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 Praise the Lord. Brethren, I have been teaching here for quite a while, I think at least five years, that in the Scripture, Jehovah is the author of the Scripture.


I have been teaching here a long time that the Scripture, the written Word, we work from the King James translation, is a coded translation of the Hebrew. If you were a Hebrew scholar, or you just spoke Hebrew and that was your language, if you were to read the Scripture in Hebrew or Greek without the spirit of revelation, you might very well get the same translation as the King James translators came up with.


The truth of the Scripture can only be understood when you read the written Word, whether it be Greek or Hebrew, with the spirit of revelation which unlocks Jehovah's meaning with these words, for the meaning He imputed to these words.


I have been teaching here four or five years that one of the code names for the Serpent, Satan, Leviathan, the Devil or any member of the Serpent's household in the King James translation is "nothing," nothing. Sometimes the word "not," or "none," but specifically "nothing" is speaking about the Serpent and her household. I have had a lot of people mock me on that, but that is okay. That is okay, because lots of people mock when they do not understand.


I saw a clip on TV today about the man who invented the MRI and all the ultrasound scans they are using today that has so improved the medical doctors' ability to help people. He says that when he first showed it to the people in the hospital field or the medical field who had the authority to prosper it, the response was a yawn. It was a yawn. They were not the least bit interested in it, and he said he had to wait seven years before he even got somebody's ear or somebody's eye.


All that it means is that people who do things different are visionaries. Whether they are bringing forth Scripture according to the Doctrine of Christ or that they are inventing a machine that is going to benefit mankind. People who do things that no one has done before are visionaries. They see what other people cannot see. If you can see it, you are blessed. It seems to take time, sometimes years, for other people to have the power to prosper it and catch on.


God is the one who is prospering this word, but He still has to penetrate people's minds. It did not bother me at all that people mock.


This is a very interesting message, because we are going to show you tonight, according to the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, that indeed the Serpent is nothing, is a "nothing" that has power. She is a "nothing" that exists. It is going to be very interesting. I will tell you up front that according to this theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, I will read you the article we are going to be dealing with, is again, once again by Malcolm W. Brown of the New York Times. January 23rd, 1997 the article appeared. His article appeared in the New York Times. He is the same gentleman who wrote the article upon which, or from which we preached Quantum Mechanics, the science of spiritual activity.


He says that this theory, I will read it to you, this Quantum Electrodynamics is a theory that touches many of the riddles of the universe. He says it is a rare theory and I quote, I will read it to you. "The theory has been wonderfully accurate in predicting the results of sub‑atomic particle experiments, and it has also been the basis of speculations verging on science fiction. One of the wilder theories is the possibly that this universe is a vacuum."


I will explain it to you, because you are not going to know what it means at this point. We will get to it eventually.


I want to tell you, the theory that he is calling one of the wilder theories that sounds like science fiction is that this world is going to roll up like a scroll and go out like a light.


These are my words. When another timeline absorbs all the spirits of this world...these are my words, this world is simply going to roll up like a scroll and go out like a light. He says this world will simply cease to exist.


Listen to this. "There will be an annihilation of all matter in the universe. No running for humankind, the earth and its inhabitants will simply cease to exist. At the instance that this happens..." I will go over this article a sentence at a time and explain it to you.


This is exactly what I have been teaching. There are two timelines. When our spirits translate back into Adam's original timeline, of the Golden timeline, as we found it is called in II Kings, and when the last spirit, the last human spirit is rescued from this world, it will simply collapse. This world will simply collapse. It is going to collapse and cease to exist just like a bubble collapses. Did you ever blow bubbles when you were a kid or see some kids blowing a bubble?


This whole world that we live in is a bubble. Not just the planet earth, the whole universe. What is the universe? The universe includes a multiplicity of galaxies. The earth is just one planet that circulates around our sun. The sun is a star, and there are billions and trillions of stars out there and billions and trillions of galaxies.


This theory of Quantum Electrodynamics says that the whole of the universe, that includes all of outer space, all of the planets, all of the stars, all of the galaxies, is in a sack. We are in a sack, and there is no such thing as emptiness between you and me. There is no such thing as emptiness between stars. There is no such thing as emptiness between galaxies. Outer space is not empty, and this theory of Quantum Electrodynamics says that there is a substance...I do not know if they are using the word "substance," because they do not know what it is.


Known science says that all matter must take one of three forms, solid, liquid or gas, but what is between all of the stars and galaxies, that which is filling the sack, is neither of these three things. They do not know what it is, and if you are a scientist and you hear me use a wrong word...I am telling you I am no scientist. Not only do I know what these brilliant scientists who have devised this theory know, but I know more than they do, and you know it with me. Is that not the most amazing thing you have ever heard of in your life?


According to this theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, and the scientist that is responsible for this...Let me give you his name. I do not know about the people listening to the tape but everybody here has a copy of the article. The name of the scientist is Dr. Steve K. Lamoreaux, an atomic physicist, which is at Los Alamos Atomic Laboratory. He says that this, I am using the word substance, I do not know if he would use the word substance or not, but this substance that fills the sack that is between the stars, that is between the galaxies, he says it is also between the cells of our bodies.


If you have ever seen a slide under a microscope of human tissue, you could see all the activity of all the cells. Brethren, if the cells are...let us say they are circular, they are moving. They are like little circular objects, and they are moving. To move, there has to be a space between them. If the cells were packed in completely solid, they would not be able to move.


Science, up until now, has thought there is nothing between the cells. Of course, they are so microscopic....our skin seems solid. If you look at it under a microscope, you see them moving. There has to be some area where there are no cells. I know that if you put something as dead like this chair I am sitting on under a microscope, there is movement, there is movement of cells. The deader the object, the slower the movement. Every substance on this earth if you can get a microscope big enough to look at it, that which it is made of is vibrating.


Once again, to vibrate, the cells cannot be completely packed together. They have to have room to vibrate. Up until now, the scientist thought that there is a space between the cells, but "no" says...God help me with my names, forgive me doctor, nothing personal. Doctor Lamoreaux says "not so."


He says there is a foam, what he calls a foam, F O A M, that is filling in everywhere that scientists thought, to date, there was nothing. He is saying that there is foam there. There is a "nothing" there that is something. Of course, it depends on what your definition of something is. He is saying that there is something there he is calling foam, and he calls it energy. He calls it an energy. It is a form of energy. I do not think energy is matter. These notes that I have given to you, they are alphabetical except one topic. Liquid crystal, I put it under crystal. Everything else is alphabetical, so if you would like to look with me when I look at energy, on page three, I put the page in the upper right hand corner.


Energy in physics is the ability or capacity to do work. Forms of energy include heat, chemical energy. According to the theory of relativity, mass is also a form of energy. Mass has weight. Let us look at mass. Let us get that on the tape, let us read the official definition of mass. It is on Page 5.


Mass in physics is the quantity of matter in our body regardless of its volume. That means regardless of how much space it takes up in a container or regardless of any forces acting on it. There are two ways of referring to mass. The gravitational mass of the body may be determined by...I do not want to get to technical on this tape, but mass means that it could be counted. For someone to have mass, we have to be able to count it. It has to be made up of particles or something that could be counted. Anything that could be counted, anything that has mass has weight.


If you look down below on matter, everything that has mass has weight. This "nothing" that is out there, it is in the universe as well as in our bodies, and it cannot be counted. We do not know what it is. It is "nothing." It cannot be called matter. They simply do not know what it is, but it is a form of energy.


The experiment that Dr. Lamoreaux preformed proved that it is energy. I do not think it is an experiment that is interesting as Schrodinger's Cat. I do not want to take too much time on it. He does talk about...and what he did, it is down at the bottom of the article. The very last paragraph of the article.


