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I believe Paul in one place says, And the glory of the man is the woman and the glory of the woman is her hair. I do believe that the word glory is speaking about spirit so when the scriptures says, the glory of the man or the spirit of the man is the woman, who is the woman? He is not talking about a mortal woman. He's talking about the woman, Cain. Anyone who was a spiritual man his spirit is Christ Jesus. That King James that says the glory of the man is the woman, there has to be a twist in there, it can't be the accurate translation, but I will tell you what He's saying by the spirit. That you can tell what spirit is in a man when you look at the woman. And there is a witness to that in the Proverbs also. Paul says it in another place that you could tell how a man is treating his wife when you take a look at the woman. That's what that scripture is saying and what it means is on a deep spiritual level is, this is the way you recognize a spiritual man. He's got his woman in submission because in this world order the woman is very much in rebellion and her rebellion has caused the whole creation to turn into a world which we know to be hell. That means that this whole world is under the authority of spiritual woman and spiritual children because when the spiritual man appears, who is Christ Jesus He will bring the spiritual woman into submission; therefore, the glory of the man is the woman. When you see that the serpent, because when the woman goes into rebellion she becomes the serpent. When you see there is no more serpent, but the woman is submission of Christ Jesus that's the place, that's the one who is the spiritual man, and you look for it on several levels. First, you look for it in the individual. The man who rules his spirit is a perfect man. If your spirit is in rebellion she has become the serpent. That's what he's saying.

So getting back to the scripture. ! Cor. 15:41, And the sun has one spirit and the moon has another spirit, and the stars another spirit. Paul says that Christ is not divided, but this is the divided age and the spirit of this age is divided. The spirit of the sun, now sometime I get confused as to whether to use the term, Satan, the serpent or Leviathan, and I haven't take the time to really think this out so I could be off in that sense. The spirit of the sun is Satan, let's say it is Satan. It is one of the negative spirits, one of the powers and principalities of this world. So the sun has one spirit, Satan, and the moon has another spirit, Leviathan. Now both Satan and Leviathan are Cain. Cain as she is appearing in this world, in this visible spiritual world, Cain is appearing as the serpent, that old serpent, the dragon, Leviathan, Satan, and the devil. We are told that in two places in the book of Revelation. The mind of mortal man is on two levels, conscious and unconscious. The unconscious mind of mortal man is Satan, and the conscious mind of mortal man is the Leviathan, but the two together are the mind of mortal man. So you see, the sun of this world typifies the spirit of Satan, and the moon of this world typifies Leviathan, and then there are the stars. The Greek Lexicon says this word star comes from the meaning, to be strewn all over the heavens. We have been talking about this for the last couple of days, who is strewn all over the creation? Who is it that Jesus Christ has come to gather, to draw out, to focus into one place, one focal point of power? Who is it? Please raise your hand and then use your microphone. What is the name of the energy source in us that is disbursed through our very being and powerless because he is spread out?

Answer: Satan?


Answer: Abel?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes. It's Abel. Abel is the energy source of the creature whether the creature is appearing as the Son of God, positive, or whether the creation has flipped over and the creature is appearing as mortal man which is an expression of the serpent. Without the energy source which originally is the breath of Elohim there would be no existence at all. The creation, when it is the Son of Elohim, is alive. The creation when it is an expression of the serpent, merely has consciousness but it is not alive by God's definition. So, it is Elohim's breath that gives consciousness and its union with Jehovah that gives life. We therefore, find Elohim's breath in the creature whether it is appearing as Elohim's son or whether it is appearing as the serpent. It is Elohim's breath that gives the consciousness, and it is Elohim's breath that, when the creature is alive and attached to Jehovah and connected to Jehovah, this Elohim's breath which is an energy source is gathered together and concentrated and focused on controlling the side of the creature that has the potential to turn the whole creature into an animal existence, Cain and the earth. So in our mortal condition right now we are expressions of the serpent. Abel is not focused. He is not gathered together. He is not at the head of the creation in a focused position of power. He's spread out. He's spread through our physical bodies, our personality and our mind. Jesus Christ comes to gather him from the four corners of our earth. This ingathering is not a gathering of individual human beings. It is the gathering of the life energy from the four corners of our earth to a central, localized, focal point whereby it will gain energy. It is like light gathered together in intense amounts becomes a laser bear sharp enough to do surgery with. And when all of our energy is gathered together we will completely rule over this flesh, and there are varying degrees of gathered strength along the way, because obviously if over night all of the energy was gathered out of us our bodies would cease to exist so Jesus is doing it gradually. And what He is working on right now is drawing the energy, our energy source, out of our carnal mind. Our carnal mind is to die today, our body is not to die today, our carnal mind is to die today to the fullest extent that we have the power to kill her. Paul clearly said that, she is our husband, he said. Be dead to your present husband. Now that doesn't mean your physical husband. We are married to Leviathan, and she, Leviathan is female, but she is in the male role and we who are male in Christ Jesus, she has made us female. Why? Because she is our mind and every time we submit to what she tells us to do, every time we obey her thoughts, every time we speak her word, we have fornicated with her, we have committed adultery with her. In the female position, it is an abomination to God. You have to understand this without condemnation, how abominable our condition is to the Lord, but He still loves us and His only thought is to get us out of this condition, totally without condemnation, but it is real important to understand what a mess we are in. We are in a mess. That's why we have disease in our body. We are living as a homosexual harlot. It is just the truth. Jesus said the truth is going to set us free. In Rev. 17, see the harlot riding on the scarlet colored beast. Now, that's us, everyone of us, the best of us that's our condition. This is what He has come to save us from. He hasn't come to save us from poverty although when He finds us and we are poverty stricken He has mercy on us, but He hasn't come to save us from poverty. He hasn't even come to save us from disease. He's come to get us out of this mess completely to a place where there is no disease. But He'll have mercy on you, if you have faith in Him and especially if He's made a judgment that you will be a part of this company which I believe will be standing up within the next couple of years. He will keep you alive.

Question: I prayed for mercy, and He gave me mercy in my illness. He was keeping me alive for a purpose. Going back to this thing about homosexuality, that's why we see so much homosexuality in the world today, it's just playing out, like the women's lib is playing out.


