Revelation, Chapter 12 - Part 4

LivingEM:  Praise the Lord everybody. We are continuing on with Revelation, Chapter 12, verse 13, and when the Dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.


 Strong's definition of "Dragon" is, "a fabulous kind of serpent. “I have done a lot of teaching on the different aspects of the Primordial Serpent, identifying as many aspects of herself that were revealed to me at the time. If I have given you the impression that all of these aspects, the Primordial Serpent, the fiery serpent, Leviathan [who is the Dragon], the Devil and Satan, are separate persons, let me correct that idea now.


            If anyone reading this transcript is not familiar with my teaching about the Trinity, that there is no Trinity, but one God only, you can review this Scriptural principal on the Question & Answer Page of the LEM Website.


            There is no Trinity in God's Kingdom, and there is no Trinity in the Primordial Serpent's Kingdom. There is one God, and there is one Serpent, neither of which are material beings.


            Jehovah is pure spirit. The Primordial Serpent is spiritualized Earth, passing herself off as pure spirit. A major difference between spiritual and material beings, is that material beings, humans, for example, cannot change the form that they are in when they are born into this world. The form that we are born with can grow and mature, but we always remain human, that is, we continue to have two arms, to legs, one head, to eyes, etc.


            Spiritual beings, on the other hand, are shapeshifters, who have the spiritual strength to "mold" the material atoms of the universe, at will, and take whatever form they like. Spiritual beings can also be in several places at one time. This particular ability, to be in many places at the same time, and to be in a different form, in each place, has confused many.      The doctrine of the Trinity is one of these confusions.


            I go into this concept in more detail on message #384 Part 1 -3  Quantum Mechanics, The Science Of Spiritual Activity. I have briefly reviewed this spiritual principle, to help you understand what the Scripture means when it says that "the Dragon was cast down into the earth."


            According to Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, Verse 3, we see that the Scriptural term, "the Dragon" is speaking about an ascended aspect of the fiery serpent. One cannot be cast down into the earth, if one is already in the earth.


            Now, some of us know that the fiery serpent, which the world calls Kundalini, is in the root energy center, whose quality is "earth." If you are new to this Ministry, you will probably be shocked to hear me say that God, that is, Jehovah, or any of His agencies, Elohim, Michael, Adam, Elijah, Jesus, did not make this world that we live in, including the physical bodies that we live in.


            This creation, this world, including the universes, was, and is continuously being formed by the Primordial Serpent, through her many aspects. Anyone who can honestly look at this world, the disease, the poverty, the animosity, the violence, and the hate, will have to admit that a loving God did not make our mind in this condition, or our body in this condition, or our environment, which decays continuously, in this condition. This creation is a fallen creation.


            So, from this jumping off point, I will say to you that each human being is incarnated, Jesus being the only exception, by an aspect of the Primordial Serpent, which is specialized to form human beings in the Primordial Serpent's image.


            This is why Jesus could call the Pharisees "vipers." When Jesus said this, he was not attacking the Pharisees. He was telling them the truth, not to hurt them, but to "wake them up." Jesus sounds a wake-up call, which is always a call to change, only to the people that he is offering the opportunity, including the power, to change.


            Mortal humanity is the offspring of the Primordial Serpent. The Primordial Serpent is the Earth which has received consciousness. The Earth received this consciousness when Elohim's waters of life flowed over her.


            Genesis 1, Verse 9, relates Elohim's command for the waters which flowed over the Earth, to be gathered together with the waters above the firmament. But, to make the story simple for the purposes of this message, the Earth, which now had a will of its own, because the waters of life gave it consciousness, fought to remain in a hydrated [saturated] state by engaging in spiritually criminal behavior so that she could retain the waters of life where she exists, in the lower window of creation.


            This mortal world that we live in, including our physical bodies, and everything made of the earth, is temporal, and will eventually cease to exist, because it is a counterfeit creation which exists in the lower window of creation. This is why the Scripture says that Satan, the Primordial Serpent's aspect in our world, is a liar, liar, meaning “false,” meaning “counterfeit.”


            Jehovah's creation exists in the upper window, or upper room, of creation, and has only a carefully measured, limited amount of "dust" in it (dust, being the surface part of the Earth), so that the invisible Spirit could be visible. So, we have all been formed from the ground, the ground being the name of the Earth hydrated [saturated] with the waters of life.


