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How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you transcribing or translating? What’s happening in your life? There is always a lot of warfare here, is it touching you? It’s important that you stay in touch.


 Why don’t you call with questions on the LEM material that you are studying? The last couple of times that you communicated with spiritual questions or ideas, they were subjects of your own leading, so it was inappropriate for me respond to them.


 Do you understand that in those instances you were asking me to follow your lead, when you were supposed to be following my lead? And my lead is the material that the lord is producing through LEM.


 I perceive you to be languishing in the Spirit, XXXX, and I am concerned about you. Discipline is very important for anyone who desires to exchange their Carnal Mind for Christ.  It is so easy to fall away, since our natural (carnal) inclinations are to follow the spiritual interests of the Carnal Mind.  There is a spirituality of the Carnal Mind, a spirituality of the Carnal Mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and a spirituality of the ungrafted Christ (fruit of the Spirit), which all fall far short of the reality of living out of the nature and Mind of the resurrected Christ


 I ask you to believe me when I tell you that my asking if you are transcribing or translating (preferably translating) is out of my concern for you, and not because I want the fruit of your labor for my own purposes, or the purposes of LEM, or even the purposes of the Lord.


You have been called to a high place, which will actualize in your life only if you pursue it and track it down -- whether you feel like it or not.


 I trust that your meetings with the brethren are productive, but be careful that they do not prevent you from going on, yourself. Teaching what we already know, does not increase Christ in us. Even I must study and seek to continue to learn, or I fall into a lethargy of carnality that would never appear as carnality to the brethren who have not yet arrived at the spiritual place where I dwell. But for me it is carnality, because I have ceased from looking upward to God for more Light, and, from His point of view, I am looking only downward to the people I am teaching, which turns my back to Him.


To make teaching others the priority of your spiritual walk is death for a spiritual person like yourself, who is called to the higher life, because it is starving the Christ in you,.


Teaching others satisfies our carnality. It makes us feel good. But it is only time alone with the Lord, contemplating the Doctrine of Christ, that builds up Christ in us, and opens us to the new and fresh understanding that arises only out of spiritual communion with Him.


Do you remember that I told you that once Christ is grafted, that person becomes the spiritual midwife that is responsible for bringing Christ to term? Your first priority must be feeding and developing the Christ growing within you. Teaching others must be subordinated Christ, or He will die in spiritual utero.


I am going to tell you something that you will not be happy to hear, XXXX: Putting your natural husband ahead of Jesus, and the course of study that He has called you to,  is idolatry.


XXXXX is called to the high calling also, but his walk is separate from yours. You are both called to marry Christ, individually, not as a couple.


I do not have any word as to whether or not the Lord has called XXXXX to pastor a group of people, but I do believe that you are sacrificing the higher walk with the Lord that you are called to, to follow XXXXX. To whatever degree this is true, you are guilty of idolatry.


XXXXX must have his own walk with the Lord – apart from you. You are not ascending as a couple!  In this vein, it is my opinion, and I believe the opinion of the Lord, that you are combining your two tithes to blur the fact that you make more money than XXXXX. If this is true, it is the sin of pride. I don’t think that you know that this is the sin of pride, and perhaps you don’t even know that this is the motive of your heart, but I am telling you the truth.


The Lord is the only one that can justify us. The truth, no matter how painful, is holy, because we will be delivered only when we face the truth. To hide the truth is deception and darkness, and there is no deliverance or life in it.


It is important that you both understand that in order to be in the discipleship program (the process that grafts and matures Christ in you), one must have a personal relationship, and an on-going dialogue, with the teacher that the Lord has placed you under for training.  That is why I suggest that you call me on a regular basis.


Concerning XXXX, and I know that you share everything that I say with him, by this standard of a personal relationship and on-going dialogue, XXXX has not yet entered into the discipleship program at LEM because I never hear from him. I am telling you this because I think that the two of you do not understand this yet: You, XXXX, cannot have a relationship with me for the two of you.


XXXXXX must have his own relationship with me, the teacher, if he wants the life in Christ (as opposed to the life of the natural man, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, or an imputed (ungrafted) Christ). Reading my books is not enough because Christ growing in you cannot overthrow your carnal mind by Himself. He needs the help of Christ Jesus in a teacher to reveal the  attitudes, ideas  and reasoning of the carnal mind that he must overthrow, which is what I am doing for the two of you by this email.


I, therefore, invite the two of you to draw closer to me, by telephone, to share spiritual experiences, and ask questions and share revelations about the LEM material, which is the textbook that the Lord has given His disciples. As interesting as the subject of aliens, etc. might be, this is the spirituality of the Carnal Mind, and there is no life in it.


As always, I extend my sincere love and concern to you and your family, trusting that the Lord, Jesus, will convince you and XXXXX that He has authorized me to communicate with you in this manner of written  ministry that you have never seen or heard of before.


May God bless you and keep you strong,


Sincerely in Christ,

Your friend,

Pastor Sheila

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