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The reason it was necessary to raise up Messiah without a human male seed is this. The serpent is expressing her illegal manhood in the world today through the physical male. We have a tape on that, the paradox of spiritual manhood. So the spiritual strength of the serpent is flowing through the physical male and it is just true, that generally speaking, I mean there are some males out there who are not men, but generally speaking a man who is a true man is not only strong physically; he is strong emotionally and mentally and intellectually and spiritually. He is much stronger than the average woman who is a woman.


I am not talking about this day and age when women are spiritual men. So the life force and the spiritual strength of the serpent flows through the physical male. And for that reason when Michael incarnated in Jesus, he cut off the serpent's life force; he cut off the serpent's strength. He cut off the serpent's strength from flowing into the man Jesus. He hindered the serpent's power over the man Jesus. And therefore gave Jesus a better chance of overcoming than any person fully born of a man and a woman. But in this hour, it is not necessary to have the physical male seed of humanity cut off because the word of God which is the seed that is impregnating all of humanity is a stronger seed than Michael alone.


In the days of Israel, it was Michael alone. Jehovah dropped his fertile seed into the nation of Israel in the form of Michael and Michael has been in the earth trying to raise Adam from the dead ever since. But in this hour Michael is now appearing in the personality of the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the three fold cord; Michael, Adam and the personality of a mortal man who has overcome. So the fertile seed; I can't think of anything that would relate it to a human condition right now, how one seed would be stronger than another seed. I don't know enough about biology in this area. Maybe the Lord will give it to me later on. But the glorified Jesus Christ is a much stronger sperm than Michael alone and the Lord Jesus, who is appearing to us as the word of God.


He is able to raise Adam from the dead in a human being who has born with that serpentine genetic material with the spiritual and physical strength of the physical man. The glorified Jesus is able to overcome that inherited potential to live out our life on this earth as a serpent. For all intent and purposes, this is to say that spiritually speaking, Jesus was born castrated, not having a physical male seed.. let me start again. As a human male born into this world who is suppose to be a physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual male, the physical male, Jesus, was born spiritually castrated because of the lack of the human male genetic material.


In other words, it was easier for Adam to rise from the dead in a spiritually castrated male than in a male who is operating in the full force of the serpent's (?). Now this could be reason why there doesn't seem to be any, well. The people in whom Christ is coming forth in this hour, they are all women. So this could be the answer. They are all women because physical males, the males of this world, have a spiritual genetic inheritance that is able to oppose the seed of Jesus Christ much more strongly than physical women have. I do not know if that was a whole sentence. But what I said was, that physical men have some spiritual quality that they inherit from the serpent which is able to destroy the seed of Jesus Christ.


The physical males in this world have a much greater strength physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. And that spiritual strength is a formidable foe to the word of God that is trying to penetrate them. And that's why so many more women are coming forth than men. Just as I tell you all the time, the strength that we have, that manifests defenses in our life becomes an enemy of us when we start to move on in Christ and find it necessary to look at ourselves and confess our sins and repent. In the same way the spiritual strength that the physical male is born with is a hindrance and a definite deficit. The spiritual strength that a physical male is born with works against Christ being formed in him and rising from the dead. Because that spiritual strength is the serpent herself. And that is why there are so many more women coming in than men.


This is April 27, 1997, after the Sunday night service. The Lord has shown me that Michael is the seed and his other side is the waters. Adam's other side is the dust. Now we just made a tape where I said Adam's other side was the water. It gets very confusing. Michael's other side is the water. Adam's other side is the dust, but they are all one.


So it is Michael, the seed; Cain, the water; Adam, the cultivated plant and the dust and they are all one. And when you put all that together, you have a cultivated garden. You have the earth. You have the seed which is Michael, which comes with his own water. Then you have the plant that grows up in the garden, Adam, and they are all one. So, technically we can say that Adam does have the water as his other side, because Adam, the cultivated plant is one with Michael.


So, what caught my mind was; I'm working on this book now, Leprosy revised, where I say that Adam has another side, a bedusted side to him. I thought I was going to have to go in and change that to his other side meaning the water. But no, it is Michael, whose other side is the water. Adam's other side is the dust of the garden.