He suspended two plates. He set up two plates, and the principal of the experiment was that the way he arranged it in the laboratory, he saw that an energy exists. Gravitation is a form of magnetism. This world has gravitation. That means everything that goes up must come down. Everything is drawn to the center of our world. The gravitational pull of our world is intense. An energy can either repel two objects or magnetize the two objects and pull them together.


Dr. Lamoreaux preformed this experiment that proved that there was energy. I believe the two plates came together. They came together, the proof that what appeared to be nothing, was a force. What is really interesting is they are not even calling it an energy. They are calling it a force. We know from Daniel, Chapter 11, the power of nothing is called the God of forces.


Even gravitation, every force in this world is of the Serpent. Of course, aside from the Spirit of God. All of the forces, all of the studies of gravitation, adhesion, cohesion, all of these forces and all names of principals that you would study if you were studying science, Physics in particular, were all part of the one force which is the Serpent.


What is very interesting is that she is everywhere. She is in outer space, and she is within our body. I have preached this, that God is also everywhere. He is also everywhere. We are a two‑horn creation, negative and positive creation. Elohim is within the abyss. Jehovah is outside of the abyss. Both Elohim and the Serpent are everywhere, inside the sack, which includes the whole universe, all of the galaxies. They are both present on the microcosm. That means out there in outer space between galaxies, on the microcosm, on the small galaxy. We are a galaxy ourselves.


We are cosmos. Each one of us is a cosmos, a world into ourselves. There are the planets, there are the stars, and there are the galaxies. It just keeps going, as to say we have cells in our body, cells everywhere. There is a certain group of cells that form our liver, and the liver is a part of a group that forms the life‑giving organs of our body.


When I was training up, when I was a young disciple, we used to talk about it coming from the other way. God is taking the people out of the people, out of the people, out of the people. That means the group He is working with is getting smaller and smaller and smaller.


We are looking at it the opposite way now. Cells build up into an organ. An organ is part of an arrangement of an individual. An individual is a part of a family, a family is part of a race, a race is a part of humanity, we are all a part of this planet Earth, and planet Earth is a part of a solar system. It just keeps going and going, and everything is inside a sack. Is that not the most amazing thing you ever heard in your whole life?


The name of this article is "The Power of Nothing." There is a photograph in this article called the "Shape of Nothing." Nothing, let us start out with a study on the word "nothing." I did not go into the Greek because, brethren, these deep secrets are not in the Greek. These deep secrets are in the Old Testament.


The New Testament, I am not in any way against the New Testament, not in any way. This is very valuable, very valuable. I am not against it at all. The New Testament is only a part of the Old Testament. If you want the whole Word of God, everything He has given to man, you have to go into the Old Testament. The New Testament is for the people who need to be prepared to stand up in full statue. The Lord is drawing them unto Himself. I really do not want to get myself into any trouble here.


This is my opinion, that if you really want to be a deep scholar, you have to go into the Old Testament. The Old Testament will reveal the New Testament. If you understand the Old Testament, you will understand the New Testament, but if you understand the New Testament, it would not help you to understand the Old Testament. In my opinion, you really cannot understand the nuances of the New Testament without the revelation God is giving us in the Old Testament.


I know that when I was a disciple, I used to hear it preached that the New Testament will reveal the Old Testament. Not so, not so. The New Testament was given to the church, because for whatever reason, I cannot even tell you why at this time. The Jews when they were religious....not religious, what am I talking about? The Jews, even today, that are deeply into God, they study. They just study day and night, for years, from generation to generation, deep, deep spiritual studies.


Brethren, there are very few Christians that are that deep, very few. Why is this? I do not know. I do not know. The way it looks to me is that when the Lord offered the foundation to the entire world, He just seems to make it easier to the new covenant, not a covenant. When He offered salvation to the world, as opposed to the Jew, He seemed to have offered it in a different way that is easier, that requires less, at least at this time. I do not know what is coming in the future.


I hope I have not offended anyone by saying that, but that is the way it seems to be. That is what it looks like to me, and if I am wrong and I have hurt anybody's feelings, I am sorry, but that is what it looks like.


I do not know how I got into that. Oh, I was telling you why I did not look up the word "nothing" in the Greek, because the deep significance is in the Old Testament. I found that there are two Hebrew words that are primarily negative particles. Then I found a third. I think there may be a forth, but I could not find it. The primary negative is Strong's #3808, and you have it right in front of your notes. You can translate it "no, not, nothing, without, before," a negative particle.


Then you have #369. The #3808 is pronounced, "Loh." The #369 is pronounced "Ayin," and it means pretty much the same thing, "nothing, no, not, without, for lack of." I see another one here that I did not check out. It is right here, #370. I am not going to make a big deal out of it. There is not a big significance. Of course, there is a third one, on page...I have #408 which means "not, do not, let there not be, not, nothing." It says, "A negative particle akin to #3808."


The only significant difference I can see between these particles is that Strong's #3808 has one translation, the word "before." It says in parentheses, "used of time." I am of the opinion that, that is the word used to describe the Serpent's timeline. Strong's #3808 is translated "nothing" most of the time. The other words usually are translated "not, or not, or none."


Strong's #3808 is the word translated "nothing" most of the time, and it is the only negative particle that can be used to describe time.


I suggest to you that Strong's #3808 translated "nothing" is speaking about the Serpent and the Serpent's timeline, because the Serpent is her timeline. What is a timeline? This whole universe that is inside this sack that is not...there is no area which is totally empty. It is the Serpent. She is in everything.


Just like blood is everywhere in our body, the essence of the Serpent is in our bodies as well as the entire universe. She is the timeline that is disappearing. We found that expression in Revelation 12. Not that it is her timeline. She is the timeline that is disappearing, she is the partial timeline, she is the partial tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and she is the partial timeline. She is the founder of the family of Hell. Praise the Lord.


I am going to go through this article with you. I have given you a whole packet of notes on scientific terms. We are really not going to use many of them. I printed them all out, because I felt I needed them to look at so I could preach this message to you. We will only refer to some of these notes, as I need them. As I go through this article, I found this whole thing just interesting. We will see. I will go through the article, and if we have time at the end of that, I may go through the notes and see and point out to you where I find something interesting, where I could apply it to spiritual things.


Another thing I would like to point out to you is that Dr. Lamoreaux described the "nothing," this "nothing," as foam. This foam of nothing. I do not know if I made it clear. The reason he is calling it nothing is because they do not know what it is. It is not a solid, it is not a liquid, it is not a gas, and neither is it any form of energy that they are aware of.


I read you the different forms of energy. Chemical energy, energy that is generated by heat, and energy that is generated by mass, which means it has particles that you can count. If you have mass it has something that can be counted, but they do not know how to count it. Therefore, he calls his article, "The Power of Nothing," and the picture, "The Shape of Nothing."


Science has no name for it, and we know who it is. We know who it is. We know what this foam is made out of. This foam is made out of Cain, the water of the Primordial creation. It is made out of the Earth, the by-product of the separation of the Son from the Father. A third ingredient is Elohim's breath of Life. That is what it is made out of.


Something very interesting that I noticed...let us start here with the picture, The Shape of Nothing. I will read you the caption. "Physicists have theorized that on an infinitely small scale, on a small, far smaller than the diameter of an atomic nucleus, quantum fluctuations produce a foam of erupting and collapsing virtual particles."


What does that mean? Quantum fluctuations. You know what a fluctuation is? Something that fluctuates, it goes up and down. The word "quantum" means it can be counted, fluctuations that can be measured. Goes up, and it goes down like a heart beat. When your heart beats, the heart is going in. It contracts and it recedes. It contracts and it recedes, Quantum fluctuations, fluctuations that you can count.


These quantum fluctuations produce a form of erupting and collapsing. That is your fluctuation. It is either erupting like a pimple pops out on your skin or it is collapsing. It is either a rising or falling of virtual particles. The word "virtual" means "divergent." What does that mean? It means that when the foam collapses, all the particles are one, but when it erupts, when it rises up, the particles diversify. Diversify, they are no longer all in the same place.


