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Pastor Vitale, I am sorry to hear that, but I am not surprised, that seems to be the big problem of the hour, people just cannot believe that there is no hell as the church world and the catholic church has taught it, it's the big doctrine, that seems everyone stumbles over, it's just too big to let go of, and I think it's really fear underneath.  I know I have been afraid about it before, I think these teachings are designed to make you afraid and lock you out of God's truth, and I can understand this message of Christ only with my Christ mind.


Interestingly enough, I told XXX just yesterday that I believe that death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire, and Christ is the lake of fire, both death and hell will be destroyed, and I don't believe that people will burn forever and forever, throughout ages and ages in some place in the center of the earth like they are teaching, I believe that hell is when we are being reincarnated and going through growing up all over again, and going through bad things here on earth, and that there is a Scripture that says, All judgment is in the flesh.  I didn't have the reference of where, but I do believe it says that, do you know the reference for that?


[Pastor Vitale's response] 1 Pet 4:6


He just looked at me and said, uh huh.  I asked him so what do you think of what I am saying?  He did not attack me, it was nice that he didn't, but he said, you know I have been taught that all my life, and have heard preachers and listened to tapes about hell, and people who went out of their bodies and God showed them hell, and what it was like, and that it is a real place other than here on earth and people do go there and it is absolutely terrible.  I didn't know what to say about that.  What do you have to say about these visions or out of the body experiences or people who have died and seen this place?


[Pastor Vitale's response] They are visions depicting the spiritual reality of our hellish lives, which we are blinded to.


Also I said, what would be the purpose for God punishing people without an end, forever and ever.  God punishes to bring repentance to his creation at some point whether earlier or later.  He said, I think people like Hussein and Hitler deserve to be punished. Any comment on that one? 


[Pastor Vitale's response] They do deserve to be punished and they are and will be punished by the Sowing & Reaping Judgment, but not forever. God does not punish a crime or crimes that have a beginning and an end with an endless punishment. The law says and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. So lets's say that Hitler has to reincarnate and die for each life that he took. Hitler's punishment will eventually come to an end.


I reasoned with him and said, but what is the purpose for it never coming to an end.  The Bible says, Satan will be tormented before the lamb,


[Pastor Vitale's response] This torment according to the Greek word means "to be driven to the bottom." Satan's torment is that she will be under the authority of Chris Jesus forever, but his is not torment as the carnal mind perceives torment. When Satan is under the control of Christ Jesus, she will know peace.


but does it say people will be tormented forever in the presence of the lamb, Pastor Vitale does it say this anywhere that people will be tormented in the presence of the lamb forever?


[Pastor Vitale's response] Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, so it is accurate to say that "the old man" will be tormented forever, but that means "controlled and prevented from doing sinful deeds forever."


Does it says that people will be separated from God forever anywhere?


[Pastor Vitale's response]  No. the only thing that is forever is Christ Jesus


And I said to XXX, does it make sense that people say Satan is running around down in hell tormenting people and laughing about it, if Satan is the one that is going to be tormented, how could he be doing that, or the demons be running around tormenting people?   


[Pastor Vitale's response] Technically, mortal man is a manifestation of Leviathan, and Satan, Leviathan's wife, torments him continually. So we see that an unhappy marriage is the perfect example of hell.


Love XXX

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