole the waters, the female aspect of Jehovah's semen. Her earth absorbed the waters and became clay out of which this fallen world is formed. In order to form this world there had to be an act of spiritual sexual intercourse, but the Serpent only possessed the water part of the semen. She did not possess the Jehovah's virile seed.


So out of the earth the Serpent formed a male seed that is not really male seed. The Serpent is only female, but she took a part of herself and made a male organ and male seed out of herself. And this principle is demonstrated by the Serpent with her tail in her mouth. The Serpent is satisfying herself. She is supposed to be satisfied by Jehovah's righteous seed, but she is not. She is satisfying herself. And the earth is supposed to be joined to the righteous seed on two levels, and the earth is joined to a male seed on two levels, whether that seed is the true virile seed of Jehovah, or the false seed of the Serpent, the earth is joined on two levels.


I mentioned on the earlier message this morning of Jacob and Esau's Birthright about the Fiery Serpent, that every one of us has a Fiery Serpent. There is a spiritual worm inside every one of us, a spiritual egg inside every one of us. However you need to look at it to understand it is OK. There is a spiritual potential within all of us, to mature into a spiritual male or a spiritual female, and that judgment as to what we become, either a butterfly or a dragonfly, that is the parable expression of it: if you are a butterfly you are being in the Kingdom of God, and if you are born as a dragonfly you will be in the Kingdom of Darkness. What makes the difference is the male spirit that the worm within us marries.


Every human being, a physical male or a physical female is a spiritual egg. The whole creation, every human being is a spiritual female, and if you want to become a spiritual male, well there are spiritual males. The term spiritual male indicates one with spiritual power, spiritual strength. So there are spiritual males in the kingdom of darkness, but they are pseudo-males, they are phonies, and the reason they are phonies is that they male because they have all of the strength of the male, but they are impotent. They cannot produce a living creation, they cannot produce a living offspring. The Scripture calls them eunuchs. It would be as if you see the most muscle bound macho man you could imagine, but he is castrated.


That is the spiritual male of the Serpent's household. Now, the spiritual male is not castrated in strength, the spiritual males are formidable enemies, and the sons of God do and will wage war against them. Their weakness is not in their ability to wage war, but in their ability to produce a living creature. Their weakness, the reason they are called a eunuch is in their inability to produce a creation that does not die from generation to generation. And in the same manner eunuchs, physical eunuchs in our world, they can have all of the physical strength that you would expect a physical male to have, but they cannot produce spiritual children. This is the spiritual eunuch.


So every human being has a worm or an ovum or a spiritual egg, a spiritual potential to ascend in spiritual maturity, and become either a spiritual, a true spiritual male in Christ Jesus, or a false spiritual male and or a spiritual female Amazon, you can call it whatever name, in the Kingdom of Darkness. And the unions are as follows, the Fiery Serpent within us, our spiritual virginity, our spiritual potential, if we are going to become a man is joined to Christ in us, the emerging Christ in us, the young Christ in us. If she is not joined to Christ, then she is joined to herself. And you may remember, I have had it on the board several times, that when the Serpent is joined to herself, when she is a spiritual male, a spiritual pseudo-male, her spiritual molecules appear as circles.


If you could put her spiritual molecules under a microscope, which you cannot, they appear as circles, but when the Fiery Serpent is joined to the young Christ, that circle is straightened out, because that circle is the image that you see of the Serpent with her tail in her mouth, that is the circle, it is the Serpent satisfying herself. But when the Serpent is joined to the young Christ, her tail is pulled out of her mouth, she is straightened out into a string, and the young Christ is joined to her along every point of that line.


Now brethren, we are not supposed to be ascending spiritually unless our worm, our ovum, our spiritual virginity has been joined to Christ in that first operation. Our Fiery Serpent is not supposed to be risen up out of the root center in any manner whatsoever when she is joined to herself, because when she is raises up and she is joined to herself, and when she makes it into the heart center, Leviathan is going to be waiting there to join with her that second joining. And the man in which this happens, the man in which the Fiery Serpent, our spiritual potential is joined to herself, and the Fiery Serpent rises in that condition of her spiritual molecules being joined to herself, a series of circular spiritual molecules in which the Serpent's tail is in her mouth, she is satisfying herself. When her energy, because the Serpent is all energy, and her energy ascends into the heart center, in that condition self-satisfied, homosexual, spiritually lesbian, whatever you want to call it, when she ascends into the heart center, and the formation of her molecules is circles, that is the form in which Leviathan can join with her. I do not have any more details.


I have the detail about the form, and what form the Fiery Serpent has to be in for the young Christ to join with her. I just explained that to you. For the young Christ to join with her, she has to stop masturbating. She has to let go of her tail, straighten out into a string, a spiritual string, and let the young Christ join with her along that straight line. In that event, the spiritual molecules of the Fiery Serpent ascend, because she is an energy string, ascend into the heart center, and when her spiritual molecules ascend into the heart center as strings, not circles but strings, which are attached to the young Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ will join with her in the heart center. And if the Lord Jesus Christ will join with your virgin, you will become a supernatural son of God, and ascend into the brow center, or you will ascend into the brow center and become a supernatural son of God, but if the energy source known as your spiritual virginity makes it into the heart center, and her spiritual molecules are satisfying herself, she is not prepared to be joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, I do not know whether He cannot or will not. I do not have any information at this point as to why not, but let us give God the glory. He can do anything he wants, but He will not join with the molecules of the Fiery Serpent that are in this circular formation. He will not do it.


It is the same principle as me saying to you, if you pray an ungodly prayer, you know, this is a definition of psychic prayers, you say, "Lord I want that person married, raise up a man for that woman, it is wrong that she is living alone." If Jesus Christ does not receive your prayer and take it unto his bosom to bring it to pass, Satan will lay hold of your prayer and bring chaos into that person's life. That is a psychic prayer, it is wrong, you are not supposed to be praying like that. So as I told you, I do not have the information, any more detail as to why, but when the molecules of the Fiery Serpent's energy stream pierce into the heart center in circular formations, the Lord Jesus Christ will not join with her. And when the Lord Jesus Christ does not join with her, she is wide open for Leviathan.


Leviathan comes in and Leviathan's energy stream joins with the energy stream of the Fiery Serpent and she begins her ascent into the perfection of the counterfeit timeline. She begins to enter into the Resurrection of Damnation. She begins to become a mighty man of the earth. So why have I told you all this. I have told you all this to try to help you to understand the difference between Esau's birthright and Esau's blessing. Esau's birthright is his authority which can be likened to Jehovah's virile seed. You see Esau had both, well. I am sorry, he did not have both. Esau had the Serpentine equivalent of Jehovah's virile seed. He was a spiritual male. He was out there doing his thing, traveling in the spirit, practicing witchcraft, whatever he was doing. He was completed at least in his lower centers. The Fiery Serpent was satisfying herself in the man Esau. And the reason I say that he was not completed in his higher centers, the reason I said he was not completed in his higher centers, the reason I say that is because the Scriptures say that he was mortal man, he was not an immortal.


So the Fiery Serpent was active in him, she was satisfying herself, and he was moving in a pseudo-spiritual authority, an illegal spiritual authority, but he was moving in a spiritual authority, and that was his birthright. Esau had inherited the birthright of the earth which had captured the waters of Jehovah's semen and formed this creation. That is why people moving in Christ are defeated so frequently, because we are in a foreign land. We are disenfranchise kings. We are here but we are here without an army. We have the authority, but we do not have the army or the military necessity to establish ourselves, we have the right, but we do not have the muscle at this time to overtake the land and force it into submission.


So Esau's birthright was the authority of the earth, the Serpent's male seed. He had spiritual power and authority, the authority of the man who serves the earth. And his blessing coming from Isaac would have been the additional spiritual power that would have brought him up above, that would have brought him into the heart center, and above where he would have met Leviathan and become an immortal. This whole account of Isaac telling Esau to bring him venison and savory meat, the spiritual significance of it -- now I am giving two different names to these two messages, two different numbers and two different names, but I am really running them together. I mentioned to you earlier this morning that there are some things that I will tell you that I cannot clearly show you, I cannot show you a Hebrew word and say, This is what it says; this is a high spiritual message that the Lord literally knocked me down for two days to give to me. So if you cannot receive it do not worry about it, but I do recommend that you ask the Lord to help you if it is his truth to help you to understand it, because this is something that you have to get by revelation.


And this is one of those things that I am going to tell you right now, but the spiritual significance of the venison and the savory meat is, I cannot prove it to you, but hopefully as we go through all the verses, the context of the surrounding verses will witness to you, but I do not have any specific truth other than to tell you that the Lord told me, and other than to tell you that with all my heart, I believe that the spiritual truth of this whole account has to be deeper than some food that feeds the physical body. The people involved: Jacob, Esau, Isaac, and Rebekah, these were great spiritual people of God. These were our forefathers. They were very close to Jehovah, they were spiritual giants. So to bring them to a place, to bring these characters, these great historical characters to a place where there is a controversy over some physical food, to me it is really not reasonable. And I am not in any way putting down people who have believed this for years, because I believed it for years. But the bottom line is that all of those years that we believed it we were in spiritual pre-school.


Now, if you can believe that there is no reason for anyone to feel bad or be upset about it, but the truth will set you free. If you can believe that then your heart will be in the right condition for you to be promoted to kindergarten and first grade and the sky is the limit. But if your pride will not let you believe that an understanding of the Scripture on the surface level, while it could do great good in your life in this world, will never suffice if you desire to grow up into spiritual manhood. This food, the surface level food, just will not get you into spiritual manhood. You will spend your life in this world on a spiritual pre-school level, and you know and that is not so terrible if that is what you want, but know the truth and know what your choices are so that you can pray and pray adequately, and make an intelligent choice. Do not let your pride hold you back from going on because there is pain in your heart at the thought of you being silly all of these years, because I am not calling you silly, I am not calling you silly, I am definitely not calling you silly, and I do not know how to make it any more clear to you, that those that have the seed of Christ, those that have Christ being formed in us, we are not supposed to be going on spiritually unless Jesus Christ calls us. We are not supposed to be going on spiritually until Jesus Christ raises up a teacher that going to help you get there safely.


So I do not know how many teachers the Lord raised up before me that got cut off at some point. I honestly do not know. But you are not supposed to be going on spiritually like this while you are sitting in a congregation of a couple of hundred people, you are supposed to have a teacher that you have a personal relationship with to go on a path that leads to a spiritual ascension. So nobody is silly and nobody is to blame. We are waiting for the male leadership of the Church to manifest, that is what we are waiting for. The theme is spiritually female preachers cannot take you on this path, and the Lord has mercifully not let them see this truth, that we should ascend in a wrong spirit, because we are deceived.


The venison and the savory meat typifies Esau's own spiritual potential. Isaac is saying to Esau, when he say, Go out and get me this venison and this savory meat that my soul loves in the King James translation, Isaac is saying, Go and do whatever you have to do to ascend to the spiritual height, the highest spiritual height that you can ascend to, because I have this inheritance of spiritual power.


And I looked up that word, I will go back to that in a minute, Isaac is saying, I have this spiritual power and I have the strength to impart this spiritual power to you before I die, but you have to be in a certain spiritual condition to receive it, or what I am about to impart to you will never cleave unto you. Now if you think about it, this is the very Parable of the Soils. I got a revelation on the Parable of the Soils as this revelation about Esau came forth here. I know that Jesus is no respecter of persons, what is it with these different kinds of soils that only one person has a soil that the seed can prosper in? God is fair, he is honest, He is decent, what does this mean?


Well, I will tell you what it means. It means that when the Spirit of Christ -- now this is not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit does not produce supernatural men who abide in the brow center, you need the Spirit of Christ for that. The Holy Spirit is just the beginning. You cannot get up there on the Holy Spirit alone. So the seed that is going to produce a supernatural man that abides in the sixth center of the true timeline, and moves in supernatural power in Christ Jesus, we the personality have to have a certain measure of spirituality within us.


