Prayer - Part 3


LivingEM: Praise the Lord!!
LivingEM: are there any questions or comments today?

LivingEM: we have been studying prayer.

LivingEM: we have found out that prayer works by faith,

LivingEM: and that faith is Christ resurrected in the individual.

LivingEM: we also found out that prayer can arise out of the holy spirit, as well as Christ.

LivingEM: does anybody remember how prayer arising out of the holy spirit, differs

LivingEM: from prayer that arises out of Christ?

DANIEL42: a person is influenced by the Holy Spirit to pray, but prayer out of Christ is the man himself

DANIEL42: himself

LivingEM: the first part, with regard to the holy spirit, is correct,

LivingEM: but what do you mean by "the man himself"?

LAMB4114: Prayer out of Christ can come in a conversational way

DANIEL42: when Christ prayets it is the man himself praying because Christ in us

LivingEM: this is true, prayer out of Christ does not proceed forth as a chant.

DANIEL42: is growing up and is a part of that man

LivingEM: I see what you are saying, Daniel.

LivingEM: I think the answer is that when Christ prays, the carnal mind is completely suppressed.

LivingEM: so we cannot really say, it is the man himself, because that sounds like you are saying

LivingEM: that it is the old man praying.

LivingEM: but I think you probably had the the correct answer, but did not express it correctly.

LivingEM: did you mean to say, that when Christ prays, it is your new man praying,


LivingEM: and your new man is the resurrected Christ in agreement with your personality.

LivingEM: so we see that the holy spirit is the paraclete,

LivingEM: the nursemaid to the carnal mind.

LivingEM: the holy spirit either agrees or disagrees with the prayers of the carnal mind.

LivingEM: when he disagrees, depending on the extent of the will power put into the prayer,

LivingEM: the prairie the falls flat, or is generated by witchcraft power.

LivingEM: the prayer either falls flat, or is propelled by witchcraft power.

LivingEM: when the holy spirit agrees with the prayer, the prayer is propelled by the holy spirit.

LivingEM: what does "propelled" mean in the context of our discussion?

LivingEM: prayer is a pronouncement.

LivingEM: can be a pronouncement of good, or it can be a pronouncement of evil.

LivingEM: this is the definition of "blessings" and "curses."

LivingEM: prayers are either a blessing or a curse.

LivingEM: my first heard the Scripture, the power og life-and-death is in the tongue,

LivingEM: I did not believe it.

LivingEM: I did not believe that it was necessary to worry about every word that I spoke.

LivingEM: and, of course, we should not have to do that.

LivingEM: I found out that it is true that life and death is in the tongue,

LivingEM: but it is also true that we do not have to worry about every word that we say.

LivingEM: I had been teaching here for years, that when an apparent contradiction appears,

LivingEM: them must be a spiritual understanding which will reconcile the two conflicting ideas.

OnlineHost: PSALM 29 2 has entered the room.

LivingEM: the bottom line is, that even if we worried, and labored over every word that we spoke,

LivingEM: he it would still not be possible to avoid cursing from time to time.

LivingEM: the reason for this, is our fallen mind.

LivingEM: our carnal mind is a blasphemeous organ.

LivingEM: James says that she is like a burning fire.

LivingEM: no matter how hard we try, brethren,

LivingEM: she will ultimately escape from the bands we have placed upon her,

LivingEM: and curse that person who has hurt us, or disappointed us,

LivingEM: or made a fool out of us --

LivingEM: even when we think that our response is Godly.

LivingEM: only a perfect man never since with his tongue.

LivingEM: James since that a man who bridlEs his tongue,

LivingEM: is a perfect man.

LivingEM: unfortunately, THe Authorized Version, makes its sound like

LivingEM: every fallEn man who tries hard enough, can bridle his tongue

LivingEM: but this is not true.

LivingEM: it is not true that the man who bridles his physical tongue, becomes spiritually perfect.

LivingEM: but, when the spiritual man bridles the carnal mind, that physical man

LivingEM: becomes a perfect man.

LivingEM: the carnal mind always places the emphasis in the wrong place.

LivingEM: the emphasis should not be on the carnal man using his own will power,

LivingEM: to bridle his tongue.

LivingEM: the emphasis be should on the development of the spiritual man,

LivingEM: because he is the only one who can successfully bridle that tongue.

