Final Conflict

Dear Pastor Sheila, I had this dream about a week or two ago.


Q. I was in NY with my husband xxxxx, (I was thinking, so he's actually here with me this trip) and I was like showing him places as we were going along. I pointed out JFK airport,


PASTOR SHEILA:  The left side of the heart center is the aerial center, or the spiritual airport, from where we take off for the higher centers.


Q. Only it turned out to be a seaport,


PASTOR SHEILA: The right side of the heart center is under Satan's sea. You thought you were on the left side of the heart center, but were on the right side. This is the condition of the Kingdom preachers today.


Q. And all of a sudden vehicles (cars, etc) were on top of the waves, lots of them, coming in to land, like an invasion.


PASTOR SHEILA:  This could mean the public manifestation of Satan's hoards against the foolish preachers [virgins] who have rejected the true message, and the Spirit of Truth, Himself.


Q. I was amazed that they could be afloat, and didn't sink, and they were just coming in like when the battleships/tanks rolled in to Normandy Beach during World War 2.


PASTOR SHEILA:  This is confusing because Normandy is a positive symbol, but this could be a reverse situation. I have said privately [don't think it is on a tape] that the spiritual war raging between Elohim and Satan spans millennia. Moses took down mystery Egyptian religion and Jesus took down Grecian mystery religion. The finale is now, in the age of Aquarius, when the sons of God will take down Hinduism and its associated religions.


The present spiritual attack upon Christendom is Satan's return punch on behalf of Egyptian and Grecian mysticism. The final conflict, Christian spirituality vs. the spirituality of Hinduism and all of her children


[Buddhism, Theosophy, Humanism, etc], is revving up now, and will enter into full contest when the sons of God ascend into the brow energy center, where they receive the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the mature spiritual power which accompanies His Glorious Name.


Love Pastor Sheila

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