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           Praise the Lord! Further to part 16 of this message where the Lord revealed to us that Genesis 2:9 should be translated negatively and not positively. Let me get that verse for you. And Jehovah caused Elohim, His right hand to cover the part of the ground where the whole covetous tree that appeared to be agreeable to produce the fruit would sprout. So we see that Jehovah had Elohim cover the ground to suffocate the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that had the potential of sprouting out of that ground because the tree of life was in the midst of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I do have some diagrams for you today that I hope will make that more clear to you. For now however, let me put it to you this way. Well maybe I should just get it on the board right now.

            A diffraction grating in physics is an area that has microscopic slits in it. It's basically for our purposes a prism. When you shine the light through it, it breaks it down. If there are five slits, it breaks it into five different directions. If it's four slits, it goes into four different directions. I'm talking about the division of that which was once whole. It is the firmament. The firmament acts as a diffraction grating when Elohim passes through it. The firmament is a filter. I guess that's my direction. The firmament is a filter. The firmament is a shelf that holds the waters above the earth, so that the earth can remain barren, but yet there are openings in the filter that will let Elohim's light stream pass through it. It's the whole purpose of a filter; it separates. If you're boiling spaghetti, you take the whole pot, water and spaghetti, and you dump it into the strainer or the filter and the water goes through, but the spaghetti does not. It stays in the filter or the strainer. That was the double purpose of the firmament. I may not have made that very clear. I don't even know which one is more important. They are equally important.

            The firmament is a shelf which holds up the seas. These are the seas over here, but has very small openings in it which allows Elohim's river of life through. What's the difference between the river and the seas? I've been asking questions like this for years. I don't know about it in the natural, but for our purposes the river is speaking about Elohim's light stream. It's gaseous and the seas are water with some earth mixed in them. The firmament is a filter which is arranged not to keep the macaroni and let the water through, but to hold on to the water and let the gaseous light stream through. The firmament is a very fine filter. Is everybody okay with that?

            This part is not new. It's a review. Elohim's path coming through the filter, touching on to the earth and passing up out of the filter to reflect His image on the surface of the deep. That's review. What's different here is that I'm showing you where Eden is and that place called eastward of Eden, which is the female or the weak side of Eden. Here it is at the bottom of the sea. Now the earth, we see the earth at the very bottom of the abyss and Elohim's river of life has not touched this earth, so it's still unconscious. Elohim's river of life just touches the surface of the earth. This line here is the surface of the earth, where you see the tree growing and the grass growing. Maybe I should draw some roots there, so you can see that that's the lower part of the earth. I'll draw some roots on this tree, if that helps you any. Grass has almost no roots at all.

            So the deep part of the earth is a place where Elohim's waters haven't touched and it's still unconscious. Let me read that to you from our alternate translation. Geneses 2:6; And after that Elohim living substance rose up from underneath the earth in a gaseous form and Jehovah and Elohim formed Adam, the living soul, out of the surface of the earth. And Jehovah and Elohim's waters cultivated Adam, the living soul, and he received consciousness, but the rest of the earth was not a part of Adam, the living soul, the conscious creature and was not cultivated by Jehovah's e with you. And after that Elohim's living substance rose up from underneath the earth. Now look, here it is right here. Elohim's substance is the river of life. The river of life went through the firmament and it pierced into the earth and then it rose up. Here's the surface of the earth right here where the tree and the grass is. And Elohim's substance entered into the earth and went just below the surface of the earth and his substance rose up from underneath the surface of the earth and started to ascend. Can you see that?

            Phrase 2. And a gaseous form. Wherever Elohim is, Jehovah is with Him. And Jehovah and Elohim formed Adam, the living soul, out of the surface of the earth. Well, what does that mean? You may recall from other messages in the photoelectric effect, Elohim's path passed through the surface of the earth and there was an exchange of electrons. Elohim was a light stream of photons and some of the electrons, some of the particles of His light stream remained in the earth and some of the electrons of the atoms of earth clave unto Elohim. There was an exchange of electrons and Elohim continued up to form the image. What that's talking about here (I want to give you the exact words) And Jehovah and Elohim formed Adam out of the surface of the earth because the image would not have appeared if Elohim didn't pass through the surface of the earth. Isn't that amazing. It's nothing at all like you would expect it to be from the parable, right? Isn't that amazing? They made a fairy story out of it. And Jehovah and Elohim's waters cultivated Adam and he received consciousness. And the waters (now remember, I say Jehovah and Elohim's waters (I really have to check that out to see if it was really Jehovah or Elohim). Where I am now, I would think it's just Elohim.

