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We are going to be working from Genesis, Chapter 25. Basically it will be Verses 22-25, but I will read Verses 19-21, also. I am sorry, it is more than through Verse 25, we will be going through Verse 34.


Genesis 25:22-34, starting with Verse 19, King James translation. And these are the generations of Isaac, Abraham's son. Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac was 40 years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padanaram, the sister to Laban the Syrian. And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren: and the Lord was entreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived. And the children struggled together within her, and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the Lord. And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger. And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb. And the first came out red all over, like a hairy garment, and they called his name Esau. And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel, and his name was called Jacob. And Isaac was three score years old when she bear them. And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field, and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents. And Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison: but Rebekah loved Jacob. And Jacob sod pottage, and Esau came from the field, and he was faint. And Esau said to Jacob, feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom. And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright. And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me? And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he swear unto him: and he sold his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentils; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.


Now, brethren, this is a mature ministry. If you are reading this message, I do not know where you got this message, but I am here today to tell you that the Holy Scripture of Jehovah, because the Scripture is from Jehovah, Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus as Savior of the world. The Holy Scripture is a deep spiritual message to humanity. Before we can be delivered from hell and death, we must understand what our condition is. Brethren, if you cannot walk because your legs are tied with twine, you need to understand that your legs are tied with twine, and the answer is to unknot the twine and to learn how to walk. So we must learn the truth about our spiritual condition before we can understand Jehovah's plan to deliver us from our condition. And the truth about our spiritual condition is very deep and very serious.


Once again, I am not against the King James translation, it is written in a parable form so that anybody, even the youngest child who is drawn towards the Lord Jesus can have a point of contact with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written in a parable form, in, I do not mean to insult anybody, but I am telling you the truth. It is written in a spiritually childish, simplistic message, so that the most ignorant, or the youngest person in the world, can have an opportunity to be touched by the Spirit of God. And the Lord will meet us wherever we are in our understanding of His Scripture. But to think that the entire word of God is what you read in this parable form is an error that will cost you your spiritual life.


You can have a good life in this world when you read the good book and you follow its moral code, but if your hope is spiritual ascension in Christ Jesus, why? Because maybe you just love spiritual things, I love spiritual things. Maybe you just love things of the spirit. Maybe you are sick, brethren, maybe you are sick and you have been to every Pentecostal preacher that there is and you are not healed. I hope they are not telling you it is because you have no faith, the truth is that if you have been every Pentecostal preacher that there is, and you are still not healed, the truth is that the spiritual level that these preachers are at is not powerful enough to heal your problem. And I am not saying anything against those preachers, I am just telling you the truth, that is why you are not healed.


It is not because you do not have enough faith, and it is not because they are not doing their job. Even Jesus said there is a certain kind of demon that only goes out with prayer and fasting. You have to be in a certain spiritual level to accomplish certain spiritual works. To cast out certain kinds of demons, to heal certain kinds of physical and mental disorders, you have to ascend to a specific spiritual height if you want to accomplish your goal. That is why the Church is weak. Many are healed, but many are not. I think more are not healed than are healed today. The reason for it, brethren, is that we are called to be a spiritual people, but we have to become spiritual, and the way we become spiritual is by entering into the deeper spiritual understanding of the Word. That is how it begins, that is how it begins.


Now, if you are reading this message and you want to believe the parable of Jacob and Esau, if you want to believe that Esau sold his inheritance, whatever that means to you, physical wealth -- I think that most people that read on the surface level think that Esau gave away lands and property and physical riches. If you want to believe that any man would give away an inheritance because he was so hungry that he could not wait a couple of hours until he cooked his own food, that is your business, but I am telling you that this is not reasonable. Now, we are supposed to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are supposed to have faith in this Bible, but what has happened to many in the Church is that they have come to this Scripture, this written word, with the faith of a little child, which is a good thing, but they have completely given up their reason, and that is not a good thing, and Jesus Christ does not require that of us.


And you need to understand that this Bible, the King James translation and all of its offspring, it is a good thing, but it is not the spiritual depth of the word. It is filled with errors. There are all kinds of books written about the errors in the King James translation. This King James translation and her children are not the Word of God. The Word of God is the spiritual truth behind this parable, whatever it is. That means we cannot stay in one place. We have to grow, and we are supposed to read this written word critically. We are supposed to say, That does not make any sense that Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob because he like the way he cooked. I mean, that does not make any sense. It is not an offense or an affront unto God because this is just a translation, you see.


You have to get this into your head, when you think that this King James translation or her offspring, when you think that these translations are THE Word of God, you get a fear in you, saying, You are not supposed to change the Word of God, who dares to question God? But this is not the Word of God, it is one translation of the Word of God, and it is, I do not mean to insult anybody, it is a childish, immature entry level translation of the Word of God, that anybody and everybody: educated, uneducated, ignorant, not ignorant, retarded people can be taught from this Word of God at whatever level that they can ascend to.


Jesus loves me. Retarded people know that He went to the cross. Retarded people can know that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went into the fire and they were not killed. It is a miracle, this King James translation is a miracle, because every other spiritual discipline that I know of is written on such a high level, that you have to either be a scholar or born a highly spiritual person to know what they are talking about. To bring spiritual truth down to the level where a child or an illiterate person or an ignorant person or a retarded person can understand it is a miracle, and it is a good thing. But its purpose is for you to contact the Spirit of God, and once He touches you, you have to go on.


And it is not a sin to say that this parable is fine for the children, but to think that Isaac hated Jacob and loved Esau because of the way he cooked? Come on, brethren, we are talking about the Living God, who is so high, that I do not know about you, but I cannot even comprehend Him. I just know a little about Him, and the little bit that I know is so awesome! Brethren, the story is a parable. So let us go on. And I just pray that the Lord just give you an open heart, that every word that I say that He is in agreement with, that He should witness it to you. I pray that you hear what I have to say with an open mind, and I just rebuke pride in advance, and envy, that would rise up in you and be offended at this.


So let me start by telling you this, that just about every account in the Scripture, in some way, is and will be, reflecting the spiritual truth of the fall. Everything that we study in the Scripture, if you really get down to the, well I really cannot tell you that it is rock bottom, it is rock bottom as for where we are now, who knows what the Lord will be showing us five years from now, OK. When you at least start seeing the spiritual truth -- maybe we are baby level at spiritual truth, but at least we are into spiritual truth -- when you get past the parable and you start looking at the spiritual truth of any Scripture that you decide to study, you are going to see some measure of what happened to the creation, that we fell into this condition, because that is what the Bible is all about. The Bible is given to fallen humanity, who the Scripture describes as being in a deep sleep in relation to spiritual things. We cannot comprehend spiritual things. This Bible is given to meet us where we are at and slowly draw us up. Now if that is the case, I think it makes sense to say that any verse you pick out anywhere, it is going to have to do with our condition. Either with our condition or Jehovah' promise of deliverance from our condition. That is what it is all about.


Now, if while you are down here in hell, this book helps you lead a better life, a decent life, and it does, that is a good thing, but, brethren, that is not what is it is all about. This is the message of the fall, our present condition, how our fallen condition has manifested through other people, even the patriarchs, and Jehovah's plan of deliverance through the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, I do not know about you, but when I first started studying the Bible and going to church, I thought everyone in the Bible was good. I was absolutely shocked to find out that both Abraham and Isaac were willing to turn their wives over to a foreign king to save their own lives. Brethren, the people in the Bible were human beings, they were human beings with human frailties and human failures that are common to all men, and the Bible is the glorious story of how the mind and nature of God can overshadow the fallen mind, and take this potential to be utterly reprobate, to turn your own wife over, and make a glorious son of God out of you.


That is the message of the Bible, but fallen men have a tendency towards idolatry, they love kings, they want to believe that there are men that are perfect so that they could feel protected. But, brethren, the only who is perfect is God, and we are called to perfection, and it is a hard rocky road. We are not covered like little babies, we are covered while we mature, and the patriarchs were men, and they were subject to the same seductions that we are subject to in the Church world today. Once more, even Jesus Christ was, which is really a radical thing. He was not born perfect, He was born with the potential for perfection. Every man who is born is not born with the potential for perfection. Jesus Christ was born with the potential for perfection, and He overcame that potential within Him, overcame His fallen nature, and He was perfected and became the Savior of the world.


The patriarchs were just as fallen as we are, but there was one major difference between the patriarchs and the condition that we are in now. The patriarchs, brethren, at that time, the men at that time were powerful spiritual beings. As we have passed through the generations, we have fallen and fallen and fallen, and humanity, the spiritual clay of humanity, has stretched out and spread out, and the spiritual potential that was imparted to the clay, where Jehovah breathed Elohim into the clay, is now spread out through so many human beings, that most of us are very dull of hearing. Paul says we are dull of hearing. Most of us, at least in this part of the world, are not spiritual. Over in Africa and Asia, the people of Ham's decendants are more spiritual than we are.


I believe that the Christian world, Christendom, has as much potential to be spiritual. Look, this is what happened, there is a spiritual law. Let me say this, back in Isaac's day, the men knew the law. The European nations, we are Christendom -- that is what Christendom is -- we do not have the spiritual law, we have to go to church, we have to read a book, we have forgotten the spiritual law of God. But in Abraham's day, and in Isaac's day, and in Jacob's day, they knew the spiritual law of God, and they did not need a book. They were spiritually powerful men. They had a relationship with Jehovah. They knew the whole story.


