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COMMENT: When you were talking you mentioned the word veil, and I got a quick flash in my mind of the saying that I heard years ago, the baby was born with a veil over their face. Is that some kind of witchcraft?


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is what superstition says, I don't know. Some people say it's good luck and some people say it is a curse. It is the placenta that comes out over the baby's head.


COMMENT: That's what they call the veil?




COMMENT: And you said something else before, you said the firmament in our mind is the veil.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, did I say that. If I said that I didn't know that I said it. Either it was the Lord in your mind or it was the Lord coming out of my mouth. The firmament is the veil. Well, I don't know about that. The firmament may be the veil that separates us from the world above, but this world below is partitioned.


There is a spiritual world below the firmament that we cannot see, well both worlds are piercing through. The world from above the firmament is piercing through into this world, and the invisible world beneath the firmament is piercing through into this world, and I have no problem with your seeing as the penetration of a virgin because that's what the Lord has shown me that it is, and that when the serpent connects through Satan that it is a marriage.


Our hope is that we shall marry Michael from above, the first and last Adam. The first Adam is beneath the firmament, and the last Adam is above the firmament so the first Adam is rising from the dead in us, and our hope is that he will rise within us, dominate our sin nature, and then marry Michael who is above. That is our restoration to the world above, our marriage to Michael.


COMMENT: So then is the groom Michael?


PASTOR VITALE: Xxxx, that is a good question. I have this before the Lord, and I am waiting for a lot of answers. I've gotten a couple of them. That's what it looks like. I am a little confused at this point as to our connection with Jesus. I am waiting for the clarification. This is my understanding, that Jesus is the sacrifice for sin. His faithful ascension, his deliverance from this world has sanctified the whole world, has made the whole world eligible for the same experience. Jesus' glorification has made the whole world eligible for glorification through faith in Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God. Beyond that since the Lord has given us this revelation of Michael I have a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. I see in Revelation 12 that Michael and His angels are fighting the dragon and his angels.


Also, I remind you that the Lord has shown us that the Holy Spirit is not the spirit of Jesus Christ because the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary, and there was no spirit of Jesus Christ at that time. So, who is the Holy Spirit? Is it Michael? Or is it Elohim? I am not really sure. We are talking about the seed. The seed that has to be engrafted to us. Jesus said that the Word of God is the seed. I said, well Lord if the Holy Spirit is coming down and connecting with our human spirit where is the seed in all this? I have an answer to that which sounds right.


You may recall me telling you that when we study the Old Testament prophets the angel came to Daniel, for example, and touched a lock of his hair. I don't believe it was his natural hair, but that's what the scripture says, and if you recall the teaching when the angel comes he has to wound Leviathan and connect with the man's human spirit. So for all intents and purposes for the Hebrew prophets to get these deep prophecies that they got the carnal mind is knocked cold, and Adam is temporarily raised from the dead. It is a temporary full stature that the man comes into so whoever can receive the revelation.


This is what I'm hearing, that when the Holy Spirit touches us as we subject ourselves to the Holy Spirit through anointed meetings of the preaching and teaching where the spirit is flowing that spirit comes and connects with our human spirit, and the seed is produced. I didn't make it clear, let me say it again. With the Old Testament prophets Leviathan is knocked cold. With the prophets it doesn't say the Holy Spirit. It usually says, and an angel came and touched me. Now the angel is Michael, that I got. So the angel comes and touches his human spirit, and when Michael touches your human spirit he raises Adam from the dead. That's what he does.


When Michael touches your human spirit it raises the first Adam from the dead. When the Holy Spirit touches our human spirit the Word of God is temporarily raised from the dead. We could be sitting in an anointed meeting, and the Word of God is temporarily raised from the dead in us. Am I making any sense? And then it is possible for that seed to engraft to our human spirit. Once it is present in us because we are submitted to anointed ministry, and the seed is now appearing in us it is possible to engraft to us.


