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I was sharing with the group here that I went to get my nails done the other day, and the shop that I go to is run by a Vietnamese family. For some reason I always get Vietnamese confused with Taiwanese, but I got it right this time, a Vietnamese family. The Lord sent me there in the first place, and there was a young Vietnamese man who was a Christian at the time that I prayed for, and at the time, I did not know that he was a Christian, but he had come to me, I guess I will give the whole testimony on this message. He had come to me with a very sad heart, telling me that he was forced to leave Vietnam because his father had been active in opposing Communist and that he was being persecuted as a young man, so he was forced to flee the country, and now he is in America, on Long Island, and there is only five Vietnamese families in the area, and the bottom line is that he was very lonely and he did not have a girlfriend. And when I left the shop that day, I was amazed, I thought he, I assumed he was a Buddhist, I was naive at the time, because we should know, and I should know that in this, this is the year 2000, well that was 1999, there are Christians of every race, whether you are African or Indian or Asian or Middle Eastern, there are Christians in just about every race and every nationality that there is, but at the time I was naive or ignorant, and I thought that surely he was Buddhist.

Well I cried all the way home for this man, I cried big, big tears, and for those of you who do not know me, at this time, me Sheila, I really do not cry anymore. I just, as the personality Sheila, I have not cried, I did not even cry at my parents funeral, I have not cried in years and years, but every once in while the Spirit of Christ moves on me, and I can tell the difference, I cried in Christ. I do not know how I drove that car, I cried all the way home, tears, I cried tears all the way home, and I cried out for the man all the way home.

I know I gave you the testimony at the time, at the moment, I am not really sure how I prayed, I have forgotten, but I know that I cried for a woman for him, for a wife for him, and I think that I was very touched at his openness, because so many Americans are so bound with pride that they will not let you know what their needs are, and I know the Scripture says that the Lord resisteth the proud, and I know that me in my spirit, it is not a conscious effort, it is not a conscious decision, but in my spirit I resist the proud. I just, I cannot seem to get up any compassion or mercy for someone who is coming to me in pride, or relating to me in pride at that moment. But when I see someone truly showing me they are pain, to me they are irresistible. And I believe that this is the heart of God, that if you unabashedly show the Lord your pain, and express your need, I believe that his compassion just pours out to you, but if you come in pride, you are not going to get very much from him. That is my opinion and at least that is how I am, and I believe it is the mind of God and the heart of God in me. Well, I cried out for his honesty, and for his condition, and as the tears were pouring out of me, I said, Lord, this man is a Buddhist, I cannot even believe that I am having this reaction for a Buddhist, but I guess you just have compassion on honest pain wherever you see it, I know that you love all men.

Well, the next time I went, I get my nails done every two weeks, the next time I went in there, I do not know, maybe I missed once, it was no more than four weeks later, it may have been two weeks later, he is in there with a girlfriend, and they are engaged to be married, and she is just the cutest little thing, I was so happy for them. She was adorable, and seemed very nice, but his whole attitude changed towards me. Well to make the story short, I found out that he was a Christian, and that he father had been a pastor in Vietnam, and he started, but he was acting very strange towards me, and the last time I saw him he left the shop, the last time I saw him, he was just standing there staring at me, and I did not, I felt that it was some kind of spiritual recognition, but I could not put the pieces together, and that was almost a year ago, I have not seen him in a long time, six months to a year ago. But I think the Lord is telling me now that he, I knew he was spiritual, I knew it was some kind of spiritual recognition, and the word in my heart right now, is that somehow he realized that after he spoke to me, his whole life changed. Whether or not he actually knows that I interceded for him, which that, in case you did not realize it, that was an intense intercession that poured out of me in the form of compassion which manifested physically as tears, and as a very powerful prayer. I do not know how I did not wreck the car to tell you the truth.

I now believe that the Lord has told me on some level he recognized that I interceded for him, and it just was making him uncomfortable. Maybe he thought I was a witch, I do not know. I do know that people everywhere mistake the Spirit of Christ for witchcraft, and I now have the understanding that on the day of Pentecost, when the apostles manifested, manifested the power of Christ, or manifested the Spirit of Christ, and that men everywhere heard what they said in their own language. The King James translation tells us that the local people that heard the apostles in their own language, thought that the apostles were drunk, but we now have unlocked the spiritual mystical Scriptural meaning of the concept of spiritual drunkenness in the Scripture. And the people, the devout men that heard the words of the apostle in their own language, did not think that the apostles were drunk, they recognized that they were ascended in spiritual power, but they thought the spiritual power was Satan.

See the world use to be very mystical, the world still is very mystical, except Christendom. We have been cleansed from witchcraft, to the degree that many of us are very, very ignorant and naive when it comes to spiritual things. The King James translation as far as I am concerned in this area, I will not even say it is my opinion, it is gross error, see. Why should they think the apostles were drunken? What do you think they were doing? Were they stumbling around and bumping into one another? I do not think so.

I think that they were manifesting the power of Christ, I do not know exactly what they were doing, but I know that when the Spirit of Christ manifest, there is always preaching, and then frequently there is signs and wonders that follow.

The only sign that I can read about in the King James right now, that I am aware of, I have not really done an in depth study, but the only signs that I am aware about, is that devout men in the area, heard the preaching in their own language. But maybe there were other signs that were being manifested, I do not know.

But brethren, the word 'drunken' in this context, means that apostles were manifesting spiritual power and all of the men in the area that were hearing the apostles in their own language knew that they were manifesting spiritual power. But in all of their lives never having heard of any spiritual power other than that of Satan, they assumed that the apostles were manifesting the spiritual power of this world, and Peter corrected them saying, No brethren, this is not Satan, this is not the spiritual power of this world, this is the Spirit of Christ, that was prophesied by the prophet Joel. Wake up, wake up church, you are in trouble.

If you are hearing this message, you are in trouble, and the Lord is calling you to awake to the Scripture says, Awake to righteousness, but brethren, righteousness is a spiritual position. Yes, we want to arise into morality, but much more than morality, the call is to arise into the spiritual power that produces morality in you. We are called to be a spiritual people, and if you are moral without spirituality, you are what? Does anybody know? If you are moral without being spiritual, what are you, or what is your condition? You are under the law brethren. I am I telling you not to be moral? No, if that is all you have got, by all means, be under the law. If given to your own devices, you would be immoral, by all means, put yourself under the law. But there is more, do not stay under the law, put yourself under the law until you are changed from the inside out. Arise into the Spirit that produces morality from the very core of your being, all the way outward. The morality without the law, is just on the surface. Praise the Lord.

This man in this Vietnamese nail shop, he was looking at me, but it was not a good look, he was suspicious of me, almost hostile towards me. I prayed about it at the time, and at this point, as I said, I have not seen him a long time, but I believe that he had a perception that I was responsible for his present blessing, she seemed like a lovely young lady to me, but yet he was leery and concerned.

We do not know, and I do not know, what people's experience with witchcraft has been. When you come up against somebody who has been raised in country where witchcraft is an excepted thing, where spiritual phenomena are acceptable, expected events, when we come up against people that know, that know that witches exist, witches that do evil, we have no way of knowing what is going through their mind when they perceive spiritual power. Maybe he thought I wanted to exercise authority over him. Maybe he thought I gave him this gift, and I was going to come and call my marker in. I do not know what he thought, but I am just telling you that he looked at me with hostility and with anger, no appreciation, fear. What is underneath hostility? It is fear, he must have been afraid of me.

Well I prayed about it, the day, I prayed about several times that I went there and the hostility was getting worse. This last time that I saw him, he just looked at me, just stared right at me, to the point that I had to turn away from him, or he was actually confronting me. And I prayed about it, and it was the last time I saw him. He left, he had some kind of a falling out with the owner and he left.

Well I continued to go to this nail shop, the Lord has not told me to leave, and if the Lord does not tell you to do something else, you continue to do what you have been doing all along. I found out the owner is a Buddhist and his wife is a Christian, but I think her Christianity is very, very nominal, they are in, it is a very patriarchal situation there, he husband is very dominate.

Although I have not seen any signs of religion in the shop. One day, I walked in, I think the reason that I thought that whole shop was Buddhist, was that when I first went there, I smelled incense, and I asked somebody, I do not recall whether it was the owner or his wife, I said something about, are you burning incense? And whoever it was that I spoke to, denied it, and I never smelled it again.

This man, he is very smart and he is very sharp, and he has a very strong understanding that he wants his business to prosper, and that he does not want to get into any kind of a discussion about religion, not on the slightest level. He acts like he is very, like he is very, he acts like he is a very naive man, that he just, very humble man, that he just wants you to come in and give him business, and he acts very naive, but he is new in the country, whatever, but apparently he is very smart when it comes to business.

I have been going for several months, and nothing has manifested, he is asked me what I do for a living several times, and I am very reluctant to tell people what I do for a living, you have to really get it out of me, if you want me to talk to you about the doctrine of Christ, you have to really get it out of me, I am not looking to minister to anybody, you have to want it bad enough to pull it out of me. Several times he has asked me what I do for a living, and his wife has asked me, so I say I write books. One day, he asked me what kind of books, at that point, I will answer any direct question. I told him that I write books about religion. Now I do not believe that we have a religion here, but you have to speak to people in terms that they can comprehend, and the truth is he did not even know what the word religion meant. I had to tell him Christianity, Buddhism, and as soon as he heard that, he put his head down.

On another occasion he wished me a merry Christmas, and I told him I do not celebrate Christmas. He did ask me why, and when I started to tell him that it is a pagan holiday, he changed the subject, he did not want to hear it. The same thing for Halloween, he told me Halloween is just celebrated in Canada and the United States, they do not celebrate it anywhere else in the world. It is a Gallic religion. Wiccan goes back to the British Isles, the early days in the British Isles. Again he did not want to talk about that. I started to tell him that is an ungodly spiritual power, he is promoting all the holidays, he wants you to come in, merry Christmas, happy Valentine’s day, just come in and get your nails done, that is his whole driving force.

Well, things sort of slow down after New Year's for him, and he does nails, his wife does nails, and he had one helper in there, and I see that he let the helper go, things must be very, very slow. I walked in yesterday and I see a bowl of fruit on the floor. I did not really think twice about it, except that I had to wait, which I do not usually have to wait. Well, sitting down in the waiting area, my eyes were drawn to this bowl of fruit, and I saw that it was obvious to me, that it was placed as an offering to a statue of Buddha that was also sitting there, and there was a little container with burnt incense sticks in it, and the two bowls of fruit, one on each side, it was apples, oranges, and tangerines, and they were both arranged exactly alike. And it occurred to me that he was doing this because business was really bad. It was in my heart right from that point, to say something to him, but I was not sure whether or not it was Christ Jesus that was rising up in me to say something to him, so I prayed, Lord if it is not you, please let me leave this poor man alone, he has got four children, he is just trying to survive, but as soon as I sat down in his seat, Christ Jesus rose in me, and said to him, I see that you have made an altar to Buddha. Now his head is down because he is doing my nails, there is no response. I said to him, it was really almost, the word is seductive, now you have to understand that Christ Jesus can be seductive. If the purpose for his seduction is to apprehend this man, Christ Jesus can do anything that he wants, if his motive is righteous. And it was actually a spirit of seduction on me out of Christ Jesus saying to him, now he did not answer when I said, I see you raised up an altar, and then I said, offer incense, burn incense, offer fruit, did it improve your business? Just like that, I said it; that is seduction brethren, it was, I was provocative.

And he did not answer me, when I said 'burn incense', he did not answer me when I said 'offer fruit', but when I said, 'did it improve your business', without looking up to me, he said business gets better and business gets worse. He was not acknowledging that I knew why he set up the altar right in front of the door. And he set it up right in front of the door. That means that everybody that walks through that door is now under a spiritual power which is working to draw them back again. Did you know that, when I told you he set it up. Well I did not tell you he set it up right in front of the door. I did tell you that? Does anybody realize that, that is the reason why it was in front of the door? That everybody that walks into that shop must pass by that Buddha, and that altar, and supposedly come under that power to return, and to return more frequently.

There is a name for that brethren, it is called witchcraft! Now the man did not respond to me until I stopped talking. And you know you tend to look around when someone is working on your nails, but I saw out of the corner of my eye, I saw him look up, he looked right at me, three separate times, when he thought I was looking away, he looked up and just stared at me. It was not a hostile stare, but it was a stare of discernment, he was trying to figure out who I was.

Brethren, you have got to understand how naive the church and average American, the average church goer, and the average American is. You, when you deal with people that come from countries where spirituality is an acceptable thing, they are looking for the spirit on you, they have got, do you know I had his little girl give me that look? I think she is about ten years old. A couple of times, I saw her just staring at me, it is not an offensive stare, they are looking right into you, they are scanning your spirit. They are seeing something beyond your physical body. They are looking right into you. He wanted to know who I was. That is the end of this episode of the story, it appears that the Lord is reaching for him. I do not know why. I do not know whether it is on behalf of his wife, or maybe there are people praying for him in his family, or just possibly he may be a spiritual Philistine, and in this hour the Lord is out recruiting spiritual Philistines, yes he is.

