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Such advertising is aimed at interested investors, but the price of publication will be high. Advertising a HYIP-project.

Other advertising methods (contextual, popup, search, forum) have less effect and take more time.

How to order a turnkey HYIP site The best sites are created by a team of developers.; So gradually the HYIP begins to work, collecting funds and paying them according to the system.

Understand everything and promote your first project from scratch will not be easy, while an open to cooperation admin is easier to attract new investors.

Why it is better to order a ready-made website: the development takes 2-4 weeks; layout, technical functionality (scripts, engine integration on hosting) will make and adjust to customer requirements; automatic connection of payment systems;

Experienced investors choose projects with a plausible legend.

Is it legal to create HYIPs Creating a HYIP is not prohibited by law, if it is not proven that it hides a pyramid scheme.popularhyiphyipexplorer hyip monitoring 24

When participating, depositors confirm that they agree with all the risks. These conditions are spelled out in the registration agreement and protect the project management from liability.

It is important to remember that as long as the plans are fulfilled, the HYIP works and is not considered to be a fraud.

After a scam, it is impossible to prove the fraud and often even to find the creators of the site.

Personal security when creating a HYIP It's important to follow the following rules: don't link your personal e-mail, social networks profiles with your working accounts; use anonymous browsers - Tor, Pirate, Epic Privacy, etc.; choose reliable anonymizers, VPN-services to hide your IP address.: For ease of use, the status of other HYIP monitors is also present in the ‘Other Monitors’ column and upon pressing ‘+’.  HYIP24MONITORING

Hi all. Today we will talk about what is a HYIP project on the Internet, is it worth to work with them and how to reduce the risks.

Chapter 1 About the concept 2 Types of HYIPs on the Internet 3 How to make money from HYIPs 4 How to reduce risks About the concept The word "HYIP" in literal translation from English "hyip" (High Yield Investment Program) means "high-yield investment program. It is not always a HYIP-project is a pyramid, but 99% of similar services on the Internet, in fact, are fraudulent.

This is especially true for those who provide or conceal deliberately false information.

In the usual sense, for many, a HYIP - a project that pays a profit to the investor with the money invested by the newly attracted investors.

As a rule, such projects look like the funds investing in startups, gold mining, trends on the stock and currency market, cryptocurrency, etc., making a certain impression on investors.

What is the difference between online HYIP projects and other investment instruments?

Their liabilities to investors always exceed available assets: it is necessary to attract new investors in order to pay a profit.;  These large varieties of investment plans, designs, conditions and terms plunge into shock both novices and experienced investors.


That is why such projects are nothing other than pyramid schemes.;

There are pyramids, which make attracting new participants, i.e. building a referral network, the main condition for making profit. If you attract a new investor you get a percentage of his profit.

But it's impossible to attract new investors forever, bankruptcy (or scam) of the HYIP-fund is just a matter of time.  Second, our service makes qualitative judgements about all new investment websites, conducts marketing researches, warns about risks of investments in unfair programs. This category is your best and reliable partner in the world of investments.  Investments in HYIP websites through our monitoring  Working with HYIP projects poses certain risk to investors.