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Praise the Lord! We had a little exhortation earlier tonight during which I said to the brethren here, If you can't perceive the God who is invisible, follow me who is visible. And I know that that is in contradiction to the King James translation of I John 4:20 which says, "If a man say I love God and hateth his brother, he is a liar, for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen." This is an inaccurate translation.


Over these last few weeks, as these contradictions come into my mind, I've just been going quickly into the Interlinear to investigate them and making some very imperfect sketchy Alternate Translations just for myself, and it seems within a week or two after I do that, the issue arises. I printed this out for myself, if anyone would like a copy after the meeting, you can photocopy it, it's no problem, I just felt to bring it to you tonight. This is what I found in my investigation.


I see I have a sketchy Alternate Translation here for I John 4:20, "If a man says, I have a moral knowledge of God and hates Christ in the flesh of a man...", that means if you hate Christ appearing in a mortal man. What does hate mean? The hate that God talks about is not the hate that man talks about. To hate Christ in the flesh of a man merely means that you don't recognize him, and the reason that you don't recognize him is because your mind is carnal. Only Christ can recognize Christ.


The Interlinear text says, If you claim to have a moral knowledge of God, a moral knowledge of God -- what is that? It's a spirit tie. If you claim to know God, to know God is to have a relationship with him. If you claim to have a spirit tie with God, but when God appears in the flesh of a man and you do not recognize that this is Christ, if you hate Christ because you oppose him, you don't have to know what you're doing, if you're not flowing with Christ (and don't anyone get condemned), this is a Scriptural term of saying, you don't flow with Christ, you hate him.


If you love him, you flow with him. If you love him, you're in bed with him, and if you don't love him, you're going in the opposite direction from him. Don't bring the teachings of Christ down into your carnal mind. There's no condemnation in this, OK, you have to know if you're not flowing with Christ, and I don't tell you, you're never flow with Christ, you gotta hear it, OK.


This is the Alternate Translation, "If a man says I know God, I have a relationship with God, but you hate Christ when he's in the flesh of a man, that man who's hating Christ in the flesh of a man is an expression of the serpent." What does that mean? It means Leviathan's manifested in you, that's all that it means, and this is a translation of the word "liar", you're an expression of the serpent, if you're a liar, it means your mind is Leviathan, your mind is the lie at that moment, OK. "...because someone who has a moral knowledge of God, someone who has a spirit tie, a strong spirit tie with God, will recognize the moral nature of God appearing in a man that he could see."


It's the exact opposite of the way it is in the King James Translation. The King James Translation says, If a man says he loves God, and we're saying, If a man says he has a moral knowledge of God. This is not an emotional love. Are you in bed with God? Are you intimate with God? Have you had intercourse with God? Have you had communion with God? You don't have communion with God by eating a little cracker and drinking some grape juice. Have you had intercourse with God?


A man who says, I love God, a man who says, I have had communion with God and hates his brother, but what that means to hate his brother, it means when I looked in the Interlinear, it means to hate your original ancestor, and we know that our original ancestor is Adam, right? What it means is, If you can't recognize Adam, in the New Testament, Christ, If you cannot recognize Christ in the flesh of another man, okay, you're not in bed with Jesus Christ.


That doesn't mean you're not reconciled, it doesn't even mean that you cannot have Christ conceived in you. You can be reconciled to Jesus Christ, and you can have Christ conceived in you, but if you cannot recognize Christ in another man, at that moment at least, you're not moving out of your Christ mind, so the King James says, you're a liar, OK? But this is not a human statement, this is a high spiritual statement, let's keep it up there.


If you cannot recognize Christ moving in a man that you could see at least at that moment, you're not in communion with Jesus, you're not in communion with Christ in yourself, because if you were in communion with Christ in yourself, if you were being led by Christ in yourself, if Christ were your mind at that moment he would be in agreement with Christ in the other man. "If a man says I have a moral knowledge of God, and hates Christ in the flesh of a man, his original ancestor, he is a lie. He is an expression of the serpent, his mind is Leviathan, because someone who has a moral knowledge of God will recognize the moral nature of God appearing in a man that he could see."


It's the exact opposite of the King James. If you have a spirit tie with God, who you cannot see, you will recognize Christ in the flesh of a mortal man. This doesn't specifically apply to you tonight, but I just felt that question was in the spirit after what I said to you that if you couldn't perceive the spirit follow the one in whom the Spirit is appearing, follow the one you could see, and that's why I'm bringing this up now.


It never did make any sense to me at all, because how, let me read this King James again, "If a man says I love God and hates his brother, he's a liar, because how can you love God that you can't see when you don't love a man that you can see." That doesn't make any sense at all, I have no trouble loving God while I, well I hope I don't hate my brother anymore, but I mean I could have no problem seeing a man loving God and hating his brother, why? God is perfect, God loves me, God never hurts me, he never offends me, he's the best friend I have in the world, he's absolutely reliable, he'll never let me down. Man lets you down all the time, man betrays you, man is so imperfect, I have no problem believing that I could love God who I cannot see, while I cannot love my brother who I can see. That doesn't even make any sense. Do you hear what I'm saying?


Again, the only reason that I took it out was because... did you have that question in your mind? Well, the Lord came up in my mind that what I said was a contradiction to this Scripture and since I knew I had done this study on it, I decided to give it to you tonight. If anyone would like a copy of this sheet of paper, you can have it before you leave. I have a couple of more witnesses down here for you.


1 John 2:22, "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ, he is an antichrist that denieth the father and the Son."


We're talking about denying Christ in the flesh, Christ in the flesh. If you cannot consistently recognize Christ in the flesh. I'm not talking about what happened tonight, this Scripture is for people who are hating the message that's coming forth here, people who are hating the spirit that's on me, or hating me because of the spirit that's on me consistently, people who have rejected me as a minister of Christ because of an enmity between the spirit in them and the spirit in me.