LivingEM: we will never do it by exercising our own will power alone.

LivingEM: we must exercise will power, but our strength must come from Christ,

LivingEM: or the restraints will be incomplete.

LivingEM: the carnal mind can succeed in bridling audible sound,

LivingEM: but she cannot bridle, the inaudible sound, which is the true sin.

LivingEM: rom 7:5

LivingEM: For when we were in the flesh,

LivingEM: the motions of sins, which were by the law,

LivingEM: did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death.

LivingEM: did you ever wonder what the "motions off sins" was?

LivingEM: I did.

LivingEM: I wondered for years.

LivingEM: I now know that the spoken word and physical behavior are the very end product of sin.

LivingEM: I now know that if I desire to stop sin quickly enough so that

LivingEM: I will not be guilty, I must stop it long before it arises to the point of

LivingEM: offensive words or behavior.

LivingEM: I must stop the motion of the sin, when it first begins to flutter.

LivingEM: You see, sin begins as an idea, or a thought.

LivingEM: and the motions of ideas, or thoughts, are vibrations caused by the movement of spirit.

LivingEM: sin is spiritual.

LivingEM: sin begins with a thought.

LivingEM: seeing begins in the depths of our unconscious mind.

LivingEM: sin begins in the depths of our unconscious mind.

LivingEM: sin is so subtle that it is virtually impossible to stop it early enough,

LivingEM: to say that one is innocent.

LivingEM: did you ever correct your children, and be able to tell that they were about to balk at what

LivingEM: you have said?

LivingEM: and do you ever remember saying to them, before they could get a word out,

LivingEM: "don't even think about it."

LivingEM: in this fall in world, there is forgiveness for sinful attitudes,

LivingEM: and sinful behavior, and sinful words.

LivingEM: this is as deep as the judgment of this world goes.

LivingEM: the judgment of this world is no small thing.

LivingEM: good behavior, and good attitudes, and good words, bring blessings into the lives and

LivingEM: families of the people who practice them.

LivingEM: but even the people who have the most blessed and productive lives, eventually die.

LivingEM: this is the proof, physical death is the proof, that judgment which restrains

LivingEM: evil thoughts, attitudes and words, does not so deep enough to save our lives.

LivingEM: we die because of sin. we die because of the thought that vibrate through our mind.

LivingEM: we die, even though the cast the evil thoughts down, and refused to act upon them.

LivingEM: we die because the motions of sins work in our members,

LivingEM: what does the word "members" mean?

LivingEM: is it talking about our arms or legs?

OnlineHost: PSALM 29 2 has left the room.

LivingEM: strong says it is of uncertain affinity.

LivingEM: that it means a part of the body.

OnlineHost: PSALM 29 2 has entered the room.

LivingEM: Thayer says this word is used to describe bodies given up to criminal intercourse.

LivingEM: because they are as it were members belonging to the Harlot's body.

LivingEM: brethren, the English word body, can easily mean etheric or astral body.

LivingEM: or mental body.

OnlineHost: PSALM 29 2 has left the room.

LivingEM: sin originates in the depths of our spiritual being.

LivingEM: there is only one way to stop its motions, and that is

LivingEM: to paralyze it at its roots is.

LivingEM: sin is charged to our account as soon as it begins to move.

LivingEM: what does it mean, "to be charged to our account"?

LivingEM: does anyone know?

LAMB4114: We are held responsible

LivingEM: it is true that we are held responsible, but where is the record of our offense?

LivingEM: who notes our offenses?

LivingEM: and where do they record it?

LivingEM: and who punishes it?

LivingEM: does anyone know who punishes sin?

LAMB4114: Satab

Myprecous1: satsn

LivingEM: yes, Satan punishes sin.

LivingEM: does anyone know where are sins are recorded?

LAMB4114: in the heavenlies - astral plane?

LivingEM: yes.

LivingEM: in the spiritual aspects odd our being.

LivingEM: in the spiritual aspects of our being.

LivingEM: emotional sin is written in the astral plane,

LivingEM: and intellectual, or doctrinal sin is written in the mental plane.

LivingEM: sexual sin is written in the etheric body.

LivingEM: when I say, "astral plane" or "mental plane," I am talking about

LivingEM: that part of these planes which forms the spiritual body of that plane

LivingEM: for each individual man.