The problem was that Satan was as operative in their life, if not more operative than he is in our life, and Satan uses witchcraft, and Satan blinds you to the truth. If you are deceived and if you are blinded, it is by the god of this world. Satan tricks us, and Satan tricked Isaac. And I am going tell you up front that he tricked Isaac into perceiving, I am way ahead of myself, I better stop here. He tricked Isaac. This is the problem, the whole world was dead because of the Serpent. Jehovah visited the world, he called out a man, Abraham, and he said, Abraham, in you I will deposit this seed of the resurrection of this world. The virile seed of God was absent from humanity. The Serpent owned this creation. The spiritual males of this creation were of the Serpent seed. The virile seed of Jehovah was nowhere to be found in this creation, and the only hope of the regeneration of this creation back to the high spiritual plane of God is for the virile seed of Jehovah to enter in and join with our spirit, and for Adam to rise from the dead and dominate the negative aspect of the creation.


There is a negative aspect of the creation. There is darkness here because, to form a visible world, you have to have darkness and light. That is the negative that produces the visible world. Jehovah built the world with darkness in it, but the light has to rule the darkness. When the Serpent killed Adam, the darkness killed the light, and lights went out for humanity. Darkness covers the earth, Isaiah said, and gross darkness the people. Jehovah said to Abraham, In you I will deposit the virile seed that will raise Adam from the dead, that will produce the Savior that will regenerate the entire creation. Do you know what that would be like? It would be like the Lord Jesus Christ coming to you and saying, I am going to impregnate you, which is what he said to Mary, right? I am going to impregnate you, and the child that you are going to bring forth is going to save this whole world from destruction, but there are hoards of men out there who are going to try to destroy your child. So you have follow my instructions exactly, or they will murder your child, and they will murder you.


The seed of promise was implanted in Isaac. That is what is means, he was the child of promise. Isaac had, within his genetic being, Jehovah's virile seed, that seed which had the potential to produce a Messiah who would be the Savior of the world, which Savior would cause the regeneration of the whole creation. This seed flowed in Isaac's loins. Actually, the Lord gave it to, the Lord, Jehovah imparted it to Abraham supernaturally, and the seed was delivered genetically to Isaac through Abraham. Isaac had the seed, that was going to set all of humanity free, in his loins. Do you know what a responsibility that is? What an awesome responsibility.


Well, I want to tell you, the Church has that responsibility today, but you would never know it. You would never know it. We have an awesome responsibility. The Lord, if you are reading this message, and you have any idea; if you can understand me at all, you are called to play your part in the deliverance of the world from hell and death. And it is your responsibility to overcome your pride that does not like the job that you have right now. You only want the big important aspect of the job? Well, you have to be faithful in the little things before you get the assignment in big things.


Isaac knew what was in his loins. He knew the whole story. He knew he was going to have children, and his children were going to have children. He might not have known exactly that he would have two sons, and that Jacob would have twelve sons. He might not have known these details, but he knew that there was a physical offspring coming from him that would carry this seed that would regenerate the world in the image of Jehovah. And when Isaac had two sons, he knew that the virile seed was not in both sons.


Brethren, I have talked about this principle here. If you have several siblings in your family, two, three, four, five, six, all the siblings are not the same. If you have a brilliant father, every sibling is not brilliant. There is usually one sibling that has the weight of the blessings. And on the contrary, there is usually one sibling that has the weight of the curses. Did you ever hear of the runt of the litter? This is just the truth of our humanity. If a great artist has five children, well, maybe all five children have talent in art, but only one child will be that great artist. This is the principle behind the doctrine of the right of the firstborn. It is called primogenitor. It is a spiritual principle which was carried over into the physical, and it says that the first son that is born has all of the genetic potential and power of the father, except that most of us who have lived any number of years know that lots of times that is not true. Do you know that?


Physically, lots of times that is not true that the firstborn son is not always the most anointed, the most intelligent, the most righteous. It is not always true. So people that do not understand the Scriptures say, Well, that Hebrew Scripture, boy, you have to take that with a grain of salt. Look at that family over there. The firstborn son, he is an absolute runt, he is a bum, he drinks, he runs around with women, and the third son is righteous and intelligent and anointed and filled with wisdom, so the Bible must not know what it is talking about. No, brethren, this is a spiritual principle. It is a spiriutal principle. The one who carries the seed has the right of the firstborn. The offspring who has the wisdom and the righteousness should be the head of the family.


If you are in a marriage and the husband is a spiritual failure and the wife is anointed, the headship is on the female. And the Church is crippled because they are all bound up with carnal laws. Well, that is the background here. I want to, I am just not sure whether to put this in at this point or not. I will mention it. This whole concept of the primogenitor, the rights of the firstborn, if you look up that word in the Hebrew, it is translated in Genesis, Chapter 4 as the firstlings of the flock, and in this account of Esau and Jacob, it is talking about the right of the firstborn. It is a feminine word, brethren, it is a feminine word. So this whole concept of the right of the firstborn, it is not even valid. It is not even a true doctrine, if you can hear what I am saying. It is a female word, and do you know what it means? Well, it does mean the right of the firstborn, but it has been misunderstood.


Just a minute, I just have to get my words together, how I am going to say this to you. You may recall that I told you over the years that the firstborn is the carnal mind. Adam was supposed to be born, the whole creature had to be born -- the account that we have of the beginning and the formation that was within a spiritual womb, it had to be born, and the creature was born as an animal instead of a civilized man, because the Serpent killed Adam. So the firstborn is the Serpent's offspring. Even if you want to take it from a parable form, Eve was unfaithful to Adam, and and under the curse it says, You will desire your husband, the one that you obeyed, the Serpent. The Woman, the female earth, she brought forth the offspring of the Serpent. The firstborn is the Serpent's offspring. So therefore the rights of the firstborn is power and strength and authority in this fallen world. The rights of the firstborn is Satan's spiritual authority, if you can hear it.


Esau was powerfully spiritual. He happened to be the first child out of the womb, but he also happened to receive, spiritually speaking, Satan's authority. You see, Jehovah's semen is divided. There is the virile seed, which is Abel, and the waters that the seed is supposed to be joined to, which is represented by Cain. The waters of the semen have been absorbed by the earth to form the clay which is formed this world. And spiritual power, the spiritual power of Jehovah's semen today, is in the earth, it is in Cain, it is in this world. The Serpent stole the water. So, when Jehovah's virile seed comes into the worold, he comes in with righteousness, but without any power, because the spiritual power is in the spiritual water.


When you look at Jehovah's semen divided and you compare the divided seed to the separated waters, the divided seed, the seed without the waters is weak, and the spiritual power is in the waters. Satan stole the energy. Satan stole the energy. That is why the kingdom of darkness is more powerful than those of us who are struggling to enter into the kingdom of righteousness. I have been asking this question for years, Why are they so much stronger than we are? Because Satan possesses the waters, the sea of energy. Satan possesses the sea of energy, but those of us who are living in Christ, we have the righteousness on our side.


We have the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ on our side, and we are supposed to rule over the waters, but the waters are stronger than we are. The waters are seductive, the waters are witchcraft, the waters are evil, the waters are lust for the things of this world. And we have, if you have the seed of Christ, you have both in you, well, who are you going to live after? Are you going to follow after what Satan draws you to, or after the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and if you choose to live after the righteousness of Jesus Christ, you have got a war on your hands, because the truth is that is Satan's more powerful than we are. Therefore this is how you tell who is truly living for Christ. If they survive Satan's onslaught against them, you know they are in right standing with Jesus Christ. You have to look at somebody's life over a period of years. So if this is a little hard to understand, it even made me question whether or not Esau and Jacob were real people, but I believe they were real people.


Well, let me tell you this also. This is the way it is coming forth. I brought this message, and the one that will be following it, which is also about Jacob and Esau, I brought it forth under a heavy spirit of revelation. The Lord almost zonked me. It was an incredible experience as He brought forth this revelation in me. Most of the translations that I have given you in the past, I can show you clearly, that this Hebrew word means this, and this Hebrew word means that, but it is not quite as clear here, but the Lord has been running this revelation through me for two days now, and it is much clearer to me now. But I am trying to tell you, that there may be some areas that you are really going to have to pray about, but I am convinced that this is what the Lord has given me.


Now, the way it is coming down here, is that Esau and Jacob, they were sort of like Cain and Abel. It was a repetition of Cain and Abel, and they were two sons, but one had the seed of the promise, and the other had Satan's spiritual power. You see, Isaac had both. Isaac was a fallen man, but Jehovah had imparted the seed of promise to him through Abraham. I have talked to you a little bit about genetics a long time ago, so you may not remember, but I know that basic genetics, if you were to go take a course in genetics, basic genetics tells you that if you -- let me give you a bazaar example here. I am going to use black and white, it is just really the easiest way to go. If you take a black person, man or woman, who is pure black, all the way back, and a white person, a white mate, who is pure white, all the way back, and they mate and have children, in the first generation, the children will either be black or white, obviously physically black or white, and it is not until the second or third generations that you start seeing various shades of black, mulatto, or whatever the right word is for that.


Isaac was the first generation that the seed was deposited in, and when he bore children -- you see, Isaac, for all intents and purposes, he was the Serpent married to the virile seed of Jehovah, and in his first generation, there was a distinct division. One child had the seed, and the other child had the waters of Satan of the fallen man. There was a distinct division. Does anybody not understand that? So if you want to -- this is the same principle of what happened to Israel, and what I am trying to tell you, and I am having a little trouble getting it out, is that Esau and Jacob, for all intents and purposes, were one spiritual man. Jacob had the righteous seed. and Esau had the spiritual power. And this was the case with Israel before the division, before the civil war. The righteous seed was in Judah, and Israel had the spiritual power, and together they were one whole spiritual man, undefeatable.