This is what Jesus said to the Pharisees. You cannot have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Something's wrong if you say that you love God... what I just said was wrong, I said you cannot have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I'm sorry that was wrong. The King James says, You cannot love God, you can be reconciled to Jesus Christ and not recognize Christ in the flesh, but you cannot agape Jesus Christ, you cannot be married to Jesus Christ, you cannot be in bed with Jesus Christ, you cannot be intimate with Jesus Christ, and not recognize Jesus Christ in a mortal man. And that's what Jesus said to the Pharisees, All day long you read the Scriptures, all day long day and night and all they do is point to me, and here is the one who is the Scripture in the flesh and you kill me, what has your reading the Scriptures achieved for you? That's what he was talking about, ever seeking a knowledge of God, but denying the power thereof.


John 8:42, "Jesus said unto them, If God were your father, you would love me...", this is just what I was talking about. If God were truly your Father, you would love me, you would have a spirit tie with the spirit in me, "...for I proceeded forth and came from God, neither came I of myself, but he sent me...", and if you truly truly were born of the father, you would cleave unto me, you would know that I was a member of your family.


John 8:19, "Then said they unto him, Where is thy father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, you don't recognize the spirit on me, nor do you know my Father, you just know the letter of the word, because if you had known me, if you had recognized me, if your spirit had cleaved unto me, ye should have known my Father also."


It is impossible to be intimate with Jesus Christ and not recognize his Spirit in a man even if that man is a mortal man. So if you come in contact with someone which some day it's proven to you that they had the Spirit of Christ even though they were still mortal, and you did not recognize them, you should know that at that moment you were not intimate with Jesus Christ. You may have conceived his life, but we can have Christ in us and not have a relationship with the one who's within us, not be living out of him, not obeying him, but obeying our carnal mind, still married to our carnal mind, reconciled to Jesus Christ, have Christ being formed in us, and still subservient to our carnal mind.


Thousands of people in the church are in this condition, Jesus put it this way, he said, The fields are white to harvest, but the laborers are few. What does that mean? It means that there's no way that you can live out of your Christ mind if you're not treading Leviathan underfoot, there's no way you could do it. The problem is that this message is not out. A lot of people don't know that this is what they're suppose to be doing, and they're following after their carnal mind like the pied piper, and they're following him into destruction, or her into destruction, because they can't tell the difference. Did anyone have any comments on this, on just this brief introduction that I just gave?


COMMENT: This fits in with Paul when Jesus appeared to him as a ball of light saying, why are you persecuting me, because he didn't recognize Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, right, Paul was a very educated man. He was educated, he had a high office in the Sanhedrin, but he didn't recognize the Spirit of Jesus Christ when he met him. I was thinking about that Scripture just today, I thought that when Jesus appeared to Paul as a ball of fire, as a ball of light, that that Spirit must have entered into Paul, must have received the Spirit at that time and he was blinded. I believe he was physically blinded, but I think the significance of the blinding was to blind all of the wrong understanding of the doctrine that he had after three days of blindness.


We don't know what kind of ministry of the spirit Paul received for those three days, and then Ananias came to him, brought him to the disciples who instructed him. Are you aware of that, that Paul was instructed? They instructed him in a more perfect way. He received teaching, even after having a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, he still had to submit himself to the teaching of the disciples, and then he took off from there. We know that Jesus had to read and write because we know that he read the Scripture in the synagogue and he was stoned, or they tried to stone him, anyway. But Jesus was a carpenter and his teachings were recorded only by other men. He didn't, as far as I know, record anything himself. He taught and other men recorded.


Paul was the scholar, and he recorded his own teachings. In this hour we see a combination of the ministry of Jesus and Paul coming forth in the earth today. We see ministry coming forth where Jesus had disciples, Paul didn't have disciples. Paul had students. The Scriptures says he taught out of his own hired house. He taught. What's the difference between a student and a disciple? Jesus was showing his disciples their sins. He revealed Satan in Peter, and we have been taught here that the foot washing ceremony was nothing at all like what is taught in the Church.


The foot washing experience that's recorded in the Scripture is a hidden expression of Jesus showing his disciples their sins, and the reason Peter was so offended that Jesus wanted to wash his feet was that he wasn't about to have his sins exposed, he was very aggressive about it. But when Jesus explained to him that there is no way to go on to full stature, there's no way to overcome the carnal mind, but to dissect her piece by piece through the confession of a specific sin, Peter submitted to it. So Jesus taught his disciples, but he also exposed their sins.


Paul, to the best of my knowledge, did not expose anyone's sins, he taught doctrine. Today, we see a combination of the two ministries coming forth, to be discipled, to be taught, to have the sin nature exposed, and teaching and recording of the teaching. It's a combination of two ministries. Now remember, that every time Christ appears in every generation that he's appearing, or in every incarnation that he's appearing, he's appearing in a greater form, because we grow up. When we're sixteen we're in a greater form than when we're fifteen, when we're twenty one we're in a greater form than when we were sixteen.


So today, Christ is coming forth again, and he's coming forth in a ministry, it's called a ministry of the Son. Even though Jesus was the Son of God, this is the second generation of the Son, and the ministry coming forth is a combination of the ministry of Jesus and Paul. Now, Paul, I honestly don't know if he went of to the second stage of resurrection or not, but I am convinced that he went into the first stage of resurrection, and I don't believe he died. I really have to go into the Interlinear Text and study that more.


I know he said it's time for me to be offered up, but I won't talk anymore about that cause I really have not studied it. Paul said, it's time for me to be offered up, I believe he was in full stature. Jesus went on to the third stage of resurrection. So when you put the lives of the two men together, we have a powerful ministry coming forth, those of us who have it available to us, this second generation of Christ, a combination of Jesus and Paul, wow, Jesus said you're going to do the greater works, that's what he said, it's very exciting.