When I read this caption, what struck me is that the whole universe is pulsating. A heart is pulsating, our pulse is pulsating, light waves are vibrating, radio waves are vibrating, and planets are spinning on their axis. Movement, movement, everywhere. Rise and fall. Rise and fall. Rise and fall. People come into this world. They are born, they arise. They live for a season, and they die, and they go back down again. Life and death.


Life and death is just one more form of eruption and collapse. Eruption and collapse. The whole universe is erupting and collapsing.


Let me finish reading this caption for you. "Quantum fluctuations produce a form of erupting and collapse, divergent particles visualized here as a topographic distortion." Topographic has to do with the surface. Distortion means that when the particles erupt, they are distorting the surface of the what? The fabric of space. They call it the fabric of space.


We know that we had teachings on the warp and the woof, going back years, more than five years ago. It was one of the first things I taught more than eight or nine years ago. The whole universe is a fabric. Have you ever seen a quilt with artwork woven into the quilt? Some ancient societies recorded their history by weaving quilts. They weave pictures into the quilt. It was a three‑dimensional quilt. Certain areas of the quilt were much higher than other areas of the quilt. The fabric of space, certain aspects of it, is predominate. They rise, and they rise above the basic fabric.


Getting back to our picture. We see a topographic distortion. That means the surface is distorted, and the way it is distorted is that certain areas have risen up and made a bridge. It looks like a bridge to me, or whatever it looks like to you, that is formed there. If you can imagine the smooth surface lake or the smooth surface of a body of water, space‑time continuum was flat. It was smooth. This continuous throbbing that is apparently throughout the entire universe, when it erupts it distorts the surface. Is anyone not following?


It distorts the surface, and can you follow me, what I am saying? Can you see what I am saying about birth and death in the same pattern? If you can, open your spiritual eyes. I pray God opens your spiritual eyes. A baby is born into the world, spiritually speaking, the world as it is distorted. There is a change.


Distortion does not have to be a bad word, it means a change. The worlds exist in certain ways. Babies being born, something is being added. Someone dies, something has been taken away. Rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall. Eruption and collapse. The whole universe is erupting and collapsing.


One of the first things I taught here going back eight or nine years ago was that salvation means evenness. Evenness. I taught you that this world is a world of valleys and mountains, of highs and lows, and that when the Spirit of God comes into our lives, He fills up the valleys and evens the mountains, and we become even, stable. No more highs and lows.


We now find out it is not just in the individual. Salvation for the whole universe will put an end to the unending eruptions and collapse. Only, who knows how many levels there are of this universe? Every level of existence is erupting and collapsing, erupting and collapsing. Salvation will put and end to this continuous erupting and collapse. Everything will be stable.


Let me remind you what I taught you about the infinite wavelength. I believe we talked about it in Quantum Mechanics in Creation. In that series, there was such a thing as an infinite wavelength. This whole creation is vibrating. It is going up and down, up and down, up and down, erupting and collapsing. What are we talking about? We are talking about vibration.


Do you remember when I put the wavelength on the board for you? Let me put it on the board for you again. As you can see, our infinite wavelength is up on the board. This is about the third time we are having this. The diagram I have up there is very simple. It shows a wavelength rising and falling above the median that separates the positive from the negative. For all intents and purposes here, we might say the wavelength when it rises above the median, it is above the firmament. When it goes below the median, it is below the firmament. An infinite wavelength never comes down.


At the beginning of the wavelength it is finite. It is rising and falling, rising and falling, which means it will have an end, but this particular wavelength does not have an end. It goes off into infinity, which means it is vibrating at such a low rate of speed that it never comes down below the median. That is our translation.


Above the firmament, evenness, vibration. We will be vibrating, but the vibration will be so...I do not know if it will be slow or fast in the spirit world. Sometimes it is backwards, it is reversed in the spirit world as it is here. To be honest with you, right now as far as the spirit is concerned, I do not know whether...the way it looks is that we will be speeding up. Although I am told...you see we have a contradiction here, but that is okay, the Lord will straighten it out.


That as far as a wave length goes, the infinite wave length is vibrating so slow, so slowly that it never comes down below the median. However, other areas in which I have tried to see spiritual principals in Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Electrodynamics, I see that as we increase spiritually, we will be speeding up.


Talking about boiling water, for example. As our spirit boils, we will be escaping from this solid prison house that we are in. Can you see where we have a contradiction here? The teaching of the infinite wavelength says that the wavelength that is vibrating very slowly will never come down into Hell. Yet, when we look at it from another point of view, we see that our escape from Hell will be through this speeding up of our spirit. Am I losing you? I am just going to let this go, that it is a contradiction that I picked up.


If anyone listening to this tape hears it, I do not know what the answer is, but I know there is an answer that will satisfy both conditions. It is not really pertinent to this message. I am going to let it go.


I felt the Lord wanted me to tell you about something at this point. First of all, are there any questions on this infinite wavelength before I go on?


A wavelength vibrates, it vibrates, it rises and falls above the median. When it is above the median, it is positive, and when it is below, it is negative. An infinite wave length vibrates at such a slow rate of speed that it never comes down into the negative. You still have a question?


COMMENT: I was just thinking of somebody when they die on a life support system, how it goes up and down like that.


PASTOR VITALE: It goes beep, beep, then it is a straight line. An infinite wave length, I do not believe that it is a straight line. It just continues to ascend. I think, when it does come down, it comes down in such a small amount that it continues to be a straight....I can see what you are saying.


I believe these spiritual principals are throughout the entire creation. Anybody else? Any questions or comments on this point here? Let us take a picture then.


COMMENT: I thought that everything in the mirror was opposite to everything in the spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The machine that you are talking about, that shows a person's heart rate and reveals that they died because it stops vibrating, and we have a straight line going across the screen. That straight line means death, but in the spirit when it stops going up and down like that, it means life. Is that not interesting?


I felt the Lord wanted me to put it in at this time, unfortunately I could not find it in my notes. I know it is here somewhere, but I did not expect to preach this. I said that most of these notes were just for me. Rather then read through this again, I am going to ad‑lib this.


There was a time when I preached that all of humanity had to enter into glorification together, because my carnal mind could not comprehend how earth, this solid physical earth, could disappear for one person and not for everybody else. My carnal concept was that the whole world, the members of the world, would either die of natural causes or ascend with the whole group into heaven, and the whole world, including the bodies, would be destroyed.


The Lord told me however, this goes back several years, that this is not the case, that we can enter in an individual at a time. It was very difficult for me to understand at that time, but I did receive it, that it had something to do with our spiritual make up. I still do not understand it completely, but I know that each one of us is a cosmos. That within each one of us is a black hole. We each are a black hole. There is a firmament within each one of us.


Everything we have been taught about creation, as a whole, exists within us, Therefore, it is possible for us to ascend above the firmament that is within ourselves. It is possible for us to ascend out of the black hole, which our life is. When we ascend above the firmament, we translate into the Golden timeline. We will come out of this body, and we will cease to exist. We will be in another dimension, and this body will cease to exist. That is the third stage of resurrection.


I have a little bit, but I think I have told you that much. I have a little greater understanding tonight that I would like to share with you.


We are reading the definition of space‑time according to the concise Columbia encyclopaedia. Space‑time is a central concept in the theory of relativity that replaces the earlier concepts of space and time as absolute separate entities. Otherwise, prior to the theory of relativity, scientists thought that space was one thing and time something else, and that they were solid. They know that this is not true. In space and time, events in the universe are described in terms of a four‑dimensional continuum in which each observer locates an event by space‑like coordinates.