I have been preaching in at least three different ways. Let me try and relate you to things that I have preached in the past. The glorified Jesus Christ is in the seventh energy center, He has got his hand down into the sixth energy center, maybe lower, I am not sure. But he is waiting for us to get up high enough to link with us and drag us up the rest of the way. This principle is in the King James translation, "And we shall meet the Lord in the air, and forever we shall be with the Lord." We must get to a certain spiritual height for the Lord Jesus to get hold of us and yank us up into supernatural, into the supernatural world.


So Isaac said to Esau, Look, it is getting close to the time for me to die, I want to impart my reservoir of spiritual energy to you. I want to give it to you before this body dies and it just seeps out into the ground. Spiritual energy can be likened unto water in the Scripture. So Isaac said to Esau, Go prepare yourself, get as high as you can and then come to me, and I am going to join with you and give you everything I have got. And this is what is happening when Isaac says to Esau further on, if you are familiar with this chapter 27, when he says, "Kiss me, my son..." If you look up that word in the Hebrew, it is talking about the joining of the two minds. He was not asking him for a physical kiss. He said, Come in here as spiritual as you can be. I do not know what Esau did, did he fast, did he pray? I do not know what he did, but he went out to prepare himself to ascend to the highest spiritual height that he was capable of ascending to in the hopes and in the anticipation of receiving the double portion.


Now brethren, I do not know anyone today who could say to you, I certainly do not know that I could say to you, Come, I would like to give you my anointing. I mean, maybe the Lord could rise up and do it, but I do not know how to do that, I do not know how to give you what I have got. You see, I am giving you what I have got, you are all laboring with me here for years, you are getting what I have got, believe it or not, but it is taking years and years and years. I do not know how to give you what I have got in one active of the laying on of hands. I cannot do it, but apparently in these days, Isaac was a high priest, he was a spiritual giant. He had the ability to give his spiritual strength to his son before he passed out of this world. And that is what the blessing is all about.


The birthright is the male seed, the pseudo-male seed, the authority which Esau gave up, he gave up his spiritual male authority, if you recall, because he was famished, he was depleted, he was weak, and he gave up that spiritual male authority when he submitted to his brother Jacob. Brethren, when you submit to another man, when you submit to another spiritual man, you give up your spiritual headship. This is why one of the aspects of the training of the son of God, one of the essential most important aspects, is to learn to survive in this world, in the Church and outside of the Church without sacrificing your spiritual headship, and at the same time without sinning against your brother, who ignorantly is a messenger of Satan trying to bring down your spiritual headship.


It is an everyday aspect of my life, and I do not succeed 100% of the time. It is very hard for a believer, for someone in this ministry, for me to stumble over Satan rising in someone in this ministry because of the relationship that we have here, but when I go outside of this ministry especially in family gatherings where I cannot talk to people, I cannot correct them like I correct you, sometimes I get caught. I agree with something I should not agree with, I say something I should not say, that is what I mean by getting caught, and that moment, I sacrifice Christ in me, I sacrifice, I lay down my spiritual authority. But thank God, because of Jesus Christ, I can repent and my sin is covered, and I will keep getting chances until I get to the point that I do not do it anymore.


So Esau, he had the male authority, he had the pseudo-male seed, but he gave it up to Jacob, and now he was waiting to get the raw spiritual power, the ungoverned spiritual power from his father. Now look, I really believe that Isaac was deceived. I believe that Isaac had a full knowledge of Jehovah's plan, I believe that Isaac knew the responsibility that he had to deliver his spiritual power to the son who already had the virile seed, but Isaac was deceived. He saw the spiritual anointing on Esau, and he assumed, and Esau was the first physical born, and he misjudged, he thought that Esau had the authority which was in the resurrected Adam. And as I told you on the earlier message this morning that I believe that witchcraft was manifesting in Esau, that Isaac was under a seduction and it is the same situation that Adam was in when the Serpent killed him, and that same situation and that same seduction exist today with the sons of God who are trying to rise today.


We have trouble distinguishing between the resurrected Christ Jesus and the Serpent. And one of the biggest seductions and I have been subjected to it, is that, well I have learned my lesson now, obviously I can preach this message, but for a long time I would see a very spiritual person in the Church, and I would assume that they had authority in Christ Jesus, and I found out that I was wrong, that you do not give authority to people because they are spiritual, you give authority to people who are stable, who are faithful, who have, make righteous decisions, who are fair, and unbiased. Isaac made the same mistake, I made the same mistake years ago. The stability and faithfulness to Jesus Christ is the sign of the righteous seed, and that is who gets the authority, that is who gets the responsibility. And I have also found out that a lot of people in the Church, the ones who are most spiritual, frequently -- now I am not against spiritual people, I am a spiritual person. I came into the church prophesying on a level that no one else prophesied, I stood out like a sore thumb, but I will tell you in those days I was young and I was ignorant, and I was lifted up in pride, and I had all kinds of personality and character flaws that the Lord had not yet dealt with.


So because I was so spiritual and prophesying and very good at casting out demons, that did not qualify me for authority in the church. I needed to be under a righteous head. I believe that when you find someone that is spiritual, if you are in leadership and you find someone that is spiritual, you should let them be as spiritual as they can be. You should let them pray for the sick, you should let them cast out demons, you should let them prophesy, you should not hinder the anointing that is on them at all, but you as the leader are the righteous head watching to make sure that the character flaws of that person do not rise up and abuse that spiritual power. Isaac made a mistake, I am convinced of that, and the one Scripture that convinces me of that is, I do not have the verse off hand, but we will get to it eventually.


After Isaac gives the blessing to Jacob, and Esau comes in from the field and it is revealed that Isaac gave his blessing to Jacob instead of to Esau, Isaac, well it is even stronger in the Interlinear text than it is in the King James, it says that he is grief stricken. He is just mortified that he gave this blessing to Esau instead of Jacob. Yet when you read down in this chapter, you find out that you do not really hear much more about Esau, but that Isaac puts all of his attention on Jacob, and he says, My son, I want you to go and get a bride of your mothers's household, I want you to make sure that you marry the right woman and that your life is right, and there is no sign whatsoever of anger or displeasure towards Jacob. I remember reading this chapter in the past and say, Well, that is really wild, you know, Jacob goes in there and deceived his father, he made a fool out of his father, he stole his brother's birthright, he did all this wickedness and his father is acting like nothing is wrong.


Well, as I did this study on this chapter I believe that the great grief that Isaac expressed that he realized that it was not that he blessed the wrong person, the grief was not that he blessed Jacob instead of Esau, the grief was because he got a revelation of what he almost did. The Hebrew words indicate he was so upset he was trembling, because he realized how close he came to giving his spiritual strength to the son who would have used it to serve Satan. So it is basically that verse that convinces me, that verse plus the fact that there was no animosity whatsoever towards Jacob after the event was revealed. Those two facts convince me that Isaac was honest towards God, but deceived, well meaning towards God but deceived, but tricked, just like Adam was tricked just like Adam was tricked by Satan, because it was Satan who was Esau's anointing.


So does anybody here not understand the difference between the birthright and the blessing? We are go on, we will do, I do not have alternate translations for you, but it is a lot of work, and it is a very exciting revelation, and I felt the Lord told me not to work up the alternate translations out, that he wants this understanding out. Let me, well there are two more points I want to make before we go verse to verse.


This concept of eating, spiritual eating, what it is really talking about is two energy sources, one swallowing up the other energy source. Jesus says, You have to eat my flesh and drink my blood, and in the Book of Revelation He says, "If you are not hot or cold I am going to spue you out of my mouth." This concept of spiritual eating, it is not cannibalism, it is talking about spiritual union, that is what it is talking about. So when Isaac said to Esau, Bring me this venison and this savory meat that I love that I may eat it, what he was saying to him was, Bring yourself to me in a spiritual condition that I can join with you, that I can have spiritual intercourse with you. That is what he was saying to him, and that Hebrew word that is translated "love", it means out of all the definitions that were listed, more of the definitions applied to a joining than otherwise. It is that word love, it is not talking about an emotional love, it is talking about a union.


Now as I was studying this revelation, a Star Trek episode came to my mind. I will tell you once again that the Lord has used Star Trek to help me understand these spiritual principles, because there is to the best of my knowledge, this information about spiritual principles legitimately coming through the Scripture, is unavailable to the Church from any Christian source. As far as I know this ministry is the only ministry that is a public ministry that is publishing materials which are expressing the Scripture on a deep spiritual level, where the Scripture flows with the spiritual principles of this world. You see, this world is founded on spiritual principles. Now, the spirit of Satan can lay hold of it and use it for her own purposes, but also the Spirit of Christ can lay hold of it and use for His purposes.


The spiritual principles of this world are the spiritual principles of this world. It is the truth, it is the truth of our existence. The point is that Christians are not supposed to be ascending spiritually unless they have a leader who ascended somewhat in Christ Jesus. If you go without a leader, the chances of you ascending in the Serpent are like 99%. And of course, anyone that the Lord tries to raise up to be a leader in this area, Satan goes out to kill them immediately. I do not believe I am the first one after 2,000 years. I do not believe that, but I think everyone else was killed. They were either brought down by sex, money, or power. If you want to go on with this walk, you have to be absolutely sold out and consecrated to Jesus Christ, and those are the three areas that you will brought down. Any area where you are seeking to satisfy yourself emotionally, Satan will come right in and utterly kill you spiritually. Jesus Christ has to be your sole source of supply. And it is not even a question of being sold out, if you do not understand what I am talking about, you will be tricked. And I have had my share of being tricked. The testing may not even be over, but by the grace of God I am still here, and we are going on. I believe this knowledge was here in the beginning, 2,000 ago.


I believe it was in the apostles, it was completely wiped out. The second principle I wanted to talk to you about is the English word blessing. I think there are two different words translated blessing. But the Hebrew word blessing, when it comes to Esau's blessing, if you look that Hebrew word up in Gesenius' Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon, one of the legitimate translations of that word is reservoir. Now what does that have to do with blessing? Well, a reservoir is a large container usually made out of concrete that holds, for example, the city's water supply. So this spiritual reservoir is talking about a reserve of spiritual energy which is beyond the individual.


You see, we are are all given a measure, we come into this world with a measure of spiritual strength, with a measure of energy, and its usually enough to keep us alive for a typical lifetime. But to be someone who wields spiritual in this world, we need to tap into a source of energy which is beyond our self. It is in the union of the resurrected Christ Jesus in us, with the glorified Jesus Christ, that we will be catapulted to supernatural men. We need a source of energy outside of ourself. And in the Serpent's world, the people who are active in witchcraft, even the people who are born with a strong heritage of energy, they have the right of the firstborn, there is a company of people in this earth who are members of this company, that have inherited this birthright, they are born with spiritual authority. I can tell when I am around such people. Just recently I have been able to perceive it. But to be a mighty man in the earth even in Satan's kingdom, if you are born with your cup filled up with spiritual energy, you will not be a mighty man. You have to tap into a source of energy outside of yourself to really be a supernatural man.


Esau was a powerful man, but he was about to receive his father's portion, and he would have catapulted probably into immorality, if not that, very, very high. So this word blessing, this particular word blessing that is used with regard to Isaac, when Esau said, "Jacob stole my blessing," one of the translations of that word is reservoir, clearly indicating that the blessing, or at least when this word is used, is the energy source outside of oneself, is the energy source that will catapult oneself into the supernatural life. We have supernatural power in the Church. Everybody here has supernatural power, you have a measure of it. You pray for people and they get helped. You cast out demons, everyone here has cast out demons at one time or another, everyone here has prayed for someone and seen them healed at one time or another. We are not without spiritual power here, but we are limited. We are a spiritual cup, and no matter, even if our cup is completely filled up, we are still mortal men.


