No Man Need Teach You #1

Subj: The Lord has done it again!!!

Date: 99-02-20

From: xxxx

To: Pastor Vitale


Hi Pastor Sheila - The comment below is in the message Witchcraft in your Friends, #463.

The Lord has done it again. I know that you have told me many times that certain expressions are a spirit, i.e. condemnation, pride, etc., but only as I typed the comment below did it "click" with me, really "click" with me.

Xxxx's question was great, and your answer was: "You see, witchcraft is a spirit." That just taught me something, I finally "got it." As a matter of fact I had been asking the Lord to make that issue clearer to me as I had not understood exactly why some words I would speak would be ok and some not ok. Now, I see that it is the spirit behind it. Oh, praise the Lord for His goodness. Thank you for all of your continuing help. love - x

p.s. You probably have told me this hundreds of times. And most questions I ask Him He answers with your messages. This confirms what you continually teach -- that we need a man to teach us.

PASTOR SHEILA: Christ Jesus teaches through men. When the Lord said that "no man need teach you," he meant that since all true knowledge is in the mind of Christ, we should not let the carnal mind teach us. But all men do not have the mind of Christ, and the mind of Christ is not equally mature in all of the men who He does reside in. We grow in wisdom and Grace as the mind of Christ matures within us, and the more mature manifestation of the mind of Christ, teaches the younger sons.]

COMMENT FROM TAPE #463, Witchcraft in your Friends:

COMMENT: It was so quick that you couldn't really concentrate on it. I wanted to ask, the way it was expressed, even if it was expressed in a different way could that still be witchcraft behind it?

PASTOR VITALE: You see, witchcraft is a spirit. There was nothing wrong with what she said. This is when it gets really hard. There was nothing wrong with what she said, and I believe the word of knowledge was valid. I think that in most instances with spiritual matters it is always a combination of things. I know that in the past I've been affected by national crises so I think it was a true opinion, but the spirit that she brought it forth in tried to force it on me.

PASTOR SHEILA: All you can do is listen and pray, and then one day it is just going to click inside your head.

Xxxxxxa called me the other day and she said," You know Sheila, I just read something that you said, and I know that you have told me that so many times, but when I read it this time, it just clicked."

That's the way it goes. One day it will just click.

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