LivingEM: it would be more accurate to say, the astral body, or the mental body, or the etheric body.

LivingEM: does anyone know where the engravings, or motions, of the Spirit of Christ appear?

Myprecous1: heart

LivingEM: 2 Cor. 3:3

LivingEM: yes

LivingEM: Forasmuch as you are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ

LivingEM: ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God,

LivingEM: not in tables of stone, but in the fleshly tables of your heart,

LivingEM: your submission to the instruction of Christ Jesus in a man is engraving your heart center,

LivingEM: with the markings of Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: Lev 19:28

LivingEM: ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh,

LivingEM: nor print any marks upon you, I am Jehovah.

LivingEM: Gal 6:17

LivingEM: from henceforth, let no man trouble me,

LivingEM: for i bear in my body, the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: there are 2 Greek words in this Scripture which mean trouble.

LivingEM: the second word is not translated.

LivingEM: the untranslated word, means to beat your breast in sorrow.

LivingEM: paul i saying,

LivingEM: [translating no man - Satan]

LivingEM: Satan cannot trouble me any more,

LivingEM: because the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ in my body

LivingEM: have beaten her down

LivingEM: the engravings cut into my heart center by the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: have forced Satan into the bottomless pit, and placed a cover over her.

LivingEM: she can no longer rise high enough to engrave my emotional or mental body

LivingEM: with the motions of her evil thoughts.

LivingEM: Rev 20:3

LivingEM: and cast him into a bottomless pit, and shut him up,

LivingEM: and set a seal upon him,

LivingEM: that he should deceive the nations no more.....

LivingEM: "deceive" in the context of this verse

LivingEM: is talking about the engravings made by Satan's evil thoughts,

LivingEM: which are counterfeits of the righteous thoughts of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: with regard to his sexual inclinations, which arise out of his

lower centers,

LivingEM: Paul says in 1 Cor. 9:26,

LivingEM: 1 Cor. 9:27,

LivingEM: but i keep my body under and bring it into subjection,

LivingEM: lest by any means, when i have preached to others,

LivingEM: i myself should be a castaway.

LivingEM: Continuing with rom 7:5

LivingEM: for when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins

LivingEM: which were by the law ......

LivingEM: what does it mean, that's emotions of sins were by the law?

LivingEM: what does it mean, that the motions of sins were by the law?>

LivingEM: does anyone know?

LivingEM: this scripture is talking about the law of sin and death.

LivingEM: Satan is the law of sin and death.

LivingEM: Paul is saying that it is Satan who is responsible for engraving our spiritual bodies

LivingEM: with markings "that bring for fruit unto death."

LivingEM: satan, the unconscious mind of mortal man, thinks through us,

LivingEM: and mortal man acts out her evil deeds, which evil deeds

LivingEM: cause him to die.

LivingEM: the only way to stop dying is to bridle Satan's tongue,

LivingEM: and the only way to bridle Satan's tongue, is to have our heart center

LivingEM: engraved with the markings of the thoughts of Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: and the only way to have our hard center engraved with the markings of the thoughts

LivingEM: of the lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: is to have Christ raised from the dead in our person.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus is our only ability to think righteous thoughts.

LivingEM: he is our only potential to engrave our heart center with righteousness.

LivingEM: a holy spirit is the seed that has the potential to bring for Christ,

LivingEM: but the holy spirit is not Christ.

LivingEM: the holy spirit cannot engrave your heart center.

LivingEM: so the prayers that we pray under the influence of the holy spirit,

LivingEM: are blessings, and can do good to others,

LivingEM: but they will not produce the markings of the Lord Jesus Christ on our heart center.

LivingEM: the holy spirit is a great gift.

LivingEM: by all means seek after him and covet him,

LivingEM: but Christ Jesus is better.

LivingEM: by the holy spirit we bless, and thereby sow good things

LivingEM: which will attract the blessings of this world to us in this life.

LivingEM: but motions, or the vibrations of the holy spirit will not change our nature.

LivingEM: the vibrations of the holy spirit influence us, but do not cut us.

LivingEM: 1 kings 18:28

LivingEM: and they cried aloud and cut themselves

LivingEM: afater their manner with knives and lancets,

LivingEM: the words "after their manner" is Strong's 4941.

LivingEM: It means a formal decree, a verdict.