That means height, width, and l believe it is length. Height, width, and length, I believe. In other words, if we want to, all three of us, there are three of us here, we could locate that picture on that wall, and we could all say, "It is over there. It is a few feet from the top of the wall. It is so many feet from the side of the wall." We would all be in agreement, because that picture is where it is.


The fourth dimension, which is time, is not unique. You could be looking at this picture on one day, I could be looking at it another day, or there could be years difference. What the theory is saying, how I am relating to this to one person ascending, is that this world will be here. This world will be here, but because our spirit is looking at it from a different timeline, it will be different for me than it will be for the people who are looking at it from this timeline. Lord, please help me to explain this.


Everything is relationship. This world is the Serpent's timeline, and whether or not we are bound by it, or subject to it or not depends on which position from which we are looking at it. Let me give you a better example. That picture was not a good example.


If we were standing in a jail, and we were visitors, we were visiting someone on the other side of the bars, he was seeing those bars. We are both looking at the bars. We were looking at each other through the bars. We both are looking at the bars, but he was in jail and I was not. He was behind the bars, and I was outside of the bars. We both located the bars. They were real. We saw them, they existed. We both touched them, but for him the bars were a prison. For me they were not a prison. Can you hear this?


If our spirit is in the Golden timeline, for us this world is not a prison, but for the people who are in the Serpent's timeline, this world is a prison. Therefore, it is possible for an individual at a time to escape from this world by translating into the Golden timeline. The world still exists, but we are no longer a prisoner of it. I hope I made that clear. This is just so exciting, just so exciting.


The greatest brilliant minds of the Serpent's offspring and, yet, we know more than they do. Is that not amazing? They have all the big words, and they have it spelled out, but they do not know what they have got. We know what they have got. What is interesting, though, is science is really getting down to the nitty‑gritty of what is happening to humanity, that this world is just going to cease to exist. Whether or not this sack that we are in is going to collapse, just going to go out like a light, it will be like it never was. Any questions before I go on with the article?


COMMENT: I was just thinking that it is God's perspective.


PASTOR VITALE: God's perspective?


COMMENT: Of where we are right now.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly. Jesus is here and He is not in Hell, but the Serpent is in jail. She cannot leave here. If she leaves here, she ceases to exist. Jesus comes and goes as He pleases. When we ascend, if not above the firmament, but when we ascend to the top of the sea, we will come and go as we please too, because we will not ascend above the firmament until the third stage of the resurrection.


The second stage of resurrection brings us to the surface of the sea that is beneath the firmament. Can you hear that? It brings us to the surface of the sea, of the stagnant sea that is below the firmament.


What does that mean? It means even though we are still below the firmament, we still have dominion over the powers and principalities of this world, but we are still in the body. The third stage of the resurrection takes us out of the body. The body does not ascend above the firmament. Is everybody okay?


Let us take a look at this article. I have highlighted some of the words. "For half a century, physicists have known that there is no such thing as absolute nothingness, and that the vacuum of empty space....


COMMENT: I do not know where you are at.


PASTOR VITALE: I am in the article, the copy of the newspaper article.


"For half a century physicists have know that there is no such thing as absolute nothingness and that the vacuum of empty space is void." That means without even a single atom of matter. Seeds with subtle activity, there us something there, yes. I do not know what it is.


Remember, matter is something that can be counted. You have to be able to count how many cells are in it, how many atoms are in it, how many electrons, how many protons, and how many neutrons? Matter is something that can be counted, or something that can be weighed. No matter how small the weight may be, it has to have weight. Why? Because if you can count it, that means if you have ten of them, it would be one weight, and if you added ten it would be heavier. That which can be counted must have weight.


In our universe, for we know matter and energy...I will tell you again. Energy...heat produces energy. There is chemical energy, and mass produces energy. What does that mean? Something that can be counted. It is a substance, something that you can weigh. When you weigh it, and anything that has weight starts to move, it creates energy. The fact that it is moving, the momentum creates energy.


There is a note on energy, it talks about potential energy. Let us talk about that. On page three, it says "Energy in physics is the ability or capacity to do work." Forms of energy include heat, chemical energy and, according to the theory of relativity, mass. The potential energy is the capacity for doing work. You are not doing it. You are sitting there. Still, you have a potential energy because you know you could do it if you wanted to. Also, there is kinetic energy which is an energy a body possesses, because it is in motion.


There is a little drawing to the right, and we see that motion produces energy. This foam that is filling this sack is not matter, nor is it energy. They do not know what it is, but the scientists have known for a long time that there is no such thing, as far as their wisdom has told them so far, as an absolute vacuum. What is a vacuum? A vacuum us an area that is completely devoid of anything. I am not sure if I printed that for you, yes on Page 10. I have the definition of vacuum. Vacuum, theoretically, is space devoid of matter.


A perfect vacuum has never been obtained. Why? Because there is always air present. Air is always present, and according to this article from our encyclopaedia, even in laboratory conditions the scientists have never succeeded in producing a perfect vacuum. There is always some bit of air in there. Something is in there.


For half a century, physicists have known there was no such thing as an absolute nothingness, and that the vacuum of empty space they are talking about...outer space now, devoid of even a single atom of matter ceased with subtle activity. The question is, what is this activity? The scientists do not know the power of "nothing," the shape of "nothing." They do not know, but they know it is an energy. They do not know what it is or where it came from or anything about it.


We know that it is the Serpent. If you are having trouble understanding this, let me give you a frame of reference. It would be as if a cell, a single cell in our body, it would be as if we were to find out that the cells of our body, of one human being, had a whole society. Just like we do, they had a world, they had a consciousness, and they relate to one another. We are the cells of the Serpent.


Brethren, when Jesus tells us that we are married to the Serpent, He is not fooling. We are completely intertwined with her, she is the very fabric of our being, and she is in every part of us. It will take a miracle to deliver us from her. We are completely dissolved in her. That is why we have to be boiled to get free. We are joined in every cell of our being.


Going on to Paragraph 2 now. With the help of a pair of metal plates and a fine wire, a scientist has directly measured the force exerted by fleeting. That means very brief fluctuations in the vacuum that pace the universe. That pace, the universal pulse of existence, Dr. Lamoreaux measured the force. They are not even calling it an energy. They are calling it a force, because it is not an energy as man knows it. Is that not strange that they are calling it a force?


That is the very word that is used in the book of Daniel. The Serpent is a force, a powerful, powerful force.


The scientific experiment preformed at the University of Washington by Dr. Lamoreaux, atomic physicist, who is now at Los Alamos National laboratory, has described in the most recent issue of the journal, Physical Revue, Dr. Lamoreaux's results almost perfectly match the orbital predictions based on quantum. I guess that should be theoretical. Perfectly matched theoretical predictions based on Quantum Electrodynamics, a theory that touches on many of the riddles of existence and on the origin and fate of the universe.


The theory has been wonderfully accurate in predicting the results of sub‑atomic particle experiment. Sub‑atomic particles are particles.


Science has not found out that the particles of an atom...atomic particles are electrons, neutrons, and protons. You may remember that from our study in Quantum Mechanics in Creation. Science has now found that each one of those particles are made up of many particles, that one electron is made up of many particles.


I did not print out the names for you, and, off hand, I do not know what they are. I could give you some names but I do not know. I could not tell you that they are specifically the sub‑atomic particles of an electron. That is what some sub‑atomic particles are called, quarks, Q U A R K S. I did have the list, but I did not print it out for you. sub‑atomic particles, that is what they are talking about.


There is a particle inside a particle inside a particle. The more powerful the microscope becomes, the more scientists find there are particles within particles within particles within particles. It just keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller.


The theory has been wonderfully accurate predicting the results of sub‑atomic particle experiments and also has been the basis of speculation verging on science fiction. One of the wilder theories is the possibility of the universal vacuum. That means the vacuum which is not a vacuum, but that which fills the sack of the universe. The universal vacuum which our author describes as a ubiquitous empty space of the universe, which we know now that is not really empty, we just thought it was empty, might actually be a false vacuum.