Question. Homosexuality is playing out so if they were to accept the Lord and start down that path they would still in a way be homosexual because you just said we were because we are being led by the mortal mind which is she. Answer: That scripture that says there will be no homosexual in heaven, that's all of us. This sin nature is not going in, the body is not going in, and the sin nature and the sin mind is not going in. It is the breath of life that's going in which is our true reality. There is a truth in this teaching of right identification. We are mixed up. We don't know who we are, but knowing who we are, see I know who I am, see, I know that I am Abel. I know that I am Christ Jesus, but I still have problems with my health. I am very mortal so that's true that we don't know who we are, but that knowledge alone is not going to get us out of here.

Question: Why do some people manifest homosexuality physically while that potential, I suppose, is in every one. Why do some do and some don't?

PASTOR VITALE: As I told you earlier today every human being is subject to what I call the spiritual gene pool. It is the same thing and it all has to do with the blessings and the curses that come down on your family line, but the good news is that if you are willing to give your life to Jesus Christ He will intervene. Homosexuality, I don't know where this tape is going and I am certainly not condemning anybody, I have nothing against anybody, I am just telling you the truth, it is a very low place, a very low life style to abide in. What are homosexuals supposed to do if that is your orientation? You are supposed to abstain. If you feel you cannot make a normal marriage and lead a normal life the scriptural for you is service to God. That's your answer and people don't like to hear that but it is the truth. That's what you are supposed to do.

Question: There are some churches that minister just to homosexuals so we would believe then that they have accepted the Lord as their Savior so then if they follow on to know Him then there should be deliverance from that? Answer: I have seen TV programs where men and women have openly confessed that they have practiced the homosexual life style and that Jesus Christ has changed them and that they are married and they have children and they claim to be very happy so I cannot contradict anyone's testimony, but my personal opinion is that these testimonies cannot be all they are cracked up to be, and if I am wrong may God bless their lives. I say the same thing about alcoholics and drug addicts. There is a personality profile that is the foundation of all of these social problems. There is a malfunction in your personality that makes you engage in this behavior. Any destructive behavior, I am not just picking on the homosexuals. If you come to the Lord Jesus Christ, you walk into a meeting where the power is falling or however it happens you get zapped by the Holy Spirit and you stop taking drugs and you stop drinking, you find the power within yourself to stop smoking, to stop being a homosexual that's wonderful but that zapping of the Holy Spirit does not change your personality, it does not change your character disorder, it does not heal your character disorder. What heals your character disorder? Answer: Confession and repentance. PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it's judgment, it is the judgment that heals your character disorder. You sin must be exposed, and I am not talking about saying, I confess that I am a homosexual. The specific sin that speaks out of your mouth and thinks out of your mind that you don't even know is sin, when that is exposed and you confess it and you repent and Jesus strips it out of you. In my opinion, something like that does not happen in less than 10 years of intense submission to the Lord Jesus Christ to correct a character disorder. I have been saying this for years going all the way to Tape #1 I've been saying this, for 9 years I've been in this ministry, and I heard a psychologist on TV once and he said, yes, we can help these people with character disorders but it takes about 10 years. And I said, well there is your second witness. Jesus is not healing character disorders miraculously. Why? For the same reason that He is not wiping out sin so that we could go back to being the first Adam. It would just happen again. We must learn from our experiences. We must make a conscious judgment that this way of thinking is destructive to me, and I by my will which is strengthened by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ will not live this way any more, and when a thought like that comes through my mind I will curse it and I will go after it with all the spiritual strength I have. I will get a revelation out of the scripture as to what is right in that circumstance and no matter how much pain it is causing me I will do what is right. So it is not a free gift you see. Correction of the personality, correction of the sin nature is not a free gift, and this is why the judgment is essential. We will never go on in God if we are not willing to submit to the judgment which very few people are willing to submit to.

Question: Clarification on the exposing of the sin, you are talking about seeing it in yourself and confessing it to the Lord, you're not talking about showing it to everybody or confessing it to anyone else even?

PASTOR VITALE: Right. The man I was raised up under used to say all the time, don't go telling the church gossip now. If you have a close friend that you trust you could tell them. I personally feel good about telling the people here. I confess my sins all the time in this fellowship, but I know it is not going outside of this fellowship, but it is not necessary. It could be between you and Jesus. He knows your heart, you see. The whole issue is that most people cannot see the operation of the sin in their minds. They say, well everybody does that, what's your problem.

Question: So you are saying sometimes things are gradual as well as healing is gradual. Now some people do have miraculous healings.

PASTOR VITALE: Physical miraculous.

Question: But not all healings are, some are just gradual right?

PASTOR VITALE: Healing is gradual. If you are healed instantly technically it is not healing, it is a miracle. Miracles are instantaneously. Healings are gradual.

Question: So with a miracle you still have the potential for it again?

PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely. And if you don't get that same disease back again you will get something else. I know a woman who was delivered from cancer, she went on I saw no change in her personality at all. A few years later she had cancer again. She was delivered by the power of God again. At the time, she was in this church in which there was a tremendous amount of power being poured out and the grace of God healed her, and then a few years went by and this anointing lifted off the church and this time she got diabetes. She wasn't healed from the diabetes, and the last I heard she had a heart attack. The whole point is, when you get healed by the grace of God without specific repentance you are buying time. All that it is you have been given dispensation to get yourself right before the Lord because you can't get yourself right over night. It takes years unless the Lord really speeds things up, now at the end times, I don't know. But it has taken me years, and I am changing every day, I am growing and changing. We never stop short of perfection. Some people maybe their sins will be taking their life. Jesus gives you a healing so that you have an extension of time to get yourself straight. The average person doesn't know this though. They take their healing and they go off. What did Jesus say, were there ten lepers? Ten lepers. He said, I only see one what happened to the other nine? They probably thought they deserved the healing. The church is severely lacking in instructions. It is really sad because teachers in the church are so few.

Back to 1 Cor. 15:41- The sun has one spirit, I am not sure whether it is the serpent or Satan. The moon which is the reflection of the sun, we will say it is Leviathan, has another spirit because their functions are different but they are both of one spirit. The sun is one spirit and the moon is another spirit but the two are one. They are really expressions of the serpent, and then we have the stars that are strewn across the sky. That's Abel. The true spirit. And then it says, but the stars, the individual stars, or the individual expressions of Abel vary in their ability. It says here, differeth in glory, differeth in spirit. What it means is, I looked it up in the Lexicon, they vary in their ability to distinguish between good and evil, and that is true. What it means is, so who are the stars? The stars are Sons of God, and the Sons of God grow in grace. When we receive the Holy Spirit we receive a measure of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit doesn't grow. The Holy Spirit is the seed. His function is to engraft Himself to your human spirit. His function is to cause you to conceive the life of Christ Jesus, the one who grows, but the Holy Spirit doesn't grow. Christ Jesus in you grows in wisdom and grace and depending on your age your ability to distinguish between good and evil varies. I understand you need these answers, you really need these answers.