LivingEM: "and the blood gushed out upon them."

LivingEM: the Scripture is part of the account of Elijah's challenge to the prophets of Baal.

LivingEM: you may recall that they were dancing and cutting themselves

LivingEM: to induce Baal to rise up and defeat Jehovah, the God of Elijah.

LivingEM: I don't know what they were doing in the physical brethren,

LivingEM: but I know that it was the fiery serpent within them who danced,

LivingEM: and I know that it was Satan in them whose thoughts pronounced a judicial judgment

LivingEM: of death upon Elijah, and

LivingEM: the resurrected Adam within him.

LivingEM: and I know that the spiritual blood that gushed forth after the fiery serpent danced, was

LivingEM: Satan, the spiritual blood of fallen man.

LivingEM: verse 26 says,

LivingEM: ...and called upon the name of Baal from morning even until noon,

LivingEM: saying, oh Baal, hear us,


LivingEM: there was no motions of sin,

LivingEM: nor any that answered,

LivingEM: verse 29

LivingEM: ...that there was neither voice or any to answer,

LivingEM: nor any that regarded,

LivingEM: You see, the prophets of Baal did all they knew to do,

LivingEM: and the fiery serpent responded,

LivingEM: and Satan responded, that is she moved,

LivingEM: but when she moved, she was powerless to engrave the mind of the prophets of Baal,

LivingEM: therefore, her judgment which pronounced death upon theresurrected Adam, was of no effect.

LivingEM: satan was in the bottomless pit, and she was sealed,

LivingEM: she was in a padded cell because of Adam's engravings upon

Elijah's heart center.

LivingEM: Satan's triangle was covered over by Adam's parallelagram.

LivingEM: verse 30

LivingEM: and Elijah said to the people, come near to me,

LivingEM: and all of the people came near unto him, and he repaired ther altar,

LivingEM: of the Lord that was broken down.

LivingEM: You see, the prophets of Baal are the carnal minds of the sons of Israel.

LivingEM: Elijah used Adam's legal mind control to seal off the serpent's triangle that was raised up

LivingEM: in the heart centers of the sons of Israel.

LivingEM: And Elijah restored Adam's parallelogram in the heart centers

LivingEM: of the sons of Israel.

LivingEM: For those of you who have not heard the tapes on the Serpent'sTriangle,

LivingEM: the serpent sneaked up on the sons of Israel and circumscribed Adam,

LivingEM: whose geometrical expression is a parallelogram,

LivingEM: and broke the fourth leg of his parallelogram and changed it into a triangle.

LivingEM: This is a mathematical expression of Adam's fall.

LivingEM: So we see that the prayers of the carnal mind under the

LivingEM: influence of the Holy Spirit has power to do good and bring

LivingEM: blessings in this world, but only Christ Jesus can change our

LivingEM: nature, and pray prayers out of the nature of Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: which beats down Satan into the bottomless pit.

LivingEM: This means that their is a ceiling of the prayers of the carnal mind influenced by the Holy

LivingEM: Spirit.

LivingEM: A point is reached where the carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit cannot

LivingEM: manifest the blessing prayed for.

LivingEM: I will give you an example.

LivingEM: I know what i can accomplish in prayer with the strength that i now have.

LivingEM: I also know what i cannot accomplish.

LivingEM: therefore, if i desire to pray for something that i know i am not strong enough to

LivingEM: accomplish, i have to petition the Lord Jesus, who is above,

LivingEM: and ask Him if He is willing to "anoint me" to pray the prayer that will accomplish what i

LivingEM: would like my prayer to accomplish. If the Lord Jesus is in agreement with my petition, He

LivingEM: joins Himself to Christ Jesus in me, and strengthens Him to pray the prayer.

LivingEM: I hope i have made it clear to you that prayer is supposed to accomplish something.

LivingEM: Prayer is an action that is supposed to produce a reaction.

LivingEM: when a prayer goes forth in power, it changes circumstances and events.

LivingEM: prayer is the spiritual knife that cuts and molds the clay of the lower planes.

LivingEM: does anyone not understand this?

LivingEM: prayer is power to change things.

LivingEM: i know that if my motive is righteous, i have the power to change circumstances, and

LivingEM: sometimes people's minds.

LivingEM: i will give you two examples:

LivingEM: i was in Nigeria.