That's why we are saved by the foolishness of preaching. That's why it has to come through preaching because there is an anointing coming from the man's who's preaching or whatever touches our human spirit, the Word of God is present and has the opportunity to engraft. Does that make any sense? I still have a question in my mind whether the Holy Spirit....I wouldn't think that the Holy Spirit is Michael because....I don't know....I don't know why the Lord would say the Holy Spirit when it is Michael unless it could be that it is a code, but apparently it is not a well known fact in the church that Michael is so important in our salvation.


We know that the angel said to Daniel that it took him 21 days, I was hindered but Michael came and fought for you. We know that Michael is the warrior. We were talking about this off the tape. I've never heard anyone preach about Michael. I had no idea that Michael was so important as it is being revealed to us now so maybe the Holy Spirit is a code name for Michael, but I don't think so because Michael is an angel. Michael is an archangel, and the Holy Spirit is a spirit. To me, an angel is a personality.


COMMENT: I had always thought that the Holy Spirit that hovered over Mary was the spirit of Jehovah, the Holy Spirit that came out from Jehovah, and I was just questioning if Michael was the name of the son because Hebrew Christians say that to use Elohim is to use the name that really should be applied to evil, Satan, I forget exactly how they say it.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know the answer to that question. I read their literature on it, and I could not receive it at all. I did put it before the Lord. At the time that literature came we had been using the name of Elohim heavily, and I haven't heard anything from Him on it. The only comment I have about that is that I do have a revelation that every time there is a change of name it means something so even if the Holy Spirit is Jehovah it is another function of Jehovah. Everything is Jehovah, you know. Elohim is Jehovah, Michael is Jehovah, Jehovah is all that there is. There is one spirit and many administrations thereof.


So if the Holy Spirit is Jehovah it is another expression of Jehovah just as Elohim is and Michael is so it can't be the same, you see. That's why I say the Holy Spirit cannot be Michael because they are different names. There has to be a reason why they have different names. There has to be a reason so I don't understand it, and I am waiting for the Lord to explain to me what all this is.


Now going all the way back 10-11 years ago before this ministry started there was another ministry here on Long Island who was associated with many other ministries that were preaching...well I really don't want to go into what they were saying. Let me put it to you this way. They were going around saying that they had the same position as Jesus had, and I was very offended by it because I know that the scripture says that He is the head of the body, and I know that He is the Savior, the scripture says that He is the Savior of the world, but I think what's happening now is that we are coming into a revelation that they might have seen in a perverse way. They may have laid hold of a truth, but because their pride rose up they received it in a perverse way.


I know there was one man who came in from out of state, and he preached that some denomination, he had some interaction with some denomination, and they wanted him to agree with their statement of faith that Jesus is the only begotten son of God, and he said I couldn't sign it because I am a begotten son of God also. Now that's not true, you see. Jesus is the only one who is begotten. We have Jesus' life engrafted to us so we are not the same as He is.


There is a difference, a definite difference. He is the head and He has the preeminence, and He's different than we are, and I am starting to see some of these differences, but I don't have the complete revelation yet, but they must have seen something that Jesus of Nazareth had an experience that we are going to share in, that we are going to have the same experience. We are going to overcome our sin nature, we are going to experience the first, second, and third, Lord willing, stages of resurrection, but what happened to them was when they got this revelation they started to think that they didn't need Jesus, that they were having the same experience that Jesus had, and that Jesus didn't have any Jesus and He went through so why can't we do it. Am I making any sense at all?


I think that's what they must have been thinking. What they didn't realize was that Jesus had Michael. You see, it is a secret, it is a secret. If it is in the scripture at all it is hidden in some kind of a code. I haven't found it in the scriptures yet, but Jesus had Michael. How do I know Jesus had Michael? Because to ascend into the second stage of resurrection Jesus had to marry Michael.