We were talking about full stature of goodness. The Lord showed me today that the full stature of goodness will be very evident. Up until this point I thought that the people with the full stature of goodness or the full stature of Phariseeism would be doing good works, feeding the poor, and manifesting fruit and healing the sick, that they would be indistinguishable from the full stature of righteousness. The Lord told me today, No that is not true. The will be mortal men with a high level of spiritual power. It is impossible that they should not be corrupted, that they not at some point, no matter how determined to be moral and ethical and not use this power for any immoral purpose. No matter how determined they are, it is impossible for an unrighteous man to not abuse unrestricted power. It is impossible. You see it coming all over society today, and they are not even in full stature. The medical profession, what you told me about your experience with that nursing home or hospital, people that have authority in this world but they don't have authority over your person, they have authority over institutions, think that they have the right to make decisions for people, and they are not even in full stature yet. Can you imagine what's going to happen when they have....the only thing that is restricting them here is that we are living in the United States. There is not a doubt in my mind that if we did not have the Constitution this country as desperate as its condition is the Constitution is still alive. They cannot put you in jail for what you believe, they cannot put you in the stocks for what you preach, they cannot shut you down. There may be people who try, but the Lord still stands. I probably would have been burned at the stake by now if we weren't living in this country. I know it is funny, but it is true, I really believe it is true.

Question: Have you had a chance to look at the paper concerning disastrous events coming upon the world? Answer: No I haven't. And they may be coming, they just may be coming. For years, I've only had this spiritual word in my heart. I asked the Lord, Father what about all this doctrine that they are preaching about the end of the world, anti-Christ, is there any truth in it at all? He never answered me. Several years ago when I saw it starting to come to pass the answer came to me. It will come to pass, but it has nothing to do with me, you see. I am not living in that world. I am here, but I am not of it. I am truly not of it. What happens to this world is not going to happen to me, and this is His promise to me because my whole life is given over to Him, and I am bringing forth this whole message here so I believe what's going to happen to me is what I'm preaching. I don't believe what's going to happen to the world is going to happen to me. One of two things has to happen to you. As time goes on we either have to be affected by what's happening in the external world or we have to be affected by what's happening in the internal world, and my hope is, and I believe that the Lord has told me, that I will be experiencing what's happening in the internal world. I don't wish it on anybody, but if there is an atomic explosion and I stand up in full stature I will be able to do the will of the Lord. I believe that at the moment of crisis, there will be many Christians who have faith in Jesus Christ who may not have risen to spiritual power yet. I further believe that those who come up first, I agree with you it will be like popcorn, my example was like a tomato plant, you come out every morning and there's more tomatoes on the plant. Those who are standing in power will be supernaturally directed to those whose faith is really in Jesus Christ, and they will be protected until they too stand. Some people in the church really just have a lust for power. They would like to believe that there will be one main man or I'm going to be strong and you are going to be weak, and I'm going to take care of you. The ultimate goal is that everybody should be strong, but until you become strong, if you have not yet become strong I believe the Lord will have somebody there with spiritual power who can defend you until you become strong. There are no weaklings in the Lord's church. Everybody has to overcome and become everything that they can be, all that we can be, we have to be all that we could be, all that we could be, there is nothing that we need outside of Him. If you have a husband it is fine, but you don't need one. If you have a wife it's fine, but you don't need one. You don't need anything but Him. I didn't understand that at one time. I said, Lord what do you mean I don't need anything but you. I need a job, I need an income, I need a roof over my head, in this area we need transportation, the public transportation is wholly inadequate around here. I didn't know what He was talking about. He showed it to me in a very interesting way. I wanted to go out to a meeting, something with the church, it had showed, and I jumped in the car at the last minute, my daughter was old enough to stay alone for a couple of hours, and I was going to go buzzing over to the church and I'm stuck on the ice. It's dark, it's cold, not a soul was out, and I said, alright Lord, let me see this, you are telling me I don't need anybody, let me see this, and I sat there for about 60 seconds and my neighbors door opened, I lived next door to two retarded ladies, and the door opened and they came out, and they said, What are you doing in the car Sheila? I said, Well I'm stuck. They said, Do you need help? I said, yes. They had two friends up in the house, two men came down, the two ladies, and they just pushed me right off that ice and I went to church. The next time I was in the supermarket, and I tested the Lord. I said, Lord you told me that you were going to meet my every need. Now I need that can on that top shelf there, and I am only 5' 2", and I can't get it down. And I looked around, there was not a soul anywhere in the super market. I go to the supermarket at very weird hours like midnight and 6 a.m., not a soul. I said, all right Lord let me see you do this one. And I am telling you, it wasn't 30 seconds until the tallest woman I have ever seen in my entire life walked around the corner, and I just knew it was the Lord, so when she came up to me I was bold and I asked her to help me. I knew He had sent her. He's funny.

Question: When someone shares how they have experienced that provision, it is very helpful because it builds our confidence. In fact, we were practicing some things tonight over at the hotel that you had taught us today and we remembered and we did them.

PASTOR VITALE: I am glad I could help you, it is wonderful.

We need to know that. It has taken me a long time. I said, How could the only thing I need be a spirit? Well, He sends people that has His spirit. But you don't need that person. If that person falls away and betrays you He will send someone else that has His spirit. He has shown me that either He sends somebody or He will give me the wisdom to do it.

Question: I remember you made the statement that you tested God.