There is a tremendous battle raging in the earth, it is already raging. Satan's armies have existed for a long time, the Lord's armies are being raised up. Well you say, The Lord has always had his armies. Yes, the Lord has always had an army with an imputed anointing. People who have the Holy Spirit that are so sold out to Jesus, that, that Holy Spirit has increased in them into a high level, but you can lose that anointing. In this hour, the Lord is raising up an army who have Christ Jesus raised in them, and the only way you can have Christ Jesus raised in you, is if you are looking inward and recognizing the operation of Satan and Leviathan in your own mind, if you are, and going after them to kill them. If you are not doing that, and you are powerful in God, what you have is an intense anointing of the Holy Spirit, and that is not bad, except that it is not good enough for what is coming on the earth in the very near future, you will get killed, you will get killed. I tell you the truth.

The army of Christ Jesus already exists. There are already people in the land who have received the engrafted seed which has matured into Christ Jesus, which brave people are looking inward, and recognizing the enemy within, facing her, and destroying her, by disagreeing with her thoughts, her thought patterns, her thought mechanisms and her motives in general. They are rejecting her, and burning her in the lake of fire, which is Christ Jesus in the midst of us. See, when we choose Christ Jesus over Satan and Leviathan, that is how we burn Satan and Leviathan in the lake of fire, Christ Jesus is the lake of fire, you see. Every time we except a thought, now this goes, just like your eyes blink continuously, we except thoughts that arise out of our unconscious mind continuously, if you have Christ, sometimes they are from the Spirit of Christ, and sometimes they are from Satan, sometimes they are good thoughts from Satan.

But brethren, every time you make a decision, and I do not really have the exact details of how this works, every time you make a decision that opposes Christ, now let us say you look at your baby, and you say, Well, I love my baby. Well, is Christ saying you should not be saying, I love my baby? No. That thought arose out of the good side of your carnal mind, and Christ is not opposed to it, so there is no contest. But in the hour that you have to make a decision that Christ is interested in, and you choose out of ignorance or otherwise, to receive the thought of Satan over the thought of Christ, you have just sacrificed Christ to Satan.

Now do not go getting condemned, the truth is going to set you free. Spiritually speaking, you have taken the baby Christ that is within you, the man-child, and you have placed him on the altar and you have given him as a burnt offering to Satan. Brethren; that is what the Scripture is talking about when Jehovah is continuously rebuking the Hebrew children for putting their children through the fire. I do not believe the physical Hebrew children ever put their physical babies on a physical altar and burnt them. It was the man-child within them, it was Christ within them that they were continuously putting on the altar and giving as a burnt offering to Satan.

And on the contrary, in the circumstances that we recognize the mind of Christ Jesus, and we choose his thoughts, no matter how uncomfortable or what the pain it is that it causes us, we choose to cleave to his thoughts, we take Leviathan, okay, or the fiery serpent within us, and we put her on the altar and make her a burnt offering to Christ Jesus. And the fiery serpent, which is the Leviathan in the individual, gets burnt in the lake of fire, and the fruit is that she is purified. The fiery serpent is the only part of the carnal mind, well, the human spirit and the fiery serpent, well okay, the human spirit and the fiery serpent, they are the only parts of the carnal mind that is converted, Satan is destroyed.

Leviathan, who is the collective, the single entity, name of all of the fiery serpents of humanity, Leviathan is destroyed, the human spirit is purified, and the fiery serpent is purified in the fire, and she goes from being the evil of Christ Jesus to the good wife of Christ Jesus.

I forgot how I got into that, I was talking about my Vietnamese nail shop. Well, however I got into that, apparently there is ministry for this man. Oh, I know what I was saying, I was saying, I do not know why there is ministry for him, perhaps the Lord is seeking him just because he is a spiritual Philistine. He may be a spiritual giant, he may be very powerful spiritually. And the armies are being drawn, and yes the Lord is out drafting people, he is out recruiting people, and he is drafting people. What is the difference, recruiting means he is asking you to come, some people respond and some people do not, drafting means you come whether you agree or not. You know how they use to draft you in England in the 1600s, does anybody know how the draft worked in England, in Great Britain? You got hit over the head with a billy club and you woke up on a boat, and you went out in her majesty's navy. That is how the draft worked in Great Britain. And the same thing in Russia, they put a gun to your face, and say put the uniform on, and if you run they will kill you.

In some circumstances the Lord is recruiting, but there are some people brethren that they are coming whether they want to or not, one way or another they are coming. The lines are being drawn, the battle has already been raging for years, but this battle is about to manifest in the physical for all to see.

That is the story of my Vietnamese nail shop, which testimony is an introduction to the message today. The Lord Jesus recruits people by making a sound towards them. The word 'sound' in the Scripture, it is referring to vibration. Satan vibrates at a particular level, a particular frequency. Now I do have a definition of frequency for you here. I think it is towards the back of your papers, yes, here it is. 'Frequency', the measure of how often a periodic event occurs, such as a signal going through complete cycle. If you look at the board and the drawing that I have drawn for you, you can see the difference in the frequency. Can anybody not understand that these squiggly lines that I have drawn indicate frequencies, some of them going up and down much faster than the others? Can anybody not see that? Again we see that the line, or the vibration coming out of the seventh energy center, is vibrating very rapidly, and the vibration coming out of the second energy center is vibrating most slowly.

Now brethren, spiritual communication is always as a result of vibration. Now everybody vibrates, you vibrate, I vibrate, we all have a standard rate of vibration, which indicates the condition of our mind. I did this research on a very short notice, so I did not have really time to complete it, and I looked in my concordance for the word sound, but it must be a different word that is in Genesis, where it says, ".. And Jehovah walked in the garden in the cool of the day." I thought it said and he made his sound, but it is probably a different word in the King James. Well maybe the word is 'walked', "...and Jehovah walked in the garden in the cool of the day."

For years I could not imagine what that meant. First of all, he is a spirit, how does he walk? Well that is just a translation of whatever the true Hebrew word is. Jehovah made a sound, Jehovah vibrated in the garden. What or who or where is the garden? Does anybody know what the garden is, or who the garden is?

COMMENT: Our personality?

PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is close. Adam is Jehovah's garden. It is not really accurate, but you were on the right track. Jehovah does not dwell in the personality, he has to dwell in the mediator, which is Adam, or Christ Jesus in the New Testament.

Genesis says, Jehovah walked in the garden. What it meant was he vibrated into Adam. Brethren, this is really a very offensive concept to most human beings, but it is the truth, we are receptacles for spiritual life. This is why the Scripture says that every mortal man is female in relationship to the spirit, whether it be the Spirit of Christ, or whether it be the Holy Spirit, or whether it be the Spirit of Satan or the false Holy Spirit, which is Satan. Brethren, spirits vibrate, and they want a house to dwell in. We are the house. And depending on which spirit makes us his household, we will be either in heaven or in hell. The Scripture says you are the temple of the Holy Ghost, is that not what it says? What do you think that it means? You have no trouble believing that Holy Ghost lives in you, and that you are his temple, but if I tell you that you are Satan's house, that freaks you out, why? Mortal humanity is the female house, the female dwelling place, which is the place of pleasure for a spirit. The Scripture says that the garden of Eden is the place of pleasure. I use to think it was the place of pleasure for Adam. No, it is the place of pleasure for Jehovah. It gives Jehovah and Satan pleasure to enter into a human vessel. And the Scripture likens this pleasure to human sexual intercourse. That is what the Scripture says.

Now brethren as you know, or as you should know if you are an adult, human sexual intercourse can be pleasurable for the woman, or it can be painful for the woman, physically, and emotionally, and spiritually, and if her husband is cruel and insensitive and uncaring, the whole act can be anathema to her.

Brethren our true husband, the Lord Jesus Christ has every intention of making us his partner, and a willing and happy partner in life, because he is discerned about us, and our needs and our fears, and he is helping us to meet him where he is, but Satan does not care about us. She wants the same thing that the Lord Jesus wants, but she does not care about us. And you may think that she is giving you pleasure now, but you wait until she gets you and she puts her ankle chain on you. You heard about Jesus' bond servant? Satan puts a chain on your ankle brethren, you are feet are the carnal mind.

She chains you down into the world below, and we will see how kind she is, and how concerned she is about your pleasure, and the fact that you should not be uncomfortable when she takes her pleasure. The whole world is under a severe seduction. They have no idea what they are walking into, because of their ignorance.

So we see that spirits not only move by vibration, but they communicate by vibration. For years, I wondered why the Scripture would name one of its books, the Song of Solomon, or the Song of Moses. Now I use to think, when it came to the Song of Moses, with Mariam casting, you know, talking about the Lord casting Pharaoh and the horse and rider into the sea. There is a very exciting song that has been written to go with those words. I thought, it was just a celebration, you know, it was just a celebration, and the words were written to music, but when it comes to the Song of Solomon, I could never really get it, you know. Today, I understand, that song in the Scripture, does not mean song, what song means down here in this world underneath the sea. Let us take a look at the definition of song here. I took out song and sing. Song - a brief composition or adapted for singing, the act or the art of singing, a distinctive or characteristic sound made by an animal, such as a bird or an insect.

Brethren, the symbol of Christ Jesus in the heavenlies is a bird, he is a great eagle. Going back years and years and years, when I was translating the book of Revelation, I noticed that the English word voice appears frequently, but when I looked that word up in the Greek, what it means is a grating screeching sound.

At some point I just researched it everywhere, and came to the conclusion that it was talking about a spiritual communication, but I still did not really understand it like I understand it today. Brethren all spiritual communication is vibration, and the way the Lord talks to you, and this is for you, I am going to give you some information, the way the Lord talks to a human being, or anyone that he wants to talk to, I do not know if God talks to animals ever, I do not know. I saw something, some movie where someone was saying, Yes, God talks to donkeys, but of course we know that this translation is not accurate. Who is the donkey? Does anybody remember?

COMMENT: Our own carnal mind.

PASTOR VITALE: We, the personality that lives on the right side of the heart center is the donkey, the person that lives on the left side of the heart center is a camel, a camel, who he goes for long periods of time without Satan's water, see, and he is striving towards the mountain, where Christ Jesus is, and where the glorified Jesus Christ is. So if you are not a camel, you are a jack ass. I am not trying to hurt anyone, I am right where you are, brethren, I am right where you are. I have to, I tell you this all the time, and it is really important that you believe it, I am just as dirty as you are. You know someone had a dream the other day, and it was about two mermaids, and they were both in very dirty water, and as I prayed it through, it looked like I was one of those mermaid, mermaid meaning someone that is high in spiritual power, and my first reaction, I have to confess, I confess this, and I had to repent before the Lord that my first reaction was, "how could that be me in the filthy water?" But Christ Jesus came through instantaneously and said, "you better believe it is you." I am just as filthy as the rest of you. I am just a little ahead of you in stepping on Satan's head, and that is the truth.

Jesus only knows that this is the truth. So when the Lord speaks to us, or when any spirit speaks to us, they speak to us by vibration, they draw near to us, they vibrate in our ear, and the people who cannot hear, you see God speaks to everyone, he speaks to you every day, every second, of every minute of every day. The people who cannot hear him are the people, now I do not say this to make you feel bad, but it is going to help you, the people who cannot hear him are the people who will not yield to his vibration, see.

They stay at their own vibration, and they will not move. You see, you have to vibrate on the Lord's level to hear him. Now every human being has a level of vibration, depending on where you abide most of the time. If you are in the second energy centers, your condition is one of perversion. Now, the perversion does not have to be outward.

You do not have to be reading pornography, you do not have to be a homosexual, you do not have to be a prostitute, or engaging in some kind of perverse sex, for a large part of your consciousness to down in the second energy center. And we know that the Lord has given us a study here about the righteous Pharisee, whose fiery serpent was ascended into the seventh energy center without Christ Jesus, therefore manifesting the impure spiritual power of the second energy center, with the power... Let me start that again. This righteous, the fiery serpent and this righteous Pharisee, was manifesting at the level of impurity which is found in the second energy center, with the measure of power that is found in the seventh energy center. If you remember that study, that is what the Lord revealed to us. So you could be leading a socially acceptable life on the surface, but if that is your condition, you need ministry from the Lord Jesus. Maybe you need demons cast out of you, but it does not have to be demons cast out of you, maybe all that you need is for the fiery serpent to cast down. I do not know, every person is individual. And probably there are demons present, it is just that in this new order deliverance, it is very hard to tell when a demon comes out, it is much easier in old order deliverance, where people are screaming and yelling and rolling on the floor. But once Christ is formed in you, deliverance takes a different form.

It is not as obvious, but what is obvious is that you have changed. See, even in old order deliverance, the message always was, from every responsible deliverance minister I have ever met, the message always was, no change no deliverance. I do not care how long you roll on the floor, I do not care if you belch for the next three hours, I do not care if you vomit, I do not care what you do, no change, no deliverance. When you come into new order deliverance, which is deliverance from evil spirits and ungodly manifestations of your old man, which comes forth as your new man increases in you, and pushes your old man out, I still yawn sometimes, I still belch, I was in old order deliverance for five years, I was in heavy old order deliverance for five years. The symptoms of most of my deliverances were yawning, belching, eyes tearing, and only a couple of occasions, did I vomit, only really, only once or twice. But my life changed radically. I still get those symptoms when I am under the anointing. Sometimes I still belch, sometimes I still yawn, and sometimes my eyes tear.