A lot of people, including me, have made a the mistake over the years. of seeing a person who is highly spiritual and thinking that they are the ones that have the righteous seed. Well, if someone is highly spiritual they may have the righteous seed, but they do not have to have the righteous seed. Because being highly spiritual is not a sign that you have the righteous seed that will produce Christ Jesus in you, that is not the sign. The sign is a love of righteousness, and submission to God, and a godly attitude towards the other peoples of humanity. That is the sign of the seed. Jacob had the seed, Esau had the spiritual power.


Now look, there is going to be a mixing of the righteous seed and the spiritual power to produce a supernatural son of God, the resurrected Adam, Christ Jesus in the New Testament. But it has to be the mixing of the righteous seed with the waters. It has to be in accordance with Jehovah's plan, because if you rise up in spiritual power before Jehovah says, All right, come up, you are ascending as Satan. So those of us who have a spiritual potential, we are supposed to restrain ourselves. You know, I just love the things of the spirit. I love spiritual things. Sometimes I get very frustrated because I love to study and I love to preach, but I just love the spiritual experiences that come, if they come once a year, you know. I get small spiritual experiences, but I have had, I am with the Lord twenty years, I have had some exciting spiritual experiences, and I have not had one of those in 8 years, I mean where I am really caught up high to do some great thing. I have not had something like that in 8 years. So if you have a love of spiritual things, if you are fascinated by spiritual things, whatever, we are commanded to restrain ourselves from engaging in spiritual activities outside of the ones that the Lord Jesus give us.


When we did our study on the exodus, I know that I suggested to you that the Hebrews' hatred of this light bread out in the wilderness, I suggested to you, at that time that what happened to them is that the Hebrews had been very high in Egyptian mystery religion experiences, and when they came out of Egypt, they gave up that witchcraft, that life of the spirit, which was in witchcraft. And before you can arise in spiritual power in Christ Jesus, you have to be instructed in the Doctrine of Christ, you have to learn to recognize your sin nature, you have to defeat your sin nature. You must be prepared before you can have high spiritual experiences in Christ Jesus, because if you are not prepared, you might think that you entering into high experiences in Christ Jesus, and it will be Satan raised in you.


You see, Jacob and Esau knew all of this. Isaac knew all of this, Rebekah knew all of this. They knew all of this. They were spiritual giants, and Jacob knew that he had the seed, and he knew that Jehovah had not yet called him to ascend in spiritual power, and therefore he had to a be a man; the Scriptures called him smooth. What it means is he was not a spiritual man. He was righteous, and he loved people of God, but he was not a spiritual man. But if Esau would come into submission to him, if Esau, the one who had all of the spiritual power, would come into submission to the one who had the righteous seed, together they would be undefeatable. Brethren, it is the same message with Israel. Israel departed, the northern kingdom departed from the southern kingdom, and the same thing is happening today. Christ Jesus is manifesting in the Church, but the Church is utterly rejecting the Bridegroom, so there is limited power in both aspects of the Church. The Church that is female, and in the Bridegroom Church that is not possessing the water. The Church has the water. There is no great power manifesting anywhere. We have to come together. This is the spiritual principle behind Esau and Jacob.


Even when it says that coming out, Jacob coming out, he sees the heel of Esau. What that means is that the seed, the seed was in Jacob. We can call it Abel, that seed, that potential to rise up in the resurrected Adam, in King Adam, coming out of the womb, spiritually speaking, Abel in the infant Jacob, sees the heel of Esau, made a connection with the spiritual waters that were in Esau. I want to go back to what I was talking about a few minutes ago, I do not think I made it clear to you. The rights of the firstborn, this primogenitor that is mentioned in the Scripture, that is the female word, what it means is that the firstborn has the spiritual power of the world. The one who is, spiritually speaking, the firstborn, comes forth with Satan's waters, in power. So every witch out there, everyone moving in spiritual power, is one of the company which makes up the firstborn of this animal kingdom, of this female kingdom.


There is a company of men scattered across the world, of physical men and physical females, that are born with high spiritual power. They are the firstborn. They have the primogenitor, they have the rights of the firstborn, spiritual authority over this world. For the Christians to rise up in spiritual authority in this world, we are going against the flow. So in the womb, Abel in Jacob laid hold of the heel, and that word heel, in the Hebrew, it means footprint or reflection, it is talking about the spiritual being of Esau.


In other words, what you are looking at right now, is my duplicate, maybe it is my etheric double. I cannot tell you for sure, but it may be speaking about his etheric double. I may not be right about that, but the principle is that, according to the instruction of Jehovah, Abel, the virile seed in the infant Jacob, connected spiritually with the rights of the firstborn, with the spiritual power, which is stolen spiritual power that Esau had inherited. The commandment of Jehovah to everyone who is carrying His seed -- and that means everyone here, and if you could understand this message, there is a good chance that it is in you -- His commandment is that the seed must be reconnected to the waters, and Abel fulfilled that commandment in the womb.


Brethren, it is a spiritual commandment. But as the children grew, the physical being in whom these spiritual waters were flowing, the carnal mind of that physical man said to his brother... So, even though Abel seized, laid hold of the spiritual waters of Esau in the womb, when Esau became a man, or even an older boy, and his carnal mind started manifesting, he was in rebellion against the one who was his spiritual head. The carnal mind of Esau was in rebellion against his younger brother, who was his spiritual head. And the carnal mind of Isaac says, Well, this is the firstborn (a misunderstanding of a spiritual principle), this is my firstborn, Esau, he must be the one who carries the seed. He is the head of the younger brother. And Isaac, in his deception, loved Esau and hated Jacob.


All that it means is that Isaac flowed together with Esau. They had a soul tie, they thought along the same lines, they were comfortable with one another. He chose Esau. In my opinion, where I am at right now, and I have been studying this for two days, I believe Isaac was determined to serve Jehovah in righteousness. He was seduced by the Serpent in Esau. Brethren, people who are spiritually powerful have powers of seduction, whether the people know that they are spiritually powerful, or whether they know that they have powers of seduction or not, you need to know that there are people in this world who are very seductive. And the people who are very seductive have the right of the firstborn. They have the spiritual power of this world. And I believe that Satan in Esau seduced Isaac and tricked him.


You see, the same thing was happening in Isaac that happened in Adam. Adam knew, Adam was fully instructed as to not yield to the Serpent, but he was tricked. He was tricked, and I am not excusing Adam, it was a weakness in him. What I am saying is that Adam desired to do the right thing, but he was tricked. Now, can anyone say that has never happened to you? That has happened to me a lot, that I really wanted to make the right decision, but I made a mistake. I got some wrong information from somebody and I did not perceive that it was wrong information. Brethren, this is what ascension in Christ Jesus will put an end to. When our consciousness ascends to the 6th energy center, no man will be able to trick us. We will be married to the Lord Jesus, who is in the 7th center. There will be a union between the two of us in the top of the mountains in the 6th and 7th energy centers, and no man will be able to trick us anymore. Isaac was tricked. He was seduced by the Satanic anointing on Esau. Esau was a spiritual giant, but I think that is the next message, so I want to stay over here.


Now we are in Genesis 25:22, And the children struggled together within her, and she said, If this be so, why am I thus? Well, what does that mean, that two twins struggled together? Brethren, they struggled for the headship. Do you know what this means? This Scripture is such a high spiritual Scripture, it is talking about incarnation. It is talking about the virile seed of Jehovah having a consciousness that far transcended the fetus of the child named Jacob, and a spiritual intelligence of the Serpent's household, a conscious intelligence. There was an interaction going on between a conscious intelligence in Jacob, which was Jehovah's virile seed, and a conscious intelligence in Esau, which was of the Serpent's household; there was a war going on between these two spiritual giants in two unborn fetuses who had no consciousness yet at all.


Brethren, there is a consciousness in us that transcends the consciousness of this flesh. We are talking about incarnation. The same principle is expounded in the Scripture, when it comes to Jesus and John the Baptist. Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth and there was a communication between the unborn fetuses? No, no, no, not between the unborn fetuses, but between the spiritual beings who are incarnating in the spiritual fetuses. So the struggle in Rebekah's womb was for who would have the headship. Would the seed rule the waters, or would the waters rule the seed, because both spiritual beings that were incarnating desired, and desired today, to see the waters and the seed reconciled. The question is, who will have the headship?


You see, the people, they are right in the Church who are ascending in the Serpent's timeline, what is happening to them is that the seed, if they have the seed of God, if they have Christ, He is being joined to the waters of this world in a lower position; full stature or completion or perfection in the Serpent. And what it means is the reconciliation of Jehovah's virile seed with the waters, it means the completion of the semen in a wrong order, with the Serpent in control over the virile seed of God. That is tremendous power, tremendous power; the reconciled semen, the complete semen is awesomely powerful, it can be likened to hydrogen bombs. And this kind of power will be in the hands of the Serpent in those men who ascend in the Serpent's timeline.