PASTOR VITALE: It is o..k. to test God. It is not o.k. to tempt Him. It is o.k. to test Him because He wants our faith built. He will give us as many witnesses as we want as long as we are not arrogant, but if He knows that our heart is right and that we really don't understand, and that we are in pain because we think we don't have someone to get all the stuff done we need done. Not only is it hard, I don't think it is possible to believe without experience. You've got to test Him because you won't have the faith. It will be all up here (in the mind), but it won't be in here (the heart), and the knowledge up in your head doesn't give you peace, but the experience gives you peace that He is going to come through. He is either going to give you the wisdom to do it yourself or He will send someone to do it. A big issue that is going on in the church today is loneliness. A lot of people both men and women, they think that they are lonely and they can't understand why the Lord is not sending them companionship. They don't understand that He is drawing us to a place where we will be satisfied with His company. It is a transition. We are used to talking to people that we can see, that we can hear, who give us an immediate response. I did have a wilderness experience where I confessed to Him daily, Lord I am ashamed to say this to you. Who could want more company or better company than you, and I am not satisfied with your company. I am craving the company of a human being, and I am sorry, but it is just the truth, help me, and He has just brought me through. Now I prefer His company. People can't believe my life. Sometimes I don't go out for days because I work in the house. I just live in separate sides of the house. I am not at all discontent, and people can't bear it and they want to get me married, they want to introduce me to people. I tell people don't pray for a husband for me, don't do it, I don't want it, and they think there's something wrong with me. The either think I'm not telling the truth or that there is something wrong with me. They cannot comprehend, but there is this wilderness experience where the loneliness is very painful, but I assure you that when you cross over to the other side what you have with Jesus in this intense intimacy that I am talking about it is far better than any marriage could be. There is this period though of adjustment that's painful. I hope I am giving you a vision. There is something on the other side that's better than anything you have ever had. Really.

The church is filled with young people especially women that He is not giving husband's to. They don't understand it, they don't want to understand it. We are called to be spiritual people married to God. Marriage to God is very different than marriage to man. If you are a woman, marriage to man either makes you or keeps you dependent. He does it for you. He protects you. He solves your problems. He screws the screws, he hammers the nails, but he's in the male role. But you do not grow from his protecting you and doing the male things. You stay female. We are all called to spiritual manhood in Christ Jesus. Now it is very hard. Of course, all things are possible in Christ. But it is harder to become a spiritual male when you have a husband who is in the male role in your natural life. If however He's called you or your circumstances have called you to a place where you no longer have a physical male over you this is a wonderful opportunity to become a spiritual man. What is a spiritual man? Let me get back to saying the difference between a natural husband, a mortal husband, and a spiritual husband. Jesus is our spiritual husband. Your natural husband does all this for you, but covers you and you don't grow up into a position where you could take care of yourself. Many women when their husbands die they can't even write a check. I've heard all kinds of testimonies on that, they are really devastated. When you are married to Jesus He does everything through you. He gives you the ability to do what you never thought you could do for yourself. So if you want to look at it from this point of view, your husband is within you and He acts out through you. To strangers, to the world, it looks like you are doing it yourself, but I know that I could never screw a screw, and now I screw screws, and I hammer nails, and I do all kinds of things that I never thought I could do. When it comes to something that I really can't do He sends somebody in to do it for me. I had to put new license plates on my car about a year ago. I did not have the strength to get the bolts off the license plates. I asked three of the men who work around here, I was willing to pay them to do it. Nobody wanted to do it. I said, Lord these license plates on my car are not valid any more, I have to get these new license plates on my car, what am I doing to do? Within one hour, a young man that was attending the fellowship at the time knocked on the door. I said, Hi. He said, Hi. Don't know why I'm here. I said, I'll tell you why you are here. Here's the screw driver, pliers. He's very faithful, and He builds you up to your fullest potential which is very hard to do when you are under a natural man. Now I don't want anyone to think that I am against natural marriage. I am not against natural marriage. There are different kinds of people in this world. Paul clearly said that the young women should marry, good for young women to marry and bear children, but if you have prayed and Jesus has not given you a husband, if you are a young woman, maybe He has made a judgment that even though you are young you have the potential to go into spiritual manhood, and he even said that the widows should remain single. Now I am not putting the law on anybody, I am just telling you what the scripture is. If anyone is hearing this tape, see I am not just talking to the people here. If you are hearing this tape and you find yourself single and you are in your 30's or 40's or 50's or 60's and you find a man and you believe that Jesus wants you to marry him, well then marry him. I am talking in generalities. Paul said, it is better for the widows to remain single, but if you can't well then get married if the Lord provides a husband, but it is a good thing, it is a tremendous opportunity to go on in Christ that you may not have with a natural husband. Some husbands don't hinder you. Some hinder you. Even the ones that don't hinder you, your obligations to him, Paul clearly said it, If you are married you are going to minister to your husband, if you are single you are going to minister to God. Nobody preaches it. I am the only one that I know of that preaches it, but it is in the Bible.

Question: I have a question but it is not along these lines, but when you mentioned tags it made me think a bout it and maybe I am changing the subject too completely, but we know some people who belong to this so called new militant thing and they don't believe in buying tags, and they don't believe in paying taxes, and they don't believe in driver's license.

PASTOR VITALE: What do you mean by tags?

Question: License plates on the car. They just put a sign on the car, tag applied for. They say they don't have to buy them because they are not under the law.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, when they wind up in jail they will find out they are under the law.

Question: What is this a picture of, what's happening?

PASTOR VITALE: It is really an expression of pride and rebellion. It is a misuse of the scriptures to express any anti-social personality. Why would you want to take on the nation? Our goal is to become spiritual men. Paul says, He who wars entangles himself not in the things of the world. There were those same kind of people around in Jesus' day. They wanted Him to lead them into battle.

At one point I was a little concerned, some people were preaching to gather food and have sacks of food in your house. At the time this was going on, at the end of the week I didn't have a dollar left from my paycheck. I said, Lord how in the world am I going to do this and even if I had the money where am I going to store it? He said to me: Pastor Vitale, if I can't take care of you....if you gather all of this food up in your house it could be stolen by thieves. You could be shot as you are reaching in for your bucket of rice. If Jesus isn't going to keep us what is the point of anything? On the other hand, if He tells you to do it you do it. When Jesus tells you to do something, and I know that you all know this, things run smoothly. Where would I put sacks of rice in this place? I can't afford an underground bunker. They cost thousands of dollars.

One of the things we do here and it's very important is we have a laboratory which gives us an ability to practice discerning the move of the spirit. It is very important that we can distinguish between good and evil. What is good and evil? It is the carnal mind or the Christ mind. When we distinguish between it we have to not yield to the carnal mind and flow with the Christ mind. So, I had just made a statement here that we would just wait on the Lord for Him to raise up another subject, and June brought a business question in which could not possibly have come out of the Christ mind because it exactly opposed what I was saying. Can you hear that? The Brethren here submit to this kind of correction in the hopes that the day will come when they will not yield to that prompting of their carnal mind. What happens is that the average person is uncomfortable in silence. I perceived that the spirit had gone down in this discussion so as the leader of this meeting I am waiting either for the Lord to raise up another issue or to tell me to go on with this message. I am waiting for His instructions, and xxxx yielded to her carnal mind to bring up a business issue and business issues and spiritual issues don't mix. In fact, the business issues will kill the spiritual issues. If I had responded to her question the spirit would have just gone right down. So what I do in these meetings is I sit here and I am helping everybody when they start to go off of the spirit I sort of like reign them in a little bit. This is a practical experience, there is no condemnation, nobody is ever insulted or demeaned in anyway, but it is exposed when their carnal mind has entered into the spiritual meeting in hopes that this will help them to recognize the activity of the carnal mind and reign it in the future.

