Prayer - Part 1


LivingEM: Praise the Lord everybody!
LivingEM: Does anyone have any questions or comments today?

LivingEM: We will wait on the Lord for a spiritual lead

LivingEM: Let us talk about what prayer is supposed to be.

LivingEM: Is prayer just in the expression of good thoughts towards another person?

LivingEM: or is prayer a creative spiritual power?

LivingEM: How does prayer work?

JSNGSNG: By faith

LivingEM: Is it necessary to pray out loud?

LivingEM: If it is true that if you pray at loud Satan will hear you,

LivingEM: but if you pray silently, she will not.

LivingEM: I see we have an answer, that prayer works by faith.

LivingEM: This is what the church world teaches, but what does it mean?

LivingEM: What is faith?

LivingEM: Can anyone tell us what faith is?

JSNGSNG: Believing that God will respond according to His Will

LAMB4114: Expecting what we do not see now

LivingEM: This is hope, not faith.

LAMB4114: Believing Christ will do as He has promised

DANIEL42: We must have the faith of the Son of God which is Christ Jesus agreeing with Jesus above?

LivingEM: This is true, the only true faith is the faith of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: It is not possible to have faith apart from Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus within the individual, agreeing with the glorified Jesus Christ who is above,

LivingEM: is known as the double portion [of faith].

LivingEM: Hope is that faith of the carnal man, which is not faith at all,

LivingEM: but hope that faith will appear.

LivingEM: We have established so far in our discussion, that prayer works by faith.

LivingEM: That is, the faith of the Son of God.

LivingEM: So that if we are lacking the faith of the Son of God,

LivingEM: our prayer life is crippled.

LivingEM: We can say, then, that there are two basic categories of prayer.

LivingEM: One category being true prayer, and the other category being pseudo- prayer,

LivingEM: and that the category of true prayer is subdivided into two aspects.

LivingEM: Prayer, brethren, is focused spiritual energy.

LivingEM: I should tell you that there is a prayer outside of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: There is a focused spiritual energy in this world which is not Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Her name is Satan.

LivingEM: We see that true prayer can come from Christ Jesus, or from Satan,

LivingEM: the ascended spiritual authority which is generated by the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: People who do not know how to focus the energy of either Christ Jesus or

LivingEM: Satan,

LivingEM: many have the hope that 1 of these will respond to their petition.

LivingEM: The people who cannot focus the spiritual energy of Christ Jesus or Satan,

LivingEM: but petition one of them for help, are engaging in pseudo- prayer.

LivingEM: This is not a negative term, nor do I use it to insult anyone.

LivingEM: We cannot grow if we believe that we have already attained the desired object,

LivingEM: when this is not true.

LivingEM: There are two levels of prayer within the household of God.

LivingEM: The first level arises out of the holy spirit, which is the seed

LivingEM: that can generate Christ.

LivingEM: The second level, arises out of Christ, Himself.

LivingEM: Christ grows in wisdom and grace and, therefore, the ability to focus His energy

LivingEM: increases as He matures.

LivingEM: The ultimate expression of focused spiritual energy

LivingEM: is reached when it is combined with an understanding

LivingEM: of the spiritual nature of the problem, AND the Scriptural solution to the problem.

LivingEM: There is power to focus the energy which is in Christ in the Holy Spirit,

LivingEM: but an understanding of the spiritual nature of the problem and the Scriptural solution

LivingEM: is rarely present in the mind of the one who is manifesting the Holy Spirit.

LivingEM: I should say, rarely, if ever, found in the mind of the one manifesting the Holy Spirit.

LivingEM: This is true because wisdom and understanding are in the mature Christ,

LivingEM: as the more mature the Christ is, the more he has separated himself from Satan's influence.