We have seen it with Elisha and Elijah. To ascend out of this time line you have to marry the eternal time line, and Michael is the representation of the eternal time line so Jesus of Nazareth did have a mentor. He did have an elder brother. It was Michael, but it is a big secret. There is just a big mystery surrounding all the information that we have about this process that's going to raise us from the dead. We don't know where Jesus was all those years of His youth. We know that He was trained. . . we don't even know that....we just assume that He was trained as a Jewish boy. We don't know what His experiences were. We have no information whatsoever about Him before we hear from Him at 30 years old.


Who trained Him? Was all His training directly from above? Who trained Him? Some New Agers say that He was in Egypt, but He was only in Egypt as a child. In any event they say, all those years of His life He was in India or the Far East getting all this occult training from these mystics over there. When I first heard it I was offended. I thought how could you say such a thing? And here I am getting information from books on Kundilini. How do I know?


Why is His childhood such a secret? Why don't we have any information about the kind of training that He had? Why not? There is a mystery here. There is something that we don't know. The only thing that I touched on today was one scripture that indicates that Jesus is coming back bodily, and this is a big, big issue in the church. A large part of the church is waiting for Jesus Christ's physical return, the physical return of the man, Jesus, and that man doesn't exist any more. At least not in the form that we know Him. He is now a glorified man. I don't want to go on. I'll talk to you, leave the tape on, but I'm not going to do anything with this tape because I don't see how I could send this tape out. I'm just going to level with you as to where I am, but I'm not going to produce this tape now.


I've been asking the Lord about this singularity, and I believe I have an answer from the Lord. It is singularity versus duality. Unless the Lord tells me I'm being deceived, I have it before Him, I was not correct in what I was thinking. I had this concept in my mind that once we ascend above the firmament we are going to be one man, and I saw it as a crystal with different planes in the crystal, that we would have our own identity, but we would be all one, and I based that on Ezekiel's new creation man in Ezekiel 1, and I would not understand it. I just knew that even though we would be all one we would have more freedom than we had down here in our individuality, but the way my thoughts are going now, and it may not be God, you are just experiencing how I study, OK? And how I meditate on the Word.


The way it looks now is that I was wrong, that the singularity is within the individual. Now this is what duality and singularity mean, this is what I heard from the Lord today. Duality is talking about the fact that the beings down here underneath the firmament, the way we reproduce is an incestuous form of reproduction. We have broken ourselves into two pieces, and we are interacting with each other. The male and female aspect of the creation which was singular on the other side of the flood has now divided into male and female, and we are interacting with each other. If you remember the teaching on Quantum Mechanics, Adam came through the firmament, he broke down into two people, and the two people interacted with each other, and that's how this world has been expanding ever since. It is an incestuous form of interaction.


God is not involved in the reproduction. The female animal is interacting with herself and producing more female animals, but God's not involved in the reproduction. Are you following me? We have a human spirit, but unless you have been reconciled to Jesus your human spirit is dead. So, what we are is a whole society of female animals interacting with one another and producing more female animals, and that is the duality.


We have broken into two parts and we are interacting with each other. It is a dual form of reproduction. The word duality and singularity have to do with the form of reproduction. So the singularity that exists above the firmament is a form of reproduction which calls for one female animals, see down here we are two female animals interacting with each other. The singularity is one female animal interacting with the spirit of God producing another singular man. I will say it again.


On the other side of the flood Noah and all of the descendants of Seth that lived on the other side of the flood were all ascended men. They were all living spiritually above the firmament. See, that's what the flood is all about. The flood was an individual experience for everyone of them. All of these descendants of Seth on the other side of the flood, Noah's contemporaries, they were spiritually living above the firmament, and when the judgment came from Jehovah their waters fell down. This was all a spiritual experience within themselves, and they became mortal men. Are you following me? OK.


But the kind of men that they were before the judgment is singular men. They were singular men. They were a female animal with a spiritually male mind, and if you recall the tapes on Genesis 7 which you probably don't, that's ok, this is the way the translation came forth. After Noah was raised from the dead, that was after Adam was raised from the dead in the man Noah, and he was a female animal with a spiritually male mind. He was not the product of two female animals interacting. He was the product of a female animal interacting with the spirit of God which produced a spiritually male mind in this female animal. Are you following me?