            If you think that Jesus was thirsty for the water that human beings drink, you are mistaken. Jesus, the man, whose physical body was hanging on the cross, is not the one who said, “I thirst." It was Adam, the same one who spoke through the man Jesus, saying "before Abraham was, I Am."


            Adam was saying," the waters of life belong to me, and I am the guardian of them. I lust, therefore, a Godly lust, for what is mine, and I know that this criminal act which is crucifying The Son of Man, will result in the return of the waters of life to me. "So mortal man, that is us, is made from dust, which are the surface particles of the Earth, and the water of Elohim's waters of life.


            "Water" is a euphemism [polite way of saying] "semen." Mortal man is made from the dust, and the water part of Jehovah's spiritual semen, but the seed part of Jehovah's semen is not in us, unless we have the Spirit of Christ added to us after birth.


            So, because we are formed from the water of life, but lack the seed of life, we have consciousness, but lack the true life, which is the life of God. What we are experiencing here in this world, which is hell, is “death.”


            The Scripture does not say that "death" is the end of consciousness. On the contrary, the Scripture clearly says that "death" is separation from God. So we, humanity, the inmates of hell, have a conscious existence, which is not true life, but a counterfeit existence, which falls far short of what Jehovah had in mind when He thought us into existence.


            The Scripture says that the Earth is "nothing," meaning that she is nothing in and of herself. That is, without the waters of life, she, who lacks the seed of life, would be totally without consciousness. But, guess what? Jehovah is not in agreement with the Primordial Serpent, that she should possess the waters of life. So Jehovah sent Christ Jesus to recover the stolen waters, and that's why Jehovah has made salvation available to humanity. Because, we are made from the waters of His life, even though we lack His seed.


            So, we see that the waters of life, alone, produce a consciousness called "death, “but that it takes Jehovah's whole semen, the waters and the seed of life, to birth immortality in the dust of the earth. I hope that I have helped you to deal with the cruel reality of our being in the Primordial Serpent's image by also telling you that, because our personality is formed from the waters of Jehovah's life, we also have the opportunity to have our nature changed into the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the impartation of Jehovah's seed of life, which is in the Spirit of Christ.


            I will continue with my exhortation on the spiritual principles, that you need to understand what I'm about to say.


            The Primordial Serpent is an energy source. "Spirit" is personalized energy. "Spirit" can be likened to fire. So, for the purposes of understanding how the Dragon can be cast down to the earth, let us think of the Primordial Serpent as a great fire out of which comes forth an aspect of herself, which reflects her "desire and will to incarnate."


            We will call this aspect of herself that desires to incarnate, "Leviathan." Leviathan, too, is a great fire, although subordinate to the Primordial Serpent, and Leviathan throws off many sparks of her great fire, each one of which, passes through the conscious Earth in the lower window of creation, and gathers enough material atoms to herself, to form a human being.


            Each of these sparks is a "Kundalini" that forms a human being, and then "goes to sleep" in a spiritual place within that human being, just like a human fetus "rests" within its mother’s womb. Also, just like a human fetus feeds off of the mother through the umbilical cord, the fiery serpent "feeds" off of the human being that it incarnated, through an apparatus in the spiritual part of the human being's physical body.


            Paul said that we have a celestial body, as well as a terrestrial body. The fiery serpent is spiritual, and she dwells in, and feeds off of our celestial body, which is our personality. The fiery serpent feeds off of the measure of energy that we are born with. The fiery serpent is what the Scripture calls our mortal foundation.


            Now, this might be a little difficult to understand, but the fiery serpent has "woven us" like a spider weaves a web.


            Pro. 30:28 says, "The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in King's palaces."


            This verse of Scripture tells us that the fiery serpent seizes us, lives in us, and "wields" us, just like a spider lives in, and utilizes, the web that it weaves.


            The fiery serpent is energy, and, as such, she has woven every aspect of our being out of herself, both physical, and celestial. So we see, that the fiery serpent is manifesting in many aspects of herself within each individual. She weaves in and out of herself, to accomplish her goal, and her goal is to fully possess us, live through us, and "wield" us, or use us as an instrument to express herself, and the fiery serpent in each of us, is collectively, the Primordial Serpent.


            This is what the Scripture is talking about in Verse 9, where it says, “That old serpent, called the Devil and Satan....” All of the aspects of the Primordial Serpent, are the Primordial Serpent, and the different names that she takes, indicate the different functions that she performs.