Question: Well, I made that statement and you didn't say anything to me so did I start it?

PASTOR VITALE: What statement did you make? Comment: I said I listened to the tape that we made this afternoon and it sounded good so that was what prompted her.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are probably right. What you said though was on the boarder line, it was speaking about spiritual things, it was talking about a tape that we made and about the teachings that you are going to bring back with you, and you are probably correct. It happens here a lot. As a matter of fact we had it recently. In fact it was you that was on the line a couple of weeks. June made the remark that was on the line, and another person sitting in the group picked it up and went way off into the carnal realm. So this is what happens but you see it is not an issue of, now what I perceive in you is that you are taking responsibility for what she did, you're feeling bad, you're trying to defend her, I may not have it exactly right. Comment: I was thinking that since I am a visitor here that you kind of held back on saying anything to me.

PASTOR VITALE: No, that's not true. It was border line, o.k? So you weren't feeling that you were responsible for what happened here? Now believe it or not this is a manifestation of pride that has risen up to try to defend her because you felt responsible. It is not Christ Jesus. Now in the world it would be a good thing, you are admitting that you did it so that she would not get in trouble, but you see she is not in trouble. This is not an authoritarian, disciplinarian thing. She is not in trouble, and you are going to her defense is one of these very subtle manifestations of pride that look fine to the world, but it is not Christ Jesus. Comment: I guess I didn't realize that I was coming to her defense, but I felt like I had violated the quiet time.

PASTOR VITALE: I understand. But do you understand what I'm saying, that it wasn't Christ Jesus in you that said that. It was your mortal mind. There is no condemnation here. We are just identifying which mind is talking, but I appreciate your speaking up.

Question: When Jesus told Peter He was going to the cross and Peter rebuked Jesus and Jesus immediately turned around and rebuked him is that the same principle that we are following or is that something different?

PASTOR VITALE: No, it is in line with what we are teaching here. Jesus said I'm going to the cross, and Peter said, how could you say that? When ever you have a conflict either both people or at least one person is in their carnal mind. If you are dealing with someone who is in their Christ mind and you have a conflict, that other person has to be in their carnal mind. Now Jesus was in full stature so He had to be in His Christ mind, and there was a conflict and Jesus turned around and rebuked him and it could not have been Christ Jesus in Peter trying to get Jesus not to do what He said He was going to do. So, it wasn't exactly the same but it is the same principle. Peter was trying to stop Jesus from doing that, and we have a highly trained group here. I don't really think the Lord has really shown you what He has done here. He has done wonderful, really great wonders here, and we are really a spiritual military group, and we are very disciplined, but before we came into this condition it would have been very common for someone to have said to me if I said, well I have to go to the church, the Lord has sent me to this church and I just really don't want to go. Well someone may say, Well don't go Sheila, don't go, don't do something that's going to upset you. It would have happened here, but it rarely happens here because everybody is really moving into their manhood, their spiritual manhood, that no matter what their feelings are feeling they speak the righteousness of Christ Jesus. They control their feelings, and we were talking about that in the room this morning that sometimes you mean well but you say things that weaken a person, and everything we do we want to strengthen the person.

Question: I was just thinking of Jesus when He said to Peter, I rebuke you Satan.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, Satan was speaking through Peter. It is very clear in the scriptures but most Christians won't see it. Jesus knew it was not Christ in Peter speaking to Him. He called him right by his name. He called the Pharisees vipers, he called Peter Satan, because at that moment...,when we let Satan speak through us, at that moment we are Satan, that's who we are. When Christ Jesus is speaking through us, we are Christ Jesus, so we are schizophrenic, we are spiritually schizophrenic, we bounce back and forth. It is therefore essential that it is pointed out to us if we can't see it ourselves when it is Satan or Leviathan. Jesus said Satan, in this context they don't really know the difference, the two are really one. It is pointed out to us that it's not Christ Jesus speaking, and when it is pointed out to us enough hopefully we will start recognizing it in ourselves. At first you start recognizing it after you speak and you go, oh, and as you continue then your program with Jesus of confessing and repenting you will see it in your mind and you will just shut your mouth before the words come out, and then as you continue to mature I definitely have an internal check. Christ Jesus is manifesting in me to such a degree that most of the time, not if it was 100% of the time I would be in full stature, but He literally steps on the head of Leviathan in me frequently. It is like I go to open my mouth and nothing comes out.

Question: Let's change the subject a few minutes. I want to talk a bit about Noah. Would you tell me a little bit about what he carried and who he carried on the ark, spiritually speaking?

