Twilight - Good Vampires?

Twilight - Good Vampires?

Dear Pastor Sheila, I found Sunday’s message where you talk about  interaction and marriage between human beings and demonic forces, and the bestial side of the creation rising, very thought provoking, and really sobering. It  in fact left me very, very sad. It brought to my remembrance an incident that took place recently in Nigeria, and I said to myself, it has indeed started.

On October 5, four University of Port Harcourt (south east Nigeria) students were lynched & burnt to death by mob action in a little community in the environ of their school. The video was up on You tube, and a short footage was shown on CNN (this is the one I saw). It is so gruesome, horrific, and a very sad day for my country. Let me paste here some of the comments made by some Nigerians after they watched the video, as this will give you an idea of what took place.

  • My God, am so sick now. Since I watched the video am so, so sick. Why, why, why...nobody in that crowd cared to  call the police. That must be an evil village!

  • ....people are laughing and cheering for blood. Are these people vampires? Why is Nigeria getting worse by the day? People watched the life of these boys taken away from them without pity.

  • I’m sad. The spate of insecurity in this country is alarming and this has forced citizens to take the law into their own hands. JUNGLE  JUSTICE we call it. I call it MURDER.I don't want to dwell on the reasons why these four University of Port Harcourt students had  their lives cut short in this barbaric manner. No one has the right over another man's life. These boys were caught for alleged theft and tortured for hours and killed.

  • Who brought up the story of theft in the first place? A cover up? A frame up? Were the vigilantes used as a tool to perpetrate the heinous crime orchestrated by others? Were these boys set up?

  • Why didn't anyone in that footage say "Stop"? Where were the women of that community. The community head?

  • All the voices in that footage called for their heads. One kept ringing in my ear "The yellow one does not want to die! Die, die, die". I didn’t hear a single "NO".

  • For a torture session which lasted for hours, why didn't anyone call the police on time? Was it a case of jealousy or envy caused by class segregation? A fight of the poor against the rich?

  • Someone had said, "Why all the fuss? This is not the first time, mob killings occur in Nigeria." True! Let me tell you why this has driven deep into the core of my soul and other Nigerians. There are killings which are done in the spur of the moment, and there are premeditated murders, carefully planned and executed. Mob actions are usually carried out in the spur of the moment. The thief is usually caught red handed in the act. The beating, torture, burning is done in a twinkle of an eye. So fast that even the fastest reacting police squad won’t get there on time. This is different, there was time, they were paraded, taken from one scene to the other, tortured. Yet, there was no sign alluding to their crime. Does this mean the people of Aluu are made up of monsters with hearts of steel? Does this mean there is no single human with a conscience in that community?  Or were their minds infiltrated with such hate against those boys by someone?

  • The callousness and wanton disregard for human life exhibited by those who did this didn't portray them as novices. They have done this before. It was carried out "Mafia style." Ever watched a mafia movie and see how they execute murders? It is carried out with a passionate intent to inflict pain, hurt and final death. It was a HATE CRIME

  • They 'alleged' and the key word is 'alleged' that those boys stole, they failed to display the items stolen....this makes the whole lot of them (mob) murderers. Where there no elderly women in that community? Even the women present, don't they know the pains of childbirth yet they support the killing of another's child. One thing I know, those perpetrators just brought a curse to themselves and their children to the 10th generation and God will judge them in this life or the next.

  • Yes so many unanswered questions. Why didn't women cry and plead? How can they watch boys who could be their sons murdered. Why the hate against these boys and yet there wasno sign of any ammunition or loot! Something is very wrong here and I buy the idea that they might have been setup coz this matter is beyond me.

  • Am still crying since Friday. As a mother you begin to put yourself in their paren’st shoes and feel the pain and hurt they will be going through. The same question I asked. Does it mean no one could call the right authority before things went out of hand?  However grievous their crime was, no one has the right to take away anyone's life.... May justice prevail ....


Excerpt from C. 732.5.The Beast Ascendeth (Daniel, Chapter 7) Part 5, preached Sunday 25 November 2012

V 7.The confrontation between righteous Adam who is rising up in the midst of us to fight on our behalf with the 3 part household of the Serpent-Satan, Cain & Leviathan- who possesses us. Every human being born of a woman is possessed. There are natural laws in place. Jehovah has not abandoned us. There are laws set in place that this fallen Adam can only go so far with us. There are certain boundaries that are set as far as Leviathan and Satan are concerned. And there are certain helps that the Lord has given us, primarily to believe the one true God and to live a moral life. When we depart from the one true God and depart from morality, it weakens the protection that God gives us and strengthens Satan to harm us.

Every once in a while we hear about a really extreme case of a true possession, which I am really concerned that the whole Christian world is being opened to. For years we have been force-fed with occult movies. For years we have been fed with stuff on the TV, in the movies, and now it’s in books, about this interaction and marriage between human beings and demonic forces.

We are talking about movies that are about  marriage between demons and humans, and that show that when you have the 2 natures in one being, the human being and an animal nature, that it is possible for the human being to overcome the animal nature. But brethren it is not possible. It is the exact opposite of what we preach today. It is not possible for the human being to overcome the animal nature apart from Christ Jesus being imparted to you. There is no hope for the human being that shares their psyche and their body with an animal. It is just a matter of time until you are overtaken.

Since the reality is, that on a spiritual level all human beings are part human and part animal, we have a bestial mind (as we just read and studied about today), all of these stories that are being fed, especially to young people, is preparing them for the beast nature to open its eyes and to stand up, and to overtake the human part of the person. This is what the whole Christian world is being prepared for. It is the Christian world that is in the greatest danger. The message is everywhere.

The bestial side of the creation has opened its eyes. It has opened its eyes in the people who are interested in these occult movies and violent movies. The eyes of the beast have been opened by and large in the public, in the body politic, in the people. The beast has opened its eyes and it has taken in all of this food, all of these movies and TV programs and occult games which is food for the beast nature in the people, which has already opened its eyes. The next step is it is going to stand up.

What experience would the people be having when it stands up? I can only guess. Some people will experience what is called alien abduction. Other people will experience internal spiritual rape. Other people will become murderers and other kinds of criminals because they would not be able to stop themselves. Others would become vampires, needing human blood, and eventually killing to get it; everything you can imagine and you cannot imagine.

Vampires are human beings whose bestial side has opened its eyes and stood up, and is expressing the nature of the serpent and the evil that he does, through the people. There is no place for a vampire or werewolf to be good. The vampires are not good, that is a lie. Once the vampire is born in you, once the werewolf is born in you, you become evil. You cannot be a good vampire. It is a lie that you can be a good vampire. 

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