So we see that both sides want the reconciliation of the semen. The fight, the struggle is over who will lead, or who will rule over whom. Now I know the end of the book, you see, the end of the whole story is that Jesus Christ and his offspring will rule over the men who have the right of the firstborn of this world, but brethren, it will not be without a war, it will not be without a struggle, it will not be without casualties. It will be with many casualties. So we see in Jacob and Esau a microcosm, a small image of the macrocosm. The macrocosm is the struggle of the ages that is occurring on the high spiritual planes. We see in Jacob and Esau a microcosm of the macrocosm, a small representation of the whole story.


I do not know about you, but I cannot deal with the macrocosm. It is just overwhelming for me. If I think about what is really going on spiritually, it is beyond my human ability to deal with it. Even looking at the universes and all the planets, and believing that all of the physical worlds that astronomers and astrophysicists study and know all about, that all of these, this is just the Serpent, and that she is within Jehovah. I do not know about you, I cannot cope with it, and the Lord's personal instruction to me is do not look at it, do not look at the macrocosm, you are not capable of dealing with it, look at the microcosm. Look at Jacob and Esau. It is the same story. What is above is beneath. It is the same story.


Do you remember when I put the drawing of Adam's paralellogram on the board? You may recall me telling you -- well, I took the proportions out of the Scripture and in order for me to fit it on this board, I had to scale it down. If the Scripture said the measurement was five, I scaled it down. If the Scripture said the measurement was five by three, I scaled it down to two and one half by one and one half. But you keep the proportions the same, and when you keep the proportions the same, you have the same principles operating. So what we find in the microcosm, what we find in man like you and me, what is happening within us, that Christ is being formed in us, that He is ascending, that He is overcoming Satan, that He is reaching to join with the Lord Jesus, this is the whole story. You do not need -- believe me, I am the last person to tell you not to educate yourself, I personally need to know all that I could know, but at this moment I do not need to know what I am not capable of knowing, which if I tried to understand it, it is going to just blow my mind and I will not be able to do anything.


So stay in the microcosm, stay in what you can understand, as the Lord Jesus increases our ability to understand. And Esau and Jacob are the microcosm of this incredible battle that is going on and has been going on for God only knows how years, millions, trillions of years. Jehovah's semen was divided, the seed was separated from the waters, the waters killed the seed and created this fallen world, and Jehovah has reinjected his virile seed into this fallen world with the full intention of reforming it into what he intended the creation to be at the beginning. And we see this awesome story and this awesome plan by an awesome God that we cannot even comprehend. We see it laid out so that we can understand it in the person of Esau and Jacob, and this struggle was going on Rebekah's womb, and apparently she was aware of it.


When we get to the next message, I have not named it yet, but it will the account of (supposedly) Jacob stealing Esau's birthright, which is not true. I have not given the message a name yet. We will see that Rebekah is a prophet, so she knew that this war going on within her, and, brethren, this war goes on within everyone of us. We may not be bringing physical children into the world in this condition, but every one of us that has Christ being formed in us has this war going on within us between the Christ that is being formed within us and the right of the firstborn within us. Satan within us, our unconscious mind, she is claiming the right of primogenitor. She says to this Christ forming in us, I am your head. She does not want to kill him, she wants him, but she is saying, I am your head. And here is this little seed coming up, Jesus said, it is just the humblest of all seeds. Here is this little seed that has very little, if any, spiritual power by himself, and He is saying to Satan, David's saying to Goliath, Abel in us is saying to Satan, I am your head, and Satan is saying in us, You have got to be kidding, man! I am going to knock you up the side of your head and make quick work of you, but we all know what happened to Goliath.


Parables, parables, this is happening in every single one of us. It is happening in the universes at large, it is happening in our country, right now that is what is happening in our, do you know that is what is happening in our country? Those who are the firstborn have risen up in spiritual power to take authority over a nation that has been under Christ Jesus or Abel for all these years. That is what is going on in this country. It goes on every day in your life, it goes on in your marriage, it goes on with your children, it goes on with your employers, it goes on with the clerk in the post office. You need to know that if you are carrying the seed of the new world, wherever you go, the firstborn will rise up in that man and say, Who do you think you are? Only it may not be that obvious.


Frequently, it is very subtle, and you want to know what happens, typically? The one who is carrying the seed of God says, Oh, I must be wrong, I will back down. Part of your education is to learn to not back down in Christ, but of course, you have to know that you are in Christ, you have to know what you know what you know, and then stand and then stand without sinning against the other person. I could teach you for the next hundred years, you have to have your own overcoming experiences.


And the children struggled within her and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the Lord. So we see that Rebekah had a face-to-face relationship with the Lord, she was a prophet.


Verse 23, And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb. Two nations, well you know, a lot people say, Well, it must be Russia and the Middl East, two spiritual nations were nations were in her womb, and two spiritual nations are in your womb, and two spiritual nations are in my spiritual womb. And if there is no war in your life, that means that Christ is not there. If there is no conflict in your life, either Christ is not there, or He is so overcome that He might just as well not be there. If you think that all there is is witnessing to people and praying for people, well, I mean that is fine, but you are still a woman. I am not telling you not to do that. You need to know that if you think that you are a son of God, and there is no warfare in your life, you are mistaken. You are not living out of the Son, because the firstborn will rise up in whatever human she can rise up in, in every human being in your life if she can do it, and give you a hard time, and it is our responsibility to learn how to overcome such offenses without sinning. But if there is no warfare in your life, you are not living out of Christ, and you need to know that.


Now you cannot go bringing your own warfare in, but you certainly should petition the Lord and say, What is wrong with my life? I have had no opportunity to overcome recently, What is wrong with my life? Have I laid down, am I Abel, have I submitted to my role of homosexual prostitute? Have I just laid down and given over my strength to the rights of the firstborn who dominate me and rule over me? You have to ask those questions? I know wherever I go a day does not go by that this firstborn will rise up in someone and try to take an ungodly authority over me. Now, I am not saying that it has to happen to you every day, but I am telling you this, that the taller you are standing in Christ Jesus, the more often it will happen, so measure yourself.


And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels. Two manner of people, one powerful in witchcraft, having the inheritance and the rights of the firstborn of this world, and the other manner of person, not spiritual powerful at all, but meek and humble, loving righteousness, loving righteousness, carrying the seed of My life. Now look, if you are reading this message and you do not love righteousness, the Lord can put a love of righteousness in you. The Lord Jesus Christ is in the business of changing our nature, but until that love of righteousness, and until that desire to minister the love of God to the world appears in your mind, you need to know that Christ is not in there. That is the sign that Christ is in there. It is not spiritual power. It is love of righteousness. It is siding with right in every controversy. If that controversy is in this ministry, if that controversy is in your family, if that controversy is in your job, if that controversy is national, do you line up with righteousness, or do you do what is going to preserve your own self? Answer your question and you know who you are, and if you do not like the answer, you can ask the Lord Jesus to make you the righteous seed. But you will never pray the right prayer if you do not know who you are. That is the test.


Do you go along with what someone else says because you want them to like you? Do you go along with what someone else says because you want their approval, or do you stand for righteousness, no matter what the price? That is the test. You know who you are. Now, you could be making a mistake; you could make a wrong judgment as to what the righteous issue is, but if you know what the righteous issue is, and you are saying otherwise because you want to be accepted, that is not the righteous seed of Christ.


And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels, and the one people shall be stronger than the other people, and the elder shall serve the younger. So, there is two manner of nations in the womb, and two manner of people separated from the bowels. I have not looked at the Interlinear text on this, but one is talking about the physical womb, and the other is talking about the spiritual womb.


And the elder shall serve the younger. Brethren, the elder brother, the one that has the rights of the firstborn, the peoples of this world who possess the spiritual power of this world which was stolen from Adam from the beginning, that is the older son. And the younger son, of course, is Abel, the younger son is the righteous seed of Christ, who is rising and maturing into Christ Jesus, and warring continuously to join with the waters, with Satan's waters with himself as the head of the waters. He is fighting that war within himself, he is fighting that war within his marriage, within his family, within his job, and within every aspect of his life, with every person he meets on the street, this warfare is real.


Verse 24, And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold there were twins in her womb. We all have twins in our womb, that is just another way of saying we are double-minded.


...and the first came out red all over like a hairy garment, and they called his name Esau. Well, I found that very interesting, that simple little verse, because I know that Adam was red, and this word red, the Hebrew word translated red, I think it was just one number away from Adam. And I also know that Elijah was called a hairy man. So what that says to me is that the term hairy, the word hairy, it is a parable for spiritual power. Elijah was a hairy man, he was spiritually powerful, but his spirituality arose out of the resurrected Adam in him. So I looked this word up, and I think it only appeared twice in the Scriptures, both for Esau and for Elijah, they were both hairy men.


Well, we know how powerful Elijah was. Brethren, Esau was a spiritual giant, and I want to suggest to you that he was as actively engaged in witchcraft as Cush was. Cush was a mighty hunter, they were actively engaged, he was actively, they both, Cush and Esau, were actively engaged in witchcraft. He was a hairy man, and he was red all over. He had to be red all over. That comes from the word that means red earth, and the way that the earth got red was that the waters of Jehovah's semen flowed over the earth, and the earth captured or absorbed the waters. That is how the earth became red. So Esau was a man that was rich in the spiritual power of the waters of the semen, and the second witness to it is that he was hairy. He was a spiritual giant. And they gave him the name Edom because he was red, he was a spiritual giant with Adam's power, he was a spiritual giant with Adam's strength.