We become spiritual men when the spiritual power that we have accesses a source beyond our self. So Esau's blessing was his father's spiritual power, and I was relating this to Star Trek. Well the Lord brought this memory of a particular Star Trek episode to me. Actually, it was not an episode, I think it was a full-length motion picture. I think it is even called Spock's Brain. Mr. Spock knew -- and he is the super-spiritual person on Star Trek, he knew that he was dying, and he did not want his spiritual essence to seep out into the earth. So with, another character was Dr. McCoy, if you recall, without Dr. McCoy's permission, without Dr. McCoy's knowledge, Mr. Spock laid hold or laid hands on Dr. McCoy and transferred his spiritual essence into Dr. McCoy, and Spock died. Shortly after Spock's death, Dr. McCoy started acting very strangely and exhibiting signs of mental illness. Well to make the story short Mr. Spock's body was cast on some planet called Genesis where his physical body was being regenerated, and apparently Mr. Spock, having the hope of having his physical body regenerated, had deposited his spiritual substance in Dr. McCoy, and when this knowledge was revealed, the whole Star Trek story was getting Mr. Spock's body and getting Mr. McCoy and transferring Mr. Spock's essence back into Mr. Spock.


Now it sounds like an absolutely way-out story, I never even took it seriously. I thought it was just science fiction. And here I am doing this spiritual study and I am telling you the Lord knocked me on my tail spiritually. The anointing was so intense, I had to go to bed twice. It just knocked me out. And here I see the Lord showing me that Isaac, this spiritual giant of his time, had the spiritual authority to deposit his spiritual essence into his son. You see, I do not know how to do that. As far as I know, if I were to die right here on this spot, the only that would left of me would be my books and my messages, and whatever of me is in you. As far as I know, I have no way of taking this anointing in me and transferring into you, that you should wake up tomorrow morning and be sitting here preaching like I am preaching. I do not know how to do it. But I believe the Scripture is saying that in the Bible days, in the days of Isaac, he was so high that he had the authority to do this.


Now let me remind you that we did a study on Abraham and Isaac, on the supposed sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham. The King James translation tells us that Abraham was about to physically slaughter his son as a sacrifice to Jehovah. So when you know the truth it is real abomination to think that way, but yet we all believed it for years. And we looked up every word, we have a series of messages on that study. We found out that was not what happened at all. The carnal mind of the King James translators, they had no idea of the spiritual truth behind this Scripture at all, and that is the translation that came out. But in that study we found out that both Abraham and Isaac ascended to a very high place, that Elohim was dealing directly, and Isaac ascended because of Abraham. They ascended into the brow center. Isaac was a supernatural giant.


As of this point in my studies, I have no reason to believe that Isaac descended from the brow center. I believe Isaac was a supernatural man. Well, then again, he was deceived so maybe he did come down somewhat, I do not know. But I believe that Isaac having ascended into the brow center, even if he did not stay there, let us say that he got up to the brow center and he drank from that fountain and then descended back down again to the sixth center, let us say, where he became a mortal man. He was a supernatural giant of a mortal man just having had that experience. A residue of that experience has to remain on you. When the Godhead, it was Elohim in that case, or Michael, but the Scripture says Elohim, when Elohim touches you like that you are changed forever.


So they were both caught up to a very high place and maybe you do not stay there, but when you come down you do not come down as low as you were before you ascended. Isaac was a supernatural giant. He was a spiritual supernatural man, yet apparently capable of being deceived. And he had the ability to impart his spiritual substance before he died. And he was fully aware of his responsibility, he knew the whole story, that Satan who was the queen of this earth, Mother earth, that she lusted to possess the inheritance as well as the water. She lusted to possess the seed as well as the water in a relationship where the righteous seed was subservient to her waters. Now when Isaac found out that he almost gave his measure of energy to the son who would have given it over to the Serpent, he trembled, he was so upset.


Let us try and take a look at some of these Scriptures, Genesis 27. There is one more point I want to make. It seems to me, at least at this point, that Isaac in this deception was in full agreement with Esau's spiritual activities. I do not know what those spiritual activities were, but I do know this: I know that there is witchcraft in the Church, I know that there are people who cast out demons and heal one day, and walk out of the pulpit and are cursing with their mind and their mouth the next day. Either they do not know it or they cannot help themselves. I believe that Isaac was in agreement with Esau's spiritual activities, but I also think he was deceived. He saw that spirituality on Esau and he thought that this spirituality was the mark, that this was where the righteous seed was. He could not see it in Jacob.


And I tell you, I have learned this lesson the hard way. I have met, well this was years ago, I knew a man who was very high in witchcraft and I was with him one day, and this incredibly anointing fell and I started to get deliverance. Now this man was an unrighteous man, and it blew my mind and I did not understand it, so I sort of just let it lay. This was at least five years ago, and the Lord just now has given me the understanding. I recently met another person who is very high in witchcraft, this person has turned towards the Lord. As far as I know it is genuine change, and just being in their presence my eyes start to tear, I start to get deliverance. I feel the anointing, it is all over me. And it was this whole revelation about Jacob and Esau, as in response to my questioning the Lord about this kind of an anointing being on somebody who has just converted from witchcraft,who barely knows the Scripture, does not know anything. And when I came into that person's presence I happened to have a spiritual problem that day that I could not, I was under an attack, there was spear in my heart, I was in emotional pain for a week and I had not been able to break it, and when I walked out of that person's presence, it was broken. And I wanted to know what this was all about, I wanted to know if I was healed by witchcraft!


And this is what the Lord said to me, He said, Sheila, when you come under these attacks like that and everybody prays for you and there is still no relief, He said, what you need is the equivalent of a blood transfusion. And he said, If I want to do it I could bring you to anybody in this world that I want, not that I am going to do it, but I could bring you to a Satanic practitioner if I wanted to. I am the living God, everything in this earth is Mine, I can dip into their cup, I can scoop out enough energy, which would be a spiritual blood transfusion for you, and give it to you if I want to without damaging you or subjecting you to witchcraft.


If I want to do it, I cannot do it. I cannot rise up one morning and say, I have a problem and I am going back to the person and get a dose of her spiritual power, I will be guilty of spiritual adultery, idolatry, and I would be bringing witchcraft into my spiritual being, but the Lord Jesus can do it. And that is what He told me, and after that explanation this whole revelation came forth. He can take spiritual energy from anybody's cup that He wants to, and He can give it to whoever he wants to when He wants to, but we cannot do it.


Let me just finish off this point. Brethren, you cannot try the spirit on somebody by looking for the anointing. There is a large measure of the Church today that is following after a wrong spirit because it does miracles, it speaks in tongues, it cast out demons, it heals the sick, it heals drug addicts, and it is Satan in the Church. So what do you say to people who come to you, that you try to tell them (well, we should not be trying to tell anybody unless the Lord raises it up, but this is hypothetical), what do you tell these people who say to you, How can you persecute this revival, look at all the miracles happening, look at all the good that is being done, look at all the crying because of the healings that they have received. My answer to you is, Satan does all these things. Show me the righteous seed.


Now the righteous seed is very hard to see. The miracles are easy to see, the healings are easy to see, the deliverances are easy to see, the people who do not take drugs anymore, that is easy to see; how do you see a righteous seed? You have to be able to recognize it, and you will not recognize it unless you have it. So if you are looking for authority in the Church, you should not be looking for miracle-working power. You look for a righteous lifestyle and a heart that defends the innocent and a heart and a mind that chooses the righteous side no matter what price has to be paid. And sometimes the people that the Lord is raising up could be in periods of severe trial where maybe their lifestyle is not as righteous as it should be. The key, the seed, the very foundation that you are looking for is a heart and a mind that chooses righteousness whenever it can, in every issue. It is hard to see.


If you do not know what righteousness is, how can you recognize someone who chooses righteousness in every context? You yourself have to be able to recognize the righteous side of every conflict before you can recognize the righteous seed in somebody else. That is scary. But I will tell you, whether you could recognize righteousness or not, you have an advocate in heaven, you can always say to the Lord Jesus, Is that your righteous seed? And He will answer you. No matter how ignorant you are, no matter how unschooled you are, no matter how unpracticed you are, you always have the opportunity to say, Lord Jesus, is that You in that man? So there is no excuse for making a mistake, because if you ask the Lord Jesus with an open heart that really will receive an answer, if you do not have any private motive for wanting the answer to be one way or the other, He will help you and He will get you away from every false teacher and from every dangerous and destructive relationship that you are in.


Now depending on the speed that you are responding in, you may have to go around the mountain a couple of times, but if you are heart is open to the Lord and you want Him to guide you every step of the way, and you want Him to show you your errors and your missteps you will make it. We see at the end of Genesis 26:34-35, that Esau married a woman named Judith, a Hittite. He married a non-Jew.


And Verse 35 says, "Which were a grief of mind unto Isaac and Rebekah." Nothing is said here about Jacob, but I think it is a reasonable conclusion to draw that Jacob did not agree to this marriage, there was a knowledge that the spiritual seed could not be mixed. The foundation of the carnal law, about the Hebrew carnal law, about not mixing your seed, not marrying a non-Jew, the whole foundation of it is that the Jewish nation had the responsibility of keeping Jehovah's virile seed within Israel until Messiah manifested, or until Shiloh comes, as the Old Testament would say.


So for a Hebrew man, I do not think they were called Jews in those days, I do not know if they were called Hebrews in those days. For a Hebrew man to marry a non-Jewish woman, it was a very serious crime, it was giving away the spiritual seed of Jehovah. It was an irresponsibility and a lack of commitment to the responsibility that Jehovah had deposited in Abraham and Abraham's descendants. I believe that Esau knew that, but I think he was a wild man. He was a man with high spiritual power, but lacking the righteous seed, he lacked the righteous seed. So when you lack the righteous seed, the answer for you is to be under the authority of the righteous seed.


And we see that both Isaac and Rebekah married a Hittite woman. So he was rebellious. He was a wild man with spiritual power. That is like giving a child a loaded gun. Apparently Jacob could not sustain the authority over him, that he did accomplish at the time that Esau submitted to him because the Scriptures say that he was famished, or weak, or his energy was depleted. Jacob exercised the authority over him when Esau was weak, but as soon as Esau regained his strength, apparently Jacob could not maintain his authority over him.


And I think this lines up with what I tell you all the time. We know that Jacob was a mortal man, I am a mortal man, I am not a supernatural man, I can do a lot for people in the condition that I am in if you submit to me. I can do a lot for you, I can really help you. It is a combination of spiritual power, wisdom, counseling, the doctrine of Christ, I know that I can help you, there is not a doubt in my mind. If you are willing to make a commitment to me, I cannot help you by laying hands on you, you have to make a commitment to me, and sit under what the anointing that is being poured on me and I can help change your life. But I have no anointing to help anybody that is in rebellion to me. I cannot go after you, that is the job of the Lord Jesus, I do not do that.


So this is probably what happened to Jacob and Esau. Jacob helped Esau as long as Esau stayed in submission to him, but Esau departed and went into rebellion, and there is not a word spoken about Jacob, he could not go after him. And I think this Verse 35, that says that Isaac and Rebekah had a grief of mind when Esau did this, this is another witness that Isaac really did desire to serve Jehovah and was taking seriously his responsibility to preserve Jehovah's spiritual seed. To me this is another witness that he was seduced, he made a poor judgment, he was deceived into believing that spirituality was equal to righteousness, and spirituality is not equal to righteousness, especially in this fallen world.


We see more manifestations of spiritual power without righteousness, as far as I am concerned, than manifestations of spiritual power with righteousness. But again, as far as Isaac was concerned, we see that he was committed enough to Jehovah to have a grief of mind that Esau married a Hittite, but apparently it still did not penetrate him that this could not be the son who was carrying the righteous seed. Isaac was blinded by the spirituality on the man. It did not occur to him that if the righteous seed was in this son he could never marry a Hittite. This is a major, major, major lesson, a major point if you hope to go on in God. You do not judge people by their spirituality and conversely brethren, for somebody, now once you hear this message, you are responsible for what I am telling you. I have preached this this morning, you have been listening to me on this principle for hours, OK, for anyone of you to open your mouth to me and say, I cannot do anything or did it because I am not spiritual, I am going to rebuke you to your face, because everybody here has a righteous seed. So I do not want to hear this out of you that you are not spiritual, that is just pride talking.


