(The Whole World Is Guilty)

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Well, praise the Lord. We have a little exhortation this morning before the regular message. I guess what the Lord wants to say to you, is a reminder that this correction that comes forth is a torment to you (and as you read the notes, I put that translation of Revelation 8, whatever chapter it is (it is just a few verses of Revelation that really did not go with the message. It could fit in with the message, but it really does not), and as I was doing the Alternate Translation I realized that it was really basically just a comfort for you, to show you a scriptural witness that what we are doing here really is a torment to you. And the reason that it is a torment to you all, and to me too, is because we are married to our carnal mind. So every correction that comes to the carnal mind hurts our personality, and what is happening is that the Lord, by His power, is separating our personality from our carnal mind.


The Fiery Serpent is married to herself because we, the personality, are the Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual virginity, and our spiritual virginity is supposed to be married to -- first Christ raised in us, and then the Lord Jesus, but we are spiritually masturbating. We are married to our own virginity, and this pain -- it is not that you have to have pain, but what is causing the pain is that we are being divorced from our own incestuous masturbatory condition, and that is what is hurting you.


From another point of view, the reason that this exposure has to take place is that, for whatever reason, this is the way it is, we will never recognize the Christ mind until we first recognize the carnal mind. This is our condition. I cannot tell you why. I do not know why, but the truth is that we, as carnal people, do not have the ability to recognize the Mind of Christ. He is very soft. The carnal mind is the violent man, and Christ is very soft, and also He is under the ground when you first start out. So the way we learn to recognize Christ is to recognize the carnal mind and say, That is not Christ. The carnal mind is the loud voice, and the Christ mind is the soft voice, and we are blind and deaf and dumb anyway, so when we can recognize that something that we do is not Christ, then eventually when our eyes can see Christ we will be able to tell the difference. So that is what this is all about, and I do not know any way to avoid the pain, and scripturally speaking, I do not think there is any way. That was an introduction.


Now I want to ask you all a question. Can anybody here tell me how to identify a spirit of witchcraft? How would you identify it? I am talking about a spirit of witchcraft in a friend, not about someone with a black pointed hat that is coming out to do you harm. What is the characteristic of the spirit of witchcraft?


COMMENT: When someone else is trying to force you to do what they are thinking?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, a spirit of domination. A spirit that, whether the person realizes it or not, is denying you the privilege of making your own decisions. It is frequently so subtle that a lot of people do not even realize anything is wrong, and people do this to each other. We are a fallen creation, and we do this to each other all the time. Husbands do it to wives, wives do it to husbands, mothers do it to children, and today in this perverse world a lot of children are doing it to their parents. It is a spirit that steals. Satan comes to steal and destroy. It is a spirit that steals our God- given privilege of listening to all the facts and making our own decision, or having our own opinion, and the only time that it is legitimate to violate that is if you have legitimate authority. When I first reconciled with my daughter, and she came to visit me from Florida she was telling me how it was really OK to engage in astrology and all of that. Although she was emancipated from me, she had not lived with me for a few years, and she was 17 at the time, I felt that I was her mother and that I really could not let that get by. She did not appreciate it, but I rose up and told her, Xxxx I am really sorry I cannot sit here and listen to this, you are playing with fire, and it is dangerous, and you should not be doing it. But that was the end of it. I did not try to enforce it on her.


So this is what a spirit of witchcraft is, and we are challenged to recognize this spirit of witchcraft first in ourselves because there is no way that we can judge witchcraft in somebody else, and everybody has got it, even I slip into it every once in a while if I am not really diligent, but I recognize it right away when I do it. I do not do it very often, thank God, but I cannot tell you that I am not capable of it, because I am. I am still capable of everything. The challenge is to recognize when it is coming out of us because we will never be able to recognize it in another man until we can recognize when it is coming out of us, and that is where I come in, so I have to break your heart and tell you all these things.


So, you know what is coming? I have to ask you if you prayed before you said that this morning? OK, well at least you did the right thing, at least you prayed, but I want you to take this as an example because that is the way it goes, and I am not in any way condemning Xxxx, but a spirit of witchcraft manifested in her. And you know God will do that. You may have heard me say from time to time that God sets me up, and He does. Now what does that mean? The Scripture says that God will never tempt you to sin, but He will test you. He will set up a situation, and He will know that that spirit of witchcraft in you will manifest, but it is a test which is designed to reveal to you that it is in you.


You see, when you tempt somebody to sin is going to somebody who is aware of a weakness in themselves. Let us take gossip, for example, I guess everybody has the potential to gossip somewhat, but you go to a person who has really made up their mind they do not want to gossip, and they are really working against not doing it, and you go to them and you do everything you can to get them to gossip with you. That is a temptation, to make somebody sin, to break somebody's will who is trying not to sin and to make them fail in their own desire not to sin, that is a temptation. But the test that comes from God is a situation where you can manifest a sin or not manifest the sin, and in this situation if you of your own free will, mostly because you are ignorant, because none of us here would willfully sin, if sin manifests in the test, there was no pressure to make you do it. The test is the situation, and the question is, will you manifest whatever the sin is in that situation or not? And if you do manifest it then you know that you do not have that under control yet. It is painful because it hurts your pride in front of the group, and it is embarrassing and all that, but it is better than in front of somebody else that is going to turn around and slap you down for doing it.


So, let us try and understand what happened here, OK? Before you came in I was giving a testimony about how I felt that there was some witchcraft being worked on me from a particular school that I attend, and I was putting the pieces of evidence together. That is what we do. We are all detectives in Christ Jesus, so we have to gather the information and try to make some sense out of it, and then we put it before the Lord Jesus and say, Well, I gathered this information, I hope I did it in Christ, and this is what I think, and is it right or is it wrong? That is what we are supposed to do.


Starting Friday night and very early Saturday morning, and I do not think it had anything to do with you because it started before that, in my opinion. Actually, it started last Wednesday. I was very manifested in this class, and I could not understand it. I used to be like that before I got delivered. I have not manifested like that in such a long time plus my mind -- now here is the first piece of evidence. My mind was not in agreement with my emotions. When I used to have this problem, what manifested was a spirit of haughtiness, and when I used to have that problem, my mind agreed with my emotions. My emotions were haughty, saying, Well who do you think you are? And my mind would say, That is right, amen, who do you think you are, you cannot do this to me. But my mind was not in agreement with it this time so that means something was wrong, and the two best guesses are that, either witchcraft was being worked on me to stir this up in me, or I was experiencing someone else's emotions.


