Spiritual Marriage

Date: Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Subject: Spiritual Marriage


This is the last of the three dreams that I had the other weekend. This was a strange one for me. I didn't have a dream. I was awaken by a communication of some sort. I laid on my bed, while I felt that I was having some sort of a communication. Here's what happen. This was spoken to me, "Angels don't get married," and the words of the show, "Touched by an Angel" was shown to me. I saw these words within my spirit.


Scene changes: The thought of a physical marriage entered my mind along with these words. "My marriage is not like a physical one. It's a spiritual union. I felt that the Lord was about to marry someone, and the two shall be one.


Comment: I was thinking about this thought when I had fully awaken. A spiritual marriage brings death to self, our self desires must die prior to this spiritual marriage. The physical marriage exposes our sins and nakedness. A physical marriage has character traits, habits, attitudes, expectations, and misconceptions.


When two people come together for a marriage, they are full of pride. All of these things must be stripped away. Our attitudes, pride, expectations, habits, character traits, and misconceptions must be changed by way of confession, and repenting that these things cannot be a part of a spiritual union.


It's the spirit of Christ that flows within this marriage, not our misconceptions, and so forth. The Lord wants to be our husband. He's the head of the marriage, and we shall be His wife. We must become one with Him, and allow Him to change us, to prepare us for the upcoming marital union. Self must die. Self desires always destroy the process towards a spiritual union.


We allow our pride to die and put our trust in the Lord. Those of us who have been married or are married, think about the process that we took before we said," I do." It's the same way with the Lord. We all must go through a process before we can be Sons of God, and obtain full marital union with the Lord Jesus Christ. We all are spiritually female, and to be a male, we must be joined to Christ Jesus. We are to become one. There's a phase" Until death do we part", Yes, death to the carnal mind brings an end to Satan's world, which leads to life.


The glorified Lord Jesus Christ chose his wife to become one with his personality, to be a husband, to take care of that personality (similar to a physical husband).


The Scripture declares, Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and take no thought for what you shall eat, drink, or be clothed with. You see, your spiritual husband shall provide you with those things that he wants you to have. He's your spiritual covering. Remember, when the two become one, your desires will cease to be.


Your desires will have died. It's the glorified Lord Jesus Christ living within you, and the kingdom of God will be living through you, for that which you do or say, will be the will of the Father.


In Christ, xxxxx

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