So we see in old order deliverance you have dedicated people who are wielding the power of the Holy Ghost, speaking to your old man, because the demons are within your old man, they are just part of your old man, rebuking them and forcing them out. But in new order deliverance, we have the power of the doctrine of Christ coming forth under the anointing or the vibration, what is the anointing, it is a vibration, it is a level of vibration that Christ Jesus manifests at. So whether you are listening to these messages or sitting in these meetings, whether you are yawning or belching or tearing or whatever you are doing, that is the least of it, do not look for the signs, look for the change. If you have changed, if you are changing, you are getting deliverance. Deliverance, the focus should not be on the casting out of the demon, but on the spiritual growth and improvement and change in your life. There were lots of people in that church that we went to, they were up on that prayer line every week, rolling on the floor, coughing, hacking, screaming, yelling, kicking, and they are still in the same place where they were. Their life did not change. Did they not have demons cast out of them? They probably did, but when you have a demon cast out of you, the purpose of old order deliverance is to cast out a demon that is binding you and stopping you from doing your part. So if you get deliverance, if you get relief from this bondage and you still do not confess that your guilty and truly repent and do everything that you have to do to change.

If you continue to hate your brother, and you continue to think and do evil in your heart, so you will get another one, because your mind and your hatred and your wrong thinking is actually turning out these demons.

But when you submit to a discipline like this, either at a meeting or through listening to messages and reading transcripts, when you submit your mind, when you submit the evil thoughts of your mind, and your evil inclinations towards unforgiveness, or whatever else, envy, or whatever other evil you are manifesting. When you submit the thoughts of your carnal mind to the truth of the doctrine of Christ, and the power that propels it, you will change. You do not have to roll on the floor. If the day ever comes that you do, so be it, I have not seen it in years, it is much easier this way, who wants to be rolling on the floor all the time, you do not have any time to study if you are rolling on the floor all the time. Old order deliverance is for people that are still in their carnal minds. Once Christ is formed in you the deliverance comes, as Christ increases in you and oppresses and crushes and forces down under him your carnal mind. And Christ receives the strength to do this, by being fed the doctrine of Christ, and by receiving the ministry that exposes the sin nature, which weakens her. The doctrine of Christ strengthens Christ Jesus, and the exposure and the confession of sin, and true repentance weakens your carnal mind, the two edged sword.

Any spirit that wants to communicate with you, whether to bless you, whether to correct you, whether to give you predictions of the things to come, whether to seduce you if it is Satan, they come to you as a vibration. And in order for you to hear them, you must start to vibrate at their level. You know in the book of Daniel, it says a couple of times in a couple of chapters that I was asleep on my bed and an angel came to me, and he took a lock of my hair. We have to know that this is just a parable.

I have known for a long time that it means that the spirit came in and touched Daniel's human spirit, and raised Adam from the dead, raised Adam up in Daniel, and then communicated with Adam, but I never understood to the degree that I understand it today. The taking of a lock of hair brethren, means that the angel came to Daniel, or that Christ Jesus comes to you, vibrating at a specific level, and says, Come up here where I am, Come up here where I am. It is just like clapping your hands, were you ever at a song service where someone's clapping, the group was clapping their hands and it is a song with a good upbeat and then someone ups the beat and they go faster, the whole going slower, and then someone ups the beat and goes faster, have you ever seen that? That is what it is, a spirit comes to you with a certain level of vibration, and if you want to hear his message, if you want to understand what he is saying to you, if you want the power to do what he is anointing you to do, you must change, you see. The angel is there clapping faster, and you are saying, oh, no, and clapping slower, you are going to miss the whole thing.

So everybody has to evaluate themselves. You have to know who you are, what your weaknesses are without condemnation. If you are a stubborn person, I am never condemning anybody, if you are stubborn, if you are hard to change, if you are rigid in your ways, you need be praying consistently for the Lord to help you to overcome these qualities so that you can hear him when he talks to you. He talks to you every day, if you do not have a relationship with the Lord, it is because you will not come up where he is, and that is the truth. He wants you more than you could ever want him.

One of the ways of breaking your stubbornness and your rebellion, which everybody has, is to simply follow the rules that are laid down in the ministry. You may think that this is just some sacrifice you are making for peace in the ministry, but it is much more than that, it is breaking your own rebellion, and freeing up whatever measure of the Spirit of Christ that you have, to vibrate at a higher level, which will touch the Christ that is calling to you. And the more often you do this, the more often you break down your rebellion and your stubbornness, so that Christ can come forth and touch someone, Christ who is on a higher level, the more your carnal mind is going to break down, and the more you will default to the higher level of vibration.

Rebellion and stubbornness is a spirit which vibrates at a particular frequency that says, I am going to vibrate at a particular frequency and you are going to line up with me. It does not have to be in your conscious mind, this is what is happening. Christ Jesus lays down a rule, and your carnal mind says, No, I think it should be this way. If you are not blessed enough to have a pastor who is going to tell you that you have to obey the rules, Christ Jesus is going to be vibrating up here, and you are going to be vibrating down there, and you are going to be saying things like, I do not understand, or I do not have a relationship with the Lord. I am telling you the truth. Every time I preach to you, Christ Jesus in me is saying to you, vibrate at my level, you may be okay, you may be okay with the doctrine. You may come into this meeting with your mind filled with carnal thoughts, and then Sheila starts to preach, and in this case there is nobody here opposing me, that is why these meetings are closed, because the Lord has told me clearly, we cannot have people in these meetings who are not in control enough of their spirit to not vibrate, to cease to from vibrating at a lower level while I am preaching. You all should be congratulated on that. You cannot just be hearing the stuff that you need to correct, you have got to know where you are victorious also. Every one of you is victorious in this area, that when I start to preach, you are meeting me at this level of vibration that I am bringing into this room, there is nobody here that is opposing me in years.

But when somebody comes in here as it used to happen, and they are sitting there vibrating at their own level, what does that mean? They are listening to what I am saying, their heart is not open with faith in Jesus Christ to protect them, or help them if I make a mistake, but they are sitting in here filled with fear, because they are afraid of me, they are afraid of false doctrine, they are afraid of being seduced, they are judging every word that I say, when they are not qualified to judge what I am saying, their mind is not vibrating at the level that Christ Jesus is preaching at in this meeting, and the level of vibration coming out of their mind is opposing me.

We are going to see, to get back to our definitions briefly, that a song is a melody, okay, it is a sound, and it is a sound, a song is a melody, and under the definition of melody, it is a rhythmically organized sequence of single tones, so related to one another as to make up a particular phrase or idea. Brethren, the vibration that is vibrating in me that is producing the words that you are hearing, the series of vibrations are in organized sequence of single tones; that are related to one another. They are all a part of the doctrine of Christ, and the doctrine of Christ is the phrase or the idea that they make up. That is what a song is, a song has melody, it is in sequence, it is in agreement. But on the other hand, percussion, a percussion instrument is an opposing instrument. Rhythm is movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions. The patterned recurring alterations of contrasting elements of sound or speech.

We see the difference between rhythm and melody is that rhythm is contrasting sounds, and melody is an idea, expressed by a series of sounds that all flow in the same vein. Melody - a pleasing succession or arrangements of sounds, although the definition of melody is a rhythmically organized sequence of single tones, so related to one another as to make up a particular phrase. That is the definition, I think rhythm is a poor choice of words there, because the definition of rhythm from the same dictionary is conflicting or different tones, conflicting or different levels or rates of vibration. Brethren, this is what conflict is all about. One mind is operating at a particular level of vibration and another mind is operating at a different level of vibration. To have peace, one mind must move to the other level of vibration. If you are given authority, whether you are given authority in Christ Jesus, or authority in this world, in a family, in a work situation, you always have people opposing you, their mind is vibrating at a different level, because if their mind was vibrating at your level, there would be no opposition.

So the mind which is supposed to be in submission to the authority is required to ascend, to give up their level of vibration, and ascend to fall into agreement with the level of vibration of the authority. You are not supposed to do it as a legal work which is what you do all the time. Your prayer should be, Lord, if this is truly your Spirit speaking through Sheila, or through whoever the authority is, help me to ascend in my consciousness and my understanding into that level. If you do as a law, you will be under the law forever. This is how you come out from under the law. Like you said this morning, I will have to see through someone else's eyes. No, the prayer is, If that is really you talking, let me see righteously.

So some people are more stubborn than others, but you are the only one who suffers. For years I have known that music plays a big role in the Scripture, I know music is associated with Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel, that every time, I may not have this exactly right because I have not really been in those Scriptures for a while, but every time the officers of King Nebuchadnezzar's court would want the whole, every one to bow down and worship their idols, they would play all the music. I do not know, maybe they did play physical instruments in Babylon in those days, but maybe they did not. Maybe it was a spiritual commandment that came forth. Or maybe they did play musical instruments in those days, and maybe that is a surface parable, there is a spiritual reality underneath that story of people in authority who try to force other people who would worship the living God to follow them.

Brethren, do we not have that in the church today? Do we not have people coming right in the church, coming after people who are willing to make the sacrifice and not celebrate Christmas, and try to force them or pressure them, or make them feel guilty or foolish, or seduce them with gifts, with the promise of gifts, to override their convictions? That is music playing, that is what the Scripture means by music. So we have in the world, visions of angels playing physical harps in heaven. That is not what it means. Brethren, any stringed instrument, well I should not say, I do not know about any stringed instrument, I, the stringed instruments that play on a finer level, violins, harps, you know, I guess piano could go in either direction, I am not talking about a base fiddle now, but stringed instruments that play melody in the higher pitches, they are flowing in the heavenly aspects of our spiritual being.

And the instruments who play on a lower vibration, and I guess that could be, well base fiddle, I guess a cello, a cello could definitely go either way, even though a cello is deep in certain kinds of music, cello makes a beautiful sound. But certainly with drums, and percussion instruments. We did a study a couple of years ago here, and we could not find the word drum in the scripture anywhere. Of all of the musical instruments mentioned, we could not find any drums, and we came to the conclusion that drums are not of God. And here we see a couple of years later, a deeper proof, all percussion instruments, they are opposing instruments. Physical music should be designed to bring us into a singularity of vibration into a peace of mind that will help us, that will resist our stubbornness; that will resist our rebellion and help us to flow into the level that Christ Jesus is vibrating at, at any particular time. When you come to a meeting like this or when you listen to a message, it is already pre-accepted, that, that message that is coming forth is higher than the place that you are at when you turn the message on or when you walk into this room. It is expected. This message is to bring you up higher, and each time that you come here, that you should stay up higher longer. This is why people who go to a church, where the pastor is not a student pastor like I am, you could only get as high as, if that pastor is not a student pastor, if he has reached his peak, and he is not moving, and his whole ministry to you is what he knows now, and that is how he is going to be, just like a high school biology teacher that teaches freshman biology, he is going to be teaching freshman biology for the next thirty years until he retires, if that is the kind of church that you are in, and you are really going after God, pursuing him, the day will come that you will reach the level of that pastor, and there will be no place and no way for you to grow unless you leave that church.

I tell you the truth. Everybody is not called to be a teaching pastor like I am. Do you know what the Lord just said to me, I love when he does this; He just brought to mind a study that I did years ago, which revealed in Ephesians, is it Ephesians 4, where it talks about the five-fold ministry? It is in Ephesians, it is really not a five-fold ministry, it is really a four-fold ministry, and there is no distinction between teachers and pastors. If you look at it in the Greek, it is talking about teaching pastors. It is Christ Jesus speaking through me, lots of times, these statements just come out of me, and then the Lord gives me a Scripture to, because I did not even get what he just said, he had to give me the Scripture in my mind. Does that mean if you are not a teaching pastor, that you are bad, if you are hearing this message, you should leave that church immediately? No. Brethren, the four-fold ministry, is only in Christ Jesus.

There are plenty of pastors that are in the Holy Ghost, that are really doing the best that they could do, and they are spreading the gospel of the cross and they are preaching faith, some of them are casting out demons, many are calling, have a call to repentance and will lay hands on you so that you could receive the Holy Ghost. No they should not stop what they are doing, definitely not. They are sent to the people who are still in their carnal minds. But the truth should be known, that they are not the ministry of Christ Jesus, four-fold, or five-fold, whatever you want to call it, they are not it.

And one of the overriding signs if you want to test yourself to see if you are truly in the five-fold ministry, are you a teaching pastor, one who is being taught himself, or are you a student pastor? In English, it sounds like, a teaching pastor, I am a pastor that teaches. We just had a flash of revelation here, that tells us that this is not what this means. It means are you a pastor who is being taught? The Lord has just enlightened us with regards to that Scripture. A teaching pastor is not a pastor who teaches, or is not a pastor who only teaches the people, but the correct translation according to the Spirit of revelation, is are you a pastor who is also being taught? Do you know that in Buddhism, that this exactly is the definition of a Lama, you have heard about the Dalai Lama. That is what the definition of Lama is in Buddhist circles. Do you think you have arrived, or are you a teacher who is still being taught? A Lama is teacher who is still being taught, and then who teaches the people under him whatever he learns. The whole purpose of submitting yourself to the preaching of the word, is to place you in a position where the vibration that I am preaching at, is pounding upon your mind and upon your heart, saying, line up with me, I hear you going slower, but the Lord wants you faster.