Verse 26, And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel, and his name was called Jacob; and Isaac was threescore years old when she bear them. As you can tell from the notes, I have not gone into the details with this study, that I have gone into in the past. We are covering a lot of verses, between this and the next message about Esau and Jacob, and this is the way the Lord gave it to me. The message is very, very important that we know the truth about Jacob and Esau, because, as we are finding out in this ministry, almost every time we see someone portrayed in a negative light in the Scriptures, it is almost always backwards. I have never found it yet that is it is not backwards. So this is a very important message.


One of the most important messages I ever preached, it may be the most important message, according to what the Lord has told me, is the truth about Adam; that this fallen creation is not wicked Adam, which is what is preached in the Church (it is preached all over the Church). I think that message first started coming down when some preachers got the revelation that Lucifer was the fallen Adam. Well, that was close, Lucifer was the fallen creation, but Adam is righteous. Adam died, righteous Adam died, and he is raised from the dead in the Lord Jesus Christ. Adam dies, and his substance can be stolen and used for unrighteousness, but Adam is the King of the whole creation. Jehovah pronounced him King, and He is a righteous King, and He is appearing in this hour in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that was the most important message that I preached, declaring the truth about King Adam, and today we are declaring the truth about Jacob.


Jacob is not a deceiver, and Jacob is not a supplanter, and Jacob is not a thief. Jacob is a hero, and Jacob is the faithful obedient son of the Living God, who saved Isaac and this whole world from the disaster of Jehovah's virile seed being captured in the wrong moral order. And if it helps you feel any better, Jacob was not thrilled with the assignment. Just like some of us are not thrilled with the assignment. I know lots of times I look out there and I say, Lord, look at the spiritual power on these people, I just want to hide in this house, I do not even want them to know that I am here. Unless you are going to specifically anoint me to have an encounter with them, I do not even want them to know who I am. I happen to have a weakness, everybody has weaknesses. My weakness is my physical body. They slap me, and I get sick. I do not want anything to do with any spiritual warfare that is not out of your righteous spirit that you have not led me to, until this weakness in me is healed.


And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel, and his name was called Jacob. Now the name Jacob does mean supplanter. But I looked up in the dictionary what that word to supplant means. It is on page 1 of your notes, about in the middle of the page. Supplanter, according to the dictionary, means successor, replacement, substitute, relief, displacer. Well, I believe that Jacob did replace the authority of the firstborn, but that is a righteous thing, and the Hebrew word that the name Jacob is derived from can be translated to circumvent. And I want to suggest to you, that Jacob did the complete reverse of what we have studied in the message called The Serpent's Triangle. In that message we showed how the Serpent circumvented Adam and changed his nature, and in changing his nature, effectively destroyed him. We see Jacob doing the reverse of the Serpent's evil deed. He was the supplanted, he was the righteous replacer, he was the circumventor of the Serpent's nature in his father because his father was making a big mistake. Isaac was about to give Jehovah's virile seed over to a man who was under the Serpent's control, his son Esau. So I have not done a complete study, I have not looked at this, ...and was threescore years old. I do not know what the significance of that is.


Verse 27, And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents. Well. just looking at my notes here, let me see what I did here. I am going to back up here, I am looking at my notes, and I see that I did not preach something in my notes, so I will back up to our explanation as to why the name Isaac means laughter, why a name would be given to such an important man as Isaac, who is carrying the virile seed, the first man in whom the virile seed appeared. Why would he be given a name that means laughter? And I suggest to you, that the Lord has told me, I got this by direct revelation from the Lord, that the laughter is Jehovah's laughter at the Serpent. Isaac, and the seed that he carries, and all of his physical descendants, as well as his spiritual descendants, is Jehovah laughing at the Serpent's attempt to steal the creation. And the Scripture does bear out the fact that Jehovah laughs at his enemies.


Psalm 37:12-13 says, The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth, but the Lord shall laugh at him, for he seeth that his day is coming. Therefore, Isaac is called laughter. Isaac carried within him the day of the Lord, Jehovah's timeline. Praise the Lord.


I will just read you my note here. I covered all of this, but let me read you my notes. Jacob had the seed of Christ, he was Abel. Esau had the water. The seed, which is Adam's remains always has, and still is pursuing the water to restore Elohim's whole semen. Abel in the infant Jacob siezed Satan, the spiritual water in his brother, and two together were Elohim's whole seed. I told you what Jacob means and, I see that for whatever reason, oh, OK, I do have notes on 26. OK, I did not tell you this about the phallus.


In Verse 26, it says, And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel. Now, the Lord told me something very interesting about that the other day. I have been teaching here for a long time, that the Hebrew word translated hand has, one of its legitimate definitions is phallus, and a phallus is the undifferentiated sex organ. In other words, it can mature as a woman's sex organ, or as a male sex organ in the physical body. That is the definition of phallus, but by the context of the way that word has appeared, the Lord has shown me that this Hebrew word translated hand, which can mean phallus, is always used as Abel, as the young Christ that is being formed in the believer, but the Lord gave me a deeper understanding of it.


In view of other things that we have been teaching here, and other principles that have been coming down in this ministry, with regard to the Fiery Serpent; now if you do not, I will just remind you, I am going to preach it, I am going to assume that you do not know it, so we will just make it a review. I remind you that Jesus clearly says that we have a worm, that all mortal men have a worm, and we know that Jehovah calls, well, according to the King James, he calls Jacob a worm, but I do not know what the Interlinear text says. And we also, I have taught you, that the Fiery Serpent is our spiritual virginity. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual virginity. She will either mature, as the parable puts it, as a dragonfly, as a mighty man, a mighty spiritual man in whom Satan rules the seed of Jehovah's semen, or she will mature into a son of God, which the parable describes as a butterfly, a mighty spiritual man in which Jehovah's righteous seed rules the spiritual power.


You know, I do not even think I made that clear before. The struggle is whether the righteousness will rule the spiritual power, or the spiritual power will rule the righteousness. You see, spiritual power without a righteous head becomes criminal spiritual power. So the Lord Jesus, He desires us to be mighty spiritual men, but if our righteous seed is not strong enough to rule the spirituality, we will be overturned and we will become witches or sorcerers. So the Fiery Serpent is our spiritual virginity. She is that spiritual part of us who will mature. She is the root foundation of our spiritual manhood, because you can be a spiritual man in the Serpent. The definition of a spiritual man is someone who is spiritually powerful. Now, it is the Fiery Serpent that ascends from the root center, and she ascends up into the 6th energy center, from where we become spiritual beings. The question is, who does she meet along the way, and who does she join with, or who does she marry? This Fiery Serpent, she is the foundation of the Seraphim.


If anyone is having a problem with this right now, we know that there is such a thing in the Book of Isaiah as the Seraphim, Serpents who have been beautified. We have a serpentine nature within us, she is a worm, she is a larva, and she will ascend into the heart center, from where she will either make contact with the Lord Jesus Christ who is above, or she will make contact with Leviathan who is above. It is our same potential. It is just like in human children, if you know anything about this, I will tell you, if you do not know it, that embryos, human embryos, and even when they become fetuses, it is the same embryo that either becomes a human female or a human male. It is the same root that either develops into the female clitoris, or the male penis. It is the same physical root.


I do not know how else to describe it, and it just can develop in one way or the other. This Fiery Serpent that every one of us has, she is our potential to become a spiritual adult. And we are either going to become a male spiritual adult or a spiritual female adult. And the problem is that this worm, she is blind. So it is really the male spirit that is reaching out to lay hold of her and join with her, and she is always picking the wrong person. The account of this is in Song of Solomon, Chapter 5. She cannot tell who her true husband is.


Verse 26 says, And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold of Esau's heel. Well, I now understand that this word hand, that is talking about the phallus, Abel or the mind of Christ in the New Testament, it is the Fiery Serpent under the control of the Godhead. In this day and age, she is under the control of the Lord Jesus Christ. In that day, although it is not clear in the Scripture, she is under the control of Michael. If you have a problem with that, do not get stuck on it, she is under the control of the household of God. She is like the typical dumb blonde; whatever male spirit gets ahold of her, that is who she goes with, and that is what she becomes. So when it says that Jacob's hand reached out, it is literally saying that the Fiery Serpent, Jacob's virginity, reached out. Well, what made him reach out? Apparently the Spirit of God was upon that embryo, joined to that Fiery Serpent in that embryo, and caused it to reach out and join with the waters of his brother.


OK, so we are back to Verse 27, And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents. And as you can see in the notes, I have given you the workup on that whole verse, although I have not done it for every verse. As far as your notes go, they are not usually as complete as I give them to you, but whenever there is any unusual translation, if you see one verse that has the workup of all the Strong's numbers and everything, it is because there is some unusual translation there.


And the boys grew: and Esau was a wise discerning... Now, instead of the word cunning, we are translating it to be wise and discerning. Esau had the wisdom of this world, and it was more than the wisdom of the average man. He had spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Esau was a spiritual giant. I have to be honest with you, I do not fully understand how his witchcraft was manifesting, but as I looked up all the words, and I meditated on it, and I heard what the Lord had to say to me, as far as I have gotten in my understanding, that somehow Esau was engaged in illegal spiritual activities. Why were they illegal? Because he was doing it without the headship of the righteous seed, and that these illegal spiritual activities were depleting his energy.


Now, you may recall the teachings here on the Fiery Serpent; how she abides in the root center and she feeds off of our energy. She is like a fetus, like a human fetus feeding through an umbilical cord in a human woman, and the more sinful activities we engage in, the more energy she requires. So, Esau was famished. He came in from the field, he was hungry. He was not hungry for physical food. The significance is, that he was engaged in witchcraft activities that were depleting his energy, and he needed a source of energy from beyond himself to continue on. Is everybody OK? I will say it again.


