Confession That Kills The Carnal Mind

Date: 01/01/2000

From: xxxx


Hi Pastor Sheila - You asked me on the telephone to send you the part of the transcript I was asking you about. From the transcript, it appeared to me that you, Christ Jesus in you, Pastor Sheila, had to point out our sins in order for the carnal mind to die. I quote below:

"The confession of sin is your agreement with the mind of Christ that says to you, "What you just thought, the motive of what you just did, was some manifestation of your carnal mind," and you say, "Amen." That's the confession of sin, and nothing short of that will do. Now, you can confess sin on faith, just like we're called saints on faith, and we're called virgins by faith. You can say, "I perceive in my behavior of envy, I perceive pride, I perceive witchcraft, I perceive all of this in my behavior," that's not the confession of sin, that's confession by faith, but it's not the confession of sins that is going to lead to eternal life because the confession of sin that leads to eternal life is the confession that kills your carnal mind.

You see, when I say, "I see witchcraft in myself, I see pride in myself," that's good, that's a good thing to do that, you shouldn't stop doing that, but that doesn't kill your carnal mind, and there's no power in that confession to stop doing it. It's a confession by faith, that if you keep on doing it long enough, Christ Jesus will rise up and when Christ Jesus sees it in you, and you say, "Amen," that is a death blow to your carnal mind."

On the phone, you explained to me that Christ Jesus in us must point out the sin to us.

PASTOR SHEILA: No. Christ Jesus in anyone can point it out to you. If Christ Jesus in you sees it, fine, but if He doesn't, the Lord will send Christ Jesus in another man. You told me on the phone that you thought I was saying that it had to be me. This is not true. If Christ Jesus in you can see it, that is good, but if not you need help. In any event, the only confession that leads to eternal life, is the confession by Christ in you.

So if we perceive envy or witchcraft or pride in ourselves, then Christ Jesus in us must rise up and tell us specifically where it is manifesting in order for the carnal mind to die?

PASTOR SHEILA: Yes, and not only where it is manifesting, but how - in what words, what attitudes, etc.

Are you saying that just a general confession of pride, envy or witchcraft in us will not kill the carnal mind?


I can see that if that is what you are saying, as I hear other people say all the time, well, I know I am full of sin or some such statement, but rarely do they get specific.

Sorry to be so detailed. I think I just misunderstood exactly what you meant. This is a very helpful message. I know the Lord appreciates your faithfulness, and I do also.

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