I have some spiritual principles I'd like to bring forth tonight, I don't really know what the Lord's going to do with this, I have a feeling, my carnal mind right now is telling me that I do not have enough material for a whole message, so I'm just going to make some brief comments, but my heart is telling me I think this is going to be a whole message. So we'll  see how it goes. I want to start with the point of focus. I want to try to impart to you and to whoever is reading this message, that  we just really are out of time. The Church  must become spiritual, and mortal men do not become spiritual automatically, we just don't.


It's like every other talent and every other skill known to man, it must be developed in us. It must be built into us, it must be practiced, and it takes time and it takes concentration and it takes focus. My point tonight is that spiritual is spiritual, whether people are becoming spiritual in Leviathan and Satan, or whether they are becoming spiritual in Christ, the experience is very similar. It's much more difficult in Christ than in Leviathan and Satan, because Leviathan and Satan are already established in this world, and Christ is in no position to be stopping them from coming forth.


This is my opinion. I won't tell you the Lord told me this, but it's my opinion at this time, that there is no opposition coming from Jesus Christ against the men who are developing spiritually in Leviathan and Satan. Jesus Christ in this hour is focusing all of his energies to get his people to become spiritual in him. It will be the people of Jesus Christ, the second generation of Christ, that's coming forth in this hour, who will oppose the men who are spiritual in Leviathan and Satan when we get up there, and Jesus is having one tough time getting us spiritual, why? Because all of the authority and strength of the powers and principalities of this world are working against Jesus Christ. Am I putting down Jesus Christ? No. I'm telling you the truth.


Jesus Christ has a Church that is owned by Satan and Leviathan. For all intents and purposes, if you will, we're still in Egypt, we're still in Egypt! Most of us, although I hope it's not true of us here, but most of the Church world in largely in submission to Satan and Leviathan. They are without the benefit of this message, they don't even know what they're suppose to be doing. They know that they're not suppose to steal, and they know that they're not suppose to fornicate, but as far as becoming a spiritual person, they are doing very little, because the instruction isn't there. Why isn't the instruction there? Because to get the instruction out, we have to fight Pharaoh and all of his armies, and the Amalekites and the Hittites, and all of the other enemies, and then once we get the message out, the existing clergy is preaching against it, and Leviathan and Satan in the individual is terrifying the person about it. It is an inhuman feat to make the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ spiritual in Christ. It's an inhuman feat. It's an awesome task.


I'm very glad that I just have a little itty bitty part in it, because the thought of it really puts me off. Brethren, to become spiritual requires discipline of the mind. There is no witch that doesn't know this. All of the witches out there know that to become spiritual and to gain spiritual power, in whoever they're, well we know that they're worshiping Satan and Leviathan, it's not my intention to attack witches with this message, but whoever it is that they think that they are worshiping, with all the names that they have for him, there is not a witch out there that does not know that the road to spiritual power is discipline and concentration and focus of the mind. It is a power of the mind. Witchcraft is a power, is the exercise of the power of the mind, but of course it's Leviathan and Satan, it's the carnal mind.


I watched a movie the other day, I don't recommend anybody to watch it, unless you really have heard from God that he wants you to watch it. You all know that I do watch programs that it's not advisable for most Christians to watch, and the Lord does teach me through these programs. There's a movie our today, how does he teach me? He teaches me spiritual principles, I look at the witchcraft and he says this is the way it is in my kingdom, this is the way it is in my kingdom, because there are no Christian spiritual teachers around. As far as I know, I'm the first one. If anybody's out there, I haven't met him, I don't know anybody that's teaching spiritual things in Christ.


This is the way that the Lord works with me, if that offends you, I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you.  There's a movie out today, it's called "Craft", and it's about four high school females who investigate and who dabble in Wicca. The thought that was in my mind that has led me to begin this message -- I felt that the Lord wanted me to tell you this, I don't really know where we'll go from here -- is this: The movie started this way, it was three of these girls were dabbling in this witchcraft and they had a belief that there was to be four of them. And you know how they discovered the fourth one? A new girl came into school and she was just fooling around with a pencil on her desk. She wasn't exactly listening to the teacher, and she stood the pencil up perpendicular to her desk, with the point on the desk, and she concentrated so strongly on that pencil that her mind held it in place.


Am I telling Christians to do this? No. The point that I'm trying to make is that spiritual people all over the world know that spirituality is synonymous with the power of the mind. The difference between Christians and witches is that the power that we have is in the mind of Christ, it's not in Leviathan, but our training is the same, the development of the mind, concentration, focus, the ability to lock everything out. When you're concentrating on one thing. Now the Lord just started talking to us about four weeks ago, but you see, a lot of things that I do, I'm not even sure why I do them, I just know that it's God, and then as we move along, you see, in the spirit, I know it's God, but it's not in my understanding, then as we move along he gives me understanding so that I could share it with you.


Only a couple of weeks ago, I explained something that I've been asking you to do a couple of years, to keep the conversation spiritual if I have to leave the room for a minute. Why did I do that? I would tell you that if you get into carnal conversation it breaks the anointing. But it was only a couple of weeks ago that the Lord is bringing this understanding to me to share with you, that's it's more than breaking the anointing, when I say, Keep it spiritual, it's more than breaking the anointing, it's a training for your Christ mind to not let Leviathan rise up in the vacuum, to not let the Leviathan rise up in the silence.