            So, we have a spiritual parasite living in our celestial body, and feeding off of the measure of energy which we received from the water of life, at birth, which is a part of the substance that we are formed of. This energy is in the form of spiritual blood.


             There are two major sources of spiritual blood available to the fiery serpent. Our spiritual blood flows along the nerves of our celestial body, which nerves function in a manner similar to the veins and arteries of our physical body. For lack of a better term, I will say that "the revitalized blood" which we can liken to the oxygenated blood that flows through our veins, flows through one major nerve, and the "depleted blood" that the fiery serpent has already fed upon, circulates through another major nerve.


            The depleted blood circulates through the tissues and organs of our physical and celestial body, and is "revitalized" by drawing energy from those tissues and organs. This is why we age and eventually die: Because the fiery serpent is literally consuming our spiritual blood, from within us.


            But, there is another supply of energy in an energy center which is beyond the grasp of the spiritual nerves that I have just described to you. This great reservoir of energy is beyond the individual. It is in Leviathan, who the fiery serpent can access through the seventh energy center, which is on top of the brain.


            But the fiery serpent is sleeping in the lowest energy center of the individual, and she is in no way tempted to rise up and pierce through the intermediary energy centers that separate her from Leviathan, so long as she has enough to eat through the two nerves before described, that feed her while she is in the lowest energy center.


            Now, Yoga is the science of "stirring up" the fiery serpent and "leading" her up through the intermediary energy centers, to where Leviathan is, in the seventh center, so that the fiery serpent can join with Leviathan, and through a spiritual sexual union with her, partake of the universal energy, the energy that is in the Primordial Serpent, but beyond the individual.


            At this point, I would ask everyone to think about why a loving God would create us in such a way, that to attain to eternal life, we would have to go through all of the physical works necessary to raise the fiery serpent to the seventh center before we could enter into eternal life.


            Of course the answer is that Jehovah never placed us in this position, and that true eternal life cannot be attained this way. Then one would ask himself, if the Primordial Serpent formed this creation, and her ultimate goal, is to fully possess us, why would she make it so difficult for herself?


            The answer, brethren, is that the Primordial Serpent did not create this difficulty for herself. It was Jehovah, at the Tower of Babel, who so limited the Primordial Serpent, by bisecting her, so as to prevent her full possession of the creation. That is to say, it was Jehovah's intervention in the Primordial Serpent's scheme that resulted in the fiery serpent being separated from Leviathan.


            So we see that Leviathan, the aspect of the Primordial Serpent that is beyond the individual, and is, in fact, the collective subconscious mind of the whole of mortal humanity, desires to rouse the sleeping fiery serpent in the root center of the individual, because Leviathan carries out the Primordial Serpent’s "will and desire," to engage in spiritual intercourse with the fiery serpent in the individual.


            The fiery serpent is the fetus of the Primordial Serpent. So we see here, the manifestation of the Primordial Serpent's incestuous inclinations: That she desires to engage in spiritual intercourse with her own offspring. Another way to put it, is that the fiery serpent in the individual, is the Primordial Serpent's fetus, and, when the fiery serpent "grows up," she will engage in spiritual intercourse with Leviathan and be "born again" as the Dragon, who will fully possess the "human womb" that nurtured her.


            Now, for those of you who might be distressed over what I have just said, I remind you, that the true message of the Scripture, is that Christ, Jesus Christ's fetus, shall be grafted to all of the members of humanity, and when Jesus Christ's fetus fully matures, he becomes the man child who will completely possess the "human wombs" that nurtured Him.


            So, brethren, the question is not whether or not humanity will be possessed by a spiritual life form, but WHICH spiritual life form will possess humanity.


            So, we see, that it is the Primordial Serpent's plan, through


Leviathan, to fully possess each individual in the collective human race, but to do that, the Primordial Serpent's fetus in the individual, which is the "worm" that the Scripture talks about, must be goaded into rising into the seventh center, where she "marries" Leviathan.


            "The Dragon," the Primordial Serpent's spiritually mature offspring, who has access to the energy of the Primordial Serpent's whole, spiritual cosmos, as well as the energy of the individual, is born of this marriage between the fiery serpent and Leviathan.


            So, we see that the spiritual battle described in Revelation, Chapter 12, Verse 7, is between the Primordial Serpent's offspring in the individual, and Christ Jesus, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the individual, which is the man child of Verses 4-5.


            So, first of all, for the Dragon to be present in any individual, the fiery serpent in that individual must have, of necessity, pierced through the intermediary energy centers, ascended to the seventh center, and "married" Leviathan.


