Carnal Mind Vs Christ Mind

Subj: Carnal Mind Question

Date: 7/10/1998

From: XXXX

To: Pastor Vitale


xxxx says in her questions about the online meeting "I think I am probably trying to grasp this with my carnal mind and that's why it is difficult to understand." Your answer: "I think so." This is an area that is not clear to me at all.

PASTOR SHEILA: She did not say she was "asking" the question with her carnal mind, she said she was trying to "understand it" with her carnal mind. This is not the same thing.

Could you explain to me the difference in asking a question out of the carnal mind and asking a question out of the mind of Christ.

PASTOR SHEILA: Motive is the difference. The problem is that some of us cannot discern our own motives. Christ asks questions because He wants to grow up to be like Jesus. He wants to be righteous and do righteousness.

The carnal mind asks questions to increase his power base, to gain knowledge that will impress men, to draw disciples unto himself, to make money, to gain respect, to gain the admiration of men, to wield authority over other people.

HOW TO DISCERN YOUR MOTIVE IN ASKING QUESTIONS: ASK. The Lord will show anyone with an honest heart the truth of their motives, but don't be surprised if "this truth" comes out of the mouth of another mortal man, because most are blinded by their own pride.

If we, in our carnal mind, don't know the answer wouldn't the carnal mind need the enlightenment?


Even though the question may originate in the carnal mind would it not benefit the maturing Christ in us.

PASTOR SHEILA: Yes, if it is a spiritual question. Christ matures from spiritual instruction. The carnal mind matures from social and academic instruction, such as how to treat your fellow man. Remember, Christ in the individual is the resurrected Abel, and the conscious part of the carnal mind in the individual, is Cain.

Since we all, with the exception of you, can't distinguish our carnal from our Christ mind how are we going to quit asking questions out of the carnal mind?

PASTOR SHEILA: You are to continue to relate whatever legitimate questions come into your mind. It doesn't matter whether they are of Abel or Cain, since both need to be educated in their own areas.

As you can see, I am really confused on this subject. When we pray don't we mostly pray out of the carnal mind?

PASTOR SHEILA: Not necessarily.

I realize that sometime Christ does pray through us,

PASTOR SHEILA: This is true.

But if I am asking Christ what to do then it must be coming out of my carnal mind, and necessarily so, as Christ already knows the answer and I don't or i would not be asking Him. HELP!

PASTOR SHEILA: Not necessarily so. The Lord Jesus Christ knows everything. Christ growing up in the individual does not know everything, but is being educated in spiritual matters, and asks spiritual questions.

Christ speaks to us, and through us, in a manner that appears to be our own thoughts, so we frequently think that the Christ maturing in us is our carnal mind. It is very hard to recognize Christ in us because His thoughts arise in us in the same way that our carnal thoughts arise. This is why every thought must be taken captive, and every thought not of God, cast down. We try the thought on the basis of righteousness.

It is much easier to recognize the Lord Jesus Christ speaking to us. The Lord Jesus Christ speaks to us as "another person" and is much louder than the voice of Christ in the individual.

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