I'll give you these messages privately if you want, but I really don't want you giving them out because I have things on here that may be wrong. They may be wrong so I really don't want you giving them out. Now this part that I'm telling you is ok, but I'm not going to produce the message. Listen, Noah, after Jehovah and Elohim dealt with him to the point that he could survive the flood....he was a being that was not the product of two animals. He was a spiritual man which was the produce of the female animal and a spiritually male mind. He was a female animal that did not interact with another female animal. Norah was a female animal that interacted with the spirit of God which interaction produced a spiritually male mind. Following me? Ok.


I believe, I've been asking the Lord for years, 2-3 years, why Jesus did not have a natural father, and I think I'm on the track. This is the singularity. Life above the firmament is in a form whereby. . . I have to qualify that. . . there is life above the firmament which is within us, and then there is glorification which is singular life outside of the body. There is life above the firmament while we are still in the animal body. That's where Noah was, and then there is singular life outside of the body. Are you following me? Ok. Singularity is referring to a being that has. . . I guess if we are above the firmament it is still an animal body. Above the firmament we are a living beast, and beneath the firmament we are in a wild animal body. Can you deal with that? Ok.


This is a wild animal's body. It is in Satan's image. Above the firmament we are a living beast. We are still a spiritually male mind living in an animal body. That's what the singularity is. Singularity is referring to our relationship with Jehovah and our form of reproduction. The life above the firmament is a singular life. That means we are not interacting, it is not two female animals interacting, but it is one female animal interacting with God which produces a spiritually male mind. Singularity opposed to duality - duality is two female animals interacting and producing a female mind. So I've been teaching you that life above the firmament is singular, what that means is, you see I thought that it meant that we wouldn't have individual spiritual bodies.


That's what I thought that it meant, that we would all be part of one spiritual body, but now it looks like I was wrong, that we will have individual spiritual bodies and the word singularity is not referring to all of us being stuck together which is what I thought, but the term singularity is referring to the fact that our relationship will be with God and not with another female animal. Are you ok?


So the way it looks now we are going to have individual spiritual bodies unless the Lord tells me that I'm wrong, and that there are people in the spirit world both above the firmament and the spiritual part of this world that are in individual spiritual bodies, and Elijah is up there, and Elisha is up there, and Moses is up there, and Jesus is up there, and they all have spiritual bodies if this is correct. It may not be correct. And we are going to be glorified, and we are going to have spiritual bodies too. So where does Jesus fit into all this? It sounds like heresy. I'm just telling you I will not panic. The Lord is going to straighten this out in my mind, but I am not producing this message. Ok?


So where is Jesus in all this. If Michael is the one. . . .the only thing that I've got is that Jesus, because of His sacrifice we are under a period of grace in which our sins are forgiven for a season, and we are given the tools we need to begin to dominate our carnal mind because of Jesus's sacrifice, but I can't relate Him to my personal experience. If He's not the Holy Spirit. . . I'm walking around this house saying, Lord I don't even know who I'm praying to. Am I praying to Jesus? Am I praying to Michael? Who am I praying to? The scripture says to pray to the Father in the Name of the Son. Pray to the Father in the spirit of the Son. That's not Jesus. The Son is in me.


What that means, pray to the Father in the Name of the Son, means don't pray to Him out of your carnal mind, pray out of the Son in you, pray in spirit and truth. So if Jesus is not the Holy Spirit who am I calling Lord? Is it Michael or is it Jesus? I don't know, but I told Him today that I'm not going into any condemnation because He's my God whatever His name is. It's the same God I was worshiping yesterday, and it is the same God that I was worshiping last year, and it is the same God that has brought me through all these severe trials, and I don't think He is mad at me because I'm not sure what His name is right now.