            I would have to check the interlinear. At this point, that's not important. The waters cultivated Adam; cultivated him. The word cultivated means to fill up; to satisfy; to complete. So what does that mean? I would like to suggest to you that it means this; that the grass down here that's planted, Elohim's seed is planted in the earth and grass has sprouted. Grass is a part of Adam and then the rest of him is that part of him which appears on the surface of the waters. So the waters completed Adam. If the waters were not present, if the seas were not present for Elohim's path to go through to cast the reflection on, Adam's image would never be formed. Isn't that exactly what happened in the fall? The waters came crashing down to the earth through the firmament and because the seas were no longer there, it was impossible to cast an image on the surface. Anyone who is not following me, I'll stop for you right here. And Jehovah and Elohim formed Adam, the living soul out of the surface of the earth. That's speaking about the exchange of electrons. And Jehovah and Elohim's waters cultivated Adam; fulfilled him, completed him on the surface and he received consciousness. And he received consciousness; this is what happened as a result of the photoelectric effect. The four rivers, the four heads that the river of life, which is Elohim, broke into are (that's very interesting) are female and male. Actually the surface of the deep was divided into two parts and the one part was male and that was undivided and the other part was female and that was divided.

            COMMENT: I thought that lust and Behemoth were one and the same and that Pride and Leviathan were one and the same.

            SHEILA: They are. I just put it up here, lust and Behemoth, for those who don't know that Behemoth typifies lust and that Leviathan typifies pride. I believe the significance of that we see in Job chapter 40 and 41.

            COMMENT: I don't understand how you get four heads out of that. It should just be two heads, right?

            SHEILA: Okay, the first head is pride. Well it comes up in the scripture that the first one is pride. In Job 40 and 41 we have Behemoth appearing first as lust, and then Leviathan, the monster pride. At least to my carnal mind at this point, it appears that we start with lust and we turn into the monster of pride. I don't know why Genesis 1 mentions pride before lust, but we know that sometimes these things come out, to our carnal mind, they're backwards. We start out, one head of the river is lust. It's the quality of the man being formed. The second quality is pride which we might say is a mature lust. When lust has conceived, pride is born. That's what James is talking about. The third quality is the fruit, which is Adam. The fourth quality or the fourth head of the river is consciousness, which surrounds the other three. One of the qualities that the river of life produces is consciousness. Lust, pride, fruit, which is the expression of Elohim and consciousness to the whole creature. Can you hear that?

             COMMENT: Is consciousness sin?

           SHEILA: Consciousness as far as I know is not sin, but it's a quality of the creature that's being fourth. The fruit isn't sin either. We read in other parts of this alternate translation that it's Jehovah and Elohim. Okay, let me say it this way. We read in the other part of our alternate translation that Adam has these qualities, pride and lust, but his relationship with Elohim and Jehovah keep him from sinning. So we see that the fruit is lying on top of the lust and the pride. In the fruit is present Adam's relationship with Jehovah and Elohim, keeping him from falling down into his lust and his pride. But it's present. If the lust and the pride wasn't present, he could have never fallen down into it. The last Adam has no lust or pride. This is the beginning of the crash. Good enough for now? Okay.

             COMMENT: Are we to assume from all these drawings that you do that Jehovah is above?

            SHEILA: Jehovah is not only above; Jehovah is all around. It's interesting that you should bring that up because the Lord was talking to me about this this morning when I was seeking Him about direction; east, north, south and west. I was trying to figure out where the east side was and He said to me, Sheila, Jehovah is not linear. Jehovah is a self-existing being. Wherever He is, it's the east. So it's the east over here; it's the east over here and it's the east over here and it's the east over here. The north, the west and the south is somewhere in the abyss; if you can hear it.

            I'll just make some comments on this drawing because I see this is leading to a lot more. Those of you who are reading this message, please note that we've drawn a picture of the abyss. The abyss is within the east. The east is the eternal realm of Almighty God. In the lower half we see the firmament which is also the diffraction grating. We've already spoken about that in this message. We see that we've drawn a line dividing the earth, which is unconscious. From the surface of the earth, you can see the tree of the knowledge of good and evil on your left and the roots going underneath the surface of the earth. You can see the grass on the right with very, very small roots. The side of the earth which is under the firmament which has the grass growing is the Garden of Eden. The side of the earth which is under the firmament that has the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is what the scripture calls eastward of Eden.