What does that mean? A vacuum is an area devoid of everything, matter, solid, liquid, and gas. If it is a false vacuum, that means it is not empty. It is filled with this foam. They do not know what it is. It is the primordial elements of the creation going back to the origins of time or before time. This foam that is out there, it is the primordial elements of the creation in a perverse relationship with one another. It is spirit, water, and earth. That is the whole creation. They are in a perverse relationship to one another.


Adam married himself, and it was convoluted. All his parts were inward and twisted around. What came out was the Serpent. Remember, Peter said the earth was in the water and standing up out of the water? I do not know about you, but I was very surprised to find out that gas can be considered water. I looked it up in the dictionary. Gas is considered fluid. It flows. Another word for gas is cloud.


The Scriptures talk about clouds. What am I saying? I am saying that this foam that is in the background, it is a sea. It is a cosmic sea or a spiritual sea, and then there is earth that stands up out of the sea.


The Scripture talks about the islands. Maybe the islands are the planets, that which is a solid mass in the mist of the sea. Our bodies are islands in the mist of this spiritual or this cosmic sea. You see my hand is waving at you, but this area is not empty. There is gas here, there is air here, spirit here, and dust here. I am amazed at the dust that accumulates in my house. This air is filled with dust. We do not see it but it is there.


We see that this whole universe within this sack is on two levels. It is either water or gas or the earth mounded up above the water. Whether that mound is in a form of a planet or a human being, the earth is mounded up and standing above the water, if you can hear it.


One of the wilder theories is the possibility of the universal vacuum. The ubiquitous empty space of the universe may actually be a false vacuum. If that were so, something might cause the present day universal vacuum...we know it is not a vacuum now. It is filled with gas or foam, whatever it is filled with. We know what it is filled with.


Again, what is it filled with? It is filled with spiritual water, Cain. It is filled with spiritual earth and the breath of Elohim's life. We are all joined to one another in a perverse configuration that the Bible calls the Serpent, the wild animal that Cain became. If this theory were true, something might cause the present day universal vacuum, which we know is not a vacuum, to collapse to a different vacuum of a lower energy.


This is sort of the point I was trying to address earlier. There seems to be a contradiction here as to whether or not we must speed up or slow down. At this time, I do not have enough information from the science end of it to reconcile this concept, that I was sure that was my lack of expertise in science. Let me just take it from here.


This theory of Quantum Electrodynamics is saying that this vacuum which is not a vacuum, this sack that the universe is in, it is possible for it to further....Why? Do you remember what we said in the beginning, that if you look at the image on the article it says, "Quantum fluctuations produce a form of erupting and collapsing virtual particle."?


If you apply this theory to the whole universe it would have to say that, at this point for the billions of years that we are in existence, the universe is erupting, it is expanding, it is expanded. The whole universe is pulsating. The whole universe is vibrating. It has to collapse. Can you hear it? It has to collapse.


I know there are some people who believe that the universe is continually erupting and collapsing, and that after it collapses it will erupt again, but that it will be too late for those of us who are around when it collapses. This is circular theory, of course. My opinion is that this world is going to collapse, but it will not collapse one second before every spirit has been rescued to the Golden timeline, and that once it does collapse it will never rise again.


Why will it never rise again? Because the whole universe that is erupting and collapsing is the very person of the Serpent, and I know that the Serpent is going to be annihilated. She is going to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. She will not have her own lord any more. Her own base is being destroyed. We know what the scientists do not know. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Let me say it again. According to the laws of Quantum Electrodynamics everything in this universe is pulsating. It is erupting and collapsing, erupting and collapsing. Birth and death. Your heart beats, it contracts and releases. Everything is vibrating and pulsating. Depending on sizes and other factors of the elements of the universe, all of these areas are erupting and collapsing at a variety of rates of speed.


Human beings are born, they erupt and they collapse. Seventy, eighty, ninety years. The wave length of human birth and death, seventy, eighty, ninety years. Some people live to one hundred years. Some people die sooner. That is the human wavelength. From the time you appear in the earth until the time that you die, and your body goes back under the ground, is a single wavelength.


What is the common word for this? Generation. It is a Generation. Generations rise and fall. They are wavelengths, seventy, eighty, and ninety years. Hundred years, it depends on how blessed you are. If that is true of humanity, if it is true that every seven years our cells are completely replaced, which is what science says also, every seven years our cells, a new set of cells rise up and our old cells die, a rise and fall, a rise and fall. If this is true, then it must be true of the universe and as a whole.


What is true of your body is also true of your individual cells. Can you hear that? If this is true of your whole body, its true of your individual cells. If the whole universe is pulsating, the planets are spinning on their axis, they are rotating around the stars, everything is moving, moving, moving, erupting and falling, the universe, as a whole, which erupted into existence must come to a point where it will collapse. Can you hear that? Can you hear it? Can you hear it?


This is what the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics indicates. If it is true for the parts, it must be true for the whole. Viewing the universe as a sack or as a bubble...if you can remember or envision a child blowing a bubble, it will just collapse and everyone in the bubble will cease to exist.


I saw a Star Trek episode based on this principal that was very interesting. The doctor, Kate Mulgrew, I will not go into the whole episode, she gets trapped inside a bubble. They would not call it a spiritual bubble. I do not even know what they called it on Star Trek, but she gets trapped inside a bubble. She was the only one in it, and inside the bubble was her own little world. It was a replica of the Enterprise. She was the only one there, and her son and the other members of the crew were trying to communicate with her and to make a way for her to escape.


I guess another way to say it is that she was in another dimension, which they described as a bubble, and the bubble was collapsing. There actually was a scene where she had this revelation of where the gateway was back into the reality where everybody was, or back into the other dimension where everybody was. She only had a couple of minutes before the bubble completely collapsed, which would have been her end.


She was racing down the deck to get to the area where the gateway was, to the dimension that was stable. Because, this bubble, the reality that she was in, she was in a reality or she was in a dimension that was not stable, was collapsing so she had to get into another dimension, or she had to get into another reality.


There has to be a gateway, there has to be a place by which you can crossover. It is not that easy to find the door. You know who is the door? Who is the door? Jesus is the door.


Jesus is the door, and He is inside of you. You have to get into the door inside of you. To get into the door that is inside of you, you have to go in, not out. There is nothing wrong about giving out tracts, but it is not going to get you through the door.


You have to become spiritual. You have to go in, and to get in you have to pierce through your carnal mind. There is no way you are going in without seeing that part of you which is sin, because if you cannot see it as sin, you will never get past it. You will never get past it, and you will be there when that bubble collapses.


What is the word that describes the collapse of your individual bubble? Death, brethren, death. Death. Everybody in this world dies. Your bubble collapses. You should have seen this episode of Star Trek, why Dr. Mulgrew was just running down that hall. She had this revelation of where the stable gateway was, and she kept looking behind her. Every time she turned around there was just nothing behind her. Her whole world was just folding up behind her. It was ceasing to exist.


It would be as if you got up and started walking towards me, and that whole end of my living room just started to disappear with every step you took. There was nothing to go back to, because everything was disappearing behind you. That is what was happening to her. The bubble that she was trapped in was collapsing. That is exactly what is happening to us. God help us.


Most of the church is looking for the door outside of themselves. They are looking for the stable gateway outside themselves. It is in. It is in the gateway to the Golden timeline, which is our deliverance from this collapsing bubble that we are living in. This body is inside of us, and you have to fight your sin nature to get to that stable threshold. Jesus prepared it for us. He prepared the place for us. It is called Christ.


Christ is different than the Holy Ghost. First, you have to get to the doorway. First, you have to get Jesus. Then, you have to have Christ formed in you, then you have to go through the door. You have to wage war against your sin nature, or you will never get in. When this bubble collapses, you will cease to exist. That is not a threat, it is the truth. It is better than going to Hell.