I just know that He is going to clear this all up. Now I watched that tape that you gave me. . .and there was a woman who had a dream and in her dream the ascended masters came to her so I'm saying to myself, well is it possible that if it is true that we are going to have individual spiritual bodies are there mature spiritual people in this world who really have ascended? Now if they have ascended they have not ascended above. Now if they have ascended illegally, they have not ascended above the firmament, but is it possible that they have ascended into the spiritual part of this world?


I've already told you that I have heard and I believe that there are people who are high in witchcraft that enter into a spiritual world, and they travel around, they say they go to Venus, all these planets, and all these different levels. So many people having these experiences there has to be some reality to it. Now I know it is not above the firmament. It has to be beneath the firmament so there is a spiritual world beneath the firmament, and all these people are saying that they enter into it. Are there really ascended being above the firmament? Maybe there are, I don't know. And I cannot relate Jesus to my personal life.


If Jesus is not the Holy Spirit, I don't even know who came to me first, I heard an audible voice. All these years I'm thinking it was Elohim. I don't even know who it is. I heard an audible voice announcing that He was my God, and then He was inside of me. First He was outside of me and then He was inside of me. So was it Elohim, was it Jesus, was it Michael, was it the Holy Spirit, I don't know. Because in this whole study that I've done on Elijah and Elisha that we just finished I see Michael in the role of the Holy Spirit. I see Elijah falling down. I see Elisha falling down, and I see Michael coming to them and touching their human spirit and raising Adam from the dead in them, and then Michael marrying Adam. Are you following me?


That's what I see. So where is the Holy Spirit in all this? If it was Michael in the Old Testament why is it the Holy Spirit in the New Testament? I don't know, and then I see Jesus and this I mentioned on a recent tape, I see Jesus in a very similar condition to Elijah and Elisha in that both Elisha and Elijah were called the Chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof which we broke the code. We found out that it means they were the first and the last Adam. I always thought when Jesus said, I am the first and the last Adam He was the only one who was the first and the last Adam, but He wasn't because Elijah and Elisha were the first and the last Adam.


What does that mean? It means that the cycle of God's river was completed in them. Just as we were talking earlier about the veil being broken and the serpent relating to mortal men, both Leviathan and through Satan to complete the cycle. That's in the negative realm. In the positive realm, the way Jehovah relates fully to a man is that He relates to them through the first Adam and the last Adam, and the cycle is completed. Are you following me? So Elijah and Elisha were the first Adam and the last Adam.


All that it means when Jesus said, I am the first and last Adam, is that the cycle of life was completely restored in him. That's all it means, and He was not the first one. So what I see happening with all these thoughts that are coming into my mind is that Jesus' authority is being weakened, and it started to scare me, you know, because I don't want to go into any heresy here. I was very concerned. I haven't really had time to study this out as I would have liked to, but I do have a couple of translations here that are really shocking.


Let me say this to you, the scripture is clear that Jesus was God, the scripture is clear that Jesus is Savior, the scripture is also clear, now this is something new, you have never heard me tell you this before, that Jesus is the controller. That Greek word, I think it is Kurios that is translated Lord, it means controller, and it appears to be the equivalent to the word that we found in the Hebrew when I talked about Elijah controlling Leviathan in Elisha. Remember that? This now seems to be the meaning of the word Lord in the New Testament, and Jesus is Lord. He is the controller. That means He's doing for us what Elijah did for Elisha. He's helping us, we press to control Leviathan so that we can climb up on top of her, and when we finally do stand in full stature Jesus will be there with us helping us to keep her down because I don't think we can do it by ourselves. He is the controller so He has a very important role, but just at this moment I can't see how He's in me if He is not the Holy Spirit and He's not Michael.


How did He get in there? How's He controlling? I can't believe He is controlling from outside of me, He's got to be controlling from inside of me, but I can't connect to Him at this point. Do you understand what I'm saying? So Jesus is the controller. He's very important. We will never stand up in full stature or go on to the second or third stage of resurrection without someone helping us to control Leviathan. I think that is very clear. Now, we can liken ourselves to Elisha because Elisha was born of a woman, and He had a lot of trouble keeping that cap on Leviathan. He needed help. Now Jesus is not like unto Elisha because Jesus had no father.