When I'm talking to you, it's reasonably easy to concentrate on what I'm saying, although other people could be in this room and not concentrate on what I'm saying, but the people in the this ministry are disciplined enough to at least concentrate on what I'm saying. But when I get up and leave the room for a minute, to stay in Christ when nothing's being said is a challenge. The name of the game is concentration and focus, focus. It leads to the increase of spirituality. Spirituality is concentration. We, who are hoping for spirituality in Christ, have a much harder time than people who are hoping for spirituality in Leviathan, because we not only have to focus and concentrate, we have to wage a war against Leviathan and Satan while we're focusing and concentrating.


This, I suggest to you, is what Jehovah was talking about to Gideon. Those who don't take their eyes off the enemy while they're lapping the water. This, I believe, is what Jehovah was talking about. We have to be in a warfare against Leviathan and Satan in ourselves, and against Leviathan and Satan in other people while we concentrate and focus on the things of God to build up the muscles of Christ in us, humanly impossible, impossible, without Jesus to help us, an impossible task.


I believe the Lord is telling me that he wants the word out in this form, I've never preached it in this form before, that our Christ mind must be exercised and strengthened through concentration, through specific effort. We have to know what we're doing, that we're strengthening the Christ mind by focusing on what's being done here, or you could do it at home if you want if the Lord gives you an exercise. But you need to know that the Church must become spiritual. We are out of time, and spirituality is discipline, discipline, focus, concentration, and a knowledge of what is acceptable to God in our behavior and what is not acceptable to God in our behavior. I'm not really sure where this message is going tonight, I'm just going to wait on God for a minute.


What would you have me to say to your people Lord? Discipline is word that's anathema to your people Lord, they don't want to be disciplined, they don't want to submit to anyone or to authority. They quote that Scripture, "Submit ye one to another", and they deny authority in the Church. Listen, spiritual authority is in the church. I don't have authority over your families, I don't have authority over your job, I don't have authority over your life. Actually, in my condition as a mortal teacher, I only have authority that you agree to, I have no authority over you that you are not in agreement with, and the Godly authority that you are to be in agreement with is that I should train you and discipline you to recognize your carnal mind, to resist her, and to strengthen Christ. And the authority that I have if you are in agreement, is for me to show you the operation of Leviathan and Satan in your thoughts, in areas that you never thought in your wildest dreams were Leviathan and Satan. Whatever you would have me to say to these people today Lord, I just pray that you let me know if this was just a short exhortation, or if you're making a whole message out of it. I'm just going to wait.


COMMENT: I'm getting a memory of a group of men working in chains, with chains at the ankles, these heavy chains and even a couple of big balls there, like it's typical of what you might see in the Carolinas with the men with the striped uniforms on.


PASTOR VITALE: Well what that says to me is the Lord is showing us the condition of the Church. The Church has no idea of the condition they're in. They have no idea. Even me, you know, I'm very bound -- all of us, we're very bound. If you think you're not bound, you're deceived. Can you travel in the spirit, can you fly through the sky, can you keep your own soul alive, can you provide food supernaturally?


Brethren, we are very bound! We're bound with chains to this world. And it's as obvious to say to Leviathan as the stripes on the uniforms of the members of the chain gang. We have no idea how weak we are. Is this a down message? No, the message is that there is no way that we are going to ascend in power until we recognize how weak we are. Jesus clearly said, I came to give the blind sight, if you don't know that your blind, what can I do for you? If you think the little bit of power that you have in the Church today, whoever is reading this message, if you think you have power, I don't know what I could do for you.


If you're satisfied with your life, there's nothing I could do for you. If you think that the measure of spirituality that you have is satisfying you, and you're content until you die, there is nothing that I have for you. I am here, I am sent, I am sent to those members of the Church who are hungry for spirituality in Christ Jesus. There are many who are hungry for righteousness, but they're not hungry for spirituality. The Scripture says, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.


It's good to have a hunger for righteousness, but to have a hunger for righteousness, and the Kingdom of God, which is spirituality, that is good thing! Ask somebody in the Church what that means. We all know what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness. I don't know if all of us do, but a lot of have a revelation of that. What does it mean to seek ye first the kingdom of God? I could go out and do a poll on Christians in the street, and I guarantee you what the majority would say is the kingdom of God is within me, I have the kingdom of God, I have the Holy Spirit, I am the temple of the Holy Ghost, so what is there to seek in the kingdom of God, I have it. No you don't, you don't have it. The kingdom of God is a place, a residence. If you do have it, are you dwelling in it? If you were dwelling in it, you would do the works that Jesus did. See, you're not dwelling in it. So righteousness is a good thing, but righteousness in the kingdom of God is a great thing. One of the issues of spirituality in witchcraft is that you can enter in to it peacefully.


If we get to part 3 of Moses tonight, I'll show you where Jethro, when in the midst of his seduction of Moses to seduce Moses away from the instructions of Jehovah, Jethro says to Moses, the King James says, It's too hard for you to judge all of these people, let's appoint rulers to assist you, but the Interlinear says, by doing it my way, you will enter in with peace. Peace, peace, but there is no peace for the one who is entering into spirituality in Christ. If you're reading this message, and you're a Christian, and you are ascending in spirituality without a warfare, which is being preached in the Church today, I declare to you, you are ascending in the serpent. There is no spirituality in Christ without a continuous unceasing never ending warfare rises and it falls, but it never ends. We don't want to go around being guarded in the carnal mind, but there is a guardedness in Christ Jesus, and if you go around letting your guard down, the Scripture says, Protect your heart, you're going to be walloped because Satan and Leviathan never sleep.


I'd like to share an experience with you that I had the other day. I've been doing, I've been reading my Bible in the Interlinear Text recently, it's just very edifying. My computer has made it very feasible, I have an excellent program that lets me read in the Interlinear Text and just with a click of my mouse, I call up the Strong's definition of the word, so it's very practical. And then I have a place to make notes right in that program, it's been very edifying. And I noticed that there are certain expressions in the Scripture that are very spiritually powerful. For example, there is a way that the Scripture describes the continuous pursuit of one another between Christ and Leviathan.