LivingEM: The gift of tongues are given to deal with our lack of wisdom, understanding and knowledge,

LivingEM: until the time that we are able to understand the nature of the spiritual problem that we

LivingEM: are dealing with, understand the Scriptural solution to that problem,

LivingEM: and pronounce the Scriptural solution upon the spiritual problem,

LivingEM: which will then manifest as an answer to prayer.

LivingEM: Am I saying that praying in the Holy Ghost is bad, or inadequate?

LivingEM: Most certainly not!

LivingEM: I am saying, however, that praying in the Holy Ghost is one stage of development

LivingEM: in the overall manifestation of a rising son.

LivingEM: I am saying, that if we think we have attained to the highest form of prayer, when we pray

LivingEM: in the Holy Ghost, we will not be open to spiritual growth in this area.

LivingEM: Should we stop praying in tongues?

LivingEM: Most certainly not!

LivingEM: We cannot force spiritual growth by using our will power to change our behavior.

LivingEM: It is a good thing to change behavior which has been revealed as ungodly.

LivingEM: But we must keep in mind that changed behavior alone is no sign of spiritual growth.

LivingEM: It is very possible to change our behavior, without changing our heart.

LivingEM: I have seen people speak in tongues which they themselves have contrived,

LivingEM: because they were not willing to wait to receive the true gift.

LivingEM: Obviously, this is an error, because there can be no power in self contrived tongues.

LivingEM: Likewise, there is no power in denying the true gift of tongues,

LivingEM: in an attempt to deceive ourselves as to our spiritual growth.

LivingEM: The sign that our tongues are dissipating because the seed of the Holy Spirit is maturing

LivingEM: into Christ, is the simultaneous increase in wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

LivingEM: Wisdom is the supernatural knowledge that Christ imparts to us.

LivingEM: it is a "knowing," if you can understand the intent of that word.

LivingEM: Wisdom is a sense within us that knows what to do.

LivingEM: He is security.

LivingEM: He is power.

LivingEM: He is help in our time of need.

LivingEM: The problem that many of us have is that we do not understand or have a knowledge of His language.

LivingEM: We expect Christ to communicate with us like men communicate.

LivingEM: Until we know better, most of us are listening for an audible voice.

LivingEM: Christ rarely speaks from the spirit in an audible voice.

LivingEM: But there is one who speaks in and audible voice frequently.

LivingEM: Her name is Satan.

LivingEM: She is the great deceiver.

LivingEM: One does not need much skill to understand her.

LivingEM: Everything that we might attempt to accomplish, spiritually speaking,

LivingEM: is easier to do through Satan, than it is to do through Christ.

LivingEM: Does anyone know why?

DANIEL42: Because our fallen nature is stronger in us than Christ?

JSNGSNG: Because the fiery serpent is in us.

LivingEM: This is true.

LivingEM: More specifically, Satan uses witchcraft to seduce us.

LivingEM: The reason our fallen nature is stronger, than Christ, is witchcraft.

LivingEM: Christ speaks to us through His word.

LivingEM: He may speak to us through the written word, attracting us

LivingEM: to specific Scriptures or words,

LivingEM: but in His maturity, He speaks to us through our own knowledge of His word,

LivingEM: and this knowledge of His word is a living thing inside of us.

LivingEM: He prompts us through our mind and through our higher of emotions,

LivingEM: to think and do the thoughts and things that he would do.

LivingEM: Christ is a very soft voice, which frequently is not a voice at all.

LivingEM: When I say "voice," I am talking about a perception which appears to be apart from myself.

LivingEM: Christ sometimes communicates with us as a voice apart from ourselves, and what He does,

LivingEM: He speaks in a very, very soft voice.

LivingEM: If you have not been trained to recognize that voice, or if there is a lot of distraction in

LivingEM: your physical surroundings, you are likely to miss it.

LivingEM: But more often than not, Christ manifests as your own thoughts and ideas.

LivingEM: It is the sin of pride to believe that many, if not all, of our good ideas arose out of our

LivingEM: carnal mind.

LivingEM: After all, we have only two minds.