This is still Sunday night and the Lord was telling me today, well let me put it to you this way. I put questions to the Lord when I examine my walk, about things that I do not understand. For example, I see aspects in my ministry, of Jesus' ministry and of Paul's ministry and I questioned the aspects of my ministry that occurred in Jesus' ministry when He was in full stature.


For example, Jesus had disciples when He was in full stature. I have disciples, but I am not in full stature. Paul wrote all these books of the Bible and I think he probably was in full stature when he started writing. I do not know about the letters. I do not know about his writing, but I know when he was teaching in his hired house and he was teaching on this high level, he was in full stature already. So I have seen myself doing things that these spiritually mature men have done when I am not spiritually mature. I mean I still get sick. I have all kinds of problems in my emotions and in my personality.


I have been asking the Lord about that for a long time now and I think that this is the answer. Jesus said that we would do the greater works and this is what He meant. When Jesus was raised up, Jesus was raised up by Michael alone. We are being raised up by the magnificent spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the Lord Jesus Christ is a much stronger expression of Elohim than Michael alone.


The Lord Jesus Christ is the first Adam in the man Jesus, married to Michael above the firmament, intertwined with the personality of the man Jesus. The Lord Jesus is a three fold cord. Michael is not a three fold cord, therefore the son of God that is being raised up by the spirit of Jesus Christ is able to do things before they are in full stature that the man Jesus, who was not raised up by a three fold cord, who was raised up by a two fold cord had to wait until full stature to do. Does that make any sense?


That is very interesting because I have been asking the Lord this question for a year now. So I am not in full statue. In other words, my ministry has started earlier in my spiritual life than Jesus' ministry did. Because I am doing things now that He had to wait for full stature to do. If that is true because we don't know what He did before He was in full stature. But I do know that what's going on here, okay, that Jesus had to wait, that He was doing in full stature; He called His disciples in full stature. He taught in full stature.


I am not only doing that; of course Jesus had twelve. I think twelve would probably kill me. I do not have twelve, although the disciples that the Lord is bringing in now are so agreeable, maybe I could handle twelve. But right now, I do not have twelve. But I have quite a few disciples, the three here, Xxxx and Xxxx have been pretty active, but I don't want to go into that now. I have disciples and I am teaching and I also on top of that have Paul's ministry of writing the books of the Bible. So I'm doing much more, at least from this point of view, I'm doing much more now before full stature than even Jesus did. I hope, I do not mean that to be blasphemy. I am just coming from the point of His training up disciples and His teaching and I am writing the books of the Bible.


Now Jesus went out in the crowds and did miracles. I'm not doing that at this time. But it is quite a job doing this research and translating this Bible, so it is like I have at least part ministries of two great men. And the reason, and this is the whole point of this exhortation, the reason this is possible is because I am being regenerated by the spirit of the magnificent man, Jesus Christ, who Himself is a three fold cord. That means that I have the double portion; Christ in me and the Lord Jesus.


So I am doing things at a young age than Jesus was able to do it. So if what I am saying is true, then when I stand I will be doing greater things than Jesus did when He was standing. Now that sounds like pride, but Jesus Himself said you are going to do the greater works. You are going to be doing more because it is Him in; and it is just not me, this is everybody, it is Him in the son, plus Christ coming forth in them.


So we are much spiritually stronger in this generation than Jesus was. On the surface that sounds like blasphemy, but it is not. The sons that are coming forth today are stronger than the Lord Jesus was in the same stage of development. Of course, we are not stronger than Him now. I think the revelation that I did not put down was that the Lord told me that when He made His covenant with Israel, He sent His seed, which is Michael into the earth, through the nation of Israel and He never withdrew Him.


Michael transferred from Israel to the Gentiles through the Lord Jesus Christ. But Michael, who is fixed in heaven above has been in the earth since Jehovah made His covenant with Israel. Then of course, the Spirit of Jesus Christ came in on the day of Pentecost. So the virile seed of the Father has been in the earth since Jehovah made His covenant with Israel and He never leaves. He never leaves.