What does that mean? I'm sorry, it's not Leviathan, it's Satan. Christ and Satan are continuously pursuing one another. Do you know that a synonym for persecution is pursuit? Christ and Satan are continuously pursuing one another to the intent of subjecting each other. When we translated II Kings, this principle is present in one of those verses in II Kings, where it says even though Elijah was marrying the one from above the firmament, Satan continued to pursue him, because she wanted him back, she didn't want the marriage to be completed. Satan pursues Christ in the individual.


Remember, Christ is growing out of our human spirit. We have dead human spirit that when stimulated by the Holy Spirit, Lord willing, conceives Christ and starts to rise up into our manhood. Is everybody OK? You should know that here. So, when I say that Satan pursues Christ in a man, she's after the human spirit, because without the human spirit -- the human spirit is Elohim's breath of life --  without Elohim's breath of life Satan will cease to exist, and Leviathan and the devil will cease to exist. This world has been formed by the serpent who has stolen the breath of life, and perverted it, and formed the creation in a perverse form, which is in her image.


So, Satan pursues Christ to circumcise him and possess the human spirit or the energy or the breath of life in this creation and Christ pursues Satan to take whatever part of the energy she still has unto himself. Christ desires to boil Satan and repossess all of Elohim's breath, and Satan pursues the man in whom Christ is appearing seeking to circumcise Christ and take the energy back, and they pursue one another. This pursuit has been going on for two thousands years. There is a way that the Scripture expresses the one persevering over the other, and the word is to sink down, the expression is to sink down. This expression is found, you have to read it in the Interlinear Text of course, in the account of Jehovah encountering Moses with Zepporah, and the King James talks about the circumcising of their child.


The truth of that Scripture is that Moses was being dominated by an ungodly soul tie with his wife. I'll save that for Moses, I won't get into it, but the intent of the Interlinear Text is that Moses was not thinking clearly because the Christ mind that Jehovah had raised up in him was covered over by Leviathan, and Leviathan in Moses was being strengthened by Leviathan in his wife. Jehovah met Moses in the way not to kill Moses, but to kill Leviathan, to circumcise Leviathan off of Moses' Christ mind so that Christ in Moses could follow the instructions of Jehovah, and if fact Jehovah did this.


He circumcised Moses, and in the Interlinear Text the Scripture says, "...and Leviathan sank down underneath Christ, who in the Old Testament is the resurrected Adam." To me, it was a very powerful word. Jehovah came and cut off Leviathan's power, I'm not really even sure how it even works, cause what's coming to me right now, is that Jehovah came and broke Satan's power. Remember, Satan and Leviathan are always together; they work together. Satan is the witch, Satan holds the spiritual power. Jehovah broke the spiritual power and Leviathan sank down underneath Christ, and the next phrase is, "...and Leviathan said, I have been circumcised by Christ."


I don't know how this is touching you right now, but very frequently when I read in the Interlinear Text, I have a spiritual experience. As I read these Scriptures, something's, Christ in me is responding, it's just such a powerful word. I don't know whether you're hearing it or not, but are you aware that a very heavy anointing just rolled in here? OK, it's very thick, yes, it's very thick. What does that mean? This kind of anointing that's closing your eyes, it's even closing my eyes, I have recognized it's the kind of anointing that flows in when deep revelation is coming forth.


For whatever reason, I can't explain it to you right now, but when deep revelation is coming out of the Spirit through me, this kind of anointing flows in. Listen to what I'm trying to tell you, there is a continuous circumcising and sinking down of either Leviathan or Christ, it's a continuous flip-flopping, flip-flopping, who is going to prevail. The one that has been circumcised is always the one who is controlling, controlling who? Controlling you or controlling me! And I had an experience the other day after coming out a long war, well the war never stops, but a long period of torment, I woke up and I had peace one morning.


As the day went by however, I actually perceived, now you see, every time the Lord teaches you something intellectually, the experience is right behind it. So I had this revelation in my heart, I had just done this translation, it was so powerful to me at the moment, that Leviathan sank down underneath Christ, and then Leviathan witnessed to it in the Scripture. Leviathan said, "I have been circumcised by Christ." That's not the first time I've seen that in the Scripture where the expression of the woman whatever she's a appearing as at that moment, the serpent, Satan, Leviathan, or the devil, she acknowledges that she has been brought into submission.


That was my intellectual experience and now I'm having the actual experience of it, I actually perceived Christ being circumcised in me. It's the first time this has ever happened in me and I cried out and I prayed every kind of warfare that I knew how to pray. I guess I should give you examples, I don't remember what I did, but it was probably something like this: I broke the powers of witchcraft, I rebuke the carnal mind, I broke Satan's power, and I said you will not circumcise Christ in me, Christ will not sink down underneath you, I send the blood of Jesus against you, and the armies of God, and every kind warfare I could imagine in the Scripture I sent against it. And after I couldn't think of anything else to say, I said, Lord Jesus, please honor my prayer because I acknowledge that I may not be strong enough at this moment, but I'm asking you to stand with me because I know that if you stand with me I'll take the victory. And it stopped. Christ in me stopped sinking down underneath Leviathan, I took the victory.


Brethren, what I'm trying to tell you, I think I'm having a little trouble getting this message tonight, but it's on my part, what I'm trying to tell you is that to become spiritual we are going to have to defeat Leviathan and Satan, and the first thing is that we have to be able to see their activities. We have to know how to fight warfare and we have to realize that the best warfare that we could conjure up isn't good enough unless Jesus is with us. What we're trying to do is get our Christ mind up, to be living out of our Christ mind as often as possible and to keep Christ up there through a continuous warfare against Leviathan, because she will not stop, and Satan will not stop pursuing Christ with the full intention of circumcising him and taking dominion over us.


Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this so that you can pray for these abilities. You've got to start to see. I'm not condemning anybody, I'm telling you, I'm trying to give you a guideline of how to enter into this warfare, any spirituality you have, there's a real good chance it may be coming out of your carnal mind. I'm not talking about dreams that you know are of God, I'm not talking about that. God does get through to us, he talks to us in dreams. Lord, I don't know, I just don't how to draw this fine line here. I realize that I just said something that is not clear, and I don't know how to the line for you, whoever is reading this message.


The Lord gives dreams to people that are just reconciled to Jesus. I don't know how to correct that, just please if you're reading this message, there is a line, you see, there is a line where you start to enter into more and more spiritual experiences. If you're not in the warfare, if you hearing other people's thoughts, knowing what other people are saying, if you're not in the war there's a real good chance, I can't tell you for sure, but if you reading the message, check it out. Put your spiritual activities before Jesus and ask him if they are of his Spirit or not.


I know what a lot of people think. If you know what people think, if you hear people's minds, if you know about people's motives, when you haven't even seen them in a month, and you're not in the war, if you're not fighting Leviathan and Satan in righteousness, the chances that this kind of knowledge is of Jesus Christ is very slim. A word of knowledge just came forth that there will be circumcision here tonight, and this sister just had a second witness to it that the Lord was talking to her about circumcision and now this other sister has a question about circumcision so we'll go with it.


COMMENT: Does circumcision go on continually or is it just a one time thing?


PASTOR VITALE: That's a good question. It goes on continuously.


Some good examples of it are in our Alternate Translation of I Kings 19, we saw that the sons of Israel circumcised Elijah and he died to his Christ mind, he lost his anointing, and he married Satan and Leviathan again. Then when Michael came to restore him, the Spirit of Christ and Michael and Adam circumcised Satan and Leviathan off of Elijah. It's a continuous process, and not only from day to day, but it could be from minute to minute, depending on how into the warfare you are, you could be from minute to minute, you're flip-flopping back and forth. Is it Christ in you or is it Leviathan in you? Every time you flip over you've been circumcised.


If you're moving in Christ and all of a sudden you're manifesting Leviathan, it means Leviathan has circumcised Christ and now she's on top. And then if your Christ mind comes up and takes the victory again, then Christ has circumcised Leviathan and he's on top again. When you first enter into this warfare, I think it's reasonable to believe that you're living out Leviathan and Satan most of the time. Does that mean you're a wicked evil witch? No, it just means that you're a carnal person.


There are good people and there are evil people in this world. Remember, everybody is a mixture of good and evil, but everybody also must find a place on the scale where it is determined whether they are predominately good or predominately evil. There are many people in this world who are predominately good. All men have the potential to do every evil thing, but we lead decent lives. We're married, we raise our kids, we support the Church, you know, we lead a decent life, but we're not Christ.


So even though you're reconciled to the Holy Spirit, you're living out of Leviathan and Satan. As the Lord moves, as Christ is formed in you and you enter into the warfare, well maybe only 5% of your life is out of Christ. But once you get this vision and you start moving in the warfare, you're more and more in Christ and less and less in Leviathan. And as you move in the battle becomes more and more vicious as you approach that 50% mark, Leviathan is really trying to belt down Christ every time he comes up because they don't want him to go over the 50% mark. Why? Because once Christ is up 50% of the time, it's harder and harder for Leviathan and Satan to get back up, because the longer that Christ stays up the stronger that he gets.


You see, Christ is exercising his muscles. How are his muscles exercised? That he stays up over Leviathan, because Leviathan and Satan have to be under his feet. He's exercising his strength and the longer he stays up, each time he gets up, the stronger he gets. I'm in Christ a lot of the time. I really don't know what the percentage is, but it has to be more than 50%, I'm in Christ a lot of the time. It takes a lot, it takes a lot for Satan and Leviathan to circumcise Christ in me, but apparently it's still very doable, there's no way that I'm in full stature. The biggest weapon that Satan and Leviathan has with me is through my emotions. But of course with all of us, Satan and Leviathan manifest through the emotions, if they can get you angry.


Brethren, you have no idea how serious it is to be angry when it's not a righteous anger. If you're manifesting your righteous anger -- what is a righteous anger? It's the anger that comes out of Christ, and Christ is angry at sin. That does not circumcise Christ because it's the anger that comes out of Christ. Now, you can be angry over an issue of righteousness, and your anger can be coming out of Leviathan. If it happens in front of me, there's a good chance I could try the spirit for you, but you're only here a few hours a week. Every time you are angry, you can ask the Lord, was this a righteous anger or not, he will tell you, he will get the answer to you one way or another.


Anger that comes out of your carnal mind circumcises Christ. I tell you it's a wicked weapon and it rises out of pride. To be angry is death unto Christ. To be in carnal conflict is death unto Christ. To be defending yourself in any kind of a conflict is death unto Christ. Leviathan in yourself has risen and circumcised Christ. To be in a power play is to circumcise Christ. To choose, and I'm not condemning anyone tonight, I'm telling you this and it's for you, when a situation rises and you choose to get even or get back -- and I'm not in any way saying that your not legitimately provoked, I'm not even talking about that -- I'm telling you that when you make a decision whether conscious or unconscious to go into that power play, you have just agreed to circumcise Christ in yourself. Jesus says suffer the loss. Does that mean you let yourself be abused? No, it doesn't mean you let yourself be abused, it's an issue of how you fight.


