His Appearing

For the next few days, I would be sending you e-mails concerning some interesting things that have happened.


It started Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I believe that these events are showing a pattern of the appearance of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, manifesting through the sons of God. I don't know when, it could be very soon, maybe this year. All of this, to me, is saying that the manifesting is pushing through, and will soon be seen, in this world.


These thoughts flowed through my mind. This world Is one big spiritual womb. Illegitimate births are manifesting all the time. Conception without marriage.


A true conception has taken place. This conception is not illegitimate, this child has a father, and that Father Is God. The groaning and travailing has begun. The Son is being delivered by the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.


Groaneth and Travaileth


Romans 22-23, and John 17, focusing on Verse, 5 for the purpose of this message. This happened Saturday.


Prior, to learning about LEM, I always enjoyed reading John 17. Every time I would read it, I felt within myself that I longed to experience what I was reading. When I learned about your site, I became aware of the Doctrine of Christ. That helped me to understand, John 17. I was driving in my car, and I heard over the radio, John 17:5 being read by a well-known minister.


Then I begin to think about that verse, could this be Adam speaking through the man Jesus? These are some of the thoughts that I was thinking.


The personality of the man Jesus had put his carnal mind under foot, and agreed with the spirit of Christ completely, that the man Jesus, or personality, wanted the glory that Adam had prior to the fall from his position of authority. The process of the over turning of the carnal minds of Satan's world has begun.


Those of us who have recognized the truth and have accepted the Doctrine of Christ, are groaning and travailing to experience the spirit of Christ Jesus within our personality, and then there are some who don't know why they are groaning and travailing.


Who Is this personality? The virgin fiery serpent or the sperm of God that was captured by Satan. We who are striving to experience John 17 are groaning travailing deep within our spirit.


These thoughts flowed through my mind when I was reading John 17: 1-5. The only verse that I examined closely in the Greek and Hebrew was Verse 5.


John 17.1, The man Jesus became enlightened that the Kingdom of God was within him. He said, magnify your seed or son so that I may magnify you.


Verse. 2 . You have given Adam power and authority over all of humanity so that the spirit within him can rise up in others, in those who have overcome their carnal mind, to be Sons of God.


Verse. 3. Humanity can receive eternal life by earning, responding, confessing their sins, and agreeing with the Doctrine of Christ. Eternal life is in the Doctrine of Christ.


Verse 4. The spirit of the resurrected Adam has magnified you to humanity. I have brought my carnal mind under submission to your spirit that is within me.


Verse.5. So now, Father, ''render to me" or magnify your Kingdom, your house or spirit, your thought, which I (Adam) possessed with you before the primordial world of creation of lamentation, wailing, and weeping existed.


The lord, just quickened my spirit with this. When the Sons of God manifest, and those who my spirit is being formed in, will be experiencing John 17.


Some others, will be seeking to have my mind completely formed within them, they will be moaning and groaning to have my Spirit to be magnified within them.


In Christ, xxxxx

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