LivingEM: i made an appointment with a young man that i could not keep.

LivingEM: there was no way to reach him.

LivingEM: i spoke to him in the Spirit, which is prayer,

LivingEM: and i told him to come to the house that i was staying at one day earlier.

LivingEM: when i arrived at tht house, the young man was there.

LivingEM: he came rushing towards me, apologizing, saying,

LivingEM: i am sorry i came one day early, sister sheila.

LivingEM: i don't know why i am here.

LivingEM: i have had many such experiences.

LivingEM: but i know that my ability to heal deadly and crippling diseases is limited.

LivingEM: oh, i promised you a second testimony.

LivingEM: sorry, i think we will let that pass.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus in a man cannot always accomplish what He would like to bring to pass either.

LivingEM: The carnal mind can be influenced by the Holy Spirit, or cry

LivingEM: out to Christ.

LivingEM: But when it is Christ in a man initiating the prayer, he cries out to the Lord Jesus.

LivingEM: Prayer iniatiated by the Lord Jesus, cannot fail.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus reaches down and joins Himself to Christ Jesus in a man, and when

LivingEM: that man prays the prayer, it must come to pass.

LivingEM: matt. 17:20

LivingEM: we'll start with verse 19,

LivingEM: and then the disciples came to Jesus apart and said,

LivingEM: why could we not cast him out?

LivingEM: verse 20,

LivingEM: and Jesus said to them, because of your unbelief...

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "unbelief" means "littleness of faith."

LivingEM: the disciples could not cast the demon out because Christ was too young in them.

LivingEM: in verse 17 Jesus speaks about a faithless and perverse

LivingEM: generation.

LivingEM: What he is saying is that Christ Jesus was not yet formed in the disciples.

LivingEM: they were trying to cast out this demon with their carnal mind, under the influence of

LivingEM: the spirit that Jesus had imparted to them.

LivingEM: Jesus was not rebuking the disciples.

LivingEM: He was crying out to Jehovah for the end of this perverse generation of the

LivingEM: carnal mind.

LivingEM: Jesus was saying, how long before their conversion, oh God.

LivingEM: How long before there is help for all of wailing people.

LivingEM: Jesus continues in verse 20 with the teaching on the faith of a grain of mustard seed.

LivingEM: We commented on this in one of the on-line meetings.

LivingEM: i believe it was one of the Rev. 12 studies.

LivingEM: The word "grain" is talking about Christ Jesus joined to the spirit above

LivingEM: In our case it is the Lord Jesus.

LivingEM: in Jesus' case, it was the spirit of Elijah.

LivingEM: verse 21

LivingEM: howbeit, this kind goes out only by prayer and fasting.

LivingEM: jesus was saying,

LivingEM: this kind of demon will only be forced out by

LivingEM: Christ Jesus who is mature enough to

LivingEM: to engrave the victims heart center with the markings of the spirit of Elijah,.

LivingEM: that is the prayer.

LivingEM: and "with fasting," says that the man that Christ Jesus is manifesting in,

LivingEM: must be preferring the kingdom of God over the things of this world.

LivingEM: The prayer i

LivingEM: the prayer is speaking about the maturity of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: and the fasting is speaking about the maturity of the personality.

LivingEM: Does anyone remember what a demon is?

LivingEM: i'll be right back

LAMB4114: A thought

LivingEM: yes. demons are thought forms.

LivingEM: well, then, according to this scripture, there are different kinds of thought forms.

LivingEM: some are easy to cast out and others are not.

LivingEM: does anyone have any idea what the difference is between the two kinds of thought forms.

LivingEM: one has roots.

LivingEM: the kind that is easy to cast out may have weak roots.

LivingEM: angry thought forms, for example,

LivingEM: may be of either type.

LivingEM: If someone gets angry for a moment and then gets over it,

LivingEM: that thought form and be disposed of easily.

LivingEM: But angry thought forms, that are the fruit of resentments,

LivingEM: and bitterness,

LivingEM: are rooted into the mind that thinks them over and over again.

LivingEM: Such roots are connected to the powers and principalities in the energy centers,

LivingEM: which feed off of the negative energy.

LivingEM: So this man does not have a problem with demons.

LivingEM: he has a problem with powers and principalities in his energy centers,

LivingEM: which are gods, or immortals, living through him.