So I have really been praying since Wednesday about what is going on here, and then a situation manifested again Saturday morning in class, and I rose up. This was what I was saying to xxxx and Xxxx when you came in, that my emotions were all distressed, and I rose up and said to the man who runs the school -- it was very, very strong -- and I said, I am sorry but this is not for me, and I left the class because they were engaged in an activity that I really felt was not in my best interest to do. But if you were standing around, and you saw me, you would have said, Why did she take such a strong stand? At this point, I think that what happened was Christ rose up in me and was responding to something that was going on that cannot be seen, but I walked out of there and my emotions were really boiling, and I have had this in prayer for days now. It is very distressing to me. My mind is not in agreement with it. It was even manifesting this morning, and it all seems to have to do with the school, and I am not in agreement with what is in my mind. I had no intention of leaving the school. There is a course of study that I have not completed yet, and I do not think it would be in my best interest to leave until I get what I want. So, there is something beyond me that is boiling and bubbling in me. It could very well be something that is going on at the school.


It did occur to me yesterday that I could be affected by what is going on in the country because I am very sensitive, but I could tell by the thoughts in my mind that it is directly focused on the school, and on top of that, when you prayed for me Thursday, there was a word of knowledge about a shaman, and this teacher is a shaman, and the word Bob came up, and his name is Bob, and someone else said Joan, and his wife's name is Jean. The Lord even told me, when you prayed for me Thursday night, that I was being very naive as to how much pressure I was bringing upon these people. Bob rejected Judaism and Jean rejected Christianity. She was Catholic, but they have both gone into paganism. That is what happened Thursday night, so I put all this information together, and it seems to me that something is going on with the school, and I was sharing that with xxxx and Xxxx.


Xxxx, I think that you had a true word of knowledge, but you brought it forth in a spirit of witchcraft. First of all, when we are discussing spiritual things like this, our goal should bring forth what we think. There is like a big pot in the middle of the room, and I want to hear what everybody has to say. I want to hear your dreams, I want to hear your words of knowledge, I want to hear your opinion, because the Lord speaks to me through all of you, but it must be me who decides what I am going to take and what I am not going to take. I have to make the judgment as to what, out of all that you have said, is of God and what is not of God, and this is true of all of you too, the only exception being, when you come under an authority that you believe is in Christ Jesus, I am here to tell you if you make a wrong decision, but I would never interfere with what you choose. Pick and take for yourself as you believe that it is from God, unless I see you making a mistake and I correct you, but even then I will tell you what I think. I will never try to force it on you. Even in my authority as Christ Jesus I will never try to force anything on you because I do not have that authority.


We talked about this the other night. I will tell you all I could tell you. If you do not want to do it the dog is outside, if you want to go outside there is nothing I can do, so I am not into forcing myself on anybody. This is either a spirit of witchcraft or the ministry of the glorified man, or at least a man in perfection, to force people to do things that they would not choose to do. So you came forth with a word that I believe was a true word. I had not mentioned anything about it yet, and I believe it was a true word that I could be being affected by what is going on in the country, but you brought it forth in a spirit of control.


What you did, if you stop to think about it, was that you completely wiped out everything that I said. You came forth in a spirit of authority that said, This is what it is, OK, it is everything that is going on in this country, and everything that you are saying is either fantasy or your imagination. That is how you talk to a child. You came in and you just blew away everything that I was thinking, saying and feeling, and it was not a contribution that I could take it or reject it. You came in and you made the decision. You ended the conversation. You said, That is the way it is. One of the signs, one of the strong signs that you are dealing with a spirit of witchcraft, is somebody where it is so subtle that the average person would say, What, are you crazy? One of the signs is that something rises up in you to resist. We got into a minor controversy there because when you said that you just took authority and blew it away and said, Oh it is just what is going on in the country. I said, No, we had that word of knowledge, shaman, and Bob, and you said it again, Oh, it is just what is going on in the country. I cannot tell you that I planned it. I have to believe that Christ leads my life, and I just turned around to you, and I said, No. Do you remember that? I said, No. So we were in a controversy. Why were we in a controversy? Because the spirit that you were moving in was trying to change my mind. It was not a spirit that put the information in the pot and said, Sheila, if you want it you can take it. It was a spirit that had made a judgment that the problem was what was going on in this country and had made of no effect everything that I had said so far and had taken the decision out of my hands. So Christ in me rose up to resist.


Now what is so difficult about this is, because you have to be able to tell the difference between rising up to resist witchcraft and rebellion in you,  because the carnal mind does the same thing that the Christ mind does, so all that we can do, the only way that I know how is to keep making our mistakes and listen to what I have to say and let the Lord witness it to you. It is a trial and error thing. It is the only way that you can learn, and if you put your pride behind you, and you take this soft correction which, believe me, is a very soft correction, eventually you are going to "get it." This is the Lord's provision for you. I know you did not intend to harm me, you did not intend to do me any harm, but a spirit rose up in you to take authority over me. I was strong enough to defend myself against you, but in another circumstance you could damage somebody. A spirit of witchcraft damages. Do you understand what I said?


COMMENT: Even after that episode I was still agreeing that Bob was the shaman, and I just thought that this was a combination of the two. I did not know that I was trying to force a break between you two.


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is slick. That is what this is all about.


It is virtually impossible to learn all of this without someone to point it out to you and have discussions like this. It is like virtually impossible. Once we get it, and we see it inside of ourselves, then we can help others, and as we recognize that Christ is becoming stronger in us, and we become equipped to deal with the kind of national situation that we are having now, we have to start with ourself. Does anybody have any question or anything to say about what I just said? Were you aware of what happened at all? You were not aware that there was a conflict at all?


COMMENT: It was so quick that you could not really concentrate on it. I wanted to ask, the way it was expressed, even if it was expressed in a different way, could that still be witchcraft behind it?


PASTOR VITALE: You see, witchcraft is a spirit. There was nothing wrong with what she said. This is when it gets really hard. There was nothing wrong with what she said, and I believe the word of knowledge was valid. I think that in most instances with spiritual things it is always a combination of things, and I know that in the past I have been affected by national crises so I think it was a true opinion, but the spirit that she brought it forth in tried to force it on me. All you can do is listen and pray, and then one day it is just going to click inside your head.


Xxxx called me the other day and she said," You know, Pastor Sheila," I do not know whether she read it or she listened to it on a tape, I am going to say she read it because I do not know. "I just read something that you said, and I know that you have told me that so many times, and I just read it this time and it just clicked." That is the way it goes, and one day it will just click. There will be no warning. It will just happen or in a situation like this, where it happens so fast, one day you will find that you are aware of it.


And you know what it is like? It is really interesting. I saw two TV advertisements like this recently where one person who has the control stops time and everybody around them just stands still. In the first advertisement, a woman executive coming out of the airport, and she could not make it through the crowd, so she took out what looked like a remote control, she pressed it, everybody froze, and she just walked through the crowds to her car. I have not seen that in a while, and now there is another advertisement. I think the first advertisement was for a car. I do not know what this one is for, but he freezes everybody, and there is this little girl in a car who had thrown a piece of popcorn up in the air and she was trying to catch the popcorn with her mouth, and everything froze, and the man gets in the car and the little girl is sitting there like this, and he takes the piece of popcorn and he eats it. Well, as your awareness increases you will be seeing things that nobody else can see. It is right out of Star Trek. You will be seeing things in other people, seeing things, perceiving things, hearing things that go right over everybody else's head, and it is not really true that we do not freeze. You were doing your business, you had just come in, you were doing your business, but this interaction which was really a warfare between Christ and Satan -- nobody saw it -- were you aware of it at the time? You were not aware of it? But when I finally said to you, No, I think something clicked in your head. You did not hear it, huh? So at what point did you realize it?


