Can Christ Die?

Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000


Dear Pastor Sheila,

Hi, how are you?


I was just reading the Serpent's Triangle #2, Page 58-59. I have a problem with the part where you talk about "seducing Christ, the young spiritual bird to sin".


Q. Is it possible for Christ to sin?


PASTOR SHEILA:  It is not possible for the glorified Lord Jesus to sin, but Christ in the individual can sin. Remember that the developing Christ can be likened to Abel, and Christ Jesus in the individual can be likened to Adam, who sinned and died because of his sin.


Q. Does Christ, no matter how immature, have a sin nature?


PASTOR SHEILA:  The personality that Christ is joined to, his wife, is His sin nature. Christ is responsible for everything His wife, the personality He is joined to, does.


Q. I thought it was more of Christ being covered over giving room for the carnal mind to manifest. Please clarify.


PASTOR SHEILA:  It is sin for the young Christ, or the mature Christ Jesus, to fall under His carnal mind. This is what killed Adam, and when Adam died, the woman who tempted him died also. That's how humanity got into this mess that we are in, in the first place. What mess? Hell and corruption, and an endless cycle of births and deaths. This is what the Scripture is talking about when it says that "Christ dieth no more." (Rom. 6:9) When Christ in the individual is FULLY roused from the dead, He will no longer be subject to the endless cycle of births and deaths that He is now subject to. Why? Because the fully resurrected Christ in the individual joins with, or marries, the glorified Jesus Christ who cannot die (Rom. 6:10, Heb. 10:10). And the personality that is married to Christ, the man-child within herself, enters into eternal life with her husband.


Thank you for this excellent question.


In Christ,

Pastor Sheila

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