You cannot sit under a ministry for eight years and not have any responsibility to God for what you have learned. You have a responsibility, and that responsibility has nothing to do with your spirituality. It is nice being spiritual, I like being spiritual, I love spiritual experiences, that is the icing on the cake. A knowledge of this doctrine alone gives you responsibility. I was amazed to find out how few people even know how to pray. Do you know, if you know how to pray, you have a responsibility? Because I was amazed at how many people do not know how to pray. When I use to read in the New Testament, in John, Chapter 17, I think it was John 17, the disciples said, Lord, teach us how to pray. My first response was very arrogant. Well now is not that ridiculous, who does not know how to pray? Well, do you know what to pray in a particular crisis situation?


Do you know how to pray that will get your prayer answered? You have to pray in a certain prescribed way to get your prayer answered, not in a religious bondage, but you have to know how to approach the Lord Jesus. And once you learn it, you better believe that you are supposed to be available for the Lord Jesus to dip into your cup for other people who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ but do not know how to pray. Or other people who do not even have faith in Jesus Christ, but have a mother or an aunt or a grandmother on their knees day and night praying for them. You are on duty every second of your life. You are like a police officer. You could be in the supermarket, you could be paying the sewer bill, you could be anywhere, you can be anywhere and Lord Jesus could want to dip into your cup to help somebody that you never saw before and you probably will never see again, and if your pride is so thick that you are blinded to the call, you are guilty of pride.


Chapter 27, Verse 1, "And it came to pass that when Isaac was old and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see he called Esau, his eldest son, and said to him, My son: and he said unto him, Behold, here I am."


Now I looked up these words in the Interlinear text, and I am of the opinion that he really was not physically, he really was not going physically blind, that this was talking about spiritual discernment. You see, the physical condition of our body affects our gifts. When we are sick our spirituality is affected, and as we get old and weaker our spirituality is affected. I believe that this Scripture means that Isaac's discernment was not what it used to be, because of physical debility, because apparently he had this great reservoir of energy that he was going to impart to Esau.


Verse 2, "And he said, Behold, now I am old, I know not the day of my death..." Well I guess that could make sense, but as I looked at the Interlinear text, that is not what the Lord was showing me. I felt to interpret that word "not" to the Serpent, and to translate the whole verse. "I am old and the Serpent knows that I am about to die." Well what does that mean? Well it could mean two things, OK, it could have meant that the Serpent would like to kill Isaac without him depositing his spiritual heritage, that the Serpent would like to kill him suddenly and if he died without transferring his spiritual heritage, all of that energy would just seep out; I do not know exactly what would happen to it, but all of that energy would just be scattered, and it would be lost to the descendants of Abraham. And it also could mean that Isaac was saying, My discernment is not what it used to be and I want to give you my reservoir of energy before I am seduced into making a mistake, not realizing, Isaac not realizing that he was already seduced into choosing the wrong son.


Verse 3, "Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field and take me some venison." The word "venison", let me read you my comment. Isaac was saying to Esau, Go back to your old ways, use your spiritual power to get me some energy from outside of myself so I will not die yet. That is Verse 4, I got a little ahead of myself. I think Isaac was saying to Esau, I do not want to die yet and perhaps, in this transference of energy, in this spiritual joining that has to take place for me to impart my energy to you, this spiritual intercourse that has to take place, perhaps as I do, as I execute my responsibility and discharge my reservoir of energy into you, that brief mixing of energy will give me a few more days or a few more years. Do you hear that? There was about to be a spiritual, an act of spiritual intercourse where Isaac and Esau would, it is just like Spock's mind, meld, I mean it is right out of Star Trek.


There was going to be a spiritual sexual union, where Isaac's spiritual being would join with Esau's spiritual being and there would a mixing of the energies and Esau would walk away with everything that Isaac had, and perhaps in that mixing Isaac would get a shot that would keep him alive a little longer as a side benefit. Brethren, you know, we mix energies all the time. Those of you who sit under me, we have spiritual sexual intercourse, or communion, that is what communion is, we have every time you sit under me and you listen with an open mind. There is a mixing of our spiritual being. I think that if our spiritual vision were to be open, we would see that mixing of the spiritual substance of all of us, and how do you think that it would appear? I believe that it would appear as a big cloud sitting over this room. I believe that this is what communion is, that our spiritual substance vibrates forth from our body, and it all meets.


The spiritual substance of all of us meets right here in this room and mixes and you get what I have, and I get what you have, and everything that you have that I get that is not God, I cast it out. That is how I cover you. That is how I cover you. That is why I hear you thoughts. If there is wrong thinking, very frequently, I most likely would know about it. That is how I cover you. I say it will not go any further. There is a mixing of our spiritual substance. I will not let you pollute me and I will deliver you with my strength. That is what happens here, it is spiritual intercourse. This is what the New Testament means when it says, Do not eat with those people, people who have a false Jesus, or I am not exactly sure what the Scripture says. You can fellowship with people, you can work with people, you can have relatives that have, that believe in any kind of bazaar religion, the Lord does not require you to not go to family functions. What he is saying is, Do not open yourself to their spirit. Do not eat with them, do not have spiritual intercourse with them, do not allow this mixing of your spirits because it will pollute you.


Now I do not know why I do not have any notes on this verse three but I do not, so I am just going to tell you what I remember, that these Hebrew words for weapon, quiver, and bow, it is talking about spiritual weapons. "And go out into the field and get me some venison..." and the word venison, the Hebrew word "venison" means meat. And it is referring back to Esau being a hunter of men. Now I believe that it is talking about energy. I do not understand this completely, I am being honest with you. I believe that Isaac was saying to Esau, Become as spiritual as you can, rise as high as you can spiritually, and come with me, come with spiritual power, come and ascended as high as you are capable of ascending. Now why he needed spiritual weapons to do that, I do not know, but it sounds good. Unless the Lord gives me a deeper revelation on this, it seems to me that Isaac was in agreement with what Esau was doing, with Esau's illegal spiritual activities, that is what it sounds like to me, but I have to leave it at that.


Verse 4, "And make me savory meat ,such as I love, and bring it to me that I may eat, that my soul may bless thee before I die."


Verse 4 I have spelled out for you here. The word "savory" means seasoned meat, and I got a very strong impression when I studied this word of our study in John, Chapter 21, our study about Leviathan and the salting of Leviathan. We found out in that study of John, Chapter 21, that once the Lord Jesus enters into our life and gives us the spiritual power that we need, the Lord Jesus binds Leviathan and we go a fishing, OK. In that Scripture, Peter says, I go a fishing. It sounds in the King James translation, that after Jesus died Peter gave up and went back to being a fishermen, but we found out that this is not what it means. Peter went out fishing for Leviathan in his own spiritual person.


See, we have a sea within us, Satan the sea is within us and Leviathan is the Serpent that swims in the sea. All of this goes on within us, and Peter went out to catch Leviathan and cook Leviathan and preserve Leviathan with salt. And of course the salt, the preservative is Christ Jesus. And that is the image that I got in my mind when I read about this savory meat. So Isaac was saying to Esau, Bring me this spiritual meat. I do not believe it was physical meat. Bring me, preserved spiritual power, bring me salted Leviathan, or bring me salted meat, bring preserved spiritual power. That is what he is saying, Bring me your reserve of spiritual power. That is my understanding of this Scripture right now.


"Such as I love..." And that word "love" means, such as I enjoy being joined to. It is pleasurable, I will tell you as a spiritual person, it is pleasurable to me to be around people who are spiritual, but it is not always good for me. Can you hear that? There is a seduction on spirituality. There is a seduction on spirituality. The Lord just started teaching me about this since my experience last week, so I do not know much about it, but it is a strong draw. People that are spiritual have a strong pull on me. I am waiting to see what else the Lord will teach me about this, but I know that I must resist this pull, because our life is supposed to be controlled by the Lord Jesus Christ, not by a spirit that is drawing me, and is not that the very words in Song of Solomon, Chapter 5, "Draw me, and I will follow"? We are not supposed to be following after the spirit like a pied piper; that is the mistake that the woman in Song of Solomon made. We are not supposed to be following after the spirit like the pied piper. We are not supposed to be following after the one that is playing his flute. We are supposed to be controlled by the Lord Jesus Christ, who is mind. He is mind! He is not seducing spirit, if you can hear this.


We have to learn all of this so that we can distinguish between the carnal mind and Christ Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ does not instruct you or draw you to do something with a spiritual seduction. He teaches you, He talks to you, He is our mental plane. He is instruction, He is education, He is knowledge, He is wisdom. He is not drawing you in your emotions. Now if you cannot recognize the spirit drawing you, you need to pray about that. If you meet someone spiritual and they have no effect on you, well that is a problem in itself because you are hard and not spiritual, but if you are being drawn by someone that is spiritual, and you do not even know it, that is a serious problem and you could get into trouble. Jesus is mind, He does not draw you with seduction in your emotions. And that seduction can be very strong. I do not know how to explain it to you.


See, I am getting more and more spiritual everyday and I am telling you it is very strong, it is like literally being pulled. We have to learn how to live out of our mind and not out of our emotions or we will never stand. At this point I am convinced that the Lord does not want us to have any activity in the astral plane. You may recall me telling you over these last couple of years, that I was even confused, I did not know what was required of me in the astral plane. Did I want my spiritual sight to be opened, did I want my etheric sight to be opened, did I want my astral sight to open? I could not get the answer, but I believe that I have the answer. I do not want my astral sight to open. The Lord, He is not in the astral plane, and He is not in the etheric plane, He is in the mental plane. And the astral plane and the etheric plane is Satan's territory. We have to pass through it. Our consciousness, when it ascends, has to pass through the etheric plane and the astral plane to get to the mental plane, but we are not to engage in any activity in these planes, and do not want to see anything in these planes that the Lord does not show me. They are illegal planes.


We are on Verse 4, we did savory meat, "such as I love", that is what he is talking about when he says such as I love. Isaac was in his emotions. He felt good. It feels good to be around spiritual people, if you can perceive it. I am telling you, when I am around spiritual people I feel good, but it is not the Lord satisfying me. Now it is OK to be around spiritual people if the Lord brings you in contact with them. We are not supposed to have any spiritual relationships that the Lord Jesus Christ has not established for us, and he has to order the steps of that relationship every step of the way. The fact that you feel good when you are around somebody does not mean that you are supposed to be around them. Now, that may sound shocking, because I hear a lot of Christians say, Well, I have a peace about that, I am around that person and I feel good, it must be God. No, it may be God, but it may not be God. There is only one way that you are going to know that it is God, and that is if you ask the Lord, Is that You drawing me to that person? And if it is not you drawing me to that person, may this connection break right now.


Jesus Christ is mind, you cannot go by your emotions. You cannot be saying, I have a peace about it. Satan can give you a peace. I tell you the truth. So this is what the Scripture means when Isaac said, "That which my soul loveth." It feels good to be around spiritual people, but it is a seduction. Unless of course, if it is Christ in you and Christ in them. If it is Christ in you and Christ in them, it is OK.


"Bring me the seasoned meat that I love." "Bring me the preserved spiritual power that makes me feel good." Brethren, there is nothing wrong with going to a Pentecostal church, where you are jumping and dancing and singing and clapping and feeling wonderful, there is nothing wrong with it if Jesus has sent you there. If that is where you are assigned to, if that is where you are in your spiritual growth, there is nothing wrong with it, it feels good. I spent five years in a rip-roaring Pentecostal church. I danced in the spirit, I jumped, I yelled, I sang, I screamed, I banged my tambourine, and then I grew up and the Lord moved me out of it. It feels good, but it is not your spirit that feels good, it is your soul or your personality, your emotions that feel good. That kind of a rip-roaring Pentecostal church is for people who are still living in their carnal mind.