            It's the female side of the Garden of Eden. I've had this revelation for years. I've never so fully comprehended it as I can with this drawing. I'll go into this in more detail as soon as I get through all the symbols on this board. We see that the firmament is also the diffraction grating. We see the path of Elohim's river of life. It's going around in a unending circle from the east, from the eternal realm of Jehovah. He pierces into the seas. He pierces through the firmament and He passes by the surface of the earth picking up the dust that the scripture talks about. He ascends out of the firmament and we found a translation on part 16 where it says Elohim literally steps up through the firmament in order to cast Adam's image. When Elohim's river of life steps up through the firmament, he breaks down into four heads and we see Adam's nature being formed. Lust, pride; fruit, which is the nature of Jehovah and consciousness; the four heads. The earth that's down here at the bottom of the sea has no consciousness because it has not been touched by Elohim's river of life.

            I've divided the surface into three parts. The upper part, I'm calling it male civilization. That's the fruit. That's Jehovah's image. The man is in Elohim's image with Jehovah's nature. Wherever Elohim is, Jehovah is. They never separate. We see that there are two potential incarnations for this man. I talked about this in a past message, too. He can incarnate as spiritually female, which would make the creature a reptile, which is what we are. Are we not Leviathan? We're living in an animal body, but spiritually speaking, we're reptiles. Or He could incarnate as a spiritual male, bringing forth a civilized world with Him. Because whichever way the creature incarnates, he comes with a world. Just as Elohim, the sperm, came forth with the waters; wherever the man incarnates, he incarnates with a world. When the man dies, the whole world dies.

            So you say when the woman dies, the whole world dies. This world was incarnated by the woman and when she dies; when the last human being in which Cain is exalting herself, ceases to exalt Cain, but either passes off the face of the earth or transfers over to being an expression of Elohim and Jehovah, this whole world is going to cease to exist. Because where there's no woman, the world that she's in won't exist. The drawing here shows the male civilized world on top of the lust and the pride making the lust and the pride the sub-conscious mind. I didn't put that on the drawing. I thought there wasn't any room to really explain it.

            The unconscious mind, we have no knowledge of whatsoever. The unconscious mind is the serpent. I'm saying this a little differently than the way I have in the past. Our unconscious mind is the serpent. She's way down underneath the earth. She has nothing of Elohim's or Jehovah's life. But the lust and the pride is our sub-conscious mind, and that is mixed together with the dust that is forming the man. It's part of the man. The sub-conscious mind, we are partially aware of the thoughts of the sub-conscious mind and partially unaware of the thoughts of the sub-conscious mind. Depending where our mind is; depending on which aspect of us is on top. Those of us in whom Abel is rising from the dead, we have to make a judgment, is the resurrecting Abel our primary mind with lust and pride our sub-conscious mind or are we all pride and lust and is Abel just arising on the horizon?

            That's the condition of most people. So if pride and lust; if your subconscious mind is your primary personality, that means in your everyday relationships, you don't even know what you're doing. Some people (we've talked about it here) give out double messages. They think that they're saying one thing (no one here now) I've had people say to me I'm the easiest person to get along with that I know. I looked at them. I have somebody in mind, nobody that's here today. You are the hardest person I've ever met to get along with. People just don't see themselves accurately because their sub-conscious mind is covering over their ability for truth. Is there anything else about this drawing? If not, we will go on.

            Now the incident that I told you about happened years ago. I was just speaking to somebody the other day who was talking to me about a close relative that they love dearly. They were saying to me, the person has a problem with hoarding. When people come for dinner, they even hold back the food. This person that was telling me the story said, I confronted them and I said what do you do that for? They completely denied that they did any such thing; had no awareness of it, whatsoever, and saw themselves as a generous person. Do I say this to condemn anybody? No. I say this to emphasize the point of how we don't even know ourselves. I think it's the majority of people that walk around in this semi-conscious state drawing a conclusion, seeing with vision that is only partially in tune with reality. It's our fallen condition.