Now this fact that Jesus did not have a father somehow puts Him in the category of immortal. I don't fully understand it. I believe the scripture is clear that He was born as a human baby, but He was not born as a female animal alone. He was born as a female animal with a male mind. I believe He was born with the Holy Spirit, but He had no father. I've been asking Him for years, what is the significance of Jesus having no father? The significance is that He is not the product of duality. He was not the product of two female animals. He was the product of one female animal and the Spirit of God. So, it sort of puts Him in the category of immortal like Elijah. Yet Elijah lost his full stature, Michael had to come and set him on his feet. We found that in I Kings 19 which to the best of my knowledge that never happened to Jesus.


COMMENT: I am just thinking at the temptation. Remember when we talked about that Satan said, your father will send angels, and I am just wondering if that is Michael who came, and you talked about Moses that Michael wanted to marry Moses' spirit. Well, didn't Michael marry Jesus' spirit? Didn't that take place?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes it did, but I didn't understand what you were saying at the beginning. Yes, the only way Jesus could have ascended was through marriage to Michael.


COMMENT: And he was the one who was at the temptation strengthening Him. Could angels minister to Him?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, that's right. It must have been Michael, absolutely.


COMMENT: I don't know if this is a wrong King James translation, but it says, in my Father's house are many mansions. And when you were talking about the individual spiritual body. I am caught up on this vision a girl had many years ago where she saw a whole man and Jesus being the head of all these bodies.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, we know that at the end Christ is going to be done away with. Jesus is the controller. He's the one that's going to be working with the first Adam in us to keep Leviathan down so we will need Him I believe until glorification because our translation of Elisha was that the Sons of Israel knocked him right out of his full stature after he did all those miracles. So as long as we are in the body we are going to need help. Of course, Michael was the controller for Elijah and Elisha, but Jesus is the controller for us. That's what the scripture I see clearly saying, Jesus is our controller. The only sense I can make out of that at this time is that Michael, and I don't understand this, was sent to Israel but Jesus is sent to the whole world, but we still see in the New Testament Michael and his angels fighting with the dragon and their angels. So, I don't understand it, there is something I don't understand there.


COMMENT: At the resurrection couldn't it have been Michael who came down, rose Jesus from the dead and the two of them became one again, like the mind and the personality? I think that's how you phrased it. The apostles didn't even recognize Him. Of course, He was in a spirit body. But they didn't even recognize His spirit until He started talking, and they realized they were saying what Jesus had already said to them. I was just wondering if that was like an empowerment, or a portion so to speak.


PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure what you said, but what you said triggered something in my mind that I had asked the Lord about the accounts of His resurrection. In one account there was one young man standing there, and in another account there were two young men. I asked the Lord a year or so ago who are these two young men? Michael and Adam. But I didn't understand your question, what you just said. But I thank God for that revelation. June is missing this whole thing here. This is exciting.


So, if Jesus married Michael are we marrying Michael or are we marrying Jesus? It happened within Jesus. Michael is still separate because he is in Revelation 12 fighting with his angel. (Some comments made that can't be clearly heard). In the man Jesus. It looks like he is an individual spiritual being above the firmament, and there is a river of life flowing through him that it is the first Adam in him that's connected to the last Adam. So, I see a conflict between Michael and Jesus, and I don't understand, I can't put it together, but it will come. I see Michael and Jesus in the same role. I see Michael and the Holy Spirit in the same role, so it will come, but a lot of things are being answered. This is just really exciting about who those two young men were.


