Ham And Noah's Curse

Date: 2/1/1999 6:22:28 PM EST

From: xxxxxxx

To: Pastor Vitale


I have heard that statement before. That Moses cursed Ham,

PASTOR SHEILA: I think you meant to say Noah cursed Ham. Actually he cursed Canaan, Ham's youngest.

and that's why we are black.

PASTOR SHEILA: I have never heard this and I do not believe it. The creation was divided into different races, colors and cultures at the fall of the tower of Babel.

And some say that we are the chosen ones. What is the spiritual meaning, of all of this? Can you explain further?

PASTOR SHEILA: I have heard this and do not believe it in this context. The Scripture says that Salvation will go to Africa. My understanding is that Noah's curse was unrighteous. That Ham was sounding the alarm out of faithfulness to Jehovah, that Noah had been overtaken by Satan and was manifesting the carnal mind. I believe that the curse pronounced was way beyond either of the two individuals, but that Satan in Noah cursed the righteous seed of the tree of life which was still alive and manifesting in Ham, and he died.

The result of this is that all of Ham's descendant's, but especially Canaan's descendants, emerged as spiritually powerful beings without righteousness. The Philistines and the giants that we read about in Genesis were all descendants of Ham, and were so engaged in illegal and evil expressions of spiritual strength that Jehovah waged war against them, to break their spiritual power.

But the Lord has not forgotten Ham's faithfulness and is fully aware that Ham did not turn against the Lord, but was overcome by Satan. For this reason the Scripture specifically mentions that Africa will be saved from Noah's curse, and we see the beginnings of this in the Ethiopian ministered to by Philip.

You have said that we all are, in the image of the serpent.

PASTOR SHEILA: This is true. The serpent stole the spiritual power of Jehovah's creation, but could not steal the tree of life, which died when the serpent separated him from Jehovah.

So spiritual power exists in the earth today, without righteousness -- except of course where the Lord, Jesus, is manifesting. And because Ham did not turn against the Lord, but went down fighting, there is a disproportionate [unequally large measure] of spiritual power in Ham's descendants today.

So we find the depths of voodoo and black magic in Africa because she has a great reservoir of spiritual power, but lacks righteousness -- which righteousness is being added in Jesus Christ.

This unrighteous spiritual power is known as Satan. When the Holy Spirit comes, He begins to cleanse the waters [Satan] of our fallen life, but the root of the tree of life must still be added to us.

Matt 13:6

6 And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. (KJV)

This root is imparted to us through the Spirit of Christ and the Doctrine of Christ. The righteous seed, or root, must be added to the cleansed waters for the righteous tree of life to emerge.

In this hour, the Lord is reaching out to all people who were born with large reserves of spiritual power, and so is Satan. The battle of the ages is upon us. The negative and positive forces of the creation are in a conflict to the death, and they are manifesting in the minds of men. The Lord is no respecter of persons, but is reaching for people with spiritual strength for two reasons: He needs them to build his army, and if the Lord does not apprehend them, Satan will surely draft them into her army.

Are not all the races are an expression of the serpent image?


Do you have any messages on that subject (Ham)?

PASTOR SHEILA: Mesage # 60, War In Heaven - Parts 2 and 3

What does this have to do with you? I mean about you appearing black, in my dream.

PASTOR SHEILA: Zeph. 3.10 [The Spirit of Elijah], my bloodless sacrifice, shall purify [Elohim's Sons], and Adam shall be born [again] in their generation because of [Elijah's] righteous spiritual power, which is stronger than the witchcraft [that cast down] Ham.

The prophesy of Zephaniah 3:10 is that in the last day, Elijah [the Lord, Jesus] will be appearing in men of all races who will have greater spiritual power in righteousness, that the witchcraft [illegal use of spiritual power without righteousness] that is found in Ham's descendants.

But just as Paul talks about spiritual Israel [Gal 6:16], there are spiritual Hamites. The peoples of the world are being divided into 2 groups, spiritual Israel and spiritual Ham: righteous spiritual warriors and unrighteous spiritual warriors.

In Christ Jesus men are no longer restricted to their physical heritage and can be freed from the consequences of the sins of their fathers [Gal 3:28]. In this hour men can choose who they will serve, but still bring whatever inherited spiritual power they have to the war. Those who choose Christ Jesus, but have little inherited spiritual power, can submit to the training that will develop spirituality within them.

I appeared as a black person in your dream because Zephaniah's prophesy is being fulfilled in me. The righteous spiritual power which is greater than witchcraft is available to manifest through me, but only when the Lord, Jesus brings it forth.

Christ Jesus in me is not yet mature enough to manifest this power by Himself, and it only appears when the glorified Jesus Christ reaches down and joins with Christ Jesus in me, to accomplish His own purpose.

I would like to know, what you feel that I need to know, and how does all of this relate to Lord Christ Jesus. I have seen and experienced the carnal mind prejudice of being black. I see how the serpent is playing the races against one another.

PASTOR SHEILA: think I have answered your questions.

God bless you,


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