            There's no condemnation in it. If we cannot realize that this is our condition, how will we ever climb up out of this mess? I have a pretty good ability to see things clearly, but I don't even trust myself. If it's an issue of any kind of importance, which is pretty much everything, I pray all the time, Lord, did I see it right? If I have a conflict with somebody, let me think with your mind. I pray this way all the time; let me see it with your mind. I don't care what I think. I want to see it with your mind because it's only when I see it with your mind that I'll be able to implement all the lessons that you've given me to make a righteous judgment. If I'm not seeing it correctly, all of the tools that you've given me to use to make a righteous judgment are worthless because the first rung of the ladder isn't even there. Brethren, as long as we're in this flesh, this is our condition. Jesus of Nazareth said I don't do anything, I don't say anything except it's what my Father said. No one is putting anybody down. Jesus didn't trust Himself. He only walked in the Father's mind. It's this flesh. It's the mind of this flesh. It's a lie.

            I am convinced that there's not a problem in this world that anyone of us could not prevail over without the slightest bit of ungodly emotion rising up if we were fully perceiving it with the Christ mind. If we saw it for what it was and if we had the wisdom of God telling us this is what you do in this situation. We would breeze through every problem in our life. I want to tell you something. When we breeze through a problem in our life, everybody else that's involved in the problem, whether it's conscious or unconscious, they perceive the strength on you and they fall in line. I'm telling you, it's the truth. I was in a conflict with a very aggressive man once. He was a man that went into court and did all the functions of a lawyer. I don't want to get into his career, but he went into court. He interrogated witnesses. Strong men were afraid of him. He was attacking me on the basis of my faith. I was sitting there very quietly because I knew what I was up against.

            The man had such physical strength; his personality was so strong, his voice was so loud, his eyes were so piercing, I knew I didn't stand a chance against him. I was just sitting in my seat not saying anything or answering with mono syllables, crying out to Jesus, and you want to know something, I don't even remember what I said to him. But at one point, I said something that obviously came from Jesus because I didn't know what to say. I had given everything to the Lord and it had such an effect on him that this bear that was cornering me, literally pulled his horns in. I know bears don't have horns. You can call him whatever kind of animal you want. He just pulled his horns in and turned around and walked away. He knew that he was defeated by a sentence that I said, one sentence in a little quiet voice. But it was Jesus' deliverance in the circumstance. What am I trying to say? I'm going to say it again. No matter what the conflict, if we can truly get into the mind of Christ, if we can judge the situation righteously; what is going on here? We can implement everything that He's taught us to do in this particular situation assuming we're identifying the situation properly. The most aggressive enemy will turn away from you without using any physical strength, without using any loud voice. It's the righteousness of Almighty God that will turn the monster away. I tell you the truth. We cannot do this; we cannot walk in this kind of victory if we're misevaluating the situation. I tell you the truth. There was another example that came into my mind and it's alluding me at the moment, but it was just as powerful. I just said nothing. I was really cornered. I can't remember. The Lord brought it to my memory and it passed out. The raging beast just turned away. People think that you're a coward, but you're not. It's not cowardly to recognize when you don't stand a chance. Okay, if nobody has anything to say about this drawing, we'll take a picture of it and erase it.

            The Lord just reminded me of that other incident and I feel the Lord wants it in this message. I was in a chat room on CompuServe and I was being challenged by an excellent debater who was an atheist. She was challenging me on the basis of saying that every aspect of this creation is made of the same substance; the animals, the humans, the trees. We're all made out of the same minerals and that's the truth. She was asking, how could man exalt himself over the rest of the earth. I didn't even fully comprehend it. I just told her what the Lord told me. I said to her, it's the configuration. It's the relationship of the parts. We're all made out of the same stuff, dust, minerals and earth. The animals, the trees, we're all made out of the same elements. But these parts are not in the same relationship to one another in the animals that they are in a human being. They're not in the same relationship. It's the relationship of the parts that makes one expression of this world higher, morally spiritually higher, than another expression of this world. Why would the relationship of the parts be different? For function.

