What Is Required Of Me Lord?

Prior, to learning about L. E. M I thought that I knew a lot. Since then, your ministry has revealed to me that I didn't know what much of anything. You have corrected me in my errors and some times I'm scared of what you will say next. I know that all of this is for my best and it's not any condemnation of sort, but my carnal mind would have me to believe otherwise. I said to myself and prayed that the Lord would reveal to you anything that I needed to hear, since I'm having trouble hearing his voice. I know that all of this help to mature the Christ in me.

Through my lack of spiritual knowledge I have hurt others and myself. I confess all of that as sin. Some times, I feel like giving up, but I know deep within there's nothing else out there for me. I must continue for the Lord, myself, family, and the others out there. The thoughts that I had about the Lord and things that I wanted to do for the Lords have changed since, since I accepted this ministry teaching as the word of God. My thoughts and things were carnal. I know that I'm still infested with a sinful nature and sometimes I fool myself to think that I'm delivered of something and I'm not.

This ministry has pointed that out to me from time to time. Did I welcome the corrections with open arms? No! It was a shock to me, my feelings were hurt, thoughts flowed through my mind that seem to say otherwise, but, spiritually speaking, I didn't allow those thoughts to manifest against what I had heard. Did I like the minister who corrected me? On the surface I did and maybe unconsciously I didn't. So when in doubt I confess my unknown sin. I confess my sin of pride and the area that was pointed out to me. Why am I writing this letter? I was laying my bed and this thought entered my mind," What is required of me Lord."

What is required of me Lord? Is this a good question to ask one self? My answer to this question is all of me, and I require all of you. You must put away your carnal thinking and let me teach you about me. You don't know much about me and yet I have more of me to give to you.

How can the clay tell the potter how to form itself? My forming is painful at times, but this is a process that you must go through. All of your sins must flow to the top and with my help they will be no more. I require all of you, but, you say Lord, I have this or that, what about this or that? I say to you, What about it? You must die to self, and your life in the carnal must die, for you to have my life. What is your life without me?

What is required of me Lord? Not, what is required of me wife, husband, employer, family and so forth. When you refuse to do what, I require of you, you have given Satan grounds, in your life to steal, kill, and destroy. What you have sown you will reap. You are the cause of your problems. You must seek me, to see what I require of you, in the problem, circumstances, and so forth. What I require of you is not what I may require of others.

Seek me to see what I require off you, not what you think I require of you

God bless the reader


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