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Subject: Witchcraft in our friends


Pastor Vitale,


Last Friday at the meeting we listened to the tape (463 - Witchcraft In Our Friends).  XXX asked a question that I couldn't answer.  The question is that if the serpent is male, and the personality is female, isn't that in right order, because the male spiritually speaking is supposed to be on top.  This is where the question came from.


Adam came to go to bed with his wife one night. He wanted to have sex with her. He didn't know that the Serpent twin had seduced the woman twin, and the Serpent was laying in bed waiting for him looking like his gorgeous wife. When Adam got into bed with his gorgeous wife he was filled with passion, and his gorgeous wife which was really the Serpent talked Adam into taking the passive role in that sex act, and when the sex act was completed Adam became the woman and the Serpent became the man and the rest is history.


Now you all know that is just a parable. That's what happened. What's going on in our lives today is that Adam is rising from the dead in us in this generation. His name is Christ Jesus, and He is bringing His female side into order. The problem is that within Adam's female side that's male and female, the Serpent married the woman within Adam's side. It is all total confusion. See, the Serpent that was supposed to be buried rose up and had intercourse with the woman, and now this whole creation is existing on only one side. We are an unbalanced, lopsided creation, and the righteous side of the creation, except in those words "being reformed," is nonexistent so before the Lord can marry us....who are we? We are the Serpent who married the personality. We are the Serpent who married the woman, and killed Adam. We are half of the creation so he's coming back to join himself to us and put us in the right order, but the order that we are in is that the Serpent is on top of the personality.


I will say it again. Adam's female side is male and female. The Serpent is male, and the personality is female, and because we are fallen, in this female side of Adam, the Serpent married herself and became the husband of the personality.


Pastor Vitale's response:


First of all, the Serpent is female.


Everyone – every entity and/or being in the Universe is female in relation to Adam, who is king over all.


The Serpent has taken on a male role in relation to fallen Adam, but she is to be likened to a lesbian with a male gender.


Second, both the Serpent and the woman – the 2 parts of Adam’s female side - are both female. In like manner, both Cain and Abel are female, and actually typify Adam’s divided female side (Serpent and woman/personality).


In the case of Cain and Abel, Jehovah gave male authority to Abel because in God’s order there are no equal partnerships which can result in confusion and conflict. There has to be one head that hears directly from God.


Likewise, in the case of Adam’s female side – the Serpent and the woman/personality – both parts are female.


In this case, however, Jehovah did not give male authority to either the Serpent or the woman/personality. Both (Adam’s whole female side) are subject to Adam’s male authority.


So Adam has a female side that is under his authority. And this female side is “good” and “evil.”


The woman/personality is “good” and the Serpent is “evil.”


The woman is, spiritually speaking, what the Scripture calls a “chameleon.”


When Adam defends her against the Serpent, her “other self,” she is good in relation to Adam’s righteousness.


But when Adam fails to defend her against the Serpent, her “other self,” the evil Serpent, the good woman’s evil side, climbs on top of the good woman and buries her underneath (Cain killing Abel).


Now, the Serpent, the evil side of the woman/personality is “standing opposite” Adam. They are face to face. Rightous Adam (Christ in us) is now face to face with his own female side which is become evil.


It is Adam’s job to recognize that his wife is overcome by her own evil side and “rectify” her, or resurrect her, by rejecting the Serpent as a wife and lover.


Adam’s failure to recognize that his wife had turned to her evil side can be likened to a husband recognizing that his wife is thinking or behaving in some destructive way and not warning her or, if necessary, doing something to stop her.


Of course, what I say above is traditional thought. We all know that it can be the husband who is off (drinking, etc) and the wife is the one who has to say or do something to stop him.


Another way to put it is that righteousness must rule over both good and evil if we are to prosper.


If righteousness does not rule over “good,” good is in danger of turning into evil. Example: Love turns to hate very easily when one is disappointed in the object of our love.


Christ is not strong enough to rule over the woman/personality and the Serpent, her evil side. The proof of this is that Adam fell.


In the same manner, the believer that has Christ formed in him is not strong enough to force his own female personality and her evil serpentine potential underneath himself.


Only Christ Jesus is strong enough to force the Woman underneath himself and keep her there.


Christ Jesus is born of the union of Christ in the individual and the glorified Jesus Christ.


Christ Jesus is the Lamb in the midst of the throne, which is the spiritual center (heart) of the believer.


Christ Jesus is the only Mediator between God and Man.


Second question is what do you mean by the statement "We are the Serpent who married the personality".


This parable exists in all of us when Christ in us faces our own Carnal Mind and sees the sin in it. If we (Christ) do not face our own sin nature, which is female to our Christ side, and force it down under Christ Jesus within ourselves, we (the personality) will fall into sin, and our whole man will suffer.


This is the answer to your second question. We are both the female personality which has an evil side and Christ, if, indeed, He is formed in us. If He is not, we are just personality and serpent, good and evil fallen men, who can turn from good to evil at any time.


God bless you.


Sheila R. Vitale,

Pastor, Teacher & Founder

Living Epistles Ministries

Christ-Centered Kabbalah

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