            Everybody can't be the same, brethren. There has to be headship. There has to be, for this is a criminal world. We would be destroying each other. So there is a variation of the relationship of the parts so as to establish a hierarchy. Did anyone have a question on that? So the woman that I was debating with turned away from me and I couldn't get her attention. I was in a chat room where you have to type your words. She utterly refused to talk to me. She was starting a controversy, talking to five other people, and she wouldn't answer my question. Why? I said something that defeated her. How did I defeat her? She had no answer for what I said. I didn't say it with any malice nor did I say it to defeat her. I merely answered her. She was being controversial with me. I merely answered her question with a response to which she had no answer to. That's how you defeat somebody when you say something that they have no answer to. Of course, we as the sons of God, we hope that our defeat of them would work for their good. We'll go on to questions about the drawing now.

          QUESTION: Shouldn't murder and rebellion be part of the four heads because Jesus said your father was a murderer from the beginning?

              SHEILA: From the beginning of the fall in creation. See, some people read these scriptures and it looks to them like there were two creations and in a sense, well you really can't say there were two creations, but if you look at where they're coming from, there were two creations. There were two beginnings. The beginning that Elohim made and the beginning that the serpent made. Remember the last part of this message where we said that on the seventh day Adam was proven to be holy when he destroyed all of the works that the serpent had made. Which works? The serpent's works destroyed Elohim's works. We had two sets of works. So the rebellion and the murder is from the beginning of the serpent's creation. It's not from the beginning of Elohim's creation. There has been no murder yet. That's interesting, what you said, because I haven't had a chance to look it up yet, but a couple of months ago the Lord put in my mind that the root of all evil is not money; it's pride and self.

            It's self and self-preservation. Since the Lord put it in my mind, the issue has come up several times. I just know there has to be a mistake in translation. Why? Because I know that money is not the root of all evil. Sometimes the people murder for lust. People murder for passion. They murder because you stole their wife. They murder because they can't have you. It has nothing to do with money at all. But the root of all evil is the pride of man which exalts self. Therefore that must be a wrong translation. Somehow I related that to what you just said. The scripture says the root of all evil is the love of money. Something turned me on that other path. Well Jesus was talking about the beginning of the serpent's world. I guess this is where I was coming from. Did I make that clear to you when Jesus said, from the beginning. He wasn't talking from Elohim's beginning; He was talking from the serpent's beginning. There were two beginnings. There were two time lines and only one of them can survive.

            As I'm looking at this diagram, I see part of the foundation is lust and pride.

            To me it's just another witness that that must be a mistranslation. I want to tell you something, brethren. If you go into the Interlinear and anyone reading this message is trying to do what I do, if you don't first have a word from the Lord in your heart, either you are going to get nothing or you're going to get a wrong translation. The true word of God is a man. The logos, the spiritual word of God; He's in me and He's whispering to me and He's telling me this is the truth, this is the truth, this is the truth. Then when I go into the Interlinear, I find a translation that lines up with what He's telling me and I say amen, second witness. This is the truth, this is the truth. You can't just go in to all these lexicons and come up with what I've come up with. I know people who have tried to do it and they have been proven to be men riddled with pride, trying to exalt themselves and build their own kingdom. You can't do this unless you're commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ to do it. Jesus! Any other questions on this picture before I erase it? The earth became a garden when Elohim passed through it. That's what made it into a garden. When the river of life passed through the earth, it became a garden.

            This is drawing #3 and I think it may be the first contradiction we've had to the information that's come down in the books on Kundalini. We have found some spiritual information in the books on Kundalini that have been very spiritually accurate. The Lord has given us scriptural witnesses and witnesses in quantum mechanics. The major area where I have to say that they are not accurate is that they only see the world that the serpent has created and they cannot see the other side of the world. They cannot see the potential for Elohim's world, for the world ruled by the last Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ. They're just dealing with this world. Now this is maybe the first correction that the Lord has shown me. The Hindu mystics claim that the serpent is at the base of the spine and that her mouth is covering the spinal column. I'm suggesting to you that her mouth is not covering the spinal column, that her mouth is facing right down into our sexual organs. That the serpent is in this position facing downward into the earth ever since the seas fell through the firmament and covered the earth and became clay. The consciousness of the serpent is still facing downward into the earth and this is the whole basis for the sex drive. The Hindu mystics tell you that her mouth is on the base of the spine and that she is facing upward and the only reason that she's not going upward is that she is sleeping. So they have to wake her up. I would like to suggest to you that she's not facing upwards, she's facing downwards and that they not only have to wake her up, they have to turn her around. She's facing in the wrong direction. She's stuck in the earth.