This earth is a womb. And the seed of the Living God is in the womb looking for female eggs to fertilize. I have to look at these scriptures in the interlinear text in the Book of Romans where Paul says that Jesus is; he does not say Israel is the original tree, not Jesus. Paul said Israel is the original tree. He does not say they are the Tree of :ife, but he says they are the original tree and that the Gentiles have been grafted in. So I am amplifying. He must be talking about the Tree of Life.


So I wonder what it means that Israel is the Tree of Life. I am thinking that when Jehovah sent His virile seed into the earth through Israel, that could be likened to Jehovah planting the Tree of Life in the earth. And I think that I had a diagram once where I showed the roots of the Tree of Life growing up into a big tree whose branches and leaves ascended above the firmament. So I am getting a witness to that. I am going to have to look for that, if I can find it. Jehovah planted His virile seed in the earth in Israel with the full intention of a full tree growing up that would possess both the heavens and the earth. And the part of the Tree of Life that is going to be under the firmament is going to be keeping that area free from sin. So you see the Tree of Life is not just above the firmament. It is through the whole abyss, completely possessing heaven and hell.


This is a revelation that the Lord gave me on being hot or cold. He said that we are a two part being, that we are all living in this natural world and if we are a spiritual being and my personal experience, well let me start it this way. The Lord says for those of us who are cold, okay, cold people, spiritually cold people, are those people who have no spirit life at all and they live their whole life in the flesh. So, okay let me jump to spirit now. Hot people, hot people are spiritual people who are very aware of their spiritual life and function in the spiritual life. Now this is the example. I'm having a little trouble getting this out.


When we have an interaction with another human being, everybody interacts on two levels; on a spiritual level and on this physical level. Now more often than not, I'm finding out, more often than not, people will say something and we are really talking about speech here. Someone will say something that will seem perfectly harmless on the surface, but there is a hidden motive propelling these words. It is either Leviathan or Satan or the serpent propelling these words.


The person saying, the person speaking does not think they are doing anything wrong and if the person to whom the words are addressed is cold; he will not think that there is anything wrong either. If the words that the person says are out of order for whatever reason, the person to whom the words are directed, if he is well adjusted in this world, will just brush them aside and say to himself and say he didn't mean it or that's the way she is and she asked me to do something that I did not want to do. And all I had to do was tell her no, I do not want to do it.


And this is called a well adjusted person in this world. They deal with people's deficiencies because we all have these deficiencies. But the person who is hot, the person who is spiritual, is not only aware of either Leviathan, Satan or the serpent speaking from underneath these words that the very person themselves do not even know what is happening. The hot person will be aware of the spirit behind the words. They will be aware of the evil intent or the evil motive behind the words and they will be equipped to deal with it in the spirit. Because this, I am still having trouble getting this out.


This is the principle, the way this world works is that everybody is trained to relate to one another in a socially acceptable way. And very few people are aware of the evil intent behind the words, so long as the person keeps their tone in a non offensive tone; so long as the person speaks in a non offensive tone, very few people in this world will pick up the evil intent underneath the words. But if you are a spiritual person, you will pick up the evil intent underneath the words.


Now when your spirit recognizes an evil intent or an evil spirit lying underneath some words that on the surface does not seem very bad, at least in my case anyway, it is much more.. okay, let me say it this way. This recognition of the operation of evil intent lying underneath socially acceptable words exists on two levels. Recognition exists on two levels. The first level is that you feel it in your spirit and I liken this to someone picking up a stick and hitting your physical body.


You see, if you are physically blind and someone picks up a stick and hits your physical body, you do not see them pick up the stick, you do not see the swing and you do not have any knowledge whatsoever about who or what hit you. You just feel the blow. The spiritual person recognizes a spiritual attack upon impact. And the second level of spiritual recognition is an understanding of what is happening beneath the words.


The second level of recognition is the recognition of the operation of Satan, Leviathan or the serpent and a recognition, even more specific than that, whether the root motive for the words would be envy or hatred or whatever. And when you work the two levels of recognition together; when a spiritual person has both levels of spiritual recognition functioning, they are likened unto a physical person whose eyes work and who feels pain when the stick hits them.


So what did I say? I said the cold person is the person who has no spiritual recognition on either of the two levels and just lives in this outer world and therefore just deals with people's idiosyncrasies and people's insensitive words by just saying, oh, they did not mean it and I love them and this is my life and I have to get along with them and they live a reasonably happy life.