We are in a bubble, brethren. Our own body is a bubble, our own mind is a bubble, the planet we live on, the galaxy we are a part of, the universe that we are a part of, each on its own level, is erupting and collapsing, erupting and collapsing. Unless we get out of this dimension and get into the Golden timeline, the day will come when we will cease to exist, whether it happens in this body or whether we are young, vibrant people with a whole lifetime ahead of us, when the whole world ceases to exist. We are in a bubble on many levels. Praise the Lord. Is that not interesting?


Let us read on. If that were so, that this world might cease to exist or if that were so..Let me back up here. One of the wilder theories is that the universal vacuum, the ubiquitous empty space of the universe might actually be a false vacuum. That means it is not empty, there is something in it. If that were so, something might cause the present day universal vacuum to collapse to a different vacuum of a lower energy. They are talking about the Golden timeline. As I know, the Golden Timeline is a higher energy, higher rate of vibration, the effect, propagating at the speed of light, that means increasing at the speed of light would be the annihilation of all matter in this universe.


The article says, "all matter in this universe." The definition of universe is all of existence, including the galaxies, but we know something that the scientists do not know, that this whole universe with all the galaxies and everything is just a tear in Jehovah's fabric. Hallelujah.


The effect, propagating at the speed of light, would be the annihilation of all matter in the universe. Thank God. All the matter in this universe would be destroyed. Thank God, it is perverse. There would be no warning for humankind, the earth and its inhabitants would simply cease to exist the instant the collapsing vacuum reached the planet. Do you hear that? We would cease to exist the instant the collapsing vacuum reached the planet. The whole universe is collapsing.


Can you picture Doctor Mulgrew running down the hall and everything behind her turning to nothing?


As the whole universe is collapsing, eventually it is going to catch up to the earth. That is what he is saying, and we will just cease to exist unless we get through the door.


Another suggestion, by several theorists is a phenomenon, is that the phenomenon Dr. Lamoreaux has been studying might provide a mechanism by which some advanced civilization in the distant future could construct a time‑warp machine allowing people to tunnel almost instantly through worm holes to distant points in time and space. Do you hear what it is saying? It is saying that according to the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, it is possible for a doorway to open through which we can escape. Is that not nice?


He calls it a mechanism, Jesus calls it a doorway, by which some advanced civilization...that is really interesting because we know, in the man Jesus, Adam rose from the dead. Adam was and is civilization. He was everything that civilization was to be, but when he died we became a wild animal.


Adam himself, in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, Adam risen in the man, Jesus, is now the Lord Jesus Christ, is the advanced civilization that knows how to do all these things in the distant future? No brethren, not in the distant future, right now. Today is the day of salvation. Now.


That someone, that advanced civilization could construct a time‑warp machine, what does that mean? A machine that would warp time. What is a warp? It means that if you have something flat and it warps, it bulges, you get a belly in it. It is a distortion of time. Someone would be able to change the direction of time. Is that not what a warp is? It changes the original form. The word warp in my book was always something bad.


You do not want to warp something. It is supposed to be flat and smooth and perform its function, but sometimes you want to warp something. You want to change it, you want to twist it for your own purpose.


He says, "a machine that would warp time." A machine that would bend the space‑time continuum, so that people would be allowed to tunnel, tunnel almost instantly through worm holes to distant points in space and time.


Let us talk about a worm hole. A worm hole, how do I explain this to you? When I first saw a picture of a wormhole, I was looking for a picture of it to show you tonight. I know I have it, I have it on one of my disks, but I could not find it. I put in a phone call to see if someone could help me. I will give it to you when I find it.


What is a worm hole? A worm hole is an opening, it is an opening in the fabric of time and space that actually pulls space inside out. Pulls space inside out, like if you had a glove, and you turn the glove inside out.


This is the only example I could think of. Those of you that are here know anything about sewing? I mean really constructing clothing? Did you ever see...it is like a string that comes with a dress. It would be like a tie around the waist. A thin piece of material that was stitched and then pulled inside out so that the stitching is on the inside. Do you know what I am talking about?


That is what a worm hole is. Do you know what it looks like? Do you remember what it looks like? You take your piece of material, you stitch it up and then you take some long instrument with a hook on the end of it, and you would push it all the way through the end of the tube and pull it through. That is what a worm hole is. If you do not pull it all the way through, at some point you will have an opening at both ends. If you do not pull it all the way through, if you only pull it halfway through, you will have an opening at both ends. If you can envision that.


A worm hole is a distortion in the fabric of space. It is a warp in the fabric of space that lets you pass through. It creates a tunnel that lets you pass through. It is something that is turned inside out. When I saw the picture, all that I could think of was the world at the top of the abyss, and the world that we are in now at the bottom of the abyss. When you see the picture of it, it almost looks like a horn. It is thin in the middle, and both ends open up wide.


It looks so much like what I have been drawing on the board for you, it just blew my mind. When I draw the surface of the abyss, and when the abyss comes down to a point, and then all the waters fell through, and the world opened up at the bottom of the sea. Are you following me without putting it on the board? You following me at all? That is what a worm hole is.


What this author is saying is that the law of Quantum Electrodynamics says that there is a possibility that while the whole universe is collapsing, it might be possible for some advanced civilization to warp space, to twist it, to turn it, so that they can go underground while this was all happening, and somehow wind up in some safe place, to distant points in space and time.


I am not really sure what he means there. Except to say, if it is taking millions of years for the whole universe to collapse, if they can tunnel through a worm hole.


We know that it is not a worm hole. We know that it is a bonafide door, because worm holes are not stable. A worm hole is like a tunnel, and the whole tunnel could collapse on you when you are in the midst of it. Of course, this is only just theory, no one has ever been in a worm hole that I know of.


The door Jesus has provided for us is not a tunnel or a worm hole. It is a stable threshold that will not collapse. He, Jesus, is a solid, stable threshold that will not collapse, and when He reproduces His life in us, Christ in you the hope of your glorification, you will have a solid, stable, threshold within you that will not collapse.


The other side of the door will not be a distant point in space and time, but it will be the eternal world, or it will be an area...that is not really accurate. It will be an area above the firmament on the surface of the waters where you have contact with eternity.


Dr. Lamoreaux's experiment was the first direct and conclusive demonstration of something much less speculative, the Casimir Effect, which has been posited as a force. There it is again, they are calling it an energy, but it is not an energy. It is a force that is produced solely by activity in the empty vacuum.


That word "empty" is in quotes because a vacuum, the word "vacuum" by itself implies that the container is empty, but it is not empty. The universe is not empty, and this room is not empty. The furniture and the people are not the only thing in this room. There is no such thing as empty space between people, and there is no such thing as empty space between the very cells of our body. There is no such thing as empty space between the planets or between the galaxies. No such thing.


Let me read this sentence again. We are talking about the Casimir Effect, which has been posited as force produced solely by activity in the empty vacuum. His results came as no surprise to anyone familiar with Quantum Electrodynamics, but they served as material confirmation of a bizarre theoretical prediction.


Quantum Electrodynamics hold that the all pervading vacuum continuously spawns particles and waves that spontaneously pop into and out of existence on an almost unimaginable short time scale. What he is saying is, if you are looking at the picture of the shape of nothing, this distortion, this topographic distortion, of the fabric of space time, Dr. Lamoreaux found it is happening incredibly rapidly.


What I just read to you was that this distortion is resulting from particles and waves spontaneously popping up, erupting, and collapsing. He says "popping up and out of existence on an unimaginable short time scale." Apparently, the vibration of the foam in space is very rapid.


Remember, I just said a few minutes ago that every aspect of the Serpent is vibrating at its own rate of speed. Human beings in this world vibrate at a speed of 70, 80, 90 or 100 years. Pimples erupt and collapse in a matter of days. Rabbits reproduce much more rapidly than human beings. The universe has been in existence for millions of years, it has erupted and stayed up for billions of years, maybe trillions. Who knows how many years before it does collapse?