            We just had a whole conversation earlier this morning. I'm not exactly sure why the Lord brought this up now, but as He was speaking to me earlier today, He was showing me how the four heads that the river of life break into are counterfeited. I don't know if the word is counterfeited or not, but I'm going to show you on the board what has happened to those four heads and I'm not telling you that they're Elohim. They're probably a counterfeit of what Elohim was doing. Does anyone have any questions about what I have on the board? I'm having a lot of trouble teaching this morning, so please bear with me. This whole image is to show you that the serpent's mouth is downward. She typifies lust. She's voracious and her lust is being satisfied through human sexual activity. Her mouth is downward. She is ever wanting that satisfaction from where she is facing. She's not interested in the satisfaction of the mind. This is the mind up on the top here. Let me put that in. The reason I have this line drawn through the surface, in case you were wondering, is that the Lord has shown me that the four heads are divided as we had on one of the earlier drawings.

            The Lord has shown me some very interesting things. I'm having a little trouble getting them out to you, but I'm going to keep on trying. We've been drawing pictures like this for a long time and we see how we can convert the outline of the abyss into the outline of a man. Below what would have been the firmament, we see the sexual organs of the man and then from the spinal column on up is where the seas would be and there's all kinds of fluid in our body and what would have been the surface of the deep and the image of the abyss, we now see as the mind of fallen man. Now I drew this line right down the middle just like I did in the earlier drawing and you may recall that we had Adam up here and lust and pride underneath. We had the surface divided from left to right and the top section was the man in Jehovah's image and the bottom section was lust and pride. I want to suggest to you that our physical body clearly demonstrates what happened at the time of the fall. I'm just going to change the shape of what's here on the surface a little so you could see what I'm talking about. I'm suggesting to you that what was the surface of the deep has become the brain of fallen man and the lower part (I just changed the shape a little. Did you see what I did?) It looks like a brain with the posterior brain on the bottom there, smaller. See the posterior brain is smaller than the fore front of the brain.

            COMMENT: On this photo #3 I feel that looking at this photograph that the spinal column is in the back and as far as the sex organs go, they're in the front and the heart and the throat are in front of the spinal column, so I don't know if the spinal column has anything to do with these organs.

            SHEILA: It's not the spinal column. It's the serpent. This is the serpent down here at the bottom of the spinal column. She's facing downward and she's not rigid like the spinal column. The fact that the spinal column ends here, the serpent can easily be extended into our sex organs. She's not rigid and it's not even the physical. I don't have it clearly set, but she's a spirit. But she's hanging at the bottom of the spinal column, not facing upwards but facing downwards. The majority of her activity is in our lower areas.

            This is drawing #3. As I was telling the people earlier today, this revelation came down last night and this morning, but I didn't receive the whole thing. Why wouldn't I receive the whole thing? Would the Lord deny me half a revelation? No, I wasn't capable of receiving. There's not a doubt in my mind that the Lord gave me the whole revelation. I just couldn't grasp it; I couldn't comprehend it and I've lost it because I had more of an understanding when this was on me than I do now. So I didn't contain it. Did not the scripture say He was going to pour out more of a blessing than we could contain? Well, that's what happened. I'm sure that the Lord will come back to me sometime in the future and perfect this. For the time being, I'm suggesting to you that the posterior brain (you recall our studies on the brain) that when the Holy Spirit ascends up through the spinal column, He's going to the posterior brain first. His world is the posterior brain. I've told you that. This posterior brain is going to be watered by the Holy Spirit.

            Now remember the posterior brain is all dried up. It's not operating in any of our conscious functions. From what I understand, it's largely responsible for our muscular structure, that we walk on two's instead of four's. The serpent in the form of Leviathan and Satan has utterly put the spiritual world under her feet and that the visible statement demonstrating that is the condition of the posterior brain. I mentioned this in other messages, that the posterior brain is the spiritual world of God that's dried up right now. So when Jesus comes up the spinal column, He's not going to the forebrain. The forebrain is the world that the serpent has produced. The forebrain is the base of it. It's the physical image of the world that the serpent has produced. So Jesus isn't going there. He's going to the spiritual world of God which happens to be dried up like a withered arm and the Holy Spirit typifies water. He's going to the posterior brain to water it and to expand it. I would like to know what a brain scan of my brain would show. I would really be curious to know if my experience in Christ Jesus is affecting me physically. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