The hot person is the spiritual person whose recognition is functioning on two levels. They feel the spiritual wound and they also recognize in their mind the operation of what spirit it is and the motive for the words coming forth and the understanding of where this person is coming from helps them to deal with the blow. Because to just have someone, I do not know about anyone else, but for me to have someone out of a clear blue sky that I have no argument with, to pick up a stick and haul off and whack me is much harder for me to deal with than someone who really has a gripe against me picking up a stick and whacking me. can understand that they have a gripe against me. But if you are telling me that you love me and you are my best friend and all of a sudden you pick up a stick and whack me; that is irrational.


You see, the understanding, if I could come to a place where I could understand well, this person who is my best friend who says they love me, who picked up this stick and whacked me, if I could understand that they had an episode of temporary insanity or they had a drug that made them temporarily insane, I could deal with it. But if I did not understand why they did that to me, I would have a real problem with that person, especially if they attacked me from time to time without any explanation.


Now if this person who attacked me from time to time denied that they were attacking me and told me that they were still my best friend and they loved me, but every once in a while they just attacked me and then when I talked to them about it or tried to talk to them about it, they told me they were not doing it. That would be a big problem for me. I could even deal with someone who had a disease.


Let us say, every three months they attacked me because of some temporary insanity. I could deal with that if they admitted that they were doing it and asking me to work with them. But when someone is attacking me, but when someone is telling me one thing with their mouth that they are my best friend and that they love me and then they are turning around and attacking me and then when I try to discuss the subject, they are telling me it is not true, now I have got a real problem with this. I am definitely going to limit the degree to which I make myself vulnerable to a person like this. Because that is a control spirit, you know.


To be attacking me and denying that you are attacking me and to have your words telling me that you feel one way about me and to have your behavior or your attitudes or this subtle spiritual attack coming forth that is saying the exact opposite and for you to be in denial about it makes it very hard for me to trust you or to be close to you in any way. So we see; I do not know how clear I am making this. We are talking about relationships here and we are talking about relationships with people.


Now to be cold, to be cold, we are functioning in everything that I have just described. We are functioning completely on the physical level. Now there are people, who are physical people who don't function. There are people on the physical level who do not even know when someone who tells them that they love them is subtly attacking them. They are just totally unaware. It just goes right over their head. That is a deficiency. Okay, it is something that should be dealt with. If that is your condition you are in such a condition of spiritual blindness that you are very vulnerable.


Okay, well we are talking today about physical people whose recognition is operating. They recognize when somebody is hitting them and they feel the blow and they understand what is happening. And of course that person has a choice. Actually I got off here. If the person hitting them is in denial or not is another issue. And hot people are spiritual people who have recognition on two levels. They feel the spiritual attack and they understand that it is coming from a hidden intent or a hidden motive of the heart, that is arising either from the serpent, Satan or Leviathan. And the understanding of what is happening to them enables them or equips them to deal with the attack.


Of course, this kind of thing on a spiritual level is much more difficult than on a physical level because most of the time you cannot see the attack coming. Physically you see somebody pick up a stick and heading towards you unless they come up from behind you. Spiritual attacks always come up from behind you because, I don't know about anyone else, but I never see it coming. I cannot see a hand raised. It just comes out of their mouth; it just comes.


So what is lukewarm? Lukewarm is a spiritual person who perceives the blows of spiritual weapons, but has no understanding of how. Well, they have an understanding that it is coming from this person that is standing in front of them that may or may not know that they are putting a knife in their side. But the more subtle the person with their attacks, the harder it is for the lukewarm person to deal with these attacks because their recognition is either lacking completely or damaged or only have partial understanding that they cannot understand why this person is doing this to them, why he is saying this to them and it is much easier to see that a person who made a subtly damaging remark to you may not know why they did it than someone who picked up a stick and hit you.


So in this cold world out here, when most people make hurtful or insensitive remarks, the people who are socialized just forgive them and go on because we figure they do not know what they are doing. But if you are a spiritual person, if you are hot, the wound goes very deep. So the question is what do you do with the wound? If you are a spiritual person and the spirit behind someone's words wounds you, but you have no understanding whatsoever as to why you are upset, because your understanding is cold, you see.