LivingEM: If Christ did not think the thought through us, then our carnal mind must have.

LivingEM: We see, that to think that we do not hear from Christ, is an open door

LivingEM: for the carnal mind to say that she is Christ.

LivingEM: It is true that there is good and evil in the carnal mind,

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LivingEM: but we must ask ourselves why, once the Lord begins to influence our life,

LivingEM: we would choose to think that the good thoughts are more likely to arise out of our carnal

LivingEM: mind, than out of Christ.

LivingEM: The reason that it is so hard to distinguish Christ within ourselves,

LivingEM: is that Christ is our new man.

LivingEM: He is us.

LivingEM: We are Him.

LivingEM: He IS our mind, and the generator of our thoughts.

LivingEM: We should default to him, acknowledging him, and asking him

LivingEM: to reveal our carnal mind to us, whenever she manifests.

LivingEM: Our carnal mind is the squatter.

LivingEM: She is the one who is present illegally.

LivingEM: This is what Paul was speaking about when he said:

LivingEM: wherefore my brethren,

LivingEM: ye also have become dead to the law by the body of Christ,

LivingEM: that ye should be married to another,

LivingEM: even to him that is raised from the dead [Christ]

LivingEM: that we should bring forth fruit unto God.

LivingEM: Romans 7:3.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ speaks to us in a loud voice,

LivingEM: because He is shouting to us from the other side of the wall that the serpent has built around us.

LivingEM: The glorified Jesus Christ, although when in the midst of us,

LivingEM: is still separate from us, until he marries Christ Jesus growing within us,

LivingEM: who is His offspring.

LivingEM: This is the promised wedding:

LivingEM: between the glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus who is growing within us.

LivingEM: This is the wedding that took place at Cana.

LivingEM: Jesus' marriage to the glorified spirit of Elijah was, indeed,

LivingEM: the beginning of Jesus' miracle-working ministry.

LivingEM: I say Jesus' marriage, because Christ was so possessing the man Jesus at this point,

LivingEM: that Jesus was Christ.

LivingEM: This started out to be a message on prayer. Are there any questions are comments,

LivingEM: before we return to our main subject.

LivingEM: We will take a 5 minute break. I will answer any questions on the

LivingEM: monitor when I return.

LivingEM: Is prayer just an expression of good thoughts towards another


LivingEM: [That was my first question].

LivingEM: Would anyone like to answer it?

DANIEL42: Prayer is focused spiritual energy?

LivingEM: This is true, but the question asked requires a yes or no answer.

DANIEL42: The answer would be no?

LivingEM: Yes, the answer is no.

LivingEM: I did not see where you were coming from at first.

LivingEM: Prayer is not just an expression of good thoughts towards another person,

LivingEM: prayer is focused spiritual energy.

LivingEM: Prayer is concentrated, directed, verbalized thought.

LivingEM: You may remember the teaching on speech and language.

LivingEM: "language" is speaking about a system of verbalized sounds which

LivingEM: communicates ideas to those who are privy to the "code."

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LivingEM: "speech" is talking about ideas, which may or may not be


LivingEM: Speech is thought.

LivingEM: I do not know about you, but it took me a long time to comprehend this concept.

LivingEM: When James speaks about the tongue being an untameable member,

LivingEM: he is not talking about the tongue of our physical body.

LivingEM: Does anyone think that the dumb mute is a perfect man?

LivingEM: Of course not.

LivingEM: This is no more true than the misbelief that a physical woman will be saved by bearing a

LivingEM: physical child.

LivingEM: The man who tames his spiritual tongue, is a perfect man.

LivingEM: Our spiritual tongue is that part of ourselves which generates ideas.

LivingEM: The generation of ideas is the fruit of spiritual "movement."

LivingEM: The spirit moves, or vibrates, through the earth of our mind,

LivingEM: and the earth is "engraved"

LivingEM: with a permanent record of the thought.