            Verse 1 of Chapter 12 shows the woman, which is the personality that is bringing forth the spiritual child, either the Primordial Serpent's child, or Jesus Christ's child, as having "the moon under her feet." According to Hindu philosophy, "the moon," is the major nerve along which the "vitalized" energy flows.


            Now, the Dragon of Verse 3, is a spiritual potential. Once the individual is "opened up" spiritually, if the Spirit of Christ is present, both the man child, which is Christ Jesus, and the fiery serpent, the female child, mature as the increased energy flows into the individual.


            The spiritual blood of Jesus Christ matures both Christ Jesus, the man child, and the fiery serpent. Of course, if the individual's spirituality is leaning towards the fiery serpent, this is the sin of witchcraft, and the individual, and his offspring, will reap the fruit of his illegal spiritual activity.


            Living out of the fiery serpent when Christ is present, is the evil that the Scripture is talking about when it says, "And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord." But so far as the end result is concerned, the individual develops spiritually, and it is only the ultimate result of the battle between Christ Jesus and the Dragon in the individual that determines whether the woman, which is the personality, will be "born again, as the female Dragon, or Christ Jesus, the man child.


            Gen. 25:24-26, demonstrates this principle. Rebekah's twins signify the two potential offspring in the individual, and also are a parable which tells about the usurpation of the birthright of the one who was destined to be the first born.


            Adam came very close to being fully born as a civilized man, in Jehovah's image, But the Primordial Serpent overthrew him and Elohim's waters were born as Cain and Abel.


            The day of reckoning is at hand, however, and Adam, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, is recouping that which was lost. So, we see here, the parable of the wheat and the tares. "Let them both grow together," says the Lord of the harvest.


            In this hour, there are many people in the Earth in various stages of spiritual maturity, some of which actively practice both white and black witchcraft, and others who don't yet know who they are, or what kind of power they have in their hands.


            As far as I know, at this time there is no "champion" manifesting in Spiritual Israel who is strong enough to defeat a human being who is powerful in witchcraft. This is what the Scripture means when it says, in Rom. 8:19, “: ....the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.”


            The Church knows not what it's waiting for, but some of us know that we are waiting for the present day "Judge of Israel" to manifest, and that Judge, is a many-membered spiritual man, whose name is “Christ Jesus.”


            Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God in man, is about to manifest in the flesh of a company of human beings who are completely submitted to him because they have overcome their sin nature by the spiritual strength that was imparted to them, through the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


            So, we see in Verse 13, that the Dragon was cast into the earth. This means that the ascended fiery serpent withdrew from the highest energy center that she ascended to, and returned to her "resting place" in the lowest energy center.


            The significance here, brethren, is that as soon as the rising Sons are ready, the Lord is sending them to the spiritually mature people that the fiery serpent is ascended in, to tell them the good news, that spiritual maturity, as well as true eternal life, is available to them through Christ Jesus, and that they can cross over into Elohim's eternal timeline by his strength, which is in the Spirit of Christ.


            In other words, no matter how ascended you are in the fiery serpent, no matter what kind of evil you have done through Satan and the fiery serpent's witchcraft, forgiveness of sins is available to you today, when you cross over into Elohim's eternal timeline by confessing that you have engaged in illegal spiritual activities, but desire to change, and be employed by the Lord Jesus Christ.


            The Lord Jesus is reaching out to spiritually ascended people in this hour, because people who are spiritually ascended in the fiery serpent, are in the greatest danger of experiencing "the resurrection of the unjust," which is full possession by the Dragon.


            So, we see that the phrase, "the Dragon was cast into the earth," means the reversal of the fiery serpent’s ascending momentum into the higher centers of the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit timeline in the individual, and her return to the root energy center, where she, once again, "sleeps in the earth."


            The Greek word translated "persecuted," can also be translated, "to pursue." I suggest to you, brethren, that the Dragon spoken about in Verse 13, is not the "Dragon" that the ascended fiery serpent is transformed into, but the "collective Dragon," the Primordial Serpent's pseudo-male aspect, that dwells in, and beyond, the 7th energy center in the individual.


            Further, brethren, this "collective Dragon" does not "persecute" the woman, who is the personality that we are, but "pursues" her, because he wants to remarry the fiery serpent, which is the spiritual fetus that is in the woman (the personality's) womb.