If your spiritual recognition is hot, you are feeling the arrow. But your recognition of understanding of what happened is cold, you cannot figure it out for the life of you, why someone would do that to you and there is no hope of discussing it with them because they are totally blinded to it, you are a lukewarm person. Half of your reaction toward warfare from other people is spiritual. You feel the arrow and the other half is carnal. We do not have the understanding and because you do not have the understanding, you cannot deal with it in a Godly manner.


And spiritual people that fit this category can be likened to bulls in the bull ring with all of those spears sticking out of them. They are crazy from the pain. Because they are spiritually sensitive, they are crazy from the pain of a lifetime of people shooting darts and arrows into them. And they cannot understand why they are feeling this way. The person does not know that they are doing it and the lukewarm person wants to know why they cannot deal with insensitive people as other human beings deal with insensitive people. They just say, well he did not mean it and that is it. They are not hurt. I am really having a lot of trouble getting this out.


The cold person is not hurt by the spiritual arrow. They do not feel it. The hot person is hurt by the spiritual arrow and deals with it through understanding and spiritual warfare. The lukewarm person is hurt by the spiritual arrow, has no understanding about how to deal with it and either internalizes it and becomes sick and dies or acts it out and becomes an aggressive maladjusted person.


I am of the personal opinion that the insane asylums are filled with people who are lukewarm. They are spiritually sensitive, but they have no understanding of what is afflicting them. They cannot even see whether; you know some people that are lukewarm, they do not even know where the arrow came from. They do not even discern that it was a knife in the back from their best friend. They are just filled with arrows or bee stings and they don't even know where it came from. They are not even mad at anybody. They just get sick and die or go to an insane asylum.


So, it is much better to be cold and have no spiritual life at all; well the best thing is to be hot, to feel the spiritual arrows, but have the understanding and the means of dealing with them in a Godly manner. You are much better off to be aware. But if you cannot be hot, you should be cold because it is an absolute curse to be spiritual and to receive the arrows and not know how to deal with it and live in a potential of using your spiritual power, oh boy, I am going to try that again, Xxxx.


To be a spiritual person who feels the arrows and not know how to deal with them; you may know where they are coming from, you may not even know where they are coming from. You are in danger of being a wild raging bull. Now you are a spiritual person. If you feel any of these arrows, that means that you have some spiritual power. So if you do not know how to deal with the pain in Christ, you can start raging or cursing or really damaging somebody because the spiritual power that you have will be used as a vehicle to vent your rage.


And Jesus said, I wish that you were either hot or cold. And you should either be a spiritual person who knows how to deal with the warfare. Because to be a spiritual person is a warfare. We are living in a fallen world. So I would prefer that you be a spiritual person that knew how to deal with the warfare which would help, which would give life and not death. But if you cannot be that, you would be better off being cold. If you don't feel the arrows, then you do not get angry and do not rage against anybody or hurt anybody. But if you are lukewarm; if you are a spiritual person that is feeling the arrows and dealing with that pain in an ungodly manner which is witchcraft. I am going to spit you out of my mouth, because I am not going to let you use the power that I give you to hurt people, you see.


And in the next verse, Jesus says, well you think that you are okay, you think; He says; Rev. 3:17, Because thou sayest I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. I am covered with the blood; I am covered with the blood. I have everything I need. I do not need to learn anything. Jesus died on the cross; I have the Holy Spirit and that's all I need and that's all I want. You do not have to hear a teaching like this.


And Jesus says, because you say that, you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. You do not even know where the spiritual attack is coming from. Of course you do have the spiritual power of my Holy Spirit when you respond to the attack. There must be a response to the attack. You are feeling the arrows because you are spiritual, but your response is not Godly because you will be taught. You think you know it all. The response is ungodly. Well if that is your condition, I am going to spit you out of my kingdom. I am going to spit you out of my mouth. I am going to take my power from you.


Now if you are in the category of my people that are not spiritual at all, I will bless you where you are. But you cannot be half spiritual and half carnal. Because you have got my Spirit. And you are using my Spirit as witchcraft because you will be taught how to deal with the weapon that I have given you. I am going to throw you out of my kingdom.




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