The Lord wants you going (clap, clap, clap, clap!), come in sync with me, follow me, speed up, vibrate with me at the same level that we should be, of one mind and one accord. That is what it means to be of one mind and one accord. You cannot just be saying it with your mouth, it has got to be in your heart, and in your mind. And in the same manner, although it has not happened here in quite a while, as I have explained to you in the past, if we are of one mind and one accord, which we are now, and one person who does not understand this, and does not realize how important their contribution is, to what Jesus is doing right now, can walk away and do something else and think they will not be missed, that is a manifestation of pride, you do not realize that Christ Jesus has placed you in this combination of mind, in this collective mind, and that the power that your mind is contributed is necessary. To think too little of yourself, is as much pride as to think too much of yourself. You have to walk in the truth of who you are, and that you are that great person because of the one who is in you, but you have to know who you are in him, or you are denying him.

We see that when we submit ourselves, the obvious is music, when we submit ourselves to music, that music calls forth a vibration from an associated energy center. Most of the music today, and this includes Christian rock, it is calling forth the vibrations of the lower energy centers, it is calling up Satan in you.

At the very least, and I do not want anyone getting hung up on that, Satan is good and evil, it is calling forth, the temporary music today, is calling forth a sympathetic vibration, does anyone know what that means? A vibration that will vibrate with the music. You get out there and you are dancing with the music, you are in sync or in sympathy with the music, but it is stirring up the vibration of your lower energy centers. I do not think anyone with eyes to see that today's music stirs up lust. That is the third energy center, and a good part of it stirs up moral impurity, which is the second energy center.

Brethren, fornication is moral impurity. If you are on the dance floor and you are lusting to have a good time, but if you are lusting for your partner, you are vibrating in your second energy center, because fornication is sin, and it also stirs up your sexuality. Is sexuality a bad thing? No, but you should be in control of when it is stirred up or not. You should not have to be out in a store, and hear music playing that sounding a vibration that is going to stir up your lower centers. But this is our society today, but you need to know, and I need to know, that if you are out shopping and if there is music playing that is stirring up the vibration of your second or third center, that you need to rebuke it, and say, I will not respond to this vibration. I know what you are. The average person today, especially the teenagers, and the children, they  will hear the music and they will get stirred up sexually, and they will think, it is a natural phenomenon, what am I going to do about it, well let me call my girlfriend, which means that this young man was just controlled by the music that he heard.

Music that is melodic, music that contains melody has no opposition in it. Let me finish this, what is the opposition in the percussion music? It is stirring up your, the vibrations of your lower centers, and is opposing the vibrations of your higher centers. Melodic music has the exact opposite effect, it in sync with the heavenly centers, it is in sync with the centers that promote mental growth and mental activity, and morality and ethics. The music that is in our society today is actually invoking the spirit of the activities of the carnal mind. And we see the effects of it, the whole society is being feminized. What is a masculine, the masculine aspect of the nation is the mental aspect of the nation. More and more of our physical males are falling out of that mental, that mentality of spiritual manhood, in addition to their physical manhood. This existence is a warfare, between the ideas of the mind and the ideas of the flesh. If you are constantly exposing yourself to the vibration that calls forth or invokes the vibration of the sea, or the vibration that is underneath the sea or underneath the earth, when a situation requires you to make a decision out of a high mental function, you may not be able to get up there in time. This is the same message that we have with regard to being in Christ Jesus, with regard to alcohol, I do not know who is getting this message, this is the second time this is coming up in the last several weeks.

Whether or not you drink, is between you and God, it is not a crime to have a glass of wine, it is a crime to be an alcoholic, because you are totally self-destructive to your physical body, your emotional body, your spiritual body and your whole life. For all the Christians who are saying, why can I not have a drink once in while on occasion? You can if you want to, but you need to know that alcohol brings the vibration of your mind down to the lower centers, and that those who are the true priest of the Lord Jesus Christ are forbidden to drink, why? Because you must be ready to minister all of the time. You never know when Christ Jesus will want to come forth in you and minister, or when Christ Jesus will be called forth in an emergency situation, and when you drink, you are vibrating at the levels of the second energy center. So therefore if there is any kind of a spiritual crisis, before you can raise up in any power, you have to ascend into the higher centers, and it may be too late. If you want to drink, I am not putting you under the law, you drink, as far as I am concerned, I am not giving you license to do it, but as far as I am concerned you drink if you want to, but you should know the truth, that when you drink, you are a policeman who is out without his gun.

Another example is the Christian with the Holy Ghost, who is fasting and praying for thirty days or longer to get an answer from the Lord. That means you are vibrating at the level of one of your lower energy centers, because if you are up in the higher energy centers, it does not take thirty days to get an answer. Daniel was in his carnal mind. That is who the prince of Persia is. The angel, Michael, who was coming to answer Daniel's question, signifies the mind of Christ in Daniel. The mind of Christ was manifesting up in the higher energy centers, but Daniel probably being depressed and in bondage in Babylon, and having been castrated, I do not doubt that Daniel was castrated physically, I am not sure, but maybe he was, but he was surely castrated spiritually. Christ Jesus had to overcome Daniel's carnal mind to answer his question, and it took twenty days, if that is even a literal number, it is probably not even a literal number.

So choose ye this day, will you be priest of Christ Jesus, or will you be one of the common people. If you choose to drink which makes you a policeman without your gun for the time that you are under the influence, you have made an active choice to reject the call on your life to be a priest, and you have chosen to be a common man. Do I condemn you? No. But know the truth, and if you are not happy with the truth, tell the Lord that you cannot change, and ask him to help you. This is true of any kind of bondage that you are in. You have got to give up trying to change yourself, because you will never do it. Your pride is preventing you from saying, "Lord, I cannot do it, help me to do it."

You will be amazed at how quickly you will do it, when you admit that you cannot do it. Now we are having this message on music, because that makes it easy to understand. What is less or more difficult to understand is that the same principles that I am setting forth here with regards to music occur in every interaction between human beings. Your mind vibrates when you think, when you talk, when you interact with another person, your mind is vibrating and it is vibrating at the levels of one of your energy centers, depending on how pure or how impure your motives are. Now it has nothing to do with what you are saying.

You could be saying the most wonderful things, but if your motive is ascending from the second energy center, if your motive is flattery, or if your motive is self-gain or self-preservation, or if your motive is because you want to, to get something from the other person, or get them to do something without being honest about it, your mind is vibrating at a low level, and depending on who you are communicating with, there will be a warfare. If the person is weak, they will come right down to your level, if the person is strong of their mind, they will either raise you up to their level, or there will be a conflict.

Now, how does the stronger person raise you up to his level, does anybody know? You have an ungodly motive, and you say something to another person, and they recognize your ungodly motive, how do they raise you up to their more righteous level? How do they deliver you out of the second energy center, and bring you up into the left side of the heart center? They expose your motives.

They will expose your motives, and then you will have the choice of believing it, or at least telling the Lord it is true, you want to believe it, at which point you will vibrate upward from your second energy center to the place where the person correcting you is, or you can start an argument with them, and you can have a confrontation with them, at which point either they will come down to your level, or they will stand against you and there will be a break, there will be a division in your relationship, not because of what you said, but because of your ungodly motive. Now the person who relates to other people based only upon the words of their mouth, you will not have any problem with, you are dead inside. People who hold conversations and communications based only on the words of their mouth, you are spiritually dead in this conversation. Now do not be deceived, you can be spiritually revived in one area and spiritually dead in another area.

Do you believe every word people tell you? Am I supposed to go around being suspicious, you say. No, but your spiritual eyes are supposed to be open, and here we come to the concept of hearing in the spirit. If someone said something with words that are not offensive to you, but you are vibrating on a, now you cannot be there just for the moment, you have to be on a regular daily basis vibrating in the higher energy centers, where you have continuous communion with Christ Jesus, when someone says something to you, based upon a motive that comes from the second or third energy center, you will perceive their motive in your heart. The divergence of the frequency or the rate of vibration will touch you, because there will be an interference. You who are vibrating and think with Christ Jesus, when someone communicates with you from the second or the third energy center, you will feel the interference in your heart, just as if something is spinning, spinning, spinning.

This sister had a testimony off the message about dishes spinning, spinning, and spinning. If you take a pen and stick it in a dish like that, what are you going to hear, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk. First of all, it will slow the dish down and you will hear the pen touching the dish, and it will be going clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk. For people who vibrate on a regular basis in the higher energy centers of Christ Jesus, when someone comes to them vibrating at the rate of one of the lower centers, it hits them in their heart center as clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk; it is the interference of a rapidly vibrating mentality and a low vibration of mentality, and there is an interference that causes distress in your heart center.

Now I have spent years under the instruction of the Lord, years that my brain could not figure out what was wrong. I could not understand what was wrong with the people's words, I could not hear anything wrong with what they were saying to me, but my heart center was going clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk. I have been under this instruction for years, and the fruit of it is that the Lord is now bringing my mentality closer and closer to a place where it is in sync with my spiritual reactions. Now when my heart goes clunk, clunk, clunk, most of the time my brain could figure out what is wrong with your motive. Although sometimes it takes me twenty four hours, sometimes I get it on the spot, it is not me, I am just not that sharp. Some people in this world are very sharp, I am just not that sharp, I am just not that sharp at discovering the evil motives in people's hearts, I am a very naive person, but I am married now you see, and my husband's not so naive, and it does not bless him or glorify him that I should be as stupid as I have been in my lifetime, so he tells me, you see.

Sometimes I get it right away, but I want to tell you something, basically speaking, the only time I perceive a wrong motive right away, is because of experience. It is because of all of the times that I have walked away from a conversation saying, Lord what is wrong with me, what is wrong with me? And he had to explain to me. Sometimes it took days, sometimes on some occasions it has taken years for me to understand what was really wrong with that person's motive that was not showing in their words. When the Lord teaches me, now I have an experience, now I know when certain people say this, or certain people say that, at least it may be this, at least I have a clue. I never even use to have a clue. I was being killed by this world, by the mind that is in this world, I was being killed by it, I was so naive.

But even today, it is not at all uncommon that I know that something is wrong, I know it in my heart center, that your vibration is trying to pull me down, but I cannot figure it out, and the Lord usually tells me when I ask him, I have to ask him, he usually tells me within a day, sometimes a lot sooner than that, sometimes within an hour.

So if you are going to be a son of God, you cannot be a son of God, believing everything that people say to you, and that does not mean that you should be suspicious, all that it means is that your spirituality must function or you will be destroyed, because even the nice people in this world, frequently manifest evil towards the sons of God, and even if that evil is not directly against you, saying, "I am going to get you, I hate you", it may not even be that. It is when you are moving in Christ Jesus, and you are abiding on these high level, these high vibrations.

What would cause you to abide on a general rule on these high vibrational levels, does anybody know? Brethren it is all what you think about. You see, the King James says, Think on the high things, well that does not really explain it, when your mind is on the doctrine of Christ most of the time, now that does not mean listening to the message, listening to a message is an exercise designed to bring your level of vibration up higher, but you have got to really be up there. If you keep listening to messages, if you keep studying the doctrine of Christ, eventually your mind, your very mind will ascend to a higher level. If you have been receiving revelation from him, if you have been doing his work, if you have been petitioning, if you have been thinking about his doctrine, as you pursue these high things, these are the high things, the vibration of your mind, well first of all, you are in the mind of Christ when you are doing that, and the mind of Christ has the tone or a sound of its very own. We have a few Scriptures that we are going to look at, and the Scripture talks about the sound. There is an identifying level of vibration, it is called a signature.

The Lord Jesus Christ vibrates at an identifiable frequency, either you are up there, or you are not up there. Are you condemned if you are not up there? No, but you should know that you are not up there, so you can ask him to get you up there. This is, a good example of this, is preaching or trying to preach the doctrine of Christ out of your carnal mind. The true doctrine of Christ, can only be preached by the Spirit of Truth which vibrates at a particular frequency. If your mind cannot ascend to that frequency that the Spirit of Truth vibrates at, and you try to preach this message, you may say all of the right words, but they are going to be backwards, because we know that when the carnal mind preaches the doctrine of Christ, she gets everything backwards, she makes the Lord Jesus the evil one, and Satan the hero.

Well if you are a Christian and you are studying the doctrine of Christ, you may not make the Lord Jesus the evil one and Satan the hero, your perversion of the doctrine will be much more subtle, it will be more likely something that happens here frequently, and I point it out to you whenever it happens to you as an instruction that, "Look, you just answered the question with your carnal mind, you just looked at the problem with your carnal mind, look at it, you have got it backwards, that is the proof to me that you were considering the question with your carnal mind, you have got the answer the exact backwards." That happened to you on line a few weeks ago, it was the exact opposite, 180 degrees opposite.

So it was not just a mistake, it was not just a wrong answer, you were coming out of the wrong mind. Therefore, unless you are under the headship of someone who is going to correct you, you are much better off not preaching the doctrine of Christ or trying to teach or even talk about the doctrine of Christ, you know, if you are going to be doing it, or if there is a chance that you are going to be doing it, out of the wrong frequency. The wrong frequency kills, the electric chair vibrates at a particular frequency, a spirit; it is energy. It either kills or it gives life. Every frequency has an identifying signature. You have heard of ac current, and dc current, that is a particular frequency of current.

