Boiling Satan

This morning was like many other mornings to me. I was preparing breakfast for myself. I was turning the electric stove on and I placed the frying pan on the right front burner. Then I heard a man's voice and these words in my right ear. He said, "Satan cannot boil out Satan." It takes the heat of the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ. Satan is not the flame or the heat as the majority of people believe. She's the cold. The Spirit of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ is the flame that boils. It takes heat to boil water. How can Satan boil herself? If she does, she will cease to exist in her present condition. Her water will dry up and she will cease to be in her current position. Satan's sea is of the water and it is there where she exists.

The boiling of Satan is done by the Spirit of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. It's that Spirit that is applying the heat to Satan. You need heat to cook and to boil food. Cooking and boiling goes through a slow process. When the food or water reaches its maximum temperature, the food is cooked and the water evaporates. Depending on the temperature, this process can be speeded up.

The time is now. The boiling has begun.

The majority of humanity believes that Satan is of fire and that there's a literal place called hell. They believe Satan is in this fiery place, just waiting to torment people for eternity.

There's no truth to this lie. This lie has caused many to fear the fire or flame. When the fire comes, they run, because they think it's from Satan. Her fire, is not the same as mine. Her fire brings about death. Some refuse to be boiled, but the boiling is coming from the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. I'm seeking to boil Satan within some of humanity. I'm applying the heat and some fight against it. When things get hot, they run towards the cold (Satan). It's the heat that brings comfort from the cold or Satan. The end.


Some of Pastor Vitale's interpretations:

Things will appear to be the same on the surface, but spiritually speaking, a boiling has taken place in some of humanity and in the sons of God. The Lord is saying, that Satan cannot, and will not boil herself. For her to do this, it would be death to her, as we know her. The Spirit of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, in the sons of God, who have overcome her, will boil Satan in others. The question was asked, "How can Satan boil Satan?"

The answer to this is a very simple one. She can't. If she does, Satan, through a slow process will cease to exist, cease to continually form humanity, cease to think through humanity, and so forth. If she boils herself, she will lose her position of authority over mankind. Her existence for right now is the waters, the waters of creation, which does not contain the life giving seed. That water must be dried up to prevent Satan from operating in the wrong moral order.

Cooking food is like confessing and repenting of one's own sin. Some food requires more heat than others. The heat must be applied to the food to break it down and then the changes can be made. It's the glorified Lord Jesus Christ who decides how much heat you need. You and I can't apply this heat because we're a part of Satan and we can't do this without Christ's Spirit. The word suicide comes to mind. It would be suicide to Satan.

The fire comes upon us for a purpose and that purpose is to purify us, to cleanse us, to kill the carnal mind, and so forth. All of this is done slowly, just like cooking food. Our continual confessing and repenting of our sins, breaks us down just like the flame under the pot on the stove.

An interesting thought just came to me. Picture a pot or something on the stove, the flame underneath, in it's proper moral order. The flame is under the metal or thing of the earth, applying enough needed energy to break down the contents of the pot. Spiritually speaking, doesn't our Lord do the same thing? The Holy Spirit is grafted to the personality and the mind of Christ must be formed in us. We are of the earth; the pots and pans of humanity.

When the Spirit of Christ is in us, our personality feels the heat and it's up to the person to stay in the kitchen. But some, knowingly and unknowingly, will reject the heat. They will blame the flame and not discern where the flame is coming from and why they're experiencing the heat.

Another thought. When we reject the Spirit of Christ's flame of correction, we give Satan the authority to apply her heat. This heat should cause us to ask the following; who, why, how, what, where and when. But some will try to turn off the flame as easily as they turn off their kitchen stove.

We turn off the flame of our sowing and reaping judgment administered by Satan, by allowing the true flame to boil our "pots and pans" on the stove. Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to confess our sins, and be like a pot or pan boiling on the stove of our earth and personality.

Yes, Satan cannot boil herself. You cannot mold or form yourself without the Spirit of Christ.

Webster's Dictionary defines "boil" as a state of boiling; to cook, to make clean. To boil down means; to reduce, to condense. Boiling also means; bubbling, heavy in bubbles, being agitated, swelling with heat, agitation by heat.

Yes, we must stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ and refuse to run from the heat in the kitchen of our mind.

God bless you.

Pastor Vitale

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