Esau was engaged in spiritual activities. I do not have any information as to what he was doing at this time, but he was engaged in illegal spiritual activities that required energy that was more than his own person could supply. Therefore, he used up all his energy, and he was famished. He was not hungry for physical food. And the Scripture indicates that he was a hunter of men; that he came into the field of creation, and somehow he was drawing energy from other men; and I keep getting the impression of spiritual vampirism. But I do not understand what he was doing that he was drawing the energy from other men. I know that he came to his brother Jacob and said, Give me of your energy, and believe me, he was not looking for a bowl of pottage. And Jacob's response to him was, You cannot have my energy, and if you want to stop falling into this weak condition, you should stop practicing witchcraft. Now that is my paraphrasing of the account, and we will go into that in depth.


So what Esau was doing, exactly, that depleted his energy, I do not know, and how he was draining energy from other people, I do not know. You see, he came to Jacob and Jacob resisted him, but I do not have any more information at this time. I know that there are people in this world today that will drain your energy. I know that as someone who walks in Christ, I have to be very careful, and as soon as I am around someone that is going to bring me down, I have to either break off the relationship, or just get out of there. One of my biggest challenges is my family, my unreconciled family, or people in the world, people just manifest all kinds of sin, they do not even know they are doing it. Attempts to drag me into gossip, that is the simplest example I can give you, and there are some people in my life that I just do not know what to talk to them about. I am trying to relate to them and all they know, all they want is gossip. I have it before the Lord, how do I get along with these people? What do I say to them? How do I change the conversation? How do I not get seduced? I am only calling them because they are my family and I love them and I want a relationship with them, but the ungodly aspects of themselves, what do I do when they keep slipping into gossip? I cannot talk to them plainly, the person that I have in mind.


So this is the way that our energy is depleted today, Satan comes in another man to take our energy by seducing us to sin. I know that is how it works today, but I do not know exactly what was going on here with Esau. I am very curious, I would like to know, we will see. Maybe someday the Lord will tell me. Someone pointed out to me that I had said Cush was a mighty hunter, and it was Cush's son, Nimrod who was the mighty hunter.


We are working on Verse 27. Esau was a wise and discerning mortal man, mortal man, and that is very important that the Hebrew word mortal man here is ish. The King James translation does not distinguish between the Hebrew word Adam, which is Adam, and ish. And the word Adam means the resurrected Adam. It means a spiritual natural man, and the word ish is talking about the fallen man, the mortal man, but you have to look that up in the Interlinear text or your Strong's concordance. There is no distinction, both words are translated man by the King James translators. Esau was a mortal man. And I see my note says that this word was not translated. In the Interlinear text, the word man appears twice, but in the King James translation, it does not appear the second time.


And Esau was a wise discerning mortal man, and he hunted. The Hebrew word man, Strong's #376, appears twice in the Interlinear text, but in Verse 27, it just says that Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field. So we see the word man appearing only once in the English, but it appears twice in the Interlinear text, in the Hebrew, and what it is really saying is that Esau was a wise and discerning man who hunted man. He hunted man of the field. That is what it is saying. He had spiritual wisdom, and he used that spiritual wisdom to hunt men who were in the field. And I believe that expression the men of the field, it means men who were not spiritual, men who were just living in the earth, the field being the earth. The men who were living in their personalities and were not having high spiritual experiences.


So. Esau was very wise, spiritually wise, and he used that wisdom to hunt men who were not spiritual. That is all the information that I have as to actually what he was doing. It is my understanding that what he was somehow extracting energy from other men, but the Lord just has not explained it to me. It is probably something I am not capable of understanding at this time or surely he would have given it to me, since I am working on this for two days. But that is very important. that he was a hunter of men, that he preyed on other men. He preyed on other men, he victimized other men.


And Jacob was a plain man. The word plain means he was a  perfect man, he was a morally innocent man. So we see that Esau was not morally innocent. Esau was a powerfully spiritual man who victimized men who were not spiritually powerful, but Jacob was morally innocent. He did not victimize anybody and he was perfect. And Jacob was plain. I believe Jacob was mortal also, but he was living in obedience to Jehovah, and as we say that Job was perfect, insofar as he kept the law, Jacob was perfect, insofar as he was as perfect as a human being could be, in his lifestyle, in his mortality. It does not mean that he was a supernatural man.


And Jacob was a morally innocent man who remained, that is a translation of dwelling, he remained in his tent. He remained in his physical body. The word tent is referring to skins. I believe that Esau was traveling in the spirit, I believe that he was astral projecting and having all kinds of spiritual experiences beyond the body, but Jacob was morally innocent, and he remained in his tent. He did not astral project or travel in the spirit. And the reason that he did not do it, is that Jehovah had not called him to do that yet. Jacob had a spiritual virginity, he had a Fiery Serpent, he had a spiritual phallus, a spiritual potential that could rise up and have spiritual experiences. Everybody has a potential to have spiritual experiences, but you have to be drawn up by a mature spirit, and Jacob was not called to spiritual experiences by Jehovah, and he refused to respond to the call of Satan. Therefore, he was a plain man, and he remained in his tent until his true husband called him.


I know that in today's world, which is spiritually much lower than the world of Isaac, Jacob, and Esau, we have some people who are called manipulators, and they really, in our society we would say, They get off by making a fool out of you, they get off by deceiving you. They get their high, they get their charge, they get their energy, it keeps them going for the day. That is a form of victimization, that is a form of spiritual vampirism, because when you humiliate somebody, it is a wound to somebody, it is a wound in them. But I think that Esau must have been doing something much spiritually higher, I just do not know what it was. Esau practiced witchcraft, he hunted men in the spirit. Jacob was blameless. He was a perfect man, he never left his physical body.


Verse 28, And Isaac loved Esau because he did eat of his venison, but Rebekah loved Jacob. Well, I am sorry, I see that I have a comment from Verse 28, let me read it to you. Esau was traveling in the spirit and illegally tapping into the energy of the mortal men. Isaac was in full agreement with Esau's activities and partook of the spoils. Isaac and Esau were adulterers because of their human appetites. Now, that word love, Isaac loved, is translated to be an adulterer, and they were both adulterous towards Jehovah because they were engaged in spiritual activities that satisfied their spiritually human appetite. But Rebekah and Jacob had God's love for humanity, and that also is a translation of the Hebrew word translated love. It is the Hebrew word translated love that appears twice in this verse, but there are a variety of translations.


So in the case of Isaac and Esau, because of the whole context of the message that the Lord has given me, I am calling their love adulterous, I am calling it adulterous towards Jehovah, I am calling it self-love, because of the love of themselves. Apparently Isaac had been seduced by Esau to go along with this activity, which was, I have to tell you, even with all of my experience of finding Scriptures reversed in their principle, it was like, shocking, to me. I believe that is what God told me. I believe Isaac was seduced into it. That is my opinion, after I went through the whole account of this message and the next message, where we find out that Jacob supposedly deceived Isaac. There are a couple of words and a couple of phrases in that account which leads me to believe that Isaac was deceived, and when his eyes were opened, he was just absolutely terrified at how close he had come to giving Jehovah's virile seed to Satan.


So Isaac was under some kind of seduction, and I believe, at least to the best of my ability to understand it now, that seduction was that he saw the spirituality on Esau and he thought it was God. And also he may have been deceived as to the right of the principle of the firstborn. I am not sure about that. And then again, also I believe that he was influenced by Esau's witchcraft. I think that was a very strong factor. He came under an illusion that Esau was the called one because of the Serpent's witchcraft rising up in Esau. Now, to the degree which Esau understood all of this, I really do not know, but I believe that Esau was a negative man.


I think that he was victimizing other men, and that he was intensely selfish, you know, what are the characteristics of Satan? It is selfishness, varying degrees of selfishness, and I think that Esau was a very selfish man. Even coming to Jacob and saying, Give me of your energy, I am depleted. I know human brothers that do that. I have known brothers that are drug addicts who have gone through every dime that they had, who wrecked their lives, who have wrecked their marriages, wrecked their homes, and have come to their brothers and their parents, and their parents go into bankruptcy because they give everything they have to their drug addict children. You have to know when to say no. You cannot just give anything and everything because it is your child. And this is the wisdom of God in our life.


So Esau was traveling in the spirit and illegally tapping into the energy of mortal men, Isaac was in full agreement with Esau's activities. They had a soul tie, that is what it means that Isaac loved him. Isaac partook of the spoils of Esau's spiritual activities. Isaac and Esau were adulterous towards Jehovah and they were very selfish because they had human appetites for these spiritual experiences. But Rebekah and Jacob had God's love for humanity. They stayed in their tents, they were not spiritually active, they kept their spiritual virginity in place, they had not yet been called to spiritual activity by Jehovah.


Verse 29, And Jacob sod pottage, and Esau came from the field, and he was faint. The Hebrew word translated sod means to boil, and the Hebrew word translated pottage, brethren, it means anything boiled, it does not mean soup, it does not mean lentils, it means anything boiled, and I want to suggest to you, that Jacob was boiling Satan. We have witnesses from the prior verses that Jacob was a righteous man, that he did not engage in illegal spiritual activities, that he did not leave his body, that he was perfect before God, and to me, it just follows very naturally that Jacob was boiling Satan, because that is just a euphemism, that is just another way of saying that Jacob was not sinning. He had control over Satan, he was boiling her continuously, and he was in right standing with God. It fits right in with God, it fits right in with the prior verses.