COMMENT: I did not realize it.


PASTOR VITALE: You did not realize it until I told you?


COMMENT: I thought I was in agreement.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you were in agreement with me. You were doing two things at once. Nothing is simple, and this is where we are coming, where we can walk into a room or walk down the street and see something that nobody else sees. I have seen this principle in Star Trek, where everybody is frozen. I have seen it both in the original series and in The Next Generation where everybody is frozen and the member of the crew moves through them.


Well, I am finding out now from personal experience that this is a true experience except the people around me do not freeze. I think what happens is that either the person who is moving through the frozen people are just in a higher energy center. The higher you ascend in your consciousness the more rapidly you move. That is the principle. So, if you are in a higher energy center your awareness is more rapid so you are perceiving these little things that other people are not seeing. Apparently I had this before I even came to Christ, although it has been enhanced since I have come to Christ.


I remember years ago that I was walking along 3rd Avenue in the height of the rush hour. I had just gotten out of work, in the 40s. There were hundreds of people swarming down the streets in Manhattan, and I see that a man has a woman up against the side of the building. Now these are business people with attaché cases, hats, and overcoats running for the train and the bus, and there is this man that has this woman up against this building, and he is touching her, she is just standing there, and nobody saw it. Everybody was just walking whereever they were going, and it alarmed me, and I just looked at it.


I did not know what to do, and then my eyes just turned, and I also saw across the street was, it was not that far away, and this was in the doorway of a hotel, this was a prostitute, and she was giving a come-on to this man. I guess they would have gone into the hotel together, and right across the street was a man, and I saw by the look on his face that he saw that I saw. He was her pimp, and he did not know who I was. He did not know if I was a cop or what I was, but he started inching closer, and he was getting ready for trouble. I could see by the look on his face that he was just on guard to react to whatever I would do. Maybe I would have started to scream, Help! Police! She is being molested, I do not know, but he was just standing there ready to react to whatever I did. I guess, even at that time, I must have realized that she was a prostitute and that was a john, and this was her pimp. I said, I better get out of here, and I just kept on walking. I actually saw the man just relax. Nobody else saw it.


It is a condition of awareness, and it has to do with where our consciousness abides, with what energy center our consciousness abides in. So, to be a Son of God means to have your consciousness ascended. You cannot be a Son of God without having your consciousness ascended. Well, you can be a Son of God in principle. You can be a baby Son of God, but to be a mature Son of God, to have this ministry of judging the sins of the people, which judgment will set them free from Satan, to have that ministry, you have to have this awareness. How do we get this awareness? We get it in basically two ways. We get it by first of all having our own sin nature pointed out so that we become aware of our own sin nature. You will not be aware of this other stuff until you are aware of yourself. Either you are aware or you are not aware. If you are in denial about yourself, your eyes are closed, and you are not going to see this other stuff.


So if you want your eyes to open, and you cannot be a mature Son of God with closed eyes, so if you want your eyes to open you also have to see the ugliness in yourself. What makes it tolerable, at least for you, I did not have the privilege that you have, is that you are sitting here with a group of people and a leader who is telling you that I have just as much ugliness as you have, and that I have had lots more and that I have come out of it, and that I am sitting here to give you that example and to tell you that, Look, you can do what I did. I did it, and you can do it too. You can recognize the ugliness in you, and you can change, and you can ascend in consciousness, and you can have this glorious ministry of helping people who are in torment because of wrong thinking, and they do not even know what is wrong in their life. Their thinking is all wrong. That is the ministry, and it has to do with an ascension in consciousness.


When you ascend in consciousness you see things that nobody else sees. You see physical things that nobody else sees, and you have an understanding of interactions like what happened here that nobody else understands, and for all intents and purposes you are in Star Trek and everybody else is frozen. No one else knows what is going on. Everyone else is frozen although they are not physically frozen. For the purpose of understanding, their minds are frozen, and you are seeing all this stuff. You are in another world, you are in another timeline.


I am in another timeline. I am a freak in this world. I exist in another timeline. I see things that the average person does not see. There are people in this world who have this kind of ability. Usually, policemen are very alert to things like this and lawyers, because they have to know their client, but the average person does not know what is going on. A lot of criminals are this alert. That is how they come and take advantage of you because they have this gift. If it is not in Christ, it is really witchcraft. You have to be ascended in consciousness, so if you are not ascended in Christ you are ascended in witchcraft, and people who have this kind of ability will take advantage of people who do not. All that we can do is to continue to make our mistakes. After I explained it to you, do you understand?






We do not have the power to change. All that we can do is say, Yes, Lord, I understand now that it has been explained to me. I understand that I did it, and You have to change me. It is so fast, it just came out of you. Right? We cannot go around praying for five minutes before every sentence that we say. We cannot, you see, so what is our knee-jerk reaction? This is what I call our knee-jerk reaction. Our knee-jerk reactions have to be changed, and only the Lord can do that for us. Our part is to listen to the instructions, to either admit that we did it or honestly tell the Lord that I really cannot see it, but I am willing, if You will make it real to me. You cannot deceive yourself about this. Either you understand what I am telling you or you do not, and I will never rebuke you if you honestly tell me you do not understand it. If you do not understand it, you do not understand it. All I can do is to explain it to the best of my ability, and if I have not gotten through to you then the Lord has to do it, and He will. He will do it for you. If you are willing to listen to me, and, at least believe on faith that it is true. If you believe the Lord sent me to help you in this way, believe that what I am telling you is true and open yourself to the Lord, He will make it real to you, and this is how the ball game goes.


COMMENT: What was the purpose behind the Lord letting you see this prostitute?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know that it was the Lord at the time. I was not in God. I do not know that it was the Lord, although it could have been Him in my life. I really do not know, I have had a very strange life. Apparently, I was really called to this from birth, and I have had a very strange life.


I could tell you stories that are really crazy. I was riding on a train once, I was a young woman -- in those days I was a normal young woman, and I had no idea I was called to this insane life. It is the life of a prophet, that is what my life is. I was a young woman and I wanted to get married. I was just like everybody else. I am riding on the train, and there is this man with a raincoat doing you know what. I looked around, and nobody saw him. He is standing there. Nobody saw him. Then another time I was taking a course in Hunter College, it was after work, so I was in school at 10:00 o'clock, and there were only one or two classes that late. I am sitting in the classroom with 20 other people and a teacher, and something catches my eye, and I turn around and there is a man out in the hallway doing something, and nobody saw him. I cannot tell you it was the Lord.


