Ministry For Witchcraft

Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2000

Subject: The Carnal Mind Must Die

Dear Pastor Vitale,

Hope you got my last letter. Things are getting better and last night I was able to sleep okay. Before I went to bed I just saw this picture in my mind's eye, something, like a dark stone, about the size of my fist dropped from the back of my head, the occiput.

Did you get the letter from xxxxx?. He had told me about the dream and I asked if he would like to talk to you about it for interpretation, saying I could help him send an email, which is what I did. I told him that most times dreams are not what we think they mean and his dream might be positive. I was excited to find out later that wheels signifies the energy centers (born from seed, Immaculate conception, mind generation-part 2).

xxxxx had come around several times. I can't say I understand all he says, but basically he talks about the people out to get him, ranging from xxxxx (says he perceives her presence, her odor or perfume close to him, feels he is being controlled by them/her, believes she was involved in seducing the young men in the fellowship, feels they are watching him etc,) to the people in his village( his father was a 'medicine man').

Talks of spiritual experiences whereby his body walks off from waist downwards. When he is about to be taken over by these forces, he feels very tired and sleepy and if he lets go or is in a solitude situation, he experiences all kinds of things that he is not in control off.

So he tries to be active during such times and prays hard. A very tormented life. And he feels if only he can marry a wife and have a ministry together and both of them serve God together (evangelize, etc), all would be well.

During his last visit, I told him that if he could focus on the doctrine of Christ, this would lead to the formation/maturing of Christ in him and his ascension in Christ, that was the way out that I knew of. The talk lasted about a quarter of an hour, during which he could hardly keep his eyes open, whereupon he got up and left, without a word and without looking at me directly. I wondered what I had said wrong.

Much regards, xxxxx

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