Now, I want to suggest to you, that Jacob was not boiling soup, but he was boiling Satan. The Hebrew word faint means languid, and I have some definitions from our dictionary there. Languid means to lack energy or vitality, to be weak, to show little or no spirit or animation, to be listless, to be lacking vigor or force. We are talking about energy here, brethren, and the English word from, or whatever that Hebrew is translated from, can also be translated on the side of. Esau entered in on the side of the field, the field meaning the earthen side. He came down from his spiritual activities, he came down from his traveling in the spirit, and he came into his flesh person. He came down from his spiritual activities and he was depleted, he had used up his energy for whatever he had experienced. This signifies that Esau had been traveling in the spirit. The phrase, Jacob was boiling something, signifies that Jacob was boiling Satan. Jacob was a perfect man. Esau's energy was depleted because of his witchcraft activity.


Verse 30, And Esau said to Jacob, Feed me I pray thee with that same red pottage, for I am faint. Therefore his name was called Edom. As you can see, I have the whole verse spread out for you there. And Esau said to Jacob... The Hebrew word translated feed means to greedily devour. Let me devour your energy, greedily, selfishly. It definitely would have hurt Jacob if he had been seduced by Esau. I pray thee, means please. Now, this is very interesting, the word the same, the Hebrew word translated same is the same Hebrew word that is translated red, it is right there in the Interlinear text, Strong's #122, it appears twice. So what the Interlinear text is saying is, Please red red. Well, what in the world does that mean? And the word pottage is not in the Hebrew. It was an assumption of the King James translators. Now, this is a very deep spiritual truth, if you cannot hear it, you are going to have to pray about it. I will just finish this, and then I will go on to that.


For I am languid, I am fainting, I am depleted of energy, and therefore his name was called Edom. Why? Because he said he was red, and what he said to Jacob was, I am Adam and you are Adam, we are the same, share your energy with me, we are the same. And brethren, I have this in the Alternate translation in Genesis, I think it is either in Genesis, Chapter 1 or 2, in the early books of Genesis. That is exactly what the Serpent said to Adam, We are of the same spirit, there is no reason why we should not share. And it is true, there of the same spirit, but different parts of the spirit. Jacob had the seed, the righteous seed, and Esau had the waters of the semen, and he came to his brother and said, Look, we are the same, give me of your energy, let our energies mix together, you will revitalize me, and there will be no harm done to you because we are of the same seed, you are red and I am red. We are both out of Adam, and that is the truth, we are both out of Adam, but what he did not say was, We are different parts of the seed, and if you mix your righteous seed with my waters, your righteous seed will die, and I will have your energy, and you will be my servant, and you will lose your righteous standing with Jehovah.


Please note that the word pottage is not in the Hebrew text. Esau said to Jacob, Let me greedily devour that red red. What could it have possibly been talking about? The Hebrew translated red is one word away from the Hebrew word translated Adam. Esau was saying the same to Jacob that the Primordial Serpent said before she killed him, You are made out of Adam's substance, and I am made out of Adam's substance. You should share your energy with me, and for this reason you received the name Edom, the red one. I have heard it said that David had red hair, and I believe that there is something in the Scripture that says David was ruddy. I now believe that the Scripture was saying that David had Adam's substance. I do not know what color his hair was, and I am now of the opinion that this holy spiritual Scripture has very little, if anything, to say about physical characteristics, and anything that sounds like a description of physical characteristics has to be looked at very carefully, because the Lord Jesus is not dealing with this physical body. It is not of his kingdom, it is a corrupt perverse extension of the creation, it is going to be removed, and He is not interested with it.


Verse 31, And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright... And Jacob responded saying, Die to the timeline of the firstborn. Die to the timeline, sell me, die to what you have, get rid of what you have, give up what you have, die to the timeline of the firstborn. Jacob's answer to his brother was, Die to the timeline of the firstborn and submit to me, I am the head. If you want to have spiritual experiences without losing your energy, if you want to have spiritual experiences without it making you sick, or damaging other people, you have to join, you have to die to the Serpent's timeline and have your spiritual experiences in Christ Jesus, which is under submission to the headship of the righteous seed, wherever he is appearing in your life. Having spiritual experiences will make you sick and kill you, unless those spiritual experiences are under the direct control of the righteous seed of Christ Jesus.


People are sick, and dying from witchcraft. Now, you do not have to be making chants over candles. Witchcraft is in the mind. Witchcraft is evil thinking. Witchcraft is evil thinking that goes forth as evil power to destroy, and it has to do with unforgiveness, it has to do with retaliation, it has to do with vengeance, and if that is the kind of life you have been living, or if it is on your family line, you are most likely to get sick and possibly getting ready for a premature death. Spiritual power is expended anger and rage and condemnation. And if you are sick or your dying, I do not know what you have done, it could be on the family line, it could be what you have done, but you need to know that undue anger, ongoing anger is witchraft, and it is draining your spiritual energy, and when your body does not have enough energy, it gets sick and it dies. I am not condemning anybody for witchcraft, I came to the Lord half dead, and I would have been dead if He would not have sustained me, and I confessed that I was a rageaholic, and that there was intense anger and unforgiveness, and a lot wickedness on my family line that I needed, and have been, and still need to be cleansed from, and it has produced sickness in three out three siblings.


So, spiritual activities are not only traveling in the spirit, it is raging against other people. It is being angry against your brother without a cause. It is vengeance, it is retaliation, it is unforgiveness, it is punishment. That is a spirit of witchcraft operating in you. Control, trying to control somebody's life, even if it is your children, your wife, or your husband, a struggle with somebody who is resisting your control, and it has got to be somebody close to you that will deplete you of your energy, and when you do not have enough energy your body gets sick and dies. And the whole world dying, so that means everybody, to some measure, is guilty of witchcraft, but believe me, brethren, how you die is important. We are not supposed to be sick for two years before we die. we are not supposed to be bedridden, we are not supposed to have strokes, we are not supposed to vegetables in nursing homes. Even down here in hell, until the Lord regenerates the world, everybody dies, you are supposed to close your eyes and go to sleep.


The whole world is guilty of witchcraft and you can measure how much you and your family line are guilty by the degree of sickness in your life. People really manifest over this, but I am telling you, as someone who has been experienced intense sickness, and I had a sister who died at 47 years old, and another sister who has been very sick for years, I am telling you it is the truth, it is the fruit of evil. Disease is the fruit of evil, and if you could look at your life and you can honestly not see that you have done anything wrong, if you are really want to go on with this program, you should ask the Lord if you have had such attitudes with people and repressed them. Have you tried to control people, have you had rage that you have not acknowledged. Have you been in a power play? If you have been in a power play on any level, it is going to break you. Power plays use up your energy, and when you do not have enough energy you get sick.


Maybe you have been the victim of witchcraft. Maybe someone has been trying to control you, but if you have engaged in the power play, you have fought witchcraft with witchcraft. So you say, Well, I did not know the Lord Jesus Christ at the time, I did not know any better. No one is condemning you, no one is condemning you, but it is just a fact, that is what happens when you engage in power plays, you lose energy and you could get sick. No one is condemning you, it is just the truth, and the truth is going to set you free. So we have to give all our conflicts over to the Lord. Power plays will kill you.


And Jacob responded saying, Die to the timeline of the firstborn, die to all your witchcraft, die to your rights of the firstborn. You have the right, according to your spiritual experiences in this world, you inherited that, but you do not have to do everything that you have. Paul said, Everything is legal, but not everything is expedient. The fact that you have this high spiritual power does not mean that you have to go out and hunt men with it. The answer to your problem is to stop depleting your energy by living the lifestyle of the firstborn carnal mind. Stop doing that and start living the lifestyle of the second born. Start staying in your tent, stay in your body and be blameless. Have the love of God for mankind, enter into service to humanity, and do not yield to the spiritual temptation.


And you know, this is interesting, because people today, I know that alcoholics today and people that are engaged in, people that have problems with narcissism, that have experienced compulsion or excessive behavior, if you want to go to AA or any of these Twelve Steps programs, that is the counsel. Get out of yourself, get out of your selfishness and enter into a lifestyle of service to your fellow man. And that is what the Lord gave me. I came to the him dying. I was absolutely malignant, and he healed me to a large degree, but he put me in a service, in a lifetime of service. That is the answer. If you are unhappy, no matter what your problem is in this life, enter into a lifetime of service, headed up by the Lord Jesus Christ, and your life will get better.


That is what the Scripture says. Are you miserable because you are not married? Are you tormented with lust, whether you are married or not married? We found this issue come up in our Alternate Translation of the Book of Zepheniah, I think it is Chapter 2, but I might have the wrong chapter. We have translated all three chapters. The answer to your lust problem, brethren, is not sex. Now, isn't that a shocker? The answer to lust is not to satisfy the lust. If your lust is for food, if your lust is for sexual activity, if your lust is to have material possessions, you will never get enough of these things. You will be satisfied for one day, for one week, one hour, it depends on how severe your situation is. You will never be satisfied. There is only one thing that satisfies lust, and that is that your spiritual need has to be satisfied by the Lord Jesus Christ.


You see, your lust is just an expression of a need that you cannot see. If the lust is for food, for sex, for material possessions, whatever it is, you are spiritually lacking, and it is a big secret, it is a big mystery. If only somebody would tell all these people, we are engaged in compulsive behavior. You will never satisfied yourself and stay satisfied. Drugs addicts, you will never get enough. But build a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, he will satisfy the root of your hunger, and you will not have to do these things anymore. The Hebrew word me in this verse does not mean me, it means to.