Then another time I was in the mall with xxxx, my daughter, she was a little girl at the time. I was in the mall in Lake Grove, with hundreds of people swarming through this mall. They do not have that kind of crowds now, but they did at that time, and they had these round seats, like benches, you could sit on. I am walking out of one of the stores, and there is a whole bunch of people sitting on these benches, and there is this man sitting there with his legs crossed, and he has a pair of summer-type shorts on, but he had no jock string on, and his legs were crossed, and everything was hanging out. I saw it. No one else saw it. There were people sitting next to him, there were people walking in and out of the stores, nobody saw it. He was looking right at me. He knew that I saw it. He knew that I spotted it. I grabbed xxxx by the hand, and we walked out of the mall, and we just casually walked into the next store, and I said to the woman behind the counter, Please, do not look up, but there is a man sitting in the center of the mall exposing himself, and I would like you to call the police. And she said, Really, who? She looked up, and he got up off of the bench and flew. So it was not my imagination. He knew that I told her, and as soon as she looked at him, he ran. In the midst of hundreds of people I was the only one who saw it.


We are talking about awareness, and we are talking about the awareness that arises out of an ascended consciousness. It was probably witchcraft in me at the time.


COMMENT: You used the word sharp, saying you were sharp seeing all of this, and that really said something to me. It even brought a Scripture about being a sharp, threshing instrument. I felt it was a good word.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, that was your personal witness to what I am saying.


This is a bittersweet experience. Someone reading this message could be saying, What is wrong with you, everything that you see is some sexual perversion, what is your problem? The problem is that when we get this sharp, because of this fallen world, what you see is sin. You see sin everywhere you go. I see good things too, but what is prominent is the sin. Maybe it was the Lord, because I had an experience with God at 10 years old. Maybe it was the Lord, but to answer your question, your question says to me that you are thinking that it works in a way that it does not work so let me try to address that.


Your question says to me that you were thinking, Well, we walk along as normal people and then every once in a while the Lord opens up our eyes, and we see something else. That is what I heard you say to me. Well, that is true in the Holy Ghost. In the Holy Ghost, you are just an average person, and He gives you gifts that, when it is for His purposes, He opens your eyes. That was what you were asking me, Why would the Lord let you see that? But this is one of the major differences between the ministry in the Holy Ghost and the ministry in Christ Jesus. The ministry in Christ Jesus is not a gift. When you are in the Holy Ghost you are really like a spiritual child, and the Lord is making all the decisions, and He will say, OK, I have a prayer I want you to pray for this person, so I am going to open your eyes, I am going to lift the eye lids and open your eyes, and when you see that you can pray. The Holy Ghost is in full control. You are a child with the Holy Ghost in full control.


When Christ starts to come forth in you, you are becoming a man. Paul said, When I was a child I acted like a child, but now I am a man. So what that means is that your eyes are open all the time. The Holy Ghost is not there opening and closing your eyes for you. As you become a spiritual man your eyes are open all the time. You see, going back to someone in the Holy Ghost, the average person, as far as I know, everybody in the Holy Ghost is just a typical person, and they do not have the wisdom of Christ, so for their eyes to be open all the time could be very dangerous for them, because we have to know how to deal with -- there is trouble everywhere, spiritual trouble everywhere.


We have to learn how to deal with it, and not be guilty of sin; therefore, it is a mercy that our eyes are closed when we are a spiritual child. When the Holy Ghost comes and opens our eyes for us He is right there with us telling us what to do, and He is not going to put us there unless He feels we are ready for that kind of situation, but when Christ starts to come forth in you, your eyes open, and they are open all the time. That is when we have to learn how to deal with all of these spiritual problems that exist on the higher spiritual planes, because our eyes are opened. So, I believe that my eyes were open. It was not that the Lord came and let me see it. My eyes were open. Another possibility is that He was just introducing me to this ministry already at that time.


So, to be a Son of God is to be ascended in consciousness, and we are literally walking in a different world than the average person. We see things that other people do not see. We understand things that other people do not understand, and we see Satan in men. So the good part of the whole thing is that when we are ascended in consciousness we now can see the enemy, because we will never destroy her if we cannot see her. A large part of our job is helping other people to see the enemy in themselves, because we have to separate from her. You see? We have to separate from her.


We are married, at least on one level, if not two levels, depending on how spiritual we are. We are all married to the Fiery Serpent. That is necessary for us to have this existence, and if we are spiritual the chances are that we have a pretty large connection with Leviathan. We are just completely interwoven with the Serpent, so we have to divide from her. We cannot divide from her if we cannot see her. You have to divide from her and join with Christ, which we cannot do unless we can recognize her and her devices. And the way we recognize her is by her devices because she is not a person. Satan is in our thoughts and in our words. Now of course she is in the deeds of some people, but this ministry here is not to the criminals of this world. This ministry of raising up the Sons is not to the physical criminals of this world. This is a gift of God. This is your inheritance. This is your gift for obedience and faithfulness. Believe it or not, the Lord has sent me to kill you. That is your gift for your faithfulness. After all these years He sent me to kill your carnal mind. So, when we talk about Satan we are not talking about a physical murderer or a physical thief. We are talking about the operation of Satan in the way that we think, and in the way that we relate to our fellow human beings. That is where she is. She is in our personality.


There are institutions in this world that will teach people, that will really help them with right thinking, and even moreso, in how to relate to other people, the army, for example, or a military school. If you go to a military school or your are in the army they do not explain any of this to you. You just say something wrong like that, and some top sergeant will have you scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush, whether you understand what you did wrong or not, and you will learn to not do it again. You will change inside, you will become more of a socially acceptable person because you will know not to relate to people in that way, and you do experience some spiritual growth but not the spiritual growth that you experience when you get the understanding like you are getting here.


Even children, if they grow up in a household where parents will discipline them for wrong attitudes and for relating to their brothers or their sisters or their parents in the wrong way, they learn not to do it, and they do not get the understanding with it, but they know that is not how they are supposed to act. That is a blessing because they will get blessings from the reaping and sowing judgment, and they will be saved from the curses of the reaping and sowing judgment, but in Christ Jesus we have to understand. It is not enough just to say that is wrong, do not do it, and for the person to say, OK, I will not do it any more. That is a good thing in this world, but you cannot go on in Christ with that. Why? Because the whole purpose of this correction is to raise your consciousness so that you can see Satan, see. If you just say, OK, I am not going to do it anymore, you have not really seen Satan in it. So that means, as far as your becoming a mature Son, you have not grown at all.


We see that this correction benefits us on two levels. If all you want is to improve your relationship, then you could benefit from this, but you do not need me for that, just go in the army, and they will let you have it every time you say something wrong, every time you speak to your officer the wrong way you will be on report. You do not need me for that. There are a lot of disciplines, a lot of organizations that will teach you. Join the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts. There are lots of organizations that will teach you what is the right and wrong way to relate to people. School, college (you can learn discipline in college), Boy Scouts, military service, etc., but the training here is to raise our consciousness in Christ so that we can see these things in ourselves and see them in others, and be saviors to the world. They will teach you discipline. You do not need me for that. Everyone that is suffering in this world is suffering from wrong thinking; some measure of wrong thinking.