PASTOR VITALE: We have a whole series on Genesis which is this whole account and it is nothing at all like what it appears in the King James. There was no boat. Noah himself was the ark and what happened to Noah was that Adam rose from the dead in him, and preserved Noah's mortal life. I have a whole series on it. There were no animals. If you stop to think about it, it is really impossible. How did they care for all these animals. I am sorry to be crude, but urinating all over the boat, defecating all over the boat, there were just eight of them and really weren't even eight of them, there really were just four because in those days there were no men and women like we have here. The spiritual men in those days had their wives within them. That is what we are going back to now. We are being called to be spiritual men. Our wife is within us, and that's the kind of man Noah was only he was a giant. I believe Noah was a giant, and what's more I believe I can really adequately establish to you that Shem, Ham, and Japheth had not even differentiated. I believe that Shem, Ham, and Japheth typified the beginnings of the civilizations that were to take root on the other side of the flood. When we first started doing that series on Genesis 6, in the first couple of messages I know that I taught everybody, I put it on the tape, that I am convinced that Shem, Ham, and Japheth.....well let me back up a little because you don't know this about me that I teach that in the days before man broke out into male and female bodies that there were superior human beings, I don't know what they looked like, but I know that they were singular, that they were both male and female, and that they reproduced by a form of cell division. They didn't have babies that were totally dependent. It was a form of cell division. We had two mature adults. So going from that point I believe that Noah was pregnant with Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and that they did not differentiate until the other side of the flood. Now how would I say that. You just bear with me a little, I have to get my memory together here. Yes, I know how I said that. The scripture clearly says that Noah was the only righteous one. Well what about Shem, Ham, and Japheth? What were they doing on the boat if they were not righteous? And then further, there is a scripture in one of the Prophets, I did make a note of it, but I can't recall it now. It is in one of the Prophets where it clearly says that Noah could not deliver anyone but himself. It said Job could not deliver anyone but himself, Noah could not deliver anyone but himself, and Daniel couldn't deliver anyone but himself. I think it is in one of the major Prophets, and the Lord gave me that witness after I had preached this message on the basis of the scripture not saying that Shem, Ham, and Japheth are righteous. This happens all the time. I get it in my spirit and then the Lord gives me a scripture witness. I preach it on faith, and I don't require that anybody here believe anything that I say. All that I require is you don't attack me. I won't let anyone here openly challenge me, but you don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but I ask you to pray about it and if you are not willing to pray about it you really are not wise. So what are you doing here anyway if you are not willing to pray about it. That's all that I require, that you don't openly challenge me or argue with me because I say a lot of way out things. So you see, there was no boat and there was only one man and his wife was within him and his three sons were within him and what's more when we did a translation several years ago, at least three or four years ago, I did a translation on the scriptures when Noah cursed Canaan. I found something in the Hebrew that made no sense to me until now. When I looked up all the words in the Hebrew I saw that Shem and Japheth were attacked at the shoulder. That's what the Hebrew says, that they were attached at the shoulder. I thought, well isn't that strange? When I translated the verse I translated it that, well they were of one mind, they were in agreement with what they were saying, but now I believe, now knowing what I know now that these three sons of Noah had begun to differentiate, that Ham was fully differentiated but Shem and Japheth were not. Do you know what I'm saying when I say differentiate? Let me put it on the board for you. We have been asked about different forms of manifestation. The anointing that I was under, I got tremendous deliverance, that's why I am preaching all this stuff, I had a miracle of deliverance the result of which raised up Christ Jesus to this degree that this message could come forth. I hope you realize that no one's carnal mind would ever allow them to preach something like this. Actually, I'm preaching the death of the carnal mind. I am preaching the end of this whole world system so I had to get something really, really special, but the anointing I was under that I got this deliverance under was not as powerful as the anointing here. It was what the Lord raised up at the time, but it wasn't as powerful as that which is here because the Word wasn't there, so I don't really know if I was a different person and the Lord brought me into a ministry like this if I would have had the same manifestations, rolling on the floor, kicking, screaming, people holding me down. As I told you I vomited once, spitting things up, and during those days when we had that kind of deliverance there was always someone coming in showing us the scripture, I'm washed by the water of the Word, I don't have to be doing that, but my word was, Lord do anything that you want, just make me whole. The washing with the water of the Word is this doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ being preached by Christ Jesus in me. Even the doctrine of Christ, if a mortal man picks up this message and it is going to happen. It is just a matter of time that these tapes are really going to start taking root. There will be people preaching this message that are preaching it out of their intellect and not out of the resurrected Christ in them, and there is no power in a message that is preached out of your intellect. In this church that we were raised up in, and nothing against the church, that's what the Lord provided, it was a ministry where the preaching was coming out of the intellect, but the Lord honored it. The anointing was intense, but it wasn't the anointing that's here. Question, if I was delivered under this anointing would I roll on the floor? Well, I don't know.

Question: What you said explains new order deliverance. The old order deliverance was helping people to be delivered of their demons or whatever and it was heavy, heavy deliverance.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, we are still helping people to get delivered from their demons. The radical difference between the old and the new order deliverance is the spirit that's doing the deliverance. The old order deliverance is a mortal man who has been reconciled to Jesus Christ, whom the Lord has imputed authority to cast out demons. Jesus gave authority to the disciples over all manner of diseases and demons, but the authority was not arising from a righteous spirit within them. The imputed anointing is if I have power like Jesus had power, and He said, here I give you my authority, do the deed, and I will back it up with my spirit. That's old order deliverance, and it has a certain ritual that goes with it where a couple of people get around the person and they rebuke the demon and they lay hands on you, and you thrash and you roll on the floor and I thank God for it because I would be dead today without that kind of deliverance, not a doubt in my mind, I would be dead, but there is a better way, but we have to take what ever the Lord makes available at the time so the new order deliverance is the power that comes down because of the anointing that's flowing because of this word that's being preached out of Christ Jesus in me. It is the resurrecting Abel in me preaching this message, and there is power in the word, and the power is not coming from Jesus Christ outside of me honoring what I'm saying. It's Abel in me. Where do you think all of this knowledge is coming from? The scripture says a spirit of revelation, that's true, but more accurately it is Abel rising from the dead in me. Abel who has the eternal spirit of God. He has all this knowledge. The scripture says that when Jesus rose from the dead He walked down the road of Emmaus, and He expounded on every scripture that spoke of Him. He knew every jot and tittle of the true word, the spiritual word. The scripture is just the printed word. How could He do that. Because Adam rose from the dead in Him. Adam had all knowledge. So that is where all this revelation is coming from. Abel is rising from the dead in me, and since it is Him preaching there is power in my word to bring forth deliverance. You don't have to roll on the floor although we do it if it is necessary. We have done it a couple of times, but it is rare. There is no reason for two people to get around you and hold you down because you are trashing. Believe me it is much easier, we are all troopers of deliverance here, you know work until 3 o'clock in the morning trying to cast demons out of people, me holding down a leg, someone else holding down an arm, well we had one experience here in all the years that we were ministering of one young lady manifesting violently and she manifested a spirit of witchcraft, she started screaming at the top of her lungs, it was summer time, the windows were open. By the time I realized what was happening, I closed the windows and put the air conditioning on but it was too late. We never lock the doors. She's laying on the floor, there is four of us, one on each limb, I threw my body across her midsection, everyone else had a limb, she bite June, to this day I don't know how she explained it to her husband, she had this big black and blue bite mark on her arm, and the police, someone called the police. So, we are all laying on the floor stretching out over her and the police are walking in the house. She went into a trance, she went very deep, but that is our big experience with deliverance in nine years, but we were all in a church where we did that four nights a week. People throwing chairs. It was my house, I wasn't pressing any charges, but they wanted to take the young lady to the hospital, and if she didn't come out of the trance at the time that she did they would have taken her to the hospital. She didn't want to go, and they were very upset that she didn't want to go, but they made her walk a straight line and she seemed to be rational so they couldn't force her to go. They said, what were you doing? Well, officer you may not believe this but we were casting a demon out of her. I can't tell you the Lord will never have us do that again. All that energy, and you get exhausted, and it takes so many people, takes a whole group of people for one person for a couple of hours to cast a demon out. We don't have the numbers here, we don't have the physical strength here, so this is much easier. I just preach the word and you sit in your seat and get delivered. Believe me it is much easier.

