Reconciliation And Protection

Hi everyone,


I was blessed with the spirit of reconciliation that came forth in our phone conference last night.  I woke up this morning, and began to tell Xxxxx, my husband about how the enemy tries to get us to think negative thoughts about each other, and when these thoughts come in, we need to rebuke them and tell them to leave.  I gave a small sermon about it.  Satan does this in relationships and especially in us towards authority figures, she wants to divide us so that we won't be covered, because those over us watch for our souls, the word says.  I told him that the spirit of reconciliation is when a strong believer or believer that is in authority mediates between the brethren when there is division and brings about reconciliation, that is one manifestation of reconciliation which happened last night, it was beautiful.


I also wanted to give you an example, about how one attack could be hitting one family member and yet not the the other family members.  Xxxxx and I went to a nearby pretty park two times recently, and both times, we opened the windows of our car and sat there just taking in the beauty.  Well, these little sliver like bugs have been around here, I don't know if they have been in your part of the country or not, but they have been here.  I am not saying I have never been bit by them at all, but in these two cases, there was an obvious attack from them, as they came to Xxxxx's window and bit him several times.  But they did not come to my window at all, and not a one bit me, through my or his window.  This happened two separate times we went to this park.  Brethren, I believe that is spiritual, and I was spiritually protected from them.  Xxxxx just laughed in unbelief that I did not get bit once and he got bit many times, he didn't understand.  This was an example of how the protection of Christ was around me in this situation.  I believe it is because I am in this ministry and under protection and into the doctrine of Christ often both listening and transcribing messages, and praying that I was protected.  This may sound small, you may say, Well it's just bugs, but it's not so small, it is an example of spiritual attacks and how they work.  So, attacks can hit one family member and yet not the next or all of them, it depends on what is happening in the realm of the spirit, and how much protection we have in and around us.



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