Dealing With Pride And Witchcraft

Hi xxxxx & xxxxx,


I want to explain something to you.


Hopefully, everything that I do concerning the ministry arises from Christ Jesus within me, speaking through me. He initiates my requests for transcription, for example.


On the other hand, every transcriber is supposed to be asking the Lord what He wants them to transcribe.


Accordingly, when someone comes to me and says, "what would you like me to transcribe," the transcriber is not seeking the Lord for himself, but asking me to speak for the Lord when the Lord is not speaking through me.


How do I know the Lord is not speaking through me? If the Lord were speaking through me concerning transcribing, I would have made His requests known.


So, to come to me to ask what I would like transcribed, when the rules are that everyone must ask the Lord for himself, is 1. Idolatry for me, and 2. A seduction upon me to exercise authority where I have none.


Why do I not have authority here? Because the Lord's commandment is that each man choose for himself -- unless the Lord has a specific request. Therefore, for me to choose for someone, would be as much a sin for me, as it is a sin for one of you to choose for someone else.


Your carnal mind thought that you were respecting me, but the truth is that the respect of the carnal mind requires you to disrespect the Lord.


How did you disrespect the Lord? You asked me, a mortal man, for counsel that the Lord has said you should go to Him for. This is the reverse of insisting on receiving directly from the Lord, what the Lord has decided we should receive from a teacher. Both sides of the coin are the sins of pride and control, which is witchcraft and, in this case, Jezebel.


How so? Pride places her own opinion above the established opinion of the  Lord, witchcraft is a seduction towards someone to disobey the Lord [let  every man choose for himself], and Jezebel is a seduction towards an authority to exercise authority that they do not have.


When don't you have authority, Pastor Sheila? When I am acting out of my own spirit,  apart from the thoughts of the Lord.


I understand that this explanation is coming a long time after you both asked  me to choose for you. I apologize for not explaining this to you sooner.


God bless you both.

Love, Pastor Sheila

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