This is drawing #1, and it is a description of reproduction by cell division before the flood. Man, what ever they looked like, we don't know what they looked like but I believe they were giants. They had their wife within them, they were both male and female, the reproduced by cell division which produced two or more fully formed adults. There was no nurturing necessary, and each man had his wife within him. This sounds shocking the first time that you hear it, but if you are hearing this tape and you are panicking, just calm down and thing about it. This is what happened to Jesus. Why didn't Jesus have a wife? He was both male and female. He was a superior man. It is a real problem, the church is just going to have to grow up, this existence that we live is not ideal, it is a very low existence. I am really sorry if you are hearing this tape and I am upsetting you, but I am telling you the truth. It is low form of existence compared to the existence that Jesus of Nazareth led in the days of His flesh, and we are promised the same kind of high spiritual life style that Jesus of Nazareth lived in the days of His flesh, but until we get to that high spiritual place Jesus has said let every man live decently and in order, let the young women marry, let them have children, respect your husbands, husbands love your wives, let everything be done decently and in order until the regeneration. This is not a high life style Brethren, it's just not. Even the way we have our children, it is not a high life style. I just know people are talking about me. I don't care. There is nothing wrong with me, I have a child, I was married, I am normal. I am just telling you the truth. This is not a high life style that you reproduce and the child is dependent on you, sometimes for 18 or more years if they are still in school. It is not the way it is supposed to be. We are fallen. Adam and Eve did not look like us, and there was no apple tree. We had superior human beings that I believe were giants, they were male and female, they reproduced by cell division so the first circle 1A represents Noah with his wife within him, and then Noah became pregnant with Shem, Ham, and Japheth. That's drawing #B. I just drew some dotted lines, the F means female. Maybe I should have made it W for wife. I am going to leave it like that. Is it clear?

Question: I can't understand why there are five F's?

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, did I put an extra one in there? Well, yes there should only be four. I'll do the ;picture again, and I'll put a W instead of an F for wife so it lines up with Noah's wife. Will that make it easier, do you think? And then Noah became pregnant and just as in the cell division in a basic life form, you may have seen a demonstration of a cell division of an amoeba. You may have if you took biology. What happens is that the inner parts of the person start to prepare to divide so I am showing these lines that Noah started his whole being, started to break down into four people, himself and the three sons that he was bring forth, and it is a gradual process. The drawing starts out with dotted lines which shows just a vague separation, then C shows that the separation is stronger. Drawing D, this isn't too clear, but you can see that the separations are stronger and the whole person of Noah is starting to break up because I drew the external circle in dashes showing that the whole being of Noah was now breaking up into four people. In drawing E, you can see four distinct individuals and the outer shell is a dotted line, it is breaking up. In drawing F, we have four complete individuals, not attached, each with their wife in the midst of them. Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, each with his wife in the midst. 1 Peter 3:20 says, eight souls saved by water. They were double soul men, and the wife was their mortal nature, and the husband was the resurrected Adam in them. It wasn't Christ Jesus in those days. They were in right relationship and Jehovah, and that made them male. Their fallen nature was their wife in the midst of them, and we are in that condition now. Christ Jesus in us, if we are living out of Him makes us spiritually male, and our mortal nature is our wife in the midst of us. We have to keep her down because our mortal nature is the woman. She is our sin nature, and the man in us, Christ Jesus in us, has to keep her under control or we will lose our manhood, we will experience spiritual castration. Now I am a spiritual man because women are not supposed to teach. Some people say, look at what you are teaching. But that is o.k. I know that I am a spiritual man, I know that Abel is rising f rom the dead in me, and it is not a popular teaching. A couple of men that I have told it to have absolutely flipped out. I know that one man, an old friend who recently lost his wife, I was speaking to him on the telephone and I already knew because I know what people are thinking, and the Lord had already warned me that he's looking for potential possibilities, but I am married, you see. I am married to Jesus, and the Lord rose up right in me, I didn't plan it, I didn't expect it, it was in the midst of the conversation, and the Lord rose up in me and said to him, I've become a spiritual man, and he flipped out. He had not said one word to me that indicated the way he was thinking, but Jesus knew what he was thinking so why would I say to him I've become a spiritual man? Because the Lord said it in me. The man said, You need deliverance, what are you talking about? I said, Well I've become a spiritual man. He interpreted it in some crazy way in his mind, but I said I'm married to Jesus. They think you are crazy. There is such a thing as spiritual manhood. It has nothing to do with your body. The fact that you are in a male physical body doesn't make you a spiritual man. It has to do with the one teaching through you, and the church is filled with women teaching, and the woman is supposed to be silent in the church, and she is screaming at the top of her lungs, she is screaming so loud that you can't hear the man preaching. That's the truth. Did I make that clear?