You know that if you go to Europe, you have to have a converter for your electrical appliances, because it is a different frequency that the current flows through in Europe, and it is much stronger in Europe, you will blow your electrical appliances, you will ruin them. Jesus said, "You cannot put new wine in an old wineskin." That is what he is talking about.

You need a converter. So I hope you all know now, that the way you start manifesting on a regular basis vibrating the signature frequency of Christ Jesus is by seeking continually to think with his mind, not to understand this doctrine with your carnal mind, but to think, to reason, to understand, the mechanism of the thought process that is Christ Jesus produces the signature frequency.

So you cannot just mimic me, you are not supposed to be mimicking me. What we are doing here, is that Christ Jesus is manifesting through me to stimulate your Christ mind, and to encourage you to weaken your carnal mind. Also I do weaken your carnal mind by pointing out to you when she is manifesting and you think it is Christ, you see, double edged sword, weakening your carnal mind and strengthening Christ Jesus two prong program. When you get up there, most of the time I am in Christ Jesus, I do not say I never come down, I would be in perfection if I did not, I am not in perfection. But I am vibrating, and the levels that my mind vibrates at, vary depending on what I am doing. When I am studying, I am as high as I am capable of being, or when I am preaching like this, there is a powerful anointing on me this morning, I am as high, vibrating as high in the frequency of the Lord's signature as I can, but I am not always this high. But even when I come down, I do not come down that low.

What does that mean, does that mean that I am a great one? No, what I am telling you is because I vibrate at such a high level, that when someone comes to me and communicates with me, and their motive is coming out of the second energy center, it interferes with the vibration that continuously flows from me, and I feel clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk in my heart center, there was a time that I did not know what it meant, and that I would go down, I would yield to that pen that is sticking in that spinning bowl, and I would stop spinning at a high vibration, but now that I understand, I resist it with all my strength, because as I have told you many times, once you fall down, you try and get up, not that it is impossible, nothing is impossible, but who wants it, who needs it, I do not need it. I will fight with the last breath in me to not go down. I do not want to go through that again.

You do not give up what the Lord has given you, you do not come down for anyone. That is what Elijah, that is what that account in the Old Testament is talking about, the king sent his captain of fifty to Elijah and said, "Come down, come down from your high place". That is where the armor is, that is where all the protection is. That is where all the knowledge is. That is how Elijah knew what was going on in the king, I think it was the king of Syria's bedroom. It was not a physical bedroom.

I use to thing Elisha, I think it was Elisha, I think Elisha use to astral project in to the king's bedroom. No it is not talking about a physical bedroom. The king is sleeping in the lower centers. The king is spiritually sleeping, the bedroom is the carnal mind. Elisha did not travel in the spirit, he just heard, he heard the thoughts of the king's carnal mind.

So the higher you ascend, the more your daily warfare is. If you abide in the lower, the average man abides in the third energy center; that is where the average citizen abides in the world. So if you run into people, or if you interact with people that are also in the third energy center, or the second energy center, and they have a wrong motive, they may not even know it. There are people in this world who would discern it, but you know, would not even bother you.

But you need to know that as you ascend, because everyone here wants to ascend, I think everyone listening to these messages, or reading these transcripts wants to ascend. You need to know that as you ascend, and as the difference and the discrepancy between your rate of vibration and the rate of vibration of the average person in the world in the second and third energy center increases, then it is going to cause you pain and distress and troubles, and you have to learn how to deal with it. What are your choices, come down?

No, you do not want to come down, I hope you do not want to come down. Live with the pain like a martyr? No. You have to deal with the sin, without hurting the person, without sinning against the person. Sometimes you tell people the truth and you hurt them. But you cannot be telling everybody the truth, it all depends on who you are in the relationship with. Sometimes you have to pray warfare without saying anything to the person's face.

I use to think that everybody knew what I knew. I would tell them what I saw, they would look at me like I was nuts! You cannot be telling people things that they cannot even comprehend about themselves. You have to rebuke the sin and pray to the Lord to help them. And you have to be careful when you pray to the Lord to help them, you have to be careful that your motive for that prayer, is not help them Lord so that I do not have this problem anymore. Because that is the sin of pride on your part. You have to forgive them, you have to accept them for what they are. They are in ignorance and they do not know better, and you have to try to help them, but at the same time, you have to learn how to deal with their sin, so that it does not bring you down, because pain will bring you down out of the higher centers.

So if there is sin in somebody's mind that they do not even know it is there, it is causing you pain, you do have to rebuke it, and if necessary break any ungodly soul ties, but then you have to forgive them, and say to the Lord, "In your timing help them", but certainly forgive their sins, they do not even know what they are doing. And so it said "ignorance is bliss", if you want to live the rest of your life in ignorance, you will have a lot more peace then if you become a spiritual man, and live the world, live in this world in knowledge. It is a painful place, but you can learn how to deal with the pain, and how to be a force for good in this world, and I am telling you the higher you ascend, the more you look at this world, the happiest people that are here, this place is a hell hole.

You think it is normal to age, and see your body rotting, and to expect to die? This is not normal. Planes crashes, train crashes, cancer, heart diseases, aids, you think this is normal?! It is not normal.

So we have looked at music, and we have looked at the vibration in music and the natural example to help us to understand that the mind and thought in particular vibrate just like a musical instrument will vibrate. But it is much easier to discern that a particular type of music is fostering lust in you, then it is to discern the vibration or the vibratory signature from somebody's mind is attacking where you are, trying to bring you down.

You see, every energy center has the vibratory signature, there is a particular level of vibration that comes out of the second energy center, another level of vibration that comes out of the third energy center. And if we could just learn to recognize these vibrations, we would know where the person is coming from. I cannot do that yet, this is the first I ever heard of that, maybe this is my next lesson. I know up until now, the Lord has trained me to recognize certain behaviors and certain patterns of speech, and to associate them with discomfort in my heart center, and to recognize what the sin is that is manifesting.

But to this day, well I guess I have thought about it, not very much though, but it would be very interesting to be able to recognize the sin, well, without the other associated information. I have done that on occasion. I am not sure what the Lord is saying here, but I am getting excited, because I know he is getting ready to teach me something new.

I know there have been occasions when the person has said nothing, but I have looked at the expression on their, well, sometimes I have not even seen an expression, but I have just had an awareness that a particular sin was manifesting, it is usually pride or envy, those are the biggies, you know, or hatred. Sometimes I hear, when it is strong enough, I hear the person's voice, but I do not think I have ever identified a vibration level. So I am going to leave this right now, because this is a word of knowledge coming forth if you can hear it, that the Lord is about to teach me something new, so I am going to drop it now, because I am just, I just want to make sure you understand what he is saying, that as I told you, if I am in a high level up in the higher centers, and someone is manifesting pride towards me, the vibration of that sin will interfere with the level that I am peacefully vibrating at.

Everybody, the whole world vibrates, every individual vibrates, we are all vibrating all the time, see. But I, now the Lord is telling me that up until now, I have recognized that it is pride, I have recognized that it is envy, but he is going to teach me something new, he is going to teach me to recognize a particular level of vibration and the signature of that vibration. In other words, what do I mean by signature? What he teaches me how to recognize it, I am going to know that this kind of vibration will come only from the second energy center, or this kind of vibration will come only from the third energy center.

You know you can even relate this to the Highlander. You know when ever another immortal would come in, they would hear that sound, it is a vibration, that is what it is. Now they would recognize another immortal, because the mind of that immortal was sending out a vibration at a particular rate that identified them, or gave the signature of the higher energy center, which was in Satan's time line.

So maybe that is what the Lord is saying to me now, that he is about to show me how to identify other sons more easily. Right now it takes me a long time to decide whether or not you are a son. It takes me a long time. I perceive sin easily, because it attacks me, but I could meet other people, and it is hard for me to tell who you are. Well, I am going to stop now, because I do not know what the Lord is saying, but does anybody not understand that he is announcing that he is going to teach something new here? It sounds very exciting to me anyway.

So, okay, so we understand that minds vibrate at a particular level, that this level can change, that someone can be in the left side of the heart center one day, and be down in the second center the next day, well how could that be, well have not you ever heard of someone living for God, and then the next thing you know, they ran away with the church secretary? Well they slipped, they fell down into a lower energy center.

So we all have to be aware of this, and that we have to be trying the spirit of people every day. Now, I just heard someone's mind saying, "Well, what bondage, I cannot stand it". It is not bondage, it is supposed to be your state of being. You cannot do it with your conscious mind, just an awareness that something is wrong, that is something is different about that person. And the way that you get it is admit to the Lord that you do not have it, and that you would like it.

See, nothing that you do by the spirit is bondage, bondage is only under the law, there is liberty in the spirit, because it is really Christ Jesus doing it through you. But you the personality, or we, the personality, we have to be willing to line up with the works of Christ Jesus within us, and let him teach us and learn from him, and be willing to change and bend, and give up this rigidity and start to vibrate at the level that he, at the pace that he is setting for us. And when we vibrate at the pace that he is setting for us, we will understand all things. See that is how I get all this knowledge. The more I study, the more I pursue him the more I ascend, and each energy center has a higher rate of vibration and as I ascend, I move more and more into the mind of the Lord Jesus, his knowledge is all here, his knowledge has never left, it always was and always will be.

I am just ascending into the place where I can comprehend it. I started off this message by telling you this Taiwanese nail shop, he had an altar set to Buddha, everyone that walked into that shop passed by that altar, nobody even knew what it was, their level of consciousness was not raised to the point that they could comprehend what that was, or even question him about it. Let us say they did not know anything about eastern religion, do not you think at least someone would say, "Oh, is that not a cute jade Buddha?" I think most people in the United States would recognize a Buddha if they saw it. Do not you think they would say, "is that not a cute jade Buddha?" Is that real jade? What is the fruit for? Do not you think someone would ask him? Nobody asked him. Why? They were blind to it. Their consciousness was not functioning on that level. Brethren, if you put down a calculus problem in front of me right now, it would not mean a thing to me, my consciousness is not vibrating at that level. And to be honest with you, I do not understand how you could explain the mysteries of the universe with a mathematical formula. I really do not understand that, do you understand that?

I really do not understand it. Yet I understand that mathematics is a whole new language, and that every scientific principle can be expressed mathematically. I do not get it, I do not have the vaguest idea of what they are talking about.

So we just keep ascending at the level that we are at, it is my understanding that when we get up high enough, that we will understand all things, not only spiritual things, we will understand physics, we will understand math, we will become geniuses, that is my understanding. So we are climbing this mountain.

I am not sure that I finished my point, so let me say this again, we started out with a message on music, as a natural example to help us to understand that minds vibrate, that the whole world is vibrating, our body is vibrating, but in particular our mind is vibrating, at a particular level that communicates with other people, and whether our communication is verbal, or some people have unspoken communication, whether our communication is an emotional, or spiritual, that we are continuously interacting and communicating with other people, and that the foundation of that communication is vibration, and that each energy center vibrates at an identifiable level, it is always the same. When the day comes that the Lord teaches us to recognize vibration, we will be able to say, I recognize that vibration that is coming from the second energy center, and I now know, I knew that something was wrong but I could not put my finger on it, but I recognize that rate of vibration is coming the second energy center, it must be a spirit of perversion at work.

Or I recognize that vibration, it comes from the higher energy centers in Christ Jesus. This person must be a son of God, I do not have a wait a year, to find out who they really are. You that is my rule now. I do not know who you are, until I know you for at least a year, and until we have had our first conflict and I see how you act in the stress. I do not know who you are, I do not care how good you look, I do not know who you are until the first conflict. But the day is coming that we will be able to meet someone, and recognize the signature of the rate of vibration of their mind, see that this person is a mature son of God, I know what to expect from them. I do not have to wait a year, I can trust them now.

We have to know who we labor with, we have to know who everybody is. Brethren, we are coming into dangerous days. I cannot even convey this truth enough, because I do not even think that I understand it myself. I am very spoiled, I have never seen war, I did not see the depression of 29, I have never been without, I have never been without food, I have heard testimonies of people that have lived on mayonnaise and ketchup sandwiches. I have never been without food. I have never been without a bed to sleep in. I have never been without a warm coat. My father tells me he did not have shoes. He could not cross the street in the summer time because the pavement was too hot, he did not have shoes. I have heard of people not having warm coats to wear, I have never experienced any of this. I am a very sheltered woman.

I have never been without what I needed, even in my years of poverty for the Lord, for me it was poverty, I was never without a roof over my head, I was never without transportation, I was never without clothing, it was not new clothing, but I was never without clothing. I was never without a coat, I was never without food; I was never without the money to buy the vitamins that I needed to keep me alive.  Evil days are coming brethren, and it is going to be very to know who people are, quickly! The Lord told his disciples to take Paul into their midst, Paul was a murderer! Yet they heard from the Lord clearly enough to believe that it was God that told them to trust Paul. Now you do not know what form that trust came in, you do not know whether a voice sounded from heaven and said, "Ananias; that is what the Scripture says, Trust Paul". You do not know that it came as a word of knowledge in his heart. We do not know how it came. So in another minute I am going to open the floor for questions, if there are no questions, we are going to go over some of the Scriptures that have to do with sound. Now I have not done a deep study because the Lord just brought this message forth this morning, and I have not checked to make sure that there is only one Hebrew word translated sound, I have not done that, but I picked a few Scriptures that have to do with sound, that are not also related to musical instruments or something that we would obviously associate a sound with.