What Dr. Lamoreaux is saying is that the foam, the force that is out there in the vacuum, that is not a vacuum, because it is not empty, that the particles of this foam are rising and falling at an unimaginable rapid rate. What does this sound like to you? The sea going in and out? You know what it reminds me of? What I preached about in the tape #38.


We found it in Ezekiel 1, that this whole world really can be likened to a moving picture where the film has to be moving real rapidly as the light shines through it. Or when we were kids, we used to buy gum and get those...they were all like different squares, you would flip them, and it would look like the pictures on the squares were moving.


That is what this world is. Rapidly moving, moving picture film, and the light shining through it. That is what gives us animation. Is this amazing? Is this amazing?


This turning point in time, as some physicist call it, is believed to extend throughout the universe. It fills the empty space within the atoms in human bodies and reaches the emptiest and most remote regions of the cosmos. In this foam, a typical pair of newborn virtual particles can survive for only about ‑10 to the 34th power of a second. That is a fraction of a second equal...this is all physics. I cannot even relate to how small that is. It is a millionth or a trillionth of a second. That is how long they last. What does that mean?


If something is rising and falling that rapidly, you could not see the rise and fall. It looks solid, like a rapidly moving picture film. Another example is nations. Rising and falling human beings live 70, 80, 90, 100 years. Societies, nations sometimes live for a thousand years, and they collapse. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire. There are governments that only exist for a season. The country stands, but the government rises and falls.


The foam in the vacuum is rising and falling so rapidly that it must appear...if you can see it, it must appear to be solid. It is the basic fabric of the universe upon which all of the galaxies and the people that live on the planets and everything that is three dimensional in this universe is woven. The foam is the basic thread of the universe, and there are designs woven in her that stand up and stand out. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


Quantum Electrodynamics became a respectable theory in the 1920's, and since then it has been rigorously tested by many experiments and found to be perfectly sound. The Casimir Effect had not been directly measured. The Effect is named for Hendrick B. G. Casimir, the Dutch physicist, who predicted it in 1948, based on calculations derived from Quantum Electrodynamics.


He concluded that if two parallel metal plates were held very close together, a force, not an energy now, a force generated by vacuum quantum effects. What does that mean? It means effects in the vacuum of the universe which are not a vacuum, effects that could be measured. They are using the words force and effects, because they cannot call it energy. It is not an energy known to man, but there is activity in the vacuum that is not a vacuum. He is saying that the activity of this force would cause the two plates to be pushed together.


He is not calling it magnetism. Right. We know if two objects are attracted to one another in this world, it is magnetism. If they adhere to one another, it is adhesion. Did you ever hear of adhesive tape? If something adheres to something else it is adhesion. If two objects are attracted to each other, it is magnetism.


This man, Dr. Lamoreaux, is saying that there is a force, there is a force in outer space, but they do not know what it is. It is not an energy. It is not an energy as we know it, and it is a force. It is not magnetism as we know it, but that it will draw the two plates together.


This experiment is proving that "nothing" has power, the power of "nothing." There is nothing there, but under his laboratory conditions the two plates were drawn together.


Do you know what comes to mind? The first time that a scientist, and I do not know who he was, did an experiment, I learned about it in school. He took some flour, he put it in a jar and closed the jar really tight, waited a certain amount of time and pestilence appeared in the flour.


There is hidden life, I do not want to call it life. There is hidden existence everywhere, you cannot see it. Small eggs everywhere rising, rising out of apparently nothing. He proved that this empty space between the two plates was really a force that had the power to draw the two plates together. It was not magnetism, it was not gravity, it is a different kind of force.


We know the name of it. She is the Serpent, and the source of her power is Elohim's breath of life, which she legally possesses, which she is married to in a perverse relationship of parts.


Dr. Lamoreaux decided to conduct the exceedingly difficult experiment of measuring the force between two parallel plates, directly aligning the plates to be perfectly parallel, while separated by a space only about one micron wide, that is very, very small, proved to be impossible, he said in an interview.


A micron which is one millionth of a meter is about one, one hundredth of the thickness of a human hair. Instead he substituted a lens‑shaped plate from one of the flat ones, and with this constant separation between the plate and the closest point of the curved surface. One of the plates was attached to the bar suspended by a fine tungsten wire - a torsion pendulum. By linking the other end of the bar to a feedback system, he was able to detect a measure, a tiny attractive force. It is attractive force that is not gravitation. Is that not amazing? The power of "nothing."


The Scripture which has been around for thousands of years knows that. Amazing. Praise the Lord. Anybody have any questions or comments? I think we have some time on the tape. Anyone have any questions or comments? I may look through some of these definitions.


COMMENT: I was thinking of that one millionth of a meter, that thread so thin, I am reminded of Judas when he talked about the leaven to the Pharisees. Leaven makes the cakes rise and fall, and it made me think of the recipes these witchcraft workers have for these different potions. Different measures and mixtures, and the same thing in the Old Testament, flour and oil and it rises and falls. Did you get anything from that?


PASTOR VITALE: Just that it is a part of this world that is erupting and collapsing. Even when we bake bread, which is the staff of life, it is erupting and collapsing. It is everywhere.


COMMENT: I was also thinking about the wrong mixture you were talking about a long time ago, dust. There only was supposed to be a smidgen of dust. The wrong amount....


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, wrong proportions. Yes, can I clarify what you just said? What XXXX is trying to say is that when Elohim made this creation, it was designed to be mostly spirit and just a spattering of dust, but what happened is that the waters of creation saturated herself or condensed herself by joining with the earth, and we are now completely out of proportion.


We are more earth than water, so that we have become solid. We were not intended to be solid. We were intended to be fluid. We are supposed to be fluid, not solid.


If we use ice as an example, once we have become solid it becomes very painful to be delivered from this condition. It takes boiling. I find that so interesting that the Scriptural judgement for a spiritual being, which is Satan, is boiling. We have to be boiled to escape from this body, because our condition is likened to an ice cube. We have slowed down and solidified to such a degree that our spiritual cells, our spiritual energy, has to be stirred up.


Our rate of vibration has to be increased. The method of choice is boiling, it is heat. Heat speeds up. It speeds up atomic activity and, apparently, it speeds up spiritual activity too. Heat speeds us up. You have to be boiled to escape from a solid stagnate condition. Is that not interesting? I think so. Did you want to say something? No? I thought you wanted to say something.


COMMENT: I was just thinking about the infinite wave. Could that be a timeline also? The infinite wavelength, could that be the timeline?


PASTOR VITALE: It could be, could be. The infinite wavelength could be.


COMMENT: I was just thinking about the exercises the people go through that gets your metabolism working.


PASTOR VITALE: You have a point there. As I go through all of these notes, it definitely did witness to that, that we have to speed up the activity for optimum health. We have to speed up the activity of our cells and of our organs, and death is associated with lethargy, and sluggishness, and inactivity. Compared to the condition that our spirit was in before the fall, we are very dead. We are very lethargic, very solid. We are supposed to be fluid.


That is what happened to Jesus when He was glorified. He received a spiritual body. What does that mean? A lot of people have trouble relating to those words, spiritual body. How about fluid body? His body became fluid. It could take any form. We are in a perverse condition. I will tell you again. I will tell you until you cannot stand me anymore that we are in a perverse condition.


I do not care how much you love your family, we are in a perverse condition. I am not telling you not to love your family, but you have got to know that this is not what Elohim and Jehovah intended for us. To be in animal bodies, it was not the intention, it was not the intention of Almighty God. He has something better for us. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: That video I was telling you about with the black hole, where they said they had taken it from a theory to actually proving that there are these black holes. They talked about gases.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. There are a lot of gases in black holes. There is a gas rim, I think it is called animadversion(??), I may not have the right word, that surrounds the black hole. A black hole is characterized by an extraordinary gravitational pull. It is like quicksand. Nothing that gets sucked into that black hole ever escapes, not even light.


