Division Against Authority

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 I would just like to mention how division has worked on me in the past and even now.  At first when I would get hit with division towards Pastor Vitale, I didn't know what was happening to me.  I would just instantly begin to react.  I have had times when I actually ran from this ministry, left for a while and then came back.  I want to tell you what happened when I would leave.  I would have thoughts that Pastor Vitale was trying to take control of my life or something like that, and feel afraid and run, but the very thing that she was confronting me about, which I could not believe at the time, I would go out and then other people would attack Christ in me in that issue or another issue like it.  I finally had no recourse for help but to run back to Sheila for help because Pastor Vitale is where Christ was manifesting to help me back up in Christ.  This happened to me several times before I caught on to what was happening to me.  Then when I didn't run, if she was pointing out a sin in me, sometimes I would just get in to an argument with her that was very unpleasant for both of us, but thank God He won out, and Christ came up enough to get me out of my carnal mind to be able to receive the truth about myself, and begin to find true repentance in that specific area she was pointing out for me.  I thank God so much for Pastor Vitale's correction in my life, today I am very grateful for her.


But, you know, it always happens in a place where there is a weakness in me, pride, rebellion, anger, hatred, envy, all of the sins common to man, wherever it can get in, it does.  It's only now after much time, and I am beginning to aggressively go after the negative thoughts that Satan tries to plant in my mind and tell them to leave.  I speak to it, I say, pride, or envy, rejection, or whatever, I crush you, slay you, command you to leave, kill you in Jesus name, whatever the Lord leads me to do, but I couldn't do this without beginning to really see it and believe it was there.  Pastor Vitale pointed out things many times that it took time for me to see it.  I prayed with her prayers of repentance sometimes repeating after her the prayer she asked me to pray, but it has taken time for me to see my own sins and my own motives.  A lot of things rooted in fear of losing my own life and individuality, but you know, we will always have a new identity in Christ when our carnal mind is dying, and Christ will be rooted and grounded in us in love.


 So Also, Xxxxxx, if you are having these nagging thoughts and little divisions, praise God, you are in the war, and the best thing you could do is, begin to war against them in your mind, turn on the offense, and tell them to leave in Jesus name, chop them up, do whatever the Lord tells you, get creative, and crush them or whatever, and tell them they are going to have to leave, that you will not be divided against the person, whether Xxxx or Xxxxxxx or Pastor Vitale, or anyone who is in your life in relationship with you, and they will get weaker and pretty soon they will give up because they aren't getting anywhere, those divisions and negative thoughts will die in you.  I say this to you because last night you said, why does this have to happen?  It is because it is a true sign that you are called and in a warfare.  But we all have to do this, because we are all under correction from Pastor Vitale, ultimately the Lord.   

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