            This is what is on me now. I'm telling you it's half of a revelation. I may have to tell you that I didn't hear it right, but I think at least part of this is correct. When the Holy Spirit goes up the spinal column, He lands in the posterior brain and He starts to rule from there. Now the corpus callosum is in the middle of the two hemispheres of the forebrain. That is Satan's territory. The forebrain is Satan's territory and Satan is so weak that she cannot even control both sides of the brain. I don't even know if she's located in the corpus callosum or not, but she cannot operate the two lobes, the two hemispheres of the brain at the same time. You are therefore spiritually retarded, the whole human race. So the Holy Spirit is moving into the posterior brain and dehydrating it, expanding it, and Jesus is in our posterior brain draining Leviathan who's in the forefront of our brain. He's draining her of her energy, drying up the forebrain and expanding the posterior brain. Can you hear this? The crossing over from death into life is from the forebrain into the posterior brain. Everything is being reversed. That's what this drawing is showing you.

            When the Lord Jesus Christ becomes strong enough, when He becomes the double portion, He comes to us to bring forth the double portion in us. When Abel rises from the dead in us and joins with the Lord Jesus Christ, they together known as Christ Jesus, will not only be strong enough to operate the two hemispheres of the brain together through possession of the corpus callosum, but they're also going to be operating from the forebrain. They're going to take over the whole thing. We had scriptures that said that in that day that Christ Jesus ascends, He will be above the brain. He will be above. So I translated it that He will be above Leviathan who is possessing the forefront of our brain. But I wonder if there won't be a complete reversal. I don't know whether it will be physical right away or spiritual. But who knows that there won't be a reversal that civilization will now be dwelling in the posterior brain. Can you hear that? Right now this is not civilization. We're a spiritually criminal society and we're dwelling in our forebrain. That's anatomy, that's physiology; we've talked about it a lot. The posterior brain is called a primitive brain. It's only responsible for our muscular structure, for our muscles.

            But everything is being reversed and civilization is migrating from the forebrain to the posterior brain. This is how Christ Jesus will stand above the forebrain because everything is being reversed in our civilization. What is now beneath is going to be above. It just depends upon what angle you're looking at it from. Do you hear what I'm saying? What's more, I further challenge you, to think about the posterior brain breaking away from the forebrain and possibly ascending above it. I don't know how physical this is going to get. I really don't. Jesus said He is going to prepare a place for us. He said the Kingdom of God is within you. But where is it? Maybe it's in the posterior brain. He says He is going to build up the old waste places. What's waste places?

            They are places that are dried up. He's going to build up the posterior brain. I know that I've been preaching that for a long time, that Christ Jesus is within the carnal mind and that He's ruling from within the carnal mind, but I could never really place it until God gave me this concept of the brain. It's just awesome. Christ Jesus is setting up; He has set up an armory from our posterior brain, if this is a true revelation. I'm going to ask the Lord to witness it further. He has set up another base of power. Brethren, this is all scripture; I've been preaching it for years, another power base, another power base. Well if the serpent, Leviathan and Satan has our brain, where's the other power base? The posterior brain.

              COMMENT: I just heard the scripture which says He will make the desert bloom.

            SHEILA: Yes, that's your personal witness to this. Oh isn't that exciting. He set up another base of power in us. Jesus!

            COMMENT: Scientists say we're using five percent of our brain now and when that happens it will be a hundred percent of the brain.

          SHEILA: I  could be wrong, but I think they're saying five percent of the forebrain. So we're going to have the whole forebrain plus the posterior brain. Who knows what we could do with that. We're going to be geniuses. That's what that translation meant; in that day Christ Jesus will stand above the brain, beyond the brain. The posterior brain is going to move to the front and the second stage of resurrection, that which is underneath is moving to the top.

            COMMENT: This is just a play on words, but when you say the word geniuses, I see the word Genesis.

            SHEILA: Well, we're getting a new start.

            I still don't know what happens to the serpent. I asked the Lord. I still don't understand these people who have had spiritual experiences in the serpent. In my opinion, the serpent's mouth is not at the base of the spine. Her mouth is down in the genital organs. How they get her to turn around, I really don't know. We're charging forward here and I think we're going to get more information continuously. So we're calling it quits for today. Whether or not we'll continue with this message tonight, I don't know. I'll see how I feel. I'll see if I have something to give you. If not, we'll do some other kind of ministry. 





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