I am not against anybody, I am not insulting anybody, you have to know the truth, it is a low spiritual grade. It is the beginning lessons of how to be spiritual in Christ. When you are still in your carnal mind, the Lord brings you in and He soothes your soul, He soothes your emotions, He soothes your personality as you receive instruction, as you hear the word preached to you, as you learn how to pray, as you learn how to lay hands and heal, as you learn how to cast out demons. That was a wonderful five years, that was a wonderful five years of my life, it was fun. And when the Lord pulled me out of it, oh, it was painful. Just the silence and the deep study and the seriousness of the ministry that he brought me into, my soul hurt from this light bread, but I stayed with the Lord and eventually He matured me to the place where this deep word that I am bringing forth is preferable to me than the jumping and the dancing and the singing. Why? Because I am not living out my emotions anymore, but the Lord has developed my spirituality in the mind of Christ. And if I had to choose between a rip0roaring service, which was my whole life for five years, or having a deep study like this, I would choose the deep study, because I have changed, I have grown up.


When you start to ascend, and the Lord has you in a church where the mind of Christ in being developed in you, where your mental body is being developed in you, you should know that any draw towards something that will stimulate your emotions should be questioned. Am I telling you that you could never go to a Pentecostal service again? Of course not, I go from time to time, but you should ask the Lord if that is what He wants for you, because the good feelings that you have in a Pentecostal service could be drawing you away from the instruction that the Lord wants you to have.


We work very hard at these meetings. Not very many people could tolerate what you all put up with, just hours and hours and hours of study and deep teaching. We have some beautiful music at the beginning of the service, but it is small in time compared to the hours that you put in for these studies, and then you listen to messages when you go home. You know, you people put in as many hours and a college student. This is hard work, but if this is what the Lord has called you to, you do not want to be seduced into another kind of service, because you are now in this hard ministry where your soul is not being stimulated. You have to understand this. I myself was in rebellion. I was in rebellion for a couple of years. Oh I missed that music, I missed that jumping, I missed that dancing, and I was even angry for while that I lost it cause the Lord pulled me out of that church, I did not want to go. But we have to grow up, brethren. And once you come to this place where you are being exercised in your mental plane, when the mind of Christ is being exercised in the mental plane, this is the time when you have to question every draw to do anything that will stimulate your feelings, that will make you feel good.


And I am not telling you not to do this stuff, you have to ask the Lord if this is where He wants you, and if this is where He wants you at this time, and once you are in this mental training, you are supposed to be asking the Lord everything, you are not supposed to be doing anything. You are not supposed to be doing anything without asking the Lord if it is OK, other than the activities of your normal life. You do not ask the Lord if you should cook dinner, or if you should eat, but any activity that you are invited to, other than something -- if there is a wedding in the family, well, I do not think you have to ask the Lord if you are going to your niece's wedding, but if you are invited anywhere, to any kind of an activity, you should ask the Lord if He wants you to go, because this mind of Christ that is developing in you is vulnerable.


You see, when the mind of Christ is not being developed in you, when you have the Holy Spirit but you are still in your carnal mind, there is nothing in you to kill, but once the mind of Christ is being developed in you, you now are carrying the manchild and Satan is out there trying to kill him. So your whole life changes as soon as you get pregnant, if you can hear what I am saying.


"Isaac said to Esau, Get me some energy from outside of myself so that I will not die yet." Seasoned meat reminds me of Leviathan being cooked and made into a condiment. I thing this term signifies the opposite of cooking Leviathan, maybe it is cooking Christ, I do not really know. I think it means spiced or salty foods that will preserve the flesh. It is talking about preserving the flesh. "Isaac said to Esau, Go out and get me enough energy to preserve this flesh." And Verse 5 says, "And Rebekah heard when Isaac spake to Esau his son..." Well, let me say something more about Verse 4, I have really prayed about this for a couple of days now, and these couple of verses at the beginning, they really make Isaac look bad. I cannot see it in any other way other than he was calling for Esau to use his witchcraft power to help him live a little longer. But the word in my heart, and again, I cannot show this to you from the Hebrew language, but what I feel the Lord is telling me now is that Isaac was under a seduction from Esau, who wanted his spiritual power.


Now remember, Esau is a reprobate man. We saw that he had gone to Jacob and said, Give me of your energy, and Jacob said, No. Jacob stood in righteousness against him and said no, so now Esau is going to his father and saying, Give me of your energy, and the seduction in Esau was not discerned in Isaac. Now brethren, I have experienced other people putting thoughts in my mind. This is what I am hearing in the spirit right now, I cannot prove it to you by the Hebrew language, that Isaac was under Esau's seduction when he even called Esau to come and join with him. Praise the Lord.

Verse 5, "And Rebekah heard when Isaac spake to Esau his son, and Esau went to the field to hunt for venison and to bring it." Well, I do not know about you, but for years I thought that Rebekah was in the next room and she heard what was said, but I know longer believe that and I have gone forward a few verses ahead of this. I believe that Rebekah was a prophet, I believe she had a face to face relationship with Jehovah, and I believe that she heard what Isaac said in the spirit. I will tell you something brethren, if you are really sold out to Jesus Christ, and you are making an honest mistake and you are under seduction or you are being tricked in a way that if you are really could see what was going on you would never agree to doing it, but you are under a witchcraft seduction, Jesus Christ will raise up a prophet or prophets to help you. I believe this is what happened.


Rebekah heard in the spirit, she heard the seduction of her husband, and it must have broken her heart that her own son was seducing his own father, but her service was first and foremost to the Lord Jehovah. She had a revelation of how important it was that Jehovah's virile seed should be preserved, and that Esau was about to seduce Isaac to give over Isaac's reservoir that would topple the virile seed in the household. It would have toppled Jacob. If Esau got that extra measure of energy from Isaac, he would have been powerful enough to topple Jacob, and that I will be able to show you in the Hebrew Scripture.


Verse 6, "And Rebekah spake unto Jacob her son saying, Behold, I heard thy father speak unto thy brother saying, Bring me venison and make me savory meat, that I may eat and bless thee before the Lord before my death." Now, that is not at all what she heard, OK. We go back to Verse 3, "Isaac said, Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver, and thy bow, and go out to the field and take me some venison and make me savory meat, such as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat, that my soul may bless you before I die." I do not see Jehovah anywhere in there. Does anyone see Jehovah anywhere in there? No, so when Rebekah repeated what she heard, she said something different.


I want to suggest to you, well what she said, what is written down here in Verse 7 may be what she heard, because when you see our Alternate Translation in Verse 7, you will see that it was revealed to Rebekah that Isaac was going to do evil.


Alternate Translation, Verse 7, "Bring me meat that will preserve me, that I may eat it, and cause to kneel down the personality of the Lord before my death." Who is the personality of the Lord? The personality that was carrying Jehovah's virile seed was Jacob. What Rebekah heard was Esau's evil thought. Esau's thought being processed through Isaac. He wanted to defeat Jacob. Esau wanted to break Jacob's righteous yoke off of him. Esau had sold his birthright to Jacob, he put himself voluntarily under Jacob's authority. When Esau agreed to do that, something spiritual happened, and he went under Jacob's authority, and even though he was strong enough to marry this Hittite woman, which I am sure Jacob did not agree to, he still was in bondage to Jacob, and he wanted that extra measure of spiritual power from his father to break off Jacob's yoke. You will see when we get to it that when Isaac prays over Esau, he talks about breaking his brother's yoke off of him, if you recall that Scripture, Esau is in complete rebellion.


So, let us take a look at the work up on Verse 7, it is on page 4 of your notes. "Bring me venison and make me savory meat", and the savory meat is talking about preservation. "Make me meat, bring me energy that will preserve me that I may eat, and this word "bless", Strong's #1288, it is not the word that means reservoir, but it is a word that means to kneel down, "that I may eat of his energy, and cause to kneel down the personality..." -- that is a translation of the Hebrew word "before", it really means face or that part that is up front. We have been dealing with that word for a long time, we have translated personality a lot.


"To kneel down, the personality of the Lord, of Jehovah before my death." We see that word, Strong's #6440, it appears twice and in the King James translation, it is translated before both times. "...that I may eat and bless thee before the Lord, before my death." So we are going to translate that word personality one of the times, "make me preserved energy, bring me energy that is going to preserve me so that I may cause to kneel down Jehovah's personality Jacob before I die", Esau's evil intention.


Now to be honest with you, as I have told you earlier, I did not go into intense detail in the Hebrew with this study, and the Lord has just given me this revelation now as I preach it to you, which makes me wonder if the Interlinear text in Verse 6 really shows that it was Isaac saying that. It sounds to me like it is Esau saying it in Verse 7. I really want to take a break and go check that out in the Interlinear text.


I checked the Interlinear text in Verse 6, and according to that, it is Isaac saying that, so I have to go along with this concept that Isaac is under a seduction, that Esau is speaking right through him. Now the phrase, "...and I heard thy father speak unto Esau thy brother..." The Interlinear text reveals that what Rebekah heard was Isaac's speech as opposed to language. It is very clear from that word that she heard in the spirit, that she did not hear any physical voice, and it seems to me that there is mind control working here, and that Esau has Isaac under a seduction and is literally thinking through him. As you become more and more spiritual, other people's thoughts will appear in your mind.


Verse 8, King James, "Now therefore my son, obey my voice, according to that which I command thee." Now that is interesting. "Now therefore my son, obey my voice..." Is not that a strange thing to say, not obey me, but obey my voice? And I am looking at the Interlinear text now, Verse 8. We will see this same expression with the voice, or my voice with regard to Rebekah a few verses further up, and I want to suggest to you that the voice that being spoken about here is the spiritual voice that is speaking through the person. In Isaac's case it was Satan speaking right through Isaac, actually it was Esau's mind speaking right through Isaac saying, "Obey the voice, obey the voice." And when it comes to Rebekah, it was Jehovah's voice, she is saying to Jacob, "Obey the voice, obey the voice of the spirit, obey the voice of the spirit."


In Verse 8, "Now therefore my son, obey my voice, according to that which I command thee", but it does not say "my" in the Hebrew text, it says, "obey voice", that is what it says, "according to that which I command thee." And with regard to the word "voice" there is a prefix, we have not dealt with prefixes in a long time, but today we are dealing with a prefix again, a Hebrew letter, which is a prefix to the word that means voice, and it is the prefix "beth" which means the household of, "obey the household of the voice. He is talking about the Serpent's voice. This Hebrew word does not mean language, it is talking about spiritual communication.


But we see in Verse 7 what Rebekah says, as compared to Verses 3 and 4, as to what Isaac says, we see that Rebekah has heard the truth of the motive. See, I have spoken many times about how, when we become spiritual, we frequently hear people speaking language that say one thing, but our discernment of what is in their heart is completely different, and when that happens as sons of God, we must choose to believe what is in their heart. Of course, we must run it past the Lord and say, "Lord, am I hearing correctly?" But we hear, in Verses 3 and 4, Isaac saying one thing, but in Verse 7, we hear Rebekah hearing something else, and we have every reason to believe, from the way that the Interlinear text looks, that Verses 3 and 4 are talking about Isaac speaking a language that he really said this to Esau, but what Rebekah heard was the intents of Isaac's heart. And it was Esau's mind overshadowing Isaac's heart, and he was saying, "I want to bring down Jacob, who has placed this yoke on me." And Jacob could have never placed that yoke on him if he did not submit to it, he submitted to it because at the time he had no choice, we are talking about Esau now. But his strength is recovered and he wants to Jacob's righteous yoke off of him, and he is going to do it through his father.


Verse 9, "Go now to the flock and fetch me from thence two good kids of the goats, and I will make them savory meat for thy father, such as he loveth." And this is Rebekah talking to Jacob, Verse 9. Now please note that Rebekah has sent Jacob to the flock, Isaac has sent Esau to go out hunting in the field as opposed to getting two male kids from the flock. The only thing I can tell you about this -- well, let me tell you something else first and we will go back to that. "Go now to the flock...", and this word "fetch" can be translated "snatch" which implies violently or forcibly take, "take me from thence, the second, I am going to translate that word "two" the second, and Abel is the second born.


