Jesus And Adam

Hello Pastor Sheila,


I really don't understand: when you said in your work that Jesus is Adam! (King Adam lives)

Then, how can Jesus be the Son of God if God Himself made Jesus (Adam)?

Please explain to me about this. Maybe I am misunderstanding your work.


Please help me.

Thanks. xxxxx

PASTOR SHEILA:  God manifested in human flesh, and the name of that human flesh is Jesus.


God appears to mankind on many levels as He descends from His exalted place. The Scriptures gives a personal name to each level that God appears on.


The order of God's names as He descends into mortal humanity are as  follows: unknown, unformed Jehovah, the creator Elohim, Jehovah's arm Adam, Jehovah's hand


Abel, Jehovah's finger (Adam in the flesh of a man) Abel was within the flesh man Jesus, when Jesus was born of the woman, Mary.


Jesus matured as a human man, Abel matured as a spiritual man, and the two became ONE FLESH: Jesus, the Christ, God in the flesh.


Jesus, the Christ, was crucified and glorified, and became ONE SPIRIT with Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.


Pastor Sheila

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