Let me read this verse to you again, And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright...  That Hebrew word does not mean me, the King James translators changed it because they could not make any sense out of it. It means to. The King James translators changed the meaning of this word.


And Jacob said, Sell this day thy birthright. The word this day, Sell me this day thy birthright. I translated the day, timeline, and the word sell can be translated to die to the lifestyle. So Jacob's counsel in response to Esau is, No, you cannot have my energy, the help for you is to die to this lifetime, is to die to this timeline. Die to your inheritance into the timeline of this birthright of the firstborn, die to it. It has nothing to do with me, die to it. Die to your right of the firstborn.


Yes, it is your right, you know, how many people I hear say, Well, I have a right to be angry, I have a right to this, I have a right to that. Well, you are going to make yourself sick with the anger. Maybe you do have a right, maybe you have really been wronged and mistreated, but you are the only one that you are hurting. Well, you could be hurting the other person, but you are certainly hurting yourself with your anger. So you may have a right to be angry, but the right is foolishness. It is not the way to accomplish your goal. The way to accomplish your goal is to give it to God.


Verse 32, And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die, and what profit shall this birthright do me? I have a problem with that translatio,n unless Esau was absolutely reprobate, he is dying from hunger? It just does not, if you stop to think about it, it just does not make any sense. And Esau said, Behold, I am going to do it, I am going to depart from this lifestyle. The Hebrew word translated at the point, Strong's #1980, can be translated "to depart from the lifestyle. Esau's response to Jacob was, I am going to do it, I am going to die to this spiritual lifestyle. And the word what, we are translating Elohim, and the words for  profit is not in the Hebrew, it just says what, there is no Hebrew word that means profit. And the Hebrew word translated birthright is a feminine word. And the words do to me are not in the Hebrew. So the King James translators really amplified because they could not make any sense out of these verses. Amplification is legitimate. They just did not have the spiritual understanding, but those words are not there. So for us to get hung up on these English words that were just added in by the translators because they did not have the spiritual revelation is a disaster for us as spiritual people in Christ Jesus.


And Esau said, I am departing from and will die to this lifestyle, and that is from the birthright, from the carnal mind that Elohim gave me. I am departing from and will die to this lifestyle of the carnal mind that Elohim gave me. He is blaming Elohim! He is blaming Elohim! Now, in the King James translation back in Genesis, we see Adam saying, It is that woman's fault, that woman that you gave me. Brethren, we have this lifestyle because of sin. I am born a homosexual, I hear this so many times. God made me a homosexual, what do you want from me? God did not make you a homosexual, your sin made you a homosexual, and there is nothing that I want from you, but if you want to remain in right standing with God, you are supposed to remain celibate. If you cannot function as a heterosexual, then you remain celibate. You overcome your disorder, you do not yield to it.


So we see that Esau took Jacob's counsel, but he did not have a right attitude, and he did not confess that he was doing anything wrong by engaging in these spiritual activities, and he did not repent. He simply agreed to stop, because apparently, from what I could see at this point, he just did not have the spiritual strength to continue to engage in spiritual activities. So he said to Jacob, All right, I will stop, but it is all Elohim's fault. Now we know here, I hope that we know here, that this is a false repentance, and there was no confession at all, and it was not even a false repentance, it was just an agreement to do what he was told, with no repentance at all, and a decision made with this attitude cannot last. We need to know that Esau would have never kept his word without a true conviction that he was doing something wrong, that it was his behavior that was causing this distress. I do not know what kind of a distress Esau was feeling. If he was lacking energy, if he had depleted his energy, I do not know how the distress was manifesting in his life. But he is one of these alcoholic people that say whatever they have to say at the moment, and I am not against alcoholics, it is just this narcissistic personality that you find in a lot of people that engage in alcoholism, they say whatever they need to say at the moment to get on with it, and then as soon as they are not depleted of their energy anymore, they are back doing the same thing.


So, now I am just guessing at this point, but let us say, Esau, he could not get a quick fix from Jacob, so he laid off of his spiritual activity, and over a period of time his energy just restored naturally. Well, you better believe that as soon as his energy was restored naturally, he was going out to engage in his illegal activities again, because there was no confession and repentance there. He had no choice, his brother was his only source of energy. I have to believe that he would have never agreed to that if there was another way for him to revitalize himself. So it was not a serious commitment at all. And, Jacob knowing that it was not a serious commitment, says to him, Verse 33, Swear to me this day that you really mean it and that you are really going to stop doing this stuff, and he swear unto him and he sold his birthright to Jacob


That is Verse 33. The Hebrew word translated swear means to seven. That means to do something seven times, and we have dealt with that word over the years. We have dealt with that word, it means to be completed. The spiritual significance of to seven yourself means to be completed. Jacob said to Esau, Complete the timeline. You are lacking the righteous seed, Esau. The reason you are in this mess, the reason that you are engage in spiritual activities and they are depleting you, and you are blaming Elohim for it, is because you are lacking the righteous seed; so complete yourself. Complete yourself by adding yourself to the righteous seed. And in this hour, the only way, it is my understanding right now, that the way Esau could have added the righteous seed to himself was to submit to his brother who had the righteous seed. So Esau had the spiritual power, but Jacob had the righteousness that produces evenness and peace and prosperity.


So Jacob was saying to him, Submit yourself to me, you see. Jacob said to him, Look (I am going back a few verses now), Jacob said to him, The only way you are going to get out of this kind of lifestyle is to die to it and enter into a righteous lifestyle. And Esau said, OK, but it is Elohim's fault. And Jacob said to him, That will not cut it, Esau, you have to submit yourself to me. Complete yourself by submitting yourself to me. He did not fool Jacob. Jacob knew his attitude was wrong and that it could not possibly last. Jacob said to Esau, Complete the timeline by joining yourself to me, by submitting yourself to me. And Esau sold his female birthright, he died to his female birthright, the carnal mind, and completed himself through union with Jacob. See, he did it, so he had to have no choice because, we read in previous verses, that Esau's attitude was wrong, that Jacob admonished him and said, Get a right attitude, but there is nothing here in the next few verses that says that Esau really confessed or repented. All we hear is that he did it.


So he really had to have his back up against the wall, and had no choice. And we will see later on, in the message that follows this, that Esau did not give up his witchcraft, but later on, he engaged in it again. But in Verse 33, Jacob said to Esau, Complete the timeline by joining yourself to me. And Esau sold his birthright, the carnal mind, and completed himself through union with Jacob. So he got his energy restored, you see. He did not get restored the way he wanted to. His first choice would be for him to take authority over Jacob, which would have given Esau a lot of power, and would have destroyed Jacob. But when he could not move Jacob, he took what was second best, Esau took what was second best. He was revitalized by Jacob, but he let Jacob be the head, because he could not move him, but it was not permanent, it was only temporary because his back was up against the wall.


Verse 34, Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentils, and he did eat and drink, and rose up and went his way, and thus Esau despised his birthright. The word pottage means, again, to boil anything. And I suggest to you that the boiling was of Satan. The word lentils, is Strong's #5742, and it means the bread of the poor. I suggest to you, that Jacob won the power play. He humbled Esau, and Esau became humble bread, and at least for that time being, received the regeneration that he needed. And also, we see bread here. This is the first time there is any talk of bread, and Jacob gave Esau bread, and pottage of lentils.


Then Jacob gave Esau bread of lentils, and he did eat and drink, and rose up and when his way, thus Esau despised his birthright. So pottage means to boil anything, lentils means humble bread. Jacob humbled Esau, and the bread, introduced for the first time, is the Doctrine of Christ. I suggest to you, that Jacob instructed Esau in the Doctrine of Christ. The male seed has the Doctrine of Christ. The spiritual men, I have found men entirely, incredibly spiritual, and they do not have the knowledge. They do not know the Doctrine of Christ. They may know some spiritual principles, but they do not know the Doctrine of Christ. So we see that Jacob taught Esau, and boiled Satan in Esau, and humbled Esau, that is a translation of the lentils.


And Esau stood up in Jehovah's lifestyle, that is a translation of went his way, and this is how he trampled his birthright underfoot. A translation of the Hebrew word translated despise means to trample his birthright underfoot. I believe that came from Gesenius. (I am not going to go to a second message.)


And Jacob gave Esau the Doctrine of Christ, and boiled Satan in Esau, and humbled Esau, and Esau stood up in Jehovah's lifestyle, and this is how Esau trampled his birthright underfoot. This is how he did it with the strength of the righteous seed, which is in Jacob, and through submission to Jacob, but we will find out that it was not a permanent ascension, and the reason that it was not a permanent ascension, was that Esau's confession and repentance was not complete. Praise the Lord.


And, brethren, this is why we need a Savior, because all through the Old Testament people, the Jews and the Hebrews and people who had a relationship with Jehovah, they were continuously raised up in righteousness, but they could not stay there, because there was no anchor. But with the Lord Jesus Christ we have an anchor in our 7th energy center, that holds on to us when we ascend into the 7th energy center; that anchor in the 7th center lays hold of us and holds us up there. That is why we need a Savior. We can get up there, men can get up to the 6th center. There were many Hebrews that would make up to the 6th energy center, but they could not maintain their position; they would fall down. Praise the Lord, the next numbered message is another message about Jacob and Esau, and we talk about Jacob, the supposed deceiver.

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