LivingEM: the only help for this man,

LivingEM: is to have the markings of the Lord Jesus Christ engraved upon

LivingEM: his heart center, which will force Satan down into the

LivingEM: bottomless pit.

LivingEM: So we see that a man whose carnal mind is influenced by the Holy spirit can cast out demons

LivingEM: that don't have any roots, or that have weak roots.

LivingEM: but it takes a mature manifestation of Christ Jesus in a man who

is fasting from the

LivingEM: pleasures of this world, to cast out demons who are rooted into

LivingEM: powers and principalities.

LivingEM: this was the case with the gadarene demoniac.

LivingEM: christ jesus in the man jesus, entered into that man's spiritual

LivingEM: bodies and set Abel free.

LivingEM: abel is the root system that matures into Adam, or in this hour,

LivingEM: into Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: When abel is freed, he begins to think the thoughts of God,

LivingEM: and the thoughts of God mark the man's heart center,

LivingEM: and cover over the serpent's triangle,

LivingEM: and forced satan into the bottomless pit which is formed when Adam's

LivingEM: parallelogram covers the serpent's triangle.

LivingEM: Brethren, i have been preaching this for years.....

LivingEM: the answer to all of your problems is to have Christ formed in you,

LivingEM: and to live out of Him.

LivingEM: So what have i just said?

LivingEM: i have just said that the only one who can help highly demonized

LivingEM: people is a man who is fasting from the pleasures of this world,

LivingEM: who has Christ Jesus raised in him, and who is living out of him.

LivingEM: is this a religious requirement? God forbid!

LivingEM: the only way to keep Christ Jesus on top of your carnal mind

LivingEM: is to fast from the things of this world.

LivingEM: God does not punish you for living in the pleasures of this world,

LivingEM: but if you choose to live in the pleasures of this world, you should know

LivingEM: that your carnal mind is covering Christ, if he's in you.

LivingEM: this is not punishment, brethren, it is reality.

LivingEM: and what ae the pleasures of this world?

LivingEM: any activity of the carnal mind.

LivingEM: this is a hard word.

LivingEM: it includes family activities.

LivingEM: it includes secular education.

LivingEM: it includes all of the good things of this world.

LivingEM: woe is me, you say.

LivingEM: how shall i ever do this?

LivingEM: you cannot, my friend.

LivingEM: only Christ Jesus can do it for you, IF you are willing to follow

LivingEM: Him anywhere.

LivingEM: the condition of your heart, your attitude, is essential.

LivingEM: He will not give you more than you can bear, but it is never easy.

LivingEM: if you are willing, he will do it for you.

LivingEM: i have warned you before and i will warn you again,

LivingEM: do not let your carnal mind control your fasting.

LivingEM: only give up what you are sure the Lord Jesus is taking from you.

LivingEM: the hour is a hand, and now is, saith the Lord,

LivingEM: that i will appear in mt. zion.

LivingEM: and from there i will descend into the mt of olivet,

LivingEM: yea, saith God, my feet shall stand on the earth again,

LivingEM: and i will prevail over the serpent,

LivingEM: and force her under your feet,

LivingEM: and she shall beat on your walls,

LivingEM: but she will not prevail over you

LivingEM: for i shall strengthen you, said God,

LivingEM: and you shall prevail over her,

LivingEM: and the eagles shall eat leviathan's flesh,

LivingEM: and satan shall be boiled,

LivingEM: and the serpent shall disappear behind the woman,

LivingEM: and there shall be peace in my holy mountain.

LivingEM: yea, the lion and the lamb shall play together,

LivingEM: and the serpent shall abide in eternal judgment.

LivingEM: the lion is the spirit of Christ, and the lamb is the animal nature under the control of

LivingEM: Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: eternal judgment is not painful.

LivingEM: eternal judgment means the the serpent will be prevented from seducing

LivingEM: the woman.

LivingEM: the serpent will be restrained in the place that Jehovah ordained for her.

LivingEM: God bless you, my friends. This was a powerful message.

LivingEM: i believe we will be seeing and experiencing great things very soon.

LivingEM: may satan in you be forced down very low,

LivingEM: and may Christ Jesus engrave your heart center with rightious

LivingEM: righteous markings.

LivingEM: may peace pursue you and overtake you,

LivingEM: in His time.

LivingEM: good night.

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