All suffering comes from wrong thinking and wrong reactions to problems. It is all in the mind. Now people who do not understand what I have just said would say, Oh, what is she talking about, all I have to do is change my way of thinking and I will not be sick anymore? Well, it is not as simple as it sounds. You may change your conscious reaction to something, but have you changed the mind in you that is vibrating forth with all these evil thoughts? No. You have to get a new mind. That unconscious mind in you, if you were born with an unconscious mind that is moving in a more evil degree than others, is all inherited. Why do some people prosper in the world and other people, no matter what they do, cannot make it? Because they were born with Satan manifesting in them (Satan is our unconscious mind) to a greater degree of evil, whether they are acting on those thoughts or repressing those thoughts or not, whether they are denying those thoughts or not.


Satan is our unconscious mind. If you have an unusual amount of trouble in your life it is all because of wrong thinking. You may not even be aware of that wrong thinking, but that is what it is because there are curses and blessings in this world. Even though everybody dies at the end of a season there are people that have good lives, they are happy in their marriages, their children are all healthy, their children have good jobs, they have no financial problems, they have loving relationships, and there are some people that have really good lives. It has to do with the degree to which Satan is restrained in their unconscious mind, and that is something that you are born with.


COMMENT: I have to say that this corrective judgment is painful, but it is so important. I have been making the statement that has to do with the Republicans and the Democrats and saying that the Democrats, and I would make this statement, and Pastor Sheila would always say something, Who do they think they are? And after so many times it is finally sinking in, and when I am saying that statement I am not giving the other party the right to think what they want. So just last week I happened to say it again talking with Xxxx, and I corrected myself, so it is starting to work.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, Praise the Lord. That is a spirit of indignation. I am just saying that for everybody that does not know I told it to you. The statement, Who do you think you are? That is a spirit of indignation. I walked around with that attitude for years knowing that it was wrong, but not knowing what it was. It was really years before the Lord explained to me. I guess He told me right away, but it took me years to understand that that is a spirit of indignation, Who do they think they are? That is who they are, and that is what they think they are. We have to accept the fact that is how they are, and if it is affecting us, to take every legal measure to deal with it.


I have been greatly strengthened by watching the Republicans, from what I have seen of them on TV. They have made such a wonderful appearance, they have been distinguished, and they have not attacked anybody or maligned anybody. I have not heard one Republican malign anybody. I have heard them stand up and answer the lies with logical responses in a spirit of authority, but there has been no personal attack that I am aware of from any Republican. They have made just a fantastic presence. I am so blessed by them, and I pray that God strengthens them and keeps them and blesses them for their righteous stand. We see a lot of accusation flying from the Democrats. I do not know why it did not hit me sooner, it should have hit me sooner, but it just hit me this morning after I read a letter on Ed's loop that that whole crowd of Democrats that are all repeating all this rhetoric, they are completely under Clinton's control. He is completely possessing their souls. They are in trouble. He is completely controlling their minds. So when I got that revelation this morning I prayed for them, and I asked that the Lord Jesus cover their minds, that they should wake up from this deep sleep that they are in and start thinking for themselves. It is hard to believe that all of these men and women in the Democratic party are all so reprobate. Their mind is covered by evil. They have been taken over, and whoever was strong enough to not be taken over has gotten out.


I was really blessed last night. I saw Mike McCurry interviewed in Great Britain, and he seemed OK to me, but I did not like what he said. In case you do not know, Mike McCurry was the Press Secretary for Clinton before he retired, and he got out. I guess he could not take it anymore. In his interview he was saying that what Clinton's doing is totally irrational. I was very glad to hear that he said that because I believe that everyone who has been a spokesperson for this evil, maybe they were ignorant, maybe they did not realize what was happening or they were in the job and they did not know what to do, they should quit and once they get out they should speak the truth. They really have to make right what they did by being the spokesperson for this evil, and I felt that was what he was doing, especially when this interview broke forth at the time of the impeachment hearings, that it was his way of trying to compensate for whatever harm he may have done as Press Secretary. So does anyone have anything to say or any questions or comments about this subject?


I would like to pray for the country and these men. I am just so grateful for the strong men that have manifested in a spirit of righteousness, and there is one man who really lets them have it. I have never seen one ungodly word or spirit out of him. He never attacks anyone personally, although he said some hard things about the President last night, but, you see, accusation is a spirit. It is so important that we understand this. Accusation is a spirit. If you are saying something bad about somebody, but you are merely stating the truth, it is not sin and it is not accusation. It is the truth. It cannot be the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of accusation at the same time. Now, this man's name is Mark Levin, an attorney, and he is very strong. I have never seen him lose his cool, I have never heard him raise his voice. He is just very strong, a very strong voice for righteousness, and very sharp. I have not seen him in a while, but apparently he has gotten even bolder since this impeachment, and he said some really hard things about Clinton. I am sorry, but I cannot remember the exact words, but he was, in so many words, saying the man is mentally ill.


Another person on the show who was on the Democratic side, on the liberal side, she tried to stop him from talking. I have seen some women who take a pretty hard stand, but by and large, physical women, no matter how bright and intelligent they might be, it is really hard to come up against one of these men. Personally, I do not think that I could have done it, to tell you the truth. These men have these deep voices, and they have really strong spirits, and you have to really be an unusual woman to come up against a man like that. This particular woman who was there for the Democratic side is in politics, but in my opinion she is not one of these women, and he just put her right down, but it was not ungodly. He just came right back at her, saying, Let me finish what I was saying, and she shut up. I can think of at least one woman who is on the liberal side who probably would not have taken "no" for an answer. What I am trying to say, and I do not know if I am making it clear -- this woman that I have in mind that would not have taken "no" for an answer is strong in an ungodly way, as far as I am concerned. Her name is Malvo, a columnist. In my opinion she is not in the right spirit, but there are several men that I have seen on TV that I am just impressed with. They never lose their cool, they never lose their ground, and they just hit and hit and hit in the right spirit. Well, Mark Levin, last night, he said the President was not well, but he was not that kind about it. I am inclined to agree. The man is ripping the country to pieces for his own personal, political agenda, and he has got this whole crowd of cronies that he is controlling their minds.


If that sounds crazy to you, well it has happened. What about Manson? In those days he had all those young women, those hippies following after him, so everybody says, Well, they were just hippies, weak-minded hippies, you see. It is this pride that is all through our society that says, What are you talking about, witchcraft, what are you talking about, mind control? You cannot be controlled unless you want to be controlled. Well, I have got news for you. That is a lie. If you get someone with a strong enough mind they will control you, and they will make you like it. You will not be controlled in protest, you will completely come over to their way of thinking, and that is what Clinton has done to his Democratic cronies. We are seeing an example of outright witchcraft in our government. These people that are serving him are completely -- they do not have their own mind.