            I told you in a recent message that the fiery serpent is the womb of the personality. I have also told you in the past, that it is a very common occurrence for me to initially see a spiritual truth "backwards," as I have in this case. I told you that the fiery serpent is the woman's womb. This is incorrect. The fiery serpent is the woman's fetus.


            The personality is "the woman." Each individual human being is a member of the many-membered woman, and every one of us is pregnant with a spiritually female fetus. But the spiritual world is not subject to the same laws as the physical world. In the spiritual world, it is possible to reform a fetus in utero, and this is exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing, and intends to do.


            There is a Scripture that I just tried to locate, but could not, which says that, in the Day of the Lord every woman, that can be translated, the whole woman, will produce a male child. So, we see, that "the woman" is the personality who is pregnant with the Primordial Serpent's fetus, whose spiritual sex has not yet been determined.


            The personality, or woman, who bears the female Dragon, will be in the Primordial Serpent's image, but the personality who bears the male Christ Jesus, the man child, will be in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


            The personality that bears the Dragon, the female child, will experience the resurrection of the unjust, which is the birth, or the rejoining in human flesh, of the Primordial Serpent that was bisected by Jehovah at Babel. But the personality that bears Christ Jesus, the man child, will experience the resurrection of the just, which is the resurrection of righteous Abel (Matt. 23:35), and will inherit eternal life.


            Jesus is not here to punish anyone. The reaping and sowing judgment which is mediated by Satan, our own unconscious mind, punishes us. Jesus has come to save that which was lost. He has come with forgiveness of sins, and the power to deliver us from hell. He will refuse no one, because submission to him so fully changes our nature, which, at the end of the process, the Old Man, no longer exists.


            So, to finish off our exhortation on Verse 13, the Dragon, the spiritual offspring of the union of the fiery serpent and Leviathan, in the individual, receded into the first energy center, and became the fiery serpent that "sleeps" in the root energy center again.


            Please note that there must be a loss of spiritual power to the personality as the Dragon descends and dissolves back into the fetus, or seed, that she was formed from, which is the earthen aspect of the Primordial Serpent in an individual, known as the fiery serpent.


            And Leviathan pursued the woman, the personality, which was pregnant with the man child.


            I know that the King James translation describes these events in the past tense, but I do not believe this to be the case. The whole significance of the verse is that the spiritual woman, the personality, is pregnant with a spiritual fetus whose sex can be changed up to the moment of birth.


            Let me remind you, that it was Christ Jesus, the Dragon's twin, who cast the Dragon down from the high centers of the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit timeline. Now, if you are offended because I just said that the Dragon is Christ Jesus' twin, you need to understand that both Christ Jesus and the Dragon have the same mother.


            The Dragon and Christ Jesus are half-brothers. The personality, which is of the earth, is the mother of "the Living one."


            So, we see, that the struggle between Rebekah's twins typifies the struggle between the Dragon and Christ Jesus. The fiery serpent is an asexual fetus insofar as she can develop into either spiritual sex, but if left to her own devices, she is spiritually female.


            The Dragon is the asexual fetus that has emerged as a spiritual female, and Christ Jesus is the asexual fetus that has emerged as a spiritual male.


            When Jesus said, “I am the son of man,” He was saying,” I Am the only spiritual male born of the female Earth,” which is presently appearing in our world, as “personality.”


            So, for the Scripture to say that “the Dragon pursued the woman,” is to say that the collective Dragon, which is Leviathan, sought to entice the fiery serpent to ascend, once again, so that he could remarry her.


            But don't forget, the fiery serpent that is not joined to a husband is ignorant, and easily influenced. So the Dragon is not merely "pursuing" some spiritual female, but is using witchcraft to seduce the fiery serpent away from her new husband, Christ Jesus. For the fiery serpent to be born as Christ Jesus, is against her nature, which nature is of the Earth.


            So the fiery serpent, the spiritual fetus growing within the personality of every human being born of a woman, will default to a spiritually female child, unless the Lord Jesus Christ intervenes in the development of that spiritual child.


            The Spirit of Christ can be likened to the male hormones that flow in a human woman's womb, which "bend" the sexuality of the fetus towards being a male. Without the intervention of the male hormones that come from the male sperm with a "Y" chromosome, that are not present in the female ovum, every human fetus would be born as a female child.


            Are there any questions about this simple message?


            Praise the Lord, everybody. May the Lord bring understanding and truth to every honest hear. I'll see you on-line next week. God bless you.


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