LivingEM: Therefore, it is written, every sin will have its just recompense,

LivingEM: and

LivingEM: And I saw the dead, small and great stand before God,

LivingEM: and the books were opened.....

LivingEM: and the dead were judged out of those things that were written in the books

LivingEM: according to their works.

LivingEM: The opening of the books, is the exposure of our carnal mind.

LivingEM: The sons of God can read and understand the engravings in the minds of men.

LivingEM: Everyone in this world is spiritually dead.

LivingEM: Everyone in this world has mind,

LivingEM: and everyone of those minds has a record of every sin ever thought by that man,

LivingEM: and all of his ancestors before him.

LivingEM: Do you know that Scientology claims to deal with "engrams"

LivingEM: in a man's mind?

LivingEM: I do not know whether or not they actually deal with the engravings that we are speaking

LivingEM: about here, but I think that it is very interesting

LivingEM: that they claim to deal with "markings" on the mind.

LivingEM: Some occult sources call this the "akashic record."

LivingEM: The Scripture talks about engraving us with a new nature.

LivingEM: This means that when the mind of Christ thinks in us and through our mind,

LivingEM: we will receive engravings of a different nature.

LivingEM: This is a very interesting thought.

LivingEM: I wonder, if we could see these spiritual engravings,

LivingEM: how would be engravings of the serpent differ from the engravings of Christ Jesus?

LivingEM: My guess, based upon the knowledge that we have so far,

LivingEM: is that the serpent's engravings would be rounded, curved, circular, and triangular.

LivingEM: and that the engravings of Christ Jesus would be straight lines

LivingEM: and four-sided geometric figures.

LivingEM: I do not know all that much about math,

LivingEM: but it is my understanding that just about anything can be

expressed mathematically.

LivingEM: I know that music can be expressed mathematically.

LivingEM: I was surprised to find out that my voice-activated software

LivingEM: employs mathematics.

LivingEM: My understanding is that each tone is assigned a mathematical equivalent,

LivingEM: which the program recognizes.

LivingEM: This is quite amazing to me, but it helps me to understand

LivingEM: that the creation can be expressed mathematically and through geometric figures.

LivingEM: I am still trying to understand what really happened to Adam.

LivingEM: I think the truth is so spiritually high that no mortal man might ever understand it.

LivingEM: but all knowledge is in Christ Jesus. Glory to God!

LivingEM: I know this has nothing to do with prayer, but I will share with you my most recent

LivingEM: understanding of what happened to Adam.

LivingEM: The whole creation is formed from Elohim's energy.

LivingEM: A portion of that energy was mixed with the surface of the earth, which is called dust.

LivingEM: Another portion of Elohim's energy was mixed with the remaining earth.

LivingEM: To be more specific, Elohim's energy is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid.

LivingEM: The sperm of the seminal fluid was mixed with the dust, and formed Adam.

LivingEM: The water of the seminal fluid was mixed with the deep earth and became ground.

LivingEM: The man, Adam, was formed from the sperm and the dust.

LivingEM: The woman was formed from Adam's other side, the ground.

LivingEM: The ground itself, was pseudo-male and female.

LivingEM: The female part of the ground is called the woman.

LivingEM: The pseudo- male part of the ground," the serpent."

LivingEM: The ground is good and evil.

LivingEM: When the woman, the good part of the ground, is in agreement with Adam,

LivingEM: the serpent is subdued.

LivingEM: But when the woman is in agreement with the serpent, Adam dies.

LivingEM: What we are talking about here is a balance of energy.

LivingEM: Elohim's seminal fluid was mixed with the earth.

LivingEM: A creature was formed from that mixture, which had positive and negative flows of energy.

LivingEM: For the creature to be a civilized man in Jehovah's image,

LivingEM: the sperm of the seminal fluid would have to control at least half of the waters.

LivingEM: Whoever controls more than half of the waters, controls the whole creature.