So, I think we will pray for the country and pray for these people, and we will go on with the service this morning if no one has anything else to say or any questions to ask.




Father, in the Name of Jesus, we just bless these strong men that you have raised up in righteousness, Lord. We pray that You keep them strong, Lord, that You keep them from the evil one, Lord, that you continue to cover them, oh God, and strengthen them in all things, Father, and we pray for those who are overcome, Lord. We pray that you cover them, Lord, that they should come back into their right mind and see what has happened to themselves, Lord, and do whatever necessary to extricate themselves. We continue to pray against the wickedness that is trying to bring down our Republic and Democracy rule and our Constitution. We utterly rebuke it and curse it, and cast it down to the pit. We pray, Father, that every uncovered man and woman in this nation should be covered, Lord, that they should think with a right mind, oh God, and that Your perfect will should be done for Your people and that righteousness should be restored in the land, Lord. We pray that this man, I believe he is an evil man, no one has to agree with me if they do not want to, but it is my prayer that he be brought down, Lord, and that he utterly be dealt with so that he can never hurt anyone again, Lord. He is a despot and a malicious and an evil man, and I wish him no personal harm, but I ask You, Father, to remove him from a position where he can hurt or influence this country or anyone else, Lord. In the Name of Jesus, we pray Your will to be done, we pray for Your cover to be restored, we pray, Father, for righteousness to return to this land, Lord, and I pray that every man and woman who has stood for righteousness in this crisis, Lord, should reap what they have sown, Lord, that they should know you in a greater way, Father, and that they should be blessed, Lord, to be blessed and strengthened to do whatever else their part is in this spiritual war that is raging in this nation. And we thank You, Father that You are not a man, but that You are Almighty God, and that You have not abandoned us, even in our filth, Lord, but that You have come to judge our sins, Lord, and restore us to a condition where we might be qualified to have a relationship with You, and we thank You Father that You are interested in our lives, oh God. In the Name of Jesus, we pray that. Amen.


COMMENT: Yesterday I had a bad headache, so I thought, wellm I will take a short nap, and that usually means around 15 minutes. When I woke up I remembered I had a dream, and I guess it was an apartment house. The walls were all off-white. Everything was all plain, and I was coming down the corridor facing the stairway, and as I was coming through I saw the little girl that lives next door, and she was like tumblesaulting down the stairs. When she got near the bottom she just sat there. She was not hurt so I was wondering what that meant?


PASTOR VITALE: I find that dream very interesting because one of the recent revelations coming forth here -- as a matter of fact, I intended to review it for you on our message this morning. This is just the exhortation because I do not think I have really imparted it to you yet. That is, our spiritual virginity is the Fiery Serpent. Every human being has a spiritual virginity and she is a female. She is the one, the Fiery Serpent in us, who must ascend for us for us to mature spiritually, and it is only a question of whether or not she ascends controlled by Christ in us, or she ascends without being controlled by Christ in us. Now if Christ is not raised in a person and she ascends, the Fiery Serpent ascends, she joins with Leviathan -- if the Fiery Serpent not married to Christ in us, if she makes it into the heart center without Christ, she will marry Leviathan, and in that union, when that happens that person becomes very spiritually powerful in Satan. So one of the things that has to happen in this world, and it has to happen in Washington also, it happens in the individual: The Lord Jesus comes, the glorified Jesus Christ, the one who has the authority to affect man without their permission. Either the glorified Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus in a man who is in perfection will come to a person like that and break that spiritual power and separate the ascended Fiery Serpent from Leviathan.


Did I make it clear that a person in that condition is moving in high witchcraft? The Fiery Serpent has ascended without Christ, she has made it into the heart center, and she is committing adultery with Leviathan, and in that union Satan is being produced in a high volume, there is a lot of spiritual activity. So if the Lord wants to help that man -- let us say it is the people who are under President Clinton's control, how is the Lord going to help them? My prayer was, Cover them, Lord. What does that mean? Before the Lord can cover them He has got to go to a man at a time and break Satan, break that union between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan that is generating Satan. Is anybody not following me? He has to break that union in that man between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, and when the Lord breaks that union, the Fiery Serpent goes plummeting down into the root center, and she is not hurt but she is no longer an evil one.


COMMENT: It is amazing. She was sitting there with her arms crossed, and I ran to help her thinking she was hurt, and she was not hurt. She was just smiling.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is what comes to me, that it is the Fiery Serpent.


Now this principle of the Fiery Serpent being our spiritual virginity, she, as I understand it, you have to understand that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, and I am talking about spiritual principles now, but she is what the type of the really dumb woman is. It really does not exist today, not in this country, but years ago women were just absolutely nothing. They were not good for anything except sex and bearing children and cooking the food and keeping the house, and for years men were educated, had the opportunity to be educated and women had no opportunity to be educated. The type of this Fiery Serpent is a female who literally has no brains but lives out of her emotions and is just a harlot. She just wants to have sex. She wants that pleasure, and she is greedy for pleasure, that spiritual pleasure that raises her up, and she commits adultery with Leviathan continuously, and this activity generates Satan, this mad dog. So that is the type of what the Fiery Serpent is. She is the female. She is the wife of Christ Jesus, but she is just a little harlot, that she has to be married to save her life, because if she is not married she is going to be out there sleeping with everybody. That is what the type is.


COMMENT: I just remembered something. I said to her, What are you doing outside your room? She said, Well, I was just playing.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, playing war games. That is an interesting word, playing. In the Scripture there are at least two occasions, one talking about Leviathan coming out to play, and another Scripture has to do with King David and his young soldiers. I looked up that word once because it just did not make any sense to me. The word means to "play war games." So she was out there playing. This is the whole concept of what the Fiery Serpent is, that she is like a mindless female. She is like a personified sex drive, that she just wants to go out and play and have sex with Leviathan, and here she is playing and having sex with Leviathan, and she does not even realize that the fruit of this activity is that Satan is stirred up, and the whole personality and the whole man that she is dwelling in is being destroyed and destroying others because she is out there playing. So she has to have a husband to cover her. After the Lord Jesus comes in and breaks the ascended Fiery Serpent away from Leviathan, and throws her back down into the root energy center, then Christ has to be formed in the individual and Christ covers her. It is OK to have sex with your husband. If you go out there as a harlot you just cause all kinds of destruction to yourself and everybody else, and that is true in the physical world too. So that is what the type is. That is who she is.