Light is traditionally not subject to gravity. Light is light. Really, I do not believe it has any weight. It does not, it has no mass. I saw that when I was preparing for this message. Protons, which is what light is made of, has no weight.


How does light get trapped in a black hole? I mean that is some gravitational pull that it traps something that does not even have any weight. That is an intense, intense gravitational pull. It is clearer to me than it has ever been.


I know I mentioned to you in our Quantum Mechanics series, but I do not know if I made it this clear. I do not think I made it this clear, so let me take this opportunity.


That phenomenon that actually bent the sides of the abyss so that they came together and sealed us into this black hole, what caused that was the thickening of Cain in the press. It was the thickness of the matter when the earth came together with the waters and formed the clay. The thickening of the waters, that phenomenon caused the sides of the abyss to curve, because space‑time curves in the presence of matter.


I am going to say it again. It was Cain thickening herself with the earth. She became an animal. This flesh that we are in, this is Cain's flesh. She was water with a smattering of dust and the breath of Elohim's life. She was fluid or part of a fluid being, but she became solid, and she came into animal flesh. It was this thickening of the water, this solidifying of that water, that caused the sides of the abyss to bend towards one another and to seal off. Do you hear what I am saying?


It was Cain who was water, taking on the earth and becoming solid clay.


Every cause has an effect. Everything you do has an effect out there. When Cain joined, thickened herself with the waters and became a solid animal, one of the effects it had on our surroundings, which was the whole space‑time continuum, was that the sides of the abyss bent because of the pressure of the solid clay and sealed off, and sealed all the waters in a black hole. That is what it did. Anybody else?


COMMENT: When you spoke of the clay it made me think of the image in Daniel.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting.


We know that account of Nebuchadnezzar with his statue is a type of pride of man and a type of the fall of man. I never quite thought of the image that way, though I find it very interesting. The Serpent formed herself into the image of a man. Very interesting. Anybody else? You have something to say?


COMMENT: I am not sure how to word it. This force or this foam, where does it appear when there is death?


PASTOR VITALE: The answer is, there is no simple answer.


Let me remind you we were talking about the fabric of the time‑ space continuum, that the basic fabric of it is foam. Remember, Peter talks about the earth and the water and the earth standing up out of the water. I said that the fabric of the space‑time continuum is this foam, and it is as if somebody was embroidering a quilt and they, when you embroider it, you just stitch and stitch and stitch until you get a three dimensional aspect of the quilt. That is what man is. We are the earth standing up out of the water.


When we die, we just go back down into the foam. All of the parts that we were made of, just go back down into the foam, melt back down. That is really interesting, because if you can receive that, that is really another witness to some very controversial thing that I have been preaching here for a long time, which is that when a human being dies the physical flesh goes back to the dust of the earth. The spirit goes back to the fathers, and the substance of the personality goes back to the spiritual clay.


I have been preaching that for a very long time, and some people have been very upset about that. Its seams to line right up with this teaching of the foam. It goes right back to the basic substance of the universe, which is continuously rising and falling, erupting and falling. It goes right back into the basic fabric of the universe. I am really glad you asked that question. Anybody else?


We just had a question off the tape, and I am going to try to clarify it. When I say, when a human being dies and goes back to the fathers, for those of you who may have not heard my teachings before, that word in the Old Testament, the fathers, is plural. It is not talking about Jehovah. It is talking about the fathers of the creation, which we recently have learned. Does anybody know who the fathers of the creation are? Does anybody remember?


The fathers are the first and last Adam. The first and the last Adam. Elohim is true. The first and the last Adam have arisen out of Elohim. We recently have found out in this ministry that the first Adam, the living soul, and the last Adam, his name is Michael, both Adam's appear in Genesis 3.


I know from eighteen years ago or sixteen years ago, when I did a study in Genesis, I could not understand why Jehovah put Adam in the Garden twice. Each time that He put him in the Garden it was a different Hebrew word that was translated "put." After all these years, I am almost 19 years in God, I have got the answer. It was the first and last Adam that was put in the Garden. The last Adam's name is Michael.


I do not want to get into any kind of controversy, because it is really not pertinent to this message, except that it really does not set right with me anyway to say that the fathers were the first and last Adam.


Was not Jesus the first and last Adam in the same man? Jesus the first and the last Adam were expressing their nature and the nature of Jehovah through the man Jesus, and they all became one. The first Adam, the living soul, and the last Adam, Michael, were present in the man, Jesus, and the three became one. Jesus became a glorified man. The fathers of the creation are Adam and Michael.


"Fathers of the creation." If you are listening to this tape, do not be stumbling over Michael. You do not have to believe that if you do not want to. If you are stumbling over that, then just think of it in the terms of the first and last Adam. The Hebrew Scripture clearly indicates that the spirit does not go back to Jehovah, it goes back to the fathers. Whatever you want to believe they are, that goes back to the fathers.


Where are the fathers? If you review everything that was taught here tonight, where are the fathers? Remember what I said earlier? This whole creation consists of three elements which are in a perverse relationship of their parts. Elohim's breath of life, known as the human spirit, the waters of creation, Cain, and the earth that she thickened herself with. Who are the fathers?


They are in the spirit, they are in the breath of life. Remember, I said at the beginning of this message that the Serpent is in every atom and subatomic particle of this creation, so is Elohim's breath. Remember, Able was buried underneath the earth. The spirit, the breath of life....Cain, the female animal, absorbed the breath of life and became the Serpent.


Elohim's breath, which is representative of the first and last Adam, is the residue. The residue of the first and last Adam in this creation is in the spirit. Can you hear that?


When a person dies, their human spirit goes back, I cannot tell you how it exactly happens, but fades into the earth where ever the spirit is. If you can think of the fabric of the time‑space continuum, think of it as just a woven sheet that eruptions are appearing in. Rising and falling. Rising and falling. When the eruption rises up, it is separate and distinct from the flat aspect of the sheet. When the eruption collapses, it just fades back into the fabric of the shape.


Take a piece of linen and a pin and pull a piece of the linen up. That thread stands out. It is distinct. Then, you take the piece of fabric, you pull it, and it all ends, and you spread that single thread, and you sort of push it back into place, and it is no longer obvious. Do you hear what I am saying?


If you take a piece of linen, and you take one thread, you sort of pull it up, yank it up, it becomes obvious, it stands out from the whole tablecloth. Sometimes, you pull your tablecloth by mistake. What do you do? You get at the end of the tablecloth, and you pull it, and you yank it until that thread goes back in, in line with the rest of the table cloth. You could never even find it again. Do you know what I am talking about?


That is what happens to the human spirit. That is what happens to the human spirit, and that is what happens to the spiritual earth of your personality. It goes back, it collapses into the fabric of this spiritual time‑space continuum. If you can hear it. I may not have it exactly right, but it is real close.


There is a substance that this whole world is made of. This substance, this fabric, is continuously erupting and collapsing and when that which erupted, collapses, it just falls back into the hole. If you can hear it, it is growing up time. There is no Easter bunny or Santa Claus, and there is no heaven with angels with wings and streets of gold. Heaven and Hell are in the flesh.


Every human being that has been born since the fall, with the exception of Jesus Christ, that is not true now...with the exception of Jesus Christ, Elijah, Elisha, I do not know about Enoch, I am not really sure about them, but they have risen, they have lived for a season, and that was the end of them. All of these personalities are temporary. Jesus was glorified. Elisha and Elijah were glorified. I do not know about anybody else. I just know those three for sure. They were glorified. Jesus became the Savior of all mankind, but Elisha and Elijah were glorified too.




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