It's an issue of how you fight. If you're yielding to this it's pride in you. Your yielding to pride in you that rises up and deals with the offense in yourself, your pride, at that moment, I'm telling you the truth now, at that moment your pride was more important to you than Christ, that's how the Lord sees it. This is not to condemn you, this is to strengthen you to recognize that you have a choice, that if someone humiliates you or if someone embarrasses you, you have a choice to get back at them, to be in a power play or to say, "Jesus, this humiliation that just happened to me is not important enough for you to be circumcised in me, so I will shut my mouth and I will suffer the loss. If you want to move, you will move and if you don't, you won't, and whatever you do makes no difference to me. The only thing that matters to me, Christ, is that you are not circumcised, because the longer you stay in me, each time, the longer you stay manifested before you get circumcised..", and he's got to get circumcised because if he doesn't get circumcised in us, it means we're in full stature, and no one that I know of is in full stature yet. "So the longer Christ stays up in me, the stronger he's going to be, and the most important thing to me is that Christ stand up in me."


That doesn't mean you let someone beat you, I'm not talking about that kind of, you don't let someone whip you around and you just lay there, you know, you do whatever you have to do, you shouldn't do anything without crying out to Jesus. If someone is beating on you, am I telling you to, am I not against beating back? What I would do if someone is beating on me, I would say, "Jesus, help me," and then I'd do everything I could to defend myself. He just wants that, he wants that acknowledgment. He wants to know that you called his name first, knowing that he's going to do whatever he's going to do through you, that's all he wants. So the longer Christ stays up each time, the stronger he gets, and then maybe he'll be up for days before he gets circumcised. Eventually he's going to stay up there period, he won't come down, that's what we're all hoping for. I'm not in anyway criticizing you, I'm just telling the truth of the thing.


We have a choice between emphasizing this life and emphasizing the spiritual life. We have a choice, and I'm just giving you information. I know how hard it is, believe me, I know how hard it is, I know how hard it is to be provoked and to be mistreated. I go through the same thing, I'm still mortal myself and I still struggle with it, but I know where I've come from. I know when I couldn't take the victory, it really wasn't that long ago, but our not taking the victory gets farther and farther and farther apart, Christ gets stronger and stronger and stronger. But when we're not provoked you see, in the hour that we're calm, in the hour that we're talking to Jesus, we have a choice, "Lord, the next time that I'm provoked.."


I'm just giving you an example. Tou have to believe this, if you don't believe this well that's between you and Jesus, but what I'm recommending to you is that in your quiet time with Jesus, when you're in control of your emotions say, "Lord, the next time I'm provoked like this I want you to know that it is my choice is more important to me that Christ stays manifested then I get even with the one that just humiliated me, and sometimes I can't help it, I get provoked and my Leviathan comes up and I do things that I shouldn't do, but I'm telling you when I'm in control, I'm telling you that if you just help me. It's my choice that you should be glorified in me, and we're willing to suffer the loss so long is it's you, I'm willing to be humiliated so long as it's you that's allowing it."


Make your fleece when everything's calm, if that's how you feel. I'm an example unto you. If you don't feel that way you don't feel that way, but even if you don't feel that way, you have a choice of saying, "Lord Jesus, I don't feel that way, I want to get that s.o.b., I want to get him and I want to get him good, but I hear the voice of your prophet and I know that it's my carnal mind that wants to get him good, but I'm also Christ, and Christ wants you to be glorified in me." So you can make this fleece with the Lord if you actually feel this way, or just on the basis of knowing that this is a righteous counsel that I'm giving you. You can make this fleece with the Lord. Praise the Lord.


Now the circumcision without hands, which is the second stage of the resurrection, is a permanent circumcision. At this point, I don't see reason to believe that that's reversible, I think it would be very unusual to fall after we've attained to the second stage of the resurrection. So we see that spiritual circumcision is, to answer your question, there's two phases of spiritual circumcision. There's the spiritual circumcision that's going on continuously, which is the battle between Leviathan and Christ, but all of this culminates in an event called the circumcision without hands, the second stage of resurrection, when the Christ mind separates from the carnal mind.


So there's a series of circumcisions that culminate in one major circumcision, and at this point I have no reason to believe at all that we could fall from that position, but it hasn't been pleasant for me to find out that we have plenty of reason to believe that we can fall from full stature. I'm not to happy to report that to you, but I don't think we're really in, of course to be in full stature in a better condition than we're in now, but I don't think that we're really in a safe place until we attain to the second stage of resurrection when we no longer have any dependency on the carnal mind or this body.


In full stature, which is the first stage of the resurrection, we still are dependent on this body and upon the carnal mind for our existence, but once Christ, the resurrected Christ separates from the carnal mind then, it's my understanding right now that if the human body should die at that point, he would be fine. Going back to the beginning of the message where I was talking about the pencil that the school girl was keeping perpendicular with her mind, I am not suggesting that Christians should be doing that. What Christians concentrate on, or what Christians focus on, is the Word of God.


I know that well I've been practicing this for many years, I'm holding up myself as an example to you not to make you feel bad if you cannot do the same thing. I'm holding myself up as vision of what could happen to you if you discipline yourself over a period of time and you stretch yourself just like with physical exercise, you just concentrate a little longer than you did the time before, whether it be reading a message, or reading the word of God, but something to do. Whether you are actually reading the Bible or reading a book or a message, something focusing on the Word of God, we must train our minds to be able to stay on it. I remember there was a time that I could not listen to more than one of my messages. One 90-minute tape, and then I went to two tapes, I could listen for 180 minutes, which is what is it, I think two and a half hours, and I couldn't go on to a third tape, I would suffer burn out, and that was a long time ago.