The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual potential to just completely fall prey to our own lust and desires, and there is a name for that in the world. People who live to satisfy the lust of the flesh are called hedonists, and this lifestyle is called hedonism. It is true that there is a part of our mind called the id that is just filled with lust and just wants to completely satisfy itself. We have an id and then we have an ego. Our ego is supposed to control our id. Every normal person knows that you cannot just go out and have sex with everybody that you want to. You cannot see a beautiful woman walking down the street and knock her down and have sex with her. Everybody knows that if you like that dress that somebody is wearing that you cannot knock her down and take her dress away. You will go to jail for doing things like that. You cannot do that. So we have that part of ourselves that just continuously lusts. Now this is just an average man. I am not talking about anyone in the Lord. Then we have another part of ourselves called the ego. To have a strong ego we have to be trained up as a child, we have to be taught that is wrong, you cannot knock that woman down and take her dress away, it does not belong to you. And if you are a young man you really have to be taught that you had better get yourself a wife and get married because you cannot be having sex with every young girl in your high school class, you cannot be doing that. This kind of teaching strengthens the ego to resist the id, and the id is just wild lust. So our Fiery Serpent, she is the spiritual equivalent of that wild lust, and maybe this Fiery Serpent that I am talking about is the id that Freud talked about, maybe they are one and the same. It is that part of us, except that maybe they are one and the same.


One manifestation, we are talking about the physical life, you cannot just go out and satisfy every desire that you have, but the Fiery Serpent is spiritual. She is, the Fiery Serpent, is programmed to ascend spiritually. Just like the average young woman is programmed to have children. You see a 16, 17, 18-year-old, and they are absolutely gorgeous, fresh, and they look like that to attract the men. They are programmed to have children. Well, the Fiery Serpent is programmed to ascend spiritually and marry Leviathan or the Lord Jesus Christ, but she does not know the difference. The whole problem is she cannot tell the difference, so the man has to be formed in her; Christ has to be formed in us and lay hold of her and stop her from destroying herself, because she is just a girl who cannot say no, and that is the truth of our spiritual existence.


See, the man is strong enough to control her, but what happened at the beginning of time was that Adam was strong enough to control that part of himself, that female part of himself, but what happened that caused Adam to fall was that the female part of himself is also subdivided. See, Adam himself has two sides. He has the righteous seed which is the male side, and then he has the female side of himself, and the female side of him is also male and female. The female side of Adam is also male and female, and the female side of the female side is the personality, and the male side of the female side is the Serpent. So that means that the female part of us can be good or evil. The woman is not a bad guy. She just cannot say no. But the Serpent is evil. So it is up to the husband, Christ, to keep His right side, to keep His female side, to keep the Serpent of His female side buried. It is up to the husband.


So what happened to Adam, that he fell, was that the evil side of Adam's female side got up. Adam had two sides, the male side and the female side. Adam's female side was also male and female, personality and Serpent. Personality, female. Serpent, male. And the whole man, Adam, was in order so long as the Serpent was buried underneath the woman. Adam's male side connected to the woman of his female side and the Serpent was buried under the ground, and that account you see in Genesis 3 of the woman being seduced. That is the Serpent seducing the woman to overturn the moral order, and the woman went under the ground, and the Serpent came up on top in the man, Adam, who had two sides. Adam had a male side which had the righteous seed, and Adam had a female side, and that female side was divided into the personality and the Serpent. The Serpent was supposed to be buried, but the Serpent came out of the grave and put the woman in the grave.


I will give you a parable so that you can understand it. The Serpent appeared in Adam's bed. Adam came to bed one night, and he wanted to make love with his wife, and he could not tell that his wife was buried and that the Serpent was taking her place. It is like identical twins. Did you ever see a story of identical twins where one is a murderer and the other is not? That is what happened. Adam could not tell that his right side had rotated. He could not tell that his female side had rotated and become evil, and that evil side of Adam tricked him into entering into a relationship which put Adam underneath her, and Adam's manhood died.


I will say it again in a parable. Adam came to go to bed with his wife one night. He wanted to have sex with her. He did not know that the Serpent twin had seduced the woman twin, and the Serpent was laying in bed waiting for him looking like his gorgeous wife. When Adam got into bed with his gorgeous wife he was filled with passion, and his gorgeous wife which was really the Serpent talked Adam into taking the passive role in that sex act, and when the sex act was completed Adam became the woman and the Serpent became the man and the rest is history.


Now you all know that is just a parable. That is what happened. What is going on in our lives today is that Adam is rising from the dead in us in this generation. His name is Christ Jesus, and He is bringing His female side into order. The problem is that within Adam's female side, that is male and female, the Serpent married the Woman within Adam's side. It is all total confusion. See, the Serpent that was supposed to be buried rose up and had intercourse with the Woman, and now this whole creation is existing on only one side. We are an unbalanced, lopsided creation, and the righteous side of the creation, except in those words "being reformed," is nonexistent, so before the Lord can marry us -- and who are we? We are the Serpent who married the personality. We are the Serpent who married the Woman and killed Adam. We are half of the creation, so he is coming back to join Himself to us and put us in the right order, but the order that we are in is that the Serpent is on top of the personality.


I will say it again. Adam's female side is male and female. The Serpent is male, and the personality is female, and because we are fallen, in this female side of Adam, the Serpent married herself and became the husband of the personality. So, Adam's female side is completely corrupted and out of order. So before the Lord can join Himself to us He has to deal with this female side, where the Serpent married the personality, kind of break them apart. That is the Serpent with her tail in her mouth. So the warfare is making her let go of us. It is as if to say, if you are a physical woman, that your womb jumped up and married you and penetrated you. We are married to ourselves, spiritually speaking, because you have to be married to appear in this world. There has to be a spiritual connection for you to appear in this world. So that is what all the warfare is, getting our tail out of our mouth. Once He gets our tail out of our mouth He is going to marry us, and He is going to satisfy us.


Spiritually speaking, I will give you another parable. We are infants. You know what infants are like. They just lay there and scream. When they are hungry they will suck with their mouth, and you come and stick the bottle in their mouth. They will suck on anything you put in their mouth. Spiritually speaking, that is what we are. So He has to get our tail out of our mouth. You see, we are sucking our thumb. He has to get out tail out of our mouth and satisfy us Himself. When He does that we will be fine, just put something in our mouth, anything, spiritually speaking. This is humiliating, but spiritually speaking, that is our condition. When He satisfies us we will be fine, but for the time being all that we can perceive is that our present source of satisfaction, which is our spiritual tail in our own mouth, is being taken away from us. You know how a baby acts when you try and take a bottle out of his mouth when he is sucking? They get hysterical! Some babies get hysterical, scream and yell, Give me my bottle back.


So, we are going through this process of having our tail pulled out of our mouth, spiritually speaking, and there is a period where we are not satisfied. It is called a wilderness experience, and whether we recognize it in our conscious mind or not, we are all scared and upset because we are afraid our needs are not going to be met. We are used to doing things the old way, our pride tells us we do not want to admit that the old way was wrong, we do not want this change, we are satisfied, leave us alone, and it is very painful. But this is what He is doing. He is pulling our tail out of our mouth, and He is going to satisfy us with Himself as soon as He can complete the separation. That is what happened to us in a nutshell, in the parable. That is our situation.


COMMENT: I do not know if this is pertinent or not, but it was not a noise that I heard as I started coming down the hallway. It was like a disturbance, a shaking or something. So as I started running I saw her. Does that have anything symbolic?


