Son Of Man Vs Son Of God

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Hi Pastor Vitale,

What's the difference between the Son of man and Son of God? Is Jesus the first "Son of man?"


Thank you.

 Love, XXX


Christ is the Son of God.


Christ is the awakened Abel.


Christ is also the morning: Jehovah’s breath interwoven with the earth.


Christ Jesus is the Son/offspring of man/Adam.


Christ Jesus is the hybrid/mediator, born of the union of the Lord Jesus and Christ,


Christ Jesus is the double portion: Jehovah’s breath in Christ, married to the Lord Jesus, is strong enough to permanently control and dominate the earthen factor of the creation.


Christ Jesus is two parts God (Jehovah’s breath and the glorified Jesus), and one part earth.


Please see the Alternate Translation of Daniel 8 for a further witness.


Jesus is not the first son of man (more accurately, the son of Adam). Jehovah addressed most of the prophets as the son of man/Adam, especially Ezekiel.


I believe, though that Jesus is the first prophet to be an imparted/permanent son of man. The prophets would alternate between the two states (mortal man and son of man), just like we do today.


Thank you.

Love, Pastor Vitale

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