Now we are talking about spiritual principles, it is Cain manifesting in Esau, and it is Abel manifesting in Jacob, and we have been told that Esau has the rights of the firstborn. Esau not only had the rights of being physically firstborn, but he had the rights of the first spiritual born. Esau had the rights of Cain, the spiritual power of this world, the Serpent's spiritual power. And Rebekah is saying to Jacob, "We are not going to use the spiritual power of the firstborn, we are going to use the spiritual power of the second born. I want you to go deep within yourself and connect with Abel, we are going to get Abel's spiritual power." And what is happening here, this really has nothing to do with physical goats. What is happening here is that Rebekah, who is at this point a prophet, speaking Jehovah's words to Jacob; she is saying, "Jacob, your father is under a seduction, he is about to give away his spiritual energy to Esau and when Esau gets it, he is going to kill you with it, and you are the guardian of Jehovah's virile seed, we cannot let this happen."


Now, let me remind you that Jacob is the plain man who dwells in his tent. He has no spiritual power, he has got righteousness, he is perfect before Jehovah, but he is not a spiritual man. He is no match for Esau, he is absolutely no match for Esau, and Jehovah is telling Jacob through Rebekah, to raise up Abel in you for this battle. Now this is one of the situations where it is acceptable for a Christian to be raised up in spiritual power. Jehovah has said, "This situation calls for it, I am with you, I am in agreement, and I am going to raise you up in spiritual power of this crisis. Now do not go get your energy from hunting in the field." All that I could tell you that this means is that it is a spiritually illegal way to gather energy, that is the only information I have. Get your energy from within the flock of God, and take the energy of Abel, the second born.


Then we have the word "good", "Go out to the flock and fetch me from thence two good kids..." The Hebrew word translated "good" means "desire" and I want to suggest to you that it is talking about the desire body, the astral body is the desire body, the body of emotions, the body of lust that desires, this is Satan's plan, and well, I will get back to that later. And the word "kids" is talking about male goats, and the word "goats", the kids of the goats, the word "kids" is talking about male goats, and the English word "goats" is talking about a she goat. And the she goat is Leviathan.


You may recall in the account of Daniel, I believe it is Chapter 8, where there is a ram typifying Israel, who is high and lifted up in righteousness, and all of sudden, there is a he goat appears in the field and kills the ram. The he goat or the she goat, compared to Jehovah in the household of God, Leviathan is she, but her spiritual strength qualifies her as a pseudo-male, a spiritual entity who can do everything that a spiritual male can do except produce live young. So, depending on the context of the verse, you may hear the goat described as a he goat or a she goat. In this particular Scripture, that word translated goats indicates that the goat is surely female.


So Jehovah is saying through Rebekah, "Take the spiritual strength of the male goat, the second born male goat," -- you see, every human being born in a human body, we have the heritage of the she goat, Leviathan has birthed us into this world. So, "Take the spiritual energy of the second male goat, the first being Cain, the second one being Abel, take your spiritual power from Abel within, and I will make them into a savory meat, into a preservative for your father." Now, all that I could think about when I heard this, is Jehovah telling Adam, "You need a help-meet. The Serpent keeps beating you up and knocking you down and killing you, you need a help-meet, Adam, the Serpent's too strong for you. That is what Jehovah is saying through Rebekah.


"We will make a preservative for Isaac." Now why would Rebekah be making a preservative for Isaac, if Esau was coming with a preservative for Isaac? Well, I think it is because Esau is not coming with a preservative for Isaac. Isaac is completely and wholly seduced, and he thinks that Esau is coming with something that is going to extend his life, but the truth is that Esau is coming to steal Isaac's spiritual energy, that might even have killed him on the spot. I do not know about that. So Rebekah is saying, by the words of Jehovah, "We will make a true preservative for you." What Esau's giving you is not the genuine article, it is lie and it cannot do what it promises. You are asking the wrong son to make you a preservative, and he is going to bring you something that will bring great destruction into the whole family and all of the descendants and all of humanity.


"So we will make the true preservative", Jehovah says to Rebekah, "and Jacob will deliver it to Isaac and save his father and all of the descendants of his virile seed, and ultimately all of humanity, through this so called deception." Brethren, if Isaac was under the power of witchcraft, there was no reason within him. He would not have believed it if they approached him and told him, "Esau is lying to you, Esau has put these thoughts in your mind, Esau is not bringing you anything that will extend your life, but he is here to rob what you have." Isaac would not have believed it, he would have thrown them out. So yes, they went in subtlety, under Jehovah's instruction.


"And I will make them into a preservative for thy father who is committing adultery." And that phrase, "who is committing adultery" is a translation of the English word "love", a legitimate translation of the English word "love". Isaac is committing adultery with the Serpent through Esau. He is under a seduction, he is under an illusion and he is captured. The preservative that is being formed is King Adam. The instruction is to get the second of the two male kids. Get the strength of Abel, and he will be increased into the mature Christ Jesus, who Jehovah is waiting to join with to raise Abel up in a high degree of spiritual power to pull this rescue off. Now why should Jacob have to be raised up to a degree of high spiritual power, to go in and trick his father? Because this is not simple situation, Satan is out to steal Jehovah's virile seed and utterly crush Jehovah's plan to deliver all of humanity. Isaac is defensed. Satan is manifesting through Esau, it is through Esau's mind, Isaac is defensed, it will be no simple thing to go in there and trick him.


Therefore Jehovah says through Rebekah, "We will take the spiritual energy of the second born Abel and we will increase him to the resurrected Adam," and Jehovah says, "I am standing here ready to join with him, so that you will be caught up into your brow center, so that you will have everything that you need to do this deed, to save your father, and to save your brother, and to save all of humanity. Go to the flock and seize Abel." Go within the household. To go to the flock as opposed to go hunting outside of the field means to lay hold of the energy within you. Do not go looking for energy in other men. Do not looking outside of yourself, but it is OK to raise up the energy that is within Abel in this hour. Go to the flock and seize Abel, the second offspring of Leviathan, the she goat's desire body. Leviathan, the she goats, desire body, I may have the wrong member of the Serpent's household there, I am not sure whether it is Leviathan or Satan, to tell you the truth, but we have got the right idea.


Go to the flock and seize Abel, the second offspring of Leviathan, the she goat's desire body. I guess that would be Satan then. It is the she goat's desire body, it must be Satan, that is the astral body. "And I will make them into King Adam, a preservative for your father, who is committing adultery." I wrote down Leviathan, I honestly do not know what the right member of the Serpent's household is.


"Go to the flock and seize Abel, the second offspring of Satan, the she goat's desire body, and I will make them into King Adam, a preservative for your father, who is committing adultery with Leviathan." This is a serious business. There is is incredible intrigue going on here. We do not know how long it took Jehovah to do what Abraham did, to find someone that would agree to enter into a covenant with him. It could have taken thousands or millions of years for Jehovah to bring His plan of salvation to the place where Isaac was, and Satan was about to just step on the whole plan and crush it. But Jehovah raised up a prophet to assist the personality of Jacob, who was spiritually weak and utterly did not stand a chance. If Esau were to go after him, and Jehovah did not strengthen Jacob, Jacob did not stand a chance against Esau.


I have a witness to this, Genesis 2:18, "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him an help-meet for him." That is King Adam, that is the help-meet for him, but for us it is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our help-meet. He is the help-meet for the Christ that is rising in us.


Verse 11, "And Jacob said to Rebekah, his mother, "Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man." Esau is a spiritual man and I am not. Jacob did not want to do it, he was scared, and his wisdom said to him, I cannot pull this off. I know how strong my brother is. Esau is hairy, he is the spiritual one, and I am not, I am not spiritual. I am a smooth man, I am a smooth man.


Verse 12, "My father peradventure..." Well. I do have something to say about that smooth, I think I have it in my notes later on, I will let it go for another verse. "My father...", was there something else that I wanted to say? I guess not.


Verse 12, "My father peradventure will feel me, and I shall seem to him as a deceiver, and I shall bring a curse upon myself and not a blessing." Jacob was scared and his faith was not manifesting. He was thinking with his carnal mind. Brethren, if Jehovah tells you to do something, or if the Lord Jesus tells you to do something, you cannot walk away cursed. Maybe Jacob did not even realize it was Jehovah speaking through his mother at this point, I do not know, either that or he was just carnal and he was scared, and I do not blame him. Isaac had great power to bless and curse. These spiritual giants changed the direction, or could change the direction of your entire life by blessing you or cursing you. Noah cursed Cain and cast down Ham's descendants into the pits of witchcraft for thousands of years to come. God only knows. We do not know how long this generation was until Noah's descendants fell out into human bodies. It could be millions of years, I do not know.


Isaac had tremendous spiritual power to affect the lives of his children. Jacob, in future chapters, when he comes to Egypt and he blesses his twelve sons -- see, when I first came to the Lord I did not understand what prophecy meant. I really did not understand it. Prophecy is a creative word. When you have authority over somebody and you prophesy over them, you are laying down the plan of their life. And even in this hour today, in the condition that mortal man is in, do you know that we can bless and curse our children? How many people are messed up today because when they were a child growing up and all they heard is, "You are just like your father, you will never amount to anything." What parents pronounce over their children is very powerful. It is very powerful. But in this stage of the day that Isaac was alive, that we are talking about now, this man was a spiritual giant. Jacob was really afraid of being cursed. Look at what happened to Ham. I would imagine that Jacob had a knowledge of what happened to Ham. He was really scared.


This English word "feel", "My father peradventure will feel..." Now of course we have all believed all of these years that Rebekah had put the skins of a real physical goat onto Jacob, and that Jacob was concerned that Isaac would feel his skin and feel the goats hair, but brethren, I really do not believe that this is true. This whole thing is spiritual. Isaac was a spiritual giant. Esau and Jacob were spiritual giants. Jacob was a spiritual giant in righteousness, without any spiritual power. We are talking about strong spiritual principles here. This has nothing to with the skin of a physical goat. This concept of putting the kids, the hairy skin on Jacob, that is another way of saying that Jacob, who was not spiritual, is now spiritual. He wrapped himself spirituality. Hair talks about spirit. Esau was a hairy man. Elijah was a hairy man. Powerfully spiritual men are described as hairy men in the Scripture.


Abel was stirred up in the man Jacob, and he who was not spiritual was now wrapped in spirituality. He was wrapped in goat's hair. He was wrapped in spirituality of mortal man. But it was legal because Jehovah had stirred it up. You see, even those of us who are in Christ, our spirituality comes from the she goat. We are fallen, we are in the Serpent's image. Whatever spirituality is in us, it is the Serpent's spirituality. That is why we are commanded to not be spiritual until the Lord Jesus specifically raises us up, because whatever spirituality we will raise up in will be the Serpent. But when the Lord Jesus lays ahold of the Serpent's spirituality, He will work it towards His kingdom. Our spirituality is Satan, that is what our spirituality is.


"My father peradventure will feel me..." That Hebrew word translated "feel" means "to discern, to discern me", and we have a similar Scripture in the New Testament. Acts 17:27 says, "That they should seek the Lord, if happly they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us."


So this concept of "feeling," brethren, is a spiritual discernment. Isaac loved Esau because his spirit connected with Esau's spirit. Now Jacob is going to walk into Isaac's presence and he too will have a spiritual anointing that Isaac can feel. We feel someone's anointing if it is in our emotions. I just gave a whole exhortation on this right in this message. I feel when I am near someone that is spiritually active, and they do not have to be bad people, but you have to be aware of people whose cup is filled up, especially if that person does not have the seed of righteousness, in with that cup of spirituality, you can be seduced.


"My father peradventure will discern..." And the king James says, "My father peradventure will feel me, and I shall seem to him as a deceiver..." Now this phrase "I shall seem to him" is really two Hebrew words. The first word is "to be" and the second word is Strong's #5869, which is the word for "eye". We have dealt with that word a lot over the years, and I usually translate it "the visible world". It is the Hebrew word that can be translated "physical eye" or "visible world". If you look it up, it is very clear in Gesenius. And I am going to translate it for this verse spiritual world.


