Dream About Consuming Leviathan


I had a dream last night that kept repeating itself.



I can only remember some of it now. I do know that I had a communication of some kind. It was a natural conversation, it was mind to mind. I would ask the questions, then I would hear the answer.


Here's the dream. I was a United States Federal Customs Agent. My job was to check the people that are entering the USA. People who didn't have a visa couldn't enter. Those who tried to enter this country illegally were arrested.


Scene changes.


I was eating fish. I asked why I'm eating fish? I was told that I must eat seven levels of fish (end of dream).


My comment and Interpretation:


I was thinking about this dream when I woke up, and then your prayer came to my mind. The Scriptural judgment upon Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, the Primordial Serpent's teeth, is that they should be broken, so that they can no longer feed on the personality.


The Fiery Serpent's testicles are to be crushed, so that she can no longer penetrate the personality and produce the spiritual blood of mortal man. Satan, whose symbol is the salt sea, is to be pushed back into the lower centers and distilled by boiling, so that the human spirit can be fully released.


The judgment upon Leviathan is that she should be broken in pieces. Leviathan is the fish in Satan's sea. Leviathan is cooked as Satan is boiled away, and cooked fish falls off the bones easily. The Eagles, which are the sons of God, swoop down from the higher centers, and consume the Fiery Serpent, Leviathan's flesh. The consumption of the Fiery Serpent signifies the consummation of the individual's marriage to Christ Jesus, and the end of that Fiery Serpent's independent existence. The Fiery Serpent becomes the flesh of the one who consumes her, Christ Jesus. After praying the prayer, this interpretation about both dreams came to mind.


The United States was declared a Christian Nation.


People from all over the world seek to come here. Some enter legally, and some enter illegally. Those who do enter legally must learn about this country's laws, and so forth, to become a citizen. A test will be given to see if they have learned anything, and if they pass they will become a citizen. There are those who enter illegally who refuse to follow the rules of the land. When they are caught, they are deported, and sometimes they are jailed in this country.


You see, it's the same spiritually. There are those who are seeking to enter the Kingdom of God legally by way of the glorified Lord Jesus, or Christ Jesus, and then there are those who are trying to enter in through Leviathan. Both time-lines have spiritual rules that must be obeyed and followed. When you refuse to enter in the right way, you will experience the reaping and sowing judgment of Satan.


The Federal agent signifies the Glorified Lord Jesus Christ. It is He who allows you into the true Kingdom of God. You must learn the spiritual rules of the Kingdom. You must have the seed of Christ grafted to you and have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ must be fed the Doctrine of Christ. Any other teaching prevents the growth of the Son of God within the personality.


Each personality that the Son of God is forming in, must consume Leviathan, by way of confessing their sins, and obeying the rules of Christ's time-line.


There are many types of fish in the natural sea. They each have a purpose. It's the same spiritually. Each fish must be caught and consumed. Christ Jesus is the hook, and the worm is the doctrine of Christ. In the natural, it takes a long time to catch a fish. Some even avoid the worm and the hook. When the Sons of God come forth they will be sent out to consume the different kinds of fish in the personality sea, and they will consume it.


The personality that the Sons of God are sent to will be fish for the Sons of God, and that personality unknowingly or knowingly will be delivered of the fish that is causing them problems, and false doctrine will be cast into the sea, and sooner or later they will bite and begin to consume Leviathan with the Spirit of Christ. From this statement," Each personality that the Son of God" to the end of this e-mail, just flowed out, because I didn't plan to write it. I confess any sins within this letter, if my carnal mind got it backward.


In Christ, xxxxx


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