The Scripture, just like in the case of waves, in one place the King James says, "And the waves will clap their hands", so we know that the Scripture is not talking about physical waves. In that same manner, I picked out several Scriptures where the word sound would not be appropriate in a normal situation. Are there any questions or comments? Yes.

COMMENT: Would you happen to know if all of the different frequencies have a different color?

PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, I know that it is possible to find out, but there was someone at one time who did a study on that, but I do not think I have the information anymore. But I do pray that if that information is available, I would love to have the illustration in the right colors, so I pray if it is possible, for the Lord to give it to you.

COMMENT: I was just thinking in the world, the young people that have the uppers and downers, I always thought of it as mood elevation processes, but I never really thought about it being that it takes you up to a higher consciousness, a sense of euphoria, and bringing you down to a real depression. There is also a Scripture in Psalms and it is called a song of fools.

PASTOR VITALE: Really, that is in the King James translation?

COMMENT: Yes, I remember that years ago, the Lord had me break a curse over a particular song about my husband, and I had, it is called the King of Broken Hearts, and he had me break it, I remember that years ago.

PASTOR VITALE: Well it is interesting that you would say that, because at least one or two of the Scriptures that I did select, seem to be a negative sound, so we know that there is a negative sound, sound meaning vibration. And when the Lord first put me in this study, I said, "Well Lord, if spiritual speech is sound, what is the difference between spiritual speech and a spiritual song?" You know I think he answered me, but I do not remember what he said, when I was inside at the computer trying to grab this and all these materials to preach this message, as you were sitting in here waiting for me. Let me just read my notes again and see if I can answer my own question, because I would like to remember that.

A song is a brief composition written or adopted for singing, it is also a distinctive or a characteristic sound made by an animal. So I think that speech is the communication itself, but the song, the song signifies the level of vibration. So if I did not make it clear before, which I may not have, when we see the Song of Solomon, or the song of Moses, what it is really saying is the communication from these men that is being declared from a high spiritual level. The low spiritual level is drum beats, but a song, I have another definition for melody. I read someplace else that a song has a melody to it, a song that is the significance; that the song is coming from the high spiritual levels of Christ Jesus. In other words, this message, this book, Song Of Solomon, it is not just a story, it is not just a parable about romance and love, it is a song, it is coming from the high spiritual level of Christ Jesus, and you should realize that there is something very important in it.

And also the Song of Solomon, it is not just a song of victory, it is not just a song of gratitude, it is a communication, you see, speech is communication, but song indicates that this communication is coming from the high spiritual level of the mind of Christ. Yes.

COMMENT: I picked that up on listening to some of these rap songs that the young people have, it is actually a spirit of violence and it goes beyond that, it is a command of how to assault people, put down authority and wound and hurt and actually kill.

PASTOR VITALE: So the words are witnessing to the spiritual signature, the words are witnessing to the signature of the level of vibration; that it is coming from the second center.

COMMENT: I heard one time that the rhythm, the heart beat that you have, like a lot of these songs go against the heartbeat, the rhythm of the heartbeat, and it actually gives you a feeling of depression, death or whatever it is that's projected from a different rhythm than what your heart is beating.

PASTOR VITALE: Well yes, I have heard that too. Actually what I have heard is that the American Indian, who was involved in a lot of drum beats, I think I saw some documentary on the American Indian, and they were saying, that their drums go with the heartbeat, and the heart beat is in sync with the earth. They claim that the earth, that there is a vibration in the, well we know that there is a vibration in the earth, and the Indian will put his ear to the earth and hear, I do not think they use the word vibration, but this is what they were saying, that there is a particular pitch, there is a sound to the earth, and that it matches the heartbeat, and that their drumming matches the vibration of the earth. But the music that is in the culture today, that violates that, it is very bad for your health.

COMMENT: Some of the psychics that they are showing now, that when they, the psychic power is manifesting through them, if they have a hand on a window, it will smash, or light bulbs will go off, or different things like you have experienced here with electrical things, will be effected.

PASTOR VITALE: That is true. We are all energy sources, this whole world is formed from energy vibrating at different levels.

COMMENT: When I saw that, it reminded me what we talked about, how these sounds, like this whole world is like a mirror image, it can shatter, like the soprano with the high voice will break a glass.

PASTOR VITALE: Well let this image be shattered!


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and also when someone who is a practitioner of Karate, they break these big cement blocks with their hands, well how could they do that with their hands? Well it has to be the energy coming out of their hand, that actually goes before the physical hand to break the cement block, otherwise you'd hurt your hand, how could you break a cement block? It's the energy shooting forth first that breaks the cement block.

COMMENT: And I hear people in the world, they said when they meet certain people, I want to feel this person out. In other words, I never really thought of it as they were feeling for a kind of consciousness level they are at.

PASTOR VITALE: Well that principle is in the book of Acts where it talks about feeling for the Lord. I think that is Scripture, if you look for him you will feel him, or something like that, it is talking about vibrations. God is Spirit, and we cannot expect to meet him on our physical level. If we do not meet him on a spiritual level, we are not going to meet him. He is not coming down here, he has already been in the flesh, you know. Of course he is in the flesh in the personalities that he is living in, but it is his intention to raise you up. He is only in the flesh because he has mercy on us, and we cannot get up there without him, and he is not in the flesh in me or he is not in the flesh in you to go down to other people's levels. This comes right back to one of the foundational messages of, that we are preaching in this ministry, you will be continuously coming in contact with people who are vibrating at a slower pace than you are. Because if you are in Christ Jesus, you are just speeded up. You are vibrating faster than the rest of the world. So this means there is going to be this interference between the two rates of vibration, either you are going to go down, or you are going to bring the other person up, and now you cannot bring them up to where you are instantly.

But either you are going to drop some kind of a seed in their mind that will work towards their elevation, or they are going to bring you down. And you have to know how to deal with this, okay, because if you do not receive this training that is coming forth here, and I am not saying you have to get it here, if you can find it someplace else that is fine, but if you do not get this training, one of two things is going to happen, you are going to come down to their level, or you are going to prevent them from bringing you down with the tactics of your carnal mind, and that is sin, you see. You have to learn how to do it without sin.

Most people in the world know how to ward off someone that is trying to control them, or dominate them, or get them to something that they do not want to do, most of us know how to deal with that. The question is, how do you deal with it? And once again, I put the people in two different categories, I was in the one category that was, there is an outy and an inny, okay, I was an outy.

If I perceived, you see, I have been spiritually sensitive for so many years, that I did not even know that I was spiritually sensitive, all I knew was that when you tried to get me to do something that on some level I knew was wrong, it caused me so much pain that I was abusive, screaming and yelling, and whatever nasty miserable thing I was saying to you, but that does not make me any worse than the person that deals with it in pride, that just fluffs you off, and puts you under them, and manipulates you and controls you.

You see, as far as our society goes, I was completely outside of the societies methods of dealing with these things, but as far as the spirit goes, and therefore I was wrong and the one who does it in pride is okay, because you are not rocking the boat as far as society goes, but as far as the Lord goes, those people who deal with other people's aggression with manipulation and pride and counter witchcraft, you are just as guilty as I was, and that is the truth, that is the truth, and you have to know that. That is why it is easier for someone like me to say, Jesus help me, I do not want to go through the rest of my life like this, then it is for somebody who first has to be convinced that they are doing something wrong by dealing with these everyday situations in pride.

So because of my problems or the way I was raised, I was way ahead a lot of you, who first have to be convinced that what you are doing is that sounds fine to you, is really a manifestation of pride that is wounding the other person, whether they know it or not, it is wounding the other person, and in God's eyes, it is sin. So you see, we are all filthy, right?

COMMENT: I was watching television yesterday, and this doctor had an additional practice after her used chemotherapy on a patient with cancer. He used the medium of sound to continue their healing process, and so he had these bowls that he used some sort of an instrument in the bowl, and in a circular rhythm, and used a large bowl, and it was a deep sound, but it was also a tone that, it did not go up and down, it was just a straight tone, like mmmm, like the om that they use, you know, and for some reason that this affected the body, somehow where it was a healing process, and I thought it was really interesting to see how effective that sound has to the body within the mind or whatever.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, what comes to mind when you tell me that, is the sounds that come from a Buddhist monastery, from the few pictures that I have seen of Buddhists monasteries, I do not know if chanting is the right word, but they are continuously making that low gutteral sound, it is probably the sound of the om, it is just mmmm, and it just goes continuously in the background of the Buddhists monastery. And the Lord did talk to me about that recently, that it is a very low pitch sound, it is a sound coming out of the lower centers. We even have a message called "Jesus Is The High Note".

So what this says to me concerning the healing is that our physical body is made of the earth, our physical body brethren, is vibrating at a very low rate of vibration, that is why we are solid, you see.

We are not supposed to be solid, we are supposed to be able to fly; we are supposed to be able to travel in the spirit. We are not supposed to be able to fly with this physical body, we are not supposed to be in this physical body. This physical body is the outer garment, we have an undergarment, which is our etheric body. If we were living out of our etheric body, we would travel in the spirit, we would think of where we wanted to be, and we would be there, we would think of whatever our needs were, and they would appear, we are in a penal colony, we are in the lowest spiritual place that the creation could be, and that is hard for some people to believe, but it is the truth.

Now it is in this low place, some places are lower than others. If you are a person that is a drug addict and you are living on the street, and you cannot even hold a job, you are much lower off than we are in this room, but we are still in hell, everybody is still in hell. This is a very low place underneath the earth. Some of us are worse off than others. The physical body is of the earth, the physical body is of this low place, and it is Satan's sound that has brought these physicals bodies into existence, this is Satan's signature, and Satan is in the second energy center.

So this low guttural sound is designed to heal this body of the earth that exists in this very low place. Brethren, you have got to understand that the high notes destroy this body. Now that may sound confusing to you, it sounds confusing but let me try and unlock the mystery for you, that when we come to the Lord, and we are looking for healing for this body, so the Lord will heal our body, but it is only a band-aid. He will heal this physical body for us, so that we can serve him until Christ Jesus in the midst of us is mature enough, to liberate us from this body. It is not permanent, it is a band-aid. When Christ Jesus starts manifesting in us to the degree that he manifested in Jesus, it is just a matter of time before this body goes, because eventually, you are spirit ascends to such a level that it passes out of the body, and then the body falls apart and goes back to the spiritual dust, just as if literally, you would not be able to see it, it falls, it will just dissolve and go back to the matter stream of this world.

So that is why the sound is so low, because it is healing the physical body, which was creating by such a low sound. Christ Jesus is sounding the high note, and that high note prospers Christ Jesus, and destroys the carnal mind. And there is a temporary physical healing in the midst, I do not have a better explanation than that.

That is very interesting that all the music that came forth in the 1600s and later, it was all the great classical music that came forth, it all came forth from the Christian world, all melody, most of it anyway, it is melody, and the music that is around today, it is a completely different spirit, even though some of the authors were reprobate and they were morally impure. I do believe that Holy Spirit, or that move through men to bring forth a great gift to humanity of music that would raise the level of consciousness. And in this country today, we are undoing a lot of the work that has already been done.

And the fact that the personalities of the composers, did I say authors before, the personalities of the composers were reprobate, it does not mean that the Holy Spirit was not moving through them to bring a great blessing to the earth. Is that not  the same way with preachers today? Many of the great preachers run off with the church secretary, many of them have been caught in adultery, one went to jail, but that does not stop the Holy Spirit from doing his great work through those men.

It is getting pretty late, so I would like to go through these Scriptures, we will go around the room, and I will comment on them.

Exodus 28:35, "And it shall be upon Aaron to minister, and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unto the holy place unto the Lord, and when he cometh out, that he die not." (KJV)

Well that is very interesting because I am getting enough of an insight into the Scripture to recognize a lot of things without going into the Interlinear Text, and I will tell you right off the top that it is not Aaron's sound, it is the sound of the Lord. "And it shall be upon Aaron to minister, and his sound, whose sound? The sound of the Lord shall be heard when Aaron goes into the holy place before the Lord, and when he comes out that Aaron should not die. You cannot enter into the holy place of the Lord and live, see.

The king has to hold out his scepter to you for you to not die. Well how does the king hold out his scepter to you? He grants you his level of vibration, he catches you up to his level of vibration. The Lord does not punish people with death, who enter into the holy place. We simply, we fallen men, cannot tolerate the level of vibration in the holy place, it kills us when we get there.

The ark, what is the name of the man that touched the ark and died? Does anybody remember? Is it Uzza? Yeah. God did not punish him because he was disobedient and touched the ark. The vibration, that ark was vibrating with spiritual power. He touched it and he was electrocuted. So you cannot enter into the holy place and live, you are going to be electrocuted. So Jehovah sounded his vibration and caught Aaron up to his level of vibration so that he should not die when he ministered in the holy place. Is that not better.