"Perhaps my father will discern the spiritual world that speaks in tongues", believe it or not, because the Hebrew word translated deceiver, Strong's #8591, according to Gesenius' Lexicon of the Hebrew and Chaldee language, can be translated "to stammer, to slip with the tongue in speaking, or stammering." "Perhaps my father will discern the spiritual world that speaks in tongues." Perhaps Isaac will recognize that although I am spiritual I am different than Esau. The anointing that is on me is different than the anointing that is on Esau. "...and I shall bring a curse upon myself and not a blessing." "Perhaps my father will discern the spiritual world that speaks in tongues and shall curse me rather than bless me."


The Hebrew word translated deceiver, Strong's #8591, is found only one other time in the Scripture, and in this other occasion, it is translated misuse. One time the word is translated deceive and the other time it is translated misuse, both negative words. But we are translating the word "deceive" "to speak in tongues", in Verse 12 of Genesis 27, and I want to go over II Chronicles 36:16 with you. That is the other verse that this Hebrew word is used in, and I want to go over it with you because it is our second witness that this word translated deceive does have a positive understanding of it.


II Chronicles 36, I am giving you three verses just so you can get the thought, so you can get the idea of what is happening here. "And the Lord God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers rising betimes and sending; because he had compassion on the people and on his dwelling place. But they mocked the messengers of God and despised his words and misused his prophets." Sounds like they abused the prophets. That is the word, misused, it is the same word translated to deceive. "...and misused his prophets until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, til there was no remedy. Therefore he brought upon them the king of the Chaldees, who slew their young men with the sword in the house of their sanctuary, and had no compassion upon young men or maiden, old men or him that stoop for age, he gave them all into his hand." So it sounds like Jehovah just really turned destruction on his people, but we are going to translate Verse 16.


Once again, the King James of Verse 16, "But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, til there was no remedy." "And they mocked the messengers of God and despised his words and...", we are translating "misused" and "spoke in tongues". "...and despised his words and spoke in tongues his prophets," -- saying they despised the prophets who spoke in tongues -- "until the wrath of Jehovah arose against his people, to the point that...", that is a translation of "til", "...to the point that", we are translating "no" the Serpent, and the word "remedy" we are translating "to cure". And what it is saying here is that they mocked God's messengers, and they despised his words, and they despised God's prophets who spoke in tongues, until it became evident that God's merciful judgment was having no effect on these people.


Look back at Verse 15 for a minute, "The Lord God of their fathers sent to them his messengers (the prophets), rising up betimes, and sending;" Jehovah did this because he had compassion on the people, but the people mocked the messengers of God, and they despised his words and the prophet, they despised the prophets who spoke in tongues. So because the white throne judgment, of what we would call today the White Throne Judgment of Christ, was rejected by the people that it was sent to, they were turned over to the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, which was Jehovah's wrath.


Verse 13, "And his mother said to him, Upon me be thy curse my son, only obey my voice and go fetch me them." This is going to be a difficult verse. I ask everybody to pray that God witness everything that is his truth to you. Please note that Rebekah's name does not appear in this verse, and I have been preaching here for a long time here that whenever you see the word wife or mother or father or any such generic term, if a personal name does not appear, there is a real good possibility that the Scripture in a hidden way is talking about a spiritual principle. Now what spiritual principle does the word mother identify? Does anybody remember? Who is the mother? Yes?


COMMENT: The point of departure, the Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent, yes, the mother, mother earth, that is who the Serpent is.


So taking that, let us investigate taking that possibility, and when we look at the verse from that point of view, this is the translation that I get, although it is not an exact translation, this is basically it. Jehovah is now speaking through Rebekah, she is the prophet to Jacob, and Jehovah is saying to Jacob, "The mother of this fallen creation, the Serpent, is the cursed one. When you obey the household of the voice," that is the voice of Jehovah, "when you obey the voice of Jehovah, who is speaking through the prophet Rebekah, the Serpent, the mother earth is the one who will be cursed."


Let me try and pick out a couple of these words for you here. "And his mother", the mother of this fallen creation, I amplified there, "...said to him, "Upon me be the curse my son..." I am sorry, I did not do this in any more detail but this is the way the Lord gave it to me. Again, we have a prefix before the word voice, and it is the prefix "beth", it means household, the household of Jehovah. I see that I did not translate the word "son". Brethren, I am sorry, this is the way the Lord gave it to me, so we have to go with it. This is the general idea of the interpretation that the Lord gave me.


Jehovah is saying to Jacob, speaking through Rebekah, "The mother of this fallen creation. the Serpent, is the one who is cursed when you obey the household of the voice." And who is the household of the voice? The household that the voice of Jehovah is speaking through, that is Rebekah, she is the prophet, she is the household, she is the personality, she is the human being that Jehovah is speaking through.


"The mother of this fallen creation if cursed when you obey the household of the voice." That is voice of Jehovah, who is speaking through Rebekah. So if you are having a problem with that, you have to ask the Lord to help you because this is the way that we are doing this message. This message, it is going to come out in a couple of days; if we do not finish it on Thursday, Lord willing we'll surely finish it the following Sunday. If we did it a verse at a time with alternate translations, something like this would take weeks. This is the way the Lord gave it to me.


Verse 14, "And he went and fetched and brought them to his mother, and his mother made savory meat, such as his father loved." This verse I worked up for you. "And Jacob went...", and the word "fetched" we are translating seized, the word "brought" can legitimately be translated "to enter in", that is Strong's #935, and the word "mother" has a prefix before it, it is the prefix "lamed", which means "widowed", and as you can see, there is an asterisk after the word mother, that means I have a note with regard to that. It is just the next paragraph down.


Satan was widowed in Jacob, this is the widowed mother, Satan was widowed in Jacob. And the reason Satan was widowed is because Jacob was not married to her. Jacob was married to the Lord. So, I do not know whether it was Satan or the Fiery Serpent, it is the Serpent's household, whoever the right person is, I have not had time to reason it out, but I am saying, "Satan was widowed in Jacob. But Jehovah gave Jacob special permission to use her waters to become spiritual because his father Isaac had been seduced by Satan in Esau." Satan's waters in Jacob were widowed. He was not joined to her, he was not using her spiritual power. But Jehovah had a specific purpose to make Jacob spiritual, and Jacob's spirituality as the spirituality as the spirituality of all mortal men, is Satan, that is our spiritual potential. So Jehovah sanctioned the use of spiritual power in Jacob.


"And out of his mother..", "And Jacob went and seized and entered into his mother." He entered into Satan, he entered into his own spiritual potential and laid hold of it. He entered in within himself. He entered in within his spiritual being and seized and laid hold of spiritual power. This is the same principle as I gave you on my testimony earlier in this message. When I was next to that, standing next to that spiritual person who was deep in witchcraft but now pursuing the Lord, and the Lord dipped into her cup and took some of her spiritual power to heal me. He could do it, I could not do it. So Jehovah said to Jacob, Go within yourself and access some of your own spiritual power, it is legal, I authorize it today.


"And out of his mother made savory meat..", and I want to suggest to you that out of a combination of Abel; Abel is the male kid, which we saw in a previous verse, and his mother which is Satan, Christ Jesus or the resurrected Adam, Adam rose from the dead. Adam rose from the dead. Between Abel joined to Satan's spiritual power under the anointing of Jehovah, Adam rose from the dead. The word "such as" we are translating "since his father was adulterous", and "was adulterous" is a translation of the word "loved". Jacob made a preservative out of Abel, which is the flock, as opposed to Esau, who hunted for wild game, and the water of the spirit. Jacob made a preservative. Christ Jesus added Abel and the spiritual power of Satan. Abel in Jacob increased into Adam and then Jehovah joined with Adam and Adam became King Adam or fortified Adam, he became undefeatable. Adam, the resurrected Adam joined to Jehovah or in our generation, Christ Jesus joined to the glorified Jesus Christ is undefeatable. King Adam, Jehovah's preservative or Jehovah's help-meet appeared in Jacob.


Verse 15, "And Rebekah took goodly raiment of her eldest son Esau, which were with her in the house, and put them upon Jacob her younger son." "And Rebekah," the word "took" we are translating either to seize or to take away, "...and Rebekah seized", we have the word good again, "goodly", it is the same word that is translated good in a prior verse, and we are translating that "the desire body", which is Satan's desire body. Then we have the word "raiment" which means a covering of deceit, a deceitful covering. That is a witchcraft covering, "...of her eldest son Esau, which were in her house...". And the household, brethren, our spiritual household, it is not this furnishings of this room, but our spiritual household is the principles within us, Christ, Christ Jesus, the personality, these are the members of our own spiritual household. Leviathan is the Serpent's household, Leviathan and Satan and the Fiery Serpent, those are the principles of the Serpent's household.


"And she took the covering of deceit of her eldest son Esau, which were with her within her household.." And the words "and put them upon" we are translating "clothed", and I remind you, there is a spiritual clothing. Paul talks about being clothed upon. "...Jacob her younger son." "And this is how Rebekah took away, covered, or forgave the sins of her eldest son, Esau, who was covered by the deceitful desire body, Satan's astral body, while he was in her household, and clothed him with her younger son."


Well, I see in this case, I am translating the word household as her family. "And this is how Rebekah covered Esau's sins. She covered his deceitful desire body while he was, or since he was a member of her household, and she clothed him with her younger son." Jacob had the righteous seed and now, this is the second instance of Jacob covering Esau. And we saw in the message before this that we preached this morning that Jacob covered Esau. Esau came to Jacob and wanted his energy, and Jacob stood in righteousness and said, No, but if you submit to me you will be renewed. So at that time Jacob covered Esau's sins, but apparently what is going on now is much more serious than when Esau came to Jacob and wanted, what the King James translation says, is his soup.


This is very, very serious. In the first instance, Esau was trying to steal the righteous seed of the young man, Jacob, but now Esau is trying to seduce the patriarch Isaac, who has the power to curse and bless and create circumstances that will affect the world for thousands of years. So Esau is still Rebekeh's son, it must be breaking her heart, but she being a prophet, she did not get involved in her emotions, but she rose up and she obeyed Jehovah and she made her son Jacob a cover for Esau's sins. That is what this is all about.


Jehovah raised up Jacob to the level of spiritual power where he could cover this sinful event that was about to take place. You see brethren, when you are under a spiritual authority, and they, it does not have to be a spiritual authority, it could be a physical husband or it could be your parents, but when anybody is about to do something really wrong that would have spiritual consequences in your life, if that authority, whether it is your physical husband, if you are a natural woman, or whether it is your father or your mother, or whether it is a spiritual head that is over you, if they stop you from doing it, that is the forgiveness of sins. When they find out what you are up to, when I find out what you are up to, and I corner you and I tell you this is really wrong, and you submit to the counsel, your sins are covered. What does that mean? It means that all of the negative consequences that could have gone forth from your error, have now been cut off and stopped in the pass. All of these people in our country today giving their children condoms, saying to them, "Well, I know you are going to have sex anyway so have safe sex," you are killing your children.


Verse 16, "And she put the skins of the kids, of the goats upon his hands and upon the smooth of his neck." "And she put..." we are translating that "clothed". When I looked up that word that is translated "skins," Strong's #5785, it really does mean physical skins, so the only way I could reconcile that with this spiritual translation is that the etheric body is a part of the physical. So since the whole translation is spiritual, I translated the word "skins," which means physical skins, I translated it "etheric", the etheric body, which is a part of the physical body. So she clothed the etheric body of the male kids, and who are the two male kids? Jacob and Esau are two young male goats, spiritually speaking. Spiritually speaking, they are young and they are male and they are goats because they are the offspring of the Serpent. So she covered their etheric body, the etheric body of her two spiritually male children.