PASTOR VITALE: I think that is really interesting that you said it was a noise and a shaking. That is right out of the King James translation. There was a great noise and a shaking and mountains fell down. When you read any of those accounts, either in Peter in the New Testament or in the Old Testament, this breaking apart of the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan -- I just minimized it in a parable, but it is a monumental event. It not only is painful for the individual, but it causes tremendous turmoil in the whole astral plane. When one person ascends to that place where they start dominating their Fiery Serpent there is a cataclysm in the astral plane, and it affects the whole; the ripples go through the whole world.


COMMENT: It is amazing you should say that. As I am looking around, there is not one person around, just this girl coming down the stairs.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. I believe that very soon that the first fruits company will stand. I believe they will stand one at a time, and each person that succeeds in overcoming Satan and casting down the Fiery Serpent imparts more power into the Body of Christ to stand. For everyone that stands up, everyone else gets more power. Jesus stood up and look at what happened to the whole world. So when the Sons start standing, and I believe they are going to start very soon, the Church eventually will stand, and that is the Alternate Translation that we will do on the message this morning.


It was Revelation 12:8-11, which the Church world knows, according to the King James, as the Two Witnesses lying dead in the street. But the Two Witnesses are not lying dead in the street. Satan and Leviathan are lying dead in the street. We will go over that, but it is going to be on another message.


I want to make a comment on what is wrong with the concept of censure, getting back to the President, and to our government again. I was so grateful that the Lord explained this to me. The Democrats are saying that the Republicans are unfair, that they will not allow a vote for censure, and the Republicans are saying that it is unconstitutional, and this is the understanding that the Lord gave me. I am really so grateful for it. I heard one man on TV explain it, and he was almost -- if it had not been for the speaker he would have been booed down, and he really imparted some good information.


Our government is established by a series of checks and balances. There are three branches of government. There is the Executive Branch, that is the President, and then there is the House of Representatives, and then there is the Senate, they each have their own function, and they are supposed to be checking each other. The function of the House of Representatives, according to our Constitution, is to bring charges. It is like a Grand Jury that brings an indictment, and they present the charges to the Senate, and the Senate either finds guilty or finds innocent, brings a finding, and the Senate has the power to punish. The House of Representatives does not have the power to punish. So to say that the House of Representatives should take a vote and decide to censure the President is usurping the authority of the Senate. The House of Representatives has no right to make that judgment. The Senate can do it if it wants to.


So what the Democrats were trying to do, apparently, what they were desperately trying to do was stop a vote of impeachment, because if the House of Representatives did censure the President, that would have been something that could have been wiped out as soon as a Democratic House of Representatives manifested, where they had a majority they could have just wiped it right off of the record. That was why they wanted the censure, but what they were asking for and screaming at the top of their lungs that it is unfair, what they were asking for was absolutely illegal. So let the censure come from the Senate. They did not want the censure from the Senate because once the House impeached the President it can never be wiped away. It is a record of history. He will go down in history as this President who was impeached. It will be in all the history books, and this is what the Democrats were trying to avoid. But censure is illegal. The House of Representatives does not pass judgment, does not find guilty or not guilty, and does not impose a penalty.


So it was really the Democrats, in many ways, who were trying to violate the Constitution and overturn it, and to me, personally, the most horrible thing was that they were projecting this evil onto the Republicans. I have been struggling with this projection for years. It is one of the things, because of who I am in my personal life, that in the past I found very upsetting. These days I am dealing with it, that someone will project the sin in their mind onto me. This is just something I have had trouble dealing with all of my life. To me, that is absolutely hideous that the Democrats are trying to overturn our Constitution and accuse the Republicans of it. It was just a full-blown manifestation of Satan.


I got to the point where I did not want to hear what the Democrats had to say. It was too distressing to me, and the Lord said to me, No, you should listen to what they have to say. You should be able to steadfastly look in the face and listen to what these people have to say, rebuke anything in you that is getting upset, just stand there steadfastly looking right at them, knowing that they are manipulating and lying and deceiving. So I had to listen to a lot of them yesterday, and every time I started to get upset I had to rebuke myself and say, They have a right to speak. This is a democracy, they have a right to speak, they have a right to be heard, but your witchcraft is not going to change my mind. I know the truth.


We are living in a very exciting time. It is hard to believe, for me anyway, that the Sons really will stand. What is helping me hold on to it is that I really believe that it has to happen because of Jesus Christ, and it has to happen to save the nation, that it has nothing to do with me personally. If I thought it was a salvation for me personally I would say that it is just really hard to believe that something that wonderful can happen to me. It has got to happen because it is prophesied, and it has got to happen, and certainly the signs of the times look like it is time for it to happen so it is going to be very exciting.


COMMENT: I do not know who it was, but it was one of the Democrats trying to lay the guilt on the Republicans and they ended up in this long speech saying that God have mercy on you.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I rebuked them. I rebuked them. I think I heard Clinton say something about God the other day. The nerve of them -- there is my indignation -- the nerve of them. That is what they are saying, and we have to look at them steadfastly, and say, That is what they are saying, and they have a right to say it, and we have a right to know the truth and to pray that God prevails. We are fighting for our lives. We are in a death battle in this nation.


COMMENT: I also heard them quote Scripture, and it was just so out of place.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, if you have eyes to see; I guess there are a lot of people they are deceiving, but if you have eyes to see and ears to hear what they are doing is just one monster manipulation. They will use anything and say anything, including the name of God, to accomplish their purposes, but it will be very exciting to see the Lord Jesus' victory, and I understand that a lot of the common people, that is not a bad word, just the everyday average person is what I mean, are starting to turn. I think a lot of people really did not want to hear the argument anymore, and when they were saying, We do not want him impeached, it was really a selfish thing. They were just saying, We do not want the country to go through it. It was not that they thought Clinton should not be impeached. They just did not want to put the country through it, but I think now that it has become such a hot potato and that the trial of the Senate was going to be on TV, just like OJ's trial. I think more and more people, I think a lot of people heard the impeachment hearings, and they are starting to listen, and they are starting to use their own brain, and people are not all that stupid.


So the tide is turning, and I think it is up to 40% that would like him to resign, but he will not resign. And I do not think he should resign, I do not think Jesus wants him to resign. I think Jesus wants that trial in the Senate, He wants the whole thing as a matter of record, and He wants everyone that is willing to partake of their civic duty to watch that and to see the truth and to know the truth for themselves, not because someone else told them it is the truth. This man is going to be so utterly exposed and dismantled that he will not be able to do any more harm for the rest of his life, and I hope that Hillary is dismantled with him. My only compassion is for the daughter, Chelsea, but the sins of the fathers go on the children, and she will survive. I am sure she will survive, but this country must be preserved from wickedness, from despotism, and from the evil that is covering us over, or trying to cover us over, today. In the Name of Jesus.


06/06/18 - 1st Edit, rh

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