I am suspecting that Gabriel is the first Adam, Michael is the last Adam. I did come across some interesting things in the scripture that I wanted to share with you here. (Some comments made that can't be clearly heard). Well, there is only two archangels in the scripture so if Michael is the last Adam, I am guessing that Gabriel is the first Adam. Michael is the warrior. Gabriel is not a warrior. We are just talking here. I just found this and thought that you would want to see it. I did a quick Alternate Translation, it is not in any kind of permanent form of that scripture in Jude where it says Michael was struggling with the devil over the body of Moses, and it is not a correct translation at all in the King James.


Listen to what it says. Yet while Michael the archangel was withdrawing from the devil. The Hebrew word means withdrawing from the devil, and the devil is Moses' personality, and Michael was withdrawing from it. That sounds to me like the second stage of the resurrection. The harvesting from the vine. Michael and Moses were separating from the fallen personality. Yet while Michael the archangel was withdrawing from the devil. Then there is a negative particle translated not. I translated it Satan. The word, the devil, is in the King James translation, but beside that there is a negative particle that I'm translating Satan. Listen to this, While Michael the archangel was withdrawing from the devil Satan argued over Moses' body boldly casting a slanderous accusation against Michael despite the restriction. What restriction? Despite the restriction saying, the Lord forbids you. And I suggest to you that the Lord that he's talking about is either Leviathan or the serpent. I don't have it straight.


Satan would not let go of Moses, and the restriction must have been that Michael was there with the authority to take Moses and Satan wouldn't let him go. We saw the same principle when we just translated those scriptures on Elisha that Satan wouldn't let Elisha (or was it Elijah) go, but Satan stood up to not let him go. So Satan, even though Michael came with authority from Jehovah to take Moses. Satan wouldn't let him go, and it was Satan who sent a railing rebuke against Michael. It is not the way the King James put it at all. It was Satan casting a slanderous accusation against Michael despite the restriction. Michael had legal right to do that he was doing, saying the Lord, the serpent, forbids you to take this man.


The King James says Michael didn't dare attack the devil saying the Lord rebuke you. It is not true, it is not true. So I have one witness to that word Lord, kurious, that Greek word Lord. I didn't do an exhaustive search, but there is one scripture where that word is used for a negative Lord. I don't know whether it is the serpent or Leviathan, and it is by Jesus Himself. It is the same Greek word, but it is not translated Lord. It is translated masters, Matt. 6:24, no man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to one and despise the other. No man can serve two lords so the word can be used negatively. The word is controller. It means controller. Then also with regard to Jesus....God help me. This is really interesting.


II Cor. 13:5, Examine yourselves whether you be in the faith, prove your own selves, know ye not ye own selves how that Jesus Christ is in you except you be reprobate. Now that doesn't mean that. It doesn't say that Jesus is in you. This is what it says. Try to find out, test your own self to try to find out whether your own righteous selves can stand up under scrutiny under a severe testing like Jesus Christ did, talking about the temptation, to discern the difference between your own righteous self and Satan unless you be tested, and the only way you could be unfit to be tested is if Christ is not in you. You are not qualified for the test, and who was Christ? The resurrected Adam. So if Adam is not resurrected in you, you are not qualified to be tested. How can you test what you don't have? But it doesn't say that Jesus Christ is in you. That's not what it says.


Titus 2:5 says, looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. That translation should be. . . .it doesn't say that He is appearing. It says, and one Savior Jesus Christ who has promised that the glory of the great God Jehovah should appear. The glory of the great God Jehovah should appear, not that Jesus is appearing. That's one of the main scriptures that the church bases His returning in a physical form on. It is not even an accurate translation. The glory of the great God Jehovah is appearing. Well, it is Christ in us. He's appearing in us, but it is not Jesus Christ this glorified man that's appearing. So if Jesus is the controller, but Michael is the one we are marrying I can't fit them in, but it will come. This is like a major revelation, and they are coming down so fast, the revelations are coming down so fast my head is swimming.


COMMENT: Remember in the Psalms where David said, my Lord said to my Lord sit on my right hand. Makes me think of the controller who is controlling me.


PASTOR VITALE: It must have been Michael. My Lord said to my Lord. The controller said to the controller. Very interesting.