Question: I was just reading here your explanation of Noah and Ham, and your explanation makes Ham the good guy. Most people make Ham the bad guy.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is true. We find a lot of the King James translation backwards. Why is that? Because the carnal mind gets lots of things backwards. When the Lord first brought this revelation forth I thought it was just unique. I had never heard anything like it at all, and it was shocking, but when it went to Africa I found that they had that revelation in Africa. The African people, many of them, really suffer because of this scripture. It really hurts them, and they are aware that they have problems in Africa that probably do arise out of this curse. The way it is translated in the King James translation is very condemning to them. When I went there I was shown a prophecy in a Nigerian magazine where a very respected man of God had brought forth this prophecy, talking about Noah's curse saying, Which curse I never told him to make. He never authorized him to pronounce that curse so they have that revelation. Not all of them, but it is over there. I was shocked to see it, and I should not have been shocked because if the Lord gave it to me surely He would give it to them, those who are suffering as a result of it. The scripture that says that Ham was the least in his eyes, something like that, the way the King James translation translates it make it sound like Ham was the youngest one, but he is not. It is Shem, Ham, and Japheth. He is not the youngest one. It means he was the least esteemed. Ham was the least esteemed in Noah's eyes. Why was Ham the least esteemed? Because he was standing for righteousness and he was putting righteousness above his relationship with his father, but his relationship with his father was nothing like what we see in the world today. My personal feeling at this point, at least until the Lord gives me more revelation on it, is that Ham's recognition that Noah's mind had been corrupted came almost immediately after this differentiation. The reason I say that is because the scripture indicates that Shem and Japheth were still attached. Can you hear this? It was like Ham had been born but Shem and Japheth were corrupted along with Noah because they were still very attached to Noah. They were attached to each other and still very attached to Noah. Ham had completely differentiated. There is a term in modern psychology today that talks about individuating. I give psychology as a example just to show as some people need to know that these thoughts are present in the world. Some people need to hear that. For example, a woman who's been under a very domineering or dominant man all of her life. She tends to remain passive. God forbid that man dies, she is at a total loss, she doesn't know how to do anything, she doesn't know how to survive. This is not considered healthy in today's world by these schools of psychology. They think everybody should individuate. You should not be a partial tree, you see, under the shadow of your husband's tree. You should be your own person. It is possible to submit to your husband out of strength. You don't have to submit out of weakness. You can submit out of strength and be a whole person, and the same thing for children. Some children grow up and they never break the ties with their parents. It is healthy to individuate, to become a whole human being and then come back into relationship with your parents, your husband, out of strength because it is a good thing because your mature mind says this is a good thing, and I want to do it. That is what the term individuate means. It seems to me that Ham had completely individuated, had completely separated out from Noah. It is very clear that Shem and Japheth were still attached, and I suspect, although I haven't found it in the Hebrew, that although they were attached to each other they were still attached to Noah and still very much under his influence, and Japheth, there is very little said about Japheth. He has a few descendants, but if you follow the genealogies in the scriptures it is mostly dealing with Ham and Shem. Japheth may never have fully individuated. I don't know. There is so much we don't know.

Is there anything else in this section before I start talking about altars?

Question: I know most of the Christian world accepts Jesus as being the ark, but when you say ark you mean Jehovah, Cain and Abel, the altar built?

PASTOR VITALE: The altar is not the same thing as the ark. The alter is not the same thing. Jesus is our altar. I believe it is in the book of Revelation that He is our altar, it doesn't say He is our ark. We are the ark in which the life of God dwells. We are the city that the resurrected life dwells in. Jesus is not the ark, He is our altar.

Question: What is the difference in the ark and the city?

PASTOR VITALE: The difference between the ark and the city, well I don't know. There may not be any difference. I have never really addressed that question, and I find that in the scriptures the Lord will use a different word for something that really means the same thing. For example, in the book of Revelation the winepress is really the same judgment as the lake of fire, but He gives it two different names because He is talking about it from t two different points of view. Off the top of my head I would say the ark and the city are the same thing, but I haven't really addressed it yet. Seems to me He is saying ark when He is dealing with the issue of the flood waters rising. You see, Adam is the flood waters, and this whole concept of an ark in Genesis 6 and 7 is talking about the resurrection of the dead Adam. It wouldn't really make any sense to say you are a city when He is talking about all this water. He says you are an ark.

Question: Now then, what about the word arc?

PASTOR VITALE: You mean the arc of the testament? Question: Like an arc in electrical, a spark, arc, a charge or something. PASTOR VITALE: Oh really, I don't know.

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I think I know what you are talking about, it is called a synapses, but there may be another word for it. Are you talking about the jumping of the energy from one point to another? Do you know anything about an arc that you want to include? I know that nerve endings do not touch each other, and the energy jumps from one nerve ending to another never ending, and I believe it is called a synapses. So you are asking me what does that mean, arc?

Question: I just didn't know if the arc had any connection with the ark.

PASTOR VITALE: At this point I don't think so. Not that I know of. Maybe I am not following your thoughts.

Question: I think you are following me. I just remember listening to some tapes years ago and the man talked about the arc, and I can't remember all he said.

PASTOR VITALE: And you don't remember the context of what He said?

Question: No, I will have to look it up.

PASTOR VITALE: It could have been his terminology. I would like to know if you find it.

The significance of altar is that it is a living thing. It is the thing inside of us that makes us alive. You might remember me saying earlier that we can have consciousness without having life. That which gives us consciousness is Elohim's breath, but that which gives us life is union with Jehovah. Thus, the altar. We have to be attached to Jehovah to have an altar within us. Jehovah will not join with Cain. He will only join with Abel. To anyone listening to this tape, I keep talking in doubles because I don't want people to think that I don't believe in Jesus Christ any more. Jesus of Nazareth was a man in whom Abel rose from the dead, and after Abel rose from the dead, Adam rose from the dead. I definitely believe in Jesus Christ. He is our altar. Jesus Christ was a mortal man in whom this configuration existed. Abel rose from the dead in Him and connected with Jehovah, and he brought Cain, His mortal nature, underneath His God nature. Rom. 1:4 talks about the Spirit of Holiness. He was made righteous by the Spirit of Holiness. That's what this means. Abel rose from the dead in Him. He used the power of the resurrected Abel to bring His mortal nature under His authority and because He did this, He was found righteous by Jehovah at the time of His baptism, and He was reconnected to Jehovah and a living altar appeared in Him. Basically, that is what it means. I had a prophesy years ago. I've had a very, very hard walk. Everybody doesn't have the same labor. I've had a very hard walk. Things were very tough. I couldn't see God in my life which was really terrible. I couldn't see God in it. I had been reconciled and justified for several years. I couldn't see what was happening that I was being prepared for this ministry which is a great honor that has been bestowed upon me to bring forth this word. One night I was really just miserable, He brought me to a local church where the pastor didn't even know me brought forth a prophesy with such power that he was running around the church saying, I don't even know you and I brought forth a prophesy like this. He was dancing and jumping. It came down with such power. The word was, Don't slip and don't slide. The altar is being restored. I had no idea what it meant. You see, the altar was being restored in me. What did that mean? Abel was rising from the dead in me. The one who has the ability to connect, well in our case it is with the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, was rising from the dead in me. I had no idea what it meant. The Lord does not talk baby talk to us. He talks adult talk. We have the responsibility of not ceasing from praying until He explains it to us. Usually He explains it through a teacher, but not always, but usually He explains it through a teacher. He talks His language to us. I think we are all in agreement here that we have broken the code. What's happening here is just so exciting. We don't have the whole thing, but we have broken the code. We have got some major symbols decoded. The only thing that's holding us back (end of tape).






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