And Abel, now this Hebrew word translated "hand," I spoke about this earlier on this message, we have been translating it phallus for a long time, and I now received the understanding from the Lord that Abel rose up and joined with the Fiery Serpent, this is the significance of the phallus. A phallus is an undifferentiated spiritual organ. It is not clear yet whether it is going to be permanently male or female, and the phallus of every human being is the Fiery Serpent. She is our spiritual potential, and she is undifferentiated, it has not yet been determined permanently whether she will be a spiritual male or spiritual female. And when Abel joins with the Fiery Serpent, the Fiery Serpent becomes a phallus-- the Scripture uses the word "hand"; the word "hand" is a euphemism; it is a nice way of saying phallus. The Scripture does not want to be writing phallus and penis all over the place, so it is a euphemism, it is a nice way of saying that the Fiery Serpent, our spiritual potential, is faced or turned towards the male direction. She is joined to Abel, she has broken out of her circular formation where she is satisfying herself, and she has become a string. And Abel is joined to her in that straight line configuration, and now she becomes a phallus, she becomes a hand. The Scripture calls her, in that condition, a hand, a spiritual hand that is used for grasping for accomplishing spiritual purposes.


And when the Fiery Serpent is not joined to Abel she is not even called a phallus according to the Scripture, she is called a worm. When the Fiery Serpent is joined to herself she is called a worm, and do not worms go in circles? Do not worms wind themselves in circles? The Fiery Serpent is called a worm when she is joined to herself, but when she is joined to Abel, when her tail is pulled out of her mouth, when her masturbation stops and she is straightened out into a string, and Abel joins with her in that configuration, the Fiery Serpent becomes a spiritual hand or a spiritual organ, a spiritual male organ under the authority of the righteous seed, Abel.


So we see that Rebekah clothed the etheric body of her two spiritually male children, and the hand, the phallus, that is Abel joined to the Fiery Serpent, was covered also, and the smooth of his neck was covered. Now this word "smooth", I looked it up in the dictionary, it means having a surface free from irregularities, roughness, or projections, and it means level.  And all I could think about, brethren, is that the meaning of the word "salvation" is to be even. The Hebrew word for "salvation" means "to be even". No rough spots, no ups and downs, but we will be completely even, no high emotions, no depressions. We will be completely even and stable, living out of the mental body of Christ Jesus.


So this word "smooth," I believe, is talking about the potential to be saved. Now we are saved, our personality is saved when our consciousness permanently abides in the brow center. Now this is a difficult verse, I hope you can follow me. About a year ago we did a series of studies that talked about the Serpent's neck, and we found out that the Serpent's neck connected the Fiery Serpent in the root center to Leviathan in the 7th center. And at the time that I preached tha,t I did not even know what I was preaching. I did not have the revelation that the Fiery Serpent is programmed to rise up and meet Leviathan in the 7th center, at which point she joins with him and accesses Leviathan's source of energy which is beyond the individual. The Fiery Serpent is in the individual. Leviathan is beyond the individual. So when we talk about the Serpent's neck, being that part that stretches out, it is the Fiery Serpent stretching out to the point that she reaches Leviathan, at which point she joins with him and accesses the source of cosmic energy which is a greater source of energy than she could ever raise up from within herself. And when she is stretched out like that, when the Fiery Serpent is stretched out like that, this is the Serpent's neck. And this concept of being smooth, of having a smooth neck, "...upon the smooth of his neck...".


What that is suggesting is that the Fiery Serpent stretched out -- you see, when the Fiery Serpent stretched out that is the neck, OK, the neck in Jacob was smooth. It means it was the Fiery Serpent stretched out joined to Abel, and meeting Jehovah in the 7th center. It was not the stretching out of the neck of the Serpent's household, but it was the stretching out of the neck in the Kingdom of God. It is smooth. When the Fiery Serpent stretches out and joins with Leviathan in the 7th center, she is a rough goat, a rough goat. She has got ups and downs and valleys and all of these; what this is talking about is the markings of sin in her, in that etheric body, the markings of sin.


So the fact that Jacob had a smooth neck indicates that the Fiery Serpent had ascended through union with Abel and Jehovah and there was no sin in him. Nevertheless Rebekah covered his smooth neck, she defended it. The word "neck" is speaking about the area of the etheric body which stretches from the heart center to the 6th center. In Esau's case this spiritual area covering the heart center, the throat center, and the brow center was covered by Satan, who appeared when the Fiery Serpent ascended into the brow center, and joined with Leviathan, who is in the crown center. In Jacob's case, he had no spiritual neck because he kept the Fiery Serpent under, and would not let her ascend until Jehovah was prepared to receive her in the crown center.


"And this is how Rebekah took away or forgave the sins of Esau, the eldest son of her household, who was covered by the deceitful desire body, and clothed him with Abel, her younger son; and clothed the etheric bodies of Esau and Jacob, the she goat's male offspring, the Fiery Serpent and their fourth, fifth, and sixth energy centers. "And this is how Rebekeh took away or covered the sins of Esau, the eldest son of her household, who was covered by the deceitful desire body, and clothed the etheric bodies of both Esau and Jacob, the she goat's male offspring..." They were now both spiritually male, they were now both spiritually powerful, and she clothed their etheric body, and she clothed the Fiery Serpent in them, and she clothed their fourth, fifth, and sixth energy centers.


So, what she did under the anointing of Jehovah was that she raised up King Adam in Abel, and she raised up a high spiritual anointing in Jacob that protected him, and then Jacob covered Esau, and this is how she saved her two sons. Does anybody not understand that? This is how she saved her two sons. She petitioned Jehovah and He gave her permission to raise up a high spiritual power in the righteous son, and therefore the righteous son was saved from being destroyed by the unrighteous son, who was seeking to kill him, and at the same time, the righteous son covered the sins of the unrighteous son who was trying to kill him, if you can hear it.


And is that not what happened to Jesus Christ? The Scripture says, He came to His own people and they knew Him not. Did not the unrighteous Pharisees of that day try to kill Jesus, the one who came to cover them? But nevertheless, the Lord Jesus Christ raised up Jesus from the dead; actually it was the Spirit of Elijah, it was Jehovah through the Spirit of Elijah, anointed Jesus of Nazareth, raised him up to such a high spiritual place that no one could kill him, and then Jesus, in His glorified condition, is now covering all the people that tried to kill Him. And the same thing happened with Jacob and Esaul there is nothing new under the sun. The Serpent is still trying to kill Adam whenever she can. Adam is still willing to sacrifice himself, the Lord Jesus Christ is still raising up Adam, forgiving the sins of everyone that the Serpent's manifesting in and covering the people that try to kill him. And if you want to be son of God, that is what is required of you. You have to cover the people that have tried to kill you.


These two verses were so profound, I did an Alternate Translation, Genesis 27:16-17, "And this is how Rebekah forgave the sins of Esau, the eldest son of her household, who was covered by Satan's deceitful desire body, and clothed Esau and Jacob's etheric bodies, their Fiery Serpent and the fourth, fifth, sixth energy centers of Leviathan, the she goat's male offspring, and clothed them with Abel, the she goat's younger son."


Brethren, every deliverance that the Lord Jesus Christ ever gives us is spiritual. What you see happening in the natural is just the end result of what was done in the spirit. I have a little bit more to tell you today and then we are going to end for tonight. In Part 2 of this message, we will see what Rebekah did in the spirit manifests in the natural when Jacob goes to Isaac and succeeds in receiving Isaac's reservoir of energy, and everything else that happens thereafter. It all happened because of what Jehovah did through his prophet Rebekah and through his faithful servant Jacob, in the spirit. Now, how do you want to live your life? Do you want to live on the outer planes? Do you want to only see and know what is going and experience what is going on in the natural? Or do you want to be at the ground roots? Do want to have a spiritual lifestyle? It is not the worst thing in the world, if you only see what is going on in the natural, but choose; do not be led by your nose, choose, and tell the Lord what you would prefer. If you want that spiritual life, it is a very exciting lifestyle, but it is a hard lifestyle and there is pain in it, and there is no rest; it is just continuous.


I mean, if the day ever comes that I need rest, I get rest, but there is no such thing as one day of rest here. When my body cannot go anymore I get rest. It is great, I would not trade it for anything in the world, but it is a hard life. It is an emotionally and spiritually hard life. I have one more verse for you, which will bring us to a good place to stop.


Verse 17, "And she gave the savory meat, and the bread which she had prepared, into the hand of her son Jacob." Now this is the first time that I ever heard about bread. We found something similar on the message before this, when we read about Esau selling his birthright to Jacob. At the very end of the whole negotiation, all of sudden, the word "bread" appears. The same thing is happening here. I suggest to you that the bread is the doctrine of Christ. "And she gave the doctrine that preserves into Abel, Jacob's undifferentiated mind."


"And she gave the savory meat...", that is talking about the seasoned, that is talking about the energy, the savory meat. It is talking about the energy, and this is the translation that the Lord gave me. "And she gave the doctrine that preserves." OK, this word "savory meat", it is talking about preservative, it is talking about the energy that preserves. So here we are talking about the doctrine that preserves. She gave the doctrine that preserves, and she put it into Abel, Jacob's undifferentiated mind. And where do I get Abel from? "...the hand of her son Jacob..." And that word "hand", I talked on it for about fifteen minutes. It is talking about the Fiery Serpent joined to Abel and the spiritual power that arises through that union. So she did not just send Jacob with spiritual power. You see, Esau, all he had was spiritual power, and he was irresponsible with it, but Rebekah, the prophet. did not send Jacob with just spiritual power, he went with the bread.


You see, the spiritual power is signified by wine. It is not enough, you have got to have the doctrine of Christ. You have got to have the Word of God, you have got to have this understanding, or your spiritual power will corrupt you. It has been my experience, that people who walk is spiritual power because they inherited it, not because it is been built into them through their commitment to a course of study in Christ Jesus, people who walk in spiritual power are frequently emotionally unstable. I was one of those people. You have got to have the bread with the wine. You have got to have the righteous seed, the doctrine of Christ, if you are to be a stable spiritual person. So if you are not particularly spiritual, I would not be too concerned about it, because it is a hellish life being spiritual without the instruction that comes in Christ to stabilize you. You are much better off being not spiritual, being stable in your commitment and your willingness to submit to such a course of study as this, and in due season, the Lord Jesus will build spirituality in you, and it will be a stable spirituality, the because the Word of God, the bread is coming first.


When you are born spiritual, it can be a curse. More often than not, it is a curse. But thanks be to God, he found me hanging' out in the market place, ready to die, and he employed me, and now I have a meaningful life. So just be grateful for what you have. I do not know why I am saying this, if it is for someone here or someone who is going to be reading the message. Do not lust to be spiritual, be grateful for what you have, tell the Lord that you would like everything He is willing to give you and let hHim build it into you in his time. To be spiritual without the foundation of this word is dangerous, it is not a good life. The life of the whole seed of Jehovah, His whole semen, the virile seed and the water, now that is a life to be desired. Spiritual power with wisdom and the stability which is in Christ Jesus, that is something to be desired. I think we will stop here tonight, brethren, and Lord willing, I would like to go through this whole chapter. I believe the Lord will let me do it, so we will have at least one, if not two more messages on this.


COMMENT: The words where Jacob is called usurper and deceiver, does that mean he usurped the Serpent's plan?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, what that name also means is substitute. I know I gave you so much information, but I really did put that on at the beginning of the message. So you could review it if you want, and I even have the definitions on your notes, that the name Jacob means substitute. So he substituted the true anointing for the false anointing. And the name Jacob comes from a word that means "to circumvent", which brings us back to the teaching of the Serpent's Triangle which was erected in Esau, and was being erected or maybe was already erected in Isaac, and Jacob went in and he changed that Serpent's triangle to Adam's parallelogram. He circumvented the Serpent's plan. So he really was not a usurper and a deceiver, but he was a substituter and he was a circumventer. He did surround the evil nature and replace it with the righteous nature of Christ Jesus. Did I answer your question? OK.


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