How terrible to go through life thinking that God actually killed that young man because in his ignorance he tried to stop the ark from falling. I thank God for this revelation, that we do not have to believe things like that, and if anybody ever comes to me and says something like that to me, I have a godly answer for them. I thank God for this word, but it is more than the word, it is the mind of Christ, because it is the carnal mind that sees it backwards. We were talking about this earlier on this message. You cannot preach the doctrine of Christ by a spirit other than the Spirit of truth, it becomes perverted, and you make Jehovah a murderer. The King James translators, who did the best they could, who did a great work for humanity, they did an immeasurable blessing and good work towards humanity with this King James translation, but they made Jehovah a murderer, and he is not a murderer, and neither does he retaliate because you do not obey his rules. He is benevolent and merciful, and quick to forgive, and doing everything that he can to deliver us from our own fallen mind. That is the only reason it is taking so long, this mind that is in there. Do you want to say something?

COMMENT: When you talked about the ark, I was thinking about Jesus at the resurrection saying, Mary do not touch me.

PASTOR VITALE: She would have been killed if she touched him. Yes.

Leviticus 26:36, "And upon them that are left alive of you, I will send a faintness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies; and the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them; and they shall flee as fleeing from a sword, and they shall fall when none pursueth." (KJV)

Well here we see a negative manifestation of the word sound, and it says the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them. Now we know that has to be a parable, that does not make any sense. Does anybody remember what a leaf signifies in the Scripture, what is the spiritual significance of a leaf? Yes.

COMMENT: The personalities of humanity.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, so a shaken leaf, I did pop into the Interlinear Text to take a look at what that word shaken means, and it means a fallen leaf, someone that is fallen, or divided from the tree, a fallen leaf, a person that is divided from the vine, from the tree. So we see that there is a particular sound, or there is a particular vibration that is given off by a shaken leaf, that is talking about a believer that is not manifesting Christ Jesus. That is what that is talking about. Someone who is on the tree of life, attached to the tree of life, but is now not attached to the tree of life, and we are responsible to recognize that. Now do not panic if you cannot do it. You have to admit that you cannot do it, that the person who was the pastor yesterday today has become the enemy of God, I have seen it happen, I have experienced it. The believer that you went to church with last week, that you fellowship with, that you read the Scripture with, is now a manifesting an anti-Christ spirit that is trying to get you out of the fellowship that God put you in. Does that mean you hate the person? No, you do not hate the person, but you have to know that she has got an evil mind manifesting through her, that she has a leaf that's been shaken off, and she is trying to shake you off also. You have got to recognize her sound, you have got to recognize her motive, you have got to recognize her vibration or you will be destroyed. Because, she is vibrating at a particular level of vibration and if you fall into agreement with her mind, you will lose everything that God has for you in that church, or maybe she is trying to get you to leave your husband, any such thing.

We must be influenced only by Christ Jesus. Our instructions have to come from Christ Jesus, and motives have to come from Christ Jesus, it is the only way you are saved brethren. You have got to be under the control of Christ Jesus. You listen to everything everybody has to say. Ideally you do not get mad at them if they try to seduce you, some people get mad at them, it is a weakness in us that would get mad at someone that is trying to seduce us, it is fear that maybe you will do it, but if you are actually rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus, and you know you are not moving unless it is him, you can then have mercy and be kind towards the person who is the shaken leaf, and maybe even help to restore them.

So once again, we see that the most important thing for the believer is for him to be established in Christ Jesus, to study to show himself approved, to be living a holy life, and living a life that will build Christ Jesus in him, and the stronger we get, the more people we can help with stability. It does not make any sense to be out there trying to convert the world, when we have all kinds of problems ourselves. And as we pursue a lifestyle which looks inward and faces our own problems and deals with them, the Lord will bring people into our life who have a problem that we have already overcome, and he will open our mouth and open our hearts to minister to that person out of our own overcoming experience. But to spend your time running around trying to get people to answer an altar call, when their heart does not even mean it, is fruitless labor. You would be much better being at home studying, and pursuing the Lord, seeking God.

I Kings 18:41, "And Elijah said unto Ahab, get thee up, eat and drink, for there is a sound of abundance of rain." (KJV)

That is an exciting Scripture, I wondered about it for years, everybody thinks it means thunder, well it does not mean thunder. What it means is that Elijah perceived the move of the spirit. Brethren do you realize that we are waiting for rain today. That we talked about how this has been a very hard few years for those of us that have been studying and plugging along serving God without any real outpouring of the Spirit of Christ, we have had the anointing that comes on the word, with the doctrine of Christ, which gives peace at the moment, but does not seem to stay around very long after the actual preaching of the word. There have been many words coming forth that there will be an outpouring, there is coming very soon an outpouring of the Spirit of Christ; that will even surpass the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And that is a very exciting word.

I have been taking movies out of the library for the last few weeks, and the Lord has really been speaking to me through these movies. I watched an old movie called Tulsa last night, or at least part of it, and it has to do with oil wells.

I was wondering, I always pray, Lord what movie should I take out, and you could actually see these oil gushes when they first break forth, and it got me so excited, because I really felt that the Lord had me take this movie out to just see the power of a gusher when it comes through, and how much is involved and how much strength and effort, physical strength, strength of mind, perseverance and effort is necessary to pierce through the earth deeply enough to bring forth the oil, and when it comes forth, the power of it is awesome.

And I related it to this outpouring of the Spirit of Christ that is prophesied, and it got me very excited. But in this movie, before the oil comes forth, they hit a level of salt water, and they were very discouraged, because the information that they had at the time, all the people working on the oil wells, they thought once you hit salt water, you are finished, there is no oil. And everybody was discouraged, they put all of their money into it, all of their investment into it, all of their time, the men were working for two weeks already without getting paid, everybody was really involved and they were very disappointed, when the gusher was salt water. But then one man came through with knowledge out of all of them, one man had knowledge that you could deal with the salt water by putting down cement, or whatever else he said, and then it shuts off the salt water, and then you keep on going til you hit the oil. So who is the salt water?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the salt water, and she made her showing in this movie, before the real thing, and Satan's making her showing with the false anointing right now, but the oil is coming. And I, I mean I just, I do not believe it was a coincidence that I picked a movie out that had to do with an oil gusher, and I looked at it and I said, Lord I am not even sure I want this movie, but I put it in the bag. Hallelujah, glory to God. You want to say something? Sure.

COMMENT: I just want to say that the latter rain is coming right?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Yes. The rain that makes the plants grow. So we are seeing, we are just struggling along, it just seems to be taking forever, there are so few of us, when that latter rain comes, that is going to bring in the true harvest, Christ Jesus is going to arise. Now, the thought that just came into my mind is very interesting and exciting. I have been laboring under the revelation for years now that the Spirit of Christ is going forth, that the seed of Christ is on our materials, whoever is reading the transcripts over the Internet, whoever is reading the books, whoever is getting them in the mail, that if they are honestly seeking the truth, the seed of Christ is grafted to them. And I have seen that it could take three to four years for the seed to sprout from what I have seen. So there are a lot of people that have this seed grafted to them, and the people do not even know he is there. But in the outpouring, in the outpouring of the Spirit of Christ, with the latter rain, all of those seeds are just going to mushroom forth suddenly. Is that not exciting, that is exciting.

I Chronicles 14:15, "And it shall be, when thou shalt hear a sound of going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt go out to battle; for God has gone forth before thee to smite the host of the Philistines." (KJV)

Well that is interesting, I did take a look at the Interlinear Text on that one, and it shall be when thou shalt hear a sound of the going in the tops of the trees. That Hebrew word translated "going", first of all it is a feminine word, and second of all, it means to march, and it also can mean an ankle chain. In other words, the sound, you are going to hear the sound of people marching, or you are going to hear the sound of the ankle chain tinkling, and the ankles and the feet refer the carnal mind. So you are going, and I mentioned that earlier on this message. We hear that Paul said he has this great chain, he is bound to Christ Jesus, well if the ankle, if the person, if the chain is on the ankle, they are chained to the carnal mind, the feet are chained to the collective carnal mind.

So this word being feminine plus the word meaning an ankle chain, we see that what the Scripture is saying, what God is saying to his people, is that when you hear the spiritual vibration of the enemy, when you discern the enemy moving by the spirit, you cannot wait til he comes and puts a gun in your face, you cannot wait until he knocks on the door and you open the door and you get killed.

You have to know there is an enemy on the other side of that door before you open it. God is calling us to be a spiritual people, to live by the spirit, by the spirit first and by the physical eye second. It is not that you do not use your physical eyes, or your physical ears, but you have to be spiritual first. You have to know that there is danger out there before it even presents itself. So you should say, Lord what do I do? Because if you continue to live by your physical senses first, you are not going to make it, it is a spiritual war. We are in a spiritual war. So when you hear the sound of the female marching, and the "tops" means "head", when you hear the head of the female marching, whatever the mulberry tree means, it must have to do with Satan's army, then you shall go out to battle, for God has gone forth before thee to smite the host of the Philistines. Interesting.

COMMENT: I just had a thought, whenever you hear the wind in the trees, and I do not know whether mulberry trees make more of a sound, but you can actually hear the sound of the wind in the trees.

PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting sister, what that is saying to me is that, the trees help to make the sound more apparent, is that what you are saying? So if the sound is spiritual vibration, then the trees make that spiritual vibration obvious, and who are the trees?

COMMENT: We are.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, the personality is the leaf, but the tree is either the tree of life, which is Adam, or Christ Jesus, or Leviathan, which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So this is really talking about the physical army, you know that is raising, that Satan is raising up here. When you shall hear the sound of the marching of the head of the mulberry trees or the head of all of the, and who is Leviathan in the individual? Do you know that? The tree here is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is Leviathan. When you hear the sound of Leviathan marching, and what is the name of Leviathan in the individual? Anybody know? It is the fiery serpent. Leviathan in the individual is the fiery serpent. The fiery serpent is Leviathan's seed in the individual personality.

So when you hear the sound of the head of Leviathan which and who is the head of the Leviathan? Leviathan is the tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the head of the knowledge of good and evil is Satan. So when you hear the sound of Satan, who is a spirit vibrating when you hear the, when you hear Satan's vibration, who is the head of Leviathan, then you shall go out to battle, for God has gone forth before you, to smite the host or the armies of the Philistines. Every time you perceive Satan's vibration, you are supposed to go out to wage war against it, you are not supposed to lay down and let her walk over you as a street.

When will hear the sound of Satan, is it always going to be in somebody else? No, you have to look for Satan in your own mind, seeking to get into your mind, to be accepted by you as your own thoughts, so that you will speak out her words to snare the son of God, or to bring destruction upon you in whatever way. So as soon as you hear the sound or the vibration of Satan, as soon as you recognize it is her, you are to wage war against her immediately, and you should know that you are in good hands because the Lord has gone out even before you to give you the victory. But you have to be able to see her, or at least suspect that it is her. You cannot spend your whole life looking outward being blind to the inner world and survive this war. So if you cannot do it, if you are not doing it, if you have not done it, if you have not given precedence to the inner life, you must confess it as sin, and ask the Lord to help you to do it, so that you can live and be a valiant soldier in his army. That is the prayer, I cannot do it. I have been hearing Sheila preach this for years, I cannot do it, so you have got to help me or I am a dead duck. That is a good prayer. I almost died several times, and the Lord honored that prayer. If you do not do it I am a dead duck. And one time I never forgot it, I guess it had to be him talking through me, I remember where I was, Maria was still a little girl, and I had already given several years of my life to Jesus.

I thought I would be healed right away, but I was not, and it looked like I was going to die, and I said, Lord, I do not understand this, and that I am here all of these years and I am still on the fringe of death all the time, but I do know that if I have anything to say about it at all, this is what I would say, Do not let Satan be able to say that she killed someone whose faith was in you. And the next day, I took a turn for the better.

You see, your motive cannot be selfishness, and especially if you are dying, and you expect the Lord to heal you, you should know that your life will never be your own. He does not heal you to put you back where you were. When he saves your life, he owns you, and your best bet to get God's mercy and compassion, is to get your eyes off of yourself and make your priorities his priorities. Let me live Lord, I will serve your people, let me live so I could serve your people. I have been listening to this doctrine for all of these years, are you really going to let it go to waste? That is what makes him move.

COMMENT: Psalms 89:15, "Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound, they shall walk oh Lord, in the light of thy countenance." (KJV)

PASTOR VITALE: Now that I know what joyful sound means, that Scripture means so much more to me. What is the joyful sound, can anybody tell us? It is the sound of the high vibration of the glorified Jesus Christ. Or in this, in the Psalms it would be the spirit of Elijah. The joyful sound is the sound from the 6th or the 7th energy center. I am not sure which one. The sound which produces joy. The frequency of vibration or the vibrational signature that produces joy. Does not the Holy Ghost produce joy, does it not set your feet a dancing? And have we not been talking here for the last few weeks how grateful we are for this promise of the outpouring of the Spirit of Christ, because things have been pretty austere in this school of the prophets, we have been working very hard, the warfare has been very hard, and there really has not been all that much joy, there has been like a peace in the meetings, but not that kind of joy that the Holy Ghost gives you. So the sound of joy is the high level vibrational frequency of the outpouring of the energy of the glorified Jesus Christ.

