Never Heard Anything Like This Before

Subject: What do you believe?

Date sent: Thu, 1 Jul 1999


PASTOR SHEILA: We have received two e-mails from you. We thank you for taking the time to write, and will try to answer your questions in a manner that will satisfy you.

I came across your website. It am a bit confused. What do you stand for?

PASTOR SHEILA: The Spirit of Truth in Christ Jesus

What do you believe in? I was unable to ascertain this from your website. Please explain to me briefly, your core beliefs.

PASTOR SHEILA: Jesus Christ glorified; Christ Jesus in mortal man, the hope of glory; salvation of the personality (soul), through union with the Spirit of Christ.

Thank you for your time, xxxxx

PASTOR SHEILA: You are most welcome.

Ok, I looked at some of your illustrations. What in the world? I am totally confused. I have never ever heard of the things you are talking about.

PASTOR SHEILA: There are no accidents. Apparently the Holy Spirit has led to our Web Site.

Please tell me who you are

PASTOR SHEILA: I am a teacher in the Spirit of Christ. Christ Jesus is different than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the ministry of Jesus Christ to those who follow him with their carnal mind. The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit that flows in the Mind of Christ. The Spirit of Truth Is an Administration of the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit points us to the Spirit of Truth. In other words, the Holy Spirit is given so that the Mind of Christ can be formed in us.

Christians are called to be spiritual people. There are two channels of spirituality in our world: the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. Spiritual development in the carnal mind leads to what John calls "the resurrection of damnation," and spiritual development in the mind of Christ leads to what John calls "the resurrection of life."

It is time for the church to Mature into the spiritual life of Christ Jesus. Apparently, the Holy Spirit is pointing you to the Spirit of Truth. Very few can perceive His direction in this hour. You are very blessed.

I do understand your confusion, however, but he Lord, Jesus, is the only one who can clear it up for you. Put your trust in Him and pray faithfully, and continually, that if this ministry, and the message here, is not from Him, that he save you from deception. But if He has sent you to the ministry and the message here, that He help you to overcome your carnal mind, your confusion, and your fears.

Pray also for His perfect will in your life, and in particular with regard to the issue of the Doctrine of Christ, which is the name of the message that you have now been introduced to. Ask the Lord to help you to stand neutral, until He convinces you of His will and direction for you. Ask Him to save you from every influence that would try to turn you away from His purposes in your life, whether those influences would direct you towards this ministry, or away from it.

and why you translate scripture in a way I have never heard of?

PASTOR SHEILA: the "Scripture" that you are familiar with is a "translation" of the Scripture. All translations are interpretations of the original Scripture which is written in the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Aramaic (New Testament) languages.

Are all these writings one person's interpretation?

PASTOR SHEILA: The writings you have read are called the Doctrine of Christ. They are not any personal interpretation, but have come forth under the anointing of Christ Jesus, by the Spirit of Revelation.

I'm not sure whether to think you are a good guy or a bad guy, please don't be offended by this.

PASTOR SHEILA: What I think does not matter. The only thing that matters is what the Lord Jesus Christ witnesses to you.

I wonder if you might be twisting Gods word?

PASTOR SHEILA: God's Word exists on many levels, and each of us understands it in accordance with our ability to comprehend spiritual truth. The King James translation clearly says that Jesus spoke in parables which were to be understood only by his disciples. There is only one who can deliver the truth of God's Word to you, and He is the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth within you witnesses to the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error.

What is spiritual masturbation...

PASTOR SHEILA: This whole world is a type of the spiritual world that we are invited to inhabit through marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a spiritual marriage and we are the Bride of Christ. Is it so unreasonable to believe, then, that there is spiritual sexuality between the Lord and his bride? Spiritual sexuality is of the mind. The true communion is the joining of the spirit of our mind with the Spirit of Christ. There is also spiritual adultery, which is a Scriptural principal,

Jer 3:8, And I saw, when for all the causes whereby BACKSLIDING ISRAEL COMMITTED ADULTERY I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also. (KJV)

The Lord Jesus desires to satisfy our every need with His Spirit, but fallen, mortal man continues to lust for the things of this world. We spiritually masturbate every time we prefer the activities of this world over the spiritual activities of the Lord Jesus Christ. The whole Church is guilty of not desiring the things of the Spirit of Christ 100 Percent of the Time, and is incapable of doing otherwise until we receive the promised change of nature.

and why would you even need to come up with a term like that?

PASTOR SHEILA: To describe the pride of our own heart and mind which leads us away from the Lord Jesus continually.

Anxiously awaiting your reply, xxxx

PASTOR SHEILA: Thank you for your excellent attitude in the midst of your distress. May the Lord Jesus bless you continually with the Spirit of His might; may you hear his voice clearly, and overcome every hindering spirit that would turn you away from him. May He honor your prayers, and save you from deception. May you inherit the Spirit of Truth, and walk with Him always.

God bless you.

Sheila R. Vitale

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