COMMENT: Who's controlling at that moment?


PASTOR VITALE: It must have been Michael saying to the first Adam, come sit at my right hand, marry me. Come up here and be joined to me.


COMMENT: Couldn't it be possible that all that Jesus did was swallowed up in Michael and Michael. . . .


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know, the answers are coming, I got the revelation of singularity today, and it caused me some anxiety because this revelation seems on the surface to weaken Jesus' position, but it really doesn't because I found out He is the controller so it really doesn't weaken His position. What these revelations are doing, they are really opening the door for us to ascend to this kind of glorified place so that should not be weakening Jesus' position, but somehow I'm having trouble saying what I'm thinking.


COMMENT: Doesn't it just say who is controlling at this time? Like the function of Jesus was to overcome the carnal mind.....


PASTOR VITALE: Well, where is He in us. Then Michael can't be the controller. It has to be Jesus. Why was Michael the controller in the Old Testament and Jesus is the controller here? Well that's possible that Jesus is the controller, then we are not marrying Michael, we are marrying Jesus. I don't really quite have it straight.


COMMENT: ....Michael the personality and it would be Jesus who would be the spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: No, I think it is the other way around. It appears that in this New Covenant Jesus is in Michael's role. So then I don't understand why Michael appears in Revelation 12. That's what's stumping me. But it appears that Jesus is in Michael's role, and that Jesus is the controller and that we are marrying Jesus, but what happened to Michael then? I don't know. Except the two are one, maybe the two are one.


COMMENT: That's what I would think. Maybe he's the groom because we always thought of Jesus as the groom.


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus is the groom so the two are one.


COMMENT: In all the fairy tale stores you always see the knight in shining armor coming on the white horse.....


PASTOR VITALE: So here is the question, since now I'm thinking that there are individual light beings above the firmament, is Michael separate from Jesus? Or what it may be is that Michael has now increased into Jesus and the separate light being....I don't know, I have to stop. If Michael has increased into Jesus why is Michael in Revelation 12 fighting the dragon? So the Lord will answer. I think I got an answer sort of knocking this around here.


I got an answer because I've been saying, where is Jesus in all this? And I think that Jesus is the controller. For where ever Michael is, Jesus is in the role that Michael was in with Elijah and Elisha. Michael is our controller, and Jesus is the one we are marrying. I feel a great relief about that. I was saying this morning where is Jesus in all this, now I'm saying where is Michael in all this? I feel much more comfortable with that. Where is Michael in all this?


COMMENT: Remember the scripture that says to test the spirits. I always thought of it as testing everything that's out in the world and what you see and how it lines up with the Bible, but more and more I'm realizing that you are to test the spirit that's within you. Like I unconsciously knew it but now I'm really a little more alert to it.


PASTOR VITALE: That's within you and the spirit in the other person, you have to try the spirit in the person. You have to know who you are talking to.


COMMENT: I guess I always thought about the manifestation of the spirit, not the spirit itself. Try the spirit to see if it be of God.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. I am sorry you missed this, Xxxx. It's funny because the conversation was so, the message was so carnal for almost the whole first tape. I was thinking we weren't going to get into anything spiritual, and all of a sudden the anointing just fell, and a really deep think tank just came forth. I didn't think we were going to go for it.


COMMENTS: I was working on the prints for Quantum Mechanics and on the print it said singular and multiple, and I wonder if that is any connection with what you are talking about before. I was coming in and out.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't really recall what I said on the other prints. It probably is similar, but I don't recall what's on there.


COMMENT: That wasn't a new revelation that you were talking about.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is a different understanding than singularity.


COMMENT: I noticed that you had put on the board at one time "horseback." I was reading some of the pamphlet on some of the Alternate Translations, and you said "rider," and I thought that would be rather than on horseback. Would you put rider in place of that?


PASTOR VITALE: I really can't relate to all of this now. You really have to put it in front of me and show me what you are talking about.

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