You see, the anointing that is here, that comes in when I preach these messages, it is the anointing that is on the word. Now there is a difference between the anointing that is on the word, and the anointing that comes in with the energy of God. That is why, for all of those years that I was in Pentecost, there was an anointing on the music and on the praise, but there was no anointing on the word. I noticed as soon as the praise settled down and the preachers, that high anointing was gone. All of the joy that was there in the Holy Spirit was gone. It was not a bad spirit, but the power was gone, because the anointing was there in the Holy Spirit for the praise, but the anointing was not on the word. And what we have had here for all of these years, it is the anointing that is on the word, it is a different anointing.

At this moment, I do not, I cannot tell you, I do not know, what energy center the anointing on this word comes out of and what energy center the Holy Spirit comes out of, but I know that the positive spirit that is here on the preaching on the doctrine of Christ, it is a very quiet, but powerful and peaceful spirit. I know there is healing in this spirit, but there is no jumping around and dancing and shouting hallelujah. I mean you know, even when you pray for us at the beginning of the service, it is a very sober spirit, positive but very sober spirit. That is the anointing on the word.

So first in Pentecost we have the anointing on the praise and on the music, now of course there is a definite anointing on your music, but it is the same anointing that is on the word, it is the anointing that is on the ministry right now. It is the anointing that is on the doctrine of Christ. So in Pentecost we have the anointing that is on the Holy Spirit. Now we have the anointing that is on the doctrine of Christ and very soon the Lord tells us, the Spirit of Christ will pour out, and we are going to have both. We are going to have the joy that comes with the praise and the music, and the sober steady powerful anointing of the doctrine of Christ that is on the word. That is the double portion. And it has to do with the rate of vibration. And I am not sure where the Holy Spirit is coming out of, I think the Holy Spirit is coming out of, I do not think he could be coming out of the left side of the heart center because that is dry.

The left the side of the heart center is dry. So I do not know, maybe he is coming out of the 5th energy center, and the anointing that is on the doctrine of Christ is either coming out of the 6th energy center or the 7th, and possibly a combination of both. For example, the preacher being caught up to the 6th energy center, and then the glorified Lord Jesus Christ coming down from the 7th energy center, and meeting him. I have told you many times that these messages come forth from Christ Jesus in me, in a temporary union with the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. That is how these messages come forth. But I do not have any more information at this time. Any questions or comments on this Scripture?

COMMENT: I just think that one of the Scriptures, one of the songs that I sing is the joy of Lord is our strength. So the strength I guess is in the vibration?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, definitely.

Psalms 92:3, "Upon an instrument of ten strings and upon the psaltery, upon the harp with the solemn sound." (KJV)

So here we see we have a solemn sound, I wish I had time to look up all of these Scriptures in the Interlinear Text. But what I think this; that the Lord just told me that this solemn sound is what I just talked about, the sound on the doctrine of Christ. It is solemn, it is sober, it is steady. There is power. I know sometimes after I finish preaching, I just feel so good, I have the best night's sleep that I had in a long time, and it even effects my physical, the functions of my physical body positively. But that outpouring of the Holy Ghost is not there. So that, I think the Lord is telling me that is what that solemn sound is, it is the steady righteous sound that comes forth with the doctrine of Christ, and it' is at a different vibrational level, than the vibration that comes forth from the joyful sound, which is the energy of Christ.

The word of Christ is one level of vibration, one signature, and the energy of Christ is an another level, it is another signature, and when we have both of those outpourings at the same time, that is the double portion, and there is tremendous power and healing and great fruit in that combination, and it is what we are promised very soon. Praise God.

Eccl. 12:4, "And the door shall be shut in the streets when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the doors of music shall be brought low." (KJV)

Well that is interesting, I did look up a couple or words here. The word grinding means chewing. And I find that so interesting, since the Lord has told me that this whole world exists in Leviathan's belly. All of humanity is in the belly of the whale. Satan and Leviathan are consume, they consume us daily; that is why we die. They consume us daily, we are in the belly, you see. And that was why Jesus said, the only sign that you will see is Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. Jesus was spit out of the whale's belly, you see.

Praise the Lord. "And the door shall be shut in the streets when the sound of grinding is low", and that Hebrew word translated low means humbled. When the vibration of Satan and Leviathan, who are consuming this creation is humbled, when their humbled, the doors shall be shut. The doors shall be shut against Satan, when Leviathan, the one who is consuming us is humbled. I may have it backwards, I have not looked this up in the Hebrew, but that is the way it looks to me right now. "...and he shall rise up as the voice of the bird...", and that word "voice", it is just another way of saying "sound", and who is the bird? Adam or Christ Jesus is the great eagle, and all of the daughters of music shall be brought low. Is that not interesting? All of the daughters of music, just the very fact that the Scriptures says "daughters" means it is talking about Satan's household. All of the daughters of music. I did not look up that word music, I do not know whether there is a positive music, or a negative music, but what we do know, is that witchcraft and Satan operates through music.

We have to really be careful of that. Music is powerful. I have known for years how powerful music is, but I never understood it, and I now understand that it is the vibration of the music that stirs up the signature or vibration of whatever center it is designed to do. And also, I have known for a long time that there is powerful witchcraft in the voice of the people who have the spirit, that strong witchcraft spirit in them, their voice is powerful, powerfully seductive. It is a vibration rising up out of a lower center, manifesting as voice or as music, and it effects you, you see.

If they are coming up out of the 2nd energy center, and you are dwelling in the 5th energy center in Christ Jesus, and you are not, maybe you have been raised up there by a message like this, but you are not yet really equipped to hang on, when you come under a seduction, that sound or voice will rise up from someone else's lower center, or from your own lower center, and just drag you right down. And the Scripture says, Jesus said, and the parable of the soils, that the birds come and eat it up right away. And what do they eat up? The message that you receive in a meeting like this, if you are not working it, if you are not living it, if you are not doing what you have to do to hold on to it, if you are not aware that Satan is going to try to steal it from you, okay, that seed is considered sown by the side, and Satan will come and swallow it up.

You see, that used to happen to me a lot, but I am stronger now, it does not happen to me now, but I would come out of a meeting like this, and if somebody would say one thing to me, as you all may remember, if somebody would say one thing to me from a lower level, it would be like I literally crashed from the top down to the bottom. I use to run into my, I still do it sometimes, I would just run into my bedroom, I just had to be alone, and bask in this glory. Now this is not saying anything bad about anybody, you just have to understand this, because someday you will be in my place; that the Lord raises me up to such a high level, to raise you up under me, but you come up... Let us say, you are raised up two levels higher than you normally are in your everyday life. You are still so below where I have been ascended to, for the purpose of bringing forth this message, but if you talk to me about some worldly thing, it is like you grab me, and just, I am sorry but the word in my heart, I am under a heavy anointing, the word in my heart is like you grab my testicles and just drag me right back down to where you are. It is painful! And what are my spiritual testicles? Who is my spiritual testicle? Christ Jesus is my male organ. Christ Jesus is my spiritual male organ. It does not matter whether you are a physical woman, you have testicles if Christ Jesus is living through you.

So now I am much stronger than I use to be, I am strong enough now, that if you forget this because, sometimes you forget this, and you cannot really relate to where I am until you get here, you really cannot you know. And if you ask me a carnal question when I am floating in the spirit, now I am strong enough to say to you, this is not the right time, and to just go inside. But a year ago, it used to crash me down, I did not have the strength to stay up there. When you asked me the question, I was vibrating at this high level, but I did not have the strength to stay up there, when you asked me the question, Satan moving through your unconscious mind to ask me that carnal question, was powerful enough to drag me down, before I could say like Elijah did, no I will not come down. I did not have the strength to say, No, I will not come down. I would come crashing down. Some word, huh? I tell you the truth.

Romans 10:18, "But I say, have they not heard" Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the end of the world." (KJV)

So we see that there is a clear distinction between the sound and the word. Is that not exciting? The words that they spoke went out, and the vibration, the level of spirituality from which they spoke that word, touched the whole world, and the two are not the same. One word can be spoken from different levels of vibration, and is not this what has happened with the King James translation? I do not know how many times I could say it, I keep saying it over and over again, what a great work this translation is, how it has blessed the whole world over and over and over again, but it is time to go up higher. And for those of us who are ascending, for those of us who are living out of Christ Jesus, this great word is death.

But you see to the carnal mind who never heard of the word of God on any level, this King James translation was life. But this is a new age. Christ Jesus in you is the new age. If you have Christ Jesus in you, if Christ is being formed in you, you are in the new age, and for you, the King James, and his sister translations are death. You cannot believe that Jehovah killed Uzza with the mind of Christ.

So what does that mean? It means that if you are living out of the mind of Christ, at any measure, and you choose to believe, or continue to believe because you do not know any better, that Jehovah killed Uzza out of retaliation, out of punitive retaliation for his disobedience to the law, if you believe that, you are killing Christ in you, because Christ does not believe that. So it means that this revelation that Jehovah killed Uzza, has come to you as a vibration of a particular level, and it has opposed the vibration that comes from Christ Jesus, that says, No, Jehovah would never do that! And the vibration that says Jehovah killed Uzza, killed or brought down to its own level, the revelation that says, Jehovah would never do that.

So therefore, if Christ is being formed in you, you cannot go on with the King James translation. Do you understand what I am saying? The revelations that come forth in the King James translation, are designed to stir up the carnal mind in you. Christ will not believe this stuff. So if you read it and you believe it, it means your carnal mind is coming to the surface, and if your carnal mind is coming to the surface, it means Christ is being sacrificed. You cannot believe this King James translation in many areas and live out of Christ. So either you have to give up the revelation in many areas of the King James, and this is the translation, or you have to give it up and go on with Christ, or you have to give up Christ and stay with this Bible, with this translation. It has nothing to do with the Scripture, it has to do with the translation.

1 Corinthians 14:7 "And even things without life, making sounds, whether pipe or harp, unless they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?" (KJV)

Now I have not looked at this in the Greek, but I find that so interesting. It is one of the main calls to battle that I have been preaching here for years. You must distinguish between the Christ and the carnal mind. Now the way Paul puts it here, the parable that he uses is two different musical instruments. If you do not distinguish between the sounds, how shall you know what is piped or what is harped? But he is not talking about musical instruments, and I would really, if I had the time I would like to look into that. I am pretty sure the harp would mean, the vibration of God, because I believe strings instruments are of God. That means that he is talking about something being piped, is he is saying that the wind instruments, maybe the wind instruments are not as high pitched as the stringed instruments. That does not mean that the wind instruments are no good, he is just taking two categories of instruments, and saying that one has a higher vibration than the other, and that the higher vibration is always of God, and that you must distinguish between the sounds, or you are a goner.

You know, this warfare is going to come out into the open without any warning, this is the only warning anybody is going to have, this kind of preaching. One day you are going to open your eyes, and this warfare is going to be hitting you right between the eyeballs, there is not going to be any warning.

I had the TV on the other night, and in an advertisement, I cannot even describe to you, it was a demon hissing, it was so real, and so vicious that I had to pray to get it out of my mind. And I felt that the Lord was telling me that, what is happening with all of these demons and other manifestations on TV and in the movies, it is Satan's hoards literally exalting themselves saying, We are going to appear, we are going to appear. And it just came on, and it just hit me, but it was so strong that it literally burnt itself into my brain, I had to pray to get it out. And it is not, the day is coming very soon, it is not going to be on TV, it is going to be outside your door. You are out of time. And we, the people who are being prepared for all of these years, we are supposed to be standing there defending the people who have no preparation at all, we are really out of time.

We are the saviors of the church, is that a joke? I am talking about me too.

Revelation 8:13 "And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, "Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because of the other voices of the trumpets of the three other angels, which are yet to sound!" (KJV)

So we see that there is judgment coming forth from three different levels of vibration. Judgment is coming forth from the left side of the heart center, judgment is coming forth from the 5th or the throat center, and judgment is coming forth from the brow or the 6th energy center, and of course the woe, woe, woe, is to your carnal mind. Judgment is falling on your carnal mind so that Christ can live in you, and yes, you the personality do experience the pain, but this can be likened to life saving surgery. Judgment is falling, you are being wounded, so that your true life can rise in you, and cover you, and give you eternal life, and we see the judgment come forth from three levels.

And I know that the judgment that I bring forth today, is much different, it is much more refined, and much more preferred to the judgment I brought forth eight years ago, but I do not know who any of us is going to be running into tomorrow. If the judgment is in Christ, even if the personality is bringing forth with harshness, if you want to do yourself a favor, okay, you better receive that correction, because that is all that God has at the moment. If that is the person that he has available at the moment, who sees and comprehends what is manifested in you, it is the grace of God that it is revealed to you if it is sin, and if the best that they can do is bring it forth in a harsh spirit, you are still better off than if you did not hear at all. Judgment coming forth from three different energy centers.

But you never, never receive judgment coming forth from the third energy center, or from the right side of the heart center, you never receive judgment from someone's carnal mind. The Lord is out judge. Christ Jesus is our judge. But it does not have to be Christ Jesus in you, it could be Christ Jesus in any man. Sometimes you do not hear, you cannot see yourself, so it has to be another man, it is to save our life. Any comments or questions before we close? Did you have something to say. Praise the Lord.

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