How To Pray For An Elder


Date: 98-06-13



Dear Pastor Sheila,

My prayers are with you and xxxx for tomorrow.

PASTOR SHEILA: This is excellent communication in Christ

I'm confident and fully trusting that the Christ in you will speak only when the time is right.

PASTOR SHEILA: At this point pride is rising. It is very hard to see here, but you are beginning to speak with authority, to the authority [that's me].

Be still, and know that He is God!! You will do fine.

PASTOR SHEILA: Here pride is obvious and, as you told me, you discerned it yourself, praise God.

The Christ response to a request for prayer support from an elder, coming against him, and the sending forth of the strength of Christ in the prayer warrior, to Christ Jesus in the elder, so that he will be strengthened to ascend to the highest center possible

Your prayers in this email are encouragement, which definitely have a place and appropriate time. But the elder encourages the younger and strengthens the weak knees. An elder asking for prayer, is neither weak-kneed, nor lacking in courage, but in danger of being overcome by forces greater than himself. Therefore, a call for assistance is a call to attack Satan and break her power.

The Scriptural judgment upon Leviathan and the fiery serpent, the Primordial Serpent's teeth, is that they should be broken, so that they can no longer feed on the personality.

The fiery serpent's testicles are to be crushed, so that she can no longer penetrate the personality and produce the spiritual blood of mortal man.

Satan, whose symbol is the salt sea, is to be pushed back into the lower centers, and distilled by boiling, so that the human spirit can be fully released.

The judgment upon Leviathan is that she should be broken in pieces. Leviathan is the fish in Satan's sea. Leviathan is cooked as Satan in boiled away, and cooked fish falls off the bones easily. The Eagles, which are the sons of God, swoop down from the higher centers, and consume the fiery serpent, Leviathan's flesh. The consumption of the fiery serpent signifies the consummation of the individual's marriage to Christ Jesus, and the end of the Primordial Serpent's independent existence. The fiery serpent becomes the flesh of the one who consumes her, Christ Jesus.

To pray this doctrine is a very powerful prayer.

Be at Peace,

Encouragement again. When you take on the role of an elder, you automatically put the person you are speaking to you in the role of the disciple. This is a form of mind control which can affect the other persons self-image and tear down their authority. We, who have strong minds, must police ourselves diligently.

God bless you. May Christ grow quickly in you, And meet all of your needs.


Pastor Sheila

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