Noah's Ark

ABC aired this program on, Monday and Tuesday. Monday, when I was watching it, these thoughts flowed through my mind. The people must begin to come into my ark, for the up coming destruction. Some will not believe, just like those who didn't believe the flood, in the days of Noah.

PASTOR SHEILA: This is true. Today the ark is spiritual. It is Christ Jesus within the individual. The animals on the ark are the personalities and physical bodies of the men that Christ Jesus is protecting.

One of the first powerful prophecies that the Lord ever gave me as a new disciple was a call to enter into the ark. Also, a new disciple called to the local ministry told me that as she walked past my house she had division of Noah and the ark, with the animals boarding the ark. The Lord told her that the ark is in this ministry even though she did not yet have a vision that the ark is spiritual.

Yesterday, I saw on the news that a ½ mile wide tornado touch down in Okla., killing 41 people as of now. This storm has cause destruction.

PASTOR SHEILA: Yes the war that is raging in the spirit is breaking into the physical world.


Last night, I had a dream. From behind a circular plate,

PASTOR SHEILA: The geometric expression of the serpent is the circle. This represents the fiery serpent eating her own tail, that is, married to herself.

near a wall

PASTOR SHEILA: Christ Jesus is a wall of salvation. He is the hedge that has been around this country since its inception. This great Wall is being overrun in many people today, and in the nation in general.

The circle represents the serpent's timelines which has been held back from attacking this great nation by Christ Jesus, the Great Wall that defends us.

there were thousands of snakes coming from behind it. I was scared for a moment. When I jumped up onto a dresser, they came up to my leg, and stopped. My fear went away.

PASTOR SHEILA: You were able to jump up to a place that is higher than the snakes. Displaces the higher and she centers. The legs signify the carnal mind. The serpents cannot influence the mind of Christ. They can only influence the carnal mind in the individual. The danger is, that the personality will agree with their carnal mind instead of Christ Jesus.

I was riding a visible horse, in my hometown. I was a police officer, observing the sinful activity of the people. Some people were made aware of this, and some were not.

PASTOR SHEILA: The sons of God are already sitting in judgment even in their mortal condition. Some believers can recognize this and some cannot.

A police friend of mine had his prison sentence reduced, from 11 years to three years.

PASTOR SHEILA: This is good news. It means that someone who is moving in the office of Elohim's son, has had the time reduced that would take them to be perfected. This could be a general Word for all of Elohim's sons, meaning that the time it takes to bring them into that "high place" will be shortened, because of the needs of the people who cannot protect themselves.

God bless you too.

Pastor Sheila

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