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Thank you for letting me know what a blessing our ministry is to you.

I do not study with any translation. All of my work is done with the Interlinear Text. I originally used Jay Green's Interlinear, but eventually transferred over to the Biblesoft Interlinear, the only Interlinear text I have been able to find on CD. My Biblesoft program has 3 Lexicons, Strongs (Hebrew and Greek), Brown-Driver-Briggs (Hebrew) and Thayer (Greek). I also use Gesenius Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon, which is an excellent source, although not available on any software program that I know of. All of the reference materials I use are listed under the "Table of Authorities" which appears at the beginning of all 4 volumes of the Alternate Translation. You can view the "Table of Contents" on line by accessing any of the translations, or by checking it out in the materials you have requested, which will be mailed from NY, Library Rate, on 2/27. I purchase my study materials from Christian Book Distributers: Customer Service - 1-508-977-5000 .

I am not a Jehovah's witness, Morman, Seventh Day Adventsit, or New Ager, nor do I subscribe to any denomination or religious or spiritual movement. I am just the mortal person who, for whatever Jesus' reasons, has brought into His service. I have been serving Him as His mouthpiece ever since He saved my life. He teaches me, and I make those teachings available to whosoever is willing to partake of them.

I do not believe in the Trinity. The Father and the Son is more like it but, then, there is only one God. Hear oh, Israel, the Lord your God is one God.

As you say, Jesus is now Spirit, but a Spirit can be in more than one place at a time. The glorified Jesus Christ is one with the Father in the eternal world, but He reaches out to humanity by sending forth an aspect of Himself into this temporal world. A practical example would be a physical person reaching his arm out to touch someone who is not immediately next to him. A physical man is limited by the length of his arm, but Jesus is not limited in any way. He is in heaven and earth at the same time. The part of Him that is in heaven is called "the Lord Jesus Christ" and the part of Him that is in the earth is called, in some instances, the Holy Spirit, and in other instances the Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of Truth.

The two are the same Spirit, but do not have the same function (1 Cor. 12:5-13), yet all, the Father and Jesus above, and the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, are one Glorified Man, whose greatness reaches from the highest heaven to the lowest hell (Ps. 139:8). He is every where, and in all (Acts 17:27-28). So there is no Father AND Jesus AND Holy Spirit, but one whole man, whose person is on high, but whose Righteous Arm is penetrating the earth of humanity.

Jehovah is one God, who manifests 2 major expressions of Himself: static and dynamic. Jehovah is static: static (sttk) adjective

1. a. Having no motion; being at rest; quiescent. b. Fixed; stationary.

2. Physics. Of or relating to bodies at rest or forces that balance each other.

Jehovah (static) "thinks" and Elohim (dynamic) "does." A natural example would be a human person who "thinks" about painting a creative scene on canvas, goes forth to buy the necessary supplies, and then paints the picture. We could also say that Jehovah is the brain and Elohim is the Arm that serves the brain.

The English word "God" is almost always a translation of some form of Elohim (there are several forms of this word) in the Old Testament.

Jesus is the Father of the Church (Heb. 2:10), which is His Body (Col. 1:18). The Father, Jehovah, indwelt Jesus (Jn. 14:9), whose shape He is (Jn. 5:37). When Jesus, the Christ, was glorified, the Spirit man (Son of God) and the personality of the man, Jesus (Son of Man), flowed into the eternal world as a river flows into an ocean.

There is no separation in heaven between the Father, Jehovah, and the Lord Jesus, the Father of the Church, who is Jehovah's Arm. Jehovah, the Father never leaves heaven, but the Lord Jesus, Jehovah's Arm reaches down into the earth of humanity. So it is Jehovah who is above, and Jehovah's Hand that is beneath, but it is all one God, who one day will completely fill every man (1 Cor. 15:28).

I pray that the Lord establish you, Xxxx, that you should be "settled" as you desire, and that you should know the God you worship, and the power of His resurrection. I bless your family, your husband and your children, and pray that the Lord minister to you all mightily.

God bless you.

Love In Christ,

Pastor Sheila Vitale

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