The Church Repents

Subject: Dream this a.m.
Date: 12/15/1998
From: xxx
To: LivingEM

Hi S -

I had a vivid dream that I will relate to you in case you know of someone it applies to.

In the dream xxxxx and xxx (my son and his wife) moved away from where I was living.

PASTOR SHEILA: The personalities apprehended by the Holy Spirit move away from the Lord in their thinking and behavior.

They had a son named Benjamin which they gave to an orphanage in Lincolnton, Georgia.

PASTOR SHEILA: I believe that Benjamin signifies Joseph in this dream. You may recall that Joseph, Benjamin's older brother, was sold into slavery by his brothers. A spiritual Joseph Company exists today, who has been rejected and spiritually brutalized by his brethren.

When they told me about it I begin to cry my eyes out and told them that if I had known they were going to do that I would have taken Benjamin.

PASTOR SHEILA: You signify Jacob, an element in the church who are sincere towards God, but were honestly unaware that the Joseph Company was sold into spiritual slavery, that is, they were rejected by their brethren, and suffered spiritually, mentally and financially, as a result.

Then xxxxxx said that they were thinking of going back to the orphanage and taking their son back.

PASTOR SHEILA: Many who turned away from the Christ within them, are thinking of turning back to Him.

There was a female baby asleep in my house

PASTOR SHEILA: The female [bride] aspect of the church. She is asleep to the spiritual world.

and a woman came in (apparently the baby belonged to her and she had left it with me) and she took the baby out of her bed and begin to give the baby a bottle of milk. It was like she was so grieved that she had left the baby that she came back to be with it and console herself by giving the baby affection and attention.

PASTOR SHEILA: The present fivefold ministry, which has sorely neglected their charge, repents, and begins to teach spiritual truth on whatever level they are able. Probably, the exposure of sins.

I don't know if the woman was xxxxxxx wife or not. That part is not clear to me. love - xxx

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Great article, keep up the great work!

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