LivingEM: When Adam controls at least half of the waters, He, being the sperm in the seminal fluid,

LivingEM: imparts the nature of Jehovah, and therefore life to the creature.

LivingEM: When the serpent controls the waters of the seminal fluid she deliberately kills

LivingEM: the righteous sperm so that she can rule out of her evil pseudo- manhood.

LivingEM: Adam was tricked into releasing enough of the needed energy

LivingEM: to sustain the civilized man.

LivingEM: He listened to the woman because He believed that she was aligned with Him.

LivingEM: The woman was aligned with him UNTIL she was seduced

LivingEM: by her own evil potential.

LivingEM: Adam did not discern that the woman He trusted had changed alliances,

LivingEM: and He agreed to utilize more of their energy than He should have.

LivingEM: I do not fully understand this.

LivingEM: This recent information has come out of a deep study

LivingEM: which uses the word "to feed."

LivingEM: Apparently, it is this idea that was transmutted into eve eating the apple.

LivingEM: There was no apple. There was raw, powerful, pulsating, energy.

LivingEM: I do not understand the concept of Adam "feeding" at this time.

LivingEM: I do understand [at least I think I do] the concept of the fiery serpent

LivingEM: feeding off of mortal man,

LivingEM: and Leviathan, her source of cosmic energy,

LivingEM: but I cannot comprehend at this time a creation that would "feed."

LivingEM: This is very exciting, because questions like this, always bring answers.

LivingEM: If you are wondering what this kind of revelation has to do with us,

LivingEM: the answer is that there is nothing new under the sun.

LivingEM: Everything that happened to Adam, is still happening to us,

LivingEM: although in a variation of the original form.

LivingEM: You may remember that in our study of Jonah,

LivingEM: we found Scriptures which revealed that Adam's confession

LivingEM: that He was responsible for the condition of mortal man,

LivingEM: stirs up the delivering power of Jehovah.

LivingEM: Before Adam confesses his part, we must confess our part.

LivingEM: Does this sound strange to you?

LivingEM: It is the principal behind the mediation of the man, Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Several years ago I heard a doctrine circulating in the Church,

LivingEM: that Jesus owes us an apology.

LivingEM: This is a perversion of the truth that I have just told you.

LivingEM: Such a statement reeks of pride and proclaims mortal man's innocence.

LivingEM: The truth is that Adam disobeyed Jehovah and Elohim.

LivingEM: I do not excuse His sin, but motive is very important.

LivingEM: Adam did not wilfully disobey.

LivingEM: He was deceived and victimized by witchcraft.

LivingEM: And the worker of the witchcraft is today in the form of mortal man.

LivingEM: The two parts of the ground, the woman, and the pseudo- male serpent,

LivingEM: are married to each other and living in physical bodies, which are an expression of themselves

LivingEM: Mortal man is not innocent.

LivingEM: True repentance is change.

LivingEM: Adam has already taken great steps through the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: to correct His error.

LivingEM: We must do the same.

LivingEM: We must confess who we are: the ground.

LivingEM: And that our spiritual ancestors murdered Adam, the Son of God.

LivingEM: The Lord has shown me another scripture where Adam confesses that he was tricked,

LivingEM: and both Adam and the personality that He is resurrected in,

LivingEM: confess their weaknesses, and submit themselves to the glorified Son of God

LivingEM: for correction.

LivingEM: This Scripture is in the old Testament, so the glorified son of God is Elijah.

LivingEM: It is a very difficult translation, which I will preach if the Lord lets me.

LivingEM: I could say to you that I do not know where that came from, but I do.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus broke forth in me in the midst of my teaching on a lower plane.

LivingEM: I pray that He breaks forth in me with physical, emotional and spiritual healing, for all who

LivingEM: ask of Him, very soon.

LivingEM: We will continue our study on prayer next week, Lord willing.

LivingEM: God bless you all. Have a good evening.

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