Now I stay in the spirit for hours without any pain, I study for hours. As a matter of fact I've gone over to the other side, that I'm more comfortable when I'm studying than when I'm in the affairs of this world. My whole point here is that Christians focus on the Word of God, we don't focus on pencils, that was just an example that the Church doesn't seem to understand the discipline that's necessary to enter into spirituality. The worldly people who enter into spirituality whether they are Hindus or Buddhists or Wiccan witches or whatever they are, they all know that you have to be disciplined to enter into spirituality. All the Hindus and the Buddhists, they submit themselves to a teacher and they have no problem with it, but the Christians are not disciplined, and the teaching is in the Church, "Submit ye one to another," well that is a true Scripture, but it is not a Scripture that opposes that fact that you have to submit to an authority, and submit to the discipline which is in Christ Jesus, which discipline is the discipline of your carnal mind and the strengthening of your Christ mind.


It looks like that's all the Lord's giving us on this message. There is an incredible anointing pouring out here as I've been preaching and everyone's sitting here with their eyes closed, and I'm preaching with my eyes closed. I've heard in my mind several times tonight that the hour is at hand. I saw a vision that indicated a piercing through. It's really hard when you get these words, the Lord says this night, we don't know whether it means this physical night right here in this meeting, or I've gotten prophesies about tomorrow or this morning, and it doesn't mean in the spirit what it means to us here on earth. I don't know what it means that there will be a piercing through tonight.


Of course, something may have happened this evening that we may not be aware of, we know that the anointing is very thick. Maybe we, something happened, there was a piercing through and we're not aware of it, I know that I did have a major piercing through about five years after I was into the Lord, and I didn't know that it happened to me. I didn't know, I had a dream which I won't relate right now, it was a long dream, and when I interpreted the dream it seemed to be saying that I had a catching up, but I didn't know what it meant until I realized that my lungs which were really going on me, I think if I didn't get this miracle I probably would have died from pneumonia in a year. I wasn't having any problems with my lungs anymore, I got a new pair of lungs.


I had another problem where I was being harassed by curses for witchcraft, there were always pestilence in my house, and I had engaged in the occult before I came to the Lord, but I really think to be harassed by pestilence you have to have heavy curses of witchcraft on the family line. Wherever I lived there were either cockroaches or moths or locus or something swarming in my house to the point that it was a great distress, and I realized that this phenomenon in my life had ceased. Those two events, and the Lord put it together with the dream, and I realized that I had had a catching up, it was a long time ago. My whole point being that, I didn't realize that I had, the Lord had to tell me I had a catching up, I didn't realize it. So for all we know something happened here tonight, if it has I'm not aware of it. Do you have something to say?


COMMENT: When you were asking the Lord before about what does an hour mean, the Scripture in Revelation that says, "There will be silence in heaven for the space of an hour" jumped into my mind. And another Scripture, "One day with the Lord is as a thousand years," and my mind quickly said, on a scale of one to ten, it means one instead of ten.




COMMENT: In other words, that near, on a one rather than a ten.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I see, I see what your saying, yes. Praise the Lord, thank God for the heavy anointing, just the fact that this anointing is poured out should be giving us peace and we thank God for all of the great deeds that he's done, and that he will do.


We believe, or I believe that he has an army and that he will manifest that army, that we will appear on the earth with spiritual power and go about doing good and that good will take the form of setting Christians free from servitude to Leviathan and Satan into a high place in the Lord's Spirit where we are no longer dependent upon the provision of this world. You see, the Scripture clearly says that we will never be freed from a husband that we are dependent upon see.


We are dependent upon this world. We need food, don't we need food? Don't we need water, don't we need sleep, don't we clothing, don't we need shelter, don't we need cars? We need money. I'm not being provided for supernaturally. I get money. We need money to pay our bills, to pay our mortgage, to pay our rent, to pay our fuel bills. We're living in this world brethren, we're not being sustained by supernatural sources. So to be set free from this world, we have to stop being dependent upon this world. Can you hear this?


To really be set free from this world, the first step to being set free from this world is to be released from our dependency on this world. Jesus had supernatural provision. We have, you know, we just have our pinky toe in this. You have to realize how young we are spiritually. If you have any hope to growing up into spiritual men, you're going to have to acknowledge how young you are spiritually. And here in this ministry we are so far beyond the typical Christian, and I don't say that with any contempt, and everybody is doing the best they can, and we cannot be anymore mature than we are, I mean we are where we are.


The point is that the whole Church needs to be circumcised. The whole church needs to be circumcised so that they can hear what Jesus has for them. How will they ever start moving into this experience if they're expecting to be raptured or if they are expect to ascend naturally? We're going in with understanding, brethren. We're going in with understanding and with instruction. Therefore a supernatural event must occur which will circumcise Leviathan off of Christ in the people where he is being formed.


This situation in the Church cannot continue. We are not waiting for a rapture, we are waiting for a supernatural deliverance which will enable the Church to receive this instruction. And if you're reading this message and you're receiving this instruction at this time, you are a very blessed person because very few can hear at this time. But the hour is at hand, and when this tremendous circumcision moves across the Church, we are going to be very busy. Those of us who have been studying for a while and have some concept of this message, we're going to need supernatural strength. We are going to be very busy.


COMMENT: That was the Scripture on my heart, "The hour is at hand," and I'm thinking that it meant a very near time.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I think that once we enter in -- I think I even have in my dream file, it was either a dream or a prophecy that, it was a prophecy -- I was just looking at it the other day, and the Lord said that it's taking him this long time to pierce into this world, it's been war to pierce through into this world, because he's not only fighting the powers and principalities, he's fighting the people themselves. Thisis really the majority of the Church brethren, all they want is to be blessed in hell, they really don't want to get out.


I saw this prophecy where the Lord said it's taking him all this time to pierce into this world, but he's about to make his public appearance, and when he does, things will go very rapidly. That was exactly the message that I had from him, and I don't, I really would be very surprised, I'm not prophesying now, but I would be very surprised if there isn't a major catching up in '97, but I cannot believe that it's going to go beyond the year 2000. So we just wait. I think a lot more is happening than we even realize.

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